What’s new in Procreate 5 | Cécile Yadro | Skillshare
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5 Lessons (29m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Color palette and more

    • 3. Existing brushes

    • 4. Brush engine

    • 5. Animation


About This Class

Procreate 5 is finally released! 
in this short class I’ll show you everything new in this major update. 

We will see:

- the floating color palette

- harmony colors

- CYMK and RGB

- clone tool

- new brushes with some already favorite ones 

- brush engine to make your own brushes

- the animation assist tool

You need to know Procreate before taking this class as I’m not explaining all the basics, just the new features. 

I have enclosed all the new brushes as an attached pdf in the resource section 

So, grab your IPad and your stylus and let’s dive in!


1. Introduction : Bhutto. I've come to my new class on skill ship. This class is dedicated to the last procreate updates which is procreate. Five. It requires that you already know procreate. I will show you everything's new in this update. Like the color connects the brush and dying, the new brushes up amazing on the animation as his tool and this very hour project in the class to only made one or drawing just a simple little cartoon. And basically I will show you everything's new. So no more talking. This is a really short class on Let's go. 2. Color palette and more: Let's open the new procreate. Five. I'm filming this with procreate better, but I'm quite sure the final version would not be very different. So when you open it, you are not really disturbed because it really looks like the four vision. And there are some difference, though First is when you want to create a new campus. Here you click. Um, plus on you can like before choose your size. What is very new is Colonel Profile. You can choose between RGB or CME like a depending on if you want to have it printed with the professional printer, I mean, or if you want a printed at home, though, this is very technical, and I'm afraid I'm not really it's killed enough to explain you everything. Never mind. You can as well use your time lapse settings, decides what quality you want. If it's a low good to your lost less off course, the better quality, the larger the size, and you can choose to hide your background. Okay, I will give a, um, screen size just to show you the use. One of my favorite new tool is pellets. The bullet is really amazing, so you can take it and have it move. Well, this can't be a really convenient when you are working home very detailed colors and close to each other. Um, you just click on the X on the polities going back here, and another thing that is really, really interesting is harmony. Harmony has different ways to help you choose your colors. The first wellness, another girl. So you you have your main color, and it's giving you all the colors that are close to it on the color wheel so you can get his bright green around a blue green and more yellowish. This is really helpful. And if you play here, you can also have complementary colors. So you have all your color on these checking for you the exact complementary club. Very, very useful as well as split complimentary. It's so is giving you to complementarities, not the exact one but one on each side. It's to make of Reacher pallets. Oops, oops, oh, so tragic. Through three colors and Tetrick, you have four cars marching together, and if I go back to the disk and I will say something more dark and I go back to your money , my circle here is instantly changing to that. On this, uh, also makes me show you this bar here. This is a history of the colors you used. So 2468 10 colors back. Very useful. Instead of just having the last one, you can't have 10 last one. And the rest is exactly the same. Another you tool, Which is fun, but not sure if this is very useful. I want to show you this. This is one of my last drawings. And you go here on the magic wand on you have clone so clone. You can vary the size of the brush, and you can vary this trend. Um, let's get that maximum on something about Sir. Chief, the circle is the part I want to clone. So let's say I want to clone the mouth. Maybe I should Norge of it here where I place my tip is well cloned. The part might be son to use. I don't know 3. Existing brushes: one of the major change in this version is brushes. Brushes are really, really amazing. So you'll find regular folders and you have new ones. Well, I won't show you itch every new brush. But there are a lot of new brushes. I just want to show use. And most important, to my opinion, of course. So you have this catching. Oh, you have? Ah, new one. Which is pepper means on. Let me get a black Connor. Well, this is a pencil. Okay? Nothing really fancy here. Thinking as well has new brushes. Hold the beginning here, like this one. Very rough. Andi, I like this one as well. Off course as usual. You can just very the woods on Europe. Oh, city. All right, so drawing has also a ton of new brushes. Actually, this is a new folder. So which one here is new and you have very interesting textures like this one. I'm sure you can't spend a lot of time playing here painting as new brushes as well. So, like, um, I don't know. This one said among ca it's a very wet brush on my favorite or in artistic. So let me get and you layer on, maybe get some color. How this one is acting just like watercolor on the pressure makes a difference. And the more repress the light charities kind of counterintuitive, but get used to it. I think my favorite is this one, Aurora, because it has different colors inside me and Laurentis. This is really something I love. So depending on your, um, color you're starting with is giving the analogous color one on each side, one cordon, one warm leather. Woods also is a nice one was a lot of stricter. Andi, some slights, color variations. This one hurts on this one. I don't know how to pronounce this terribly. You, I don't know, has also slight color variations on. Of course, it's, as always, pressure sensitive. So I'll let you play with this. Basically, I would say everything here is you, Kelly Reentry as very famous one as well as new ones. That's changed. This one looked like dry brush pen. Um, this one is really man. All right, so airbrushing classic, um, texture. You have a bunch of new texture here. Um, that might be interesting. Abstract. You have some. Would one and a lot of new ones. This one also has a lot of colors. This is stick hman. Who's that can make really funny things very cool. And this one also has a lot of colors. Let me show you that it's kind of neon like faded away. It's so a rainbow brush. Very fun. Char coals. Kellerman's just kind of the same before its prey pounds Nothing really new here and to chip. You have three brushes for hair that are really I think he was full when you are painting Portrait's Sorry, my mistake, but get a useful for something else. Vint. Age as a lot of texture as well, I think, really was. What's in there? You can really do whatever you want. Um, luminous industrial. I'm not sure there is much difference. Organic as a bunch of new one like paper daisy on, I think deserve green. Sorry to. So this is like foliage. They have scanned and put in the brush so quick and easy way to make for you and she and landscape Ah, you have also grass course is fun dessert. You really want to make landscape now so easy. And while grass it's ah more heavy grass, All right. And next it's water. And here you have, um, maybe things that could be useful for watching until that's it for the new brushes. 4. Brush engine: Now let's talk about the brush and join. This is Ah, very, very poor full enjoyment. And I want to show you some easy tricks with the brushes because you can't really spend hours. I know what I'm talking about. So for thing. First I want to get this Aurora and duplicate it. So I'm not tweaking the original one, but I'm tweaking a copy, so click on it and you have a new menu opening with all you can twist on your brush. So first, to make your tries, you can make them in white. But this brush is having a mixed colors. I want to try this with blue. So you become drawing pad, you can clear it and you can select the color. I will do this in blue. That's so you can as well, very this pacing. I want this to be a bit more close. Yes, you can buries a deter, which is the way the different parts of the brush are moving. So this is really giving something without any line. And this one is giving a line more, um, defined taper its ah, beginning and ending off the brush. Is it trait or is it fine? The shape is where you import your picture. I don't want to go too much in detail. The grain Runda ring If you wanted to have it glaze or blending sees Axis is blending in terms bounding heavy plays. I will let it this way. What mix is, um, the quantity of water you have inside If you increase said dilution, Of course, your color is kind of disappearing. What? I want to show you as color dynamics because this is really new. So this is you. So 16% is Let's say if you get chromatic circle. This is 16% of the circle on. If I increase this, she's giving well 100%. All the colors are inside. So depending on your on your needs, you can vary this use lighter, very useful as well. A saturation is that and also likeness as well as darkness. So you can't really tweet this one very much and you have a secondary color which is a complementary. And this is giving a very dark look. Maybe it will give it a try and so on. So, dynamics The APP opens here properties and here you can sign your brush and you have the time it was created. And here you can just sign your name. Don't. So this is my tweaked Aurora. Alan, this is white branch of colors. If I show you with the original brush, Bruce is more spaced and you have less colors inside. And this would be really very nice for Ah, Tom Foley. Eight. Very interesting. Something called you can do with brushes is combining them for this. You will select native brush in procreate, swipe rights and duplicated because you want to emerge the copy, not the original brush. So I would get dots and we'll add a texture inside. Maybe this one. So swipe right on duplicate. And no, I have one here and another one here. So swipe left and both are selected. So you just tap on combined. And so my decimals one has merge with this one. So let me show you the original one and the dots and the merge of two. Is this so? That's, um, another layer off that's inside. No, this is merging. So here also as well counts pound. How were displaying with emerge of brushes and you think well, is that now you can import for shop brushes. So the end of the name is Dutch baby or and as I don't have foot a shop, I have 30 on Google Free Fellowship brushes for painting. And I don't just get the first thing because I don't know what I'm looking for. Maybe some home. Ah yeah, this one. What I can offer to shut brushes. So let's click on download, and it really depends on the browser you're using amusing chrome. Once it's downloaded, it's here in my down alone manager. I will open it once it's don't noted, you can click on it on your will sounded depending on your iPad. Of course, you have the street dots here for more, and if you scroll down, you should be able to get opening procreate. Five off course. Here it's written better on its importing on. My brushes are here. My watercolor. This is really cool because I know that a lot of procreate Photoshopped users or their favorite brush in each one. So my base interesting if you count, get your favorite flower shop brushes in procreate, so I cannot. Of course, compare was Photoshopped pics. I don't have it, as I said, but I'm pretty confident that it works very well 5. Animation : very new and very interesting. Future is an emission assist. So I will make a screen size again and I think I want to any major fish in the coral reef. So for these, I will get, um I don't know, some kind of rocks. Um, weeds very lose. I'm not really using a photo for this. First of all, let's Mike come. Let's make a deep blue seeing. Now let's get Anam brushing a large one and I will make come bit more depth to my watch. Your, um we'll use the blower Kocian. No, this is cool. That's put a layer on top. Get my Aurora And this is where your history is really useful. Um, increase the size, Make some rocks. I want to make, like, kind of a dick or for my fish to move inside. Um, change the brush arches. Take Kim. Let's get thoroughly home. But I don't really know what I'm doing. This is a kind of a test, and, um, my baby hearts be cooled between her. So this is really just to show you how to make an animation. This is my background. So let's grow this together and rename its but ground No. So now I will add em, foreground to my background. Won't move during my animation. And my foreground won't move either. Well, maybe some weeds would be cool. So creating right. And now I want you trace on another layer. How, using. Maybe something like drawing or sketching you. Government will be cool. I want to make a line that I can see. So let's say it's red and this is, um, the past where the fish will be going so you can, of course, make a straight line. But it's nicer if you make something like this. But, um, maybe it's fun if it's going behind the wheel until this will be my line and this line has to go in my background. Okay, so it's in the background and now you go to the round shop and you goto count us and you are animation assist. Click on this and you have a Bauer here. So the first frame is oh, my group Here. The beauty of this animation assisted that every group is a single frame, so you can put everything you want in each group. I will tap on it, and I will select background. So this is not moving anymore. Okay? And now I will add a frame. Um, my friend is going here. I want to put it here. And this one I will tap on it and I will select four from. So this is it. I have set my background and my foreground, both of them won't move. And I will animate my fish in the middle, so make sure you're on the frame here. This is frame number choo because he considering the background as frame number one just drop your fish very roughly following the red line. Now you go here on at frame and as you see, my previous frame has lost a bit off a pass ity. This is something you will see here in settings. This is what's called alien skin capacity. If I put it at the maximum, my previous frame will be very visible on. I will be disturbed. So around 60% it's OK for me. And here it's a number of frame you see at the same time, let's see that. So I make my fish move a bit. Let's say house way. Well, I don't know the frame and have it move as well. So I've made my frames. 15 were all here. No, I will top on play. Okay. Pose so true Problems. I need to hide my red line because I don't need it anymore. And settings. I need to lower the number off frames per second. Let's try with nine. Yes, nine is better on in settings as well. You have one shot. So this is playing just once you have loop. So loop it's always going over and over. And you have ping pong and pink ball. Thank Makes a fish going backwards. This is trench. Okay, that's let's put this on loop. Right? So I'm happy with this and now I can't go to share. So you have different ways to share that animated GIF PNG or MP four? Uh, depending on what you want to do with it. If you want to post it on instagram, for example, animated GIF work. So you need to get on animated and before on export, its you can choose before exporting maximum reservation or web ready. Web ready makes its smaller in size US wealth. So experts very quick save video. If I'm going to my photo here. The problem is, it's only seen once. So what I do in this case I'm using a little up which is caused so called V l L O On I will use the best resolution. So I will put the same one. That's a 468 from 10 seconds. That's a great So now is playing as long as that won't. And now I can't export my video with eight times the same. It was a very basic animation, but off I'm sure you can really try a number of things.