Wellbeing 101: Are you burnt out? | Sharon Xuereb | Skillshare

Wellbeing 101: Are you burnt out?

Sharon Xuereb

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7 Videos (25m)
    • WB101 Setting the scene

    • WB101 Why do you do what you do?

    • WB101 What is burnout?

    • WB101 Burnout vs stress

    • WB101 Who gets burnt out?

    • WB101 The caring cycle

    • WB101 Why prevent burnout?


About This Class

Burnout is a reality for many people whose work involves serving others, whether these are students, clients, customers, or patients. The main challenge with burnout is that it is difficult to identify early on. By the time people realise they are burnt out they are often experiencing challenging symptoms, such as lack of energy, demotivation, or lack of empathy towards others. It is therefore very important to identify burnout early on, so that it can be effectively resolved.

This is the first class in a 2-part course. The second class gives practical tips on overcoming burnout. In the first class the focus is on understanding what burnout is and how to identify it. This is crucial because burnout often seeps in slowly and quietly, and most people only realise that they are burnt out when their well-being is really suffering. Through engaging in this class you will be able to spot burnout early on, when it is still more straightforward to resolve. 





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I am a psychologist, with many years' experience working in a range of challenging environments and with people experiencing various difficult circumstances. I am keen on imparting my knowledge and experience to others, so equipping people with tools to be successful in their relationships. i have been teaching online for the last few years. I love it, especially when students start discussions and we can explore a subject in more depth.

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