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6 Lessons (26m)
    • 1. Welcome Baby lesson 1

    • 2. Lesson 2 Quilting basics

    • 3. Welcome Baby Layout Lesson 3

    • 4. Welcome Baby Lesson 4 sewing

    • 5. Welcome baby lesson 5 layers

    • 6. Welcome Baby L6 Quilting Finish


Project Description

We are making a baby quilt, approximately 36” square.  You will learn how to assemble and finish a quilt. Squares are sewn in straight rows, with straight-line quilting.  I do not show every minute of sewing time, but this project is easy to complete over one or two weekends, depending on your sewing skill.

This class is for beginner quilters. Please note I do not teach you how to operate your sewing machine.

Supplies for this class:

    Charm pack

    1 yd coordinating fabric

    Crib size batting

    1 spool matching thread

    Sewing machine in good working order

    Rotary cutter, mat

    Quilting ruler (6-½”x24” recommended)

    Straight pins, scissors, seam ripper

    Safety pins

    Hand sewing needle

Deliverables, in the form of photos posted to the project gallery:

  1. Fabric selection/quilt layout
  2. Quilt top
  3. Finished baby quilt

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