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Weird postcards based on experimental textures

teacher avatar Maia Lebedeva

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (21m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Materials

    • 3. Wet-on-wet

    • 4. Watercolor with alcohol

    • 5. Dry-on-dry

    • 6. Fjume

    • 7. Idea to print

    • 8. Critic thrilled

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About This Class

In this class I want you to go through the process of creation really crazy textures for the postcards. I propose you to make at least one postcard but you can do as much as you wish. The process will help you understand the basic materials (as well as rare and experimental) and find your own unique tricks. Also it will give an understanding of compostion. I'm sure it will not be boring and ordinary thing! It couldn't be! Your own imagination is the most powerful tool you have. Go ahead with me and get your unique textures. You can use it either in personal texture library or for making a custom brushes in Photoshop or Illustrator... whatever!

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1. Intro : Hi, guys. A Maya and I will be your charms from wires. Actually, I was working here, but it's just approve it. Skin shares a coupon. Burma goes. You can, for instance, station amazing class and ride a bicycle the same time. So believe me, I know what I'm talking about because I'm starting that I see with a chart lesson space to face our focal of my left my glass will be. But I'm not letting you so, Mr Like used trick and from using wonderful picnics out. Sure. You will need to make your unique textures based on this technique and your imagination. Once your productivity and Children, the main ideas you need to make a choice. And just getting old is my true. Your demonstration traded brush as a ground for good. So I wanted to Johnny goes my class of your boat. It will be 100% interesting 2. Materials: with my charming system Mr Likey on in this video I want to tell you about the materials Room was in my class, but first, the paper, I think, is really important. I will use this water called paper density 200 grounds, and I'm sure that it's better to buy an expensive paper and cheap brushed rather than expensive brush and cheap paper, because the paper is that you will fail, but he will not cross. I promise you will not fail. I used to Techniques were wet and dry, dry. And when the baby was this brush Mrs and Data Kwan extremely cheap and to board situation like here you can see your paper dried up and it's two folds and we need to avoid it. We need to touch the paper to the wooden desk with tape. Here, here was wooden desk, just just nothing extra special, and despite it, after you take over the tape, it's believed Nice border, so it za battle to work this tape, so I prefer and I told you about this brush forward in wet picnics and this one. It's also synthetic flat brush, but smaller, and it's special synthetic water car. This brush losing. Take me drunk. Right, Andi, Uh, I was told before that synthetic doesn't go well with natural materials. What? Colin thing. But now I see this brush has all the necessary properties. It's bringing enough soft and point. So it's good. Good ones. Not so expensive. Okay, next. But this is the set off brush. It's unnatural brush for water. I will Houston Technique wedding. Where to draw with watercolor course. And this three sizes for oh, and two So you can also buy, said his I D. And this is the border. Call it So I used to this watercolor in the small boxes Go to get them, you know? But I found a nuts. Plaster is more convenient and now I find more convenient option for me, for example. It's what I call in this stoops development. Last one about the name. It's a critic, Water Systems Inc. And it's going enough. And what is important to use going It helps you to impasses the texture off paper and you guessed so. I will surely held works directly in the video. Mr. Blakey, we need a way. Did an alcohol test of the bread We need a candle to pray tells I will tell you about this material directly, directly in next week. So see you guys and thank you. 3. Wet-on-wet: And so let's begin the magic it so well. Where? Technique. And it's see I'm taking a fled brushed with paper. I don't want health service, so the paper will be wet and I'm living dry areas just to play with this swelling red effect. That means I'm drawing with water and, as you see here, papers pulling. But it's still right on. It's still under control here. I want to have more water at the bottom, Mordor the bottom on and less at the top because I wanted to feel some difference. So the first step is done, and I'm taking the biggest brush because I want to see you at Hubert's dominating color, and I'm choosing my favorite movement. I like this snaky, wavy movement. I'm trying to understand what this brush can do, um, to feel it better. I'm living the white space. It's important because the white is part of composition, and actually, I don't want to make just a solid threat piece of paper. Actually, this first sheet of paper is just for me here. I'm trying to relax and drawing. Almost unconsciously, I think it's important not to overdo the paper on stopping right mourns, so you can see the brush is drying up. But the extra keeps into, like a combination of this misty watercolor on slightly. She was drugs. I'm trying more war on seeing what I've done. What happened? So it was a C. I myself walked the paper here because I had dived in this short strokes too deep. Um, yeah. Excellent city. Okay, so it's time to take a medium brush for blue collar. And I want to use medium brush for blue collar to see how it makes with threats. Um, see, it gives me a a nice by the cherry plum color here. Beautiful. I mentioned the dread to steal wet on a mixing blue with rent directly on paper and try to draw on the top of the paper on the texture. Here has another character shock and clear. As you see here is two different parts through there on more or less and more shocker. So let's go for us. Try Cem. Another experiments that smaller brush. My purpose here is just to practice and don't stand the materials through practice. And to feel more confident with it. I'm doing just what I want. I'm not thinking about critique, but right or wrong on to make, Oh, my mistakes. So now I'm completely ready for the next fast experiments chilled movement, the feeling you want to express on to the next questions of paper as fast as you can on Don't overdo the paper and stop a draft moments. 4. Watercolor with alcohol: Hello. It's not a whole section and please, please go away. Wait on the water in the bottom of the paper. More than talk to see what happened to the paper. It's better Deal did a bit again. I'm taking my favorite biggest brahch, but I'm just using our stock of movements. Strong, straight, Masculine here doesn't want Carl, because I want to understand clearly how this technique works. Just making something grown for Mr Mr Alcohol. But this red is still about feelings without any purposes. So it's time to take on alcohol, and at some drops that's and drops. Here's here's own drops all yet. See, that's cool. It's like magic. I think some drops or some lies on the new texture appeared. Alcohol helps water to evaporate. See here How water call. Afraid? Yes. Okay, Maybe it's no drops again, isn't it? No lock. Did it z Just a pure magic. Okay, but it just a preparation Next. Five texture. So waiting for you. And remember, choose feeling the movement color on go half. Make your message pictures on. Don't throw anything away. Be patient 5. Dry-on-dry: there's my brush told me about it on. So that's two. Some preparations. See how this brush works? It's making a wonderful, wonderful ball. You and I want to repeat this movement to make some feeling make feeling off surveys and I want to change the direction of the surface. Changed the feeling of changing amount. To think Don't makes so, mike you bread. It's not only one possible movement See here you can just do straight lines again. Straight lines. But it could be just like like a bamboo. Something like that. Just executive strain. But it can also texture or something like here, like a grass blade, grass or peacock. Yeah, it can also be an option or texture and extra peers years good. I like it And, for example, like here. True, for example, I electricity line because it's pointed. I used this movement before, but actually it's not the best example. So keep experimenting on, for example, like like this. It's a good waas direct like field, something I care. Changing amount of think like that. Making your textures Yes. Oh, like here. So someone idea 6. Fjume: and welcome to the last few section. It's my favorite, and you'll need here. Just candle on bits of paper and I hope you catch main idea. Although techniques to a trust relax, choose you movement on Got someone predicted result. But here, especially with human, it's important to find bouts because pace make Wazed. Yes, you see that fire? It's dangerous paper, so it's important to find bounds. Don't do it. 2002 snow on again. Don't overdo the paper. So as you see here, I got something like profile should not profile. But just face look like looks like woman face. So it's enough. Here comes You need to stop. 7. Idea to print: I decided to hang everything on the wall on. I was looking for a stance and then his images. So the 1st 1 here I can see your forest or several mosque right? One looks like to pour trades. Two profiles look into each other or dragon from goof Uganda. Last section was flourishing. The right one's failed left once the fire or air to shock Something like that. There is a big bang or because either here is underwater world Christine fishes or just landscape as you wish. Tornado bills, years. Sheep, hair or hair under armpits. People wrapped and separates. Yes, spaghetti Here. Is that any with wings or angel? Bullshit. OK, it's here is the man dancing to believe in where? Shield on left one looks like bamboo forest. It's my favorite. It's a woman board. Okay, I have finished my creative brainstorming and so welcome to the very last part of my plus. Surely here, the main tricks and for shipment Illustrator, This green cast contains only the May manipulation because I want to tell you just the most important things. At first you see that I'm using the source image here. I want to see and understand the main structure off the big dog. So I chose Pickle for, for instance, I want to catch the read more. I like fee, either off this peacock proportions field had. So so we like to use the combination all plan to Brock, Blood Brush and Bus Finder, because then, too, helps me to create main forms. Clearly, I can correct this form several times. It's it's it's cool for me. And on the other hand, blob brush keeps me a freedom and lost to draw directly on top of my texture. Usually, I'm trying not to use a huge amount of buoyant strong the main forms using Bantu because it's better to use us last points. It's possible just to get a clear hand. At the same time, I'm searching the best color decision for background texture. I want to achieve nice contrast with black peacock body here. I chose the pure CNN or magenta cause. It will be printed 12 and I'm walking in. Smith column What? Andi, I'm not using an ical profiles for I'm guessing the same call profile spoke with shopping demonstrator on dialing the texture to the Illustrator because it allows me to see the change tried after I saved violent motion. So is a secure Everything is pretty easy. I think you will understand that idea. Generally used the texture of background for simple black vector form. Play on this contrast, combined textures combined lines. Andi, if my process seemed to you too complicated, please don't be afraid, because it's just my process. I go a long way normally. For me, it's it's just okay, but it's just me. You can use the way you prefer. In the last a few minutes you will see how I used the color range and refined mosque to select these textures. Saving smooth cars. These tools are useful and helps to select complex structures quick and easy on . So he result. Peacock board from experiments on Born to Print and help have inspired you to make your own unique Dexter's. And I hope you sure this textures with me. Oh, maybe I will be lucky to get a postcard from you. 8. Critic thrilled: How? Our critic three. I admire your work. You are gorgeous. Inevitably brilliant, ingenious and pretty well down everybody.