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Weight Training for Beginners

Lynn Thier, Mental & Physical Fitness Coach

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6 Videos (34m)
    • Welcome to Beginner Workout

    • Chest and Back Focus Exercises

    • Bicep and Tricep Focus Exercises

    • Legs and Shoulders Focus Exercises

    • ABS

    • Stretch out after your workout


About This Class

Learn how to safely lift weights and do exercises at home with little equipment.  Tone up, burn calories and build lean muscle tissue.  These short videos demo beginner exercises.  Schedule yourself to workout a minimum of 3 times per week and work your way up to 5 times a week for great results.  

Remember to always warm up before lifting.  Walk, march on the spot, do a few knee ups or jacks.  





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Lynn Thier

Mental & Physical Fitness Coach

Lynn is a Certified Personal Trainer & Registered Holistic Nutritionist with 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry. She was formerly 60 pounds’ overweight after having her son and since then, has passionately dedicated her career toward helping others transform themselves. Lynn not only lost the baby weight, she has competed in women’s physique bodybuilding and is also known as the “Mental Fitness Expert”, using the power of the mind that help to get fast results. 

Lynn completed her Master’s in Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy ® and NLP Techniques which work with our unconscious mind, where all learning, behaviors and habits are stored. Lynn continues to help others in all areas of health and works with women & men specifically on weight loss, trauma healing, depression, stress and anxiety.

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