Weight Loss For Night Shift Workers: 3 Part Mini Series

Brad Newton, Fitness Competitor | www.bradnewton.tv

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3 Videos (57m)
    • Part 1: Mainstream myths, diets, and BS you must ignore

    • Part 2: Flexible dieting for shift workers

    • Part 3: Weight loss strategies for shift workers


About This Class

Are you a shift worker or work night shift and struggling to lose weight? 

As a night shift worker of 7 years, I know exactly the struggle. The vending machines. The 2 am consumption of biscuits and lollies. I get it. I've been there.

I also managed to turn my situation around (as a night shift worker) and compete as a fitness model competitor. It took me years but I finally "figured it out."

This course is exactly what you need if you are struggling to lose weight as a shift worker or night shift worker. 

It is broken down into three parts:

Part 1:

I will cut through all of the mainstream dieting non-sense that is stopping you from having a great body (without quitting the red-eye job!) Such myths as such "you cannot eat carbs after 8pm" etc.

Part 2: 

I introduce specific concepts relating to how flexible dieting relates to shift workers. 

Part 3:

Specific strategies that I used to get super lean as a night shift worker. Strategies that you can use to work around your current roster or night shift lifestyle.

Share your journey with me. It keeps me going!






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