Weekend Family Breakfast: Apple Hazelnut Waffles (Can Be Pancakes Too)

Sonja Schnatzer, Waffles make my day! :D

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6 Videos (13m)
    • Welcome To Our Family Breakfast!

    • Ingredients & What You Will Need

    • Prepare The Dough

    • Bake The Waffles

    • Serving And Variations

    • Class Project & Thank You


About This Class

Our family loves to have a big breakfast on weekends and often we prepare waffles or pancakes. This is one of our favourite recipes and it is really versatile and healthy

Instead of sugar we sweeten it with dates and fruits and naturally we skip cream and sweet sauces. We use the spreads from my first class, homemade jam, yoghurt and fruits to create delicious combinations. ;) 

You will learn how to prepare these healthy and delicious waffles for your family easily. I will provide you with information about the ingredients and where to get them. 

I’ll also show you some possible variations, so that you can adapt the recipe to your personal taste. - My philosophy “A recipe is just a guideline” goes through the whole class. In the end you will be able to prepare your family’s favourite waffle recipe and post nice photos of your family breakfast in the project area.



Oh, one more thing! 

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Yummy..I like your presentation. Keep it up!
Adwin Ang ❾

◕ ◡ ◕How To Have a Profitable Drop Shipping Biz

Great class!!





Sonja Schnatzer

Waffles make my day! :D

I am an online entrepreneur, passionate cook, hobby artist and mother of three kids

I love to teach and to develop recipes. I especially love to prepare gifts from the kitchen and sweet stuff. That's why I decided to sell my stuff on a Christmas market this year to see, how people react and to decide whether I want to build upon it. 


I have a lot of passions, but there is one passion I have never stopped since it developed, when I was 7 or 8 years old: cooking and baking. 

I still remember as if it was yesterday, the baking book I found in the school library, which started my passion. I still have at least one recipe from this book. I even know it by heart. 

Later I went to a highschool which among other things focused on cooking and nutrition. I have tons of cook books and a lot of books about nutrition and diet. I've tried a lot of different forms of nutrition, but I didn't stick to one and against better knowledge, I tend to eat too much and too sweet. (Just that you know, why I teach classes about healthy food, altough I am overweight. :D )

Up to now published two classes on Skillshare:
Three Healthy And Easily Made Alternatives To Jam And Nutella.
 http://bit.ly/my-nutella-alternatives and "Sugarfree Apple Hazelnut Waffles (can be pancakes as well)": http://bit.ly/weekend-waffles

If you don't have a premium membership, here are links for free enrollment in my classes: http://skl.sh/2daSBym and http://bit.ly/weekend-waffle-free

For more current information on my activities and what I'm up to follow me on Instagram: www.instagram.com/sonjaschnatzer .

One of my other passions is learning new skills. So since the day Nathalie from Pimp your Visuals brought me to skillshare, I haven't spent a day without watching classes and working on projects. For example I found out that painting with watercolor is real fun and I worked on my brushlettering and sketching skills. 

In my primary business I organize Online Mastermind Groups for women who want to realize their dreams. (similar to the concept of Barbara Sher)

The webpage is: www.traeume-sind-baeume.com.

That's it. If you want to know anything, just ask!