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Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation

teacher avatar EasyLearn Spot, Passion for teaching

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Week 6 Software Testing Life Cycle Test Plan Creation

    • 2. Recap of Software Testing Life Cycle

    • 3. What is Test Plan ?

    • 4. Test Plan Creation

    • 5. Week 6 - Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Complete Guide on Software Testing course is a 10 week series course on Software Testing. Here you will learn basic fundamentals of software Testing till the Test case creation with a project example templates.


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Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation


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Week 10 - Levels of Testing & Types of Testing


Project in Manual Testing


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1. Week 6 Software Testing Life Cycle Test Plan Creation: way. 2. Recap of Software Testing Life Cycle: Let's mourn toe the big succeeded software testing lifecycle this plant age before moving on to the creation off. Let's have a recap of oats off the distinct Lightsey software Testing Life Single explains the testing process. One. Lead Testing Dimas in World In this leg site, all the documents required for the testing team are creating this leg Yes, TLC stock with the project Initiation fees in this project. Initiation Crease Project Manager discusses project workflow hard, Barron's off medic moments, scared of testing approach and that risk analysis with the testing Next Faces System study . In this face project, details are discussed with the project manager, which will be further communicated by the test lead with the testers. Next comes the test plan. Fees they're spurn is a systematic approach for destiny in application. Then comes Fetus is design face. It has two parts. The first part in Walt's the creation off this design tickets. The second part of this gives design fist, which is just kiss creation here. This cases will be created by the testes with functional requirements, specifications went asked reference. Next comes the analysis face at the deliverables will be analyzed and approved by the test finally comes the test summary face but project manager been prefer just some. If that this somebody is done, then the project is ready for you, This explains. That's off, Christine. They sick. We have allowed really learned the Project Initiation and System study facing in the next topic. We are going to see the this plan creation. 3. What is Test Plan ?: what this discipline a desk plan is a systematic approach for testing and application. They're sleep creates that splendor, which contains all the information which are discussed with the project. The best plan is the detailed explanation off the testing workflow, which means the process which needs to be followed by the test just during this project. 4. Test Plan Creation: that's plant fish creation. Off s plan involves Benwikere degrees for this. I'm going to use that this plan template, which is free for download from I I triply means in stewed off electrical and electronics engineers, which provides all the templates related to software testing, which is $34. I have attached the document for your reference. We're going to see each care degree in the test plan in detail. In this the first categories just plan identify. Identifying means a court for identifying specific government test plan. Identify a means identifying this plan off that specific project. For that, we can have a one form it, or we can use the form in which is specified by the company. I have given an example for Mitt, which is project name. Underscored. This plan under sport portion example equal must underscore s plan underscore zero. This explains that e commerce is the name off your project on case plan means that this is the desk plan for the enormous project on the Bush number gives you an idea that the number of times the Darkman got updated. Next care degree is references which refer to the documents which The test lead uses the falling documents for the S Plant project plan that the project information budget information will be available. Next comes the requirement specification Documents reaching glutes your service on their fathers on down of the oneness. High level design, Darkman and detailed or low level decided documents are also used as the friends Development. And this process standards needs to be different, which includes the information necessary for the testing process, methodology guidelines and examples which will contain the project strategy, corporate standards and died. Legs need to be followed, which includes the standards for testing Application Next Care Degrees Introduction, which covers the scope off the This plan and testing efforts. Identify the level off the plan. Purpose off the plan, analysis and reviews off are the testing activities. DiCillo's on budget constraints. Reference documents off other projects can also be used just reference documents for this project and that somebody off the display these informations are needed to be effective on brief in the introduction category. Next comes the test items category, which list I don't speech need to be tested in each morning. You'll configuration management process on the schedule for delivery will also be included in the test item. Skeptically. Next category is features to be tester. This category lists told the items to be destined from the user's point off. You bad lily features not to be tested, which list outs the items, which are not to be distant from the user's point off you onda configuration management point off you. Then comes thesis off headless issues, which identify what software is to be tested on what the critical areas are, such as delivering the third party software, which is no developed by our new version off interfacing soft bed. An old version of the soft bed is done by another company ability to use and understand a new package or automation toe, which is not used people applications with extremely complex functionalities, while more defined the competence off the applications. With the past history of failure, we might face some soft badness issues when there is very less information about the more use or the client places change. Request frequently also will be facing the software this issues for software list issues. We need to analyze and find a solution which needs to be done, Priore the distinct process next comes stop approach which is the overall test strategy for this just overall rules and the processes need to be identified in this category. Then comes the item Pass off Field Kenya In this item, pass or fail cry tenia the test completion criteria. An individual test case level criteria are identified and analysed. Next US suspension criteria on assumption Governments in this stage then do we need to pass ? The testing will be discussed in this category during the start up testing process. If a tester finds more errors which has no value proceeding, the testing further we can very best optimistic. Next category is just deliverables. Here is the list off documents which will be delivered finally after the artistic process. Manual testing deliverables are there's flan document these cases on but reports this design specifications. Automation testing deliverables are this plan document best scenarios, test design specifications, tools on their outputs and finally, desperate cells. Then the environmental needs feature record by the flight will be discussed in the category . Feature Special hardware requirements How much testing will be done? How test data will be provided specific versions off supporting soft best restricted youth off the system beauty testing. Next, a staffing and training needs here if training is record for any specific soft but that details will be discussed which are cool will provide the training. How much duration Vedic per for training on the schedule for the training and also who are . The trainees will also be identified in this category. Next comes the important part, which is responsibility here, the responsibility off each indigent Andi. Its criteria will be distrust. Then comes the schedule, which explains the start and end date for the testing process, which also needs to match with the developers, according skin. So we will not face any issues during the large figure. Then we planned the rest and it's contingencies overall Dressed, which may occur during the testing process, will be identified on IT. Solutions will also be some off the list are lack of resources to start testing. Lack off record hard mitts Off that data are tooth late delivery off the software, hardware or tooth. The lesson training the application on the tools changes to the orginal requirements or sign finally, come stop rule part in this who can approve? The process is complete on a low. The project toe proceed to the next level will be discussed. Project manager will approve the testing deliverables on that. This plan? Yes. Late approves the test cases at a in the glossary, the definitions and the acronyms used in this test plan document will be discussed here. We are gonna be test plan creation. I hope you'll understand the categories in the just. I have attached that this plan documenting the resources section you can access it and get more idea of all this. You can re use this template and create your own test plan. 5. Week 6 - Closing Thoughts: way, way to the end of the sixties. Thank you all for attending the scenes. See you all in the next series. A soft bed, distant namesake s design bigness.