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Week 5 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Overview

teacher avatar EasyLearn Spot, Passion for teaching

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (16m)
    • 1. Week 5 Software Testing Life Cycle Promo

    • 2. Introduction

    • 3. What is STLC ?

    • 4. Software Testing Life Cycle Phases

    • 5. Week 5 Closing Thoughts

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About This Class

Complete Guide on Software Testing course is a 10 week series course on Software Testing. Here you will learn basic fundamentals of software Testing till the Test case creation with a project example templates.


 If you are new to software Testing start from week 1 series by clicking the link below:

Week 1 -Software Testing Fundamentals


Week 2 - Quality Assurance & Quality Control


Week 3 - Software Development Life Cycle


Week 4 - Software Development Life Cycle Models


Week 5 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Overview


Week 6 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Plan Creation


Week 7 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Test Design Techniques


Week 8 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Testcase & Bug Report Creation


Week 9 - Software Testing Life Cycle - Implementation and Maintanence


Week 10 - Levels of Testing & Types of Testing


Project in Manual Testing

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1. Week 5 Software Testing Life Cycle Promo: way. 2. Introduction: all right. Hi. I'm something soft. I would be the welcome to the company. This course a specific assigned awful means what you just saw. This school is a sickening 10. I said this being understand that only I didn't want me. Those who have knowledge indistinct I then does everything you'll be given a task to complete east finally once again. 3. What is STLC ?: Let's mourn toe the Big Five series software testing lifecycle over in the cities. You're going to learn about faces. Software testing, lifecycle. Let's start with the first topic for this distance. Yes, D and C means software testing like cycle, which explains the process. Which happens? One lead testing Dimas involved in this life cycle. If you understand. Yes. Still, see Taro, you can very well become a man Will test all the documents record for the distance. D are created this nice sick. Let's learn a steel see faces in 4. Software Testing Life Cycle Phases: - software testing lifecycle faces. Yes. Still, see start with the project initiation fees In this face project manager discussed the following factors with the testing project workflow, that is, the functionality off the application will be explained. Then they explains the soft bed and are very governments expected by the plant. The main feature schedule, which means the start and the end it off testing will be mentioned. Then comes the approach off SD, which used the idea off the number off mornings done by Manuel besting on the automation tools which can be used for the reminding models in the application. This and IT solutions which we might face during the software testing lifecycle, will also be discussed once everything is discussed in the project initiation face. Next comes the system study. In this face project, details discussed with the project manager will be further communicated by the just lead with the testers that this lead explains the project floor once again to the testers for proper understanding. The deliverables beach are a cure for this project will also be disgusting. This face, just which might occur in the distinct face, will also be discussed. Next comes the S plan fees at this plan is a systematic approach for testing and application in that this plan creation the test lead creates that this plan document which candidates all the informations the child discussed in a project manager once that this plan doc Minister, it is shared with a distinct image. This plan document will contain the approach off doing testy, which will be very helpful for inexperienced testes to understand the process off testing. Next comes the this case design fees. This case design face can be divided into two parts. The first part in malls creation off this design techniques, which is the prior face before creating s cases, testing is done unique by every individual. So the number off this case is even by each tester Bill also differs. So s design techniques provides some standard techniques. These design techniques helps us in effective desk is creation. Then comes the second part off this case the same fees, which is the S case creation here. This cases will be created by the testers Bit functional requirements specification government as reference once that these cases are approved by this leak, testers used test cases to verify the application if that is any mismatch between the disc space on the application that will be loved in a separate government as bag report and sent to the developers for 60 developers fixed the bucks and send it back to the distance for Creed ISTEA. Once the application is three off buds, it is ready for upload, which will be further sign off by the distinct next the testing team deliverables Justice Cases on bug report will be analyzed and approved by the test lead in the analysis face. Once everything is done, all the deliverables will be sent to the project manager for testing process approval. Project manager will prepare s summary report in the project Closure meeting Project Manager insure everything is done. Ask for disgusted that if that this somebody is done this informs that the project is ready to upload. This is the overview off soft autistic lifecycle 5. Week 5 Closing Thoughts: way we have come to the end off the beef. Ici's thank you all for ending. Sees the way I see you in the next week. CDs. So after testing Lifecycle s black nation