Week 4 - Finding Motivation, Relax the Mind, Satisfying Results | Dimitar Dimitrov | Skillshare

Week 4 - Finding Motivation, Relax the Mind, Satisfying Results

Dimitar Dimitrov

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4 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Week 4 - Introduction

    • 2. Where Do You Find Motivation?

    • 3. Calming Down and Relaxing The Mind

    • 4. If You Don't Enjoy The Process, No Amount of Results Will Make You Happy


About This Class

I'm very happy to present you with my 4th Week of Videos on subjects that are crucially important on our day to day basis. It doesn't matter what we're after, all that matters is that we find and learn more about ourselves, so we can go after our goals and dreams in the most pleasant, efficient and productive way possible, and live a fulfilled and happy lives.

In this week's class I'm going to talk about Motivation, about Relaxing Our Minds and the connection between Journey and Results. I've had some interesting conversation during this week and recorded some ideas, thoughts and suggestions for you. 

I hope you have fun watching and you're welcome to get in contact and ask any questions that are important to you!


1. Week 4 - Introduction: welcome to my fourth wake of classes from self growth and self development. My name is committed Dimitroff, and I'm a professional pianist, mind coach and entrepreneur. In these classes, I share with you my own personal experience and knowledge as well as everything I talk on day to day basis with my clients. I enjoy making these videos very much because every single week something different happens in our lives. We experience life in different ways with learn things. We make mistakes, and I'm very passionate about growth and development. One of the subjects in this week's class will be about motivation. Where do we find motivation? Is it possible to be motivated all the time? The second subject will be about being relaxed in your mind. That's so important if you want to be productive, if you want to be efficient and produced, good results. And the third, but definitely not the least important subject is about the process, the daily process we go through in order to achieve a desired go. I truly hope that you enjoy these videos, and if you have any questions while watching these videos, don't has day to contact me. Enjoy watching, and I'll see you later on 2. Where Do You Find Motivation?: How do you motivate yourself when you really don't feel like doing anything when you really can't imagine that you have to get up and complete your work? First of all, it's very important to remember that if you don't feel like doing your work, if you really feel like a very low level off motivation, that means that your prior actions prior to this moment in the previous days, weeks or months have no bean right. You did something wrong, and I'll give you a very simple example with myself today. I really didn't feel like going ahead with my work. And I know why. At first I thought that's a little bit strange. Yesterday, in the previous days, I felt quite good. I was completing my work. Everything was going very well. Why is it that today, suddenly I have low energy and I don't feel like doing things? What I did was immediately look back to yesterday. What do they do yesterday? And I notice that yesterday I talked a little bit too much. I was a little over excited. I was discussing things. I was talking a lot about different things. I just didn't control myself completely allowed myself to get quite distracted. And the result was immediately today feeling a little bit low energy, feeling, a lack of motivation. I simply felt like I'd rather do anything but my work. So what I'm trying to say is make sure that every single day count make every day count. Do the best you can in each day. Learn as much as possible. Realize as much as possible. Stay conscious and aware. So you know when you make mistakes so you know the reasons of feeling better and feeling worse, and then you'll see that the better action should take, the more consistent you are, the more your motivation will remain high and wants to break up consistency and start being a little bit more unstable. It will become more difficult to push yourself to work. I'm not sure that motivation is something so important. I think we're a little bit overestimating inspiration and motivation. What is actually motivation, motivation is your reasons for doing something, So as long as you have reasons to do something, you're supposed to go and do them right. That's what motivation is. I have a lot of reasons to go and do things. And yet, today, like I told you, I'm simply feeling like procrastinating, avoiding everything that has to be done. That's why I tried to avoid thinking about motivation. I try not to pay too much attention to it. What I do is something else. I simply think about only one thing, and that's feeling good. Your primary going life, realizing it or not, is feeling good. Every one of us wants to feel good. That's the most important thing in your life because when you feel good, you're going to get inspired. You're going to get motivated, everything is going to flow, everything is going to come to you. And when you're feeling bad, everything goes upside down. Why is it that I'm not inspired and motivated today? Like I told you, I was not really 100% because of my previous actions. So please don't pay too much attention to those words. Inspiration, motivation, focus on what has to be done every single day. And remember that when you work, when you're consistent, when you discover what works and what doesn't for you and you apply your knowledge, you're going to feel always very stable. Some days you're going to feel better and some days you're going to feel worse. But that doesn't matter because you will be generally stable and then motivation, inspiration, creativity. All those beautiful emotions and feelings will be a consistent part of your life. There is one problem and that problem is that we connect motivation with very big and high achievements. We connect that word with very far reaching goals. What I would do if I were you is set very clear goals for each day. What you will see then is that motivation will start coming easier to you. It was simply easier to push yourself and go and complete the clear tasks you have. The other very important thing I would remember is not to connect where you are with the great future you're expecting from yourself. You're going to get there. The future is waiting for you. Your dreams, your goals, they're going to be achieved. But if today you're not feeling very active and if in your head you're thinking very actively about those big dreams of you and you actually know where you are, the distance from where you are to your dreams can discourage a lot and then you feel lack of motivation. But if you constantly repeat to yourself, if now today I complete every task that's on my list. First of all, off course, make a list of clear goals and tasks you have to complete today. And if you say to yourself and you have to do that every single day, you have to work on that. It doesn't just come out of nowhere. You have to repeat to yourself if today I complete every single goal, every single task for today, I know that I'm going to be one step closer to my dreams. In this way you shorten the distance from where you are, where you want to be. That's how you encourage much easier that motivation you're looking for. I think that's very difficult to do because we're used to people who show us how big achievements they have, everything they achieved, everything they acquired, and that encourages us to think a lot about the future, a lot about things that we do not have right now, it doesn't have to be necessarily objects, it can be just a dream job or it can be just a dream business it doesn't matter if you just look constantly into the future. You're focused on the future, and you forget about the now. But if you focus on today and constantly remember to repeat to yourself that today is what counts, today's was going to shape your future. Your tomorrow. Then the more you live in the now and you're focused on the Now you'll see that you feel so much better. You feel that motivation will come easy to you. You a few more inspired. You'll feel more driven to go and do things. You know what's one of my greatest triggers for being motivated? That's the person I am vision becoming in the future. I love working on myself. I believe that when you work on yourself and develop as a person, develop your character, develop all the traits you want to possess, you're going to achieve everything you dream. That's my greatest motivation, and that doesn't go away. Yes, I have other dreams to Everybody has dreams. Everybody has some goes. But when you focus on becoming better yourself every single day, you are going to be living constantly in the now and that's going to help you enormously. You're going to feel empowered. You're going to feel strong. You're going to feel these drive. What can I do to become better? What can I do to improve? For example, I mentioned to you my mistake yesterday and I repeat my mistakes over and over again. But I tried toe improve. And today, when I didn't feel like going and completing my work, the only thing I had to say to myself was, If you go, if you complete your work, if you get behind the desk and complete what you have to complete, you were going to be better. Tomorrow you're going to have more skews tomorrow. You're going to be more capable tomorrow, and that motivated me immediately. But if I'm feeling not so good, a little bit distracted a little bit down. And if I imagine the castle I want have I'm just giving you an example. I don't really wanna have a castle, But for the sake of the example, you might imagine that big castle I wanna have and I'm here right now. No, Castle. It's going to be really difficult for me to find a great motive to go and work sometimes that works, imagining your goals and dreams. But it's not sustainable because some days are just going to be more difficult. And then that dream that go isn't going to be enough Onley. People who haven't been involved in something on a consistent basis won't know how difficult consistencies and consistency is. Everything find ways to trick yourself into consistency. My favorite, like I told you, is becoming a better person, having more excuse being more and more conscious about myself, knowing more about myself, simply improving every single day. And when I think about that, it's always much easier for me to push myself to go and complete everything that needs to be done. I'm curious how you feel about motivation. What motivates you? What inspires you? What do you do when you can't motivate yourself? What triggers you to go forward? Let me know. I will be very happy to hear from you. For me, as always, recording this video was a great pleasure, and I'll see you in the next one 3. Calming Down and Relaxing The Mind: having a calm and relaxed mind is one of your best chance of being highly creative and productive. I always found myself to be the most creative, the most productive and the most efficient when my mind was nice and relaxed. A lot is happening around us all the time when we need to process all this information without even realizing our mind has to work all the time known stop except for the part. When we go to bed and we sleep, our mind is constantly active. I know this every time that when I'm feeling nice and happy and alliance and relaxed, I'm producing a lot of good work. I'm having ideas and everything is going very easily. And I know this is that later in the day I'm getting a little bit more tired and I'm starting to struggle with things much more. And that doesn't have to do necessarily with physical fatigue. That doesn't have to do necessarily with being physically tired, that place roll off course. But unless you have very physical job, our minds gets the most the heaviest load during the day and it gets really exhausted. We're constantly surrounded by people we live in a wonderful world where we meet a lot of different people. We communicate with a lot of people and that's really nice. But sometimes we don't get enough time to be with ourselves to be alone with ourselves. And I find that to be something very important to me when I want to relax my mind and feel better about everything around me. And it's very easy to forget to be alone with yourself and calm down and relax. The calmer and more aligned your mind is, the happier you feel and the more tolerant you will be with everything. I'll give you an example. I wake up in the morning. I'm super fresh. I'm super relaxed. My mind is working really at a very high speed, very good quality. And then at some point, after completing a lot of work, I get tired. For a moment. I start feeling that I'm getting a little bit more edge dated and sometimes it would happen that there people outside my house that would be talking and laughing and enjoying themselves outside. In the nice weather, I would get irritated and I would ask myself, Why would you feel irritated about something like that. But it just happens, is just there. Then I would go do a nice meditation, take a little nap. I'm talking about 15 minutes to half on hour, and after that I'm so much more tolerant toward everything around me. The people didn't bother me anymore, and I just feel better right away. And that happens every time. Every time I see and feel and realize that my mind is getting a little bit more agitated, a little bit too busy. And I can't seem to think straight, to think easy and effortlessly about things. When I go and relax myself, I feel every time better. I may be not a few 100% every time. I may be no Byfield with ideas and creativity every time, but I definitely feel calmer and more settled, more aligned, and that's the most important thing. All you need to do is just for you a little bit better and calm down a little bit. There different things you can do in order to relax. You don't have to necessarily meditate like I do. I just like meditations so much in the past, I was not sure about it. Then I tried my own meditation, and I see that it works really wonderful for me. But all you need is time alone. All you need is a little time with yourself. For example. I always do it like I said, 15 minutes to half on hour. And then later in the day, if I notice that I'm getting again agitated, that I'm getting a little bit more easily irritated with different things, I know that my mind had enough. My mind absorbed a lot of information. It's not possible to process everything, and I need just a little bit of space. But you can also walk outside for 15 minutes. You can do whatever it is. Just be with yourself. And don't think actively about different things. Don't also try to reject and deny thinking about things. Don't force yourself to not think about that. Something boulders. You focus on something else. Focus on the birds. Outside the sounds. They make focus on the traffic. If you're working somewhere and it's very busy and there is no nature and there's traffic, you can focus just on the noise of the track. It doesn't really matter what it is you're just calming yourself down from older thought. All the conversations, all the information around you, you just focus on something else, something that's constant. It's funny that I compare, of course, traffic and sounds of birds. But you have to make with what you have around you, of course, becoming your own person. That's one of the most important things for me. Like they said, everything is very busy around us and we hear people talking. We communicate with people, we hear information on the news will read, things is just full of information. Just things are happening. We can't avoid that. The world is just going around, and that is very, very nice from one side would get different perspectives, different ideas. But what pains me the most is when I heard friends and close people repeating things. They just get all this information that they keep on repeating things that they don't even want to believe in. When we hear a lot of things, a lot of information and we don't allow our minds to relax like I called it to calm down our minds doesn't have time to process all this information you don't have and you Don't give yourself the time to spend alone with your mind and figure out what's important to you and what's less important, what information applies to you and what information you don't consider important to you. That's how you become your own person. You want to figure out after all the things that are happening every single day, you want to give yourself in your mind the chance to relax and evaluate everything to decide what's important, decide what you're going to take out of all this. Sometimes when I have conversations with people and they say something that's so common that so many other people say the same thing. I observed him from one side. I see people who are very busy, but they don't give themselves the chance to actually realize and think about. What am I saying? Is this really true? That's when you don't allow yourself to be alone with yourself and develop your own personality and character. You need to think about things you need to let your mind give you the right signals, not constantly feed it with the information and ever give you the chance to process thinks and for me personally, I hear things during the day and I asked myself, I'm not so sure I agree with that. I don't know if that's really true. Why doesn't have to be true? Can it be any other way if we don't give myself a chance to relax, meditate or walk, calm my mind. Like I said, I would feel extremely bad at the end of the day and possibly the next day as well. But if I allow my mind to relax, to calm down, figure things out, I get wonderful, nice ideas. I've become more creative. And I realized that what I heard previously doesn't necessarily apply to me. And I experience the world in a different way than what I've heard from other people. Giving your mind. Giving yourself a chance to be alone with yourself can open up so many possibilities for you can show you that so many things you hear around you don't have to really apply to you . I never felt bad when I had a calm and relaxed mind, never, sometimes a few, much better, and sometimes I feel in the middle, but it always becomes better than I felt before I relaxed. So my experience with coming my mind down was always posed. The problem can be when you're not in touch anymore with the signals your mind is giving you. If you've accumulated a lot of momentum off talking and being busy and never having time for yourself, you might not even be able to imagine how it feels to have a nice and relaxed mind. If you've never tried meditation or any sort of true relaxation, all you need to observe how do you feel right now? Observe yourself. If you're feeling not great, go and do 15 minutes toe happen our something along something that sells your mind. After that, observe how you're feeling. That's how you're going to discover and actually become very conscious about two states of being the state of being over edge dated too busy, not really having any more control of your mind and the other state where you're a little bit more settled when you're a little bit calmer and you take common decisions with ease. While actually your mind is to working at a high rate and functioning it, it's best in the past. When I didn't know better, I never actually allowed myself to calm down, sit back, relax and actually let my thoughts just flow without having too many conversations without being overly busy. I was trying to figure things out, and it's wonderful to figure things out. But I was trying to figure things out in the most busy way possible. Always talking, always discussing, always being very active without actually having any time alone without actually having any time for evaluation and a process of absorbing and processing everything that's happening anyway. I want you to know that that's not only good for you. It's also good for your relationships with you're close people with your family, with friends, with colleagues. With all the people you communicate, the more aligned you are, the more your mind is a tes, the better it will be for all your relationships, and you will be able to help so many people. We all like to help each other in different ways, and the best help you can offer is from a state of being truly happy aligned entities, being very conscious about your thoughts, being very relaxed about your Holtz and never being over agitated and excited in your mind , I will be happy to hear back from you. For me, recording this video, as always, was a great pleasure. And I'll see you in the next one. 4. If You Don't Enjoy The Process, No Amount of Results Will Make You Happy: If you don't enjoy the process of your work, no amount of results will ever fulfill you and make you happy. You need to be interested in and look for ways you really enjoy working that's so important . If you want to have a nice, wonderful path towards your future success if you're struggling and if every day is a torture, how do you expect that in the future you're going to get something nice, something that actually fulfills you and makes you happy? It doesn't work that way? Imagine you're working every day in misery every day. You're happy every day. At the end of your work, you're exhausted and you feel like being squeezed completely. How can you possibly expect that some future results? Because if you're consistent, you're actually going to get results out of that negative, unpleasant process. How do you expect that your future results are going to suddenly make you happy? And it's funny because it's not like we're going to be unhappy and we don't enjoy our work . Only when we have a normal job dot can be as well is your own business, your own products. I've tried and did many things in my life, my own things with my own initiative that I ended up hating simply because I didn't enjoy the process simply because I did things, really, in a way that I truly didn't like. And why is that? Because I was really wanting results. On one hand, I wanted the results that come out of my work physical results, objects, buying things, getting things, financial success. On the other hand, I was completely obsessed with the result of becoming amazing, becoming incredibly good at the thing. I'm doing both of those things. You've lost me in such a way, and at my process I twisted everything. I started from a nice feeling place from a place where I felt truly inspired, genuine ideas, wanting to start something brilliant, NYSE to going and doing things in such a way that it was so twisted. It was so weird what I did, that it had nothing to do with the beginning when when I actually started the project, it's very dangerous to think too much about the future, to focus too much on the outcomes. Like I said, physical outcomes, financial outcomes. But as well is your desperate ambition to achieve something and be very good at something. Don't take too much score of where you are, how much better you become or what you actually acquired out of your work. You don't need to take score and evaluate how far you are that something very natural, and that's going to come and happen naturally during the process of things. It doesn't matter what you want to achieve. It doesn't matter who you want to become. During the process of your work, you're going to get confirmation that you are becoming better and you're going to start getting some results. That's how things work. As long as you're consistent. That's the process and that's the law. You were always going to get something in return, the dangerous. When you actually don't have limits, you don't have discipline When you're evaluating what you have achieved and how far you are . It's very important to remember and know that we can focus and I'm talking high quality, focused on too many things at the same time. And so if something great happens and suddenly you get the wonderful outcome of your work, if you don't stop yourself, you might focus so much and enjoy those results and focus on them so much that at some point you become obsessed. It's extremely important to know when to stop and go back to the process of your work and enjoy your work. For example, the way it happened several times with me was I started with a nice idea and I was working very nicely and suddenly I saw some nice results. What happened? Waas. I was so thrilled with the results. I was so enthusiastic about the result. All I could do was sit and talk and focus on them. Check constantly my stats. What's happening? Do people like me? My skills are getting so much better. I'm becoming really good. So it was all about the results. It was all about the future outcome. At some point I started doing very strange things with my work, things that I never expected that would do. Why? Because I wanted more of those results. You have an idea that's wonderful. You want to be skilled at something that's wonderful. You want to buy some things and achieve some success. That's wonderful. Forget about that. You don't need to consciously actively focused on all those things you want there, part of you and they're going to remain part of you. You write the things you're going after, and after that, you forget about them. Now it's time to focus only on the process. And you need take that very seriously. You need toe work every single day on yourself, feeling good, feeling happy in order for you to have the most metro and pleasant process. You know what I hear from so many people and what I actually had myself and up to this day , I have to work on it. It's gonna be difficult. Acquiring such big dreams is difficult. Becoming so good at something is difficult. It is impossible on Lee, the lucky ones, only the chosen ones seem to make it. I don't seem to make it. It doesn't seem to be possible for me. What I'm saying with this is that we also learn that acquiring big things is difficult and what happens is generally we need time in order to achieve something. All we need to do is actually be consistent, and with time that comes. But because we see so many people having things and because we hear it is difficult or impossible to get those things we create or very strange processes with which we think will give us faster result. Or we're so obsessed with the results that we can't focus on anything else. But then and so work begins to suffer. Why I say that no amount of results will make you happy if you don't enjoy your process is because results in general cannot make us happy in the long run is just not how it works, were made toe, always improve, were made toe, always want more from ourselves and for things we want to have is just the way it works. And it's wonderful because we can always progress further. There is always something more to strive for, and why results cannot make us happy in the long run is because heavy noticed when you achieve something or he bought something how, after a short period of time, you actually don't enjoy it in the same way as you did previously. It happened so many times to me, and it happens up to this day. I'm super excited about achieving something, buying something for myself, and it doesn't take long time before I Actually, I'm not that thrilled. The bobble thing I bought. It's not that I don't enjoy that. Something I bought No, I enjoyed. Up to this day I enjoyed for a very long period of time. It is very useful to me, but I want the next one. I want the new one. I'm looking forward, striving and finding something better because better things come all the time. The sames with skills. I want to have better skills every single time. Whenever I achieve good results with something, I enjoy it. But I'm not thrilled about it for too long because before I know it, I realize so many things that can be better. And because of all this, I come a game on again, back to the same discovery that the process enjoying the process comes to be the most important thing. Why? Because the process will be always there for us. Our work and the way we do. Our work is the most important because everything comes out of that process. Everything we achieve everything we've become is the outcome is the result of the every day work we put in. And if you enjoy your work and the way you do things and if you achieve something with that joyful process, whatever it is you achieve is going to fulfill you like nothing else. The combination of a positive journey with postive result is the best thing you can strive for, trusting yourself that something very important. There is so much information about how to do things. There are many people who do what we want to do, but that doesn't mean we have to follow and do those things in the exact same way. We're all very unique and we have to find our own unique processes. I was very influenced in the past when I wanted to do different things and I watched people for advice and they said that I had to do this in this and the specific thing which I didn't feel connected to. I didn't feel that doing my work in that same way suited me and the more I did it, the more depressed I got. Even though I was improving and getting results, you can really become better and you can really achieve a lot by doing things in a way that doesn't satisfy. It's not a nice experience I always believed, and up to this day I'm doing that. I always believe that the process should match the results. The results are always wonderful. It is always great to see yourself achieve something. But there is nothing like achieving things out of a happy, joyful journey. Recording this video was a great pleasure for me. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask me. I'll be very happy to hear back from you. Thank you for watching and see you in the next video.