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Week 14 - Action is What Counts

teacher avatar Dimitar Dimitrov

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

3 Lessons (19m)
    • 1. Week 14 - Introduction

    • 2. Action is What Counts Part 1

    • 3. Action is What Counts Part 2

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About This Class

  • Don't forget to check out my profile and all the other videos I've uploaded for you! Enjoy!

Act! Act and don't look back. Don't doubt in your actions. That's the only way for you to move forward.

We tend to always think, after getting an inspired idea or thought. And while thinking is wonderful, it cant get much done for you. I've seen so many people overthink and analyze to the point where there's no inspiration, wish or motivation left. I've done that myself so many times and still have to fight it. I don't think that battle ever ends.

But you can learn to practice the right thing. And the right thing is to always step forward. To put one foot in front of the other.

There's nothing as astonishing as action. I'm amazed how it every time brings something new to the table. New feedback. New information. New ideas. 

I hope this video will be inspiring to you. I recorded it with great pleasure and wish you a lot of pleasure watching it.

Meet Your Teacher

My name is Dimitar Dimitrov and I'm a musician a mind coach and entrepreneur. I'm extremely passionate and interested in self development and awareness and I believe that all of us are capable of living fulfilled, happy and successful lives as long as we're willing be honest with ourselves and put in the time, effort and energy it takes to develop and grow to our fullest potential.

 In these videos I've decided to share with you my life journey, experiences and lessons I learn. I would like to create a community where we help and support each other and push each other to go further every single day.

 I'm open to questions from everyone and I believe that interaction is what's going to make these videos even more useful and beneficial to me, you and everyone else ... See full profile

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1. Week 14 - Introduction: These videos intention is to inspire you to take action. Because thinking can get you so far, everything starts with a great idea, right? Everything starts with a great thought, with a dream. You just want to achieve something. You want to get something personal and professional. It doesn't matter what it is. But the problem is that once we get an idea, we start thinking, we start complicating. We start making everything so much more difficult to the point where we're completely uninspired, motivated them. We actually end up doing nothing about the ideas we had. An action is the only way for you to get from a to B actually is the only way for you to uncover, unfold, and evolve your ideas and you as a person as well. My name is limited in the trough, and every week I record with great pleasure for humans. Q. Share a video on a different topic. Now, if you want to be notified, whenever I upload a new video, not only watched this video, but also follow my skew share account, then it would be much easier for you will just know when the new video is up and running. And also if you happen to have any questions during this video, at the end of the video or any other video you're watching, let me know, feel free to let me know. Or if you have a request for a topic which is very important to you, I will do my best to make one video for you as well. Just let me know. Thank you for watching. Enjoy the video and I'll see you next time. 2. Action is What Counts Part 1: Welcome everyone to my new video today, we're going to talk about action. And more specifically, I want to talk about that. Any action you take is going to take your idea further. Imagine you have an idea. Actually don't have to imagine that many of us have ideas and many of us want to achieve different things. But you have an idea, you have a thought, you want to go after something. It doesn't matter what it is. All that matters is what's important to you. When we get usually ideas, we get very inspired. We get very pumped. We want to go after our idea and we want to do something about it. We start thinking about different steps we can take. We start thinking about what's going to happen in the future with our idea of what can it bring for us? And we go so far as to complicate things completely. And what I mean by complicating things, we start thinking about talent. Well, actually MIT talented. We started thinking about other people who do what we want to do. And the chances that somebody else is doing what we want to do is very high. And so we started discouraging ourselves. We start looking at all the people who already achieved something with our idea. And because of all the thinking, we start actually believing that perhaps it won't be really worth going after what we want because it's already done. Why would we do it, right? And we think about all sorts of things. We just complicate our thoughts prompt. And you can imagine we start from a very inspired idea. Just thought, oh, I just wanna be a writer. I want to be a painter. I want to go after a study that I dreamed about. And we complicated to the point where we don't really feel like doing anything about it. Let me give you a little example with myself. I'm going to try to explain in very clear so you can actually benefit from this video. I've had a lot of ideas and I've tried a lot of ideas and actually discouraged myself in the exact same way I'm explaining till now, getting too many thoughts. For example, aside from being an entrepreneur and a person who coaches people, I'm also a pianist and I also teach people how to play piano. And I've had in the past different ideas about my instrument, about what I wanted to do with my instrument. But I went down the same path as a mentioning to you right now. I had an idea, for example, I wanted to win a competition, piano competition. There are many PR competitions and I thought, you know, I'm going to do that. I'm going to play superbly, amazingly. I'm going to play incredible. And that's great that the initial idea is always greatly initial idea fuse, always fantastic. I'm definitely sure that if you have different ideas, you know what I'm talking about. The problem was that instead of taking action because the video is called, any action will get you further. Instead of taking action, I actually started thinking and I started thinking exactly in the same way. I'm explain. I started thinking, okay, well, which competition show a goat? Well, it might be a reasonable question, but it went too far. I started. In one competition and writing nanosecond competition. Third competition, I ended up with so many competitions that they had no idea which to choose from. That's already kind of a discouragement. Now, I started to think, well, there are many other pianists. You know that there will be many people who were going to play probably as good as me and oh, no, probably even better. Well, okay. You might say, well that's reasonable. There is a competition. But not really because what I started doing in, and what I see many people doing with different professions. Not only piano is I started checking. Actually, good pianist who are already winning different competitions and who might participate in a competition. I wanted to participate what? That's already a big, big, big mistake. That's what a lot of people who do, for example, I've seen a lot of people who tell me, well, I want to create a new YouTube channel or I want to create a great Instagram account. You know, I want to have a lot of followers and they start, instead of actually going ahead and doing it, they start actually checking a lot of people who are doing the same thing and they get discouraged. As I got discouraged when it started checking all the people who are already winning piano competitions. That's another way to discourage yourself. So you see where I'm going. I'm going in the direction of instead of doing something about it, instead of sitting down behind the piano and actually completing several hours of practice in preparation for whatever competition I choose. I started over thinking, I thought about so many things that are not even useful. So that's it. Overthinking, you get an idea, don't go down the road of thinking. Thinking is useful to a certain extent. You might come up with something interesting, something that actually you can benefit from, something you can use, but thinking can get you so far, thinking can solve your idea. Thinking can bring your idea fuller, can't make successful, can do anything for you. So what you have to learn in general is to start acting. And that's where the big problem comes. We are hesitant to act because we can see things clearly. We actually rather not act. And that's the big paradox here, because if we don't act, if we don't take that first step, you are actually not gone to uncover the second step. You are not going to know what to do next. And like I said, thinking can't do that for you. You can think really just a few things in the beginning to consider, but that's it. The only way for you to know how to go from a to b 0s to approach the a and take action about it. That's the only way there is no other option. So let's say that you want to paint and you want to be a painter. And again, just write down something that you want to do. It doesn't have to be a painter. I just have to give an example of something. You want to be a painter. And let's say that you just get this urge to paint. Now, it's very normal if you ask yourself, if you think a little bit, well, what kind of a painter do I want to be? You would say, well, that's a good question, but if you don't have an answer for that question, forget it. It doesn't matter. You just want to paint, you imagine some beautiful paintings, right? That's all you need and that's what I say, that thinking if you sit and think all day long about you're painting, you're not going to figure it out. You're just going to be completely blocked. I guarantee you that you will get blocked in. You will not know as probably you give up on the idea of wanting to be a painter. So you want to be a painter, you think, oh, I don't know what exactly kind of painter I have to be and I want to be OK. And I stopped thinking about it. We're talking about action. Now. Start thinking about, because it all starts with a few thoughts. Start thinking about what can you do right now, we're talking about action because action is going to make your paint not thinking. Painters paint, they don't think, right? So you want to paint, ask yourself immediate and that's, by the way, action to force yourself to sit down and take your phone, ipad, whatever you have a piece of paper, and write down what actions you can take. Well, the first section that come, I don't know anything about painting and I can tell you that first thing you have to do is to pick. You might ask yourself the question then, right? We're thinking beings we like to think and that's very good actually for us to think. But you'd ask yourself the question, What shall I picked? Your answer might be, I don't know, and that's a very good answer. I don't know what to pay, but okay. I if I think right now, I don't know what to paint, but I can come up immediately with something. 3. Action is What Counts Part 2: I have here a piece of paper and somewhere I have a pen. I can take a pen and a piece of paper and I can just sketch something, draws up. Right? Now. Here comes the other problem. You might come up with other ideas. You might say, well, I can just sketch something, right? But here is where we complicate again, things would say, how is a frequent piece of paper and a pen? This is a pen. How can this get me to be a painter? And that's why we don't achieve anything. That's why we don't move forward. That's why we don't become painters wider sportsman, whatever you want to be a sportsman, Well, you have to get fit. That that's the that's the first thing comes to mind and help do you get fit well, you can go outside and run. Your question would be, of course, how exactly running is going to make me a great sportsman. I have to do other things. I just don't know what the money is not enough or it's never going to be enough because you have to take the action, the first action and see how it lead you somewhere further. Because I guarantee you if you paint for a little bit in a few days or a week, and usually it doesn't take that long already after the first or second action, you are going to get some ideas. And you might, from a piece of paper and a pen, you might decide who pens you might be a little bit better. And believe me, that's a progress. That's a progress. A pencil and a paper is a progress. After a pencil and a paper, you might say, whoa, wait a second. Maybe I campaign something that I see or maybe I can pay with something from imagination. This is already shown much further than you've ever been. But there is another problem. We hover thinking. What I've seen with a lot of people including myself, is something else. We don't only think we go and start preparing the perfect setup for painting. Or I'm going to research for days and weeks what Ken was I have to have in order to be the greatest painter in the world. Here's your canvas. Let's piece of paper, that's your Canvas. Don't go and research canvases from a shop because you are going to get confused because you'd have no idea even what kind of a painter you want to be. But you will reserve the canvases, you research the types of brushes you can buy. But while you're doing that, somebody else's painting and becoming a painter. And you're becoming an imaginary painter. You don't want to be an imaginary paint and you don't want to be imaginary anything, you want to be that person. I've had that a lot of times myself with videos as well. I was I was searching for a good setup. Dan wanted, you know, I wanted to have the perfect lighting, the perfect setup, the perfect camera, the perfect this and that. But I realized that I actually had no videos. Well, if I wanted to make videos for you and I didn't put the camera and sit in front of the camera and record this video. Wasn't going to have any video. And right now I don't have the perfect setup, but step-by-step, I'm figuring out the setup. I realize it's something secondary. And that's the mistake we make. We, we, we start thinking about ridiculous things that of course are connected more or less to what we want to do. But there's something secondary. The main thing is you doing something about what you want to do. If you want to make videos, you make videos, you might throw them in the bill. That's okay. But you make videos. You want to be a painter, and after that you throw the piece of paper in the garbage. That's also okay. But you're being a painter or you're taking steps toward being a painter, you want to be a sportsman in new ran outside and you have no freaking idea how running is going to make your sportsman, since you don't even know if you want to be a tennis player or football player or basketball player. I don't care because you're getting fit. And with being fit is going to come the ambition and wished to do something else. You have to act and action is always going to get you further. It's like if I want to go from my neighborhood to the other neighborhood, I can't possibly know what exactly is going to happen while I'm walking. The only way for me to find out what's happening two blocks away is to move the two blocks away further. I can go and Google Maps, I can plan my trip, but but I can do so far without actually taking action. If i take action, I'm going to discover something I hadn't known before. Listen, The best way for you to believe what I say, because you don't have to believe. I want you to try and you will come back and use it. That's really works. I'm saying this not because I made it up, because I tried it and failed. And so what works and what doesn't then communicate with a lot of people? And I see the same pattern. Just try it. If you don't believe right now that if you go and do the simplest action in the world, if you take the simplest step in the world towards your dream, you will see that that is going to lead you somewhere. I guarantee you that there is only one condition here. You can do it once and give up. You don't have to do it months. I also guarantee you that you'll get ideas sooner than months, for sure. Doing a couple of weeks, do it for two weeks. Every single they do something and you will see that you will know something more that you hadn't known before, I guarantee you. So that's the only thing. If you want to believe and understand what I'm saying here is you have to try it with anything. It's like that. That's again action, right? Where you're watching video, you're learning something, but it's going to go away if you don't do anything about it. So if you do something right now and if you take action and you have to be consistent, that's the condition. You have to be consistent with anything you do. If you want to get fat, you have to eat for longtime bed pueden, you'll get fat. You will not get that from one day in Nevada, right? So it's with everything that's positive is the same because getting ferrous, absolutely ridiculous, but it's the best example. If you get, you get wet when it's over long period of time, right? It's not possible no matter how much you eat today, you're not going to get that. I guarantee you that as well. And I'm sure you believe that. Now the same is with action. Action alone is not enough because I've done things for a couple of days. And surprise, surprise didn't achieve anything after a couple of days. It just doesn't work. It's ridiculous. It's another topic that I can talk about why that happens in while we are actually not consistent, but, but consistency means in the base of everything. So whatever you choose, they, and here's another thing. If don't worry, you will know what type of action to take. Let's say that very often when we get ideas, we're really unclear about how we're going to get there. We really confused everything is very vague, is just an inspiring idea in our head and we just want so badly to get to it. And I think being vague about it is the most natural thing there. You have to understand that nobody is clear before they get moving. So being vague except that it's going to be paying. But understand one thing. If you ask yourself the question, you're completely vague about it. You have no idea what to do. If you just sit down immediately and write down, think about a few steps you can write down. You will have at least one. You'll have at least one. Any subject, any subject I can think about. I can do right now immediately one step, no matter how confused I am, like a measured with sports like I mentioned with the painter. It's so simple. We have just refusing to do it. And we are refusing to do it because we don't see the connection between a piece of paper and pencil and being a painter. It's, yeah, the distance is very, the gap is very large. That's true. But if you're not willing to take that piece of paper and sketch something, you're not going to shorten the Distance. So being very, being unclear is very painful, is brilliant applies, but there is no other option. There is simply no other option. I'm trying to think about our examples, but I think that's so clear I, you, anything, anything, anything you want to do is going to be the same way. Anyway, let's, let's conclude this video because I think that's quite clear. If you have any questions you ask me and I'm definitely going to answer you. Anything that's bothering you, anything that's not clear. I'm going to answer just in the project section we can upload something. Feel free to do that. Let's conclude you have an idea. You're not clear. Doesn't matter. Don't go down the road to thinking. Just sit down, write down one or two steps. You can take. Just even one step, make it that's important. Right down one step. We can take, take that step and see what happens. That's the video about, it's that simple. So any action you take is going to lead you further. Doesn't matter where it's going to be further. Remember that? So take action. For me. Recording this video was a great, great pleasure. I hope that you enjoyed watching. And remember, you benefit from the video only if you actually do something. If you just watch the video and then you go and watch the next video, that's not going to work. That's never going to work. You have to do something. So thanks for watching. See you next time.