Wedding Season: Advent calendar for the bride | Steph Griffiths | Skillshare

Wedding Season: Advent calendar for the bride

Steph Griffiths, Dr In Training, craft dilettante

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    • What you will need

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    • Organising & Labelling

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About This Class

Ever wanted to give a special bride a special gift but not quite sure what to do?

In this class I will take you through some simple steps about how to create a "Wedding advent calendar" for the special bride in your life. These special gifts are so bespoke and personable the bride in your life will be very appreciative of the time and effort put into making this box.

Some of the items in the box I will be holding separate Skillshare classes on how to DIY certain items yourself so keep your eyes peeled! 





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Steph Griffiths

Dr In Training, craft dilettante

Hello, I'm Steph.


I am a graduate medical student from England, UK. I am a self-taught crafter and avid DIY enthusiast when I am not studying in class!

I use my platform to share my love of all things craft, however random they may be.


Please join me for short, fun and imaginative classes here on skillshare. 


I appreciate your support and feedback immensely! 

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