Wedding Photography: Composition, Portraits & Posing

Teppo Haapoja, Photography & Filmmaking Courses

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12 Videos (22m)
    • How to Nail Portraits: Introduction

    • How to Nail Portraits: Preparation

    • How to Nail Portraits: Location Scouting

    • How to Nail Portraits: Introduction to Composition

    • How to Nail Portraits: Rule of Thirds

    • How to Nail Portraits: Framing

    • How to Nail Portraits: Leading Lines

    • How to Nail Portraits: Symmetry

    • How to Nail Portraits: Exposure

    • How to Nail Portraits: Preparation for Posing

    • How to Nail Portraits: Natural Posing

    • How to Nail Portraits: Conclusion

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About This Class

In this class we are going to learn how to nail wedding portraits. We all know that time of the day when were a little bit nervous, and stressed as to how the portrait session is going to go. In this class, we will learn how to prepare beforehand, things to think about during the session composition and posing wise. I am confident that after this class, you will be better equipped to nail your portrait session.

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I think the presenter and this course nailed it. I am a photographer by trade and use to do a lot of weddings many years ago. So after many years out of the industry I am looking at getting back into it and wanted to see what changes I needed to make to my style and thinking around wedding photography. Everything he talks about is spot on and presented in a short, friendly and very easy/relaxed manner to view. This was really helpful and in general a great refresher for me taking up wedding photography again. If you are looking at getting into the wedding photography from scratch, then this will benefit your actual shots and manner in working with the couple hugely. I would have loved to hear his approach to the business and dealings beforehand and afterwards with the couples in terms of "the business" side of things as well. I am sure he has some valuable things to say about this. Thank you for this, I really enjoyed it and found it very, very helpful.
Great class!





Teppo Haapoja

Photography & Filmmaking Courses

Wedding photographer & cinematographer who has had the privilege of travelling all around the world capturing amazing couples, with the most amazing weddings.

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