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Wedding Guide: Expert Planning Tips for Your Wedding Day

teacher avatar Alli Bartlett, Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

36 Lessons (2h 25m)
    • 1. Promo

    • 2. Lecture 1 About Your Instructor & 5 Tips

    • 3. Lecture 2 10 Things to Discuss with Your Fiancee

    • 4. Lecture 3 Before You Pick Your Bridal Party

    • 5. Lecture 4 Bridal Parties Duties

    • 6. Lecture 5 How to Get I Do's From Your Bridal Party

    • 7. Lecture 6 How to Choose the Right Maid of Honor

    • 8. Lecture 7 The Best Man

    • 9. Lecture 8 The Rest of the Team

    • 10. Lecture 9 Bridal Party Attire

    • 11. Lecture 10 Indoor or Outdoor

    • 12. Lecture 11 Before You Hand Over Your Non Refundable Deposit

    • 13. Lecture 12 Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Reception

    • 14. Lecture 13 Your Wedding Dress

    • 15. Lecture 14 Engagement Party or Stag and Doe

    • 16. Lecture 15 Picking a Wedding Theme

    • 17. Lecture 16 Registering for Gifts

    • 18. Lecture 17 Save the Date

    • 19. Lecture 18 Wedding Favors & DIY's

    • 20. Lecture 19 Making Sure Your Guests Have Great Time

    • 21. Lecture 20 How to Deliver Great Vows, Speeches & Readings

    • 22. Lecture 21 Reveal and First Dance

    • 23. Lecture 22 How to Pick an Awesome Photo:Video Team and Save $

    • 24. Lecture 23 Fun Engagement Photos & Video

    • 25. Lecture 24 Flowers and Decor

    • 26. Lecture 25 Band or DJ

    • 27. Lecture 26 Cake Vendor

    • 28. Lecture 27 Hair and MU

    • 29. Lecture 28 Getting Around on Your Wedding Day

    • 30. Lecture 29 List of What to expect on wedding

    • 31. Lecture 30 Wedding License and Bands

    • 32. Lecture 31 One Month Before Wedding Timeline

    • 33. Lecture 32 Your Emergency Kit

    • 34. Lecture 33 Honeymoon

    • 35. Lecture 33 On the Big Day

    • 36. Lecture 34 Conclusion

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About This Class

This course will teach you everything you need to know to have the best wedding planning experience ever & save thousands of dollars in the process! I've planned & filmed more than 100 weddings & I'm excited to share with you, how to get the best services from the companies you hire, for the lowest prices! I've spent over 3000 hours working in weddings, researching, & putting it into action to teach you how to have a great wedding experience from engagement to honeymoon!

Even if you only save $1000 from applying the knowledge you received from enrolling in this course, you'll still save $950 on your wedding after the course cost!

Enrol now to save yourself tons of time, money & stress so that you can have the best wedding ever!

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Alli Bartlett

Filmmaker. Youtuber. Business Owner


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1. Promo: Hi and congratulations on getting engaged or knowing someone that iss my name's alley and I love weddings and everything that goes into the planning of a wedding. I've spent the past 12 months researching and preparing this course to help you maximize your budget to plan and have the best wedding ever. As a videographer, I've shot over 100 weddings and have connected with the best and the most honest vendors in this industry all to create this course for you and save you time and money on your own wedding from experience and research. I can show you how a bride to be can have a perfect wedding, what she needs to know and think about where she can save money and where vendors try to take advantage. You'll learn the questions to ask to ensure you get the best of everything for the most important day of your life, and I'll prepare you for every moment and event involved in the planning of your wedding. So you have everything you need to have to have the best wedding ever. This course will be helpful to anyone who just got engaged, and it's not inclusive to any one religion. If we're ready to learn everything you need to know to have the best wedding ever, and I'll see you in the course. 2. Lecture 1 About Your Instructor & 5 Tips: Welcome to our video course and congratulations on your engagement. My name's Alley Saunders and I've been researching and preparing this video course. For the last 12 months, my career and passion has been in weddings, and I filmed over 100 of them. I've also planned weddings with friends Bannon, maid of honor and form close friendships with many of the bride's I filmed. That's a little bit about me. So now let's talk about you. You've probably never done this before. Planned a wedding, gotten married. So how are you supposed to know how to have the best day of your life? Ensure your guests are having an awesome time and save money on what will be one of the most expensive days of your life if you've never done it before. I've heard of too many friends of friends getting taken advantage of because they didn't know what to expect or the right questions to ask. And I've seen brides stress like crazy and be disappointed with aspects of their wedding. And that drives me nuts because this is supposed to be the most magical, amazing, memorable day of your life, and this video, Siri's can help ensure it really will be a special and amazing as you've always dreamed it can be. I'm super excited to share with you everything you need to know to have the best wedding planning, experience and wedding possible. Now, here are five important things to keep in mind as we go through your wedding planning journey number one being an indecisive bride to be is just as bad as being a Bridezilla. Remember that this is your day And because it's your day, everyone expects the day and the planning to be about you. People will be waiting for you to tell them what you'd like them to attend. How involved you'd like them to be, what you want them to wear and so on. Being too easy going isn't going to work when it comes to your wedding. If you tell your bride's maid, I really don't mind what style dress you where I just want you to be comfortable. You're gonna get a lot of Well, I know you're getting married in winter, but I don't really look at the long dresses. And since you don't mind, I think I'm gonna wear a short dress. I've seen this happen to brides. They think they're being nice, and they end up getting taken advantage of by the people that are supposed to love them the most. Make it easy on you and the people involved in your wedding and be decisive. This will save you a lot of time and stress number two delegate tasks, especially to your bridal party. They're on your team through all of this for a reason. Consider their strengths and things they like to dio and ask them to help you with making centerpieces or researching florists and anything else you need, because that's what their therefore they care about you and will want to be included and feel like they matter and could be useful for the prep of your big day. Number. Three. Ask every single vendor you interview what the best possible price they can do for you is, and then after they tell it to you, ask them if they could go a few $100 cheaper if you write them. A positive testimonial or review vendors depends hugely on Google and Facebook reviews, and in my opinion, a great review from a client is priceless. And if a vendor knows you plan to review them over the Web, they'll be even more likely to go above and beyond to impress you and keep you happy. Number four. Be realistic with expectations when it comes to what you expect from your maid of honor, fiancee's involvement, planning, bridal party parents and so on. I have seen some brides expect their fiancees to be involved in every aspect of wedding planning on Lee. To be disappointed six months in when they realize their hubby to be isn't as into talking about flower arrangements as they're being realistic sets you up for successful planning and pleasant surprises. If the people involved in your wedding planning go out of their way to do more and number five D, I wise, if you're gonna do some of the do it yourself projects on your own to add a personal touch to your wedding and save some money, start them early. If you think it will take you one week to do them, give yourself two weeks, especially if you've never made these DEA wise before, because you'll likely have to do some troubleshooting. I made invites to a bridal party once I bought special overly priced paper, cute little flower things to glue on the invitations. And then I couldn't print on the paper using my regular home printer because it couldn't handle that type of paper. What I thought would take a few hours took several days worth of figuring out. So if you have to make invites or wedding favors for over 100 guests, well, you'll need time. Help. I'm free planning to do it. Here are five tips to help you stay saying throughout your wedding planning journey. Be decisive. Delegate tasks. Ask all vendors for discounts, have realistic expectations and start your d I wise early. We've got a lot to cover in time's ticking, so let's get started. 3. Lecture 2 10 Things to Discuss with Your Fiancee: Now that you've said yes, it's time to discuss a few things with your Mr. Before you start planning appointments to check out venues and looking for your wedding dress. Have a discussion, including thes topics to determine where you and your fiancee's priorities are. How soon do you want to get married? Do you want to get married in a year from now? And is this realistic? Or do you want to get married in two years from now, when you have a little more money saved up and more planning time? Are you willing to get married on a Friday or Sunday? If you get married on a Friday or Sunday, you'll likely be able to save money on the venue cost because Saturdays are the most popular day to get married. Keep in mind, though, if you get married on a Friday, guests may not be able to take off time from work toe. Attend your ceremony. And if you get married on the Sunday guess probably won't be partying all night at the reception because they'll have to wake up early for work the next day. What time of year or season would you be happiest getting married in often, brides will say, Well, I want to get married in the summer but they don't think at all about what goes into a summer wedding. Consider the temperature around this time of year will be boiling hot, which means you'll be sweating and have to provide bottles of water to your guest during the ideas. Will it be autumn, where at least in most parts of North America, the fall colors are beautiful oranges and reds, but it also starts to get pretty chilly. Think about both you and your fiancee's professions and which season works best with your schedules and your lives. In Canada, the most popular seasons get married in is the summer season. Because it's warm, people are happier. Flowers are blooming. But if the summer is the most popular season to get married in this means, all of your vendors will have higher prices because they can. If you're trying to keep your budget on the lower end, consider getting married in the offseason. Venues will usually offer off season discounts, and vendors will be more willing to come down on their prices because likely they'll need the work. Do you want an indoor or an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor weddings are great and beautiful, and a lot of couples choose outdoor wedding ceremonies. But consider the unknown weather factor and how much this will affect you up until your wedding day. Indoor ceremonies obviously eliminate the weather factor, lighting and noise or controlled, and everyone will feel comfortable with the temperature as long as the venue has a seer heat. But depending on the size of the venue, you may be limited on how many people can the tender ceremony. And sometimes in churches they put ceremonies back to back. Do you have, let's say, an hour allotted to your ceremony. Then you've got to get out of there because another weddings taking place right after yours . If either of your religious what sort of ceremony and traditions are important to you or your family that you'd like to include in your wedding? Sometimes couples of different religious backgrounds will do double ceremonies. Some couples will find it easy to incorporate both religious traditions, while others may have toe really prioritize and think not Onley about what they want, but what their parents want. So discussed this with your groom to be sooner than later, so you can both decide on which traditions you like and which traditions you probably don't need to include in your special day. And remember, especially if either of your families will be paying for part of your wedding. Their opinions will definitely need to be considered when deciding on traditions. Talk to your fiance about If there's a particular theme you'd like to go with for your wedding. Do the two of you like the rustic nature look, or do you prefer classic and timeless? We'll discuss themes later on. Well, consider going with a theme because it can make planning way easier and really reflect and carry the feel of you as a couple. Talk to your fiancee and figure out What's the budget for your wedding? Are you looking to go cheap and very practical and spend under 10 grand, which can be done? It's hard, but it can be done. Or are you looking to book and nice venue? Have the typical bells and whistles that come along with the wedding and spend around was typical in Toronto to be 25 to 50 grand. The average cost of a wedding in Canada in 2015 was $33,000 in America was $26,000. If these numbers haven't freak you out, great if you almost fell off your chair, well, we'll be discussing where and how you can save some money. But know that if you wanna have photo video flowers to core fancy cake and so on that this is a standard cost for all of those things. Do you have any money set aside, or can you come up with a plan to put $1000 away each month that can go towards your wedding? Although this may be an awkward conversation, have a discussion with both of your parents or families about whether or not they'll be contributing anything to your wedding budget. It's better to have this discussion early on. Mento wait around hoping we'll give you some money towards your big day because if you assume they're going Teoh and then they don't you'll be put in a much tougher financial situation. Also, keep in mind if they are contributing to paying for some of your special day. This often comes with the unspoken rule that they get to invites a certain amount of guests and have a say on most of the decisions that you make for your wedding day. It was once a tradition in many parts of the world that the bride's parents would pay for the wedding. This isn't the case anymore. Both parents, if financially able to, will usually contribute to the wedding cost. Nowadays with your fiance, create a guest list so you have a rough idea of how many people are going to be coming to your wedding or at least be invited to your wedding. You'll probably have a way higher number than you expect. Having an idea of your guest count is necessary when choosing your venue, which is one of the first big decisions you'll need to make. Also decide. If you're allowing Children and babies at the wedding, I'd suggest no kids or babies. This way. Your guests will actually have the night off and be able to enjoy themselves at your wedding and reception. Let loose a little bit, and no babies means no crying and screaming during the ceremony or speeches. If you choose to include kids at your wedding, let the individuals who are your allowing toe have their kids there? No, and try to limit the amount of wee ones that you are having your wedding. Basically, don't let everybody bring their kids, maybe just your closest friends and family before you make any big decisions. It's good for you and your fiance to write down the must haves for your wedding, the things that aren't negotiable and the things that you're willing to sway on. Perhaps it's really important to you to get married in the fall, and that's non negotiable. Whether it's a year from now or three years from now, that's something you should agree on before you start checking out venues with your parents and having them give their input. My non negotiables would be get married in the fall, have a dessert table, get married within a year, have abandoned the wedding, have chandeliers or twinkle lights. As of the core, my negotiables would be how many guests we invite whether or not we have a cake, the budget for flowers and what kind of party favors we're gonna give our guests writing down the non negotiables and the negotiables will make your decision making process much easier and help you remain firm on the things you want and help you be aware of what you're OK to give up on or be open to changing the 10 topics you must discuss with your fiancee in the early stages of your wedding. Planning our How soon do you want to get married? Should we get married on a Friday or a Sunday to potentially save some money on the venue? What season should we get married in what religious traditions should we incorporate into our ceremony and our wedding? Do you want an indoor or an outdoor ceremony? What wedding theme should we go with? Are we allowing kids and babies? What's our budget? Are our parents contributing to the budget? And lastly, write a list of your must halfs and your negotiables. 4. Lecture 3 Before You Pick Your Bridal Party: Determining who you like in your bridal party is usually one of the first decisions you make after you get engaged. Picking your bridal party in the early stages of planning your wedding isn't 100% necessary , but is definitely nice to do because then you have your team that will be there to support you from the get go. You're probably really excited to ask your friends and family to be in your bridal party, and you should be because these are the people that you'll be spending a ton of time with. Let's say it's your best friend, your sister and your fiance sister. Now consider who else you'd like to add. Maybe a few girlfriends from work. A cousin. You'll need to determine how many brooms manure groom to be will have, because usually your bridal party will have the same number of brides meats as there will be groomsmen. But having an equal number of bridesmaids and groomsmen isn't a rule, so if you find it hard to get equal number, both change it up a bit and have an uneven number. You need to prioritize what I mean by this is right. A list of who you who you want in your bridal party. Then write a list of the people your parents groom, Toe B's parents and groom will want you to have in your bridal party for the people, like your fiance sister, who he adores because he has to is related to her. But you find really annoying. Well, this is someone you really should consider asking to be a bridesmaid anyway, because for the rest of your lives, she will be your husband. Sister, The last thing you want is to be hearing about how you didn't ask her and how hurt she was about it 10 years from now. Plus, your husband to be will probably have your brother or your guy cousin in his bridal party friends that you're close with today but may not even know in five years. These are the people that are still definitely okay to include in your bridal party because they're obviously close to you now for a reason. But if your groom has a small number of guys, he'd like to ask to be his groomsmen. It's okay to cut these potentially short term friends from your bridal party so that you have a smaller number of brides mates. Plus, you can still invite these ladies to your engagement party showers and so on. My rule is if they may not be in your life five years from now, they're cut. If they will be in your life five years from now, keep him in the bridal party. And remember the people you asked to be in your bridal party or the team you're choosing to spend. The entire wedding planning process and all of the special moments with, if they're cheap or their complainers are not easy to get along with. If they'll cause a lot of problems and make everything about themselves, which sadly, does happen. Consider this and choose your bridal party wisely. My one big suggestion here is less is more. Try to keep your bridal party to around 3 to 5 people. When you have more than 3 to 5 people on each side, it becomes very hard to deal with that many opinions, schedules, money restrictions, dress and suit sizes, colors, gifts and so on. And you don't have to have someone in your bridal party just because they had you. And there's Fendt realistic expectations for yourself and your bridesmaids from the get go . When asking them to be a part of your bridal party, let them know what being your bridesmaid will include if you expect them to beat all the parties go to all the dress searches and so one. I've seen too many brides, set unrealistic expectations and then feel really hurt or stressed out that a few of their brides maids aren't showing up for get. Togethers are aren't being involved like the bride had hoped they would be, because the bride never told them what she expected. Communication in the early stages helps prevent this from happening. Also on a side note, it's a major bonus if you have someone in your bridal party whose crafty because this can save you tons of money on invitations, centerpieces and wedding games. Choosing your bridal party team. Remember, you don't have tohave an equal number of guys and gals. Write a list of who you want in your bridal party. Who else do you need to include in your bridal party? Consider cutting people you won't know in five years from now. Remember, less is more so. Aim for around 3 to 5 brides mates, And you don't have to include someone in your bridal party just because they had you in theirs. Communicate with your bridal party about your expectations from the get go, and it's a bonus if someone in your bridal parties crafty. 5. Lecture 4 Bridal Parties Duties: Here's what you can expect and should expect from your bridesmaids and your groomsmen. And remember, you don't need to ask someone to be in your bridal party just because they ask you. You can consider other rules. Thes people can play within your wedding so they still feel important and have some special responsibilities, like coming a check of the flowers for the wedding or being the emcee. Typical bridal party responsibilities include going to and trying on bridesmaids dresses and suits and paying for their own attire and accessories. Attending bridal showers Dagon does engagement parties, bachelor or bachelorette parties paying for a portion of the bachelor bachelorette party being there to help out, with any tasks better taking place before and during the wedding. Brides Maids will pay for their hair and makeup to be done on the wedding day, although sometimes the bride will treat the bridal party to this. And that's a really nice gift at your ceremony. Your bridal party will walk down. The aisle usually is a pair, so one bridesmaid with one groomsman before the maid of honor investment and walk in, and then you and your fiance walk in after your bridal party will help dance their way into the reception hall right before you and your husband are introduced. They're the people who make sure the energy is up and finally your wedding. They start dance and their faces off and having a great time at the reception to encourage the other guest to do so as well. Your bridal teams responsibilities and duties include going to try on bridal party attire and paying for it, attending wedding parties, helping with tasks before enduring the wedding. They'll enter the ceremony and reception hall before you. They'll keep the energy up and fun at your reception. 6. Lecture 5 How to Get I Do's From Your Bridal Party: There are lots of buns, weight and memorable ways to ask your bridal party. You can simply ask them, which is super easy and free. But I'm gonna give you a few of my favorite ways to get some ideas from the people who mean the most to you. Ah, handwritten letter is always nice, but if you're like me and your writings so messy that you can't even read it after you read it, you can always type of something in a word document. Or if you have blue shop and have some photo shop skills, you can put something together there. If you don't mind spending a little extra money to make this experience really special, you can order customizable shirts online that, say, the bridesmaids name on front and, for example, Amy's bridal party on the back. I use etc dot com to create my customizable wedding shirts because there are tons of different price points and designers to choose from. But you can also find local stores that will help stencil or put words on a short for you. You can also give your bridesmaids to be a tote bag that says Bridesmaid on it and let them know that you wanted to give this to them. So for every event leading up to the wedding and on the wedding day, they can pack all the accessories in it if you're on a budget, then scrapped the shirt and bag idea and give your bridesmaids a pin that says Bridesmaid on it that you get from any accessory store jewelry store. Tell them to keep it handy for all the events happening throughout the year. Asking your bridal party to be your bridal party is lots of fun, and it's really exciting. So good luck choosing how to get some I do's from your bridal party. You can save some money and simply just asked them to be in your bridal party. It's really nice to write a sweet letter or card. You can make customizable shirts or bags for them, and if you want to do something cute and save some money, you can give them a bridal party pin and remind them to keep it with them. For all of the events that you'll be doing throughout the year, 7. Lecture 6 How to Choose the Right Maid of Honor: Let's look at the responsibilities and fair expectations of your right hand woman, your maid of honor and how to choose the right native honor. When it comes down to this tough decision, choose the person who will be there for you, the person who will know when to tell you the truth about how you look in that dress and when to tell you what you need to hear. Your maid of honor needs to be supportive. This means that when you feel anxious or nervous, or you just need to talk or go for a drive, she'll be there to help you with whatever you need. She needs toe have your best intentions in mind. Always. This means she needs to know when she can tell you she really hates the dress you wanted aware, but also be mindful that it isn't about her. If she can't stand one of your friends, she needs to be able to get over that. For your sake. Your maid of honor needs to be able and ready to put anyone in check. She needs to speak up and be tough with people who are being selfish or pains in the butt she needs to be ready to deal with conflict with the bridal party or vendors to make sure you are dealing with more than you need. Teoh she needs to be organized, and you need to feel you can trust her to be responsible for what you asked for. She needs to keep the bridal team motivated when it comes to the parties, the special plans she needs to realize that you're stressed and your Bridezilla spasms aren't a reflection of who you really are and be able to realize. But you've never planned a wedding before, so you may be a bit more irritable and snappy, and she needs to be able to communicate with you effectively when you're not being the most pleasant person in the world and also be ableto let it go because she loves you. She needs to be ready to attend appointments you may have with vendors so she can help you with any decisions you might have and be there to ask any tough questions. Obviously, she needs to go bridesmaid dress shopping with you and make sure the other bridesmaids aren't complaining to you that this color doesn't work with my skin tone or I want a short dress so my legs don't look stubby. She needs to keep those girls in line so you don't have to deal with the silly demands. Also, the maid of honor typically will pay for her own dress and accessories, although sometimes you is the bride. Or your parents will offer to pay for part of the bridesmaidsdresses if the dresses air over a certain amount or the offer to pay for the alterations, Sometimes your maid of honor will plan your bridal party. Sometimes your mom or another bridesmaid will to. Usually you'll end up having about three or four of them. Your maid of honor will plan your bachelorette party and work with your bridesmaids to cover costs. Have a discussion with the maid of honor about who you'd like her to invite to your bachelor party, your bridal party and so on. On the bachelorette party. Note. Make sure you let your maid of honor know what you like and don't like. It's actually common. That maid of honor's will think it's funny to hire strippers for a bachelor party. So if this is something you don't want, make that clear. If you want a relaxing evening? Make that known because your maid of honor is going to be spending a lot of time and money planning this night out free Dio and she'll want to make sure it's perfect. She knows you well, Guess, but if there are specific things you would love or hate, let her know. Some bachelorette party ideas are doing something kind of fun, like a pole dancing class going away for a spall weekend, going dancing online, going to a concert if you like. Surprises leave the plan and completely up to her. But it's good to give a few subtle hints, and they're usually welcomed. Ask yourself these questions to determine if she's the right maid of honor for you. Is she supportive? And will she be there for you? Will she have your best intentions in mind? Always. Will she keep your energy up during your wedding planning? Will she keep the other bridesmaids in check? Is she organized and responsible? Will she communicate with you effectively? Will she be understanding of any Bridezilla spasms? Will she be there to attend vendor meetings with you? Well, should be up for planning you an awesome bachelorette party on your wedding day. Your maid of honor needs to be with you in the morning for prep. While you, her and the rest of the bridal party you're getting ready. Your maid of honor's usually the person to put your veil on or do up your dress. She needs to keep an eye on your wedding dress all day to make sure it isn't getting trampled on or dirty. Your maid of honor signs the wedding certificate at your wedding. She gives a speech at the wedding, which, yes, you will probably have to tell her she needs to do this. She needs to know every single important person to you and your groom and let the photo and video team no to get coverage of, Um, your maid of honor needs to know where the washrooms are, your venue, where the bridal suite is pretty much where everything at the venue is happening because she'll be the person everyone is going to be asking questions to regarding your wedding. And her cell number needs to be provided to most of these vendors to she needs toe, have her cellphone charged and on vibrate. So if anyone needs to ask her things like, Where's the bride right now? Or how do I get to the photo shoot location? She's available to answer those questions. She basically has to be ready to handle any stressful situation on the day of the wedding so that you can be a stress free as possible. Your maid of honor should always be by your side to make sure you're feeling good and happy on your wedding day, and that anything you need is available right away and to help you if you need to go washroom or so button or let you know if you've got something in your teeth, she needs to attend the rehearsal dinner. She should have an emergency kit of things like the older and safety pins. So encampments rather than gum because you don't wanna have candid photos of you chewing something. Hair spray, clear tape, scissors, tampons, a lint roller, white chalk to cover up smudges on your wedding dress. Extra phone chargers tissues, baby powder for those greasy hair moments and Q tips. Go on the coffee, date with her and discuss why we're so glad she said Yes, what your expectations are and if she has any ideas or thoughts about your wedding day. Being a maid of honor is truly an honor, but it's also a lot of responsibility, and communicating at the beginning will ensure she knows everything she needs to do. Your maid of Honor's duties are she needs to be with you on the morning of your wedding for prep. She needs to help you put your dress and your veil on. She makes sure your wedding dress states clean throughout the day. She signs the wedding certificate at your ceremony. Often a maid of honor will say a speech at the reception she eats. So let the photo and video team know who the important people at your wedding are. She needs to attend the rehearsal dinner. Vendors will need to have her cell phone number, and she'll need tohave herself. One charged, and she needs to be by your side all day and deal with any issues that might come up 8. Lecture 7 The Best Man: Now let's look at the responsibilities of your fiancee's best man. And remember, he may need a bit of direction from you or your fiance, especially if this is his first time being a best man. He needs to pick a guy loves, but also someone who's responsible. The best man needs Teoh. Have your fiance's best intentions in mind. Be excited to be involved, be tough and ready to deal with conflict with the bridal party. Keep the groomsmen motivated, which means he also needs to be getting them up and pumped on the dance floor on the day of your wedding to get the party started at the reception going wedding suit, shopping with the rest of the groomsmen, picking out a suit and paying for his own suit and a tire, keeping the bridal party in check so they aren't getting too rowdy during appointments or on the day of the wedding, planning the bachelor party and paying for some of it attending the rehearsal dinner. And on the day of the wedding, the best man should be there with a groom getting ready in the morning. The best man should have a cellphone charged and on vibrate. So if anyone needs to ask anything, like, where's the groom? Or again? How do I get to the photo shoot location? He's ready to answer. He needs to have a schedule on hand of the day. Just like the maid of honor. He needs to hold the wedding rings. If there isn't ring bearer, the best men will sign the wedding certificate. At the ceremony, he'll give a speech of the wedding again. You should probably let him know that he needs to do that. Your best man needs to make the first toast at the reception. It should probably let him know that, and your best man needs to be able to get everyone pumped up and dancing at the reception to get the party started. The best man's duties. He'll go groomsmen. Suit shopping. He'll pay for his suit. Keep the bridal party from getting too rowdy, attend the rehearsal dinner plan and pay for part of the bachelor party. He'll get ready in the morning of the wedding with the groom, he'll hold the wedding bands. If there isn't a ring bearer, sign the wedding certificate at the ceremony, give a speech and first toast at the reception and get the party started at the reception 9. Lecture 8 The Rest of the Team: your and your fiancee's parents will probably be dishing out some money to pay for part of the wedding. They'll help with a guest list. Your mom and sometimes your groom's mom should be there when you try on your wedding dresses. Sometimes your parents will hold a bridal shower or engagement party for you and pay for it . Your and or your groom's. Parents typically pay for the rehearsal dinner. The groom's parents usually walk him down the aisle. The ceremony. Your father will typically walk you down the aisle. The ceremony to give you away your mom at bridal showers at engagement parties and on the wedding day will keep know of the gifts that have received. So you know who to send. Thank you cards. Dio Your mom usually brings the guest signing book to the reception keeps track of it, keeps a hold of it until after the honeymoon for you. Each set of parents will also make a speech. The father of the bride dances with you at the reception and the mother of the groom dances with the groom. Each set of parents are announced by the emcee and typically walk or dance into the reception home right before your bridal party does your mother gathers all the gifts and holds them until after your honeymoon. The parents duties. Typically, parents will offer to pay for part of the wedding. Parents will help with creating the guest list. The moms will check out wedding dresses with you. Sometimes they'll have an engagement party or bridal shower for you. Usually they pay for the rehearsal dinner. Your fiancee's parents will walk him down the aisle at the ceremony. Your father will walk you down the aisle. Your mom will keep track of gifts received so that you can send out thank you cards. Both sets of parents give speeches at the reception, and your father dances with you for the father daughter dance, and the groom's mom will dance with the groom for the mother. Sundance, the parents of the ring bearer or the flower girl usually pay for their attire and alterations. The flower girl should have flower petals to throw as she walks down the aisle, and the ring bearer should be provided with a pillow or box to hold the rings. Ring bears and flower girls aren't a must, but if there are young ones at your wedding. This could be a really cute way and really special way that they can experience your wedding with you. If you do have a kid is a ring bearer really cute to have them wear a sign that says something like It's too late to run because here she comes. Or here comes the bride as he walks down the aisle at the ceremony before you, the flower girl in the ring bearer, their parents will pay for their attire. Flower petals must be provided to the flower girl for the ceremony. Ah, box or pillow needs to be provided to the ring bearer. Consider doing something cute, like having the ring bearer wear a sign that says, Here comes the bride as he walks down the aisle of the ceremony. 10. Lecture 9 Bridal Party Attire: Let's talk about your bridesmaids dresses and your groomsmen suits. All right, Bridesmaidsdresses. So first you need to be decisive here. You need to stick with your decisions, because if you don't trust me, I've experienced it several times. It will be chaotic if you are willing to let some of your bridesmaids where long dresses somewhere short and you want them to actually be in a few different styles and color palettes that go together. Stick with this and make sure you stick with it when you tell them. Because if you're really easy peasy about it, they will try anything and everything to find the perfect dress for them and not consider how it will fit into the theme and the day of your wedding. When you're picking colors, consider what time of year it will be, what your decor will look like and what kind of colors you'd like to have in your flower arrangement. You can choose to have a few different styles, like I mentioned, or you can choose to have your bridesmaids were all the same. Dress is one thing to keep in mind. Yes, most brides will go with the strapless dresses for bridesmaids. But doing this in a lot of the photos, and throughout the whole day, the bridesmaids were gonna be yanking up their dresses. Just that's something to keep in mind. Also considered the price point, because usually your bridesmaids and your maid of honor or buying their own dresses, I'd say don't have them spend more than around $200 because they're gonna also be spending a lot of money on a lot of other areas of your wedding. Be sure to ask the dress store that you're considering getting them from. If they do free alterations when dresses need to be purchased by what other colors that come in and what sizes and shapes will go best with with most girls and what dresses will go with different size and shape women. So if you're getting married in the summer, pastel colors air Really nice bright colors like a bright pink or a teal or yellow If you're getting married in the winter and there's gonna be snow everywhere, that warm, rich colors like blue are a deep red or burgundy were really nice. Ultimately, look at the theme that you wanna have for your wedding. The color palettes that make you happiest and go from there. Usually, most groomsmen will rent their suits because they're not a sentimental as the bridesmaids, and it's more cost effective. There are some really cool custom suit designers, though, that can actually border the groom's name in his suit or special message in each of the groomsmen suits as the bride to be. It's also nice to check out the suits with the groom beforehand, especially if your husband to be isn't the most fashionable. Also, consider when picking suits what color you'd like them to be and how the look with your bridesmaids dresses When choosing your bridesmaids dresses. Be decisive about the color, the style and the length of the dress that you want your bridesmaids toe wear. You can pull color ideas from your bouquets. You can either have all your bridesmaids and your maid of honor wearing the same dress and color. Or you can have your maid of honor in a different dress. To stand out, you confined Bridesmaidsdresses for around $200. If the dresses air expensive for your girls, consider offering to pay for a portion of them or for the alterations This is a much appreciated gesture. Asked the store. If they do alterations for free and when you can schedule a bridesmaid's dress final fitting your groomsmen suits. Often the groomsmen will rent their suits. You can always have suits custom made as well. Consider the color of the suits and ties and how they look with the bridesmaids dress color . 11. Lecture 10 Indoor or Outdoor: before you decide on your marriage location on where it's taking place. Let's look at if you should have an indoor or an outdoor wedding. Do you see yourself getting married on the beach in a park with a forest as a backdrop or in a barn? A beautiful hotel, church or temple? Here are some of the good things about having an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies likely mean you'll be surrounded by luscious greenery with Mother Nature as your backdrop, which can create a really natural and stunning feel to your ceremony. Plus, saying I do outdoors on the gorgeous day equals beautiful photos and video content of your ceremony. If the weather's nice than your ceremony will be comfortable and enjoyable for you and for your guests. Nice breeze. Maybe the sound of the ocean waves in the background if it's slightly overcast, this means the natural lighting will create a really soft look with no harsh, ugly shadows on you or your husband's face. If it's super sunny and bright and you have the option to get married in a shaded area like a gazebo or under a tent, this too can prevent harsh, ugly shadows in your photos. When you have an outdoor ceremony, there's often more space to stand. Sit or spread out a bit so you can usually have more guests at your ceremony. Here are some other things to consider about having your ceremony outdoors. If you're a planner and getting stressed by the unknown and something that happens regularly, then having an outdoor wedding is unknown. Trust me. You'll be worrying until the day of the wedding about how the weather is gonna turn out. If it's too cool, you'll have a red running nose and be shivering during your ceremony. You and your gas will just want to get over and done with so you can get inside to the warmth. Consider the length of time your ceremony will be. It's only going to be around 20 minutes or so long. Then, despite the weather, it's manageable. If your ceremony is going to be 2 to 3 hours in length, consider that despite the weather being amazing or terrible, your guests may have toe walk far to get to the indoor washrooms. If you are set on having outdoor wedding, ask your venue. The following questions Are there heaters or tenting provided in case it gets cold. It's raining or its boiling hot. What other measures do you go to to make sure that my guests stay comfortable if the weather's really cold or really hot during my ceremony? If it is really hot, is there shading available for my guests and for the bride and groom? Is there any indoor backup options available Toe. Hold the ceremony in in case the weather is bad and if so, what costs are associated with this. And but this one really make sure you have a very clear understanding of what this means. Ah, friend of mine spent a lot of money to secure her outdoor venue for the ceremony with the additional option of having an indoor backup Six months before her wedding, she really became said, I'm thinking, You know what? I'm getting married in October. I think it's safer and less stressful to just use the backup indoor room rather than spending money, blankets for guests and having to buy extra decor for my outdoor wedding. So she let her when you know Hey, I've actually thought about it, and I prefer to go with the indoor backup option for the ceremony, and they told her, You can't make that call. We make that call the morning of your wedding. Now, before she had handed over the deposit check to them in the early on planning stages, they made it sound like switching from the outdoor venue to the indoor backup option was really easy peasy. But after about seven grand was given away as a non refundable deposit, this was no longer an easy option. Make sure you're very clear and have in writing everything the venues promised you. I cannot stress that enough. So make sure you ask, What if I originally decided on the outdoor option and then later the side that I prefer to have my wedding indoors? Can I change my mind and go with the interruption instead? Another question that's important to ask is, Are there going to be any changes or enhancements made before my wedding date to the location Wedding venues air often upgrading their gardens or their premises. And since you're getting married there, you wanna have an idea of what it will look like around the time you get married. So if changes will occur, ask your venue coordinator to describe them to you next. Very important question for outdoor ceremonies. How far away are the washrooms? Seriously, the sound small and kind of silly, but it's definitely good to know, especially for your older guests. Now let's look at having your ceremony indoors. The great thing about having an indoor ceremony is that this is a much more controlled environment control, lighting, controlled sound and more privacy. Usually, there will be washrooms, that air easily accessible if you have an indoor ceremony, as long as there's heating and air conditioning, the temperature oven indoor ceremony will be pleasant for you and your guests, and there were also likely be coat racks or co check available for guests, which is a plus. Whether isn't a factor when choosing Inder ceremony, which is nice because that's one less huge stress off your shoulders. If you're a tad bit of a control freak or a warrior, consider going with an indoor wedding. Here are some of the other things to consider about an indoor wedding. You don't get the nice nature we feel with an indoor wedding, obviously, unless, of course, you're two cores supernaturally, depending on the size of the ceremony room. You may only be able to fit a certain amount of guests into the room if you're leaning towards deciding on indoor ceremony, asked the venue. Thes questions. Is there heating and air conditioning is co check an option for my guests? If so, what's the cost associated with this? Well, anything else be taking place at the venue during my ceremony? Is flash photography allowed? This is important because if you're getting married in a very dark, dim lit church barn or hall and flash photography isn't allowed, the photos will be very dunk, which isn't the most visually beautiful peeling. Look for photos. Whether you're getting married indoors or outdoors, ask the venue. These questions do you provide an officiant priest and so on. And if you do, can we meet with him or her beforehand? Can we have candles lit at the venue? How long will we have this location for? What's the cost tohave ceremony here? What's the payment schedule? Does the spend you have insurance? What the courts provided? Are there chairs, tenting and so on? Can I provide my own Bander music? When I walk down the aisle, it's someone from our wedding party expected to clean up after the ceremony? Or is cleanup provided on your end? Can I have a wedding rehearsal here before my actual wedding? And are there costs associated with this? How maney parking spaces are available for me and my guests? And is this included in the price? What's your cancellation policy? Is it cheaper if we book the reception here, too? Does your venue provide a coordinator or someone who will help organize my wedding day? Is there anything I haven't asked you that you feel like mist that I need to know? Making sure you ask these questions to potential Ben used to help you decide which venue is the best fit for you. We'll really make your decision making process a lot easier and pay attention to how accommodating and kind the venue coordinator is, as this is a huge reflection of their client care standards for outdoor ceremonies. Ask, are their heaters or tenting provided what other measures do you go to to ensure my guests are comfortable? Is there a backup indoor option if the weather's bad? Explain to me the terms of my backup option. Well, any enhancements be made to the outdoor location before I get married for indoor ceremonies . Ask is there heating and air conditioning is co check and option and is there a cost for this? Well, anything else be taking place in this venue when I say I do? Is flash photography allowed? Ah, list of questions to ask venues is provided in the PDS. 12. Lecture 11 Before You Hand Over Your Non Refundable Deposit: we're now gonna look at everything you need to know. When it comes to venue selection, you should choose a wedding venue as soon as possible. Pretty much right after you've decided on the budget that you and your fiance air working with because wedding venues book up fast and sometimes you'll be on a waiting list for 2 to 3 years for a certain date. I don't say this toe worry you. I say this to let you know that it's better to book your venue before any other big decisions. Pretty much everything revolves around your venue, including the date you get married on the style of your wedding. How many guests? You and bite and so on. First things first. Should you have your ceremony reception in the same location? There are a lot of benefits to having your ceremony and reception in the same venue. It saves your guest travel time, gas money, confusion about where park and how to get to multiple locations. It allows more time for your photo shoot. Overall, it certainly makes things easy. And if you are considering this, make sure to ask the venues you're checking out what the best deal they can do for you is if you have your entire wedding there saying I do and having a party in the same location is personally what I would choose to do because it's one less stress. And then you can focus on enjoying the best day of your life instead of worrying about little things like scheduling and timing of everything. You also don't have to worry about making sure your ceremony location is available on the same day as the location you want to have the reception in. If, however, you have your heart set on getting married at a certain church, for example, likely you won't be having a reception there as well. And sometimes cost or availability will be a factor in deciding toe. Have your ceremony and reception in different locations. Be aware that you'll have to be more mindful about scheduling and ensuring your guests know how and when to be at each location. Unease E way to take care of this is toe. Add this influence to your invites or your wedding website that you create for yourself, which is free, and we'll talk about in a later section. You could always have your ceremony one day. Any reception? Another night. Personally, I don't like to do this because the mo mentum and excitement is a little bit lost when you're splitting the days like this. But it is an option. You have to book an appointment to have someone show you the venue. So pick a few. We'd like to check out and make a fun day of it. My one piece of big advice here is check out at least three different venues before making your decision. This will allow you to compare what each place has to offer. Help You get a firsthand look at things you do like and you really don't like about different locations. When my cousin was choosing her wedding venue, she was going to say yes in the first place we looked. Then we went to the second place and it blew her. Everyone the world weather away. The customer service alone was just way better. It offered everything she was looking for, and the price range was pretty adjacent. Then she went to 1/3 venue. She also really liked that actually had the exact date You want to get married on and they were willing to throw in the cost of the in house D J for free together business. So now she realized you could actually use this as leverage to get a bit of a deal with second venue, which was the one that Teach really wanted to get married. She told the second venue she wanted to go with them, but because they couldn't give her the exact date that she dreamed of forever for her wedding and because the third venue was willing to throw in the deejay cost for free. She was leaning that way unless venue number two could offer anything special. And so the second venue shaped off 50% off the cost of the shuttle services that they provided. Going to the third venue also solidified that the second venue was really the place that she wanted to say. I do in So please goto at least three venues before you say yes and keep in mind, you can ask, then used to hold the date You'd like to get married on for a few days in case you really want to decide on one place but still want to shop around a little more, just to be sure, five reasons to say yes, toe one location. This will save your guests travel time and confusion. This gives you more time for your photo shoot after your ceremony. Venues may give you a deal. If you have your ceremony and reception in the same location, you won't have to worry about schedule conflicts for example, having your ceremony at a church in one location and finding a reception hall available on the same day. And this makes everything easier on you and your guests. 13. Lecture 12 Choosing the Perfect Venue for Your Reception: your reception is the place you'll typically be having cocktail hour, where guests mingle and have ordered just outside of the reception room. The reception areas also where dinner speeches and partying takes place. When choosing a venuto. Have your reception at there's a lot to consider, and with these tips will make the process a lot easier on you. Think about how far this location is, from where your guests are coming from and how far it is from where you're having your ceremony. If it's in a different location, ask potential reception menus. Thes questions. Are you affiliated with any nearby hotels? And can we get a discount if we tell them you referred us? How many people does your reception room hold? Can candles be lit? Do you provide tablecloths, chairs and linen? Can you show me the table chart and how this room would be set up for our wedding? How big is the dance for? And do you have to move tables after dinner to open up the dance floor? This is important to know, because this means that some of your guests will only have seats until dinner time, and when dancing starts, their seats are gone. Do you provide food, or do we have to cater in food? Often, the reception hall will also provide food and offer you to come in for a tasting, close your wedding date and provide you with some different menu options. There's usually a small cost to this, so be aware of that. This is an important question. Do you have a dry fridge that are cakes or cupcakes can be stored in? You have to store your wedding cake if you have one in a dry fridge so it doesn't sweat. Not a lot of venues offer this option, which means that if you are having a cake or special cupcakes, you're gonna have to have them delivered to the venue on the day. If we have a decorator, can they come in and set the room up? And how soon before we actually get married? Can they do that? What alcohols provided in our package? And what's the corking fee? If we'd like to bring our own alcohol? Can we have a slideshow or video set up during the reception? And if we can, is there are costs associated to do this? Does your venue provide a day of coordinator or someone who will help make sure everything that's supposed to be happening on their wedding day is actually happening the way it's supposed to. Are there any areas or restrictions at this location that we won't have Access Dio at golf clubs, for example, the club members will usually have the bar allocated to just members, which means you and your guests can't use it. So this is good to know ahead of time. Will there be other receptions or events taking place during my reception at this venue? And if so, how can you ensure that my guests will know where my reception is? Also ask if it's cheaper. If you have your reception on a Friday or Sunday night, what sort of tables you offer? Are they round or rectangular? And how many people considered them? Do we have to pay for any sort of tips on top of the bill to the wait staff? Are there any restrictions for the photography and video team as toe where they can shoot? Do you have an in house D J, or do we have to hire him? Does your venue provide microphones for speeches. And can I hook up a laptop or an iPod to the sound system? Do you provide me with a bridal suite or somewhere that I can store my gifts to keep them safe during the reception? Is there a payment schedule? And what's the cancellation policy? What can you do for me in terms of discounts? And how can I save money on this venue if I go with it? Does your venue of choice have a vendor list of florist, the core hotels and so on that they've worked with in the past and would recommend? And will you get a discount if you go with any of these vendors? Going with a vendor recommended from your venue is a good thing to consider, because often choice vendors will offer discounts if you book with them and they know the venue you're choosing, so they know the style, the room size and so on. Also, companies don't put other companies on the vendor list unless they're good. Ask who was responsible for cleaning up the reception hall of the end of the night because sometimes there's a cleaning cost associated with this that isn't mentioned in the initial discussion, and sometimes you're expected toe. Have your own bridal party do it. Does your venue have a liquor license? And can we drink on the grounds? As I mentioned earlier, check out at least three venues before making your decision. Ask friends and family where they got married and what their experience was with that venue online. Check out wedding venues like golf courses, churches, halls, hotels, restaurants, Barnes, parks, beaches and so on. Check out photos and set appointments to check out a few locations. Definitely if you can check out your potential wedding venues during the wedding so you can see what it looks like when it's all done up. Look of the ceremony area, the reception room where bathrooms are, how the lighting is and so on. Unfortunately, some vendors will say what they need to say to get you to buy, and then after the fact, you don't get everything you were promised. This puts you in a tough situation because obviously you don't want to fight with vendors or feel ripped off relied, too, so to make sure you get everything you're promised, have everything signed in writing and make sure make sure any promises are in rating. You've already made the biggest decision. When it comes to your wedding, you've decided who you're gonna spend the rest of your life with. The Ben you decisions. Probably the second biggest decision around your wedding and the most expensive. So once this is taken, care off all of the other decisions you have to make will be a lot easier. 14. Lecture 13 Your Wedding Dress: Choosing your wedding dress is one of the most special parts of the wedding planning process, the side on the budget you'd like to spend because this is one of the easier areas of your wedding planning to get really carried away with when it comes to cost. You confined great wedding dresses for us, cheap is $500 all the way up to $20,000. Okay, so let's be really, really with your budget for a second. If you are on a tight budget, you could always ask friends if they'll sell you their wedding dress, which may feel a little weird but can save you a huge chunk of money. Or look on E bay craigslist and congee for use dresses. Remember the person selling the dress to you on? Lee weren't once so. Yes, it's used, but it's not that used. And if you look great in it, then that's really all that matters. You can also rent a dress for much cheaper than buying dress. And if this is something that interests you, Google wedding dress rentals. If you are more traditional and fairly so buying a dress is the way to go. You probably have an idea in your mind of what style you'd like and what you think we'll look best on you. But often when you try and wedding dresses, you'll find you look gorgeous and a wedding dress that you never imagined yourself in. So be open minded. Just because address may not look like your dress when it's on the hangar doesn't mean it won't be gorgeous and perfect for you when you try it on. If you're really unsure of what style wedding dress to go with and you may decide to go with a theme for your wedding, skip ahead to the theme lecture to help you decide what style dress toe wear. You also need to purchase a veil, possibly a belt. Of course it a special brought a slip Kremlin to puff up your dress shoes and with shoes. Remember to get shoe guards, especially if you're walking in grass because shoe carts prevent your heels from sinking into the ground. You'll also probably need to get either a tiara, our hair, hair, jewels or jewelry. So keep all of this in mind when you're working out your budget and consider borrowing these smaller items from friends or family. You'll have to schedule an appointment with the dress store you'd like to check out, so try to get an appointment for early in the morning. This way the store will be less congested with customers, and all the attention will be on you, Which is nice when you're picking out a dress when you are trying on wedding dresses. Pay attention not only to how you look in the dress, but to how heavy the dresses and how comfortable you are in it. When dresses air blinged out in jewels after 12 hours of wearing that dress, you can really get tired out. You want address that you look beautiful and yes, but also one that you feel comfortable in and can actually sit down in. Make sure you your maid of honor or whoever you're trying on dresses with takes a few pictures on their phone of your favorite wedding dresses. It's really important to see what you look like in your dress on camera and be realistic with yourself and your weight and shape. Please don't buy a dress because when you lose £30 right before your wedding day, you're gonna look great in it. Buy a dress that looks great on you now, then start working on your weight goals and ask the dress door if they'll provide alterations. And when you need to have those alterations made before your wedding and make sure you look good on the day you go to try on your dresses. It's a lot easier to imagine what you'll look like on your wedding day in the dress. If you have a little makeup on and your hair looks half decent rather than were no makeup and throwing your hair up in a bun, bring along a few magazine clippings or photos from Pinterest of the styles of dress you love and explain and explain to the store assistant what you love about them. Ask her to pick out some dresses that fit this description, and as you try on a few, you'll start to figure out which fit of dress seats you the best questions to ask when picking out your wedding dress. What is the typical price range that a bride can spend on address at this store? What's the lowest price and highest price dress available? Can you show me different wedding dresses that you think will fit my body best. Can you tell me what sort of details like laced beads and so on typically are added to address or that can be removed from address before I purchase it? What accessories do you think would add to this dress? Does your company offer any specials? Two brides if they purchased their bridesmaidsdresses from you In addition to the wedding dress, are alterations part of the dress cost? What's the return policy and when can I pick up my wedding dress? When you're searching for your wedding dress, ask the store Thes questions. What's the highest and lowest price dress available at the store? Can you show me dresses that you think will fit my body type? What sort of beads or gems can I have added or removed to my dress? Do you offer deals if I buy Bridesmaidsdresses here is well, when can I pick up my dress? 15. Lecture 14 Engagement Party or Stag and Doe: should you plan yourself an engagement party, stag, indo or ditch? Both Thes pre wedding rituals can be lots of fun, but neither are mandatory. And if you're on a budget, definitely avoid the engagement party. Because unless you have really generous parents, you're usually the ones paying for it. If you are going to have an engagement party, typically you or one of your parents would host it. Engagement parties were meant to be fun with good food and drinks and intended to not only be a celebration of your engagement but also an easy way to have your bridal party and your closest friends and family break the ice with each other. Some ways to throw your engagement party include throwing a formal dinner or having the evening catered in. Or you can do something easy and order pizza and wings with a little beer and champagne. If you're a more casual and relaxed couple, keep it casual. Think about your guests as well. Are they the type of people who will most likely be comfortable showing up in jeans and a T shirt? Or are a good chunk of thumb super into fashion and love dressing up to the ninth try toe. Have your engagement party somewhere that's nice and open. So gas commingle without being too squished in a home with a nice finished basement could be great. And if the weather is good, an outdoor engagement party in the backyard rocks have activities like pool or Jenga that guests come play as a smooth and easy way to get to know each other. You know when you're at a party and you want to try and be social, but you don't want to be overly awkward, so you just keep to yourself. While engagement parties are meant toe, let people get to know each other, so make this process easy Peasy on your guests activities are great way to ease pressure games like engagement, mad Libs or the shoe game or a lot of fun to play the engagement parties and these kind of games really keep the pace of the evening moving along nicely. Half photos of you and your fiance is kids up and sprinkled throughout the party. This is cute, and also your guests will really enjoy them. A slideshow of photos from your engagement shoots always nice to have playing on the TV screen, too, have to core. That fits you and your hubby to be. If you're into country, have some hay bales sitting around and close pins and photos to some twine and hang them up where a cowgirl hat and play country music. Make your engagement party you. Let's talk about gifts. Usually your guests will buy you engagement gifts, so get your registry taking care of soon or people won't know what to get you. If for some crazy reason you don't want to accept gifts at your engagement party, make it known when you send your invites out. And speaking of invites, you can invite your guest your engagement party by sending out an engagement party. Email. You could make a Facebook group or, if you're down to this dish out a little money, send invitations in the mail. But, seriously, for an engagement party, it's not worth the invitation cost. People aren't gonna have the invite up on their fridge months before, like they would for your wedding invite. Remember to include in your invite the time, date and location of your engagement party. Where to park if it's casual or fancy attire. If there will be food and drinks and to R S V. P. So you know how many people to expect? You should also consider offering your guests a spot on the couch overnight if your engagement party is going to be a drinking fest, or make sure there's a number to call uber cab visible and ensure that all of your guests are getting home safely. If you are going to do an engagement party, don't do a stag and doe as well and vice versa. Doing both, Plus, having bridal parties and bachelorette party can be a lot for your attendees to set aside time for and buy presents for. I prefer engagement parties over Stag unveils because engagement parties take place early on in the wedding planning stages. So it paces wedding about events out a bit better, whereas stag and does often happen a few months before the wedding. So it feels like it's really go, go, go. Consider this when trying to decide which party to throw if either. Okay, so now let's talk about stag in does if you're going to throw a stag and doe, the intention here is to raise money for your wedding you invite everyone you know and ask them to invite pretty much everyone they know. You want as many people to buy a ticket for your stag Indo as possible. Yes, you sell tickets and don't make them more than around $15 because you'll also have games and raffles at your stag Indo. The guests will be dishing out more money for, and the intent here is to get guest to attend. Ask a community center or hall to give you a deal on renting out the place for the evening . And if you can call in favors with anyone, you know who has access to a venue that can hold a few 100 people, you can provide alcohol but sell drink tickets to help pay for the cost of it. You and your bridal party can make snacks like cookies and cupcakes, and through a bake sale, it could provide chips, salsa, veggies, fruit trays, chicken wings, pizza basically finger foods. Another really easy way to make some extra money is to do a 50 50 draw or have raffle tickets and half cool gifts to give away to the winners. Decorate with your bridal party and have your stag Indo themed to make it more fun. Ah, Hawaiian theme, where guests have to wear lays and beat shorts is goofy and easy. But really remember to make the theme of your stag Indo about you and your fiance. You can create games that guests have toe pay a few dollars for to play and assign the bridal party to host each game. This is a good time to delegate tasks to your bridal party. Assign people to host games, help with the core, make a music playlist carry and alcohol into the venue. Pick up snacks and so on. Stag windows could be really great ways to raise money for your wedding, but don't have a stake Indo solely looking at how much it's gonna benefit you. It should be enjoyable and memorable for your guests. And yes, sometimes you will make tons of money from your stag and doe for your wedding. But you also may not make as much as you expect to on your stag. Indo the event and the memories made matter just as much and more than the dollars made. Whether you choose to celebrate your engagement with a party or try to make a few extra bucks to put towards your wedding. Remember to call in your bridal party team to help with planning and the actual event to make sure you have helped where you need it, so that people also feel involved. And so the event turns out to be amazing. 16. Lecture 15 Picking a Wedding Theme: having a theme for your wedding can make the day tie together really nicely. You want your wedding day to really reflect you and your hubby? If you're gonna pick a theme to go with, do this in the early stages of planning your wedding as every aspect and style choice over fall over on the theme. There are tons of ways to pick a theme for the two of you. You can pick a movie love like the notebook and follow the wardrobe, the color palette and the romantic feel. Or you can go with something rustic in nature e that reflects the style of your home. Some of my clients Favorite Wedding things are a nature theme with lots of plants and earthy tones. Birch tree paper, a rustic feel and natural colors that you can pull from looking at photos of the forest are looking in your own backyard. If you and your fiance air into country and Western, you can consider getting married in a barn wearing cowgirl boots and a cowgirl hot in your wedding photos. You could go with a boil theme like dark blues and golds. Have chandeliers as part of your decor ah, theme. Truly fit for a king and queen. Ah, fairytale theme brings out soft pastel colors. Using candles and lanterns is accents. A beach theme is fun. Bright colors like pink steals and seafoam seashells and sand is the decor. You can apply these themes to your engagement photos to your save the dates, your invitations, your cake and your decor. Keep in mind. Themes aren't essential at all, but sometimes this can help make your decision making a lot easier. There are tons of teams to choose from for your wedding. Pinterest is a great place to get more ideas on themes and really help give your wedding planning process of rhythm our favorite themes. Our nature themed wedding, a country and Western style wedding, the royal theme Ah, fairytale theme or a beach theme. 17. Lecture 16 Registering for Gifts: if you're moving into a place with your fiance after your marriage and you'll need appliances, dishes and linen to fill your new home. Registering for gifts is a must. Come up with a list with your fiance of things the two of you want, but more so need. Go to your favorite stores and let them know you're registering for gifts for your wedding register. Gifts like a toaster Waffle maker. China Where are in the other height Household items that you like or need. Remember to register at several different stores so that your guests have options toe work with also register for things that are on the cheaper scale and the more expensive scale. It's customary that your guests will give you a gift the costs about the same amount that you paid for their plate at a wedding. If you would like money as a gift, don't be afraid to ask for it. A lot of your guests will actually actually prefer giving you money as a gift because it's less work for them. If you already live with your fiance or have most of the stuff you need, then you could always register at honey fund dot com and ask people to give you money towards your honeymoon. Remember your wedding gifts are about you and your husband to be so enjoy getting spoils a little because this is your wedding and there's a ton of planning Nichols involved to it, and you deserve it before registering for gifts. Write a list of things you want, but more so need register at several different stores and for gifts that are at different price points. Often, guests will give you the cost of their plate. Put your gift registry on your wedding website and ask guests to gift you money for your honeymoon if this is something you truly would like. 18. Lecture 17 Save the Date: If you have any sort of artistic skills or photo shop skills, then consider designing the template for your save the date and then sending them to a printer. But if you aren't so artsy, then it's really much more convenient and less time consuming to pick a save the date template that will work for you and use some of your engagement photos. There are local stories you can go to to have them printed that and follow those templates . Or you can show the store a template that you like and ask them if they can customize it and how much more expensive that will be. And, of course, on your save the dates have the date of your wedding, you and your fiancee's full name and where the wedding will be for your invites. Now, invites should be sent out about 2 to 3 months before your wedding and again follow your wedding theme when picking a style for your invites. Include the date of your wedding, the time of the ceremony, reception, the location. You can also provide your couples website on your invitations. You can include R S V P. Coming or not coming. If you're allowing them to bring a guess? Be clear on that. You can also list the attire, formal attire or casual, and you typically invite guests both to the ceremony and your reception. 19. Lecture 18 Wedding Favors & DIY's: wedding favors are intended to be a nice small gesture to thank your guests for being a part of your special day. Although they are absolutely necessary. Their sword of expected, as most couples do, give wedding favors on their weddings at the reception, they'll usually be placed at the guest table spot on top of their plates. Ask your venue if they can place them there before the reception. Our favorite wedding favors include Ah, classy looking bottle opener. Ah, little jar of honey tea or olive oil if you're weddings close to Christmas and ornament, herbs or succulents and a mini s'more set. And this is one of my favorites. A couple who makes a soundtrack and records the soundtrack of their favorite songs to a C, the or record. And you can have most of these types of wedding favors engraved with a meaningful quote or you and your fiancee's name and wedding date. If you're gonna spend the money on wedding favors, make them cool. Wedding favors something sweet that your guests will actually use. If you're not so into giving tiny little gifts, you can always make a donation to an organization of your choice in lieu of a wedding favor and have little cards placed on the guest table so that it indicates that coal wherever you're thinking of ordering your wedding favors from 3 to 4 months before your wedding to put the order in and ensure that they have them in time for your wedding. Spending anywhere from 80 cents to $2 per guest is doable for wedding favors. If you want to save some money in the wedding favor category, you can have some fun by spending a day with your bridesmaids to make party favors before the wedding. Some other fund potential do it yourself projects for your wedding include your guest tables at the reception on every table. Put a photo of you and your fiance at the age that that table numbers associated with So a photo of the two of you from age one on table one and so on. You can also spruce up your guests table by adding a pretty frame with your favorite movie couple in it, and then have the seating chart say you're sitting at the notebook table or the serendipity table. Or, if you're feeling a bit sassy, the 50 shades of grey table. And if you want your friends and family to instagram photos of your wedding as it happens, then leave some sort of known or something in a frame on your guests table that say Please hashtag family name Wedding 2016 Couples usually just have the emcee announced this once or twice during the wedding, but seriously, no one will remember the hashtag, so make it easy on them. If you actually want to see photos from your evening, you can also put on each table cards that say I bet you didn't know this about the bride with a list of a few interesting facts and same with the husband. If you have any loved ones that have passed away and you'd like to include a photo of them toe, honor them in some way. Make sure there's a small table set aside and a frame with photos of these people, and you can have another frame that says something like Wish you Were Here or you'll always be in our hearts. If kids are attending your wedding, consider having a kids table with paper is the tablecloth and crowns they can draw on it and keep themselves entertained. Or give Kitty guests coloring books with crowns at the wedding as part of the wedding favors, so they have something to distract them from whining during the speeches at your ceremony. Have fun signs like Pick either side your loved by both the groom and the bride. Have your ring bear where shirt that says Bring security on it at your reception. During cocktail hour, you'll likely have a gift table set up with a cute box or bird cage that your guests could drop off cards in. And you could pick something like this up in a craft store and jazz it up so that it really fits your theme. Or you can always ask your two core company if you can rent something from them on this table. Also include bios and pictures off your bridal party at your wedding show a same day, edit or slideshow photos of you and your groom have a chalkboard of important date shown at your reception or ceremony. Include when you met when you said I love you when he proposed and your wedding date have a Mr and Mrs Sign on the back of your chair during a reception. It's nice as well. Toe have programs given out for guests at the ceremony, but this isn't necessary at your ceremony. If it's cold, half blankets and baskets that people can use to warm up, these are some of our favorite. Do it yourselves to include on your wedding day and make sure everything's super funds for your guests. I also recommend checking out Pinterest, as I mentioned before, because there's tons of cool ideas for do it yourself wedding things that you can add toe really make your day enjoyable and fun for guests. 20. Lecture 19 Making Sure Your Guests Have Great Time: having a few games during your wedding can add some fun to the evening and allow your guest to be engaging with one another. Some of our top picks for games are the shoe game. This is a lot of fun for both the bride and groom and the guests, the bribing room sent back to back on the chair in the middle of the reception hall and take off one of their shoes and exchange one of their shoes. Then the emcee will ask a series of questions like Who's Messier? And the bride and groom will put up the bride shoe if the bride's messier the groom shoe. If the groom's messier and usually this will turn into a lot of fun. Seriously, this is something I definitely recommend as a game to play for your wedding. Remember the game. Mad Libs growing up? Well, there are wedding versions of that game, and you can find them online, create your own, even as a fun thing for guests to do during your wedding, you can hire a caricature artist to draw the guests that were at your wedding during the evening. This is a lot of fun to do it cocktail hour. You can also have a photo booth or slow motion booth. Set up that your guests Congar Oo and try on funny hats and big glasses for and really have some fun with the evening at the end of the night of your reception, you can also have fireworks or lanterns that you can let go into the year. You can ask your emcee that have people dance around the table and whoever is most enthusiastic and the best answer will win the centerpiece. During cocktail hour, you can have life size Jenga, life sized checkers or connect four up for people to play. You can have your guest leave pearls of wisdom basically on a table during cocktail hour, you can have a little jar that says, Please leave pearls of wisdom with some no paper and pens. And they can give you some advice on how to be a great married couple half sparklers at the end of the night that your guests can light, and this is also a great way to get some really cool photo and video shots. You can also have a selfie station where you have a Polaroid camera set up and have an area that guests can hang, the photos they took of themselves right after they take them that you can eventually keep in a photo album. 21. Lecture 20 How to Deliver Great Vows, Speeches & Readings: Okay, let's discuss speaking during both your ceremony and the reception. If you'd like readings at your ceremony and to say your own vows, you let the officiant no, and you let the people you'd like to know to do their readings and which readings you like I had of time. Obviously, this is a great way to give people you couldn't include in the wedding party an important role. Pick readings that are personal to you and your fiance. Depending on your religion, you may have limitations toe which readings can be recited at your wedding, so check with your officiant before picking them. They don't just have to be religious passages, either. They can also be poems or songs learns better, important and special to you and your fiance. Also consider paring the reading with the person you choose to do the reading. If a funny poem is being read, don't give that to the most reserved serious person ever. It depends on your religion, but a someone who's attended more than 100 weddings. Having 2 to 3 readings is nice, and beyond that, for lack of a better word, is a bit boring when it comes to deciding If you want to do personal vows. It's nice to write these things with your fiance so that when one says, I promise to be there through fat and thin, the other Conseco something similar back or even the same thing back. It's actually really cute, and it cuts really nicely together in wedding videos. Personalized fouls aren't mandatory, but they bring a really intimate moment to you and your fiance at your wedding. You don't have to write your vows together. You can do separate vows, but if you are going to write them together, say them aloud together beforehand to see if they really do sound nice together. Well, we're on the topic of guests speaking. Let's talk about speeches. Let the people you want to have, say, speeches at reception. No, well ahead of time. Typically, your parents, the groom's parents, the maid of honor and the best man will give speeches. And sometimes other people who are close to you will a swell personally, and this one's really not for everyone. But I like having an open mic for speeches because if you decide to do this, it's fun. It can let guests come up and say something, it becomes a little more interactive. But keep in mind that you should have the emcee keep a timer and a lot. Only a certain amount of time for open mic speeches around two minutes or under is pretty good. You can, even if you want to be kind of funny here, play Oscar music. When the two minute mark is up, having an open mike does mean that anyone can get up and say anything. So keep this in mind if you might have a few guests that you don't really want, saying speeches have the opportunity to say them. 22. Lecture 21 Reveal and First Dance: to reveal or not to reveal. Should you and your man do reveal or see each other for the first time. When you walk down the aisle, my preference is yes, do real. But this depends on how traditional your I say yes, because having a special, intimate moment with your husband to be, Ah, few moments before you walk down the aisle gives you the chance to relieve some of those nerves. He hasn't seen you all done up in your wedding dress ever. So reveal gives you the chance to truly experience that special moment with him and him alone. It makes it feel really like you're doing this together like it's your little secret. I really like reveals they also are great ways to get some photos of the two of you before the crazy business of your wedding takes place. A lot of couples have told me that doing a reveal was their favorite part of the day because it was just about them. If you're more traditional than the reveal probably isn't for you. Sometimes it comes down to scheduling, and sometimes it's nice to have photos taken with you, your groom and your bridal party before all the chaos of the day begins. Whichever way you prefer to see your groom to be for the first time, make sure it feels right to you. Don't let your friends and families opinion sway you. Are you the type of couple that isn't big on getting lots of attention and don't have the best rhythm like myself and just want to get your first dance over and done with. If you aren't planning on doing anything funny or anything crazy with your first dance, then consider cutting your song short. Having your first dance longer than 2.5 minutes is great if you're dances really entertaining and your guests are enjoying themselves. But if that's not going to be the case, then keep it short. If, however, you plan to do more of a performance style first dance, which could be a lot of fun and definitely entertaining for your guests, then pick a fun song that everyone can get pumped out to and practice your dance ahead of time. Some couples like to add cool effects like a falling machine for their first dance or indoor fireworks. And yes, they are real thing. They do exist 23. Lecture 22 How to Pick an Awesome Photo:Video Team and Save $: we all know if you have a wedding with over 50 guests, five of them are bound to be self proclaimed photographers or videographers. Sure, they may own a pro Sumer DSLR, and sure, they probably can capture what's taking place throughout your wedding. But if you want photos and video, you'll be happy with stick with higher professionals. Photos and videos of your wedding are one of the few parts of your wedding you can actually keep forever, so that you can relive the day again and again. I've heard of a few people skipping out on these services and then, shortly after losing a loved one who attended the wedding and hearing that the couple was really saddened, sort of pretty devastated that they didn't have professional photos or video of that person . Finding the right photographer and videographer for you and for your wedding is a task that you should take care of early on, as wedding photographers and videographers that air really good get booked up before weddings way ahead of time. This is something you should do right after you've secured your wedding day and your venue so you could ensure the photo and video team of your choice is available. Begin your photo video search by asking friends and family who have recently been married what their photo and video team was like. And if they refer them to determine what sort of wedding photos you love, create a wedding photo board on Pinterest. I also highly recommend that you save aboard with examples of must have wedding photos. Do you like candid shots that air spontaneous and capture people's natural reactions? Polls, shots, creative shots and edgy fun photos. Also, pay attention to the editing style photos your collecting so that you can ask your potential photographers if they can add it. Similarly, for video, go onto YouTube or Vimeo on watch wedding videos and save the links to these videos that you love. Do you want your wedding video to be short and entertaining, like a 3 to 5 minute highlight video of your special day? Do you like wedding videos that feature interviews from the bride and groom, people in the wedding party and so on? Do you like sweet romantic wedding videos that make you cry? Or do you like upbeat and fun videos? Do you want a documentary style video that is on the longer end and shows the ceremony in full and all the speeches, even if some of them dry gone. This is nice tohave, but honestly, you'll probably only watch it once. Our most popular wedding packages include a 3 to 5 minute highlight video and 8 to 15 minute longer foam. But we take the best parts of the wedding to make sure the longer film is still really entertaining. Couples also love same day edits, which are videos that air filmed throughout the wedding festivities that happened early on in the day, usually right up until the couple's entrance at the reception and the same day. And it can be shown at the reception Google photographers and videographers in your area and read their about page to see if they sound like a good fit to shoot your wedding. Look up testimonials on their website on Google and see if they have a Facebook page with examples of their work. If you're happy with their work, set up a phone call or better yet, an appointment to meet with them and make sure when you meet with him, you get a good vibe from them here. Questions. You should ask your photo and video team before hiring them. How many weddings have you shot? If they've shot over 50 weddings will have a great understanding of wedding photography and videography what needs to be captured and how to take beautiful and creative wedding shots ? Ask them if the higher second shooter and what costs is associated with this. You should definitely have a second shooter for both photo and video at your wedding, and I'll let you in on a little secret for how photo and video get you to spend way more money than you need to for their services. They will tell you that you need a second shooter at your wedding theme. Ha! Your day. The reality is that yes, you do need to photographers or videographers for morning prep one with you when you're getting ready and one with your groom at the ceremony so that a shot could be taken of you walking down the aisle while a shot of your husband seeing you for the first time is caught as well. Also, the photo or video person will have one type of lens on to capture tight, close ups of your husband shedding its years and get closer, while the second shooter will likely have a wider England's to capture a larger portion of what's happening in that moment during your photo shoot, it's nice to have the second shooter for both phone home video there and then for photo. I'd especially for on the budget. I ditched the second photographer so you can save on costs because you don't need to photographers to capture cocktail hour, your bridal party and you entering the reception hall speeches, special performances or dancing. Think about how many photos of these moments you actually see or look at. You will need to videographers up until after special performances and speeches, because video is continuous and meant to capture actions taking place. So, for example, when your dad is saying a touching speech, one videographer will be filming that action while the other will be capturing your reaction. You can let the second videographer go when the partying starts, because, honestly, how Maney video clips do you want of people partying as they get sweatier and drunker? It's definitely nice to get a little bit of coverage of the dancing, but this is something that one videographer can cover. Seriously, think about this when you're hiring your photo and video team to save you a ton of money on the second shooter. Also, when interviewing photographers and videographers, asked what their background training or experiences. If you go with a company, make sure you specifically pick out the photographers and videographers will be at your wedding, because sometimes big companies will show you work from various photo and video people, and you'll only be seeing the best of the best. They'll have a big roster of contractors, and we'll send out whoever is available to shoot your wedding close to the day. Sometimes thes photographers and videographers aren't as talent talented as what you're expecting to get on your wedding and in their contracts. You can bet there won't be a thing that will guarantee you'll get the level of talent that you saw when you looked at the examples of work shown. Now you can't really guarantee such a thing, But big companies can guarantee which staff they'll be sending out to capture your day as long as you know to ask, ask to see photographers, albums and videographers, wedding videos and ask, How do you take this shot so you can hear them them, talk about their art and see how passionate they really are about it. You want to hire a photographer and videographer who truly enjoy shooting weddings, not someone who just wants to make a few grand. Ask for pricing and different package options and what they include. How many hours will the photographer videographer be with you? What happens if on the day you need them to stay longer? Do you have to pay hourly? Or is it cheaper to go with a day rate? And is this an option? Ask how long you can expect toe. Wait for your photos and video to be delivered after the fact. You should receive your folios within about two months. Albums to be customise and print to take a little bit longer, but certainly shouldn't take more than six months to be delivered with videos, you should receive a highlight video within three months. Make sure you have the dates that you're promised to receive both photos and videos in writing and ask what happens if you don't receive them by the Agree to time. Ask how many photos. You can expect to receive digital copies off. Typically for a day. One day wedding, you'll get around 500 to 900. Can you have the raw photos and video footage? Personally, I would Onley ask for these as a safety in case for some reason, the edits. Turnout Not so great, and usually you'll have to provide a hard drive in order to see to receive the raws, and you have to make sure that you've got enough space on your hard drive to get all the raws. Usually, there will also be a cost of a few $100 associated with having all there often is transferred onto a hard drive. Now here's an area of payment I'd asked have waived. If you tell your photo or video team, you know, I really would love to go with you guys. But the package price is a little over budget, so if you could throw in the raw footage or images for free, then then I'd go with you. Most photographers and videographers won't give up a few $1000 from a wedding package over a few $100. For raw images and photos. Ask what are the costs of the different styles of albums. And how much are the smaller albums that you can get for your parents? How Maney revisions Can you have photos and on your wedding video? How is your wedding video received digitally or on Blue gray? And is there an additional cost? Tohave It burnt to blue, right? Our engagement photos included in the package price. Here are a few more ways to save money on photos while still getting great photos. Don't get your photos printed through the photographer because the prices would be way higher than if you just printed them somewhere. Like Costco, photographers will often try to talk you into getting the highest and bulletproof. I'm not joking there, actually, bulletproof albums. Think about it for a second. Have you ever owned anything bulletproof? Why would you need your wedding album? Two people proof. Since this is the area of my expertise, I'd like to share with you why wedding photography or videography can be so expensive. Keep in mind, these people probably own at least $15,000 worth of high end equipment to shoot your wedding. They probably have insurance, and this is a specialty service. Also, because I've been asked this lot, tipping your photographers and videographers is super awesome, but it's not expected. Writing them a paused of review or a testimonial will probably mean much more to them anyway. On the day of your wedding, it's important to assign a helper from your bridal party to your photographers or videographers to ensure they capture all of the people that are important to you and toe rally up family for photos. Now let's take a look at how to get some amazing engagement foils and save the dates. 24. Lecture 23 Fun Engagement Photos & Video: engagement photos are great to get done a few months before you send out your save the dates. Your photo shoot will usually be about 1 to 2 hours long. You should find a location that's meaningful to you and your fiance. Ah, forest a bar in a park and check to make sure you don't need a permit for these things. Because sometimes you do pick a location that gives you versatility like, ah, place that has at least five different backgrounds or areas that you can have a really nice photos taken. If you aren't sure of where to have your engagement shoot photos taken, ask your photographer to recommend a few places. Pick an outfit for your shoot that you look raid in and feel great in and the compliments your fiancee's look to from head to toe. And I mean that you don't want any wide shots revealing you're wearing tacky sneakers. Bring a mirror, hairspray and anything else you need for touch ups. And if you're gonna bring multiple outfits, make sure your fiance does, too, because it will look really weird. If you're wearing five different outfits in different locations and your fiance is wearing the same one. Bring props like balloons. Have your wedding date written on a chalkboard. Bring cute blankets or picnic basket. Have fun with this. This is meant to be a lot of fun. Collect examples of specific poses or types of shots you want, and bring them on your phone to show the photographer so you can make sure you get exactly what you want on the day. Better yet, we're in your maid of honor to assist with the engagement shoot. This is a bonus because she can also help you carry stuff, and she can tell you if you have a double chin or hair in your face. Because think about the photographer usually is focusing on the lighting, what the background looks like and so on. So it's really nice to have someone to help. Make sure you and your fiance look great and keep motivated. Be tasteful in your photos because younger invitees may laugh at the photo of you jumping on him when he grabs your butt. But older deaths won't find that very tasteful. Consider where your guests will keep your save the date. Lots of guests put it up on their fridge. So consider having a magnet, save the date create from Vista print their decently priced. You could actually find coupons for their services simply by Googling Vista print coupons, and they offer tons of safe of eight templates. This is important. Think about where the writing will go on your save the date photo. You can't have writing going over your faces, so make sure you have a few poses captured that will leave room for writing on the sides of you and your fiance. Tell your photographer this so that she or he construed accordingly. Ask ahead of time as to how long will take to get your photos so you know how long you need to create your save the dates and send them out. Save the date. Engagement photos are becoming more and more popular, and they're usually included in photography wedding packages. If they aren't ask, how much more will cost, have engagement photos taken. And if they're willing to throw in a one or two our engagement shoot if you book them for your wedding. Also, a really fun alternative to a guest book at your reception is to ask your photographer to print your favorite shop from your engagement shoot so that it can be framed and displayed at your reception. Tell your photographer you'd like to have the stomach for your wedding, and you like a white framing around the photo so that your guest consign it. Now remember, toe have permanent markers at your reception so that guests can actually sign it. And just like I mentioned before, if you are in the tight budget, you can get the photos and have them printed yourself. You could also display an album of your engagement shoot at your reception. Ask your photographer how long this will take to have created when you need to put the order and buy and what the cost will be. Engagement videos are awesome. You and your fiance will spend half a day with a videographer, do a quick interview to summarize how you met or how he proposed. While you're perfect for each other and why you're super excited for your wedding and there are tons of options to make your engagement, you goofy and fun or goshi and romantic, this is also a great way to see how your videographer works and get comfortable with him and her before your wedding. That alone is a great reason to do an engagement video. You can also, and your video by having a call to action for anyone He sees it. You can put this video on your wedding website, which will talk about a little later or on a private Vanya link and send it to everyone you'd like to invite to your wedding. Elderly guests may still need an actual invite in the mail, but I'm sure they'd still enjoy watching a video featuring featuring you and your fiance. If you want to do an engagement video but need some help coming up with a concept, ask your videographer to recommend some awesome ideas, engagement videos, air tons of fun. So checks him out on YouTube to decide whether or not this is something you'd like to give a try. 25. Lecture 24 Flowers and Decor: we've placed flowers into court together as most florist also offered to core options, including linens, lights and centerpieces. Traditionally, you'll need a bridal bouquet for yourself. Bookcase for your bridesmaids, corsages for the mothers off the bride and groom boot and years for the groom. Groomsmen and fathers flowers at the ceremony, location and centerpieces for the table and had table at your reception. It's extremely easy to get caught up and to spend a lot of money when you're choosing flowers into core for your wedding. So decide on what are the must have that you can't live without and the things that you're willing to eliminate to save some money. Personally, I wouldn't spend an extra few $1000 toe have floral arrangements scattered up the aisles as I went down it. I wouldn't even spend money on the boot in years for the groomsmen, because they take them off anyway. But really, it's about your preference and what you're willing to spend and how you want everything to tie together. Provide photo examples from a collection of photos on your iPad to show the style of the wedding that you want to go for to your potential florist described the feel of your wedding, the theme if there is one, and be up front about your budget and pay attention to how this person's office looks. If it's immaculate and beautifully decorated, this is a good sign. But if it's not looking so great, how can you expect this person to deck out your wedding beautifully? Think about what colors you like for flowers and how they look with your bridal parties. Dress colors for decor there, tons of options. Do you like tone glass phases for your tables with floating candles? Do you prefer flowers that you can give away the guest from each table? The end of the night? Do you like lanterns? Do you want twinkle lights or chandeliers with your bouquets? Think about having a bouquet made with flowers that will actually last you all night. You don't want flowers that looked pretty in the morning but have lost all their pedals by the ceremony. Ask your potential florist and decorator these important questions. How many weddings have you worked on? Out of the flowers I've shown you, which will be in season during my wedding, and whether similar, cheaper alternatives that we could go with. Ask how and when the flowers will be delivered on your wedding day and do. Does the florist take care of set up? Do I need to put you in touch with the venue so you can set up the core before time? Do you take more than one wedding per day? And if so, how many can you take up, too? What is your style when it comes to Dick Orme Flowers for weddings? What are the most popular options and why do you think they're the most popular? Based on what I've told you about my style on wedding theme and colors, What can you recommend? Can you name me some of the decor that I may not be thinking about that can really add to my wedding. Now remember, when picking centerpieces and flowers for the head table, you want to make sure they won't completely be covering your faces. I shot weddings where the centerpieces air huge and beautiful on not only the head table but the guest table, and they're so big that the guests can even see the person sitting across the room with have a conversation. So my recommendation is. Keep your centerpieces on flowers or dick or at the head table low. Ask. Do you have photo samples of weddings you've done? If I'm looking to save costs, what are some of the nice floral arrangements that you can provide that fit within my budget? Are you willing to make me a mock up of my bouquet so I can see what it will look like ahead of time? And if so, what's the cost associated with this? Do you charge of any of my guests accidentally break your decor? And how much ish would that be? And is there anything I haven't thought of to ask you that I should be asking? 26. Lecture 25 Band or DJ: Should you go with a band or D J. Your wedding reception I Do's for choosing a band's first gather reference from other couples. A wedding has specific needs. Ask other couples what they liked and disliked about the band that they won't with that you're interested in going with. Make sure you see as in see a video of a live recording off the band before you hire them to get a vibe of not only how they sound but how they interact with guests. And even better, you could actually go and see the band perform live when picking the playlist of what You like your band to sing during your reception. Read a list of songs you absolutely want them to sing and songs you definitely don't want to hear and ask if they do any cool covers toe any of the songs that you've mentioned. Make sure you check with your venue before hiring a band. Teoh. See if they have the proper power and they can actually hold a band at the reception. Ask the band how long. Typically they perform during a wedding ceremony and decide for yourself what's needed. You can always hire a band for a few hours and then throw on a playlist of your own favorite music right off your iPad. If that's something your venue allows and usually it ISS. If you are hurting a band, you'll need to feed them at your reception as well. So this is something to keep in mind. Ask the band how much they cost per hour or if they charge a flat rate for the evening. Asked what they wear when they're performing, and if you have any preferences like you prefer, they look a little more professional. Merrill Black let them know. Also asked the band if they play straight or if they take breaks in between. This is good to know, because usually bands will take a few breaks. But if you're expecting them to play the entire time and they don't, you'll be disappointed. Be sure to ask them how many other weddings they've done. Ask them how long they've been together as a band and what sort of other events they do. This will help give you a feel of how professional they are is a band and how seriously they take their jobs. Another option for music at your wedding is hiring a deejay. If you want to hire a deejay, let your D J No, the type of music you and your fans they both love and the music you absolutely do not want to hear. Do you love Spanish music? Do you like top 40? Do you want your guests to know all the music that you play and be dancing the whole time? If so, and you're really stuck on one type of music, you may have to be a little more open so that there's a full range of music to be heard. Ask your potential wedding D. J. Is this your full time business? Our weddings, your primary focus? How do you create awesome playlists that suit the couple's taste? What do you do if you find the plane? Lis you're playing during the reception Isn't driving too well with the guests. Do you have any song suggestions that you'd recommend for our wedding and have you handled song requests? This is a great question. Toe Ask just to be sure, you feel that they really are professional. So ask what sound equipment do you use and what sound equipment do you provide for the wedding. Do you have backup equipment in case something stops working? Do you know the ins and outs of your system in case you need to troubleshoot during the day ? Well, the videographers at my wedding have access to your soundboard outputs so that they can record the speeches. What's the payment schedule? And how soon do I have to pay you? And finally, why should I choose you? Is my d J? 27. Lecture 26 Cake Vendor: it's time stock about wedding cakes. Cakes can be really lavish, big and expensive, more small and simple. You can even skip out on the cake entirely and just two cupcakes. Usually you'll have a dessert table so you could cut the cake and the photos of the cake cutting. Because, really, who cares what you gonna do with those photos and just have awesome desserts at the end of the night? Or if you're set on having a wedding cake and cutting it, you can always. If you're looking to save money, ask your cake designer to set up a fake cake and actually only have one tier is the rial cake that you cut seriously. You spend all this money on a cake. Cakes can start at $500 go up to a few 1000 no one really eats them. Besides you feeding a piece to your groom and him feeding a piece to you with wedding cakes , here's the thing. Some brides and some brides families Really? Absolutely. You're set on having wedding cakes at the wedding because it's traditional. But this is the area that after the fact brides have told me they wasted their money because, like I said, no one really eats the cake. You spend all this money on a beautifully decorated cake and maybe a few bites. The cape will be had personally, After everything I've heard from brides, I wouldn't be spending much money on the cake. But I know some brides haven't set in their head that they want a beautiful cake and they wanted to taste really good. So the guests will lead it. And you know what? If you put it at the dessert table the other night, maybe some will. So really, this is up to you. When choosing your cake. Vendor, look at the different cake design Sheer. He has let them know your budget in the theme you're going with for your wedding and let her know how many people will likely be attending your wedding. Asked what the costs are to deliver the cake and set it up to the reception hold during the day of your wedding and ask if they decorate the table. The cake is on as well, and if they provide kick knives, ask if you need to put them in touch with the venue to coordinate cake drop off. Asked how you can ensure that the cake is decorated and made as expected for the wedding day, asked how the cake is priced out? Is it priced out per slice or based on the core and time spent making the cake? Asked how soon before your wedding the cake is actually made. This gives you an idea of how fresh it will be. Asked how many other cake orders this vendor has to make cakes on your wedding date and how many? Typically she or he can take in one day. Ask if they sell or provide or rent out all the accessories that go with cake, like the cake cutting tools, the stand that the cave goes on in any other accessories. To really add to the delivery of the cake, ask if you provide a picture of what you want. Can they re create it? And is there a tasting that you can do before your wedding to choose the perfect flavor for your cake? 28. Lecture 27 Hair and MU: now that you know what your dress looks like. You have your bail and you have an idea of the theme of your wedding, the side on how you'd like your hair and your makeup toe. Look with hair. We'll look better up or down. And do you have examples to provide to your hairstylist? Go with the stylist you trust and have worked with before, if you can, and do a trial with them before the big day to make sure you're happy with how they're doing your hair. Do the same thing with the makeup artist. Ask your makeup artists if they do airbrushing. Because airbrushing usually constrained the test of a 12 hour wedding day, make sure both your hair and makeup artists are available on your wedding day and make sure they can handle or hire an assistant to help handle all of your bride's mates. Ask them their costs and what the best deal they can do for you is. And if paying in cash will make the deal even a little bit sweeter, ask them if they can provide you with extra lipstick for your wedding day because you'll need it. Ask if they provide fake lashes if you'd like them. And if they can recommend anything to remove stains. If there are stains that happened throughout the day on your wedding dress, just in case and white talk actually works really well. Also, ask them if they could come the morning off. So wherever you're getting ready and how many hours it will take them to do your hair and make up and if they can work simultaneously together, decide on whether or not you'd like to treat your bridesmaids mom, mother in law to be and so on by paying for their hair and makeup on the day as well. 29. Lecture 28 Getting Around on Your Wedding Day: There are lots of different ways that you, your groom and your bridal party can plan together around on your wedding day. You can rent a stretch limo, which is fancy and one of the most popular and costly options. You can rent a bus, which is a little more practical and can be hilariously awesome. Or you can have someone in your family. Hopefully, someone who has a nice car drive you around. If you decide to rent, most limo rental companies will also rent out buses. So when you're making your decision, it's great to consider the cost and experience. Both options give you and your brutal team make your reservation in person and check out some of the choices and get a sense of the establishment. When you're scheduling, pick up and drop off times for the wedding day. Add about 20 to 30 minutes toe every trip, as traffic could be really unpredictable. And if you're late, your limo company will probably charge by the hour, so consider that and is always get a copy of your contract. Now let's say you want to go with a limo. You can get a standard limo that can fit about 10 people in it comfortably, or a stretch limo that can fit 14 people or a stretch limo Hummer that can fit 20 people. Usually these companies will also offer bus services. And when I say bus services, I mean a 50 seater bus that's detto and, quite frankly, looks as nice of the wedding venue. Some of the bells and whistles to expect with limos or buses are, ah, flat screen TV Ah, CD player or MP three players taken. Blast your tunes. Ah, minibar. Some rental companies will actually have led dance floors and near its ceilings in them as well. And also think about the timing throat the wedding day that you'll need your limo. You'll likely need your limo to pick you and your bridesmaids up from wherever you're getting ready from in the morning to drive you to your ceremony. Then, often couples will want to squish both bridal parties in tow. One limo with them for photos so the limo driver will drive you to your photo shoot next to the reception, then drive you at the end of the night to your hotel. If you're very close to the venue for example, if you're getting ready at the hotel, it's only five minutes away. Ben. All the bells and whistles aren't necessary to have in your limo. If you're traveling longer distances like 30 minutes or more with your bridal party than yes, comfort and snazzy accessories become a little more appealing. Hear the questions you need to ask your potential limo rental company before you book. What if you're late picking me up? Have you ensure you won't be late? Is there a backup person if my limo driver doesn't show up and my bill for pick up and drop off on Lee and is it an hourly church? Is the driver gratuity included in the price? What happens if the limo breaks down? What a tire will my limo driver be wearing? How do you quote is it per hour or per mileage? Our food and drink allowed and provided? Should we set our route ahead of time and provided toward driver? How will our driver let us know Here she has arrived. Will I be provided with the driver cell phone number? I have this many guests in my wedding party. Will they all be comfortable in this limo. What's included in the price and what's the payment schedule? Once you've asked these important questions, determining whether you want Tobe rent a limo, a bus stretch limo or drive yourself will become a lot easier. 30. Lecture 29 List of What to expect on wedding: Here's a quick list of what to do, what to expect and what not to do and what not to expect. Your wedding weddings run late. It just happens. You don't only have your schedule to be concerned with. You've got your bridal party guests and so on. So knowing this, make sure you're prepared for that schedule everything with like about 1/2 hour. So gap, so that in case there's traffic in case someone important shows up late, you still can show up for the important things like your ceremony and your reception entrance. When you're supposed Teoh, Don't let timing of your cocktail hour last too long. Do a receiving line or visit each table to say Thank you for coming during dinner. And make sure you leave time to do this. Send your thank you cards out no later than three months after your wedding. Don't forget to ask your venue or caterer for vegetarian options and ask your guests on the invite toe R S V P if they're vegetarian and if they like the vegetarian option, assigned someone to collect your guestbook cards and two core anything else that belongs to you after your wedding. This is usually your mom. Make sure to have waterproof mascara on. Even if you're not a crier, you might cry because it's your wedding 4 to 6 months before your wedding. If you're religious, or if your husband or viewer in the Army you may have to do premarital counseling, ask your parents, priest or church where and how to book this. Don't expect everything to go perfectly, because this is really wife. This is your wedding day. Yes, and you've planned it the best you can. But things don't always go perfectly. Be prepared in case something does spill on your dress in case it does ring when it's not supposed to and really make anything that does go wrong. As fun as you can do. Purchase your guestbook or have ah, big photo of you. Frame that guest. Consign, purchase your card box or make sure you rent it. Unity candles, any other traditional items and cake servers ahead of time when picking your emcee for the evening. You can always hire a professional to be the emcee, but it adds a really nice family touch. If you ask someone from your family. Perhaps this could be someone who you couldn't fit into the bridal party. But you really want to have involved in your wedding consider before asking them. Are they comfortable speaking in front of large crowds? Are they pretty good read of how people are enjoying themselves and what's being said? Can they be fun and engaging an upbeat for a long time picking and EMC is important. They set the tone throughout the reception. So when you pick your emcee, do this 6 to 8 months before your wedding. So they have time to get to know some more of your family stories. If it is someone from your family or close friends, and so they can prepare so that the evening goals beautifully. If you're like me and a bit of a sap and a bit of a romantic than absolutely right each other cards or letters and give them to each other on the wedding day, read them in the morning, right before you say I dio. This is a really nice and special reminder of why you're so excited to marry each other, and it's something special that you can have forever. Often, couples will get a gift for one another to like perfume or cologne or a watch or piece of jewelry if you're looking to save money than making each other awesome sweatshirts that say Mrs Jones, for example, and vice first as really sweet and cute gift as well. 31. Lecture 30 Wedding License and Bands: apply for your marriage certificate three months before your wedding in the town you're getting married in for going to the city hall. You'll need to bring your marriage license with you on the day of the wedding because the efficient needs to sign it. Do you have a family priest that you'd like to marry you? If so, this makes things super easy. If you're not sure of who you'd like to have marry you. You can ask your venue to provide you with an efficient contact that they've used before and would recommend. You can also have a judge marry you, which is free, at least in the province of Ontario. Set up a meeting with whoever is going to marry you so you can discuss your level of religion and the amount of readings that you'd like to have it the ceremony and also any other important facts before you say I dio wedding wire dot com is a great website to find inefficient. You literally just type in your postal code and then a list of officiant with reviews comes up. You can also contact your church, temple or parish. If you'd like them to recommend someone to marry. You discussed the Siris of events for the ceremony with your efficient everything is easy and clarified on the wedding rehearsal, which you invite your bridal party and parents too, and it's held one or two days before the wedding. The minister will tell you how the ceremony goes, so you're feeling a little more ease and prepared for your wedding day. Ask whomever you're considering the fee for having them marry you. And although it's not required, you can choose to invite the person who marries you and your fiance to your reception for dinner. Picking out your wedding ring bans. This is something that you and your husband to be should do a few months before your wedding. Go with your fiancee and pick a pair of wedding bands that really reflects you. You can also consider getting your wedding bands engraved on the day of your wedding. Your photographer and videographer will probably want to get some shots of them before you say I do with your brok or in some sort of creative way. So make sure either your maid of honor or your best man's holding them and make sure they're close by to get those creative shots 32. Lecture 31 One Month Before Wedding Timeline: Here's a timeline of what you need to do a month before the wedding, right up until the day off the wedding one month before your wedding. Have your final dress fittings with you and your bridesmaids and maid of honor. And make sure your maid of honor knows how to bustle. Go your dress. Make sure your bridesmaids have their dresses fitted and ready to go. Go over your guest counts and check in with any vendors like photo and video to finalize schedules so everything feels right and prepared. Send example photos of what you want your photographer to capture during the wedding day, but also keep on Pinterest account ready on an iPad or iPhone that someone can show the photographer during your wedding to make sure you do get all the photos that you want a week before your wedding. Give your venue your final guest count a few days before your wedding planning dates. Get your nails done with your bridal party to ensure there looking beautiful for those wedding ring shots. Also drop off wedding favors and anything else. A few days before to the wedding venue, you'll have your rehearsal dinner a day or two before your wedding. At this time, be sure to ask your efficient to make an announcement on your actual wedding day at the ceremony toe. Let guests No, not to be taking photos and videos like Crazy and Toe. Let the actual professional video team and photo team have priority. It's the worst thing ever, paying big bucks to your photo or video team and then seeing shots while you're walking down the aisle of your aunt, standing right in front of them to get her shop. 33. Lecture 32 Your Emergency Kit: your emergency kit for your wedding day now used to leave. This is something your maid of honor will have for you. But in case she doesn't education some help, I'm gonna let you in on a few things you really need. If you're outdoors, be ready for any type of weather and have fun with it. If it starts to rain, do rain photos, dress warm or bring water bottles. And if it's hot paper towels to dab your head in case you get sweaty, have a mini sewing kit, tissues, medicine, granola bars or nuts or something to snack on throughout the day. Scissors, A lint roller, cash phone, Chargers baby wipes in case you get anything on your hands. Extra lipstick, bobby pins, toothpaste or dental floss and white chalk in case you do get a stain on your wedding dress . 34. Lecture 33 Honeymoon: first off, make sure your passport won't expire while you're away and research the country or place you want to go before your honeymoon and the entry requirements. Some places need you to apply for a travel visa. Some require your passport to not expire for a certain amount of months before it expires. If you're looking for a warm, relaxing, all inclusive resort than the Caribbean, is your best bet. If you're looking for something really romantic and cultural, I love Italy, France or Spain. If you're looking for an adventure, Peru, Iceland, Alaska or Costa Rica are great places. Go somewhere. That's really special to the two of you, either somewhere that you've never been. But you both really want to go together or one of your favorite places. Be sure to let the whole towel a resort that you're staying at no well ahead of time. That it's your honeymoon because hopefully they'll put in some special stuff into your room . Also consider finding a couple Onley resort, as this will be sure to be very romantic. Write a list of what you're looking for. For example, warm temperature spa day at the beach, great food, lots of sightseeing. Consider how much time you can take off for your honeymoon and the temperature in the season off the destination place that you want to go. Also check out if there any religious ceremonies or events happening while you're there. I once went to a destination in the South Pacific called Tonga. I got really excited about the trip. I was really looking forward to it. And when I got there, it was Easter weekend, which means there everything was shut down, even the hotel we stayed at with shot town. Different countries celebrate different occasions differently, so keep this in mind when you're picking, where you wanna have your honeymoon and when, consider your budget to. If you don't have a huge budget, then consider renting a cottage closer by for the weekend or shall A. You can still make it very romantic and really enjoy your time as new LeWitt's 35. Lecture 33 On the Big Day: Let's go over your actual wedding day so that you feel a little calmer as to how the day's gonna typically go first off the night before your wedding, you and your groom should sleep separately. This is pretty traditional, and it makes things a little more fun for when you actually do see each other again. The bride to be usually will sleep at a friend's house or her parents place, and the groom will usually sleep at home the morning off. This is the prep time. This is also a good time to delegate one of your bridesmaids to using her time management skills. Someone needs to be in charge of keeping sure everyone who's getting ready is getting ready in the decent pace and make sure that everything's on track so that you make it to your ceremony on time. Get ready somewhere that's open with a lot of natural light, so that your makeup and hair artist can see really well, and your photos and videos will look awesome. You can either go to a salon to have your hair and makeup done. Orange can ask the makeup artists and hair person to come to you your bridesmaids will also get their hair and makeup done with you. So make sure you've asked the hairstyles and makeup artist how long it will take to get however many bridesmaids you have looking hot for your wedding day. Have your videographer and photographer arrived when you're having your final makeup touches done, because do you really need photos of you when your hair's in rollers? Also make sure that they have enough time to take detail shots of your jewelry, your shoes you're dressed, hanging up before you have it on, and any other important details that you'd like captured. Make sure you have cash or payment ready to give your hair and makeup artists on the day if money still owed. Delegate The task of creating an awesome morning playlist toe one of your bridesmaids who knows your taste really well and can make sure she's got some happy and fun morning music to set the tone. Have coffee, tea juice and morning snacks to munch on available for you and your bride's mates. Your mom and your groom's mom will also typically get ready with you in the morning. You can give your bridesmaids their gifts at this time to great gifts include customize shot glasses, robes to wear when everyone's getting dolled up. A hangover cure emergency kit, flip flops that they can wear on the dance floor of the reception, customized hangers that their dresses can hang on. That's actually really cute for pictures as well. And once your hair and makeup is done, your maid of honor or mom will help put you into your dress and do it up. The photo and video team will also capture shots of this. Your mom or maid of honor will also help you put your veil on. And again. There will be a lot of candid photo and video shots taking place. They'll also want to capture some poems shots and then probably still you away for a few minutes to get some shots just of you Looking beautiful. Your videographer may also ask you if you're comfortable with it, to say a message in the morning to your husband that they can put in the video. If you and your fiance or exchanging gifts, you'd open them in the morning as well. Your grooms and groomsmen should be getting suited up at your house or a friend's house or in a hotel close to the venue. They should also arrive at the ceremony venue before you and your bridesmaids. Now that you're ready, hop in the limo and get on your way to your ceremony. If you're not doing a reveal, which we discussed in another lecture, then make sure you have a bridesmaid watching out to hide you from your groom before you walk down the aisle. Usually your ceremony venue will provide you and your bridesmaids with a room that you can chill out in before the ceremony starts. Okay, now let's talk about this ceremony. The officiant will announce toe, have everyone seated and let the professional photographers and videographers take some photos and video. The wedding procession will then begin with your fiance walking down the aisle with his parents. They'll stand to the right of the altar. Then your groomsmen can enter and stand to the right as well. And sometimes your groomsmen and bridesmaids will enter as pairs. Next is your flower girl. If you have one, then your ring bearer and then you and typically your father or a man that's very close to you and has been since you've grown up, we'll walk you down the aisle to give you away. Your ceremony will take place following traditions or religious elements that you've gone over in your rehearsal. Then comes the ring exchange. Now, remember your grooms in front of a ton of people big audience, so it may take him a little bit longer than normally would Teoh get the ring on your finger ? If this takes place, laugh about it. Let him take his time because this is actually a great opportunity for photo and video to get some really tight, close up shots off the ring being put on your finger. Next comes your vows. Then after that, the signing of the marriage certificate, which you or someone in your bridal party will make sure the efficient has ahead of time. Then you kiss and everyone cheers and you walk down the aisle as husband and wife. Afterwards, you can do a receiving line where guests will greet you, your groom and your bridal party, and you'll thank them for attending the special day. I find this to be a little congested and actually prefer when newlyweds will instead go around to the different tables at the reception to say Thank you for attending. Think about it. If your dinner's several hours long at the reception and you have the rest of your life to spend with your husband, won't you want to actually get up and check out the different tables and say hi to everyone that's tended your wedding anyway. So after the ceremony, next comes family and group photos. Then you and your bridal party will drive to a location to do a photo shoot for an hour or so. Now, here's the thing about photos after your ceremony. Usually you're pretty hungry by this time, and in the moment you might just want to rush and get the photo shoot over with. Please make sure you've got snacks with you for you and your bridal team so that you can actually make the most of this photo shoot time, because this is really the only chance you have to get some really fun cool shots and take time to make them really awesome. If you have a specific place in mind that you really wanna have your wedding photo shoot done that, then find out well ahead of time if it requires a permit. Popular places do, and permits can cost up to $500 for an hour. My suggestion is if you're easy going and you really want to get some shots in that place but does have a permit requirement and you're willing to take a couple of risks, then go there anyway. Don't get the permit. Take some photos. Most of the time. There's no security at places like this anyways. To check if you have a permit, get them done. If there is someone to check and kick you out, then just play dumb and old. Didn't realize and then have a backup place to get your photo shoot done while you're getting your photo shoot done. Guests will make their way to your reception venue and enjoy cocktail hour, which takes place right at the reception. Orders and drinks will be served during this time. Sometimes, ah, harpist or violence will play music in the background, which, if you want, you'll also have to hire ahead of time. This, ideally, should be on Lee about an hour to an hour and 1/2 long because think about it. Guests are going to get anti and restless if they're waiting too long before your reception starts. This is also where guests will sign your guest book that you can ask your mom to bring in place out. Guests will leave cards for you and your fiance or now husband. They'll look at pictures that you put up in frames. Play any games that you have chitchat and check out the table chart to see where they're sitting. The reception hall will be making the final touches to your room to make sure everything's flawless. Then, when they're ready and when it's scheduled, the open the doors and allow your guests to be seated at their tables. Bread and finger foods will be served wine and drinks. The emcee will announce everyone to sit when it's time for you and your bridal party to enter the M. C will play pre selected music and announce your parents your groom's parents. The bridal party all into the hall is they dance in and then you in your room. Usually right after this, you and your broom will go right into your first dance. And if you aren't doing anything fun and crazy, rather dancing seventh grader style, Then consider cutting your dance a little short because let's be honest. After about 2.5 minutes or so of you and your groom dancing around in circles with everyone watching, it gets a tad bit boring. You're then seated, and the emcee will announce house rules and let your guests No. If you want the couple the kiss, you have to get up and kiss first and show him how it's done. For example, this is something you can pre decide with your emcee, depending on your religion. Sometimes special dances or performances will also take place. Sometimes kid guests can read poems. You can have a singer, Ah, fire dancer or whatever other performers you'd like toe have entertain your guests at your wedding, but this is costly and it's not necessary. 36. Lecture 34 Conclusion: and that brings us to the end of this video course. Use all the information and tips you've learned to get the best deals possible with vendors and ensure your hiring the right people for when you need them. Feel free to replay lectures over again. Print the checklist provided and take them with you to vendor meetings. And please ask me any questions that you may have. But I can help answer to ensure you have the best wedding ever. Hope you enjoyed this course and congratulations again on your engagement.