Wedding Cake Topper # 1: How to make a Japanese Paper Doll Set (Chapter 1) | Phiona Pham | Skillshare

Wedding Cake Topper # 1: How to make a Japanese Paper Doll Set (Chapter 1)

Phiona Pham, Artist focusing on handmade paper dolls

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11 Videos (27m)
    • Cake Topper Japanese Doll Intro

    • Intro to chapter 1

    • Materials and Measurements

    • Assembling the Head

    • Assembling the Body

    • Groom's kimono measurements

    • Assembling groom's shirt

    • Assembling groom's skirt

    • Add ribbon to the belt

    • Assembling groom's hair

    • Assembling the Jacket


About This Class

If you love DIY project and are looking for ways to add a personal touch to your wedding’s decoration, this class is perfect for you. I will walk you through how I make Japanese doll set cake topper out of papers. Not only are these dolls very unique, adorable and elegant, they are also fun to make and will add another set of skill to your portfolio. In addition, these dolls can serve as a great gift to your special someone or a cute little decoration piece at your desk.

Please check the project section to download the list of materials and measurements





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Phiona Pham

Artist focusing on handmade paper dolls

Hi y'all!

My name is Phiona and I'm from my favorite place ever, Dallas TX! Woohoo!!! I have been here for a while now, and I love it because of so many good times. I got married to my high school sweetheart here, made life- long friends, adopted pets, and most of all had the wackiest roommate ever. She was crazy but so fun, loving, and inspiration. Furthermore, Dallas has a great art district, which allowed me to learn many new concepts and fine-tune ideas. A lot of my works are inspi...

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