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13 Lessons (36m)
    • 1. Websites Authors Need To Know

    • 2. Goodreads

    • 3. Fiverr

    • 4. Authors Talk About It

    • 5. The Book Blogger List

    • 6. Ask David

    • 7. ArmadilloBooks

    • 8. AwesomeGang

    • 9. Authors Village

    • 10. eBooks Habit

    • 11. InstaFreebie

    • 12. BookBub

    • 13. Project Section - Share a Site You Use


About This Class

In this class I am going to be sharing websites that I feel benefits Authors!  Some of these you might already know about but make sure to listen to the because there could be a little nugget of wisdom for you in that video.  

I am also going to add sites to this class from time to time to keep making it better and better.  I might even delete a video from time to time if I feel that the site no longer is of value.  I would love to see this class grow bigger and bigger and become a better help for authors as it grows.  

Make sure to post any sites in the project section you would like me to check out.  While I am constantly on the look out for new sites to help authors I am only human and would love to see the sites others are using.  

If you have any questions on a site or just any question in general, feel free to send them to me. 

Peace and Love,

Rob Alex, Ph. D. 


1. Websites Authors Need To Know: everybody is Rob Alex from authors. Talk about it dot com, and I'm here sharing with you 11 websites that authors need to know about how you might know about all of these. I know about a few of these, but these air definitely websites that I use when we're promoting books that I use when we're, you know, trying to sell more books. And I wanted to share these with you again. You might know some of them. You might know all of them, but listen to the recordings and see what valuable information that you might get out of it and some ways that you might get to help your well. 2. Goodreads : Okay. Our first stop is a good reads now. Good reads to me is the Facebook for readers and authors? Because that's what you get here. You only get readers and authors. You don't get all the other the political aspect, you know, unless the book is about political science or something along that lines. But you don't get all the muddle that you get on Facebook, Twitter and all the other social media's. So good reads is a social media platform that authors want to be involved in. And the first thing that you want to make sure you have. Did you want to make sure you have your profile set up and I'll pull up mind right quick here to show you what I got? Um, if it comes up, it's being a little slow today, but here it comes, and there's me with my Sasquatch pizza there. Um, but this allows you to, um, you know, put in your information where your from where you were born, all those type of great things. It's a great way to start your profile and get people going on what you've got going. Um, not only in your book, but what books you're reading, what likes what you like. Your ratings have you graded books and so forth, so very important that you fill out your own personal profile. And then we go to our author dashboard and the author Dashboard again has a picture of you , and it has a listing of all your books. And as you can see, my books are all down there tucking, and it tells my books and my ratings everything like that. So you definitely wanna have this because readers are on good reads. They are looking for books on good reads, so make sure that you fill out your author profile, um, as much as you can. Now there's a lot of other great places to go on. Good reads, and one of those is the group's, and we'll click on groups and we'll go over there. And as you can see, there's a lot of groups that you conjoined and be a part of and take part of. I always look and see how many members are in the group on Guy will look and see when I click on one to see how active they are, because I don't want to get in a group that's not active. But as you can see, you can see the tags over here that I'm pointing out. There's a lot of different categories for your good reads groups that are out there. Um, another great thing that you can do on good reads is we'll go back to my, um, back to my personal page Here is you. Can you have your own blawg on? Good reads. As you can see right here, I've I've posted things on Good reads. I posted about one of our contest things like that. And if you scroll down, it shares all the books, every take advantage of the blog's on good reads and put your information when you're writing a new book, Um, when your next books going to come out the ideas that you might have for your next book, any input that you might want from people, put it in your blood and see what kind of response you get. Now, Last thing that I want to talk about, and I think this is a good thing to get involved in as we go back to the home page on Good Reads is the reading challenge every year. Good reads, puts up a reading challenge, and it allows you to, you know, log all the books that you read and complete. This year, I have pledged read 50 books. I know I'm going to read a lot more than 50 books. As you can see, I'm already at 14 books, um, completed right now. And if we go to and review my challenge, it'll show all the books that I'm reading. So this is another great way to get some like minded people liking your stuff. Um, because they're going to see the books that you're reading. And as you can see, I'm 20. I'm already 28% done with my book challenge for this year. So good reads is a very important place to build a fan base. As you can see, we go back to the front page here, and they've got people listed as you go down, and it will recommend people for you that, like the same kind of books, is you. So good Reads is a place and author needs to be on. And I know a lot of you authors are probably out there are already on good reads. But if you haven't been up to this point, please make sure you get on there and get rolling on. Good reads, because it is that Facebook for readers and authors. 3. Fiverr: Our next site is fiver, and I have used five or so much. It's fiber dot com, f i v e r r dot com and they're so much you can get done on fiber for very little money. And as you can see, um, we'll go into the fibre just a little bit here, but they have their feature gigs up front when you're going in, but you can search for anything. And let's just search for book promotion as I'm typing one handed here and it pops up force their book promotion. There are tons of gigs on here for book promotion, and they help you get the word out about your book. I will do Kindle book promotion order. Now, um, you know, the list goes on and on their so many always check the ratings on and check the, um, the reviews on each person before you just blindly go into it. Now some of these will start $5 though go on up. So don't think that everything on Fiverr is just five bucks, but it starts at five bucks and you can lead a lot of great things on fiber for five bucks you know, I'm telling you, book promotion, that's That's one another great one that we've had very good success. What is, um, getting book covers Done? Um, you know, for five bucks, I don't know if you've ever priced a book cover from a professional service, but it's usually like 3 $400. If you go to 99 designs of $300 usually to get your book cover down to $300 fibers, you can get him done $5 a lot of times you can get multiple, um, multiple covers done within that, so that you can pick one that best fits your or they might have revisions on. The best thing to do is have know what you have in mind when you go into designing a cover on Fiverr because you know the more information you can give the person that you are are dealing with, that you've ordered your gig through, the better it is for you. Another great thing that I found on fibers that most people don't do is a book trailer on what I mean by that is that's the little preview of your book. It is the little film clip that you could put on YouTube that you can put on your website that will showcase your book. It might tell what it's about or build some anticipation for when you think of a book trailer, think of the previews for the movies that you go to see. That's what you want to do. And there's so many of those on fiber that you can get. You know that for very inexpensive, you know, the ones that were pulling up here. First off our 10 $5 you know they go, there's some that might be a little more expensive, but $20. You can probably get one for $5 made somebody that's just starting out. But take advantage of that because that's a low investment. And the thing you have to think of is how much is your time worth? If you pay somebody $10 to do a video for you, and if you're gonna have to learn a whole process, that might take you hours to dio, Maybe 10 bucks is worth the effort here on fiber to drop in there and and get that going another. Some other great things are illustrations There's a lot of great artists on fiber that will illustrate your book for, like, $5 a page. Things like that you need to take advantage of those. Um, there is some editing that is done on fiber, but I caution you be very careful. $5 for editing. I I don't know. Um, you know, sometimes you get what you pay for, so please check out anybody that you would think about editing. You know, there is a source. Fiber is a source for editing, but it's not one of my highly recommended ones. But you can get some people that it your book if you are on a fixed budget. Now, one thing I want to caution you on is on Fiverr. Um, it's very tempting sometimes for a lot of people to get paid reviews. And I just want to say that not right, and it's illegal. You know, if Amazon finds out that you're paying for reviews, they will strike them, and they can't even close your account for that. So don't purchase reviews. Um, please, cause I just It's wrong to begin with. You want honest reviews, you want good reviews. You want reviews that are not going to get you in trouble on any of the platforms that you're selling your book on. So please don't purchase reviews just straight out from fiber. So but I highly recommend fiber. I get so much stuff done on fiber, I have a few five or gigs out there myself, even. But I'm telling you, this is a great place for authors defined and get work done. 4. Authors Talk About It: Okay. Our next site is authors. Talk about it, and this one's kind of a little special to me. This is one that my wife and myself started up. But I think this is a fabulous source for authors right here. There's so much great information and great products on authors. Talk about it, starting out with our book awards contest and you can just go right here, too. Um, our book award contest. And we have several that run through the year. I think that you will see, um, some amazing books that come through our contest. Um, as you can see here on our home page A C Birches are last year's winner with his book The Home Port Journals. So But, you know, you just hover over this little down arrow and you can see our 2017 authors talk about book award contest. Um, we're just finishing up with our romance novel book contests and these air contest that we're going to be running again. Our holiday book contest had an amazing results, and oh my gosh, are horror contest. It'll be, you know, opening up around the Halloween time before that so we can have those and promote those in time for Halloween. So make sure you check out the contest here. It authors talk about it. They are the best contest, and I might be a little biased. But we give so much to all our authors we give. You know, everybody that innards as long as you get three stars on your books gets promotion across several different platforms that we have and that alone is is within the price range. And the price for our contest are big. Contest is 35 bucks. I don't know if you've priced other contests, but oh, my gosh, There's not even a comparison to some of the bigger ones compared to ours. Now, another thing authors talk about offers is some online classes, and those will be changing as we go on. I know we're putting out more and more classes all the time to get you involved with authors. Talk about but one of our big things is our beta read and critique, and right here I'm gonna give you a little hint. We're gonna put editing in there, too. We're gonna have ah, the critique and pay to read where somebody will review your work and tell you how you can make it better. Some spots that might not be so good that you might want to take out and some things that you might want to add. But we are also in the process of starting to edit books, so that'll be up there soon. So keep going to authors. Talk about it dot com and find out all the great information there. And I just kind of scroll down the page here a little bit. There we are. We have a big ceremony within the year we did on Facebook live this year, announcing all the winners and the finalist of our our contest. As you can see over them side There's our holiday winner, Ornaments of Love, our book contest winner home port journals again on. And then we have first place right winners. We promote so many books. It's unbelievable, and we don't just stop on the website here. We have several other forms. We would have a reach of about 70,000 people now. One other thing that you might not realize from authors stuff about is we have a podcast and we've been soap, our pop podcast has been so popular, and so many people wanted to be honest, we had the limit. Now, to be a guest on our podcast, you have to be one of the finalists in our contest, so you have to go into our contest and be one of the finalists on the authors. Talk about a podcast, so make sure you get over there and check that out. Authors talk about it dot com one of the best websites that authors need to check out and frequent to see what new things and exciting things are going on in the world of writing. 5. The Book Blogger List: Okay. Are you ready for more information than you could stick a shake a stick at? Well, that's what the book blogger list gives you and the Web site. The Web address for this is just book blogger list dot com So you have to take the off. So it's book blogger list dot com and what this site is. It gives you a listing of all the book bloggers out there. I mean, all the book bloggers that are out there and you can look through here on Daybreak it down . If you click on the fiction, you know it's going to show you different kinds of fiction. And if you click on one of these specific categories, it will only take you to book blog's that review those kind of books. So you're not gonna be wasting your time going through a book. Blogging going Okay, what do they want to review? What do they want? A review. If they're under the one of the sub categories under fiction, that's the kind of books that they re review. So you're not gonna want to get to their blawg. You're not going to have to get, um, any other information from them. And as you can see, we have a nonfiction we go to nonfiction If you have a nonfiction if you run a book bog. Besides, you know, being an author, you know, you can submit your blawg here. Um, you know, it gives you instructions for bloggers instruction for authors. You can contact the host. If you have any ideas, maybe you want to partner with them in some way. But the book blogger list is a wealth of information. I mean, I go through this constantly and it is constantly updated. I'm going to tell you right now, because I work with a lot of book bloggers. They are amazing people. So many of them do this work just out of their love for reading. They're not looking for any money. They're not looking for any, you know, notoriety. A lot of them. A lot of them that I've talked to are just looking for free eBooks. They just want free books to read. So, you know, there's a wealth of information here, and if we would just click on fiction to get the overview here of the way it works here, but we'll go to the fiction part here and we'll scroll down and you'll see you'll start seeing books. There's library, Rahm, read, Relax, Review. Ah, lot of those that come down here and this list goes on and on and on and on. And that's why I said I come back and check often because there's new blog's on here all the freaking time. I mean, it's crazy how many book bloggers air out there, and so many of them are looking for great books to review. As we're scrolling down, I'm gonna find one here in a little bit a pick up and I'm show you what's going on there and how you get to that book. Blawg. Um, but there's, you know, so many here, and these are all fiction with theirs are authors Village Blawg right there. This is one that I run, and that's actually one of our sites that you need to go to. But as you can see, you can click right here and I'll give you information about the author's Village book log . But if you click on the link down here, I will take you right to that book. Bloggers link, and it will open it in a new window so you don't have to go back and forth, back and forth, back and forth. This is one of those sites that you as an author need and have it put in your favorites because you can constantly go here, find a new book, blogger, find somebody that might review your work. Find somebody that's gonna shout your book out. And you know what else is going to do is going to give you that back link. You know how back links are so important? You get your book listed on one of these book bloggers blog's and it's gonna give you that back link to your website to your information. And I'm gonna tell you, book bloggers are amazing people. They get a bad rap a lot of if they give somebody a bad review. Um, you know, they get the business from authors a lot of times. And so one thing I want to caution you and want to say is be respectful for these book bloggers. Even if you don't get the review that you're looking for, Remember, you're getting that back link to your site to your book. So you know that's worth a lot in itself. Maybe the review might not be that great, but you know, there's always something important that you need the fine from a review. If so, if you get a bad review from one of a pull something that out there that you could improve on your book for, maybe the your next book or you could go back in and fix on this book. So book blogger list dot com Make sure you go check it out and get in touch with some of these book bloggers. There are amazing people I'm telling you right now, and there's so many of them out there. 6. Ask David: Okay. Our next website is asked David, and it is asked david dot com pretty simple as david dot com, This is a great place to get your book promoted. They do both paid and free version. So if we're going to go, here's the Ask David main site. When you type in, ask david dot com you're gonna come to this site and you're gonna go over here to click four authors. Now, they have other things that are going on. Um, so, you know, make sure you check out everything that they have going on. Ask David. But for the author standpoint, we're gonna click on the Ask four authors, and it's going to review the services that they have for authors. So let's click on that and go over to that. Pens flow right now. Click on it again. There it goes. I, um so we've got several things that they offer right here. Um, the big one is, if you're putting out a free e book right here, this is the place you want to be. I have got so many downloads from Ask David, they do a wonderful job, and this is a totally free service. You can go in there and do it for free. You don't have to do anything. Just put your book details in. They take care of it. They promoted. They send me messages through my email, telling me, Hey, your books up, go share our post. One of the things that I was do is make sure I go over and share the Ask David Post on Twitter or Facebook or wherever they've promoted my book, so that I am giving their just due because that's how they make money. Now they also have book promotion services. So if you're not running a free book, they do have some paid services out there. They also have a paid service for your, um, your free free book so that, you know, they they send it out a little bit. Mawr they they put it out there. But this service has been wonderful for me. I have had so much great luck and so many more downloads from my free books by using this totally free service. And if we'll click on it and we'll go over there for a minute and see what you know, basically what it is, free promotion of your free Kindle books and you can scroll down. And it's very simple form to fill out your S I in number, your first name in your last name and then that will make sure that it's, you know you'll go to the next step and they'll make sure that everything's correct. You're not trying to pass off some other book anything like that, but this is a wonderful sight. Asked David. It is a site that all authors need to have a near and dear to their heart for when they have those free promotions coming out so that they can get a little more a little more eyes on their book and have a lot more download. So there you go. Authors ask David, Just go to that site and you will find out more and more, and, um, get your books on there 7. ArmadilloBooks: Okay, Armadillo E Books is the next one on our list here. And this is a very simple site. Great for helping you submit your bargain books, your free books, those type of things. Pardon me, and it is just armadillo e books dot com. So that's the Web address that you need to go to. And it's real simple site. I mean, not a lot of bells and whistles here, but you can just go to submit free books. Free e books. Now, obviously, they only deal with e books, but again, a very simple form to fill out. They do have a paid version of where they will submit your book to 45 sites for only $35. Pretty good value in itself. But other than that, the forms pretty straight and simple. Fill it out, click yes and submit it. And you're done. Um, and again, if you're having some kind of bargain e books, they have, they have another cent step there where they will do 99 cents toe to 99 books. They have a paid up to upgrade their also. That's how they make their money. So, you know, if you have to cash flow, and you can definitely help Armadillo e books out by using some of their paid services. So, you know, that's pretty much it on Armadillo books. It's just one of those services that's quick and easy to put your book in when it's free or when you're running a bargain on it. So make sure that you go over there and you use them. Um, keep it in your your cue. So whenever you're doing free book promotion, um, use Armadillo e books and they will get your book out to a wide audience. 8. AwesomeGang: awesome gang. That is it awesome. Gang dot com is the next website that I want to present to you guys. And again, it is a very simple site, much like Armadillo e books are last one. But if you go to the home page here, um, it's real simple. There's not a lot to this site, and they give you a lot of great promotion. Um, as you can see, there's free book delivery, but you just click on Submit, which, on the home side here, um, and it will bring up the place you put the title of your book in the book synopsis the website linked to Amazon Twitter. You're going to put all that stuff in your book image cover and just simply send in the form they do have, ah, paid version of this, um, $10 it'll get you a lot more notoriety again. It's only $10. They do have the free service, which gets you plenty of eyes on your book. However, obviously with everything, that $10 version is going to go a lot bigger for you. Um and then they have, you know, they list you in their featured books. They do interviews that they have all kinds of things going on in awesome gang. And they're connected to a lot of other book sites that promote your book. So start out with Awesome Gang. Find out what all they can give to you. User. $10. Um, feature if you want, because you're gonna get a lot more, Ah, eyes on your book in that sense and a lot more notoriety, if you will. So awesome gang dot com Go there, check out, submit all your free books and please consider doing They're paid 12 because that's how these places make money. 9. Authors Village: Okay. Our next stop is a blogger, as we mentioned earlier. Authors village dot block spot dot com Again, that's authors village dot blawg spot dot com This is one of the best book blogger sites out there. I'm gonna because I run this one, obviously. But you can slow down. We have so much information. We have so many tabs here, it authors Village, I'm First of all, we've got help for authors that will take you to all the classes that we run for authors. Great amount of help. They're all our latest contests are our latest information. I'll Our latest classes will be listed there. Just click on that tab, but also take you to our creative authors marketing Facebook Page, where we do weekly live trainings on Wednesday. So you want to get involved in that that click that link. It will take you right there and then also it has a link right our book awards contest to where you consign app and enter our book award contest just by clicking on this link. But that's why what the mains part of this site is this site boast a new book every day. Every single day. Um, and as it grows, we might be getting into 23 books a day because it's growing pretty fast. I'm having trouble keeping up, but you can see we list are popular. Post the post of the day and it goes on down. And here's a nice thing if you want to get your book promoted on our site right here, you just click this link, this guy yelling through the megaphone. Click on that and it will take you to where you can sign up and get your book promoted on Authors Village. Um, right from the page, we've got great things. There's one of our classes meditation for authors You can click on and get there. Also listing of our contest winners on the side there. This is just a great page, and it's gotten so much great response and has helped so many authors. I am just amazed as I look at the stats in the book sent pop up in the books that are are shared across via people social media, how awesome this is, And again this page is shared to about 70,000 people, plus were growing all the time. So but Right now, it's about 70,000 people, plus that this page gets shared to on a daily basis. So when your book comes up there, that's a pretty good thing. So I highly recommend you go and check out and put your book on Authors Village, not block spot dot com. And we're going to continue keeping this rolling and getting it better and better. And as you, um, as you come along for the ride and keep this in your Q. You know you could go back and put your books on there quite often if you want and see where it takes your books. Because I've had a lot of great feedback for people that have advertised their books on authors village dot com. This is also wanna if you in our contest you get an automatic entry. So if you're gonna enter our contest, which I would recommend you do, don't go in and do the extra Add unless you just want to you unless you get you want to get your book promoted twice. So there goes guys. Authors village dot blawg spot dot com, another great website that authors need to keep under the thumb as they're promoting their books 10. eBooks Habit: Okay, ladies and gentlemen, our next website is e books Habit e books habit dot com. Go there, Check this out. This is another site that's promoter free books, but this one's a little different. You don't get automatic promotion. They select ah handful of books to get their free promotion. So if we go to about us section there are actually I want to go to the four author section will go to the four author section. You can submit your book here, but again, it is not a guarantee that you'll get it. As you'll see, they're pricing here. They have a $10 value, $15 value there. But the free one down here noticed that it says guarantee not, um to be chosen his ex, cause they don't guarantee just cause you submit your book doesn't mean you're guaranteed. If you jump up to the $10 there guarantee and you promote it. But they ticks every so often they'll pick a book and they will put it out for free. That's always worth it to put it there because I'm telling you, they have a good list. They have a lot of people. I've got on there once, and I got some great results. Form it, just using their free service. I have not tried at this point there $10 service. But if you can get in there on that free section where they pick some every every so often , you will get downloads, I promise you. So I'm go over and check out E books. Have it again. It's e books habit dot com. Um, put your book in there when it's free. If you do want to do the paid, please, I was encourage you to do the paid version. That's how these sites make money. That's how they stay afloat. That's how they keep promoting books. But if you don't have the cash flow and you want to take a chance and maybe the every year book will be the one picks go for it, because if it is the one picked, you will get downloads from for sure 11. InstaFreebie: in stuff. Freebie is the next site that we're going to be sharing with you. And this is a great site that you have to log in. You have to create account here, but again, it's insta in stuff. Freebie dot com. As you can see the spelling right there instead freebie dot com and what it allows you deduce this site allows you to share free books no matter where you want. When you want how you want, it allows you control over your free book. You know how Amazon gives you five days, you know, other platforms you got to go in and change it from free, back to paid. This allows you to just put a book in pdf format and give it out to everyone If you're running a contest, if you're having a special promotion whenever wherever you want, this gives you could the control over and it was Well, sign in here and you'll see my created my account already. Um, so hopefully will sign in here. Um, there goes, it's going now, but you go in there and this is a count I've created. I've got it going out. It's 100 piston percent complete, but you just go in and you add a book. Very simple process. It's a It's a very simple product. You put the title, you upload the pub file, you upload the cover, you select the genre, give a description, I'm enter the number, and that's optional. If you want to do the Amazon, um, and then you add book, and then it will give you a link to your book if we go back to mine, and it will give you a link to your book where you can share free for whatever you want. So you know, it gives me the Web address right here, and it tells me right here I started mine just yesterday, and I've only got six copies. Claims sick people have come and taken advantage of this freebie offer that I have going out. It's instant freebie. Insta freebie dot com. Don't let me say it wrong. I'm trying to instead freebie dot com. Use your great way to throw out your book There. This is This is a great way. If you're just starting with your book and you want to get some beta readers, you want to get some people to test it out. Get some feedback on it. This is a great way to do this. Go grab this. You can send in a pdf. They can upload that, pdf to their kindle. Read your book, give you the feedback. Before you ever even put it out on Amazon on iTunes on Barnes and Noble, wherever that you're gonna be putting it out. This is a great tool to use to get that feedback, and it allowed people to read your book for free. You can send these copies to the book bloggers we were talking about from book blogger list . Um, there's just so many places that you can share a free copy of this. Maybe you have a business book out and you're just wanting to share free copies. And you don't want people have to go to Amazon or you don't want to have to go to iTunes. You can just send them a free copy via email right here. So instead freebie dot com authors. You need to know this. You need to have it throughout your writing process, whether your books finished or not, so that you can start getting some feedback on your book. 12. BookBub: All right. Our last sight here is book bub dot com. Yo, OK, bu be dot com and this is a doozy. Now, this is not a free side. It does not have a free version at all. But if you're really wanting to make a big splash with your book, this is when you might consider. Um Now, the thing about book club dot com is I'm clicking on the author link over there cause we're gonna go over to the author side of the book bub website. But the thing about book Bubbas, they do not accept every book. You have to submit your book and then they will decide if your book is good enough for them or not. So it's not just that. Hey, I'm just gonna pay something. I'm going to get it out there. This service is for real. This is a really deal service. If you were wanting to get big time readership, take that chance, but it's gonna cost you. It's gonna cost you and we're gonna go over here. Um, what you do is with book Bubba's you, you partner with them and right here we have the, um, book bug um, for publishers and authors over here that shows you how to get involved. It goes to your partner over shit. Overview for it. Show you how to become a partner. Tells you all the information. Um, you know how to submit authors, you know, testimonials. All those things. I have heard a lot of great things about booked up. Now, here's the thing, though. The pricing on book book, bub started out and it was relatively inexpensive to do this. They have a huge list. As you can see, we're gonna go down. Here is the pricing for book buck. And as you can see, um, you're talking, you know, anywhere from $500 to $2000 to have your book listed on the site. Ah, free book. You're gonna have to pay $512 in the crime fiction category. Now, I want you to look at something though, cause right here they have 3,000,780 1000 subscribers to their crime fiction category. So when that When? When you sign up for book, bub. If they If they accept your book now what? I always want to caution you remember that this is not a guarantee. If they accept your book, then it goes out to their list here and and they have a wide range of categories. Um ah. Lot of categories for you to choose from everything from nonfiction Teoh erotica to you Name it, they've got it. Now, this, um right here will tell you that, you know, for your $512 in the crime fiction category, the average downloads are 55,000. So that 55,000 Now, if you go with the paid version, the average sale per, um, average sale is 3000 and 70. Now, these air averages that these results are not guaranteed. They do not say this is how maney you'll get, But you can kind of put paper in there and see if that is worth it for your book. Now, the interesting part with book Bob is depending on the price of your book is where that they is, how much they charge. So if you're under a dollar, they only charge $1000 in the crime. Fiction said it category $1024. But if you're $2 or over, they charged $2560. That's because most people will want that the let least expensive book. Now, one thing you have to do is you have to run a special for book up to when they put out your book. You have to run a special. So if your book is regularly $12 you've got to lower the price for them to even consider it . And that's all in the section. When you sign up, you'll put that information of what you're going to sell for what days it's gonna be on sale, those type of things. But this is definitely something you want to consider if you're really wanting to hit the big time. If you've got the money to put behind your book, this is definitely something that you want to do. Now I want to caution you again. They do not accept every book. It is very difficult to get a book in here because they are so big and they are getting these type of download 55,000 for a free book or 3000 downloads for a a $2 book or a dollar book. Those are big numbers in the grand scheme of things so they don't just accept every book. So before you present your book to book, bub, you need to make sure that it is on spot. It is done correctly. The covers done nice that you have a good promotion set up. You're editing is done properly because you don't get too many chances. They don't. You know, once your book is denied, you have to go through the whole submitted process again. So you want to make sure that you're ready to go if you're thinking about book. But I highly recommend this again if you have the cash flow. Um, if you're book fits in the right category where you can't afford that, I definitely think it's worth a try again. These are all average numbers. There's no guarantee. Obviously, they couldn't possibly guarantee that, but they do have huge list, and they do get great results for a lot of people. Now, one thing you have to understand here, too, is they I'm deal with ah, lot of the well known authors too. So don't just think that this is just, you know, the indie authors thes air some big authors that are putting their books in here too worth a try worth the effort 13. Project Section - Share a Site You Use: All right, everybody, There are the 11 sites that I use I promised to share with, but we're not done yet. Now we have your project. Your project is toe list. Any sites that you use that I haven't touched on here today in the project section. Why? Because I'm constantly trying to improve the way we market books. The way we promote books, anything that can give us a leg up. And I would love to check out the sights that you use. Maybe you run a sign, put it in in the project section down there. I want to know the places that you're going to use to because I'm on a the path of constantly learning and growing. And as I hope that you guys are out there too. So put those sites in there on the project section so that I can go check them out too.