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Website Traffic Without SEO: 3 Traffic Boosting Case Studies

teacher avatar Christine Maisel, Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

65 Lessons (5h 39m)
    • 1. Introduction: What To Expect & What Sites This Works For

    • 2. The Only 3 Criteria You Need For Successfully Attracting Traffic & First Steps F

    • 3. Determining your audience

    • 4. Section 2 Intro : Creating a Specific & Actionable Traffic Generation Plan

    • 5. Identifying Your Audience

    • 6. How to Prioritize Your Efforts

    • 7. Breakdown Your Goals

    • 8. Section 3 intro : Preparing For Website Traffic

    • 9. Measuring and Testing Your Plan

    • 10. Setting Up Your Website for Upcoming Traffic

    • 11. Major Sources of Website Traffic

    • 12. The 3 Case Studies We're Going To Drive Traffic To

    • 13. Section 4 intro :What to Expect From the First Traffic Generation Case Study

    • 14. An Introduction to The First Traffic Case Study Website

    • 15. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them

    • 16. Identifying The Initial List of Traffic Sources

    • 17. Prioritizing The List of Traffic Strategies

    • 18. Traffic Implementation Tips to Consider When Getting Started

    • 19. Implementing The Traffic Strategies

    • 20. Section 5 Intro: Preparing For The Second Traffic Generation Case Study

    • 21. An Introduction to The Second Traffic Case Study Website

    • 22. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them

    • 23. Creating & Implementing The Traffic Generation Plan

    • 24. Section 6 Intro: Preparing For The Third Traffic Generation Case Study

    • 25. An Introduction to The Third Traffic Case Study Website

    • 26. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them

    • 27. Creating & Implementing The Traffic Generation Plan

    • 28. Section 7 Intro Content Marketing

    • 29. Using Targeted Contributions to Increase Website Traffic

    • 30. How Sharing Your Knowledge Produces More Traffic, Leads & Sales

    • 31. Going Beyond Text to Drive Traffic

    • 32. How to Have Others Email Their Entire Audience Your Link

    • 33. Finding Your Target Audience & Getting In Front of Them

    • 34. Publishing With the Big Boys

    • 35. Share Your Expertise While Helping Others = Traffic + Leads

    • 36. How to Gain Traffic From Sharing Other People's Content

    • 37. Use This (Free) Tool to Promote Content & Brand In Just

    • 38. Section 8 Intro: Driving Traffic With Social Media

    • 39. Several Options for Increasing Traffic Using These Top Social Media Sites

    • 40. How to Participate In These Large Groups to Generate Lots of Views + Bonus Idea

    • 41. Combining Images & Social Media for Targeted Traffic

    • 42. Combining Images & Social Media for Targeted Traffic (Cont)

    • 43. Find Your Target Audience in Less Than 1 Minute Among These Billions of Users

    • 44. How to Find Others Who Will Promote Your Content to Their Social Media Audience

    • 45. Section 9 Intro: Building Relationship to Drive Quick Traffic

    • 46. Boost Your Brand & Views By Talking With Others Who Already Have Your Audience's

    • 47. Getting Media On Your Side

    • 48. Finding Companies Who Already Reach Your Audience For Extra Views (& Sales)

    • 49. How to Leverage Events for Website Traffic (Even With No Experience)

    • 50. Section 10 Intro: A Handful of Bonus Options for Boosting Website Traffic

    • 51. Creating a Free Promotion Team to Drive Traffic

    • 52. Leveraging a Large Platform to Constantly Remind Audience to Visit Your Website

    • 53. How to Build Traffic & Email Subscribers for Big Numbers In The Span of One Week

    • 54. Product marketplaces

    • 55. These Sites Exist to Drive Visitors to Your Products

    • 56. 1 Way to Get Traffic From Sources You Don't Even Expect

    • 57. Section 11 Intro: Options for Driving Website Traffic With Paid Advertising

    • 58. These Marketplaces Produce Traffic With the Right Ads

    • 59. How to Get In Front of Your Specific Audience Inexpensively

    • 60. Using Social Media Advertising + The Options You Haven't Considered

    • 61. Encourage Previous Site Visitors to Visit The Site Again (And/Or Take The Action

    • 62. Use This Plugin to Send Previous Visitors Back to Your Site

    • 63. Outsourcing Traffic Generation To Save Time & For Further Growth

    • 64. Creating a Continued Traffic Growth Plan For Your Website

    • 65. Your Plan for Getting Traffic Results

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About This Class

When you're starting a new online venture, it's a very exciting time. It's easy to feel motivated as you're setting up your site and preparing for the massive growth you're about to have but when it comes to actually getting visitors to your site you feel stuck. 

You could go the SEO route and spend months working hard to rank your website highly in search engines but what about now? 

What if you don't want to wait or what if SEO isn't the best plan for your site?

Well, you don't have to wait. There are so many strategies you can use to generate targeted traffic to a website. And that's exactly what we focus on in this course so here's how we're going to do that.

The key here is to create a strategic and specific plan that is unique to the website you're working on. No one size fits all approach here

So here we look at the exact steps you need to take to create your master traffic plan and then exactly how to implement it so you receive the traffic and income you want from the website.

We're going to do this by:

  • determining how to set-up your plan for success
  • the specific website traffic generation strategies to use
  • what strategies work best for different types of sites 


Then I'm going to walk you step-by-step through the traffic generation process using three real case studies. So here I'm taking 3 brand new sites (no traffic at all) that are all different in nature and I'll let you look over my shoulder as I create each site's unique traffic generation strategy plan. Then once that plan is in place, you can watch as I actually implement the plan and see real traffic results.

Here I'll be working on the site's one at a time (as focusing on one is the best for results). As each site grows I will share the results with you along with what's working, what's not and how I plan to scale the site's growth even further. Then we'll continue on to the next case studies.


As a part of this course you will also gain instant access to a variety of invaluable resources including:

  • Website Traffic Generation Strategies & Resource List
  • Specific search queries for finding new traffic generation opportunities
  • List of websites, resources and tools you can use
  • Marketing strategy templates
  • Website Traffic Generation & Revenue Goal Tracking Sheet
  • and lots more in the dedicated documents & resources section


Now, As part of this course I expect for you to not only learn but I expect for you to begin taking action by creating your traffic generation plan as you go through the course and begin implementing it so you will see results.

I am active inside this course and I'm available so you can ask questions as you learn, plan and implement. So if you're not sure how to move forward or you get stuck along the way, ask questions and get feedback so you keep the results coming in.  You really have no excuse for not seeing results.

Now that you know exactly what you can expect from spending your time with me here, let's start taking action together. 

Come join me now.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Christine Maisel

Designer, SEO & Founder of Portable Entrepreneur


Christine is the founder of the Portable Entrepreneur where she directly helps web design and SEO startups through education, coaching and services. 

Christine has been a web designer for nearly 15 years - 10 of which she has been self-employed. Her work has taken her from working for some start-up dot com companies in the early 2000's to working as a contractor for the Office of the Under Secretary of Defense to her own home office.

In her time, she has built 100's of websites and blogs primarily on WordPress and Joomla. Christine has also provided training to individuals and businesses to help them manage their websites on their own with no knowledge of web coding.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: What To Expect & What Sites This Works For: starting a new online venture is a very exciting time, especially if you have information or a product or service that you know is gonna be a great value to your audience. So it's easy to feel very motivated. As you're getting set up, you are putting your website together, but then it can start to feel a bit more difficult when you start thinking about how can you actually go about generating traffic and getting visitors to your website Now? You could spend months working on S E O and trying to rank your website highly in search engines. But what if you don't want toe weight or what if S E. O. Is not the best plan for your website? The truth is, you don't have to wait. There are so many strategic traffic generation strategies that you can use to start getting traffic to your website quickly, and that's exactly what we're going to focus on in this course. So here's how we're going to do that. The key is to create a strategic and specific plan to the website that you are working on. There is no one size fits all approach to traffic generation, so here. We're going to look at the exact steps that you need to take to create that specific master traffic plan for you. And then we'll look at exactly how you go about implementing that plan so that you can begin seeing the traffic numbers and income numbers that you want for your website. We're going to do this by determining how to set up your plan for success. We'll look at specific strategies to use what strategies work best for different types of sites. And then I'm going to walk you step by step through the traffic generation process, using three riel case studies. So here I'm taking three brand new sites, have no traffic at all that are all different in nature. And I'll let you look over my shoulder as I create each sites unique traffic generation strategy. And then once the plan is in place, you can watch as I actually implement the plan and start seeing riel traffic numbers. So this is all something that you will be able to duplicate after watching. Now, as part of this course, I expect for you to not only learn but for you to begin taking action as well, and I want you to do that by starting to create your own traffic generation plan. As you go through this course and begin implement it so that you too can see results. I'm active inside this course and I'm available if you have any questions as you learn as you plan as you implement. So if you're not sure how to move forward or you're feeling stuck along the way, ask questions, get feedback. There really is no excuse here for not seeing results. So now that you know what to expect from spending your time here with me, let's go ahead and start taking action together. Come join me now. 2. The Only 3 Criteria You Need For Successfully Attracting Traffic & First Steps F: There are four criteria that you need to meet in order to make sure that you successfully drive traffic to your website. Now, if you've heard me talk at all before you've taken any my other courses, you know that I talk about long term strategies. So here we're going to focus on a lot of traffic generation strategies that you can use to build traffic to your website Right away you'll get a lot of quick results. But I also want those results to build each day each week each month. And I want you to have traffic in the long term. So I always want to go after quality traffic. So that's our focus is always quality. So if you can do these four things I'm about to talk about, you can successfully make this happen for your website. So let's get to the 1st 1 now. I assume you're here because you have a website that either provides information to visitors. You offer products or services, not regardless of what you offer. It really needs to be great. It really means toe offer value to your visitors because that is what is going to help you in the long term, we can surely drive traffic to a website that is low quality, but it's not going to sustain itself. So always make sure that you start with that good base, that good foundation, by having a solid site that offers valuable information products or services. Now, from there, you need to know exactly who your audience is. Who are you actually targeting when you know that everything you do around building website traffic is going to be so much easier? No. Next after you know who your audience is now, you need to know where they are. Where do you find them when you know who they are? You know how to find them much easier. Now you can get in front of them much easier, so that is the gist of what you need to dio. But none of that makes any difference if you don't take action. All of this requires action. So that is the fourth criteria that you have to meet. And that's what this course is about as well. I don't want you to just learn. I want you to start taking action, get involved, make things happen. So that's it. You need to make sure you start with that solid foundation. You need to know who your target audiences. You need to know where they are, and then you need to take action to implement your plan. So when it comes to getting started, there's four steps that you want to take. The first is you need to know where you're going. This is one exception you to take to make sure that what you're doing is actually successful. So let's say you have a site in. It's an informational site and you want to sell advertising space now. You likely need to hit a certain number of site visitors each month in order to be able to sell enough ads space. So how many visitors is that? That is the number you need to determine, So that way you can have a benchmark of where you're going Now, your goal, maybe revenue. You may want to earn $1000 from a site or $3000 from a site, so you need to know what that revenue goal is, and you need to know why. That's the number your pick. So try your best to not make these numbers random, trying to make them specific. You are trying to reach those goals for a specific reason. Now, the next step is to determine what your timeframe is. How long do you have or do you want to take to reach that goal? 30 days, 60 days, 90 days longer. You need to know. And these two factors are gonna help. You know if your efforts are actually successful, because if you don't have any idea of where you're going and when you want to get there by , how do you know if you're actually on the right track if you're making enough progress? So that's why it's very important to take the time into beginning to understand where you're going and when you want to get there by so that you can track your efforts. Which brings me right to the third step, which is track what you're doing. You need to be tracking your numbers so that you can again No, if you are actually meeting your goals. And lastly, just like we talked about, you need to take action. You need to implement all of these steps. So if this sounds overwhelming to you or you're not sure where to get started. Don't worry. That's what this course is about. We're gonna break this down. We're gonna go through each step together. You're going to know how to find your numbers, your time frame, all of that. You're going to know how to track your efforts and then you'll see, as we put this into action for riel websites. But my goal here is just to show you that these are the few steps that you really need to take. There's not a lot of steps, but when you take the time to do them, you are going to be able to successfully drive traffic to your website that you want and meet your cycles. 3. Determining your audience: Now that you know who your audience is, it's time to figure out where your audiences and the overall purpose of this is really. Because you don't want to just go out and find any old traffic. You want targeted traffic Because, really, if you work harder on finding targeted traffic, then you're not going to need as much of it to be able to reach your goals. So the idea here is to find where your traffic is, and then you can decide which of those places you really want to focus your time, and then you can start working on those and implementing your plan. So right now we just want to get an overall idea where the traffic is, and then just start noting these places down list 10 20 places that you come across. And then as we get into some of the case studies, you'll see how we go about doing this for an actual website. But this is going to give you some ideas of what you can do to get started. So the 1st 1 is turning to social media. You can look at places like Facebook groups, for example, and I'm sure you know, they have Facebook groups for just about anything. You could literally go in here and just search for any types of groups that you want and then see, what are some of the most popular groups? What did they talk about? Joins some of those groups. And when you're looking at any of these resource is you really want to look at, where else are they talking about? To any of these group members talk about participating in other groups? Do they talk about certain websites where they get information? What did they share? So sometimes within these individual places, you're going to find even more sources. You can also look at Google plus communities again. These are huge places. They have topics just covering everything out there that you can possibly imagine. So just do a search, see what comes up again. Join the groups. What are they talking about? Where else are they spending their time there? Read a. Is there another really big one? And if you're not familiar with Reddit, will talk a little bit more about it later, but read it has sub reddit. So here you can search for just about anything So let's say I type in photography. For example, you'll see here that they have r slash photography, and this is a subreddit. So this is gonna be read it for it slash r ford slash photography, and you can see all the different subreddit that come up and you can click to see all of the ones that come up. Because I can assure you there are much more than just three subreddit on photography's. You can really niche down to a specific type of photography, for example. Then you can see how many subscribers there are, how long the community has been around and again, go in and see what they're talking about. Now Cora is a huge question and answer site. This is one where you can get a lot of information about your audience. You can get an idea of what tools are out there. What did they use? Where do they go so again? Just do a search and core for your topic and see what comes up, and then you can turn to good old Google, and then you could just do some general searches around photography, blog's or whatever your keyword is here for example, is we'll talk about again later on photography animal. Look for a specific forms, and here I can go in and see if there's any forms that are related to what I'm doing. And I can join some of these forums, see what they're talking about and again, if they're mentioned, any other resource is too. Now. You can also look into some paid advertising options. Even if you're not planning on doing paid advertising, this is going to give you an idea of where your audience spends time. Because if the's websites are able to have others paid them for their audience, basically they have a good amount of visitors on their site. So, for instance, let's say again, I'm just sticking with photography here. You consider all different types of categories here, but I want to look for photography, so I'm gonna do a quick search. And now look, I have 74 results for photography websites so I can go through all of these and I can see okay designed taxi 9000 monthly impressions. I don't know if that's exactly what I'm looking for, Not, but I can see snap sort tuts photography. Look at this 406 and 1000 monthly impressions so I can go through. And I could see which one of these are really targeting my audience. I can see how many visitors they actually get, and then I can go take a look at those as well. So this might give you an idea of where some photographers that that's your niche are actually going and spending their time. And you could find out what they're reading, what they're learning about. This can really give you so much good information. So again, just run through some of these general searches and note down 10 20 places where you see your audience spending time. And as I mentioned, when we get to the case study, we're gonna look at how we're actually doing this for individual websites, which might give you an even better idea about how to go about finding your audience. 4. Section 2 Intro : Creating a Specific & Actionable Traffic Generation Plan: the best way to be successful in generating traffic to your website is the star with a plan . That way, you're not wasting your time and energy. So by the end of this section, you'll better know who your audience is, where to find them, how to determine how much traffic you need based on your traffic and income goals and how to prioritize your efforts. So you stay focused and start getting results quickly. So this is all very important stuff to get you started off on the right foot. So this is a section that you don't want to miss. 5. Identifying Your Audience: Now I know you're here because you want to know what are the specific traffic strategies that you're going to be able to use to start driving this traffic to your site. And I promise you, I really do that. We're going to get there very shortly. But I want to make sure that you know who your target audience is so that you can target them. If you don't know who you're going after, it makes it so much harder to figure out how to get in front of them and how to get that traffic that you're going after. So let's take a few minutes and make sure you know who your target audience is and that you know everything you need to about them. So when you're getting started here, you need to know up front, what industry or niche are you going after? So if you already have a site that you're working with, this is probably already taking care of. You already know this. But if you're looking to start a site and you're trying to figure out what to do, of course you need to start with a particular industry or a particular niche that you're going after now, this doesn't have to just business this convey all different types of sites. And the reason we need to know this is because all of your marketing, all of these traffic driving strategies and even the content that you're going to be creating to put on your site is all going to be created around this target audience. It has to be created with them in mind. We want to know what are the desires or what other problems that this particular niche has . So this depends on the type of site that you have. So if you are trying to say solve somebody's paying, then they're out there looking for a solution. What is a solution that you're trying to provide? So you have to know what their problem is. Of course, in order to solve that and the same thing with desires, you might have a site that really more so is joyful. It plays into the emotions of people, and then you have to know what is going to capture their interest. What are they after with the case studies that we will be going through in this course, you're going to see some different types of sites. This will make more sense as we go a swell, but you want to look into what are they out there talking about, what problems air they presenting or whether it's positive or negative? What are they actually talking about? So you can read more on forms that they're on? If you know people that you feel would fall into this particular niche, talk to them. Ask questions. People really love to help if you ask. But if you don't know anybody or you're just too scared to ask, you can always go online and see what people are talking about online now. Another thing you can do is if there is anyone else out there that is targeting the same niche, which there likely will be. Competition is always a good thing. That means there's money to be made with the traffic you're trying to drive. But what products, air services or even information is being provided. So what desires are they playing into a problems? Are they trying to solve? So see what is out there that's existing that may be making money, so you have a better idea as well off what problems are out there now. Great thing that I like to do is to go to sites like Amazon, for example. So let's say the problem that you are focusing on with your site. Let's say you haven't Informational site is arthritis Now. People who suffer from arthritis often have pain. They have joint inflammation issues around that, and their desire is to have that problem solved. They want to get rid of that pain. And so if you go into places like Amazon, where there's thes products, there's a books. Here you can go and see what is being written about so you can see here we have anti inflammatory food, So this is a specific diet. This is a cure. People want to know about cures and so one. So you can see here. There's a number of reviews you can see which ones have the most reviews. It's likely very popular ones, but you can see some even published. You know, this was a year and 1/2 or so ago, not too too long ago. How many reviews it has you'll notice as you go. Some have both positive and negative reviews, So one thing that you can do is look at the positive reviews to see what people found very helpful. And then you can look at some of the one star, even two or three Star of USA's well, and see what people were looking for that they didn't find. Now, this is gonna tell you a lot about your audience that tells you what they're looking for, and so you can get a better idea of what your target audience is feeling, what their needs are. And on top of that, this is gonna give you some really good ideas for what content to put on your site. See what's working, what is still out there that people want to hear about. So that's a great idea for content creation as well. Now what questions are being asked? So here you can look at sites like Core and other answer sites. You might find that there are niche forums, and you can look at what questions are being asked. So here encore, you'll get the main question. You'll see some of the answers below, and then on the right, you see related questions so you can get an idea of what else people are struggling with What information are they out there looking for? Another site that you can do that on is read it. A lot of questions get asked there. So that is a great source of information as well. And like, really takes you a few minutes to go in and look, and one other information while you're out there researching, can you find on the top it what people comment about, What do they like? Where they feel is missing. You have to be open to finding other information is while outside of justice. So with this information, this is really gonna help you get to know who your target audience is, and that's really gonna help you better. As you move forward and we start talking about these traffic strategies, you're gonna be able to know where your audience is, So we'll talk about that here shortly 6. How to Prioritize Your Efforts: As you start putting together your traffic plan, you're going to come up with a whole bunch of different ideas for driving traffic. It's gonna be really exciting. You're gonna have a lot that you can do and you're gonna start seeing results. But in order to do that, you really need to prioritize your efforts. So we're going to generate a whole lot of different ideas. And then we're going to figure out how to go about prioritizing that so that you can get as much of the high quality traffic to your site as soon as possible. So there's a few things that we need to keep in mind. The first is gonna be your budget. Now, if you have zero money to dedicate to this, that's perfectly fine. You will still get results. If you have money to dedicate to this fantastic, you'll still get results, and you may be able to explore some other strategies that you wouldn't otherwise if you didn't have some budget. So that, of course, is something you need to keep in mind if you don't have a budget. Like I said, there's no issue there. You just need to know what you have available to you, we're going to use the resource is that are available to you. So you want to think about your budget. And if any of the traffic strategies require more money than what you have or what you're willing to dedicate to this, then obviously that is not going to be a traffic strategy that you want to you. So just need to keep the budget in mind there, even some of these paid traffic opportunities. Even if you do have to put up some money forum, you can still do it very inexpensively and get a lot back on your site. But we'll talk about that in a bit. The next is the timeframe. So if you want to generate 1000 visitors, 5000 visitors, 10,000 visitors and let's say 30 60 or even 90 days, that's a pretty short timeframe. So when you're looking at these traffic strategies, you want to think about what is going to get me traffic today, tomorrow next week, or is this something that is going to be helpful? More so in a month from now, a year from now, whenever so that's why, of course, here we're not talking about S e O. I believe s CEO is a wonderful strategy. It works for many, many sites, and it's one that I use all the time, but it is not a short term strategy. And so that's why we're not exploring that here. Because here I really want to focus on growing some of these sites relatively quickly, like I mentioned in somewhere in that 30 60 90 day time frame and then, lastly, the level of difficulty. So you really have to balance how much work you have to put into each strategy and how much traffic you're going to get back out of that. So some of those strategies might be super easy to implement, but you might not generate a whole lot of traffic from it, and then others might be really, really difficult. And when I say difficult, might not be difficult. Just means there might be a huge time investment on your part for you to reap some of the rewards. So you really just have to balance how much time and energy you have to put into a particular strategy with how much traffic you're going to get out of it if you have to put a lot of work into it, but you're going to get a whole lot of traffic out of it, then it's worth it. So we just gotta take the three of these and figure out how to prioritize based on the So I like to start with what is going to give me the biggest impact with the least amount of work. That doesn't mean I don't have to work for it. Of course you have to work for it, but I'll be able to do the least amount of work compared to some of the other strategies, and then I can kind of work my way up to some of the more time consuming ones. I just want to bring this up so you can keep this in mind as we start talking about these specific strategies that you can use 7. Breakdown Your Goals: Okay. Now that you know what your timeframe is, you know what your goals are. You know who your audience is now? I want you to know what your numbers are. And I think this is a lot of fun. This is where I start to get really motivated. I started to get really excited about the possibilities, and it just feels motivating because you're breaking down your goals here. You're breaking down your numbers. You know exactly what you need to do, and you're breaking it down into manageable chunks. So you know what you have to do every single day. So I like to break my goals down by month, even by week and then by day because I like to start with the end in mind. I want to know where I'm trying to get to. So I know when this has been successful, but I don't want to constantly focus on that end number because it is so overwhelming. If let's say you're trying to get to 10,000 visitors a month to go from 0 to 10,000 is overwhelming when you're starting at zero. But if you already have 1000 going from 1000 to 5000 or 5000 then to 10,000 isn't as overwhelming because you already have some momentum going. You already have seen what's working, what's not working and you know more so what to do. So let's look at some examples here of what this looks like. So let's look at some traffic. ALS. Let's say your goal is to get 1000 visitors to your website per month. You're starting at zero. You want 1000 visitors per month. If you break that down, that's only 250 visitors per week. Break that down even further. That's only roughly 35 visitors per day. That's not bad. So looking at 1000 may feel like a very big number. How'm I gonna convince off 1000 people to go to my site? But if you look at 35 that's a much smaller number. OK, I'm sitting down from my computer today. What am I gonna do to get 35 people just today to my website? That's all I need to focus on is today. What am I gonna do today and how much it and get just 35 people to my site So let's look at another one. Let's up the numbers a little bit here. Let's say you want to get to 5000 visitors per month. That's only 1250 visitors per week. And to break that down even further, that's 180 visitors per day. So 5481 180 is much nicer toe Look at. And when you put it in perspective, when you're looking at these strategies, it's much easier to say. OK, I think this strategy I could get, Ah, 100 visitors from and this one I could get 10 Teoh. But aiming for that 5000 right off the bat is a little bit overwhelming, so that's why it's easier. Break it down. You can focus on the goal right in front of you. So let's which us up a little bit. And let's change this to some income numbers. So let's say your goal is not necessarily focused on traffic. It's focused on revenue, so you want to generate $1000 per month from the site. Now we're not going to get into monetization strategies here. There's a whole lot of those, but let's say you want $1000 for months. Now the question is, how much traffic do you need to reach that number? So let's say you have a product for sale or multiple products for sale, and the average product sale price is $20. And let's say you have a conversion rate of just 2% on the site. That means if you get just 2500 visitors to the site. Of course, like I've mentioned before, Warrior are looking at targeted visitors where we want to get 2500 targeted visitors per month to the site with just a 2% conversion rate will generate you 50 sales. So 50 sales times a $20 product is $1000 in revenue. So this helps you look at if you are going after income, how much traffic do you need in order to meet your income goals? So this means if we want to break it down even further with 2500 visitors a month, that's 625 visitors per week, or roughly 89 visitors per day to reach that goal. Now, looking at another example, let's say your goal is still $1000 a month, and your average product sale again is $20. The difference here is your conversion rate has gone up to 5%. This manger performing much better. You have worked on optimizing your site, testing to see what works, what doesn't work so that you are making more from your existing traffic. I could go off on a whole nother tension about this, but you're really focusing your attention on making sure that you're making the most from the visitors you have versus focusing all of your attention just on more traffic. But let me start there before I go too far off. So if we take those numbers 1000 visitors per month at 5% conversion rate is now 50 sales. And as we looked at in the last example, 50 sales, $20 a product is $1000 per month. Now, this time you only need 250 visitors a week, or roughly 35 visitors a day. So hopefully this gives you a good idea of how you can kind of plug in traffic numbers or specific income numbers to kind of work backwards to see why you need a certain amount of traffic and what you actually need to get per day to reach your goal. So here you really want to take your goal. You want to figure out how much traffic you need based on the conversion rate to get your target goal. Now, if I only need 35 visitors a day, I can always aim for a little more. Let's say okay. No, I'm a name for 40. I'm a name for 50. And if I fall short, great, or of my conversion rate isn't right there, then I'll still be OK. But that's completely up to you. And as you continue working with your site, you'll see what your conversion rate actually is. So you'll know better what to plug in here and be able to better predict what your traffic is going to generate from you moving forward. 8. Section 3 intro : Preparing For Website Traffic: I hope you enjoyed the last section and have taken some time to determine how much traffic you need to reach your site goals. Remember, if you have any questions, please take the time to ask. I really want to help you. Make sure that you stay on track now in this section, we're gonna take things a bit further. This section is going to be a lot of fun. Not only will we be looking at how to measure your results and how to best prepare your website for the upcoming traffic, but we're also going to start looking at the specific types of traffic generation strategies you can use. Plus, in this section, I reveal the three website I will be generating traffic to from scratch. It's definitely something you want to pay attention to. I hope you're looking forward to this section as much as I am. So without wasting any time, let's jump in 9. Measuring and Testing Your Plan: Now you may find some traffic generations strategies that you may not be familiar with, and that's OK. The truth is, for pretty much any platform out there, there's likely somebody who's already reverse engineered exactly how to get the most traffic from that source is possible. So often times we do things. Backers. We try to learn about all these different marketing strategies, and we try to learn about each one in detail, figure it out and then figure out which one is going to work best for our site. But really, we want to do it the other way around. We want to start by figuring out what is going to be best from audience, where they're at, and then figure out those traffic generation strategies that will best apply. Then we can go out, and we can look for the information that we need to be successful with that particular strategy. So the point here is to get an idea of this strategy to implement, to take action, to start gaining momentum, and then you can figure out which traffic sources are really performing the best for you, and then you can take your learning even a step further and learn what you can do to further improve your efforts. When you're marketing on these particular sites, as you start looking through the list of traffic strategies, you start brain storing. What is gonna work for the particular site you're working on? You're likely going to come across some sources that you are unfamiliar with. So you may have heard of these platforms. You may have heard of some of these ideas, but you may not know exactly how to go about using that strategies. Or what are the unique tips and tricks for that specific strategy. And that is OK, I want you to know that that is okay. And that is because you don't need to be an expert on any particular traffic strategy to be an expert on this. The truth is that there are so many people out there who are experts at this platform or that platform, and they are out there to help you be successful with that particular traffic method. And you can often find this summed up in one very detailed post that often several sites have published. So even spending 1/2 on our going through some at one or even two of these detailed post taking some notes is all you're really going to need to get out there and do it. And I say this because you need to spend at least as much time learning as you do taking action. Hopefully you're spending even way more time taking action than you are learning. Learning is important, but it's like if you go through this whole course, you learn and you see exactly what you need to do. But then you continue just learning mawr and you don't actually apply the strategies. Your site is going to be no better off than had you just not done any of this. So you need to be taken action. So the point here is just to make sure that you get your idea, you get started and then you could always improve it from there. Once you start gaining some momentum so focused on action action, action. Now some sources will perform just as you expect. So you might say, Oh, I'm gonna do strategy A. And that is going to drive me a lot of traffic. Now I'll do a strategy be. But that might just be OK, but I'll still take it. I'll still get some targeted traffic, but it might surprise you. You might find that a just barely trickles in some traffic and be takes off or be even just performs exactly as expected. So you may be surprised. Do you really need to, of course, be measuring what is working and what is not what is actually sending traffic your way? And it is that traffic actually converting and signing up for your newsletter or purchasing a sale or clicking on a particular link or whatever it is that you want them to do? So here. You really need to make sure that you're open toe what works even it is not what you expected. Now I also say Give it time because I find that in talking to people looking at them and listening to them as they try and grow their site, they say, Oh, well, I just tried X strategy. It didn't work. What else can I try, or should I just give up? Does this mean nobody's interested in this? And what I find is that they're not giving it enough time. There is no way to just put one thing out there. One post one. Add one whatever and see how it goes for 23 days or even a week, and then base all of your marketing off of that. You really need to give it time to know what is actually going toe work and what's not and test different strategies. So, as an example, let's say you're focusing on paid advertising strategies and you're not getting good results now. It could be that paid advertising doesn't resignation with your audience. Or it could be that the graphics that you used in your ad are just not capturing the attention. It could be the It's the wording. It's not compelling enough. Or it could be the particular site that your advertising on is just not really a good fits . You have to change things up. You have to test them before you just run off to the next strategy because you see in three days, four days, a week's time that you're not getting the results that you want. So you do need to do some testing, and you might see great results from the next test that you run so overall here, you just need to test test and test them more. And as you go through, you apply these strategies. You can revisit what's working and what's not, and you can re adjust your strategy as you go. Please remember that as you're making your strategy, you're writing your plan. This is not written in stone. This does not have to be forever. You can always readjust and you will. You will readjust as you go because your audience is going to tell you what you should be doing. 10. Setting Up Your Website for Upcoming Traffic: Now I feel like I would be doing you a disservice if I didn't tell you to make sure that your website was ready before you start driving all this traffic. Really? Because I just don't want you to waste your time. And you really have to just give your traffic something to do. So you need to know what is your site goal. So this could be different for every site. Everybody, this could be to make sales. If you're selling products, this could be collecting email address. Having visitors share your content with others on social media. This could be generating revenue from ads, or there's so many different other goals that you may have. So you want to make sure that it's obvious what your traffic should be doing. So they're helping you meet the sites goal. So there's no sense driving all this traffic and just wasting it. Basically, if they arrive there and they have no idea really what to dio and they leave, you're gonna have to work so much harder. So figure out how you're going to hang on to the traffic that you drive. This is going to vary by your audience you could be promoting you tube videos. Ask them to subscribe to them. Do you want to send them in news that are asked them for their email address? Do you want them to join you on Facebook? Asked them to follow you. Make it easy. Look at the end of your articles. Offer something their offer. Something in your sidebar. Have ah pop up or something? Think about what it is you're trying to do and make it obvious for the traffic so that you're capturing them and you can use them to continue to build your traffic. Next, you want to set up analytics. You can't track the traffic that's coming in. You won't know who's actually referring traffic to your site. You won't know what pages the site visitors are landing on and so on, so just make sure that you are setting up an analytics program on your site. It's very easy to do these days if you don't know how to do it. It's very easy and very inexpensive to get help. If you're not sure what analytics program to use, I'll share an article here where I've broken down all the different top analytics programs , and you can easily compare them there and figure out which one is going toe work for you. Another thing you want to do enable social sharing because you want the traffic that you're sending to refer others. If they like your site, they likely know others who will as well, so again, help your traffic get you even more traffic. So, really, if you just give them something diable, they're going to reward you with a share and ultimately, that results in mawr traffic. My advice here is to only get a small handful of options so that your visitors actually do it so that there actually is sharing. So don't give them 15 different sites that they could share it on pick, maybe the top three or five places for them to share. If you're not sure which ones you should pick or let's say you have no profile set up and you don't know where you should start, head over to buzz sumo dot com and put in your topic. Put in your niche and then see what is some of the content that comes up that has been highly shared on social media. There, you'll see several of the top platforms, and then you can see which ones are receiving the most shares. So a Facebook and Twitter are receiving the most than those air to that, I would make sure our on my site and you really want to look for every opportunity on your site to capture this traffic. So I recommend going through all your pages or if your site is really big, and that's just very overwhelming or too time consuming to do. Use your analytics to find out what are the top pages that visitors look at on your site and start with those pages. What are you doing on those pages to capture traffic? Are you asking for their email? Are you offering the product for them to buy? What is it that you're doing? Are you putting a phone number for them to call you? So there's so many different options? So just look at those top pages and make sure that if someone were to land on that page first, as some people may not come through your home page, how are you gonna capture that traffic? So again, just to recap real quickly, make sure your website is ready so that you're not wasting all of your time sending traffic and you have to rework for all of that same traffic again. Make sure that they easily know what it is that you want them to do. Set up your analytics so that you can track what it is that they're doing and enable. Social sharing said they could easily share your site with others. 11. Major Sources of Website Traffic: So let's jump into what the's traffic generation sources are. So I'm going to just give you the overall look at these traffic generation sources, and then we're gonna dive deep here in a little bit. So the first most obvious one is s CEO, and that is of course, ranking your website in search engines. You're getting traffic from search engines directly. As you probably know, this takes a bit of time to happen. It takes a lot of effort on your part, and it can take months and months actually get ranked depending on what your website is targeting. But that is the opposite of what we're talking about here. In this course, we are time out traffic that we can get without S E O. In that we can generate a lot faster. So a lot of what we're gonna talk about comes down to content creation and promotion. That's where the bulk of your traffic generation is going to come from. But that can look completely differently. There's lots of different ways to do this. It's not simply just creating a post and putting it out there, although that's one way to do it. There's so many other options that you have now. The first I want to talk about is external site, and this is perhaps the biggest wave generating traffic. You have no audience whatsoever. Or if you have very little audience than this is going to be your fastest way to get traffic because you're gonna use other people's traffic, you're gonna get in front of their audience, and you're gonna send their audience to your site. So as I mentioned, this comes in many different forms from writing an article creating a video. Just having someone share your content or your site, whether your posts on social media, others air sharing and all of this really requires a relationship. So it does take a little bit of time to create these relationships, depending on how you're trying to get your content out there in front of these audiences, that we're gonna talk about a little bit later on. But the nice thing is that once you are able to secure a promotion, whether you're mentioned on social media or you are featured on a particular website, let's say then you've been start name dropping. You can say, Well, I was featured here and I would like to now be able to contribute to your audience as well . And if they see there's other relevant sites that have already agreed and they can see that it was a success, then they're any more likely to work with you now. Next, we have social media now. There's so many ways participate in social media again. We often just think of the main ways, which is setting up her own page, your own profile and driving traffic to your site through that particular page. But there's a lot more effective ways that we can use social media to drive traffic, so we're gonna get into all of those options very specifically in a bit. Then you have PR. This is really getting pressed. If you have a local business, for example, getting out there and having the press interview, you have ubi in newspapers that were putting out press releases. There's all types of ways to use PR to grow your business and grow your site as well. No, I also have paid advertising. Now the majority of the sources that we're going to use in this course are completely free , but we will spend a little bit of time talking about paid advertising. For those of you who want to consider it or if you're traffic grows, you have a bigger budget and you want to consider in the future you'll know what options you have. So these were going to be the main traffic generation sources like I mentioned, we are gonna look at tons of different options you have so many to choose from. And really, it's just about picking the best ones for your particular site, which we're going to look at but really what it's going to come down to just falling into these particular categories. So many of these you're going to see when we get to the live case studies here shortly so you can see how you actually go about implementing them. But for any that are not specifically covered but applied your specific site, you're gonna find more information on how to grow with ease traffic strategies in the traffic resource list. I'm not gonna leave you hanging. Don't worry. And of course I'm here to help you. You always can ask questions. Here. You can always start into discussion, and we can help figure out your traffic generation strategy together 12. The 3 Case Studies We're Going To Drive Traffic To: all right here we are going to start looking at the actual three websites that we're going to be driving traffic to in this course and that we're gonna be using as live case studies . So my goal here is to show you different types of sites how the same plan really can work for a variety of site Soling as you're tweaking it, to meet the exact sites, needs and goals and of course, audience. And then you can use this as a guide to create your own plan, regardless of the type of site that you'll be working on. So let's take a look at these three websites. The 1st 1 that we're going to be looking at is I got kittens and that is that I got kittens dot com. This is a national website and it is an e commerce website. So you'll see here that there are a number of categories within each category. There is a good number of products within each, and these can then be shipped to currently anywhere in the United States. Now, there's also an additional category here, which is actually free downloads. So this is a way for visitors to have a taste of the products that they could get if they order. Also a way for the website to be able to capture some email address is to be able to follow up with them about future purchases. Potentially now. The next website is an informational based website, and it's called Gain Weight for women. So this site focuses on just as the name suggests, providing information to women who are struggling. Teoh gain weight. So obviously there's a lot out there about losing weight. This site takes the opposite approach. So this site currently not monetized as we're going through this traffic generation process . But it will be likely later on. Not sure what that is going to look like just yet could be monetized with ads, affiliate products, their actual own product. So that's get to be determined by them. But there's a lot of possibilities here with this one. So you see, right now, very basic site just has some basic information Now, lastly, this is another e commerce site. However, this one is focused on a specific local area, which is the Washington D. C. Area, and this site is selling E books so there's only a few e books that are available for sale . And then there's also this bundle being offered where they can purchase the full bundle of thes three e books instead of just one at a time for, of course, a discount getting a better deal. So that is going to be a little bit different strategy than the first, because we're focusing on a local area. So in the next section, we are going to start out with our very first case study we are going to start with. I got kittens dot com, and we're gonna look at the site. Specific goals will look at their audience, their specific numbers, and then we'll start putting a specific traffic plane together. That way you can see what goes into actually creating a plan. When you're starting from scratch, you have a new site in front of you, so you know what to do. And then next will start implementing the strategies that we determine our best and will then review the results to see what actually happens. So I hope you're ready to dive into that. Let's go ahead and get started 13. Section 4 intro :What to Expect From the First Traffic Generation Case Study: I'm really excited to get to this first case study with you. Now in this section, we're going to be looking at a brand new website that has no traffic or previous brand exposure whatsoever. Now this website is a national website, and it focuses on selling physical products. So in this section, what we're going to cover, what the site offers, what the sites goals are in terms of traffic and revenue. And then we'll start putting together a traffic generation plan from scratch ones we have a viable plan to implement will begin taking action to implement the strategies. I'll also be sharing the sites Web Analytics status so you can watch a traffic grow and see which methods actually performed best. Finally, once we have traffic coming in will review how the traffic is helping the site meet its goals so we can determine the best steps for moving forward and continuing to grow the sites traffic. All right, let's start our very first case study 14. An Introduction to The First Traffic Case Study Website: All right, we are ready to jump into our very first case study. We looked at the I got Kittens website a little bit earlier, but just as a quick reminder. This is the national e commerce website that focuses on selling cute kitten images on a number of different products. So they have the free wallpapers that can be downloaded as well as the paid products that they can purchase and that will be mailed to them as well. So we want to do we want to start with the goal. That way we know where we're going. We're going to be able to better determine the plan for moving forward. And we're gonna be able to track if this is successful as well. So I want to start out by looking at those goals, and then we will look next at where we're actually gonna find this traffic and the audience . So just to give you a little bit of background information, this is a side project for a photographer. So this is not their main gig, and what they want to do is to be able to generate $500 per month from this website and they're looking to do this within the next 90 days, so they need to figure out how much traffic they need in order to be able to generate that amount of revenue on a monthly basis. Now the average sale value. So if a customer comes and makes a purchase and they purchase a single product, the average sale based on all of the products that we offer is going to be $20. So, of course, are some products that are offered for less some products that are offered more. But that is the average now, since this is a brand new site, they don't have any information about if customers tend to purchase multiple products at the same time. So that is one of the things that they want to look at. And they also are working on coming up with different packages that they can offer in order to increase the average sale value per new customer. But right now, we're gonna leave it as an average sale value of $20. So I was like to underestimate, and that way it just is gonna be better and better. So he never hurt you by underestimating a little bit. Now let's look at the numbers here now if we get 1275 site visitors to the website each month and let's say just 2% of those site visitors convert, meaning 2% of the 12 75 actually make a purchase. That means that there will be 25 sales per month, so just under one cell per day. And if each of those 25 sales is $20 that is the $500 per month. So again, I like to keep the conversion low when I don't know, because there's no other data about the sale value I liked again. Aim low, sorting apart. We're gonna assume that we're gonna have the average sale value of $20 with only one product being purchased at a time. So with these lower numbers, we need 1275 site visitors per month. Again, I like to break that down a little bit more. I like to see what that means per week per day, so we're now looking at 320 site visitors per week A or only 45 site visitors per day. Now these numbers obviously are gonna have a lot to do with conversion. When you are dealing with a revenue go, it's really going to depend on what that conversion rate ends up being. So it's really important to track your sales funnel and your goals in your Web analytics program. So if you're getting the traffic number in, but you're not getting the sales that you expect from that traffic number, you can look at where visitors are falling off in your sales funnel, and then you can start testing to see what you can do to tweak your sales page, tweak your offer in order to increase that conversion re, but that's going to get me off on a whole nother topic. But I just want to make sure that that's something you're aware of. So now I know moving forward. My goal is to figure out how can I get just 45 targeted visitors to the site per day. So next we're gonna look at exactly where we can find this audience so we can figure out how to get in front of them and start generating those 45 site visits per day. 15. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them: Now that we know what the site schools are now, it's actually time to get to the fun part. We're going to start looking into finding out where our potential audience is, and this goes a little bit hand in hand with actually finding ideas. So what I like to do is to start generating a lot of ideas about where confined the audience. And then as I'm going through, I'm going to start getting ideas. And so I like to grab those as I go along, throw them into an Excel spreadsheet. I don't worry about making it pretty. I don't worry about prioritizing it or looking into any method at this point purely right now, I want to find out where my audiences and if I can extract ideas for how to find traffic, using any of those sources quickly. I do that otherwise I save that for the next step. It's all about products, all about pictures. These kittens are gonna play into people's emotions. I mean, come on, who doesn't love cute kins? It doesn't really matter what mood you're in. The kittens can help put a smile on your face, so that's what we want to focus on being able to play into people's emotions and get these cute kittens in front of them. So what I'd like to do is just start by doing some Google searching, getting an idea of what people are looking for, where they're finding these pictures. So the first thing I'm gonna do is I want to go to Google. I want to type in just some general keywords. I'm now when I say keywords I'm not talking about S e o search engine optimization here. I'm more so focusing on just general keywords that I think are relevant to the brand relevant to the website. What might somebody type in? And if they wanted to find this sort of picture or this sort of products service, etcetera. So I'm going to start with one key word I'm gonna put in kitten pictures, Okay? And now I'm not gonna just do this one search and go off in this. I'm gonna look at many different keywords to get some different ideas, but you'll see here I put in kitten pictures and of course, it pops up a bunch of kitten pictures so you can see here that these people are ranking and Google images up here, but I'm more interested in going down and seen what sites come up. So here, the very 1st 1 we have is buzzfeed. So if I head over to that post, I can see that they have compiled a whole list of 100 different kitten pictures here. Now, what I want to pay attention to is where, since his buzzfeed I know they're not the ones actually producing these images. I want to see where they're getting these images from. So here they're getting it from imager and we can keep going down. This is a zoo. Blawg. This is the berry. So what I'm gonna do, I'm just gonna keep scrolling down here and I'll get some different ideas. There's another image or imager. So obviously there's 100 of these, and I keep seeing imager continually coming up. So that's what I'm gonna want to throw on my list because I see it repeatedly on this site . So they're clearly going to imager and looking for images. So, as you can see with each one that we come to, sometimes it's a personal photographer. Here we have a flicker, but imager continually comes up over and over again. This one was Creative Commons from Flicker Imager. Read it. So you really don't need to skip over any of the sources that are only seeing one time or two times. But obviously, if you're seeing something that's repeated as much as image right here, that's something you're gonna want to know down there. I just saw Instagram. So that's another big picture site Instagram again and knowing that Instagram is huge, that's what I'm gonna want to know on my list. So again we can grab some of the image, other image sources we can throw them on our list. We can take a look at those, were not familiar with them and see if that's a potential place as well. So continuing to scroll through. I'm seeing a pattern between Instagram Imager and I'm gonna know all of those down here now . Since this list is compiled, I would love to be able to get a picture from the site, even if it's not the same one as a product on this list or a similar list to this. So if you go down to the bottom, you can always look down here to see if there's a place where you can submit an image or you can get in contact with someone from buzzfeed toe. Offer your contribution. And so that's what I would do for that gives me an idea of There's a lot of pictures likely going on imager and instagram for kitten photos. So those maybe sources where I want to create a profile adds, and images potentially. As I mentioned, I want to go over to my spreadsheet. I want to throw in the ideas there, and then I don't worry about anything else At this point, I don't want to stop looking into it. I'm purely trying to find where my audience is spending their time, and I can pull out ideas I find along the way. But no research further than that is being done. So I want to go back to Google, and I want to continue down this list. I see there's Animal Planet. There's picks obey. Of course, this has a lot of images, but there's not linking back to the authors as far as I know, So that's not going to do us a lot of good here again. we have Huffington Post. So here we have huffing to post This section is all about kins And this one is rather just , ah compilation different articles that are being pulled together so I could find one that is potentially relevant. And I see that they accept comments. We may be able to go and and leave comments on some of these posts. And then, of course, I can link back to our site there. But in clicking through to some of these, you're gonna be able to get a better idea of the impact of the traffic source because a lot of these big sites will show, for instance, like here on the left hand side, how many actual social shares it has. So you can see just how popular it is and how many times it's really gotten out there. Okay, now, with this post here, I can see who this is actually written by. There's a link to their profile there, and then I can see that she's focusing on a particular fought photographer here, and that link is actually going right back to Hiss site. So when we go through and look at all these different post here they're all linking back to his site. All shows that it's the photographer's work, so this would be great if there was a post about this. Now this photographer for the site has taken all of these photos from kittens that had a little bit of a rough start. The were orphaned and they needed human care because they didn't have a mother for whatever reason. And so someone was able to step in and to care for them until they were old enough to be able to be adopted by a permanent home. And so this may be an opportunity to get in touch with some of the editor's like this on Huffington Post or other sites and talk about that story and share some of the images. And really, just, I guess, bring awareness to being able to adopt kittens versus going out and purchasing kittens from from a store or from a private breeder, so that could bring awareness to what the photographer is doing, what they're working on. So that's something else that I would note down as well. Now, another thing that I like to do is look down here in the related searches. So I do go on to, let's say the second page. I see what other pages I can actually come up with. This is I can has cheeseburger, which is extremely, extremely popular website, and it just shows funny pictures. And so this might be something as well where it shows you can actually submit your image. So that's something that we could note down as well. But pictures of kittens and this is all about pictures of animals here, so this would be a great place to potentially look into, to get featured in front of all of their followers. Look at how many likes they have on their Facebook page, so there's a lot of opportunity. There is well, so but going back here, I can click on funny kitten pictures. So on the website, there are some obviously some of these air very cube. I believe it was in the posters. There's somewhere it shows the kittens actually looking like they're laughing. So here we have the laugh every day, and so some of those could be considered funny photos so we could click on funding Kim pictures and again. Look at some of these results So again these ones here, these have text on them. So we could always put some caption some of the posters that are actually offered have some text on them to just put them in a little bit of context, make them a little bit funnier. So this is something that I would now go through again and look to see if I can find any funny photos or photos that we could put some text on at a little caption two and submit to any of these sites as well. So here we have Pinterest and here says funny kins. So this is a link I would follow because obviously Pinterest is all about sharing images so you can see there's all types here. Now, what I would do is go through here. I want to look for any groups where I might be able to submit to. I want to see how many of these are actually getting shared getting pin so you can see here like this one has 145,000 pins where this one just has 1.3 so you can go through and you can see which groups here, here this one is funny pictures of the day. So that might be a group where you can post to get 8000 pins. So obviously the more pins you can get, the more your images is going to get shared. And of course, you are gonna be able to link back to the site. So Pinterest, of course, being another image sight for us is going to be a great place to look into. Now I do just go through May the first page, second page of different ideas here, and I Look, some of them are not gonna be good at all. Some of them might be really good here. If you're looking for cute kitten pictures or funny Kim pictures are on the right website. So this one has 71,000 likes you can see here There's a submit button where you can get in touch to send in your work, Al. But what I would want to look through is clicking on this here. I see This is seven months old, but then it was two months old, three months old, so I'm not sure how active they are. But when I go through and look There's nowhere that the image actually links back to the photographer. They just put their own girl here, So I don't know if this is the image that they took or if this is the image I was actually submitted, but this is a possibility to get in touch with them and see if they'll actually give you a link back to your site. So I think you get the just here. I'm not gonna keep doing Google searches with you is I think you understand the concept here. But again, I'm just putting in keywords, cute kittens. Another one that I would want to put in is once I find where people are just looking for images is I want to go in. And since we actually want people to purchase products, as I want to do some searches around where people are actually going to purchase kitten pictures or kitten gifts And so here I can look and see that you will hear they're selling kittens, which is no, we're trying to dio, but here it just brings up a lot of stock photos. So that's not what we're trying to dio. But I'll go through here a couple of pages and see if anything comes up again. I can look at any related searches. None come up here. But I can try kitten gifts or different buyer intent keywords I'm looking for. Now this comes up as Amazon, which is another point that I was gonna bring up is I like to go to Amazon as well and see if people are looking for any products related to what I'm offering. So if you have an informational site, look and see what information is already being sold on Amazon around that information. If you are selling products or services, look at what information is out there. So here on Amazon and springing up different cat products. So we have posters over here. This is actually a framed picture, so this might be an opportunity to see. Take that out. So this is an opportunity to see what products are actually selling. You can see which ones are highly rated go through. I look at the reviews. What are they saying? What's good? What's bad that where you have an idea of what your audience likes and what they don't like . So that's very important for knowing your products that they say, Oh, I really don't like the the paper that this was printed on or something to do with the quality or just whatever they say. You have to be open to the feedback that they're giving. This one has only 3.5 stars. Why, what's the difference between this one and this one having five stars? So go in, see what's making people happy. That's going to give you a lot of information about what to do well for you. But it's also going to see what are people buying. So typically, it's not going to show you the number of sales here. But it is going to show you what the reviews are. The higher number of use, typically the higher number of sales. So you can get an idea of what people are actually purchasing, too. And then look at the descriptions. What wording is being used to actually sell those products So again, whether you have information products, services, this is all information that you can use in order to better sell what it is that you're offering. If you have certain products, like, for example, what the site we're dealing with. There are other marketplaces out there, so I could go over tea, etc. Which is a marketplace all about art. Basically, we have clothing, jewelry, crafts, weddings, all types of things here. So what I want conduce a is I'll just do a basic search for kittens and see what comes up around it. Now the difference with etc. Is that if I actually click through, let's see, here's just a random picture click through on this one. Now this one tells me, of course, the price. It gives me some keywords and it also tells me feedback. How many people left reviews, How many people actually favorited this image because they really like it there, thinking about purchasing it, and this one is actually an instant digital downloads. So now the person condone load it and then they can print it off themselves. So that might be something that the website owner can use as an idea for additional products. Maybe they want to get on Etsy themselves, offer digital products or even sell the products to be shipped out to the to the customer. So this is an option. But somewhere on here now, these products don't say individually how maney sales they have. I believe, however, if you click through to the actual photographer here or the seller, it shows you that they have 1800 sales. So you can see. Obviously here is showing that they have a lot of different products on here. But it's helpful if you confined any sellers that have specific types of art. That is around what we are doing. So somebody was exclusively selling kittens. We can look and see when they joined, etc. And then how many sales they have, what the reviews are and that can give us a lot of good information about what's selling really well. But I do see here that it's there are portfolio here split pretty much half and half between this landscape art and the black and white animals. Obviously they have plenty of others, but this could still give me some good information. Now, Another site that popped up when I was searching was read it, and so what I did is put in red it kittens. If you're not familiar, threat it. They have just about every sub category, which I call subreddit out there that are possible so I put in Reddick kittens and look at how maney subreddit that came up. We have kitten's kitten kitten gifts, kitten games, cat GIFs. Aw, so there's so many here soldiers with kins, exploding kittens. Ah, there's just so many here that we can look at. So now we can go into these subreddit It's weaken. See which ones were the most active, which ones that we think we could best contribute to and see how we can participate in some of these communities and get a link back to our site and get people clicking through No. 11 thing that I mentioned when talking about doing some Google searches and doing Byron 10 keywords that I want to look for gift ideas. Ah, lot of people can purchase these as fun gift ideas for someone who's a cat lover. So going through here, look at this. 23 great ideas for cat lovers. Three almost 400,000 views on this page with 33,000 likes so that that is a tremendous number of likes. Here we have 8.2 million shares, so this is something that we would love to be able to get on so you can see here they list the image, and then here there is a link to buy. So here, this is going to eBay. Okay, so eBay something we haven't looked at. That's something we can add to our list again. We don't need to research at this time, but we can get an idea of what's out there. This one is from Amazon. And then here, there seven more pages so we can go and continue looking at that. Now here there is some comments. So here says another replaces Shot for cat lovers is And of course, somebody's promoting their own, so we could do the same. We can comment in here, and we can also go to some of these sites to see if they would be worthwhile to maybe partner with somehow get or content in front of their audience if they have one and see what we can dio, and we can also try to reach out here. This one is by Linda D. And see if there's maybe a possibility, too. Get our product listed here or on a new post that's coming up. But there's a place here to add post so any time you see that, that's definitely something you want to know. Down grabbing the link, throwing it into your spreadsheet here. So here we have etc. Coming out. Bored Panda. We looked at Huffington Post. We had looked at earlier Amazon. So here we have heavy dot com. So when you're starting to see a lot of repetition through your your keywords here, Lissy Suddenly cat, that's one that was actually that one commented on the board panda post. We just looked at When you're starting to see a lot of repetition back and forth, then that's when you can kind of start to slow down. Say, okay, let me take a step back. I'm seeing the same patterns. I know where the audience now is and let me see what ideas I can now use actually start generating some of this traffic. But before we do that, a couple other things that I'm gonna list out, I'm just gonna mention these and I'm gonna let you explore them because it's really the same type of thing, is just gonna produce some different results. So here I'm putting in a key word. So again, this could be kidding pictures cat lover, cat GIFs, kitten gifts, different keywords and then parentheses. I'm gonna put forums. I'm gonna go out and see what forms exist, so I might be able to post on here. Or I could see what people are talking about, what they're looking for. We have the cat site. I love Cap Cap Forum, Facebook Community Cat. See, there's so many different forms here. All of the Hellcats on when I see her Cat lover Gifts world. Okay, Perfect. So that's one thing to Dio. You can also look for blog's. We could look for free cat wallpaper since we have some wallpaper. So again, all types of ideas here with the freak out wallpaper. Since we offer that we can go through and see if any of these would allow us to submit our own wallpaper and be able to get a link back to our site, potentially so people can make a purchase or download directly from us. So again, this is should just get your mind going. You should just be looking at all of the different possibilities that are out there, brainstorming them and just kind of doing a dump into your Excel spreadsheet not organizing , not stopping to look into anything. You're solely just spending, let's say 30 minutes an hour. Looking through these different searches and coming up with is long the list as possible about where your audience is, and you can worry about pulling the traffic ideas from that next. 16. Identifying The Initial List of Traffic Sources: Okay, now that I've gone through and I've started putting all these ideas and sites and links into an Excel spreadsheet again, I'm just dumping them in there, doing nothing at this point while I was going through looking for where the audience. Maybe looking. So I was looking, enforcing general keywords around where people actually go to look at kitten pictures, but also some of the buyer intent keywords where they actually going to make a purchase. So I've thrown everything into this Excel spreadsheet, and now what I want to do is now I want to really expand on this list. Now I wanna go into each link, I'm gonna go into each site, and I really want to see how much impact it's gonna have, how popular it is, How many followers do they have? How many shares So they have are people commenting on their site, and I want to find the ones that are gonna be most active. I'm going to be able to easily contribute to, and that should send my site traffic. Now, I was able to in just doing the searches that I showed you, I came across this list here the top 100 catalogs every cat lover must read. And what's really neat about this list here is it lists the rank analyst how maney Facebook fans tweet off Twitter followers. Alexa Rink and it tells him what they're about. So that way I have an idea of how active I can see right here how active the site is. And I can decide whether or not to follow this This blog's see if there's a way that I can contribute here or get in front of their audience. So I think, continue going down, seeing which ones are going to apply most, and I'll be looking into every one of those. So you can see this stage right here is going to take a bit of work. It's going to take a bit of research, but once you've done this research, then you're gonna actually be able to start implemented, and that's where it gets a lot easier to do. So you're gonna spend most of your time here in this research stage. So what we're gonna do, we're going to clean up this list here a little bit. We're gonna go through each one of them, as it mentioned and we're going to note down the type of marketing is how easy it's going to do, how impactful it's going to be on our traffic numbers. And what I also want to do is I'm gonna go back now through the list that I gave you here, where it talks about all the different types of traffic sources that we can dio and based on the site that I have in front of me, I'm gonna pick out the ones that look like they may be a match, possibly for mine. I don't have to know that this is the best way to go. But what I'm gonna do is add it over to my list and then I'll start looking into those individually as well. So what I'm gonna do is at this point I'm gonna pause and I'm gonna go through this list. I'm gonna add the potential ones that I think would work for a traffic. Add that to my personalized list, along with all my others, look into each one individually, and then I'll have a complete list. So I'm gonna pause. I'm going to take care of that list, and then I'm gonna show you exactly what I have. And then we will continue moving forward from there. That way you're gonna be able to see exactly what I come up with and why I created the list the way that I did. 17. Prioritizing The List of Traffic Strategies: when working on the research for your own site, you start with the audience research as we've just been through. And at this point, the process. You should have a nice list of ideas, just like we looked at. So this is the point where you really are starting to prioritize your efforts. You want to figure out where you're going to get the most traffic for your time. So what we're doing is we start with that initial list of ideas, and as I mentioned, I was going to expand on that list research even further by looking into each source. So that way I can really prioritize my efforts. Now, this is also a point where you can easily get overwhelmed and many people stop because they're not sure where to start. They have so many ideas of what they can dio, but they don't take action on it. So therefore, you're not going to see traffic, so I don't want you get stuck here. I don't want you to get overwhelmed, so I want to show you what I'm doing to prioritize this list. So the most important here is that you actually do start. Please don't get caught up in what everybody else is doing for traffic. Please don't get caught up in starting with the most perfect or the best option out there no matter what you're doing. If you're doing something, something is always better than nothing to just make sure to start. So what I like to do is I like to find a balance between which of these strategies is going toe have the biggest impact in terms of how much traffic it will likely drive to my site, with which ones are going to be the most realistic for me to implement and in terms of how easy it's going to be to do and also how realistic it is going to be with the amount of time that I have. So, of course, that's gonna depend on your own personal schedule. So I really am just looking at what's realistic with the results that I'm going to get. So let's look at a couple of examples of what I mean, so you can see how I prioritize this list, and then I'm going to show you the list that I came up with for that I got kittens site so one of the tactics here was getting featured in a newsletter, and some of the other ones were guest post. Now this. If you are dealing with sites, I have a decent amount of traffic. Don't even have to be the biggest sites out there, but decent amount of traffic going to them. You see that they're active. People share people comment on their post, then that is a good sign that they're going to be active in reading any post or any information about your site and clicking through to your site. So if you could do that bam traffic. So in terms of how reasonable that is, it's very reasonable to be able to reach out to blawg owners and see about being featured in their newsletter being featured on their site through a guest post. So this can take a little bit of time to implement, mostly because not every site that you contact is going to get back in touch with you, and then you actually do have to write up something for their news that are or their post. But in terms of traffic, that can be a huge traffic source for you, and it can continue to work for you over time. Now the on the other him. One of the sources that I found was actually submitting your kitten picture to the Ellen TV show. So this will allow you to get featured there. Now, obviously being on a TV show, Ellen is huge and has an enormous following, so that could be a great source of traffic. However, there is likely a stiff amount of competition, and you're going to be less likely to be featured. So that's something you could always try to dio in terms of time. Investment is not going to take too much time to submit your image. But I'm guessing that you have a lower chance of getting selected just depending on the type of images that they're looking for us. That would take a little bit of research to really see what it is that they actually selecting get an idea of their taste. So it's just finding that balance. All right, so what I would like to do is I'm gonna go ahead and will flip over here so that you can look at my final list and you can see how I prioritize the efforts in which ones I'm going to start with. All right, let's take a look at the list that I've put together now. When I was going through all of the initial searches, I ended up coming up with a list of nearly 60 different sites and ideas. And again, this was just kind of my dump into a spreadsheet. I had no order at all whatsoever, just literally throwing ideas there. Now, once I was done with all my research, I started seeing the patterns. Then that's when I came back to the spreadsheet, and I spent some time cleaning it up. So now I have, let's see about about 30 ideas of what I couldn't dio. And so I've labeled thes as to what the actual traffic strategy is. The type of strategy, whether this is just falls into another or miscellaneous category. This is social media partnerships, content promotion, and then I always have a lot of ideas going on as I'm looking at just kind of my dump that I threw together and just whatever I'm coming up with in the moment. So I always have a notes and resource is section. Sometimes they get kind of intertwined a bit, but my notes are about what I can do with that opportunity or that traffic source, and then the resource is if I have a specific site in mind or a tool, for instance, that I came across and that's where I list that. So that's what I've put together. Initially, I came across a couple of paid promotion opportunities, but that's something kind of listed on the bottom because I'm not going to get there yet. I'll talk about paid promotion a little bit later, didn't really want to focus on all free traffic sources Right now. Now what I've done is, once I clean this up, I have all of the strategies that I would like to keep. I clean this up a bit, so here's what I did, I added in a couple of columns here. One is the ease of implementation column In the next is the impact. So, for instance, one of the traffic strategies I came up with was developing an app. Now I put over here in the resource is section that there is actually some APS out there that feature cat pictures, and they seem to be quite a bit popular. So I'm ranking ease and impact on a scale of 1 to 5, with one being the easiest to implement and for impact, it being the lowest impact score and five obviously being the most difficult to implement and five having the greatest impact. So for app development that's gotta take. That's going to take a lot of time because I don't develop APS myself. That's something I would need to outsource that's then going to require money to do that, and pulling everything together for that can take a bit of effort. Now, as far as impact goes, you'd be put on iTunes, which is huge. You'd have a huge audience in front of you, and you can find some creative ways there to get people back to cite possibly making orders from the up. So that is something that could be considered. And then here you'll see someone's and since, um, twos three. So they're kind of sprinkled about now. What I did was I wanted to sort by E. So here's what I did. I just did a sort and filter here from a dizzy by highlighting use column And here's what it did it's sort of the ease column by one. So now what I want to look at is I want to see which are the easiest to implement, that I believe I can get the biggest impact in doing. And then, as I scroll down, want to look at some of the efforts that the ease is lower than the impacts of the easier it is to implement with the highest amount of impact is definitely where I want to start. So as I mentioned, this is a big list still, and I don't want to start with all of these, it will get very overwhelming. So I'm looking to not really spend more than an hour to two hours a day at most doing traffic promotion for this particular site. So I want to look at some options that I can do very quickly. So, for instance, starting with Pinterest promotion here, I can go out. I can join relevant boards and of course I can create my own profile there. But it's gonna be more effective if I'm also out there joining relevant boards and they already have that existing audience. They have people who are active there, who are pitting there who are sharing their, and that is gonna help me generate more traffic to my site by getting in front of that existing audience so I could literally spend 15 minutes a day going out into groups, pinning some of the photos and Aiken generate a good amount of traffic in doing that. Now Instagram is another one. Same thing. I can spend 15 minutes, maybe 30 minutes a day, and I couldn't go out. I can start following others who are interested in seeing the types of images that I'm going to be posting and having a link back to my site. In my profile for them to click through, I can offer for them to come to the free section where they can download something for free , will be able to ask them to share, or to enter their email address for doing so. So that's a good way to capture some additional leads as well. So this site, it will work well with some of the social media promotion. So we're going to also be looking into some of the reddit sub credits that are about kittens about cats and see what kind of impact we can get there. So we have to really go into that and see which ones are going to be the best ones to target and share links or write a very short post or just post pictures, depending on the type of subreddit that is there now. Another thing that I like to do is I like to come up with one or two. Let's say easy tactics to start with, and then one, possibly two of the ones that are a little bit more difficult. We're not even difficult but time consuming. That can still have a big impact. So I like to move up in the numbers. Here we talk about daily deal sites. So this these air sites like Groupon living social and then there's other some smaller niche sites as well. Now these places have huge, huge audience. So the trick here is being able to not necessarily pull a profit from some of the sales that you can generate on these sites, but really focusing on being able to generate a good number of lead. So you're building your email list through this, and then you can continue to sell to these new customers as you go. So there's a number of different ones. As I mentioned, a Groupon living social. You have our deal. Cool savings there, so many different ones out there. So it's a matter of finding some of those. It was good ones out there. Now, another one that would like to work on is right here. This guest posting. And we actually noted down here a couple of different sites that we could use. So, for instance, this site right here know this lady, This is tales from the foster kittens. So this photographer fostered kittens and has taken all of these photographs. So this is a good opportunity to show the story of actually fostering kittens and how it leads to these photographs. And it really bits of story behind the products which people really like. So here, this lady list all the places that she did a guest post. So these air possible places toe look into to see if these would be beneficial for the site as well. So we're gonna look for guest post opportunities on pet type sites on similar sites like this, ones that are focused on cats when that are focused on kittens. Anything to do with adoption would be good, but we want to have flipped that a little bit, and we want to look at photography itself. Now this Web site, in particular digital photography school dot com, is a huge, huge photography sights set on here somewhere. They have 1.6 email, 1.6 million email subscribers, So it's really huge. I get millions and millions of visitors per month, so being able to write a guest post here, they have it on here somewhere. They have it here where you can actually go right for them. You can submit a post, and it's gonna link back to your site. So of course, that's always good for SDO, especially if you're coming from a very good site. However, this is really good for traffic as well. This is gonna drive a lot of people who are very active on the site to your website as well now also like to just go to Google and look for opportunities by putting in the keyword. So, for instance, kitten and then right for us, or you could do kitten and then in parentheses, contribute or kitten and parentheses guest posts. There's different terms that you can use for both your keyword and for writing for another site, and that's gonna pull up any websites that want you to write for them. So here we love cats and kittens dot com ford slash right dash four dash. So right there, that's perfect. That's the type of site that we're looking to partner with here. So these are a few of the examples of some of the traffic sources that we're going to start with. So what I like to do is I really like to give this time where every single day I'm focusing on, let's say, 15 minutes of Pinterest promotion, 15 minutes of instagram promotion I might spend, let's say, an hour with guest posting between reaching out to some potential sites, weaken guess post for and actually writing some posts themselves. And then that way I'm just figuring out what I can do with my times, if only spending between 1 to 2 hours per day. That's a very realistic plan. Now some of the strategies start to take off that we can figure out which one to really want to focus on, and then we can see how the site is actually performing, and we have so many other ideas that we can start to implement to further grow the site. So if one source is not performing to to, well, it's not really matching. When your top performers you can cut that one out, you'll be able to easily replace it, since you have a whole list of great opportunities. And then you can balance that with some of the ones that are easier to implement and some of the ones that little bit harder to implement but have a huge impact. So another thing that you can do with this spreadsheet is you can also sort by type, so you can say I want to start with social Media, which channels identify that would be good or you can say, I want to do content promotion partnerships. We looked at the possibility of partnering with authors who write about kittens or they have kid books that might be an opportunity, or even publishing a picture book from the actual website itself. There could be very helpful, and that could be not too difficult to really put together, but it could have a really big impact in terms of numbers and getting in front of a lot of people. So as you can see, some of these as we get into the four of us and fives are getting a bit harder from publishing and book. We talked about APP development. We can even put together an affiliate program, and we can contact so many of the different cat sites that are out there and ask them to promote our products in return for a commission. If they refer anybody who actually makes a purchase and then, lastly, one of the ones that is more difficult to implement, mostly in terms of time that you'd have to put in and even some adjustments on the website would be actually partnering with some nonprofits. So this could be a fundraising opportunity by going to different charities and offering into set up a fundraising program for them where they actually used their current audience and asked them to come make a purchase with I got kittens and when they do, a portion of those proceeds will go back to the nonprofit. So there's some charity opportunities that not the photographer can take advantage of here as well, and that can drive some additional sales. So as you can see whether I am focusing to start with on something that's a little bit easier to implement or something that's a little bit more difficult and focusing on getting in front of other people's traffic sources because we don't have any traffic, so we need to go where the traffic is. So we talked about Pinterest. Pinterest has Traffic Instagram traffic group on our other deal sites, tons of traffic, a photography blawg that has millions of visitors. And then we can look into some of these more niche sites that would be much more targeted. That could really drive some targeted customers to the site as well. So we're really focused on getting in front of other people's traffic. So no matter what we've selected, hopefully you've picked up on that pattern and not something that you're going to want to do to. So now that we have this, we're ready to go, we're going to start scheduling this out and then we're going to start implementing thes traffic strategies 18. Traffic Implementation Tips to Consider When Getting Started: all right, It's time to actually get started implementing these ideas. So this is the most fun part because you are going to start getting results now, Since this is our very first case study, I want to make sure that I cover a few points that I want you to take into consideration when you are getting started. The first is I don't want you to take on too much. You really need to be realistic with this. I don't want you to get overwhelmed with this process, So it's easy to get overwhelmed because you have so many ideas that you've now written down . If you are starting to feel overwhelmed, you're just not sure where to start. Take a step back. You can either completely step away and come back when you have fresh eyes. If you've been working on this too long or stop and ask yourself. Okay, I have this long list. What do I think I could do today? That's gonna have the biggest impact and pick one pick to once you start getting some momentum, you'll start feeling more more motivated because you're going to see the results. So take on what is realistic again. Use the balance that we talked about. Make sure that you are looking at what is easy to implement at the same time is going to have a big impact on find a balance between what's going to be realistic there and then also be realistic with your time. Don't compare yourself to somebody who is able to do this full time, eight hours a day. They have nothing else to dio, and you may have a full time job and a family and all sorts of other things that are going on. So be realistic with your time. If you have 30 minutes a day, that's fantastic. You can do a lot in 30 minutes a day if you are focused and you are picking the 1 to 2 methods, and your stain with that was in your working on those if you haven't our great of course, that's even better. Be realistic with your time so that you can make everything happen and put it on your calendar. Pick a consistent time every single day. You need to get up before work and do it from 5 a.m. To 5:30 a.m. Great if when you get home in the evening from 7 to 8 p.m. Is your go to time or at 10 to 11 when your family is sleeping, Whatever it is, pick a consistent time that you can stick to so you could make this happen. Now, depending on the strategies that you select and amount of time that you have, I recommend starting with just 12 maybe three strategies per day. So the more difficult the more involved your strategy is, the less you should pick. And then if you have some that are smaller, that might only take you 15 20 minutes a day. Maybe you can pick three or so. So don't start office. If you've never done this before, don't start with eat tactics. If you have 30 minutes a day, it's not possible. And you want to set yourself up for success, not over your warm yourself from the get go. Now, you may also want to consider outsourcing. This is actually something I'm not gonna dive way into right now because I'm gonna talk about this after we get through the case studies. But if you want to consider outsourcing, you could do this. If you don't want to work on the strategies, you can't find the time or you want to scale bigger than what just one person can do with the amount of time that you have. Outsourcing is a great option here. And so if you go through and you perform the task, you can find ones that are easily repetitive that you could outsource. That's a great option for being able to implement these tactics as well. But as I mentioned, we're gonna get to that later. Some won't dive too much into that now, so just make sure overall, you're being very realistic with what you can get done. And even if you feel that it's very small, you are going to start seeing some results. You're going to start seeing some traffic, and you could build and continued to grow from there. 19. Implementing The Traffic Strategies: now that I've identified all of the possibilities for driving traffic to site. Now I need to create some one of a focused list. I need to figure out where I'm going to start so that I can begin actually implementing these charges and really have a plan moving forward. So what I've done is I've created a priority column here, and this column identifies which ones I'm going to start with first. So any of the traffic strategies that I want to do initially I'm gonna put as a priority Number one and any that are secondary number two and three and so on. And how many strategies you start with really depends on how much time you have to invest in this process every day. But you also need to balance that out with how much effort is required for some of these strategies. So, for example, if you are selecting coupon submission and you have, let's say three or four coupon sites that you are targeting, then that really only takes 30 seconds to throw in a coupon into a new site. So that's not really time intensive. But if you want to be writing guest posts that obviously is going to take a bit more effort on your part that's going to be more time intensive, so really need to balance that out. So there's some strategies that I want to do every single day. And then there's other strategies that I might dio once a week, twice a week, three times a week. But it just depends on the strategy. So let's look at what we're gonna do here. We're gonna start with both Pinterest and INSTAGRAM promotion, so you'll also find here a basic Pinterest and INSTAGRAM marketing strategy that you can start with. So I'm gonna use that in this process. We're gonna go in and get these profiles set up, and I'm gonna start following others commenting on others, liking their images and so on, and that is gonna help start building up our followers and driving some traffic to the site Now that I'm going to do on a daily basis now, also gonna do some coupon submission. Since this is an e commerce site will identify just two or three coupon sites. We'll just see how that works. We may do that 2 to 3 times a week, but again That's a very quick strategy, and they're also gonna look at some Google plus communities. We've identified three main ones that we want to start with that have a big audience, that the audience seems to be at least somewhat engaged. So we want to try those out and see if we can post on there. So we're probably going to use the same images that we are using when we're posting daily on Pinterest and Instagram and we'll see if we can generate so that traffic. So that's gonna help us make this process little bit easier because we can create one image and then we can promote it through a number of these channels, and then we're gonna turn to read it, and we're gonna look to see what kitten subreddit our there, and we're gonna see if we can build up a profile there. It's it's hard to really just jump in and start promoting your stuff, so we really want to start commenting on others, getting a little bit known in the community. But we can also participate in some of these, like freebie coupons, where it's not as as community oriented, you just can go in and share your coupon, so we might do that, too. Three times we just play around with that a little bit. Now. We've also talked about having a give away, and what we could do is we can package some of the products or create a unique product that is not on the site and offer that in a give away. And then we can promote that during our Pinterest instagram, Google plus community promotions and that way that will help drive more traffic to the site . When they see that there's a giveaway and we can get more people entering, we can have people sharing is part of that give away. We can ask people to enter their email address, so it's really gonna be a way to really bring that full circle and help get some more traffic to site, but also build up a bit of a following as well. Now that's gonna be what we're gonna start with now. We've looked at some secondary options from the possibility of starting a Facebook group, which is going to be a little bit more time intensive because you do have to be regularly posting and then some other content promotion. Through some of these sites, we found even contacting some daily deal sites. We've identified some daily deal sites where they're more some of the larger, more general ones, but also a couple of pet ones we're gonna consider reaching out to those is one of our secondary option. So what, we're going to just want to start with these up here and then as those get going and we have a bit of a system worked up and we can do that faster and faster or eliminate one when we see ones not working as well? Then we'll start moving into some of these secondary options. Here. We can comment on some of the forums, Weaken, start participating. They're a little bit more, and then one that we really want to get into is guest posting. And that is because we can share the story behind the website and the story about these kittens getting started in life, how it was difficult for them, how humans were able to step in to intervene to care for them and help them find loving homes. Those stories can really resonate with a lot of people, and so if we're able to get a guest post out, let's say once per week that can really help drive some targeted traffic to the site, and we can get a lot of benefit out of that. You know, some of these as we start growing starting a little bit bigger, that will come in, and we might adapt our strategy here. And this is where we'll look at either replacing some of the strategies that maybe aren't performing as we expect, or if we decide we want to grow the site even further than our initial goals that we've set out. Then we'll start looking into some of these other strategies and some of these the owner right now knows that some of these are going to be good strategies that we can really use. But it's more time that is required to do those, and so they're not willing to invest quite so much time right at this point. But they're definitely open to that as time moves forward. So this is what we're going to start doing and in the following section, this is where we're going to be coming back and reporting what's working, what's not. What of our traffic numbers look like? So definitely stay posted for that. We're going to regularly update that with the progress. But this way, you know what exactly were working on? 20. Section 5 Intro: Preparing For The Second Traffic Generation Case Study: after going to the last case study, you've now been to the entire process of generating traffic to a website from scratch. You know, now that it boils down to really knowing your goals, creating a specific plan and then implement. But at the same time, I know that it is very helpful to see a plan in action so that you can replicate the results on a website that you're working on in this section. We're going to continue the fun with this second case, Day here will again go through the traffic generation process from scratch using another brand new website with no existing traffic whatsoever. Now this time will be working on building traffic for an informational website. At this time, the website doesn't have any monetization methods in place. However, that is expected to change as the site begins generating traffic. So this I could monetize by integrating Google, AdSense or other add programs, a 1,000,000,000 programs or even by selling their own products. So let's jump into this case study so you can see some different traffic generation strategies that will work best for this website 21. An Introduction to The Second Traffic Case Study Website: all right. It's time to share the second website that we will be using for our case study. Now the website is weight gain for women dot com. This is purely an informational based site. It is focused on providing helpful information to women who wish to gain weight. So the women that they're targeting are all in their twenties in their thirties and doesn't mention before the site is currently not being monetized, so the focus right now is purely on building traffic, and then they'll they'll worry about monetizing the site in a in a bit once traffic is coming to the site and they're still working out their plan for that as well. So right now, the plan is to pull in about 2000 site visitors, and they like to see that happen within about 60 days. So we're looking at 2000 site visitors per month. We break that down. That's 500 visitors per week, or just 71 visitors per day. Now, unlike the first case study, this site could also benefit from S E. O. But the good thing here is that we can use traffic generations strategies to get targeted traffic to the website faster while waiting for rescue efforts to kick in. So having traffic going to the site will help s you as well. So it's nice when your efforts are gonna be able to stack upon each other like that. So just as we did before, let's dive in and let's find the audience for the site and see what kind of traffic plan we can put together. 22. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them: Now it's time to figure out where our audience is spending their time. So as I mentioned, we're looking for women, primarily in their twenties and thirties. They want to be able to gain weight, and so they have a very specific problem here. And when they're turning to the Internet, they're trying to find someone who has a solution to their problem so that that solution may come in the form of an article, a video, a product. But whatever it is, they're trying to figure out who can help them solve their problem. So I would imagine, since this is an informational site, we need to figure out how to get information in front of our audience, and that's gonna be the best way to really attract them back to this site. So that means we need to find places online where the audience already exists. So the traffic is already there, and what we need to do is direct them from those other sites back to this site. So since we have a number of articles already on this site, we can use the content that we have to start promoting it more to generate that traffic and I'm gonna talk about a couple of other things that we can dio a little bit later here in and then the upcoming sections. But first I just like to get an idea of where the audience is. So again, I'm just turned to Google and I can put in weight gain for women or something along the lines of some of the topics that are on the site. I'm here. I see some health sites coming up, so we have living fit. Dot co lives live strong dot com couple of those a wiki. How, then there's actually a YouTube video. We have healthy living. Some seen all these health sites. So I think this is gonna be a great guest posting opportunity if we can look for some of these high authority health sites, have that existing audience and then we can see what people are actually looking for. So here we see gain weight. Here. We're looking, we see they're looking for information about supplements, and this can help us come up with more ideas for articles on the website as well. So we can always linked to those from within our guest post. If that's permitted, Of course. Now, here I see an Amazon link. So I'm gonna open that up with Look at that in a second, uh, fit day shapes. All of these are health websites. So those are all places I'm gonna want to go. I'm gonna want to visit, and I'm gonna see if there's gonna be an opportunity for us to write for them as well. Now, another thing that we can do is going in. Let me just see. You will go to live strong here real quick. I want to see which of these allow comments as well. So that may be another opportunity as well. Not to just go Spam. The comment section on these different post. But if we can go in and we can provide a valuable tip with a link back to the article, you're gonna get more click throughs that way as well. So it doesn't look like this particular one has comments enabled, but we can go back and see if any of the others do as well. Now, let's check out this Amazon link here. Okay, So this is about supplements here that people can take So what we can do is. Well, I was wondering if maybe it was on an actual book so we can go into the book section here and we'll see if anything comes up, we might be able to rank an Amazon book as well. So here, how to gain weight fast for women. So that's a book right there. It's got a couple of reviews. Let's see, this one is free with That's a fasting one, so there's not a lot about weight gain. So it looks like we have that one primary book so we can see if this one ranks at all elsewhere online. And that might be a possibility for us as well. Now, in the first case study, we looked at going to Google and how to do a Google search for specific forms. Now, another thing that you can do is go to board reader dot com, and here you can put in your keyword again so we'll do weight gain for women and what this is going to do. It's going to go out and look for forms that have that specific term in one of the threads , and then it's going to not just point you to specific forms but two specific threats. So now you can go and you can actually respond on that threat. So what I actually like to do for some of these is just get an idea of some of the different forms So we can do that using the Google search we did in the last case study or here in board reader to find some specific forms. A swell. But then when I like to do is actually go to the website, and I like to look for specific articles that we have so see exercise for gaining weight and then we can head over to board reader here. Where did it go? And we can type of exercises to gain weight. Now, when we do that, it's going again pullup those specific threads and what we can do is we can go into these threads, and if they're active, you know, if it's not active, it's not gonna be worth your time, really to write out an actual helpful answer. But you can go in here and you can see how active it is. You can provide a valuable comment. Some help to them here. This is on Yahoo answers, and then you can provide a link back to your site as well, so you can provide a valuable tip right there and then actually link to your site. So that's very, very easy to do now. Speaking of answer sites, What I like to do for content ideas to generate some extra traffic as well as just finding threads is type in quarrel because that is another question answer site. And then again, you're one of your terms. Gate gain weight for women and then when it's gonna do is you can see here it's point of all these different core threads. So how can a skinny woman gain weight? There is a article right here, Skinny girl gain weight. And so that's a specific post that we have on our website. So what we can do here is we can click into this one and you'll be able to see as you go here. There's 16 different answers, and you can see how many different views. This one has 24,000 views. 12 people voted, but this person actually generated 24,000 views on this one. Answer. Now, of course, this is over a number of years here, but this is going to give you an idea of how how popular this particular threat is. And as you can see here, this person provides a very lengthy, valuable information, and then they provide some links that they can go to. So this is a great, great way for getting traffic. And what I love about these types of strategies is your working with high authorities sites . So if you are answering questions each month, your traffic is gonna get bigger and bigger each month because you're constantly answering new questions. People are getting views on not only your new answers, but on the old answers as well, and they're continually clicking through. So this again is a great way for finding topics for your website, and you can always if you don't have content around a particular threat. But you think it's really popular. You see a lot of views on it. You can quickly write something and then link to it here to generate some additional views . So I think this is where we're gonna primarily focus most of our attention here, since we're dealing with content is figuring out how we can promote the content again. I'll go back to the traffic generations. Frenchy, look for some more content generation ideas. But this is where will likely focus most of our attention. Really? Just getting our content out there. So I'm gonna pause here, and then I'm gonna take a look at the spreadsheet, pull all the ideas here together from some different searches as I go back to Google and I looked through some of the different sites that air here, see what's coming up and pull any ideas from there, and I'll show you what I have. 23. Creating & Implementing The Traffic Generation Plan: now that we've thrown all those ideas together, spend some time organizing my thoughts and my fine means a bit more, and I've listed the final traffic strategies that I think will be most beneficial now, Since this website is more information based, I feel that it's going to best to really get that content out there and to really use content both on our site in on external sites to really dr as much traffic as possible. Women who want to gain weight, really looking for information and strategies that they can use. And this is going to come from information primarily. So that's why you'll see. A number of these strategies here are really focused on information. So let's run through this real quick. I'm gonna give you an idea of what some of my thoughts here are now. We have existing content that is out there on logs and forms that other people have put together. So I want to be able to create profiles on these blocks, these forms and be able to contribute thoughts, and I don't want to just give a generic comment. I really want to add value to it and provide some more and insight into what a woman can do . And this is going to naturally help drive traffic back to cite when I'm adding that value. So I want to find places where I can contribute to his blog's informs now the same thing with Facebook groups Google plus groups. We looked at those and the previous case study, but we can contribute there as well. No, I can find relevant questions on Quarrel because Cora is a great place for where people to go to ask questions that connect with people who have answers to their problems. And if I can find lots of questions which we we looked at, there seems to be a good number of questions. I can both write up an insightful answer, and I can then link back to relevant post on the website, though, so that is going to get a lot of views on that particular answer, and it will help drive a lot of traffic back as well. Now I talk about a couple of tools here, buzz, but no, in viral content, B. And both of those were gonna look at in the traffic generation strategy, so I'm not gonna go to too much into them here, but basically buzz. But no is a tool that allows you to find with just putting in some generic keywords or on your topic. It will go out and it'll find blocks for you. It'll fine forms. It will find places online where your topic is being talked about, and so you could jump into the conversation from one dashboard. So you have to worry about going to 10 sides. 15 sites. You can do it from one dashboard. It is an awesome tool that I love use all the time for this type of traffic generation strategy. So it's definitely something worth checking out. And that way, if let's say you were doing this manually and you wanted to visit 123 sites, you could do that within a day. But here you can use buzz bundle, and you could find more conversations, more sightseeing and me and more places in the last time. That's what I really like about it now. Another one is viral content me, and this is basically where you're taking your existing content posting on this site, and you're allowing others to share your content. You just have to share others as well. So that's something we're gonna look at as well. No guest posting. I think it's going to be huge for us. And this again is where we're just gonna find other websites like the ones some of the ones that we already found. And we will contribute articles to them and help drive traffic back to the site. Now, those would be some of the primary tactics that we're gonna look at. You see here that I've already organized this by priority. So some of these, they're gonna be the ones that we're gonna share on, and then we may later turn to some of these other strategies that may take a bit more time to get involved. So, for example, I mentioned earlier that this website could actually benefit from S E. O. There are a number of terms that the website could rang for, and one thing that we could do is we could take one of the harder keywords to rank for him because as more competition and we could rank an Amazon book and we could have that Amazon book help drive traffic back to site. We could offer a free preview where it directs people to site where you get a giveaway or something valuable they could download, for example, and this will help drive some traffic. But it will also help bring in some organic traffic, even though it's not coming directly to the website. So it's just a bit of a creative strategy, and then we can do some partnerships and some other task here as well. But where we're primarily going focuses in these first few ones I have listed here I mention a share to download. So what we're thinking here is more of a lead magnet where we could have a meal plan a checklist of some sort to be a 30 day calendar plant for women who want to gain weight. And then what we could do is we could promote this on the website and then, as we're on core, as we're on from these other forms, we could also reference that as well, to help encourage more people to click through. So this is where we're going to be starting our strategy, and we're going to tackle probably one guest post a week, and then we're going to focus on some of these other communities on a daily basis where we can go in. We can spend about an hour a day answering questions, really contributing to some of these communities. 24. Section 6 Intro: Preparing For The Third Traffic Generation Case Study: you're amazing for making it through to in depth case studies already. You should be feeling really motivated about what you can do now, but we're not quite done. I have another case study for you now. This website is also an e commerce website. However, it on Lee sells three products and the products are digital so visitors can download them as soon as they make a purchase. Plus, this website only focuses on one local area. So the traffic plan that we create here is going to be a bit different than the 1st 1 that we looked at. So are you ready? Let's dive in. 25. An Introduction to The Third Traffic Case Study Website: all right and ready to introduce you to the third website that we're gonna be working on in our next case study. Now this website is called Photograph D. C, and it can be found at photograph D c dot com. And basically what this website does is it sells a number of e book products that visitors can instantly download. And these are location guides to some of the top photography spots in the Washington D. C. Area. So you'll see here that the website offers to give visitors a free chapter if they want to download it or they can get the bundle. So let me show you what this means. Here we have a spring photography guide, and this has or 50 locations where photographers can go in the spring time within the D C metropolitan area, which is Washington, D. C, Maryland and Virginia. And they're they're able to go. They can find all the best spots to photograph during the spring time. Then they have an additional guide, and this guy has over 65 different wildlife photography places within that same area. And then finally, we have a night photography guide in the same area where people can find low light and nighttime photography spots. And then, lastly, here they're able to get the bundle. So basically, if they get all three of the e books together, then they'll be able to save 20%. So that's what the site is about. So we have the different guys. They go to different landing pages here, where they talk about the benefits of each, give examples of each. And then there's just, ah, little blawg where we can go into some of the specific locations, give a little bit information in order to pique their interest. So they want to buy at least one of the guides and hopefully the bundle, and then they can find out more information. So this is what the third site looks like and what they offer. So let's look at the websites goals. All right, let's find out what this website is hoping to achieve now. The revenue goal for this website is $500 a month, just like the site we looked at earlier on, and the timeframe again is 90 days when they want to be able to start making at least $500 per month in the average sale value here is $34.95. So for the sake of simplicity, ive been around this up to $35 the individual e books, we're going to be sold for 14 95 so $15. And if the visitor purchases the bundle, which again is a package of three E books, they're going to save 20%. So instead of paying, $45 are going to be pain $35 roughly so if we break this down, we need 700 site visitors per month. Now you may realize that this is quite a bit in less than the last case say, that we looked at that was also trying to generate $500 per month. And this is because their average sale value is much more so. Here we have a $35 average sale value where the first site we looked at had a $20 average sale value, so again play in the same conversion number of 2%. If we're able to convert 2% of the 700 site visitors, that is going to result in 14 sales per month, and at an average of $35 sale that is $500 per month. So basically, the site needs to generate one sale every other day, and that will help it reach its goals. So if you're breakdown, the site visitors that we need a little bit more 700 per month and that breaks sound to 175 visitors per week, not that bad, and that is only 25 visitors per day. Again, these numbers were lower than the other site, which is helpful because the lesson traffic that we need in order to reach our income goal the better. However, one thing to note about this site is it. Onley focuses on people interested in that d c. Maryland Virginia area. So the first case say that looked at has a national onions. Anybody in the country can make purchases, but this one is going to be more so for photographers in these specific locations. We may be able to play into some people who want to travel to the Washington D. C. Area, as that is a very common travel destination, so it might be able to look into that a bit more, but primarily we're going to be targeting photographers directly in that specific location . So hopefully this gives you an idea of where we're going, what we're going to try to do here and then we're going to start looking at how we're going to make this happen and what traffic generation strategies were going to be able to use for this local website. 26. Determining The Site's Audience & Where to Find Them: It's time to head back over to Google once again, and we want to start looking for our photography audience. And as I mentioned earlier, this one is focusing on the one specific location, and that is Washington, D. C. And we can actually expand this out. It's actually the Washington D. C. Metropolitan area, so that really includes parts of Maryland, Virginia and D. C. So have all of D. C covered more of the northern Virginia area and the bordering Maryland area. Now some of the locations extend a little bit farther out into those states, but we're going to stay focused around that D C area. So I really want to find photographers who are in those particular areas, so it makes it a little bit different than the national e commerce site that we were looking at. So I'm gonna start off by heading over to Google and just doing some general searches again , looking at if I can find some blog's forums, groups where these communities may exist of these photographers. But I want to get out there, and I'm just going to start with general searches, don't look for Washington, D. C. Photography and I know this is gonna pull up some actual photographers who are their. I've actually gone ahead and opened up some of these girls here that don't actually seem to be for specific photographers just toe have an idea of what they do. So for instance, this one I hit the button and this one is actually a photographer, and you can actually purchase his prints here. And he has different city guides to different places, not just in the Washington D C area. But this one is in particular, focusing on Washington, D. C. Now he mentions that he has instagram account. So that may be something that we can do is we can start instagram account. We could look a Pinterest and see if there's some Do you see area photographers who spend time there see the ones that actually posted their images. And then when we conduce, we could start following some of these photographers, and the idea again is that we can get some of them following us back. And that is where we can start posting more information about offers that we have. If we want to run, let's say, a discount special for Instagram followers on the e book bundle that we could do that. So that may be a great way to get in front of some photographers who are busy posting their work and their obviously out there taking photographs of they're looking for new places. That might be a good idea. So I did. Here is I want to look at not only these sites, but I want to see where else they're talking about. So, for instance, with the instagram, I have to be open to that and seeing what else I can dio He just lives all these different places. So this is right in line with what the book is actually doing. And I just want to look down here at the bottom. They actually do allow for comment in here, so it may be able to just come in here and leave a comment. And but again, this is about offering value to. So I may want to come in here and offer some locations that may be unique, that he hasn't mentioned and then reference the guide as well. So I may be able to do some commenting in some of these places. This is another one that pulled up in that General Google search. But this just seems to be a photographer who's got his Washington D. C stock photos, so there doesn't really seem to be a place to really participate here. So a little look at the next one. This is have camera will travel, and this guy site is actually been out for quite some time. And he's put together this guy toe Washington, D. C. And different places where you can go photograph on. He's talks about the Cherry blossoms, which is a very, very popular event in D. C. In the spring time, photographers and really business from all over the world come just to see the cherry blossoms at that time of the year. So he talks about that here. Let's see, doesn't seem to have any commenting, but it says that he is a travel indication photographer base out of Washington, D. C. But it looks like he travels quite a bit to for part of his work. So this may be something that we could look around and potentially we could talk to some photographers like this that really put guides together for other photographers and talk to them about potentially being an affiliate for the book so we could ask them to promote it to their audience in exchange for commission. So that may be an option. Doesn't look like there is too much else here that we could really do to contribute. Will have to play around here and see if he has accepted any other guest post. And if he has, that may be an option that we could do as well. And this is another one that popped up. This is called Washington Photo Safari, and this is basically a company that gets photographers together and takes them out to do little photo safari. So they go to a particular location in the D C area and for this one, for example, Street photography and DC's monument. So they go out and they spend time together photographing, so this may be something as well. We could see if there's any way we can write for them, and we can get touch with them and see if that's something they would permit. Or they may be interested in being affiliate as well, since they're obviously here. Are they all these photographers that they work with. So what we could do is we could even sign up for their news that are here. We could see if they have sponsors in their newsletter, so that may be a paid advertising option of that something we want to look into. But another thing here is we see that we have Facebook, Twitter, Google plus Instrument Petro. So we could also go see who is following them. And we could follow their followers on the social accounts is while try to get some of their followers to look into us a swell. So a lot of options. There was social media as usual. I wanted to also look for forum. So I'm gonna start with D C photography forms. And then we can also generalize a little bit more. And we can just look for D C forums. And there may be some general D C forms where they may have a subcategory specifically for photography, or there may be some threads discussing it that we could contribute to a swell so really think since we have content that people want is while trying to use some of that content to get in front of these audiences is a really good idea, and we have talked about the possibility of having a free preview for these visitors, and that could be something that we can offer to these different audiences. If we are commenting, we can refer people to these this free chapter. We can also put this on our social media accounts to help drive some traffic and also, more importantly, some email sign ups. A swell. So I'm gonna look through and look at some of these different forms and see what comes up. So here we have a D. C. Photographers guide, and they are focusing on exactly our area. It looks like here, and it looks like they are putting together. Resource is from photographers, news events, camera stores, rental stores, schools and camera clubs. And there's a lot of photography clubs, which I've noticed, and here they actually have this listed out in the group. So they have all the photography associations. They have galleries if camera clubs, they have photography schools. So this list right here is kind of a money list for us. This is we could literally go here. I'm gonna pull this up and see what this says. so this should have a list of all of the camera clubs in the area. So here we have five different groups that actually meet and these groups usually get together and all of photographers come together and talk about certain topics that you talk about locations. They talk about shoots, they compare photos and so one. So we could actually reach out to these photography clubs and see if either the writer could present at some of these events that some of the meet ups that they have, where the photographer or the writer could actually go there as well. And they could just get to know people there. And people naturally ask what it is that they do as well that we could also ask if they wanted to be an affiliate. And that may be an option, since the photography clubs are really just reliant on member fee so that maybe an extra way for them to generate money. But here we can also look into these photography schools of some of the students. We could give a student discount, for example, and we could for them a special coupon code for their specific school. There's a lot we could really do there. So it really dive into some of these categories here? No, I just want to look force in general photography block. So I do want to look for mostly photographers who are again in that specific area. But it will also help if we can get some just general photography blog's as well. So in that search, there's actually this top 100 photography blog's here. So when I open this up and this brings up this whole list, so this again is gonna show us how many Facebook fans, Twitter or followers. So this is really, really awesome here shows how about four posts per week that actually go out to their photographers. And we have had a pixel shutter stock, blawg, digital photography schools. And now this is one that we had actually looked at earlier 812,000 followers. So this one I know has millions of visitors per month, so we could certainly look into some of these and see if anybody has specific written about photography in the Washington D. C area, and we can work on commenting on those posts and then we can also go to these websites like this one, for example, where they specifically allow for guest posting and we can write a specific post about the northern Virginia area or the D C area, and then we can contribute to them. So then the photographers who are going to click on that people who are either visiting the D C area or already live there and that will help generate traffic and interest in the products as well. So this is definitely a list it will spend some time going through to see which one of these would be a good fit for us. But I also want to find some other communities. So we obviously have these in person communities that happen so we can extend that search by looking at places like Meet up Eventbrite and we can see what other local groups are going on so we can go through here. We can see we have a night and low light photography group, which is perfect because that we have an e book specifically on that topic. So this can be where we can go in and look and see if we can get in contact with the admin of this particular group. So right here contact the organizer so we'll be able to reach out. It looks like they're they're fairly active and scheduling their meet ups, and we can see if they will either allow us to send out an announcement to everybody who's in the group because that's 1300 people or we can see if he would like to be an affiliate as well. So there's lots of options here again. We could go to some of these groups. We get to know some of these people, and that will help spread the word as well. So not only offline Meetups. I want to also look at online community. See where these photographers are hanging out online. So just going to Facebook and doing a quick group search here for D. C. Photography. We have some groups here. It doesn't look like there are huge numbers here, but nonetheless there are some people here, and it's really about how tight knit some of these groups are, how active they are. So some of the ones have a bit more 200 people 140 people here think there's another one here. 516 people. We can go in and see if those may be a good fit, and we may be able to start contributing their even. It's once a week. It's not gonna hurt. So here. D. C. Metro Photography 473 people. So it looks like there are quite a few options we can go in at least take a look at no. Next. I want to head over to Google, Plus and again doing the same thing. What looks through D. C. Photography. Nothing's popping up here at the top. We have travel photography again. D. C is a travel destination, especially for many photographers, so that may be an option as well. And let's see anything else for D. C. You're not seeing anything specific, but again, I see another night photography group, so it may be something that we can get into. So again, I can go and change us up. I can change us to Washington, D. C. And I can see what else is going to come up there right here in Washington, D. C photography 972 members. So that's a group. I'm definitely gonna want to take a look at two. So again I'm turning to Google. I'm looking for the blog's I'm looking for the forms. I'm looking for online communities. I'm looking for offline communities and within each of those resource is I'm looking to see where else are people talking? So when we looked at that first sight and he mentioned Instagram and his post, we want to be able to look into instruments that an option where a lot of photographers are spending time, I would imagine that's one of the good places. And then when we were on the other site, we were able to find the photography schools, the camera clubs and so on. So just not only noting these main resource is but looking for resource is within the resource is that really is gonna expand your list. So now that I have all this now, I really want to spend some time looking into each of these. Resource is so I can create my plan for moving forward 27. Creating & Implementing The Traffic Generation Plan: now to spend a bit of time going through. All of the resource is that we just pulled together in doing the research, and there seems to be quite a bit of places not only online but offline as well, where these photographers air really spending their time. So we often think about the traffic coming from online places. So, for instance, and looking at our plan, we have determined that Instagram and Pinterest, maybe great places that we can get in front of this audience. There's also places like Facebook groups as well. We could even start looking for some Pinterest boards that we could contribute to or potentially even create our own and allow other D C photographers to contribute as well. And that really helped boost our awareness of our website and that will help drive some traffic from social media. So some of the other online options that we're looking at are we found toe actually quite a few local deal sites of specifically ones that focus in the Washington D C area, the Maryland Virginia areas, so we could actually talk to them about the possibility of creating a deal on their website . So a lot of these are products or services restaurants, but since we have a downloadable product, there's no moral cost on this end. So even if we have a hefty discount, it's still gonna be a profit that is going to get our product and part of an enormous amount of people really gonna help drive a lot of traffic, build a lot of awareness of that website as well. Then we also found some D C specific blog's. We want to reach out to them to see if we can guess post on their website and will probably focus most of our attention there as that's really again specific to that local area. But then we have some general photography science, like I looked at a digital photography school as well, so we can get in front of their audience, and we can just create a location specific article so here will focus on Let's a handful of popular locations within the D C area or a handful of lesser known locations in the D C. Maryland Virginia area. So the options are open there that we also talked about the possibility of using coupons again. Since we have a product. We could focus on photography schools where there's obviously a lot of photographers who are out there practicing and camera club. So this is where they're spending time off line. But we could get in front of them by offering the deal. And we even talk about a give away so we could potentially have this giveaway where we're promoting it offline to these photography schools, of the camera clubs and even to our social media following Instagram Pinterest etcetera. So we could be getting a lot of visits from that give away as well, so that may help put us in touch with some of these camera clubs a little bit easier than if we just say, Hey, send your visitors, your photographers, your members to our websites. They can buy this product. And then we have dabbled a little bit into looking, becoming a blawg sponsor. So actually pain to have our listing on someone's blocks. We found the specific resource which we looked at earlier, but we could do something like that or we could get on some of these just D C area bloggers that are non specific to photographers. So we depend on the cost. That may or may not be an option that we want to try, so something will dig into a little bit further. But actually, that's not gonna be our top priority right now. We're going to stay here at the top of this list here. So again, with some of the social media, we're gonna look at some of these coupon sites and then we're going to really just focus on content. We're gonna work on images, getting our images out there on this blog's these forums through commenting, linking back to the site and also just through getting our guests post out there, we can really focus on some of the best images that we have to offer in some of these books and write some content around that in link back to the book. So really, that's what we're going to focus our efforts. And then as we start seeing the results of some of those efforts, then we'll start reaching out into some of the bigger things, like reaching out to some of the camera clubs and getting in touch with some of these other D c area blog's even potentially creating affiliate program and that it really just depends on how well some of these other content promotion goes. And as we start building someone partnerships and relationships out there, it's going to take a bit of time to do. But if we can get the right affiliates that really, really can help with traffic and more importantly, with sales. So this is where we're going to be starting our effort, and these will be the strategies that we're gonna be implementing as we get started. 28. Section 7 Intro Content Marketing: one of the most common methods were driving traffic to a website is by using content marketing. Now. One of the biggest mistakes I see new website owners make is that they spend a lot of time creating lots of content for their own site. But they don't spend time getting in front of existing audiences out there. So that's exactly what we're going to be covering in this section here. We're not only gonna look a tools and resource is that you can use for content marketing, but we're going to be looking at how to get your content in front of existing audiences so that you can drive lots of targeted traffic back to your website. Then we're also going to be looking at what to do with content that you create for your own site and how to promote that on other websites using tools and resource is in order to drive as much traffic back to your site as possible. So there's lots that were about to cover here, so let's jump right in and get started 29. Using Targeted Contributions to Increase Website Traffic: simply put, if you want to see he boost in your traffic and not only just a boost in your traffic, but a steady boost in your traffic numbers. One of the top ways that I would recommend doing this is by contributing content to someone else's website. You see someone else out there. They've already done all the hard work that you're now just starting to do. They've already built up their audience across social media platforms. They already have a huge email list. They already have thousands or tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of visitors coming to their site every single month. So if you are able to create content and put it in front of their existing audience, you are going to get a good number of traffic back to your website. That's it. All you need to do is you need to find these niche websites because you want the traffic to be targeted, of course, and then you want to ask them if you can contribute, you want to show how you can provide value to their audience, and in return they're going to post your article with a link to your site with a link back to your site so you can get traffic from their site. Now I love this method, and I love it because you're getting targeted traffic. It doesn't really take a tremendous amount of effort to do. Yes, you do have to reach out to people. Yes, you have to write content. But overall this, these efforts are going to continue to pay off because what will happen is you're going to see an initial boost in your traffic numbers, and then the numbers will start to come down as your article no longer be the number one feature article on their website. But you will still seeing an increase in your traffic from where your site waas. So that's why it's very important to consider this option, especially if you have information to give. And really, there's not a lot of sites that this can't work for. So, for instance, if I'm looking at the women's gaining weight site, I can go to Google and Aiken, type in a number of searches to have at my fingertips a whole number of sites that I could write for. So, for instance, I could put in gain weight for women or women gain weight. Skinny women gaining weight, whatever. I want to put some keywords and then in parentheses, I could put guest post. I could put right for us. Contribute. There's a whole host of different keywords that then you can put in that people call guest posting basically, and that is going to pull up people. Sites that match your keyword that also accept guest posts or allow outside writers. And you'll find a whole list of those here in the course as well. But to give you an example, I put in women's health. Okay, we're obviously focusing when women a lot of health sites are about men's. I want to make sure that we're getting in front of women. So but women's Health and guest post now I have different sites here that come up. Here's one that says we can talk about women's health post. This brings up a list of health blog's that actually accept guest post so I can go through each one of those. Looks like it shows all the metrics here. The guests posed on this website. Women like that dot co dot UK. We have ah global Health Council. And so as I continue to scroll down and I also put in some of these other words such as contribute right for us, etcetera, this is going to give me more and more options. So basically, I'm just going to be able to open this here in a new tab. I'm just be able to go, and I'm just gonna able to go to the site here and now I can look around the site and I can take a look at if I feel that this is going to be a good site. So what I'm gonna do is I'm to read through their requirements here says I have basic requirements here. The US to be the brief biography with the name included a picture. The article has to be at least 500 words on which is gonna be beneficial for s e o purposes anyway. And a lot of people forget that that when you are a guest posting, you are not only driving traffic, but you can get s e o benefit from. This is well because you're getting a back link to your website one. But also these websites already rank in search engines. So your article that you post on their site can also get ranked, which is going to continue to drive traffic. So there's really just so many benefits here. So what else here? It says that we have to make sure the article is unique, of course. So there's nothing that nothing out of the ordinary here, but I can go through and and look here and see what else is going on. But I want to go to some of their post here so I can take a look at what it else it is that they write about. But I also want to see if I can find out how many subscribers they have or if they're active on Facebook on, I want to make sure that they are actively writing. So here, when I go down, I see it's ah, looks like a pretty thin article here. I was back in February, so it doesn't look like they have updated anything since February, but I can go back to the main site here, but that looks like a pretty small article, and that is the most recent one. So I would look through some of these. And if I don't see any comments, I don't see anybody on Facebook or any other social media sites. I don't see much about their, um, much about their email. Subscribers like you could go to their advertising page in a long time, so list stats their about their page. That's a good place to get an idea, but really, even just looking at their website will tell you a lot. So this may not be the best one to start with, but I pulled up this other one. This is time about writing for muscle and strength website. So one way to gain weight is by strength training and using weights to build muscle. Because, of course, muscle is weight, and so this is an opportunity to get published on this website as well. So they've been arouses since 2006 and now here is an example of the stats 500,000 subscribers and then they have a total of 1.6 million fans when you combine all of their social media channels. So this is a place that obviously is going to get you in front of a lot of different people . Some of these are gonna be targeted. Some are not. But they do target women on some of these as well. They have a section here specifically for women. So this is one that I would want to reach out to and see how I can contribute and absolutely gets in traffic coming back. So this is something that really depends on your goals, How much traffic you're trying to get, how often you have time to write good quality articles. You really want to make sure that you do last guest posting, but make sure they're really good quality versus trying to get out 456 a month. And you really can't produce good quality content in that time. So really think about that, because the better your post is, the more traffic you're going to get from it. And it's going to continue to drive that traffic long term. So for ah lot of different types of sites, this is going to be a absolute wonderful strategy for a whole host of reasons for you to use 30. How Sharing Your Knowledge Produces More Traffic, Leads & Sales: one method that all three case studies in this course Sharon Common, is that they all convention if it from writing a tutorial and sharing that on other sites. And this is really gonna drive some good traffic back to their website. So let's think about the E book website that all focuses on the one area, the D C area, the Washington D. C area. Now they can write targeted tutorials. They could take one location out there book and do it tutorial about tips for photographing that one location. Really well. Now that's going to help drive targeted traffic back to their website because people reading that content are going to be in D. C. They're gonna want to be coming to D. C diff photograph monuments and flowers and all types of things that people come to D. C to photograph. But this will then drive them to the website, where they can then sell their e books in that area. So that would be a very easy crossover. So, for instance, you have this article tips from a pro shooting cherry blossoms with this master photographer. No, the cherry blossoms. This drives millions of people toe Washington, D. C in the spring time when all the cherry blossoms bloom right there along the water right there in between all the monuments and it's just gorgeous to see toe walk along to photograph and this article walks them through how to do that? So this you could easily link within the content here to a post on the e book website that talks about some of the other locations and a lot of these posts here. These tutorials, they have a little author bio link at the bottom, and this is where then you could link back to the websites. You could talk about your yours here. So this one doesn't seem to have one here in in particular. But this links to some other resource is so they could have easily linked to their own website here. But they did that above in their content as well. So this tutorial is going to target photographers and target photographers in one area. So that is a great way to drive targeted traffic. No, Another one is for the pet website where we were selling photographs on these products of these kittens. And so if we talk to people about the process of working with, Let's say, kittens who are adopted, how are how to train young kittens or how to photograph kittens. You can go to some of these photography websites, and you can create a tutorial around that, and that will help drive traffic to the website as well. So the same thing for gaining weight. If you have tutorials on how to complete a specific set of workout or specific, uh, laissez food plan or meal plan to follow, all of those could be written into specific tutorials and then shared on other sites where there is existing traffic. This is an excellent way to continually build your traffic. Like I've said anything that you can do to continually build on efforts you've already done , the better your traffic is going to grow and grow and grow. Once you have these tutorials out there, when you create new tutorials both the new and old tutorials or driving traffic so your numbers are going to continue to increase, so these tutorials really pay off 31. Going Beyond Text to Drive Traffic: I mentioned earlier on that. When we think of content, we often think of just text. We think of writing a post. We think of writing an article and put it on a website. But there's so many different formats it you can use. And while this could make people feel a little uncomfortable, especially if you don't have any experience with this, using video and audio content is a great way to really get in front of Newton. Visitors and people like content in different ways. Some people love to read. Some people love to watch a video. Some people like to listen to content as they're driving toe work or they're out for a walk in their neighborhood. So this really is a way to get in front of that different audience, and it also allows you to promote your content on other platforms that you wouldn't otherwise be able to. So, for example, look at this website here they offer a webinar, so this is a great way for you to be able to either get on camera if you feel comfortable with doing that. And it's often very easy, because if you feel comfortable on camera, or you practice it. That's all you have to do is just get on camera. And there isn't a lot of editing or adding and images and slides and all of the other prep work that can come in to play. But what this website does is they allow people to sign up for an hour long free webinar, and then they can promote this on other webinar site. They can promote this toe other people's audiences. They can promote this if they are using Pinterest and Instagram if they are on other social media sites. So there's a great deal of ways that you could be driving people to your webinars. And this also helps increased lead from those sites because if people see your profile, they see the content that you're putting out and they see that you have a free webinar, for example, on the exact topic that they're interested in. Because that's what you're promoting, then it encourages them even further to click through to your website, so you can of course, do. Webinars, as we're looking at here, is another example. This is a photography one. This is talking about landscape photographer you. So if you're interested in learning how to shoot landscapes. This webinar is gonna walk you through that. So again, this is another one that could be easily promoted and helped generate traffic back to the site. So not only do webinars help generate traffic back to the site, but it also can help you with more sign ups for your email newsletter. It can help you with more sales if you have products that you're selling or promoting. So this is a really great way to not only get the traffic but engage with the traffic and keep them coming back as well. Now podcasts are obviously huge. There are so many different podcasts out there on all different types of topics. And so, for instance, if we're looking at weight loss, if you were interested in weight loss and you were out for walk, if you were driving in your car, this is an easy way to learn about weight loss. Learn about some tips that you can do to help you lose weight while you're doing things that you're already doing. So this is another great way to drive traffic to the website, and there's all different types of ways to drive traffic, be a podcast, but right away you are getting in front of iTunes, which it has just millions and millions of users. So you're now put in front of their search audience there, and you can get new visitors that you otherwise would not be. And when you're on a podcast, this is where you can put offers on your podcast. You can also send people to a weapon, are free, giveaway a post with relevant information and ask people to go to your website to visit. So this is very easy way to transition them from the podcast to the actual website. Now you also you don't have to create your own podcast of your thing. Oh gosh is a lot of work. I don't want to commit to that ongoing. Then get on someone else's podcast if you have a website about weight lost, for example, if I'm doing the one on gaining weight, I could look for women's health or health in general, and I can go on those podcasts and I can share content. I can share tips about how to successfully gain weight health in a healthy way, for example, and then I can point people from that podcast to the website for further information or to take further action that I want them to now. Another one is video videos to be very simple to put together. If you don't have any experience, they can feel very overwhelming. But it's a matter of really gathering images that you can put together. You can put slides together. You can appear on camera if you feel comfortable with that, and there's a lot of free software out there that can help you get the job done and professional looking. So when you have a video, if you on YouTube as an example, you're going to be able to put a girl here in the description below. They don't take advantage of that. It looks like here, but you can put that right here. In the beginning of the descriptions of people can click through, you're able to put pop ups on the video here so people can click through and take action on whatever it is that's relevant that you want them to sew these air great way again to get in front of somebody else's audience. People turn to YouTube all the time to watch the information that they wanted to learn about. And there's other video websites out there that you can take advantage of a swell. But obviously this is the main one, and then I'll list out some others that you can take. Abandon job, but don't forget again. If you don't want to start your own channel, find another relevant channel and see if you can get on that channel. So always be thinking creatively. You don't always have to start something yourself. You can always again leverage somebody else's audience as well. 32. How to Have Others Email Their Entire Audience Your Link: I love using traffic generation strategies that give me a number of benefits. And what I want to talk about now is our link roundups and what they are is basically when a website puts together a compilation of different links from around the web that are all relevant to one particular topic and they feature this on their website or they put it in an email newsletter and they blast that off to their list. So I want to give you a couple examples of what this looks like. So, for instance, here we have a marketing round up, and what happens here is they list out some of the topics that they're gonna be talking about here. And if you actually click through, you can see all the topics that they're listing here. Now, if you actually hover over these links, you can see this one is going to Twitter. This link is going to MAS. This is going to top ranked block, so you'll see that there featuring different websites. So the idea here is that what you can do is you can look for relevant link roundups because typically the people who are putting these together do so on a regular basis. For example, this one here at the top had said they're doing this weekly. So if you are able to connect with this block and get your content featured, this can really drive a lot of traffic to your site. And it's gonna be spot on because you're gonna be looking for your particular niche or your particular industry. So all of the viewers are going to be asking for information on that particular topic. So here, yet again, we have another example. Here you can they even have the people's pictures and their name on, and then a little description of what they're talking about. Everything one of these links goes to a different site. No. One thing that I want to mention is that you can certainly reach out. You could recommend a relevant post to be included, and there's a couple of things you can do. One. You can also recommend other people's content, not just your own, so it doesn't look like you're only just trying to get your content in there, but that you're actually trying to provide value to their readers or to their their subscribers. But you may also want to consider building a bit of a relationship with these people. First on, one thing that you can do is you can work on a guest post with them. You can reach out to them. You can share their content before asking for them to share yours. So there's different tactics like that you can use to build up a bit of a relationship, even if that is just commenting on their site or linking from your site to their site just to get in front of them a little bit. So building up that relationship first can really land you a semi permanent or permanent spot in their weekly or monthly roundups. So you can really be getting your content in front of a whole new audience. Aarhus. Well, now, one other tactic you can use. It will take a little bit more time, but this is creating your own link round up. So this is great for businesses. This is great, really, for a lot of different types of sites, and you can be the one responsible for going out there searching for content that is relevant to your audience. Compiling that into an E newsletter or posted that on your site and sending that out. So that's also going to get you in front of the eyes of the people that you are including in the round ups. So a lot of times that can generate links back from them as well that can generate traffic back from them if they decide to share a swell. Now, I mentioned this is why I'd like to use tactics that really benefit me in a number of ways . One of this is also CEO because you're gonna be getting a link back, so that's gonna help you with your seo efforts. But it's also gonna be driving a lot of traffic. Now, if you do want to do your own link around, you can use tools like Scoop it. And basically, this helps you pull content together very easily because it's really time consuming to go out there and search for a lot of information. So this will help you pull the content together, present it nicely and have a link that you can send out to your audience very easily. And you could even bed the content very quickly, easily using their tools and you put that right on your own site. So depending on which options most attractive to you, you can put in the time to pull these link roundups together or participate and help generate some additional targeted traffic to your website. 33. Finding Your Target Audience & Getting In Front of Them: finding niche and industry forums are a great way to drive targeted traffic to your site, get your expertise out there, really share your knowledge, engage with the community and really, overall, at a lot of value to your business and to a community and the really easy to find. You simply need to go to Google and you want to put in your keyword or your main topic. So here, just as an example, I'm gonna put in women's health and then m parentheses. I'll put form. Now you're going to see here what pops up. We have women's health form. We have another form, another women's health form. All these on different sites, different forms. Now some of these are going to be exactly what we're looking for. Others will look at and they may not be a match, and that's okay. But the idea here is even if we confined one to, you know, most three forms to really be participating in where we can add a lot of value, this is a great way to find these forms. Just doing a symbol Sergeant should really take you only matter of minutes, So I usually just opened up a couple in different tabs here, and I just go through them. I opened up all these different results, and I see which ones are really going to work for the niche that I'm working on. So as I go through and look, I just want to see how active these are. I want to look and see. When was the last discussion. All of these are very relevant. We have today. All of these are either today or thin. The last couple of days we can see how maney post there are Hominy topics, so this looks to be pretty active. So what we want to do is look for women's health and then I want to look for particular topics around what it is that I want to talk about and see where I can answer questions on where it's relevant. I can post a link back to my site, but I think it's always best when you do that within context, where you already answering the question, not just saying go see this link and that that really is helpful and a lot of these forms are also going to allow you to have a signature where you can point people back to your website as well. So even when you are not directly posting your link, you're still promoting your brand. You're promoting your website people when they see that value, want mawr. They want even more content that you have if you really go out there and help them. So this looks like one that's pretty open, where you can easily join and participate in these different threads. Now here we have. This is a membership of free membership, and we can read here to see if this is something that we really qualify for. And if we think it's going to be targeted so we can usually join the form right there again , we have another health board so we can go here. We can see how active the site really is, and then we can see how many replies. So looking right here, these look a bit old, but let's keep looking down. Okay, those were some of the sticky ones. They were posted a while ago, so here all of this is pretty relevant. We see that they're getting hundreds of views, a couple of responses. But even if people aren't responding. People are still reading, and they are clicking through so far, just in the first pages don't really look like issues that pertain to our particular site. But if you have a side around some of these women's health issues, then this may be very targeted. And you can you can start a new thread here. You have subscribed to this board now. I also mentioned board reader early on in one of the case studies. And again, this is another way for you to be able to find forums around your topic. But here for you put in your keyword. This is actually going out and finding a particular thread that has your keyword in it. So that's the difference here. You may come up with some different forms and just doing your general Google search now. I did a different one here. I looked for Washington, D. C and then in quotes form, and I came across this website and this isn't a website that is specific to the Washington D. C. Area, but I want to give an example of if you were serving a particular local area, what you can do now Here. This is all about D. C. So you have D C, Baltimore, Northern Virginia, Montgomery County, Prince George's and so on. Now these are all very local to each other, the relatively close. So everybody is posting here with any of the issues. Now, when I was scrolling down here these different threads, a lot of these are not relevant at all. But then I received this one Baltimore skyline revisited. Now, this sounded quick like a photography threat to me. A lot of people like to take photographs of the Baltimore skyline, and I see here how Maney views this, why it has and how many responses. So right there, I know that that is something I definitely want to check out and I may be able to participate in Now. Here I continue. Scroll down. Baltimore Washington area photo threat again. 46,000 views. 205 comments. So again, this is something that that I may want to look at, but again, that one's getting a little bit old. This one is still a little bit old here. This one is a bit older as well. But just because this is a little bit old doesn't mean people aren't coming back to look at it, or you may be able to start a whole new thread after you've built up your profile here a little bit. But save your clicking into this. You can see they're talking about actually the construction and how that is actually messing with their photography. So this would be a great way to relate back, to share some ideas where they go to photograph different places in Baltimore and obviously then link back to your site for further ideas here. So forms are really great way to get some very targeted traffic, and they're so easy to find literally go out and Google go to board reader, and within five minutes you can have a whole handful have targeted forms for you to narrow down and figure out where you can really contribute. 34. Publishing With the Big Boys: when it comes to leveraging other people's audiences. Amazon is a great example of that because they are huge, and one at a benefit here is that when people turned to Amazon, they have their wallets out. They are ready to make a purchase because this is in online store. They are looking for a particular product. They are looking for information, and they're ready to buy. So what happens when you publish on Amazon, which is pretty straightforward, by the way? You literally have to create a cover for your E book. You can throw your content together if you have some existing content, you can use that as a starting point you uploaded to Amazon. You put in your books details like your title description price so on and you hit Publish. So it's that straightforward to actually get your book on Amazon. But what can happen is as people turned to Amazon to search for this information than your E book can pop up. So, just like if you were working on S yo, you want to make sure that you have your main keywords in your title and your description and someone that's gonna help your book up here now. An added benefit to this is Amazon products rank very easily in search results when you're dealing with s CEO and you're dealing with getting traffic from search engines as well, and I know we're not focusing on that, but that is certainly an added benefit. So as people are looking for information, if you want to rank in the service, the search engine results pages. Having something on Amazon is very helpful because if you have a brand new site, for example, it's gonna be easier to rank that Amazon listing than it is that website or you could be working on both. So then you have to listings on the front page, which is really gonna help drive even more traffic to your site. So, of course, you can put in information about your website in your description. You have a place for that in your bio, but also in your book. Amazon is going to give viewers a free preview of the book, and this is generally the first few pages of the book. So in here is where you want to drive people to your website, you can tell me, the added benefit you can give them. You can tell them about something that they can get for free or download a checklist, access to additional information. A 30 day plan, whatever it is that pertains to your content with a link to your site. That way, when people don't even buy your book, they're still going to your website for further information. So this is really a great way to leverage all of the traffic that comes in through Amazon and be able to generate some additional traffic and even some additional sales from their platform. 35. Share Your Expertise While Helping Others = Traffic + Leads: no matter what type of business you're running with a website, because at the end of the day it's a business. Your urine it for a certain reason. There's something that you're trying to gain from your website, which is why you're putting in all this time. The best thing that you can do is really share your knowledge. Share your expertise. On years ago, it wasn't like this so much. But now, with the Internet and we have so much information available to us, I find that the people that tend to hold in their knowledge and not really share what they know, partly because there are in fear of not being hired or not someone not buying their product or hiring them for their service so they don't give out a lot of information. I find these people end up suffering more because when it comes down to it, people want to hire people who really know their stuff, who they're really good at, what it is that they do, and one of the best ways to be able to get out there in front of a huge audience, share your knowledge and then be able to drive traffic to your site. So then you can benefit from that is by sharing your knowledge in your expertise on question and answer sites. No, there's other methods. Of course. We talked about through information that you post on your own site, external sites, information that you put together and how you're contributing in various groups and so on. But question an answer site specifically is really, really good way to not only generate a lot of traffic to your site if you do it correctly, but it's also really great way if you're trying to sell products or if you have services to offer to generate more leads for your service. So there's different question and answer sites like you have Cora, for example, where you can go and ask about just about any question out there, and people are going to respond to you. They're going to give you their expertise. They're going to share their knowledge with you, and this is something that you can do is you can set up to be notified. Here, you'll see that there's a notification section you can set up to be notified of specific types of questions and well, you can do is you can also go into core. Like, for instance, I could go and typing core. And then I could say Women gain weight and we'll see what pops up here in Google. So now you can see all of the's Cora post here we have. How can a skinny woman gain weight? How to gain weight is an 18 year old. How can a girl gain weight and so one? So there's all this information here on court, and all I need to do now is I can go click through and I can see how recent this was. I can see how popular this was. So here this person is This person has received 16 different answers. So the 1st 1 here in 2014. But do you see how long this answer is? This person really invested sometime in giving some good advice to this person. And look, there was 24,000 views on this, so that's really, really huge here Now, What this person could have done is also included a link. You can include a link to a video that you have on YouTube. You can include a link to further reading If you have have expanded on this topic on your on your website. So, for instance, what I like to do is I like to take a topic from the website that I'm working on. So if I'm here and let's say I want this skinny girl weight gain, what I can do is when I'm looking on Cora here, I can go in type and course getting women being weight will probably pop up the same post. Here's another one down here and then this is the one that I want a post on because I know I already have more information on my site. So you don't want to just go give your link. You see, these people are writing a really in depth answers and you see, now here, this person has given some additional links here at the bottom and again, this one has 7.4000 views. So this is another example of how you can generate initial traffic to your website, and then you can continue to benefit from this traffic over time. So this is an excellent, excellent way again. Make sure you're sharing nerves per teeth. Make sure you are giving them actionable steps. And don't be afraid to link to your website so long as they really contributes to your answer into what the person is asking. But there's all types of sites doesn't have to be core. You have Yahoo answers, which is similar works in a similar way. You have answer bag, which is similar as well. We have all different types of categories here that you can click through and look for your specific type of information that you'd like to post about. And you can answer questions here, linking back as well. You have answers dot com, which will allow you to do that, and then you can start gain specific. So if you have a certain niche that you're working on, look to see if their specific Q and A sites for that as well. Like their stack overflow, for example, which is basically a Q and A site. It's a community here where coders can go in, programmers can go and ask questions. They can answer questions, help each other out. So they're specific programming questions. And then there's other questions that they face just in their their business. So what happens here is people get in touch with you because they want to purchase a product. They want to purchase services. They wanna work with you, whatever it is that you're offering because of the value that you've provided. So the more that you're able to participate here again, even if you can go spend 10 minutes a day, 20 minutes a day, even if it's one today or three times a week, two times week. Whatever works in with the rest of your promotion schedule, this is a great, both short and long term traffic driver for your website. 36. How to Gain Traffic From Sharing Other People's Content: in this section. We've been talking a lot about creating content, giving your content in front of other people's audiences and really leveraging that content to drive traffic back to your site. So here I want to flip the script a little bit. What I want to talk about is how to use content that other people have created to drive traffic to your site. So, as you probably know, especially if you really focusing on your audience, there needs You're trying to provide a lot of value to your audience. Creating content takes a lot of time, so in order to offset that time investment, one thing that I like to do is to use other people's content to get views on my website, and I don't just pick any content out there. I really am trying to add value to my audience. I want them to be thankful for the content that I'm sharing and putting information that they need to know in front of them, so this is beneficial to your audience. But it's also beneficial to you and your website. Traffic. So is the traffic is never good when you're thinking one sided. Eso what I want to talk about here is a tool that you can use and this tool is called Snively. And basically what this does is once you find a post that your audience is going to find helpful, so you can see the different examples ESPN, BBC I think they had Washington Post. So when you find these posts you can put in this rural into your snively account and then what you'll do is you're gonna put in your content. So you're gonna put in a link to your website or particular post that you have. You're gonna have this little call to action here and a button. And what's gonna happen is you're going to send out this special snip Lee link, and when someone clicks on it, it's going to take them to somebody else's website. So mashable Washington pose ESPN wherever you're sending them. But at the bottom of that post is going to appear this box here where it's gonna have your picture, your name or your brand, your called action in a button for them to click through to your site. Now, this means you confined content that is related to your audience related to a post that you already have. And then you can drive more visits back to that content. So let me give you an example. I recently was asked to write for the S e o Power Sweet Blawg. So what happened was I spent a lot of time pulling this post together for them. And I really wanted to share this with other s yo's who could benefit from understanding how they can get over some of these local s e o issues, how they can solve them. And what I wanted to do was I also wanted to share for anyone who doesn't use SDO power sweet or is thinking about using sdo power Sweet how they can actually do that and how it can benefit their SCL. So here you'll see that I use Snip Lee when I sent out this link. So you can see here in the Ural, it has simply dot snipped out l Why? Which is there your l And then it has this code and the actual link that I was sending out . So now when people came to the site, they saw the post that I wrote here and at the bottom the whole time they're going through . They see my picture, my name and this called action. My guide using S E o Power Sweet to boost rankings. Click here. So if they were interested in learning more about S e o power sweet, they can view a step by step video tutorial that I put together just by going here and clicking here. It takes them to my actual website where they're going to be able to see the tutorial and they can get the actual video tutorial there. So that's how it's very easy to drive traffic from somebody else's content. Now, of course, in this example, I did create this content, but I didn't have to. I could use anything else from the blawg, hear any the training that they have that is relevant to my audience and put a simply link there and send that out. So that's how easy it really can be. And if you're looking for another alternative as well, Bakley is another one that's gonna allow you to do pretty much the same thing where you're going to be able to put it in your your L. And you'll have this box here that is going to pop up, so this is a great way to use other people's content to get eyes on your website. Don't forget, you can also use sharing other people's content as a relationship builder. So if you share someone else's content, you can let them know that you've done that with this simple email, reaching out to them and saying, Hey, I really appreciate this content you put together. It was really valuable because of X, y and Z. I thought it was a great fit for my audience. So I emailed them today or a shared it in my Facebook group, etcetera, and they really loved it. So I just wanted to say Thank you and then you can leave it at that and that is an introduction to the person where you are letting them know they appreciate what they do. You have shared something of theirs, so you are doing them a favor. But you're not asking for anything in return, which is not usually what people get. They're usually receiving emails from people asking for something from them, so it's a really nice way to start building that relationship, and it allows you to reach out again in the future if you do have an offer or there's something that you may be able to collaborate on. 37. Use This (Free) Tool to Promote Content & Brand In Just : buzz bundle is one of my absolute favorite tools for content promotion. And I say this because you can be in so many different places at the same time. You really can just spend a limited amount of time here every day in, even if it's only 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day, you can get to so many different places that you really are getting your name out there and you really boosting your traffic numbers. And these are all good quality traffic with the limited amount of time, so really just can't get any better. And I'm not going to go really in depth into this because I have already put together whole tutorial on how to use Buzz Bundle. You have a whole video here that you can go through and walk you step by step through how exactly to do that. So I'll link to that here. But I'm gonna give you just a quick just here. Basically, you can set up your social profiles here, and then what you'll do is you're gonna add streams to find discussions. Now stream is basically just different places online, so you'll have social media. You'll have blog's and so on. And so what you'll do is you're going to start with keywords. I'm just throwing a bunch of keys. Different keywords for the gaining weight site you can put in your URL if you want. Yes, let's exclude the Duke kids. And now what's gonna happen is you see it's pulling different streams. So here we have forms and blog's. Here we have Q and A sites. Here we have social media, Twitter, Facebook, Google and so on, and then video sharing sites. Now what's gonna happen here is it is going out and using the keywords that I just put in, and it's gonna find conversations that are currently going on all around gaining weight. So here, how to gain weight for women. So this is already talking about this on social media, so I can choose to retweet this. I can reply, and I can share my article here. I can see how many new posts there are, and it's going to do that for every single one of these streams here. So that's why I say I really like this tool because it allows you to get into a variety of different types of sites very quickly. So as you can see, I can do that all from one dashboard. So that's where it saves you so much time. You don't have to log in to all these different sites. And once you've done once you've set up your profile here in buzz bundle it done for you, you so you don't have to continue to do that. And in case you're wondering, Buzz Bundle does have a free version, and they have a paid version. The free version. You'll be able to log in here and you'll be able to do what you need to do. But the premium version is going to allow you to save your keywords. It's going to allow you to save some of the conversations. You're going to get more results, as with any premium software that you purchased so you can use either one whatever fits your budget. Either way, though, this is definitely a great place to come in and see what kind of results you can get. Either way, this is a software that I use for tons of sites, and it really helps me get into so many places at which means I am really boosting my traffic and then I'm able to see which one of these streams is really driving the most traffic. Which one has been most effective, and then when I come in here, I concentrate on those one or two streams, and that's what will continue to boost my traffic. 38. Section 8 Intro: Driving Traffic With Social Media: we're about to dive into social media, And I'm sure you don't have to tell you how popular social media is and how effective this could really be for driving traffic to your site. But here, we're gonna explore many different methods that will drive traffic to your website from Social Media, and we're gonna look at the quickest and most effective ways. If you're just getting started with social media now, we're gonna even look at some tools that you can use. So although you may be very familiar with social media, I'm sure that you're gonna walk away from this section of the course, learning about some new tools or options that you can use when it comes to promoting your website on social media. 39. Several Options for Increasing Traffic Using These Top Social Media Sites: social media is a really great way to be able to grow your traffic to grow your audience and especially you're dealing with Facebook. There's a number of different ways that you can get involved. You can, of course, create your profile. You can create your own business page, but two of the more effective ways that I believe you can grow your traffic faster and to be able to drive a lot more traffic to your website is first creating a group. So when you're in Facebook, you'll be ableto click on the Create a group button just by going to facebook dot com. Ford slash groups. You're going to see that here or when you are on your Facebook dashboard and you're seeing your stream on the left hand side. Over here, you'll have the list of groups, and at the bottom of that list is a link to create a new group. Now when you create a new group, you're gonna be able to name it. Whatever you want. You can add people that you already know, and you can choose to make this either a public group or a close group so anyone can join it. and you can create this around your topic. And now, when people are searching for these keywords, they're going to find your group. You're going to get more and more people joining. And of course, this is when you create new content you're going to be able to post back to. You're going to be able to post your own content in your group and have people click through to your website, which, of course, is going to boost your traffic. So this takes a little bit of time to build up. But you will control this completely, and that's what I like. You have complete control. The group. You're not gonna ban yourself from the group. You're not gonna delete your own content. So that's what's nice about having your own Facebook group Now this second and fastest way to build a traffic using Facebook is to be a part of existing groups. So, for example, if I was looking for the Kittens website, I could search for groups on animals or, for example, let's see, here we have a animals and pets sections I could click through. I could see all the groups here here. I think click on cats. I could look for more categories and that I can see. Okay, if I was dealing with dogs here. This one has 100 and almost 35,000 members. This one here, lets see cats. So this is going to give me a list of all the ones with cats. I can drill down to even kittens here if I want to. And you'll see some of these are some of these air low numbers C 759. But then look at this group Cats Lane. Over 40,000 members. This one has almost 8900 members. So this is where I can choose to join some of these groups. And the idea here is that I'm not just throwing all my articles in or throwing all my images, and I'm commenting on other people's I'm liking other people's posts, um, spending time being active in the group, contributing to the group as a whole and then also sharing my own work. So you really have to balance promoting your own content with sharing other people's content with liking other people's content. Really, Just being involved in the group is a group members he Really? I like to pick one, maybe two groups that I really feel that I can be active in. And then that's where you spend your time and that is going to drive a great deal of traffic to your website. Of course, if you are getting in some of these groups like Israel 40,000 members, 89,000 members. But another thing to remember is, once you get into really see how active the members are, how many people like post, how many people comment on post, how often to post appear, and that's going to tell you how much you're going to get out of those groups? Obviously, the more engagement, the more engagement you'll receive when you post a swell. But always check group rules since you don't have control of it, it's not your own group. You do want to make sure that you're staying within their guidelines so you can continue to be a member. But Twitter is actually another really good one, depending on your business. Now here, the easiest thing to do is really just search for hashtags around your keywords and then get involved in the conversation. It's all again about participating, so I'm not gonna repeat himself. Here is just like with Facebook. Get involved with the content Retweet share post other people's content and mix in your own here and there as well. If you're looking for a tool to help what Twitter you can use, Tweet Deck, which is gonna allow you to retweet easily share post and all of that within one dashboard , so there's lots of tools available. I'm also going to talk about some other ones in this section as well that you'll be able to use with ease. But these are great ways to easily be able to spend 15 minutes a day getting in there, sharing in different groups and driving some real traffic back to your website. 40. How to Participate In These Large Groups to Generate Lots of Views + Bonus Idea: We've already looked at some online communities where you can participate, you can add a lot of value, and it really is going to drive not only a lot of traffic to your site, but it can also drive some leads and sales to your website as well. And I want to talk about a couple more community opportunities that you have. And really, when you look at these different opportunities that we're talking about here, you just need to narrow it down to the one that best fits your niche. And if you're not sure which one that is, spend time looking each one of these communities. Or look at each one of these platforms and see what groups come up. See which ones are the most active. See which one feels like a best fit for you. You don't need to be in all of these. Just pick the one that's most relevant and feels most beneficial to what you're trying to achieve. So you want to talk about two different platforms. The 1st 1 is Lincoln. Now, when you're on LinkedIn, you have your profile set up. You can also join in groups, so when you are in your dashboard, you're gonna have my group's where you'll see a feed from content that is being put into the different groups that you have joined. And when you click on discover, this is where you're going to be able to search for new groups. So here's where you can put in your main topic so I could put in women's health or gain weight when I'm looking at the site for gaining weight, and then I can see what types of groups come up. So this is where I can join in groups around women's health. And just like many of the other sites, this is where you're going to be able to participate in the conversations that are happening, and the most traffic is gonna come from your site when you are again trying to add that value to the particular community. And this is why I highly recommend picking just one or two groups or one platform where you have a couple of groups that you could really participate in. You can always add more, and the idea here is quality over quantity. Of course, you can be in so many different groups, but it is really hard to find the time to be able to really contribute to that audience. So the best thing to do, in my opinion, is pick A a larger group, one that has a lot of members, one that is very active and participate very well there. And by that I mean find relevant discussions around your content around the traffic that you want and provide in depth answers. And within that content, you can link back to your website. But you just really have to tie it into your answer. Tie it into what the person is asking for, and you also don't want to always link back to your content that really looks family. That looks like that's the only reason that you're there. So the traffic is on massively going to come, especially as we've talked about. If you're popping into these groups and you're only spending 10 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day, you're answering a question to questions, three questions a day. It really adds up. People are going to start seeing your name over and over again. They're going to get interested to look at your profile. They're gonna want to learn more so it's really a great way to build traffic using these groups now. Another one is Google Plus communities. Many people forget about Google Plus, but there are tons of communities out here. So again, let's going back to the kittens. Example. Let's say I just type in the word kittens here into the search box and let's look comes up . They have collections. What we're looking for is communities here. I'm gonna go down to communities and we can see okay caps of the day. This one has almost 135,000 members here. Another one with almost 90,000 members, 251,000 members and 28,000 members here and now I can click through to mourn. I can see all of the groups. I could see all of the communities that are related to kittens. Now you can see how many of these here I have huge member numbers and then as we go down, let's see here. This one has 3000 members, 20 members, 2600 members, 76 members, 20 members. So what I really want to focus on are the ones that again are most active, so that can be the ones that have the most numbers. But really, I just want to click through and you can look at the community. You can see. Okay, when was the last post? You can see how Maney plus ones there are. We have 442. We can see how many people are commenting. How many people are sharing. So is going to give you an idea of how many people are likely looking at this content. How many people are clicking through to the link that's being provided. So again, this is where you just want to go in. You want to join a couple of these relevant communities and then you want to come back here and spend 10 minutes a day, 15 minutes a day? If you only have an hour to a day dedicating that little bit of time can really make a big difference. And remember your time. Investment is compounding day after day after day, and your posts are gonna add up. People gonna get to recognize your name, your brand, and that's really going to help you, not only in the short term, but in the long term as you continue your content marketing as well. So definitely take a look at the Google plus communities and the linked in groups to find your niche there and see what is happening and see how you may be able to contribute. 41. Combining Images & Social Media for Targeted Traffic: here. We're gonna be talking about using images to drive traffic to your website. And I'm really excited to talk about this because it can make a huge difference on your traffic numbers. And it's just a lot of fun to do. I really enjoy this type of traffic promotion and what I also like is it can work for so many different sites. Sometimes it's really easy. It's really obvious what you're gonna do. Sometimes you have to get a little bit creative. But but it could really work for a lot of different companies, a lot of different online businesses. So here. But I want to focus on his three of the major players, and that is Pinterest, Instagram and Flickr. Now these three are obviously huge. I'm sure you've heard of every single one of those, but I want to talk here about how you can use those to grow traffic for your specific business. No Pinterest, of course you need to go in just like any other site you're gonna need to set up your profile. And for instance, I'm just now in the process of setting up the profile for the I got Kittens website that I got kittens. This is one of those obvious sites. It's all about images. And so this is why this sites would be great to use on these platforms. So here what I can do is put in the name I can put in a description here. I have the website linking to it. I'm gonna put a really cute kitten image right here, and I've started creating and some boards that we can pin, too, and I'll be adding even mawr. And what I want to do here is I want to start getting in front of other people's audience. It doesn't matter what kind of content promotion you were doing. If you can get yourself in front of other people's audience, a lot of traffic to your site a lot faster. So let's talk about how to do that with these sites now with Pinterest, One tool that I like to use is called pin groupie. Now this is basically a site that helps you find different boards that you can join and they will allow you to pin to their board. So this is called a collaborator and you will be added as a collaborator. So you're almost like an admin. You don't have full control over the whole group or anything, but basically allows you to post your images or pin your images on these groups and get in front of their audience. So if I take out kittens here, as I already did the search, you can see there's gonna be all different types of groups here. If I scroll down here, it says, see 70,000 different boards allow collaborators, so it really doesn't matter. Here shows a bunch of food restaurants, recipes cook so you can look through and see if you see any that really jump out at you. But I think the easiest way years to come in and either the title, the description you just put in basically, when your keywords I'm gonna type in kitten just as an example here and look at all the different collaborator boards that come up. So this is showing 44 at the moment. So now if I look here, this list is organized by the number of collaborators, so you can see this one here, called kittens, has 836 collaborators going down under 8 71 40 so I like to focus on the ones that have a high number of collaborators. When I'm getting started, it's more likely that they're going to prove me as a collaborator. So here we can see how many pins there are on the board. We can see how many people are actually following the board. So here there's a relatively the same number of collaborators. But here you can see there's only 4000 followers versus 22,000 followers right here. So that's just something to keep in mind as well. And you can see the number of actual pins is much, much higher than the board below. So what we can do is you can look and see what the description is. Now, let's go in here and let's look at this board just as an example. No, this board, it has a description, and they're so nice here. And they have added specific instructions for how to become a collaborator. So it says to be added to my group boards, go to this, you're all here and follow the directions from there, so that's going to tell you exactly what they want you to do. If you want to join this board. Now look at all these kittens. This is perfect. And then we're gonna be allowed to pin our images from there. Now, if I go look at some other groups saying now, some other groups aren't as straightforward. So I want to show you what to do here. Now this says CalFed everywhere. That's a description. So doesn't tell you what they want you to do to become a collaborator. But you can see they have 165 collaborators. So if you click on that list, it's going to tell you who the owner or the admin is of the group, and then you're gonna see all these different collaborators. Now, there's a couple of things that you can do here. The first is always want to follow the owner, and then it's going to alert them that I'm now following them. But I can click on their name here, and it's gonna take me to their profile page now from here. What I want to do is I'm just gonna message them. So I'm just gonna type in their name here and let's see. That's not coming up just yet. Okay, Now Let's see. I can match the image here to the image here. I know it's the right person. Click on there and he was working. Added my message and I can say, Hey, I really enjoy your kittens board. So many cute kittens. Whatever you're gonna say, I really love to be able to contribute to that board. Would you mind adding me to your board as a collaborator? And you can send that message and wait, No, not every single person or everything I'm in is going to add you, but a lot of them will, and that's gonna let you to start pinning. Now, before I talk about how to easily pin, I want to show you one more thing. We go back to splice to collaborators and what you can do. And I just do this after you've set up your profile after you have some pins to actually show. But then you can go through and you can follow these other collaborators because there are obviously very interested in kittens and you can also go to the list of followers here. Now these people actually follow this board because they want to see kittens. But they're not necessarily collaborators, so you can go through and you can follow these now portion of people you follow are going to follow you back. That means not every time you post to your Pinterest board it's gonna pull up in their feed . So the more people you can get in front of, the more traffic you're going to generate. So even if you spend just 15 minutes a day going to some of these different groups or finding kitten pins and then seeing who's following some of these boards following them, a portion of them, we're gonna follow you and you're gonna get a lot of different eyes that way. So that's a great way to build up some followers very quickly and start generating some traffic by both showing up in people's feeds but also being able to pin to some of these groups. Okay, let's talk about some tools. Couple that I like to use. 1st 1 is bored Booster. Now this one. It's very simple, very straightforward, very inexpensive to use. You can't really argue with this, but here's what it lets you dio. The 1st 1 is called Random Campaigns, and here's what's awesome about this, you can schedule a pin to go out to all of your related group board. So if I end up with 20 different kitten boards that I can now pin to all of these group boards and I'm now a collaborator for, I can post every single one of them at one time so I can put in my campaign name. If I just wanna put in what images I can select a list of boards. So if I want them to pin, let's a specific pin I can put in that pin line that pin you are l or a few different pen Urals here, or if I just want them to pull from a specific board, I can do that. And then I want to say where I want them to repent to. And then here's where I can select all of the different group boards, and I can ask them t pin between certain hours. If I feel that the group is most active during that time and then click save and that's gonna automatically do it for me. So that's a huge, huge time saver. So again, you could set this up in five minutes a day, two minutes a day and be done. Schedule campaigns. Now, if you want to add new pins to your group, then you can do this here. So this is gonna let you set a schedule automatically. Repin are automatically pin some of your content to boards. Now, another one that you have is called tail wind app. And this one is essentially the same a little bit more complex, but has some cool features. You can set up your schedule here on this side and hear what you canoes. You can upload images that will now appear on your group boards and then you can set them into your schedule wherever you like. And another cool tools. They have a chrome extension. And Luigi What this does if I'm on the I got kittens website and this works for any site. But if you hover over the image, you will see. Now you have this little tailwind app icon and it says schedule. So clicking that is gonna bring up this pop up and what this does is now you can see how this looks like a pin. You can type in your board name here. Any board that you want, and you can edit the description here, however you want it to appear, and you can click on Facebook and Twitter as well if you want to also post to your social media profiles. So that way you're getting a lot more exposure in Just by setting this up and then you can add it to your cue, you just click schedule now and now it's added to simple. Is that so? Now these air gonna go out as the time you want. So this is all about consistency, as I mentioned, and one of the best ways to do that is to batch schedule. So if you can go out and schedule a week's worth of pins, a month's worth of pins, if you're really on it, then it's done. That promotion is done, and you can move on to another promotional method. That way you have one set of promotions going on that you've already automated, and now you can move on and be working on other things. So now you have multiple promotions going on, but you're really still only focusing on one or two. So this is a great way to do that. 42. Combining Images & Social Media for Targeted Traffic (Cont): All right, let's move on and start talking about flicker. Now flicker. Just like Pinterest has the opportunity to participate in groups so you can also join. You can collaborate in these groups. You can upload your own images and share them with all the members of the group. So just like with Pinterest is well, I recommend you set up your profile. You have your image, you link to your website, you have your description in and you've uploaded a decent amount of images. So it looks like you have a complete profile and you are participating on the platform. Then when you've done that, you can go to flicker dot com, forward slash groups and here this is going to show you all of the different groups that flicker has. So there's some about everything. So here these air, just photography ones to get started. But to give you an idea, this shows you how many members are in the group. So you have almost 32,000 members here and you have 1.1 million images within that group and you see the commenting going on. So this gives you an idea of how active the groups are how many members there are and how many people you could potentially get your work in front of. No. What you can do is you can simply go in here and you can do a search. And you can search, of course, for photos, people. And in this instance, we are looking for groups. So you're gonna put in kittens and we're gonna see what types of groups come up. All right, look at all of these groups tons and tons of groups. When I put in kids there, so many opportunities like this, it just keep scrolling and scrolling. So it gives me so many different opportunities to participate in some of these groups and, like, I can even load more Goodness on. I don't even know how many groups this is, but I can also sort So this is gonna be relevant, is gonna have the keywords in there. But I can also sorted by activity so I can participate in the groups that are most active. I can participate in the largest groups or the newest groups. So if you have some groups that air new, then you can jump in and maybe get in front of an audience before a lot of other collaborators get in front of. But you can get a 90 of how long the groups have been around and really see which ones you feel are going to be most beneficial to you. So, like this one's from 2007. But there's going 492 people there so that that may not really be the active of a group, so it doesn't really have to take a look at some of the numbers here. And then once you see one that you like, you can simply click on enjoying, and you have now joined the group. It's that easy regularly. Just go through, click on join all the relevant ones that you see here. But you can click through to the group on, and you can get an idea here of the types of images that they post here, and you even see some discussions. So this really has a two fold benefit here. They're going to be able to post images that link back to your profile, and you can also participate in some of the group discussion. So again, you just want to choose wisely. here, you want to look at which ones are the most active. Which ones are getting the most replies when they were actually posted to see if that's really worth your time? So the more active then the more worth your time it's going to be. And really all you need to do is click on this ad photo button and then this is going to allow you. You can go here, and you can select an image from your stream here and add that in but going back. But just as with any online group, make sure that you are reading some of the rules that the admin is posted so you're not in violation. You don't get kicked out of any of the particular groups now. Another thing to consider is that you can also within these groups, start your own discussion. So if you have a way to contribute and add value to the group and tie it back to your profile, tie it back to your website when this is a way that you can do that, or you can also participate in these conversations so people get to recognize you before doing that Now, one other thing that I want to mention about these image sites as well, whether it be Pinterest, flicker instagram which we're about to get to is that you can also start your own group. A lot of people don't think about that. Just like Facebook. For example, we talk about starting your own group. You can do that on flicker Pinterest, instagram as well. So if your website is very image heavy, that's where you're really gonna grow your audience. You may consider starting your own group and people will look to you. You're gonna happen, get toe, have your information front and center in front of everybody who joins but moving along. Let's look at Instagram. This is gonna sound a little bit redundant because a lot of these work the same way. But that makes it very easy for promotion. Makes it easy to get used to. So once you set up your instagram profile again making sure it's fully complete, you can search for groups. I'm gonna search for kittens. Lucas, Kittens of instagram kittens Today kittens, Melbourne kittens, kittens, kittens, foster kittens, kitchen titan kitten, citing. So there's look at all these different kitten groups so same thing here, Kittens of Instagram. But what I can do now is I want to go in and I want to follow these different boards. Okay, The I d here's I want to start building up followers. Okay, so there's not, as you don't have the groups that you can participate in, but what you can do is you can build up your following, and you can do that pretty easily. I'm gonna show you what to dio. And then once you have your following in your posting images, that's not going to start driving all that traffic back. So here's what you can do. You can follow these people, especially the ones that have really big groups like Look at this. 330,000 followers. So their big group. So if they fall, if you follow them, a lot of these people are gonna fall you back. A portion of everybody's gonna follow you back, so not everybody is going to. But if they see you followed them and they like some of the images that they see, they're gonna follow you back, and then they may pose some of your images, or they might linked to you and so really can get a lot of benefit from that. So you want to follow them? And then what you can also do is click on their link and look at this. It's gonna show you all the people that are following them now. This means all these people are interested in that same topic. So therefore, they are gonna be interested in what you are posting so you can easily click to follow all these people. So, as I mentioned, you can sit down. You can click, follow and just do this 15 minutes a day, and you will very quickly gain a lot of followers and you'll be able to start posting your message on your main profile. So when you have your description at the top here, you'll be able to include a link. You can even include, like a tiny or L a short link there, where they can click back that you can send them to a landing page. You can send them to your main website, a product page, a sale, whatever it is you want to draw attention to. That's where you composed it and then on images itself. You can also post a little description or a link. That's very simple. But since they won't be able to click on the link in the image to point people to where you want them to go, so you can see there's a lot that you can do with these image social media sites, they really want to take advantage of one last thing I want to mention, no matter what type of site you have. One last thing I want to mention is this works for a wide variety of websites. It doesn't matter if you Onley have ah photo heavy website. Let's say you have a product. You could be posting images of your product. You could be posting images of people using your product. You could be posting images of how to use your product, so there's a lot of different things that you can do. Same first service If you provided a service and let's say you build decks for a living, you can post images of created decks that you've built or work in progress. Teoh give people an idea of the experience that they're gonna go through and working with you, so whether you have services, products information. Think about how you can creatively use images because it could be very, very powerful in your marketing and really can help you drive a lot of traffic to your site . 43. Find Your Target Audience in Less Than 1 Minute Among These Billions of Users: Greta is a site that has millions and millions of visitors every single month. And this is a really, really great way to generate a lot of traffic to your website. But you really have to do it correctly. And if this is a strategy that you would consider, I would recommend that you get started on it immediately. And by that I mean setting up your account and start contributing. Start commenting, because if you want to use this to promote your website, you want to use it to get traffic. People can see when you have signed up, people can see how much you've contributed. And if your first post or one of the first is promoting your business, they're going to shut you down. They're gonna down vote, you hear on Reddit, they can use these arrows up here. Toe. Vote your poster down, vote your post and you can also just have your account banned if you're not following the rules so it can work against you. But that's why I say do it right, and you can generate a lot of traffic for this. Now. A lot of people talk about getting on the home page of right And how many views this can really generate you and it surely can. But for most websites, if you have a business or you're promoting some niche information, you're not going to get up voted to the home page. Because if you look at the topics on the home page, it's it's not generally about these types of topics. And what I recommend is trying to get up voted. And so you're getting a lot of views on a particular subreddit. And I really think this is even better because this is allowing you to focus on the traffic that is going to be most valuable to you. So let me give you an example of how this works. I'm gonna go to my search box, and here I'm gonna type in kittens again. And then what we're gonna see is sub read. It's now, this is where we want to focus our attention. So what's gonna happen is you're gonna have reddit dot com for it slash our forward slash and the sub reddit name. So all of these are going to be subreddit. Okay, so we have posts down here that are about kittens, but we want to look for a particular sub. Brett. It's where we can participate. So we have kittens in all their glory. Cute kittens. You can see how many subscribers how long the community has been there. So let's take a look at this one. With 15,000 subscribers now here we want to see how many up votes there are. We want to see how active it ISS weaken C 13 hours ago, nine hours ago, four hours ago. So you can see there's a lot of people contributing. A lot of people up voting. You can see 28 comments, three comments of some people commenting. But one thing to notice is that people can also share your content easily here. So what you want to do is you want to look through and you want to see if the content is relevant to you. Now you also want to pay close attention to the rules. So here kittens only don't want to post any images of cats and this totally the types of content that you can have. And basically this is going to tell you how to not get your account band. But what I also suggest is looking down here. The sea also groups, and you can look for some relevant groups that you may be able to participate in as well. So what I recommend is pulling up several of these red it's and then going through, seeing how many members there are. How many people are commenting, how many people are up voting, looking for the ones that are not only the most active, but the ones that are most relevant to the type of content that you have, and then narrow that down to maybe two or three of the top Reddit's, And that's where you're going to want to focus your attention. Now, as you mentioned, you really got to do it right on Reddit. You want to spend time here, You want to build up a bit of a profile before you just jump in and you start sending people to your website. Now, when you do this, you also want to be able to share things like success stories. People really like those things, or if you're able to tell stories, so it really depends on the type of nature you have. So if I'm dealing with kittens here Obviously, this is going to be around pictures. This is gonna be around owning kittens. So, for instance, with this particular site, I could focus on a story off a particular kitten and maybe the journey he went through from starting out rough in life, not having a mother having to be fostered until he was able to be successfully adopted so I could talk about any hardships he went through, how he overcame that and put a nice story together, and that could have a lot of up boats. They're a swell now that another thing I would do, let's say I'm looking at the gaining weight category can do it kind of subreddit come up for this. But here this would be good to share success stories here. So weight gain here before and after. And so if I was able to show pictures, I could link back to an article. You can see my entire journey here of how I gained £20 in three months or whatever the story is, you can give an overview, some helpful points within some of these subreddit. It's and then always link back to your post. But again see what you can do to contribute to other people's threads from the get go that where you're building up that momentum as I mentioned Now, if you have a business or even if you have information like this, you have a story. You can do what they call an a m A and ask me anything. And they also even have ah Reddit dedicated to ask me anything. So here I am a ask me anything and this doesn't have to be within this, am I read it. This could be within that niche, Reddit, that you found the kittens right at the game week. Reddit, whatever you're reading, your subreddit is, And what you can do is you can share what you've been through in the title. So when I was 24 my dad and I had the same cancer at the same time I lived. He did not ask me anything. So you can see people are sharing their stories and then allowing people to ask questions. So this is a really, really great way to be able to engage the community and pique some interest and then send them back to your site. You always want to make sure that you are answering to any of the comments that are going on there and really just showing that you are there trying to help people trying to participate, trying to increase engagement and actually help answer people's questions. So this is, ah, great way to really benefit from Reddit. But again, just keep in mind that you don't want to come across this family, and you really do want to add a lot of value to the Subreddit community so that you can get the most out of it. One thing that I also want to keep in mind. And this is not only about right that this is about any of the platforms that you're going to working on that don't expect because I don't want you set yourself up for failure here. Don't expect to go into a community, make a post and then hit it big and see your your traffic skyrocket. You really have to keep going. You're gonna be surprised that some post that you do are going to work extremely well. They're going to send you great amounts of traffic to your site. It's really gonna go as planned, and then other ones that you think you're gonna go really well, just don't take off for whatever reason. It may be that you read the group wrong or you weren't actually providing information that they were looking for or whatever the reason. So don't let one post that doesn't go as you expected, keep you from taking additional action. Make sure to keep going because not everyone is going to hit it big. But then when they dio, it's going to really make a great difference in your site traffic. 44. How to Find Others Who Will Promote Your Content to Their Social Media Audience: if you have a following on Twitter Facebook Social media profiles like that. Using marrow content be is a really great way to boost your traffic, and this could be done completely for free. This site actually has a free and premium version, but the free version you'll get everything that you need, and basically how this works is your gonna find other people's content, and they do moderate the content. So you're making sure that you actually have good content that you're promoting, but you can find other people's relevant content. You can promote it to your audience, and when you do so, you earn credit. And with these credits, you can spend that on having others promote your content, and you can pick what platforms you want them to promote it on. You can pick what categories you want them to promote it within. So you have a lot of control here, and this is a really great way to drive Targeted traffic. Back to your senses can really boost your numbers. So once you sign in for a free account, the first thing that you're going to want to do is go to settings and social accounts Now, when you do this, you're going to need to authenticate your accounts. Basically, connect your social media accounts to your viral content. Be account the way they're going to be able to see how many followers you have. And this makes a difference to for how many credits you are actually going toe earn. So when you go to dashboard, this is gonna list all these different categories. So you find the category that's most relevant to your site or what you can do is just do a search. So let's say I want to find content around the site for gaining weight. Now I'm guessing I'm gonna find a lot more articles for losing weight. But I'll see if anything comes up. Okay, as I expected, there's there's only one I wasn't even sure if I get that, but you can see this article top five tips to gain weight fast. Now, I could go and I could actually look at this article. I could see if this is something that I want to promote. And here the author only wants this promoted on Pinterest so I can click on pinchers. It's gonna have me do that, but If that's not quite the article I want, I could look for other things like, let's say superfood, since diet is going to be important when you're gaining weight and I have some more ideas here for super foods that will improve your life, it five superfoods w lose weight. So I don't want that one. But here you'll see. Now I can promote on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest stumble upon. And so let's act like Pinterest here. So this is going to bring up the actual pin here that I can do. I can click on save and you can see now it saved it to the board. Now, when I go back to viral content be it's gonna ask me to grab the You are out Now, this is just proof that I've actually pinned it. So when you're on the actual pin and Pinterest here, you can see this. You're all here pinches dot com fort slash pin port slash In this really long number, this is the girl that you want to grab. You said simply Throw that in there, click submit And now you see, I have 14 credits. So when you open a new account it starts you with 10 credits, and now that's all you have to do to earn more credits. And now you can choose to spend that where you continue to earn more credit so you can see just how quickly I did that. It really only takes 30 seconds to find article to promote it, and you can even schedule some of these tasks out here. You see, they are connected with buffer, or you can schedule them out. So it's it makes it very simple for you now. What I could do is I could also just go down here and let's see to the Health and Beauty section, and this is going to give me all types of different articles here. So seven tips to have beautiful hair, these air losing weight so I don't want those beer can look for healthy benefits of blueberries, healthy benefits of hemp seeds. I could look for different recipes within here that would be good for my audience toe have . So when people are coming to my site, they're looking to gain weight, and then I can refer them to Pinterest in order to know what type of food they need to eat If that's not something I'm gonna be talking too much about now, Once I have saved up credits, what I can do is I can go to add project. Now, this is where you're actually gonna promote your content. So what you'll do is you'll go to your website and you can say, OK, I want to do wait game for women here. So you're gonna grab the URL and you're to throw that in here. So what you'll do is you'll put in your website weight gain for women dot com. And once you have your your Ellen, there you can put in the title that would be used if the person is tweeting and out. If that's what you want them to do, you can customize your description for them to promote it in Facebook, and then you can go down here and select are the categories. You are okay with it appearing in. So I wanted to fall under the health and beauty category. If there's other ones about lifting weights, let's say or exercise is to do. I might want to slug sports and fitness as another category could appear in, and then project budget. This is how many credits you will actually spend. And the lower the number of the followers of the people who promote you, the less credit it's gonna cost you. Now, if somebody else has a huge following, it's gonna cost more credits. So really just balances out, and then below, you'll be able to select. You want people to be able to tweet it. Do you only want it on Facebook and Pinterest, for example? And then once you are done, you can select. I've read the quality guidelines because, as I mentioned, they really only allow good content. They're not looking for spammers or people who are writing thin content on their website. So if this is a legit website, you're gonna be fine and then you click submit. And what's gonna happen is they're gonna put this into moderation. Somebody actually goes through and looks at the post, make sure it's good, and then they send it out. And this is good. Although you have to wait. It's good to know that they're doing this for the other content that you'll be promoting. So you know that you are promoting good content as well. Then you click submit and your project will stay active until people have shared it and you've used up your budget, then you can reactivate it as soon as you have earned new points. So even spending 15 minutes a day, 30 minutes a day promoting other people's content is gonna give you a nice amount of credits that you can use to then share your new content as it comes out. 45. Section 9 Intro: Building Relationship to Drive Quick Traffic: building relationships or partnerships with others is not necessarily the fastest way to build traffic to your site. But it really is one of the most effective ways. And I like to use relationships and contacts that I could make with others in the industry in conjunction with some of the other faster methods for gaining traffic. And this way I'm looking at both short term and long term options for building the website traffic up and for really scaling the efforts and scaling your numbers toe where you want them to be. So in this section we're gonna completely dive into options for how you couldn't go out there, build relationships or build partnerships that are going to very effectively help you generate more traffic to your website. 46. Boost Your Brand & Views By Talking With Others Who Already Have Your Audience's: both interviewing and being interviewed are excellent ways to really get your website out there. Get your brand out there, your name out there. And they also helped build traffic and ongoing traffic. Because once interview is done, it can continue to be a source of traffic for you, and it can also build social proof as well. So talk about that in a second. But with interviewing, you can interview others that are relevant to your niche, and these don't always have to be audio or on camera. There's different format. So, for example, in this website here, they're talking about cat and kitten fostering, which is in line with one of the site we're working on here, and you'll see that there are a series of questions here. So you can see there is an interview between advocacy for animals asking the questions and foster John Bartlett, who is actually answering the questions. And this is simply a text interview. So this could have been transcribed from actual audio interview that they did. But FAA here could have actually sent these questions to John, and he could have emailed his responses. And there you have new content that you can easily promote so same thing on this website here. They also didn't interview this way, and they're getting information from a particular foster. But here we have a photographer interview again. Same thing, questions, inserting images that are relevant. And then, lastly, here we actually have a video interview. So here this is an interview of a photographer, but you can see here that they are actually in person. They're meeting for this interview. But there's lots of interviews where the participants are in two completely different locations, and you couldn't record via Skype and have both of you on a split screen. There, you can do Google hangouts. There's different ways of doing interviews. So when you are able to get your content out there, this again is another way to get in front of somebody else's audience. It allows you to produce content that isn't the standard article or a standard video, and it can appeal to different types of people. So the idea here is for you to be able to target people who are gonna be relevant to your niche and that they already have that existing audience, and you have to demonstrate how you can provide value how your story fits in line with what it is that they're doing. And there's always places like podcast, and there's online shows, and there's the websites that are always looking for content. They post on their site or in their shows that they want people to interview. So it's again about going and finding your niche, finding where they are and getting in contact with some of those sites to share with him. How you can help their readers, how you can help their viewers and be able to decide whether you want to get. And then you can really decide whether or not you want to be the person interviewed or, if you want to reach out to them so that you can interview them. And this way, regardless of which method you choose, it is. The other person is likely to share that interview because they participated in it. It's another piece of content that they can promote to their viewers as well, so that's a great source of traffic as well as what I mentioned, where you can help get your brand out there, get some name recognition, but also that social proof that I mentioned When you are featured on someone else's site, you can post their logo on your website saying you're featured there. So this is about traffic, but you really want to convert those visitors. And one of those ways is helping to build that trust and showing that you are an expert in one way you can do that is by showing where you were featured and if you were the person interviewing others. You are also aligning your brand with their brand, and that helps people see you on the same level as them. So regardless, there's different benefits here. Either way, you do this and this coming excellent way to build traffic, build your name and build social proof. 47. Getting Media On Your Side: when considering getting press for your website. It's very common to think of some of the most common options out there and those air typically getting press release distribution. Whether that is sending out free press releases are actually paying for a press release distribution service. And there are tons of different sites out there that offer to do that for you, and that can certainly land you some traffic. You can definitely get some eyes on that, but at the same time there are so many people using those methods that it can get a bit buried. So that's when sites started popping up like help a reporter out where journalists come that reporters come and they are looking for sources for different stories. So this allows sources to go in and they can set up alert for the type of stories that they could contribute to because there are an expert in that or they have information on that and then journalists consent out requests for their stories and then this allow sources and journalists to connect. So this is something that you do need to be active in doing. If this is something you want to make, happen, and it's again. It's like many of these strategies. Not everything that you do is going to send you massive amounts of traffic, but you never know which of these is really going to take off. And that's why it's important to try a variety of strategies and get in front of people that you may not otherwise using other traffic strategies. But there are plenty of other sites that are now popping up that are similar. To help a reporter out. For instance, we have another one called Press Farm, and this one again allows you to get your start up and your work in front of journalists who want to write about your service or your product and so on. But one thing when it comes to press that we don't often think about because we're busy thinking about getting in front of reporters or getting on TV or in newspapers or mega sites that we forget to look to the places where journalists are actually spending their time and where they're actually looking for sources of information. And some of those sources are some places that we've already talked about. But let's look at some examples for instance, mashable is a huge one, and you'll find different numbers, different sites for all different types of niches. So, for example, Mashable says, their audience right here includes early adopters, social media, enthusiast entrepreneurs, influencers, brands, corporations and so one. And here we have technology journalists as well, because they find that journalists do come here and they're looking for a story. So this is information on how you can pitch a news or tip to mashable to get in front of their audience, and their audience is huge. But the idea is not only to get the traffic from mashable, but you may be able to get in front of some journalists as well. So let's look at a couple of others real quick. There is product hunt, so this is a huge website as well. For people who have new products that are coming to market, they can promote that here on product hunt, and if you really have a good product, you really get some eyes on that gets up, voted within this community. This can really drive a lot of traffic to your website, so there's a lot of people who have had very very good success on this platform. We also have hacker news, and this one allows you to easily submit your content here and again. This one get a lot of traffic can see. Here are 319 points at their earning 113 comments. People are able to share this and you can see this was only four hours ago, so you can see that a lot of people comment. A lot of people visit. A lot of people give points, and this is another place where journalists are looking for news as well. So you get that double benefit of traffic, plus the potential for journalists to see your work. And writer is another one that we have looked at. And this is another place where journalists are looking. And we talked about the different subreddit. So if you were in your particular subreddit then and this is where you may be able to pick up some press as well. There are different subreddit around startups around products, even one about taking your money just because you're promoting your new product. So really, spend some time looking at at these different subreddit. It's because the journalists are here looking for news here as well. So don't forget that you could use some of the more traditional routes. But don't forget about some of these other sources where journalists are looking for information. 48. Finding Companies Who Already Reach Your Audience For Extra Views (& Sales): all right, let's talk about another option that we have, and this particular strategy is good for traffic. It gets you back link to your website, which is, of course, good for ASIO, and you can build some social proof in the meantime. So this is a great strategy for a number of reasons, and I want to cover a few different options here. The 1st 1 is if you have a tool of software or a product, you can look for places that have partners. And typically the way this works is if you can offer a discount to their audience. If you can offer even an affiliate program where they can earn a commission from referrals , or you just have, let's say, a really neat free tool that they may want to promote and add. And so if you look at this page, for example, this is crazy egg, and they have this partners tab here, and they have all these different companies that they have partner, so their customers go to these different places and they consign it for their services. So these are mostly trusted companies that they're comfortable promoting. But most of these are affiliate offers if you take a look here. And so it's just about finding those niche sites and see what partner pages they have. So, for instance, here's another one, and they put together all of these different tools, and they have all of these different categories, and then they promote thes different companies. Now many of these aren't even affiliates. They just literally will link to the site. So this could help generate traffic for these companies and leads and sales. Now the next strategy is about being a sponsor. Now this is United Way, which is a huge nonprofit organization, and their listing them here as partners. And many nonprofits will do that. But these are, for instance, we have partner spotlights you can see these are huge, huge companies here that are likely making a huge donation in order to be featured here on unit away. But then you can see here below where you have different categories that you can click on and different types of companies will come up. And then here they linked to these particular companies and they drive traffic to these companies. So let's take a look at another one here. This is another nonprofit organization, and this one is a bit smaller. But you can look here and see they have commercial partners and these are not really well known brands here, many of these, but they are all listed here, and so you can click through to other website, learn more about them, and then you also have some of these. They're called commercial partner strategic partners, Charity of the year. So these ones that are making those donations again and they're being linked to from this main page here. So the idea here is not really going after some of these massive companies. If you want to be a sponsor, you want to make a donation, but you can go after some of these much smaller ones who don't require a large of a donation. But again, you're going to get that back link. You're gonna get that promotion. You're gonna get that traffic. And again you can promote on your website that you are making donations or that you are supporting a local charity so that again could be very good for support for social proof. Now this one here we have this one, which is a Canada nonprofit here and they are thinking they're sponsors the so they have a particular sponsors page here. Now, another option that you have is providing a product endorsement you, which could be a testimonial. So if you think about tools that you use products, services if you purchase equipment, let's say from or manufacture you have many different options here, and you can provide a testimonial to them. And in return, they post that on their site. So it looks good to them that somebody relevant is talking good about their product or service or whatever it is, and they provide you with the link back to your site. So, for instance, here on s Your power sweet thes actually features some case studies about these particular websites you see here they're getting that link Bach and they provided a case study about how this software helped in them. But if you go down a little bit more here, we have some actual testimonial. So literally this person is providing three sentences to them, and they get listed here with their website. Same thing with this person. So it's very, very simple to do. It's about of reaching out and making that relationship again. But let's look at a couple other examples. This is a business coach again. Here they have some of these testimonials where they actually linked back to the person's profile, or they link back to the actual website in exchange for his testimonial. So this is really a very quick way to get some traffic until you be able to get about Klink for your website. Let's look at another one. This one is a software, and if you scroll down here to build some social proof, they have some people who are promoting their service so you can see all of these are linking directly back to their site. That was Azizi is writing this quick paragraph and reaching out. Same thing here we have this affiliate software and you can see here they again provided a testimonial about how well it's worked for them, and then they have their brand and their link right there. So really be thinking about what you can do to be able to get listed on to these partner pages, be able to sponsor another company organisation, or what you can do to provide a testimonial for someone else to help them in their business , and that, in turn, is going to help you in your website 49. How to Leverage Events for Website Traffic (Even With No Experience): whether online or offline. Putting together your own event or meeting is a great way to really build brand recognition and send traffic to your website. But more importantly, really be able to build a little community who is going to continue to return to your site . And that's gonna help keep your traffic numbers up, especially as you continue to work on new strategies for bringing in new visitors. So this is going to help you both with bringing a new traffic consistently while continuing to bring previous traffic into continually build your numbers and when you put together in Aventis can be really as simple or as complex as you want it to be. When we think of an event, we think of just so many things that are required to do, and it just can seem very overwhelming. But like I said, you could make this very simple or very complex. So it's just how involved you want this to be, how small or big you want this to be a swell. So I wanna explore some options and see what people have put together so you can get an idea of some of the options that are out there. So I'm gonna start off with some of the big ones that many people know about. And one such platform is meet up dot com and this platform is where anyone can go and really any area of the world, and you can look at different types of categories that you may be interested in, So for you, you can be looking at a particular knit. So if you fall into the family category photography, if you're into sports and fitness, etcetera, you can go and find relevant groups. Now, you can either join some of these groups and you can start participating and getting to know members of the group, which is going to be the easiest way for you, as you don't have to really host any groups, but it's not gonna put as much of a spotlight on you. It's gonna take a little bit more time to build up. So another option for you is to create a meet up. Now, this is something that you can do in person. And so, for instance, here gonna select where you're actually going to meet, and then us like the categories here so you can just start searching for a topic around what you want to do. So if you want to do photography, for example, then you can even get more specific. What type of photography are you doing? And what meat is really good about is understanding what their users want, And they asked them to select the categories that they're most interested in and adds, Groups come up. They put those groups in front of the audience, was asking for those types of meet ups, so there's millions of people on meet up, so your group is automatically going to get in front of those people who are have that targeted interest in what you're offering, and they're gonna be able to set up your profile. And there, of course, is where you want to share your website. Linkous Well, and if you're able to do anything around the events and in your profiles while pointing people to your website where they can get a free checklist, download something for free, watching interview anything that is relevant to them to help them get to your website is going to be very helpful now as the group grows and you have meet ups it's going to continue to help build your expertise, build your show, build your social proof, really get your name out there and generate traffic. Now another one that you have is event bright. Now, this one, you can as well put on different events that are going on, and I have seen people promote some online events that they have a swell here. But you'll see here they have all types of categories, so very similar. To meet up here, you can select about just any worry that you want and see what's going on there. You can participate in the groups, and you can also again start your own group, which is really ideal if you're really trying to get your name out there. Now, there's other things that are outside of online events. The's if you want to get started, this brings the audience to you so you don't have to do as much of the marketing to get that traffic to your event, and it's really simple to set up. You can, of course, hostess on your own website or other websites. There may not be as much of the audience that is already there, waiting for you, so you have to do a lot more to promote it. So these air great ways to get in front of that existing traffic. But other people have done some different things. So let's look at this photography website here. Not this is again a local area. They are focusing on photography, but they have some different experiences, so they actually host some workshops where you can go out. But if you see here, they have the next generation online photography school. So here they have both online and in person, so you can conduct workshops online. So this is very similar to offering Webinars or something similar to that. But you can put videos together. You can do a live Google hangouts or other live live webinars where you're putting together these workshops and having people join. So let's get a couple other examples. Now, this is another photography example where they put together these different summits and basically a group of photographers gets together and the they go out and they do these workshops in the specific locations. Now they also have down here summit online, and that allows you to have the same education and that is all done at home. So this is another way to get in front of people and help generate some sales. Build up some of your expertise as well. Here again, Nature photography Summit again, where they're pulling together some really big name photographers and some people who are very well known in the type of photography that they dio. Now this is a more involved event because they're pulling together so many different speakers. They're really making this a huge summit. So this is an example of the other end where there's a really a lot involved. And so that's why I just want to show you this could be a simple or as complex as you want it to be. So I just don't want you to rule this out because you think it is super involved. Another photography example, and this is switching to a completely different next. This one is focusing on salon owners. So if you are, let's say, working with salon owners and you want to be able to really get your name out there so that salon owners know who you are. They come to you, they go to your website. You can put together the summit and focus on this particular industry. Now here they it looks like they have some live events. But again, this doesn't have to be in person. It's gonna be much more simpler, much less costly for you to do on line. So really, there's a lot of options here, whether you meet online offline. If you're just getting people together to discuss a certain topic you're doing networking group, you're making it more professional by having a workshop or a conference a summit. There's really a lot of different options, but this is a great way to build trust with your community very quickly and start getting eyes on your website and, more importantly, on any of the products or the services that you offer. 50. Section 10 Intro: A Handful of Bonus Options for Boosting Website Traffic: in this section. I really want to focus on some out of the ordinary ways to generate traffic. So we've been talking about a lot of different traffic strategies and how to actually implement them so you can start generating website traffic. But here I want to dig a little bit deeper. And primarily we've been looking at some traffic generation strategies that you can do to generate traffic quickly here. I want to look at some that may take a bit more time investment, but the traffic numbers can really be huge when these air done correctly, and these are also excellent long term traffic strategy. So let's look at how you can get your information and your products in front of your target audience to generate big traffic numbers. 51. Creating a Free Promotion Team to Drive Traffic: greed. Even an affiliate program is an excellent way to give visitors to your website that you may have no other opportunity to get to your website. And this is because you are using other relationships that are based on sales. And the idea here is to really get as many targeted visitors to your website in order for them to purchase your product. And so others are gonna be helping you build interest in this product in order to make sales. So want to look at here what this really looks like, what the process is to set this up and what is involved in creating an affiliate program. But I wouldn't take a step back. I'm gonna make sure everybody is on the same page about what an affiliate program really is . How I like to look at this is an affiliate program is basically a sales team. This is your personal sales team was gonna go out and promote your product for you. They're gonna get your product in front of a target audience and send that audience back to your website to make a purchase. Now, whenever someone makes a purchase, you were gonna pay your sales team a commission. This means if they don't make a sale, you never have to pay your sales team so really can't get better than that. This is all based on performance. So let's look at what's involved in an affiliate program. The first, just like with your website traffic, you really need to start with a goal. This is essentially its own product that you are creating in putting together, and so you really need to start with your goal. So this could be that you want to increase your number of sales by a certain amount in a certain time frame. Or you just want to increase the overall number of orders that you have coming in, or that you're targeting a specific number. Affiliates that you want to build up so know where you're going and no, when you want to get there by just like with your website traffic. Now you also have toe have a sales page. So we talked a little bit about how important it is that your visitors are actually converting their actually signing up for a newsletter there making a purchase. They're taking the action that you want them to and it's the same thing with affiliates. You have toe have a landing page, a sales page specifically for affiliates. And this is where you're gonna tell them important information, like what the product is, the benefits they have, what audience they should be targeting, how much commission they're going to receive when they will receive payments, how they'll receive payments. So basically, all the information affiliate would need to know to make a decision about whether or not to participate in your program. And then, of course, this is where you want to encourage them to sign up. So the better your sales page is at converting, the more affiliates you're going tohave now, before you jump on starting your own affiliate program and trying to figure out all the details. It's always a good idea to take a look at what competitors are doing to any of your competitors. Have affiliate programs. Do they participate in affiliate programs? That way you could know what products are out there. You could know what affiliate what related affiliate programs air out there, what the prices are and get all that intel before you create your own, so you can understand what affiliates are going to see and whether they're gonna go with your program or someone else's. Now, when you're just getting started, it could be a little bit harder to start building up an affiliate program because you don't have any data to go off you. This is brand new. You have a new product, and so when that is the case, you need to start by selling the value of the product. And if you can provide a free product or allow them to review your product, this is really gonna help more people sign up. And you also want them to be familiar with what they are selling. So again, focus on the benefits off your particular products so that you can really sell it and get it in front of the right people. Now, how did you start building up your affiliate program? You have more affiliates coming in there making sales. Then, as you approached new affiliates, your talk can change. You, of course, still won't talk about the value of the product. You can still offer a free review, but you want to start using statistics. How many of the visitors that come through your affiliates actually convert into sales, and then you can also name drop. If you have some really good affiliates, you can put them out there. You can also talk about case studies with your affiliates. So when you provide this information and a potential affiliate can not only see the value of your product but the value of your affiliate program, then they're gonna be more likely to sign up. And you're gonna be able to convert more of the affiliates that you're out there talking to . And, of course, you want to set attractive price. So typically, an affiliate commission is going to be roughly in that 50% range, and usually it's in that 25 to 50% range. I've even seen higher 60% 75%. Some even go over 100% because they have had their service or their product for so long that they know how long their customers stay on board, for They know it's going to pay for itself. But when you're getting started, that's obviously not where you want to be. So, typically within that 25 to 50% range is what I would recommend. But remember the higher your commission, the more likely your affiliates are going to sign up and the harder they're gonna work for you. And the way I like to look at this is, even if you were offering a 50% commission, you are giving your products in front of an audience that has no idea who you are, and you probably were never gonna reach in the first place. So this is all an added bonus. So it's just something to think about when setting your commission prices as well. Now setting up your program you have a couple of different options. First, is sending this up on your website. So let's say you have a WORDPRESS website set up. There are so many different affiliate program software available to you, you simply have to install on your website and then set it up. You can set up the payment terms. You can set up the offering them set up your landing page. Everything has done very easily for you and there are pros and constant this. Of course, you you have take the time to set this up and then you have to do the marketing. You have to find the affiliates, and then, on the other hand, you have add work ad networks, and these are existing networks where affiliates sign up when they are looking for products to promote. So they already have that whole of affiliate database of people ready for you to put your product out there, and then you have to do less work to set it up. You can use their system, but it may cost you more in commissions when working with the ad networks. So there's pros and cons to both, so you just have to weigh your options and what you feel most comfortable with now. The big question, of course, is where do I find these affiliates? I'm ready to get started. I think this is a great idea, but where do you actually find affiliates who are going to promote your product now? The best affiliates you're gonna find come from relationships that you are going to create . And, yes, relationships take time to build, and but these are the ones that are going to make you the most money from your products. Now where can you go? You can find these relationships by looking into niche bloggers and websites, and we've talked about this already earlier on, and these are the same people that you can approach about participating in your affiliate program. You can also look to a websites where companies are promoting your competitors. If your competitors have an affiliate program who is promoting them, go out and find those same affiliates. Present them with a better offer. Or if you have a product that is more valuable. They may want to promote that one instead, so don't reinvent the wheel every time. If you can look to the competition, see what they're doing and copy some of that. That's a great way to get a jump start as well. Now. Another thing you can do is you can look at different ad networks like Click Bank, for example, and you can find vendors who sell relevant content. And the idea here is not that you have to put your product on click bank, but that you can approach these vendors and talk to them about promoting your product. Because you see what's happening is as they have a product out there. They have all these affiliates promoting their products. They've built up a good email list of people who were