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Website Design In WordPress For Beginners: Learn To Build a Website In 1 Hour

teacher avatar Will Bartlett, Video Creator & Entrepreneur

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

16 Lessons (1h 12m)
    • 1. 00 Wordpress Website For Beginners PROMO

    • 2. 01 Introduction to Wordpress Website For Beginners

    • 3. 02 Getting Started Website Domain & Hosting

    • 4. 03 Domain & Hosting Part 1

    • 5. 04 Domain & Hosting Part 2

    • 6. 05 Installing Wordpress, A Theme & An SSL Certificate

    • 7. 06 Wordpress Settings Tab

    • 8. 07 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 1

    • 9. 08 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 2

    • 10. 09 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 3 Blog Posts

    • 11. 10 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 4 Wordpress Website Page

    • 12. 11 Wordpress Website Media

    • 13. 12 Wordpress Website Plugins

    • 14. 13 Wordpress Website Security

    • 15. 14 Website Custom Email Accounts

    • 16. 15 Launching your Wordpress Website and Final Thoughts

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About This Class

Welcome to my Website Design In WordPress For Beginners: Learn To Build a Website In 1 Hour class!

This class will teach you how to create a Wordpress website from scratch and will cover everything you need to know from the very beginning of buying a website domain name, all the way to installing plugins to protect your website and then finally publishing and launching your website!

If you've ever wanted to create your own website, Wordpress is the way to do it if you want professional results without diving into complex coding, or needing to know any code at all! In this course, we'll walk you through, step-by-step, on how to set everything up in Wordpress, to get your website live, including e-mail!

In this class, you will learn:

  • What a domain¬†is &¬†how to buy one
  • What hosting is &¬†how to purchase it
  • How to install Wordpress and a Wordpress template theme
  • How to install an SSL certificate on your website to make it more secure & to help it rank higher on Google &¬†other search engines
  • How to customize various elements in the theme like banners, titles, different sections, social media links, contact forms, blog pages, posts
  • What the best Wordpress plugins are¬†to install and use
  • How to setup your own custom e-mail such as [email protected]
  • How to navigate through the various pages and sections of Wordpress

and more!

Your instructor for this class is Will Bartlett, who has been involved in media and design work since 2004. He runs several established businesses, each with its own self created & managed professional website and e-mail accounts.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Will Bartlett

Video Creator & Entrepreneur


Connect with me:

SUBSCRIBE on YouTube FOLLOW on Insta

About me:

I've been a professional Cinematographer & Editor for 10+ years and a Content Creator for 15. Over the years, I've worked with dozens of production companies and hundreds of clients from Canada and the United States. I run several media businesses including a Toronto based video production company, an online brand that's trained over 350,000 students, and a Filmmaking YouTube channel called Alli and Will.

Categories I specialize in: Video Production (Filming, Editing, Visual Effects), Entrepreneurship/Business, Investing, Marketing and Branding.

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1. 00 Wordpress Website For Beginners PROMO: welcome to our WordPress website for beginners courts. This course will teach you how to create a WORDPRESS website from scratch and will cover everything you need to know from the very beginning of buying a website domain all the way to finally publishing and launching your first website. If you've ever wanted to create your own website but don't have any each to mouth or coding skills, WordPress is the way to do it. There are several other options, but WordPress is the most widely adopted way to create a professional website. We'll cover quite a lot in this course, such as step by step, showing you how to set up everything in WordPress all the way to getting a website live, including setting up your custom email for that website. In this course, we'll cover what a domain is and how to buy one. What hosting is and how to purchase it. How did install WordPress and a WordPress theme, how to install an SSL certificate for added security and for better ranking possibilities, how to customize and create various areas within your website like titles, banners, sections, headers, footers, social media links, contact forms, long pages, post on the list goes on what the best WordPress plug ins are and had install and use them . How to set up your own custom email accounts for the domain name you own, as well as how to navigate through all of the various pages in sections within the WordPress panel window. Over the years, I've tried many different website options and have come to love WordPress. I've been involved in medium design works in two dozen for now, three businesses and all three of them were made with WordPress using the exact same were closed. I would teacher in this course in role today to learn how to build your very own from scratch professional and modern looking WordPress website. Thanks for checking this course out, and I hope to see you in there. 2. 01 Introduction to Wordpress Website For Beginners: welcome to our WordPress website for beginners course and thanks for enrolling. We're going to go through and cover a lot in this course. But first I'd like to introduce myself and talk a bit about what, exactly WordPress is and why over 20 million websites have been built with WordPress. My name is Will, and over the years I've tried many different website options and have come to love WordPress. I've tested hundreds of plug ins, themes and hosting companies, and have put together a course designed around the best I've found. So why do so many people choose WordPress, including many Fortune 500 companies? Well, the answer is quite simple. It works very well. WordPress is essentially an ecosystem of thousands upon thousands of options themes. Plug in short codes and widgets to customize your website from the ground up or by editing a template. Everything is well thought out and connect together. You have options as a beginner to never use any code, which is the way we'll be doing things in the beginner's course. While a website, domain name and hosting can cost money, WordPress itself is a free Web publishing application content management system and blogging tools. WordPress was originally released in 2003 so it's had many updates over the years around 100 and therefore it's become a rock solid website, creating platform. Nobody officially owns WordPress as it is an open source software so anyone can edit or add to its core code, making it truly for the people type of product that you can trust and rely on. If you've ever wanted to create your own website but don't have any HTML coding skills, WordPress is the way to do it. We'll cover quite a lot of this course, such as step by step show, and you had to set everything up in WordPress to get your website live, including setting up your custom. Email for that website in this course will cover what a domain is and how to buy one. What hosting is and how to purchase it, how to install WordPress and a WordPress template theme. How to install an SSL certificate for added security and for better ranking possibilities, what the best WordPress plug ins are and how to install and use them. How to set up your own custom. Email accounts for the domain name you own, as well as how to navigate through all of the various pages in sections within the WordPress panel window. As you're making your way through this course, if you have any questions, there's an included questions and answer section, so feel free to reach out, and we'd be glad to help. Also, the video player includes several options to speed up or slow down the video to best suit. The way you'd like to learn, you're also able to pause or replay parts as many times as you like. As mentioned, there's quite a lot to cover. So with that being said things again for enrolling, let's dive into the first lesson. 3. 02 Getting Started Website Domain & Hosting: Welcome back in this lesson, we're gonna talk a bit about domain names and hosting, which is the foundation to a website to give you an example of that will go to our website , which is www dot life progression project dot com. Now, right away, you'll see that www dot life progression project dot com That's our company's domain name. We've purchased this URL address so that it can be unique to us. And it, of course, fits our branding because it includes our name. So it's go ahead and Google search that and you'll see it pops up right here, and then it will bring us to the website so you'll see appear that life progression project dot com that is our address. And when you enter that in, it will take you to our website so that is unique to us. We've purchased that, as I mentioned, and now we're on our site because we went there. This will be similar to if you went to youtube dot com, for example, or facebook dot com. Uh, you get the idea second to the domain name is where your website is actually stored, and that's called hosting so There are two parts to a website. You have the domain name, which is the actual address you type in that is personalized to you. And then you have the hosting, which is the storage of the website. That is where the images, the text that all the different various pages the blawg, for example, the contact form and any other elements to your website are stored. You'll also notice with the domain address that it has dot com. At the end, you may have noticed in other websites that it has, let's say, dot c a or dot org's or dot net. There are many, many website You are extensions. I believe there's hundreds of them, maybe maybe thousands. There are many different companies. You can buy your domain and hosting from companies, for example, like blue host dot com, which is what we like. Go daddy dot com. There's host Gator, and throughout the course we will be working with Blue Host. So with that being said, let's type blue host in. We'll go to blue host dot com, and here is the main page 4. 03 Domain & Hosting Part 1: Okay, welcome back. We are at blue host dot com, and this is our personal favorite domain and hosting service provider. As you can see, they have very, very cheap hosting. This is $2.95 per month. Now, as you'll see later, I do believe that means you have to sign up for two or three years to get that deal. Otherwise, it normally is 7 99 But either way, it's very cheap. It comes with a free domain. Now, with that being said, some of the other companies do not offer free domain. So this is another great reason why we like Blue Host. Everything seems to be very simple, straightforward and cheap, so we definitely would recommend using them. Teoh set it up. So that's what we'll be using. Read off their main Web page here, the best Web hosting starting at 2 95 month free domain free site Builder's one click WordPress Install 24 7 support, and that's exactly what we will do. So let's get started now by clicking here. So now we're on their packages page and you'll see here. This has a select your plan area where you have basic plus and the prime, and there's a few options down here. Now let's talk about the different pieces here to, uh, what they offer along the basic tab. Here, you can see this is to 95 per month. It includes one website, 50 gigabytes of websites space. The bandwidth is a metered performances standard includes one domain includes five parked domains includes 25 sub domains, up to five email accounts, and the email storage is 100 megabytes per account, and there are no marketing offers included within this package. In the plus, it's 5 45 per month. Websites are unlimited. Now you can see that's a very big change for about twice the amount of money. So in the basic plan, you just get one in this when you get unlimited. Same with here. It's websites bases 50 for the basic. In this one, it's un metered. And as you can see down here, sub domains unlimited email accounts unlimited. So if you need to build multiple websites and you're gonna be using a website that demands a lot of space and you need to set up many different email accounts, then the basic account might not be for you. In that case, you could go to the plus and then if you went into the prime, you can see everything is unlimited unm metered. And you also get the marketing offers here just like the plus plan. And plus, you get some extra things here like the domain privacy site backup pro etcetera for us. We're just gonna go through the basic plan because our goal here is to create one website and to set that up. All right, now there is something called SSL certificates, and this isn't included in this plan. So make sure when you go to blue Host that you're getting the best deal they offer. And we found that if you actually go up here in type in blue host dot com, instead of going to Google, you'll actually get a different page that includes the SL certificate for free. And you'll see here that the one we went through when searching on Google brought us to this page was $2.95 and did not include the SSL certificate, but the one we went to where we just typed in blue host dot com This one is cheaper to 75 does include the SSL certificate, so make sure you're choosing the right one and getting the best deal here. So with that being said, that's close, the one we found from Google and this is the one just from blue host dot com. The reason that's important is well, first, it's cheaper. But secondly, an SSL certificate is a way to secure your site. For example, it's open up a new tab and we'll just type in YouTube. Now you'll see here that this says H T T P s. Now that means they have an SSL certificate set up on their website. That's what the S stands Words for http secured pretty much every website nowadays will have it, and that's because it's kind of a modern way to have a secured website. 5. 04 Domain & Hosting Part 2: Okay, so now we're back at the plan selection area for us. We're gonna go under the basic plan. This is again the one that's to 75 that includes the SSL certificate. We're gonna click on select, and if you want one of the other ones with more options, feel free to go through there next up reasons to the page where it says new domain. And this is where we can type in an address that we want as well. A selected the extension to our website here now Blue Host, As you'll see offers dot com dot online and many others now going with dot com means that your website will probably rank higher than other ones, and that's because it is the most popular. It's been around for the longest, but most of domain names have probably already been selected, so it'll be a lot tougher to get a name that you want. In some cases, you may have to buy the domain from somebody else if you want it. If that's not an issue for you and you're not caring about really getting ah, high rank on Google, then you can choose one of the other ones. Dot net is a popular one dot org's, but basically any one of these will work for us. Let's just go to dot com and let's pick a domain name Now. A domain name is super important because, as we explain before, this is the website address that people type when they go to your website. So if your company name is something to do with gaming, you probably want to include your company name and gaming dot com. Or, if your company name is video production company, you probably want to put your company named then video at the end or video production. And again, this is because it will relate Teoh your company or what your brand is about. Also, you can buy a different domain down the road and change your hosting and everything to the new domain. So it's not all that important to pick one final name here because you can change it. But it is included free, so you might as well get it right the first time. So put some thought into it. Pick a name that works really well. It should relate to your business or the website you're trying to create. Now, before we pick a name here, you can see at the bottom Says, can't decide. Choose your free domain name later, but at some point when you're setting up your website, you will have Teoh decide on a name, so that is an option if you want. Okay, so let's go up here, and I will show you that you're gonna have to get pretty creative with domain names under the dot com extension because most of them will be taken. So, for example, let's go to Toronto gaming dot com. As you'll see here, the domain Toronto gaming dot com is not available, but it does show you don't hear that Colonel gaming dot net is available, and there are some other options down here that there are suggesting. So you could spend a lot of time trying to find a name that is available. But for the purposes of this course, I think you get the idea now, since we're just gonna create a very basic blawg website, let's use life progression online dot com, and we'll see if that's available. Okay, so that is available now at the create your account area where refilling your account information and then underneath here we will enter in our package information the stuff we want to include in our account. You'll see right away here that under the account planet says 36 months. If we click that, you could go to basics. So just 12 months or you go up to the basic 60. Now I'm going to choose the 12 month you can see. The hosting price is for 95 for 12 months, he set up fee is free. The primary domain registration and the SSL is also free. And click the terms here and see a little bit more information about what it is next. We have the domain privacy protection. Now, if you do not want your information available to other people when they search for you, then you can keep this on and pay a little extra for us. We don't care about that right now. There is the site lock security. Now again, we're gonna turn that off. But you can read this for exactly what that does. That's just basically additional security for your site. If you see value in that you can absolutely selected. But for us we're not leave it unchecked. Next, we have code guard, which is a backup for your site. So essentially, this is ah, time machine for your website. You can go back to previous edits you've done and what not And monitoring options and one click restore. And so for us, we don't need that. Down here we have the blue host s E o toole start. So if you are interested in that, you can grab that. Basically, what that does is, uh, Blue Host will offer you search engine submission, 50 page analysis, weekly scans and whole bunch of other stuff. When you're just starting out, you probably don't need that. The total for this for one year is 59. 40. Then you can add in your payment information, go through the terms, see that everything fits what you want. Now, before we go through this and get this set up, I want to mention that some companies offer kind of like a last promotion. And if you scroll up and kind of go to the X on the machine tried on yours, you might get a pop up. That offers you a cheaper option. So for us, it would be like 10 or 20 extra cents off the promo we already had, So in some cases you could get that. So just try toe, go up to the extra clicking it and a banner might pop up. Once you're happy with everything, click on submit, and then you have paid for the blue host domain and hosting. 6. 05 Installing Wordpress, A Theme & An SSL Certificate: Alright, so I've just filled out all the information, and it brought us to the congratulations. Paige. So welcome to Blue Host. Here are a few special offers just for you. So, as you can see here, there's one of these offers for 4 95 to get payments. Fear. We're not interested in that at this point. If you are feel free, then it will bring you to your receipt area, where you can also set up a password for your account, which you use to log in. Click that Okay, you'll get a few emails after you set up your account and entered and created a password. So just go ahead and verify in your email to set up your blue host account. And then you can go here and log in now, right off the bat here while we like Blue host is, they set you up with a whole bunch of themes that you can use and these air themes that are basically templates that you can install. And it will be like a starting point when your first creating rubs it. Instead of creating everything from scratch, you'll have different buttons or menu layouts or you'll have different banners at the top and whatnot, so there's many different options here. So if there's one that you like, you can pick that or you can choose to skip this step. But for us, we're gonna go ahead and analyze these ones and pick one that we like the best. This one has a full screen image. It looks like with some menu items, this is more of a storefront one. As you can see by the title, we'll use the Hasty A one. So let's go ahead and click on. Use this theme now It is setting up with WordPress for us. Alright, And just like that, Blue host has set up and installed that theme with WordPress on our website, and you can see here it is all done and to get started, let's check out the blue host account and you'll see here that it welcomes you in. It shows you what your domain name is and that there are no updates. Everything is up to date at this point because, of course, we just installed the theme some helpful links down here. If you need some other guidance directly from Blue host Utkan search down here for some existing help and other resources on the side. Here you have the sites that you have. This is our one theme right now that we have because we only have one site you see at the bottom. It has Http without the s right now, because the SSL certificate has not been set up. And then you can see life progression online dot com in the marketplace. Here, there are a whole bunch of other website themes. Add ons, professional services, and you can shop for other domains. You're down here to check out featured products and some of the staff picks. Next we have email. This is where you can set up email accounts. And we won't exactly do that just yet. Under no mains. So at the top here, under action items, you'll see that our domain is currently set to ah, free domain privacy trial. So that will be as if we did select the paid version to have our domain privacy enabled. So that's good for 31 days. But other than that, if you are seeing other information here, it might be because you still have to verify the blue host account within your email. So if that is showing up, then go check out your email right over here. There's some offers for some other domains. And then down here, you can see this is the only domain me having this account. So the click here, you'll get a whole bunch of advanced options here. And there are renewal options, contacts, privacy. Then you have named servers, and you don't need to pay attention to this too much yet. The same with these two tabs. And then we have the advanced over here. And this is where it shows a lot of advanced options you can see here gives you, Ah, the current user name. You have the domain as well. You have your disk usage, and there's a whole ton of other options here. And as you get more familiar with Blue Host and WordPress, these will come in handy. Okay, so now that we've explored the various tabs in our blue host account, let's go back to home. And now we will click on this button here to log into our WordPress theme. Okay, so now we're logged into WordPress. This is your WordPress control panel. This is kind of the back end to your website where you make all the changes and on the left here, this is an area that you'll become very familiar with because this is where you can go to make post, you know, upload media and so on. There's a whole bunch of different options to customize your site. And over here in the middle of says, welcome to WordPress. What kind of site can we help you set up? So, Blue Host is a great job at guiding you through the steps. But for now, we're not gonna choose either these instead, we're just gonna go. I don't need help. Okay, Now that we've clicked that you'll see here that are, say, it has not to being launched yet. If we open up a new tab and go to life pro Grecian on line dot com, it'll just say a new WordPress site coming soon. So this shows you that where press has been installed, but you haven't updated anything, so it just shows the default image before we jump in tow. Editing the website. Let's go over to the side panel here and click on settings. So on this page. We have the general settings you'll see here. This says the site title right now, it says, Welcome. This is what you'll see at the top of the tab or what gets, I believe indexed on Google. And let's change that to life progression online. And our tagline can be online resources, for example. Okay. Okay. Next we have wordpress address. This is the temporary one that they gave you when you set it up. I would suggest setting this to your actual domain, which is http s colon ford slash ford slash www dot life progression online dot com. Now, of course, this is the one I bought. You're gonna want to put in your own information here for whichever domain you actually have. And we you'll notice we did include the s here because eventually we will set up the SSL certificate. Then we could just simply copy this and pace that there as well. The email address We will leave as is this is for admin purposes. Okay. Scrolling down here, we have some other options. Okay? And scrolling further. Dan, you'll see there are few other options here, but we can leave these as default And since we did make some changes up here, we will go to save changes now because our SSL certificate has not been set up just yet. You may get this message and that's perfectly fine for now because this is our own website here. There's nothing to worry about. So let's click on visit this website. Okay, so you may get this not found. Ah, request And I'm showing you this for the purpose of troubleshooting. So if you get this, you simply close it. Go over to my sites, click on the theme for the website you have, which is Ah, manage site here. And then you're gonna navigate over to security and you'll see the SSL certificate right here. The free version that came with your account. Now you'll see here that this is unavailable and that's because we just set up the account . It may take some time for this to become available and you might have to give it maybe 15 minutes, 20 minutes an hour or so, or however long it takes essentially. But at this point, you should see that the SSL certificate has shown up now. And when we just edited the U R L in WordPress and updated into https and saved it because this hasn't been selected on yet. That's why we're getting that error message. So let's go ahead and turn it on. Okay, so now it says in progress and eventually this will be installed, and then everything should be back to normal. Using the updated http s website domain. Alright, ours took about a minute to install. It may be different on your system, but simply just refresh the page or go home and then back to my sites and then go back to a security. It'll show that it's green and that means it is on. Okay, so now let's go back to home. If we click on log into WordPress, we will be redirected back into WordPress, and everything should be working now, although if it isn't working for you, you might have Teoh come back in 15 minutes or an hour or something. And because it might take a little bit of time in the back end for Blue host to implement the SSL certificate inside WordPress here, let's go to the left hand side again. We'll click on settings and you'll see here that everything is set up. We're using are secured SSL certificate and now that all works. There is no more air message and we can save this. Everything is all good. So that's how you set up the SSL certificate using blue hosts. It just may take a little bit of time. So if you are getting their message, just give it some time. Go make yourself a coffee or grab a bite, eat and come back and it should be good by the time you get back. 7. 06 Wordpress Settings Tab: Now that we have the SSL certificates set up, let's go to settings underneath. You'll see a bunch of different options here, so we have writing, which we don't need to change. Anything in next will go to reading. Now here you can see it says your home page displays. Now, depending on the theme you selected, you might need to select a static page and then actually select the page so it always goes to Ah, that is your home page. However, if you're using your WordPress site as more of a blogger than you might want to have your latest post always ah, pop up as in your home page. Second to that, if you do select the static page, you can select which page becomes your home page and which page becomes your post page. Next. We have discussion many options in here, but for now we'll leave these all as default. Next we have media. These are the default thumbnail sizes, for example, for the medium size of the media or large size, and you can change those as you start to upload your own photos, for example, into your WordPress theme. For now, we'll leave those as default. Next, we have Perma links. Now I typically change this to Post Name. You can see here when somebody goes to your website. You'd rather it say the actual name of that page, for example. Life progression online dot com slash blawg instead of it saying dot com slash question Mark P goes 123 So it's very straight forward and easy to understand. If it shows the actual title name of that page instead of just a string of numbers or a date or the archive, I would recommend keeping it to post name right next. We have privacy and in this privacy setting area, this is where you can select a page if you've created it for having a privacy policy on your website. So if you have created that page, you can select it here, and that brings us to the end of all the settings in the setting step 8. 07 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 1: because we're using blue hosts theme that we installed into our WordPress website. They make it very easy to go into appearance and then customize and they have everything set up there to work on our website. Now, if you're using 1/3 party theme, for example, you went on Google and found a free theme. You may have to go into pages here and make this your home page for us. We could go to appearance, customize So here you go. This is the theme installed on your website. Now it hasn't been published, so it's not live yet, but this is what it will eventually look like. We can, through all these options here, change literally almost everything we want. As we scroll down, you can see this is the hasta theme that we installed as a contact section. Get in touch. Here's the blogger area and this is known as the hero section at the top of the website. It's like a banner. And if the first thing people see when they come to your website and this is the eye catcher, you want text at the top here, and an image that really stands out and really easily establishes what your website is about. And as you can see at the top right here on this installed theme from Blue Host, it has to menu items. It has the page home and the blawg page. Over here on the left side, you have ah Holton of different settings that you can customize in order to make the website look the way you want it to look. For example, you can click here and then it'll jump and navigate you to the title section where you can edit the title. So for us, we'll do life progression for line and then that'll get updated. Their so very, very straightforward, very intuitive, super easy to understand. And Blue host does a great job with this theme at making it very user friendly. In recent years, WordPress has come a long way and because of this, you now have very easy options to edit your WordPress website. So let's continue going through these here. Let's ah change the tagline underneath the title. As you can see, it shows the text here for that we can type in online resources and underneath that there is a button and this we can rename to whatever we want with low Here we have the u. R L So we just get rid of that and we'll type in h t t. P s colon, ford slash ford slash www and then we can send this to any website we want. Typically, buttons in the hero section are used to navigate people to other pages on your website, like a direct link to the Blawg. So in that case, it would be life pro Grecian on line dot com slash blawg. So if the block page is set up to being this you Earl, then by setting it here as well, this button would take us to the block. Now every so often go up to publish just to make sure your work is saved. And for whatever reason, if you'd like to change your theme to another one, the way to do that is click the X go back up to dashboard, and then you go to appearance themes and then you scroll down and you can see here that says, add new theme. You click that, and then on this page you can see the featured WordPress themes. There's 15 of them, and then you can click on popular. There are 200 popular themes. You go to premium favorites. Latest. There's a whole bunch of different things. You can search for themes, and you can see here that these four here are installed. Now that means they're just installed on the WordPress website, as themes we can choose from. That does not mean they're activated, so each theme here will have a different way of editing the pages and whatnot. But more or less, you will navigate between the appearance, customized tab, and you'll work within the pages. Teoh edit that stuff. With that being said, let's head back into customized on the theme we're working with and continue editing this Web page. Also, each themes customizer settings will be fairly similar to each other, and that will allow you to edit much faster if you do choose to go to a different thing. All right, even though this says published, if we go to the actual website, you'll see that it still shows a new WordPress site coming soon, and that's because we haven't officially launched it within WordPress. Now in the left side, let's just go through all the options for what a typical WordPress theme would have. Some of these may be different in other themes, but for now we'll start up here with active theme hasta, which is the theme we have installed. If you did want to change it to one of the other installed themes, the one I mentioned earlier, where they're installed but they're not activated, you can change it to one of those other ones right here. The first half we have here is view pro features. Since we have a free theme. If we did want to have more advanced options, we can purchase the pro version and that'll give us, you know, Pro Header slider and a whole bunch of other options here. Next, we have recommended plug ins, this specific theme. Esta says that it works very well with Orbit Fox by female. If you want to take full advantage of the options, this theme has to offer. Please install and activate orbit Fox Companion so we could install that, and then it would give us additional options. All right, so let's install of that now. Now it's installed, and it's activating. All right, so the page has refreshed automatically, and you'll see now that there are no recommended plug ins. We've installed the one they did recommend and you'll notice if you scroll down. There are few other sections now, and that's what that plug in added. So this gives us a cool way. Teoh add different elements very easily to our ah new WordPress site. Next we have it. Site identity at the top. Here we have logo. If you do want to use your brand's logo at the top of your website, you can select here and you can see that the suggested image dimensions are 150 by 100 pixels. So you get upload that it will go into your media library, and then, from there you can select it and then that will show up as the logo on the website. Next, you'll see the site title and tagline. Now we've already edited this. This is just another area within the theme customizer, where we can edit the site title and the tagline. Next we have the site icon, and very clearly it says here what that is So sign icons or what you see in browser tabs, bookmark bars and within the WordPress Mobile APS, And if you have one, you can upload that here. Typically, it's the little icon logo that shows up beside Website. Okay, let's go back. And next we have appearance settings. Let's go into general settings because this is the main page. We don't have a sidebar, but if there was a sidebar on another page, this is where we could decide if it wants to be in the left or the right, and same with the blocked page. Let's go back here that's going to typography. And this is where we select all the fonts for the website. If we're going to font size, you can see here that this will change all the settings for the posts and pages, and down here we can change the options for the front page. For example, we can change the main title or make it smaller, or we can go down to the section title and make that very large or smaller. And as you can see as we change these settings, it has an instant impact on our theme. So it's very visual editing, which is very cool. A few years back, you have to make changes in HTML code, and then that would be very complicated. Having this visual way of editing where you can see exactly what you're doing makes it super, super simple and straightforward. All right, let's go back. Getting out's going to background image up here. We have the background image. Now. This isn't to be confused with the hero image. The back earn images. Actually, what is behind in the background here? So if we select the image, just what we have here within the theme, you'll see that that's what was implemented into the site so we can remove it and you'll see it remove here. So that's what that does now the header background that is for other pages. So in order to get to another page, but we can do is go to Blue. Host will go log in that will open up a new Web page. From here, we'll go to pages and then in pages, you'll see we have, you know, blawg home and then a sample page. So this is what I'm referring to as another page beside the home page and the Blawg. So if we go to view, this is what that is. And if we go back to our other tab, the header background represents what this is. So if we click header background, you can see that the header grading down here. That's what this color is. And in the current header here, if we add a new image and then selecting crop, you'll see that it didn't change here. However, if we save it and then go over to our other page and refresh, you'll see that it gets updated. So that's what that does. Next we have the layup. If we select this and then publish, you'll see here if we refresh and see the results of making that change here. So it's set that back to normal so that now we have the title back up in the header. Then we'll go back and back into appearance innings. You see that now we are done with the background image, so the next thing is the front page sections and now this will be everything for, of course, our front page. Now, this may look familiar and that's because we did edit this earlier. We got here originally by jumping to this section by clicking on the Edit buttons along here. So if we wanted to change the front image, we could do that here. And we can change the layout. Okay, lets go back then. We have features that jumps us to this area. We can change, of course, the title. Why? Our product is the best. The subtitle. And we can change the items down here if we wanted, so we can click there and there are a ton of options here. So this down here represents all of this text. And if you go into each one, you can see which ones those are. So those are really, really cool features. So let's just go quickly into here and change something and you can see just like that we've updated this to a diamond that's kind of awkward blue and then underneath we can change the title if we wanted. And then we could also make it a link if we wanted, so we could do that with all three of those which is very cool. Does those many options there also at the very top? You'll see that we can disable this section if we wish, and that will just hide it next. We have the about that jumps is to the next section. We can change the background image in this section. If we wanted, we can also disable it. And if we wanted to edit the content, we click on edit and then it shows an editing area down here. Let's go back here. Two team, As you've probably guessed, that jumps us to the next section. Here you can change all the options. You go into the team member, and you can edit this as much or as little as you wish. You can change pretty much everything. Let's go back out of their next. We have the ribbon, and that's what this area is here. So if we go in, you can see that that gets removed. If we disable it, you'll see it has a similar background, so we might want to change that to ah, different background image. So it stands out mawr with this and makes more sense with this subscribe area. We change the text and the button and add a link to where the button goes next. We have the testimonials so we can change that text if we wish, and then we can also just like before. Go in and edit all of these Teoh, which everyone wants. We want we can change the links and very customizable. Very, very cool Moving on. Next we have the clients bar, so we'll click that, and it'll enable this. I don't know why it says disabled when it's checked, but either way, this will bring up the logos that you can implement into your website, for example, logos of clients you've worked with. So that's a cool option. Next is subscribe. That's the same thing. That's this selection area right here. All right, this is the blog's section on the front page. This isn't the actual blawg page itself, but rather a featured area from the blawg. And if you had made some blawg posts, the top three or most recent three would show up here, and you can change that number to as many as you like. So we just have the one hello world blogged that was created by default when we installed the theme. So that's why we're only seeing the one. Even though we have six here. If we had six posts, we'd see all six, so let's keep that at three and publish. Right next we have the contact. Now we have the contact form. This is a great area where you can leave information for people to contact you. And then if we click on the edit button here, you'll see here that we need to install and activate this plug in. So to do that, Okay, it's refreshing the page. And now if we scroll down, you'll see a nice new modern contact form, which looks really, really good. And now you don't have the second edit option. So to go there now that we have it installed, you can click on the next tab here and then go to edit. And then, just like before we get, edit some of the content in that section for the actual contact form. If you click on the forms here, this is where you can go in and said it all up so you can go through all of these and set them up as you wish. And this gives you some general information. And if you want to add that contact form to another page, for example, if you had a specific contact page, then you could simply use this short code in that page, and then that contact form would show up 9. 08 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 2: all right, So let's go back here and let's go to where we were before, All right, now that we're back here, you can see next There is the option to install a shop section, and you can check out route commerce. If you want to learn more about that, it's essentially another plug in for us. We don't need that because this is just a block website at the bottom here. I wanted to mention one other thing. This right now is the defaulted view, because we're working on a computer. But if you want to see what it's like on, let's say, an iPad, you can click this and it'll show you what it'll look like when people visit the website on an iPad or when they visit it on a smartphone. And it gives you a cool idea of how large text should be or how things should be laid out. Okay, so let's go back to the main area Now. We have the blog's settings in this section. It allows us to feature a specific blawg post, so let's go over to the other tab that showed the view results of our website. Let's click on Blawg. This is what our blogger page looks like so far. With our one default post, you'll notice that this isn't highlighted or featured at all. It's just shows up as it is. So if we go back here and select our uncapped ago rised page and then hit publish when we go back to here and refresh, you'll notice that this becomes featured. So that is a cool way to feature one of the blawg posts and then have the other ones elsewhere on the page. Let's go back over to Heather options, and now let's go up to the very top bar in this section. It allows us to create a top bar that goes across the entire top of our website that will be featured on every website, and this will show us social media icons, for example, and to show that let's click the enable button here, and then you can see we have the email phone number and the social media icons to edit those. Let's go to edit menu and you'll see the various options. Here we go to custom Link and said it all appear with the settings we want and then if we click on the button over here and go to edit menu for the very top far. That's where we can change the phone number in the email to whichever ones we want. Let's go back and we'll go back into hetero options and navigation. What this does is changes how the home and Blawg menu items look. So this one, it stacks them together. This one, it features them on the left in this one splits them up. Let's go back, and we've already covered the header settings. So let's go back to colors and for background color. You can see this is a great here. If we select black, for example, that's what that does. And the accent color is the button color, so we can change that to whatever we want. But typically for websites, right on the main page, this is a color that people tend to like. It could be maybe a little more orange or, you know, something like that. But you get the idea. Okay, so let's go back, go to menus into the default top menu, and this is appear again. We got there by clicking that, and if we wanted to add additional items of there. We could do that here. So let's go back to the now It's gonna primary menu. Now let's say we created a few other pages on our website and wanted to have them in the menu navigation area. Then we could do that here and now It's going to socials at the top. This is the same area as if we just clicked there. Next, let's go to widgets. Now. A widget is an easy way to add design and structure control to your website, such as adding professional looking elements in a sidebar like social media icons or to feature recent block posts. Now on this theme, specifically, it allows you to do things near the bottom. So if you go to footer one and add a widget, uh, let's go down. Just pick something here. Let's go to, For example, let's do recent posts. Now you can see in the bottom here we've included a widget which is ah, boxed area that provides the information for our recent posts, and that makes it super easy and convenient. Teoh add items to our website, and now we have two other options here in the footer. So let's add another option for, let's say, a search bar. And now we have a search bar down here and you get the idea. You can add 1/3 1 If you blink, next will go into home page settings and in this section, this allows us to select which of the pages we have to be our homepage. So Blue Host has already set this up for us and created these three pages just by installing the theme, which is fantastic and super helpful. So it has already gone ahead and selected our home page as the home page and blow it has selected are blocked page as our post page. Next, we have some documentation you can look into for the theme itself, and next we have additional CSS. Let's say you reached out to the developer who created this theme because you weren't able to change something. Let's say like the color, they might give you a snippet code that you can enter into this additional CSS section that allows you greater functionality in terms of changing that color. This additional CSS section allows you to pretty much change anything with the Web site, but you would need to have the snippet code from the developer, for example, in order to make those changes 10. 09 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 3 Blog Posts: All right. Welcome back. In this lesson, we will focus on making blood posts. So before we leave this section, let's save it. And then we can hit the X. If your WordPress theme doesn't have a blogger already set up, then what you do is you go to pages, you create a new page, and then what you want to do is make sure that this is your web domain slash block. Now we already have it set up. That's why was defaulted. Teoh too. But if you don't have a blocks set up, you'd make sure the Perma Lincoln's blawg and in the appearance customized area like we showed you before in a previous lesson, you would set up your post page to be this blawg page. All right, so because we already have the blawg page set up with the theme Let's click Cancel and was Go to posts. And then here you'll see that we have one block post. So far, let's go ahead and create another one. All right, so this is the title for our new block post. And essentially this convey anything you wish to make a new post. So this could be our second post, as you can see, generated a link for us. This is under a date, then the post. Originally, we wanted it to actually show the name. So let's go to save draft so that this page is saved. And then let's go back to settings and then let's go to Perma links and you can see it said today in name. So it did not save before. So let's make sure that says Post name, Let's go ahead and save All right, so not to go back up to posts. Now let's click on our new post here that we have, and now you'll see that the Perma link is showing up properly. So it's just our web domain slash this blood post title. OK, so I understand how this all works together. Down here, you would write your blawg out and then you hit publish, Then the theme would use its fought settings and format settings to properly display the block post in the content that you write up so that it looks good on your blood post here. So if you want to read more, you would see your post here and it would be formatted like this. You see the title in the header here, you'd have a comments section where other people can post, and you can see down here that the recent posts and the search section are showing up in the footer as well as the top header bar, because those are based on the main site settings. 11. 10 Wordpress Theme Customization Part 4 Wordpress Website Page: in this lesson, we will cover creating other WordPress. Page is now similar to the Blawg posts. This theme has created three pages. As we've mentioned before, this theme has created a blawg post home page and sample page, and we just created this draft block post so we can do it this. So if you wanted to create other pages, you'd simply go up here and add new page. You create a title and then, just like before, the link will be auto generated with the right formatting because we went into the settings and fixed it so dot com slash resources is the link to get to our new resources page. Let's go ahead and save, and then we'll go down here and type in something for our resources page, and then we'll hit Publish. Now it's click on the Perma Link to see what this looks like, and you can see here that it's formatted with our themes. Look and feel. And then here is the text that just showed up. Let's go back to edit page because this theme is meant to be a main front page that has, ah, kind of a continuous scroll with all the elements on the front page and then the Blawg. If we were to create another page, we won't have the same builder elements as we do on the front page. So in order to edit this page, you'd have to do it down here because it doesn't have as many options. Basically, what that means is on this actual front home page, we used the themes builder through the appearance, customize in order to change all of the elements in all the different sections. But this page, the one we just created, is a brand new page that's not the home page or the Blawg. It doesn't have the same builder options. There are some other themes that do have specific page builders that allow you to add other elements, and there are some plug ins that help with that as well, and we can talk about those a little later. So with that being said, this text area here will allow you to add text to a new page 12. 11 Wordpress Website Media: All right, Welcome back In this lesson, we're gonna talk about media inside WordPress. We covered it briefly when updating Thea background images in our theme. But let's go ahead now over to the media tab and then here in the media page. Let's clean this up a bit by closing all of these. Okay, you'll see here that we have one file uploaded that came within the default media uploads in this theme. And if we click it, you can see what the images and you can see here that this image is being stored within our domains hosting because it shows WP content uploads. That means it's installed within that 50 gigabytes data that we purchased with our hosting and then below. We have some areas that we can change the text for the image if we want, so it's go to the X there. If we wanted to upload new items, and from here we can click select files and then we can upload other background images, for example, or site logos or icons or profile photos. And this is where it will all be stored inside our media library. 13. 12 Wordpress Website Plugins: in this lesson, we're gonna talk about WordPress plug ins. There are literally thousands to choose from, but in this one, we're gonna cover some of the most popular ones that we've come to love and use often. So before we dive in, what is a WordPress plug in? Well, a plug in is something that you can add and installed into WordPress. Now we've done it a few times already through the theme, but there are other ways to add in plug ins, and there are very useful plug ins that you can use. So essentially, ah, plug in is something that you installed into your word for us theme. And it adds greater functionality or some sort of extra element to WordPress. You can add things that help with your Google rankings, such as your CEO. Or you can add in plug ins, for example, that help you create new pages by duplicating and copying an existing page you have. There are even other plug ins that you can install that will speed up your websites loading time. It could be the difference of somebody staying on your website or leaving with that being said. Let's go over to the plug ins section within our WordPress site. Now that we're on the plug ins page, you can see there are quite a few that have already been installed by default within the WordPress theme. One of them is for anti spam. We have the other ones that we installed as we're going through the course like orbit, Fox and pirate forms the top, which is our contact form. Let's scroll up to the top here and go to add new. And then just like the WordPress themes, the layout is very similar. We can go to featured popular recommended favorites and so on. So under popular, you can see that there is contact form seven. I personally like the contact form we have on our website right now, so we don't really need to add a new contact form that's fine. Now moving on for seo purposes, which is search engine optimization and essentially, what that means is how your website ranks in search engines like Yahoo or Google. So if you're trying to build a website that over time will rank higher on the search engines, then you need to start thinking about your S e O and Yost is a great plug in its used by many. Many people even see here over a 1,000,000 active installations, so it's very popular. I would suggest installing that one. Now We'll hit, activate and you would computers new icon for our Yost s CEO plug in as well as up section here. All right now they were back in the plug in section. Let's go back to popular here. Let's type in W three and over on the left. Here, this is W three total cash. So this is one of the plug ins I was mentioning before about speeding up the loading time of your website. And you can see here again, this is over 1,000,000 active installations for 1000 reviews. This is a really great plug, and let's install that and activated. All right, so let's go down and find it here to click on settings, and there are a lot of options here. Most of them are very advanced. However, I would suggest clicking the page cash here and enable that and then save all settings. Great. That's done. Let's go back to plug ins. Let's go up to new let's tape in duplicate with duplicate page. This is a great plug in this one. You can duplicate posts, so it's similar to this one. However, you can also do pages, custom posts, and it does it within a single click. You can see there's a ton of people who have it actively installed, so let's go ahead. Install that one. It's called Duplicate Page. Okay, and let's activate that. Okay, that's here. That's set up, ready to go. You can use that by, for example, it's gonna pages, and now you can see under any of these pages. There is another option, says Duplicate This. This makes it very easy, because let's say you spent a lot of time formatting and editing a page. Now you can simply just duplicate it and edit only a small fraction of the page. And this will save you a lot of time. All right, let's go back to the plug ins. Add new. Now it's typing page builder, as mentioned in an earlier lesson, because you don't have the page builder when you're working on other pages. Installing a page builder plug in solves this problem. So we're fans of the elementary page builder, so let's install that and let's go ahead and activate it. Now that we have elemental installed, I'll show you what it can do. This is a very powerful plug in. Let's go into pages and let's go into the page we created before resources. Now you'll notice that this has edit with L. A mentor, So this allows us to completely change and add elements that give us a lot more functionality than just adding some text down here. So before we click that, let's go over to template. Now let's change this to full with template, Click Update and let's go ahead and edit with L. A mentor. Okay, so you can see now this looks pretty similar to what we had before. We have a left sidebar with some options, and we are visually editing our page. If you hover your most over, you can see there are some options. You have an edit button. Here you have an area where you can remove the section. This is where you save. You can add a section, duplicate and edit the section so it's click on edit that jumps us to this section, and you can see it's pretty similar to what we had before in the main front page editor of the theme. So if you had a blank page that you created that didn't have any of this other stuff, you could literally out of section and make almost an entirely different theme just on that one page by using this stuff, for example. So just like that, you can add a whole ton of new features to this website. Now, this doesn't look that great because keep in mind, this was inserted with in the original Themes container area. For all the original website elements, it kind is getting pushed to the center. But just to give you an example of this, that's how we were able to add Ah Holton knew of information and elements to our website. Ultimately, this is quite a lot better than just plain text. Okay, so let's close out these sections. Okay, so we're back to where we originally had it set up. We can easily include Google maps and type in the address of our studio, for example, that close that off, we can insert images or videos, for example, right on the page, and you simply just put in the link here, and it inserts the video right into the page. So this is a link from YouTube. For example, you can have an auto play, and there's a few other options for the playback of the video appear at the top. You can choose Ah venue as well, if you prefer. Okay, let's close that you can add text elements. You can add headings, buttons, image galleries, care cells, testimonial areas. So you get the idea. There was a ton of different stuff you can insert here ultimately, because the theme we installed has some limitations when building other pages. This creates essentially and gives life to the other pages on our website and really makes them connect with the look and feel so that they look similar to our front page. I encourage you to go through this and experiment with all the different options you have. Like the Progress bars of the icon list the image carousel. There are a ton of different options here, and depending on the type of site you have, these could really make your site much more modern and professional. 14. 13 Wordpress Website Security: so moving on. Let's talk about WordPress website security. Let's exit to the dashboard. Let's go to plug ins. Let's add a new one before we dive into a couple security plug ins. I want to talk a little bit more about the SSL certificate. That is probably your number one way of securing your website. So I highly suggest you enable the SSL certificate or if you're using a different theme, you get that set up and installed. I find blue host is the easiest way to set up an SSL certificate on your website. They make it really simple. Just a few clicks. Another hosting service providers. Sometimes it takes quite a while to set up, but it can be very confusing. So that's why I recommend going with blue host. Enabling the SSL certificate allows you to have as we talked about secured website. So if you click on the locked button here beside your website domain, you'll see it has an encrypted connection. This makes your data on your website much more safe, and a great example of this is if you eventually set up a shop area on your website and your collecting credit card information. Having an each TTP s secured website will greatly increase the ability to protect that data . Now let's talk about some other types of security plug ins for your WordPress website. Another one I really like is called WP Limit. Let's type that in and see what comes up. So over here we have WP limit log in attempts. This is ah, great plug in because what this does is when somebody tries to go to your website and log in. If they're trying to break into your site because they're not actually supposed to be logging in, then this plug in will limit the amount of times they can try to log into your website. And, of course, that means preventing the possibility of them gaining access. So let's go ahead and install that and then activated. Okay, great. So that's installed, and we don't need to do anything with that. Next, let's go back up and add another plug in. In addition to limiting the person trying to log into your website, you can also attach what's called a capture, which is an extra step somebody needs to take when logging in, for example, or filling out a contact form. And essentially, this is a little task that they need to complete in order to prove they're a real person and not some sort of bought trying to gain access or spam your website. So let's go ahead and type in cap on the right here. We have really simple capture and this is very popular, as you could see now, because our contact form already has a capture built in. We don't need to install this. However, this is something to install. If you'd want to add that functionality to your website. So for us, we will just go to plug its. We will go to our contact form settings. We will go to field settings and then at the bottom here. It's a spam trap so we could go to Google recapture, and then we can go through the process of creating account, getting a psyche, getting a secret key and setting it up that will create a capture at the bottom of our contact form that someone will need Teoh complete in order to be able to send something in that contact form and then going back and talking about the WP limit log in that plug in is really great because it also has a capture built in for the log in as well, so we don't need to even worry about that. Moving on. There's one last word for us plugging that I'd like you to check out so it's gonna plug ins . Add new let's type in a word fence one word, and it's the 1st 1 here. So as you can see, this is, ah, secure your website with the most comprehensive were Pro Security Plug in fire well, malware scan blocking, live traffic, log in security and more. So this is kind of an all in one security defense system for your website. And, as you can see, it's perfect. Five star over 3000 reviews over a 1,000,000 active installations trusted by a lot of people because it works. So let's install that and let's activate it. I should note that the more plug ins you install, the slower your site will be. So don't go too crazy with installing a ton of different plug ins. Onley Install the ones that you think are actually benefitting your website, and then this is where you type in your email for them to send you security alerts 15. 14 Website Custom Email Accounts: Welcome back in this lesson. We're gonna talk about setting up a custom domain email so that you have a professional email for you to use for, Let's say, your business and the new website and hosting that you just set up. This is a huge advantage over using, Let's say, just a Gmail or hotmail dot com email address because you can actually have your name at the front, and then it says at, for example, life progression online dot com. So will at life progression online dot com, and that would be much better than will. 1988. 12345 at gmail dot com. All right, so we do that outside of WordPress. So let's go to our blue host account. Let's go to email. Now we're on the email accounts page within our blue host account. And just like everything else, Blue Host makes it very easy to set up emails within your account. Let's go down here where it says add email and will simply just type in will. So this will be my personal email address for this domain, and then we will make a password, and then down here this is how much this specific email account can take up. You consent to unlimited or increase it in gigabytes or more. And then let's go to create account. Okay, this has been created. Now let's go to email accounts and you'll see this has been created. And in order to access this, let's go to access Web mail. Now you have three options here. I like round cubes, so let's click that. And this looks very similar to any other email client. You have your inbox drafts and eccentric etcetera, so it's pretty straightforward. Now, basically, what this means is anyone now moving forward can send an email to will at life progression online dot com, And it'll go into this account. And I can also send emails from this account to anyone I want. And they will receive the email from Will at life progression online dot com. So super professional. Much better than what I said before. If you had an email of Will 1988 12345 at gmail dot com, for example, that is not very professional compared to an email that is from the exact same domain as your website, so very cool stuff, very easy to set up. And if we go back here and you can create more emails up to five, for example, if you have the basic plan, which is the one we bought or if you bought some of the other higher, more expensive ones than you can have unlimited. So that's as simple as it is to create a professional email account for the domain and hosting that you just bought. Okay, and that concludes this section. 16. 15 Launching your Wordpress Website and Final Thoughts: All right, Welcome back. In this final lesson we're going, Teoh actually launch our website so that it becomes live and anyone can go and visit it. So that's pretty exciting. And at this stage, you have all of the skills from, ah fundamental standpoint, at least to put together a website in WordPress from scratch. So congratulations, That's amazing. So let's go ahead and launch the website we've been working on. If you're using a different company for hosting than it might be the case that just inside appearance customized when you hit publish, it does go live. But with blue hosts, they've set up a page that has the text on it coming soon. And that is the page that you'll see until you actually launch the website. So to do that, you go to WordPress than blue host at the top here. And as you saw earlier in this course, here is the area where you can launch your site. So let's go ahead and launch the site. All right, so just like that, congratulations. Your site is now live. Let's go ahead and view it. And now this is an actual website that anyone can go and visit. And of course, for the purposes of this training, we haven't gone through unedited everything and made this an actual website that I would use. So with that being said, I believe you have the idea of how to run through the entire website from start to finish, set up the email, set up the SSL certificate, set up the block, post the pages at elements. Add security to your website and many other things to your website as a whole. So that's exciting. Those air, a ton of new skills that you just learned in conclusion. My final thoughts are that WordPress is extremely powerful. There are literally thousands of plug ins, thousands of themes. You can get free themes, free plug ins, organ pay for plug ins that have a lot more functionality and professional results and elements to them. Overall, WordPress is a great tool to present yourself online in a more modern and professional way , and we're personalized you to make the jump into a fully customized website without having much coding knowledge or any coding knowledge for that matter at all. So without being said, congrats on diving in and learning WordPress and deciding to step your website game up and to finally get a domain and hosting service set up. So thank you for enrolling in this course and allowing me to train you in WordPress and we will see you next time.