Webinar Success Part 6 - Marketing Your Webinar

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

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5 Lessons (14m)
    • 1. How Can I inject Urgency into my Webinar Marketing

    • 2. Why Bother with Testimonials

    • 3. John Colley Testimonial

    • 4. The Importance of Stories

    • 5. Why Titles Should Intrigue


About This Class

Webinar Success Part 6 Marketing Your Webinar


In this part of the Webinar Success Course we are going to take a look at marketing your webinar.

How Can I Inject Urgency Into My Webinar Marketing?

You want your prospective Webinar attendee to feel a sense of urgency when they arrive on your webinar landing page.  How do you do this?  I explain in this lecture.

Why Bother With Testimonials?

Why bother indeed?  These are an important part of establishing your personal and product's credibility. I explain more in the video

Testimonial Example

This is an example of a testimonial that was provided by one of my coaching students.  This is the sort of testimonial that you are looking for to support your webinars.

Why Titles Should Intrigue

If your title does not get the attention of your audience, your chances of them rushing to sign up for your webinar decrease significantly.  I share with you some ways to increase the effectiveness of your webinar title which will consequently improve your sign ups.

I hope you find these lectures helpful to improve the marketing of your webinars.  I look forward to seeing you inside the course.

Best regards


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