Webinar Success Part 3 - Designing Your Webinar Presentation | John Colley | Skillshare

Webinar Success Part 3 - Designing Your Webinar Presentation

John Colley, Discover Online Courses and Marketing

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8 Videos (34m)
    • Webinar Success Part 3 Introduction

    • Introduction to the Designing Your Own Presentation

    • Designing Your Slide Deck

    • Designing Your Presentation

    • Key Slides to Include in Your Webinar

    • Outline Template

    • Webinar Template Detailed Outline

    • Summary and Activity Desigin Your Webinar Slide Deck


About This Class


Welcome to Part 3 of my Webinar Classes where we are working together to design and write and amazing Webinar.


This is what one student said about the course:

"John is clear and concise and easy to follow even at higher playback speeds - saving time!"


f you have not taken Part 1 and Part 2, I think you would find it helpful to start there and then take this course.

Part 3 of this Course is about working more closely on your Webinar Presentation itself - to start creating a detailed presentation in Powerpoint or Keynote that you will be able to use when you give your webinar.

Part 4 and the final part of this course, will take you through the presentation slides in even greater detail, helping you to build up your presentation into its final form.

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