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Webinar Success - Captivate Your Audience and Get Them To Buy

teacher avatar Howard Lynch, Teaching you to get results

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

6 Lessons (30m)
    • 1. Softwares I Use

    • 2. What to Sell

    • 3. Voice and Tone That Sell

    • 4. Attention Grabbers

    • 5. Pacing & Pausing Will Lift You Up

    • 6. Video Assets for Webinars

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About This Class


In this course I will share with you the absolute most important aspects and mindsets to keep in mind while running a webinar, as well as how to keep the webinar attendees interested in what you have to say.

We will cover tone, attention grabbers and much more.

Jump in and start learning! 

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Howard Lynch

Teaching you to get results


Hello everyone!

We are a team of dedicated, hard-working instructors with diverse skillsets in areas related to internet marketing.

After having gone through the hard work of building our own businesses online, we've decided to compile our findings into easily digestible "bite-sized classes" that you can take on the go.

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Send me a pm if you have any questions !

Hello everyone! I am a junior internet marketer. I specialize in selling ebooks and producing videos. I wish to share what I have learned and connect with internet marketers. I will answer any questions regarding internet marketing, so ... See full profile

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1. Softwares I Use: Okay, Welcome back. So now we're going to have to choose a software to run the webinar in this section. We're not going to cover too much how to use the software. That's the leader on. I'm going to give you a full walk off my favorite one. We're not going to cover them all, Bungie. I'm going to give you a couple options. I'm telling you, right from the get go, we're going to be covering Go to web. In all in the course dish. Theis should work with every single women. Also use what it be self hosted a while you're using it like a subscription service. You shouldn't have too much trouble doing what I'm going to show you in the course. So let's talk with a nuptial that I haven't personally tried myself. And thats click meeting. Now we're going to be checking pricing for every single one of these Softwares because I think that may be something you know, It's an important fact in what you choose. But you should also be checking features. Of course, Now I've been told that public meeting is a click. Weber know is a very complete system, very complete self towards that recall projected pricing. So I guess it's done off. Yeah, that's number of attendees, right? 25 attendees for $20 a month, 50 attendees, $40 a month, Uh, $79 a month. But then these are $160 or 500 that's quite expensive. That's quite expensive. Now you should aim to shoot at around 50 to 100 attendees. Three offers Web, you know. So if you're going to go with these numbers with those estimations, then that's pretty expensive. I mean, it is quite expensive. I don't know if they have a trial. I haven't checked but annual off course. You know, she paid a book in. You just want time. It's going to work this way. But let's go with a click. Yes, so you do have a free trial, which is cool, Which is cool. Is that sport click Weber? No, I've heard a lot of good off this suffer, but it's It's a little expensive, any meaning, so you can create meetings. That's if you're meeting our colleagues so everyone has microphone and everyone chat or webinars. You're the only one that can shut, except if you enable others like your public to chat, which is going to end up being Massey, I'm telling you, people speaking in Chinese, some in Arabic, you know, some have their kids in the background. Not a good idea. But anyways, you can do that. And you also get a free trial. So remember, you contest most of these self twice for free. Let's check the pricing. And he don't have a pricing tag. Why did you pricing? All right, So you do have the pretrial, of course. But if you have 30 attendees, it's going to be $18 a month or is very reasonable 120 17 $78 a month, which, uh, yeah, that seems like a lot and which is kind of a bit stupid, but okay, 205 $108,300 a month. So this one's even more expensive than the other one. If you're looking for a big number off attendees, But anyways, let's keep ahead. War taking too much time here, Um, you've got weapons on air. So this is cool in the sense that it integrates with Google hangouts. So it's gonna like an Adam solid one, I would say, but they also have a trial, and so you're going to end up using Google, Hang out, except you're going to have a completely different interface and you're going to be the piggy ride off. Google's really amazing servers to do all off your stream, so that can only be good, right? I guess it is. And these, Once I've tried this myself, they have really nice speeches so you can create. You can really create offers inside your working on which I'm not going to teach you. Inside is called a teacher. You sell something, but not on the way we know. So that's pretty cool. Payment buttons might have to China and myself. You can create polls. You can ask questions. You can amuse people hoping annoying. You can kick people out that is just awesome. Musically, and as follows the price and goes, I don't think it's too bad. Look at its 500 attendees for $59 a month. This is really nice, and they have the full feature set for life. We're gonna teach us that, and if you want to be $99 a month, you can go up to 5000 attendees, which should be all you know, all you need to be totally honest. If you're beating 5000 attendees, King killing it, and you can probably tell us Drive it with this feature. But what? I wanted to work. Okay, that was a It's gammy there. Okay, What I wanted to demonstrate was go to web, you know, And this is what we're going to be using for recalls. The pricing is sly key. Bigger than you know, the world we just looked at. You can get up to 100 attendees for $89 now. I criticized the order platform for being $78 for 100 10 days. But go to meeting is very solid, very good. And they also have a trial. So if you don't want to end up paying this much, you can always go with the Google hangouts on air that we had earlier. Okay, but we're going to demonstrate where to go to wearing all because, in my opinion, it's just the best in terms of harder to where we know, runs and features. So if you want to try it out, you can go ahead and open the trial and to your email just installed your 30 days Futral organ. You're going to need it for the course and I'll see in the next did you. 2. What to Sell : So lastly. All right, so last leaf, it iss a little section. What can you sell during your Web journals if you already have a business in place? So you already a product owner product creator for a big affiliate than you're taking this course. You probably already know what to self, but the key. Philip, let me give you a little introduction. The main, I guess key the main elements to what you can sell. Doing Webinars is that it has, well, doesn't have, but it's probably better if it's high. Take it. You usually run Web a nose to sell products that are a bit too expensive to just you don't send an email and hope that it does the trick. The reason for that is, um, when you speak to someone to a naughty INTs for I don't know, one hour one I wanna have two hours and you even take time to personally answer questions. Then, if someone no, it doesn't bite and they're never going to buy. That's the closest you'll ever get to making that kind of high ticket sales oils if they don't buys because it will have the money. But they were already in the bags or decent, whereas you know you can't really expect someone to watch your sales video that goes for 30 minutes. That usually doesn't work that way, so let's go ahead out what you can sell. So products pitch during a weapon or usually right toe a product at Indy has already bought on. There are exceptions to this. There are affiliates brawling, you know, running webinars. But let's take an example. And that's an example that comes from me. The 1st 1 I sold a product about video creation and when I was a product about product launch but specifically creating videos on different platforms. And I don't people how to do the videos, but some about he wants able willing to meet those videos. So I ran a weapon or and I sold them affordable video creation services. But I think it right. So for an hour of video was $1200 some people want five hours of terror. So it went in middle basically, and if related to the first probably bought example to you have sold it product for lead marketing and Seo, you decide to run a weapon all to promote your latest as he was software. Also, Weber knows just as sign of awesome to promote self towards because you can just showed it right. You can go in, and if they want to see certain functionalities of the software, you can ask and you get Teoh. Choose what I'll let you do it or if you have the time to do it, it's pretty couple of things done for you. Businesses work great, so you sell the product. The product is about creating the website and launching your business, but people don't want to do it. They're too lazy. So they're willing to pay $500 to set up that website and get everything going on. This is where your credibility comes into play, because if you sell a crap product with no marriage, then you can't sell. Done for you businesses comes. People will come to ask for refunds. Okay, so you need to absolute good problem. But I'm assuming you said you're selling good products. Lastly, coaching is even better. Your personal coaching conveyor, a very big price tag, and you can still get a tone of sales if you have credibility. The reason for that meeting movies. But if you go in a weapon or and you go believe you, people know you're starting to make a little you know, a name for yourself and you sell coaching and Ye Olde account a guy who could consistently pull in tens of thousands of dollars and profits. Then you have credibility, and people will show up on the coaching. Coaching sells. Amazing what? I wasn't expecting it, and I started selling coaching, and I made $4600 in sales in a week and coaching. So it works. It works. It's time investment. So it's it's obvious that would cost so much money. It also helps what's call city. You can only coach so many people, and that's something you need to play on you to say, Look, you're 200 on this weapon All I've posted around about my coaching, but now it's time to take action because I can only coach treat people in the upcoming a week or two weeks or two months whatever and people are going to think, Oh, do I jump the gun? And if you give them the right incentive, you know the school city if you know the risk free guarantee whatever. Then there's much to bed that some people will jump on it if you've done a good job. So those are the things that you can sell to our Web. You know you can, you know, go unconventional and sell low ticket product if you want. But I think it's been proven that high ticket products were well, and weapons are no some way to funnel people to the back and high ticket. You know, bigger options. Bigger product. Thanks a lot. I'll catch in the next video. 3. Voice and Tone That Sell: Now, Now, Now we're getting started with the section about things that are not directly related to the technical aspect of running whether no not related to, you know, leading people to buying etcetera. But overall good practices. Webber knows to make sure that you're captivate your audience. Because let me tell you something, you might have the best product, etcetera. If you sell like a boring ass, then people are not going to buy from you. They're not going to give you their time. Their attention. People might listen to your weapon. No, but they will most probably be on Facebook or even you noted, muted you and they're watching YouTube. So basically, they're not really there. Right? So having energy in your voice, your web, a nose is important reasons. You want energies because people who believe in their product people who enjoy what they do with their living, um, have energy, right? And they show it they don't have to drag themselves to work. They don't have to, you know, force it. They don't have to fake it. So if you have high energy in your voice, your convince people that you are legitimately happy to have them there to have less in the U. And of course, that's awesome. So a couple of ways you can do that, honestly, you could just go, you know, fake. It was about to see you could until you're legitimately enjoying the act of doing webinars . Well, you can also do other tings. Let me show you a couple example What you could do Coffee, whatever pumps you up. Now, this is not going to take adult person and make him hyper active. Now, I said whatever pumps you are because as far substances now, this coffee does, uh, you know, I don't know, energizes and dented or drugs. Now, drugs are don't go out and tried by Jones just for your Web journals. But I don't know if you won't need to. UT kid and you have some Adderall lying around were quick, and I'm not trying to tell you that's a good idea, because it's probably not right to do that for weapon hope. But, you know, if if you have access to substances that illegal and that pumps you often you should may be used in for that purpose, and you're probably going to end up being quite excited. So push ups running for 23 minutes. I did this for my first web inal on Ben. I was. The problem is, I didn't wait too late. Okay? So I you know, I had, like, two minutes. I went for a quick jog, came back, it was over the tree minutes late, and then why I stole it speaking, I was out of red and it was kind of a bit of a shame, and I, you know, kind of dragged to doing Trove Reef for very long. Think I must have lost some people there. So if you're going to do this, at least hello yourself 2 to 3 minutes or five minutes to kind of cool off and you get your breath back and still have the blood pumping and being okay, let's do this. And it's standing up public speaking. It's not what it is public speaking, cause you're addressing our people. What I mean with public speaking is it gives a sense that, you know, you're addressing an audience that's really there. When you stand up, it's like if you take it like you actually start taking responsibility for being enjoyable , to listen to I don't know what it is, but whenever I speak, what's in a microphone on? Probably. And I'm standing out. I'm like, making a real effort to look, you know, appealing to other people. Whereas when I'm sitting down, you know you can't see me right now, but I'm kind of hole, you know, on my desk. And I'm really, like, stupid. Whereas if I waas standing up, it would be a different story. Also logistics and where your body is formed. Scientifically speaking, if you're standing up, your voice is probably going to end up being clearer, and it's going to end up. You know, you can speak for louder for longer without, um, I don't without wasting too much energy of all wasting your breath. It's just a scientific thing with doing your I don't know your diet fragments. Now it's positioned. Anyways, I'm not a big you know, I told me Guy probably show you understood that by now. But anyways, standing up if you can afford to do that with the way your screen, your computer or if you ever wire smiles, etcetera is probably a good idea for your first way. We don't trust me. It does make a difference. It really does. So that's just for the four sport of things not as interesting as the rest of the cause. But if you have discovered, then probably help you in the long run, at least keep it in March. 4. Attention Grabbers: now second best practice when it comes to running a Web journal and that is engaging your audience with simple strategies. Now it's the engaging your core interests is important. But we're going to do that when a couple strategies. Now, this is a skill that you really acquire by running a couple. Webber knows I'm not expecting you to be amazing at it. At first, I certainly wasn't. But the way it works is that the more attention you have and you know, the higher quality he attention than the more sales you're going to make. It basically boils down to that, meaning someone that watches you're wearing off full screen with opening years. And actually, distance toe, you have to say, is infinitely more likely to buy than the guy that has, you know, treat tabs open. And it's browsing Facebook and reading emails at the same time. So how do you keep engagement a couple of ways you can do this? The 1st 1 is asked questions that obvious. Now you can ask questions at all knots obvious, but then they require efforts. And maybe, if you know you're not really familiar with your audience. Obvious questions or amazing, and you'll hear this all the time. If you watch the webinar it ranges from, could you use an extra $500 a week? Well, of course you could, right? It's obvious. No, I couldn't. I can't possibly thinking how I could spend $500 as do. But of course you know how to use it. But that's, you know, intent. That's the point. It's meant to be a simple question. It's meant to have a one way answer. Okay, it's can be, you know, Would you like another made business? That that's that's people. So you get the point asking questions at all obvious and asking people to interact, and you can see things like, Hey, if you could then type yes and a check so I can see it was listening. And surprisingly, people all actually come to type. That's pretty cool. Secondly, ask your audience to interact, so you know you could go and say, Well, what would you want to see next, where you want to see my proof of my income? Or would you like to see you know my sales page for my product? Or would you like to see a case study, etcetera. So that's going to allow your audience to steer you in the right direction. And the answer of the audience is usually pretty predictable, right? What you were thinking off doing next is probably what they want because you've been prepping them for that and then, you know, it's the logical way that thing goes. But even if it doesn't change your direction, asking them to tell you what they what they would like to see is going to really prep the audience like it doesn't matter to you because you know you're here for I don't know what I wanna have and you want to your weapon. Oh, anyways, But it's going to help them get really into your women all and more Indo every northern. My money come to make basically okay when everything equal, that's what it is. Our attention stones from this sort, and that's something I should have learned for. Most of my women are supposed tough. I I showed up late. At first I was showing always late. I thought you kind of you know, Mantle was a false or whatever. No, it's just stupid. If you say 6 p.m. be there at six. PM Even if you have to tell people kill its with five minutes for you know, the ones that all eight do Start speaking at 6 p.m. Sure at your Daschle atyour, uh, you know, that shall not being a jackass, okay. Something I should have learned is that attention should be grabbed from this told. And this is where you can have kind of given, you know, demands a certain, um, a certain attitude from your audience. So this is the way should see it. You should see it that your web, you know, is valuable and should be. And so you, you know, spots a limited. You have your 100 attendees, and they are quite privileged to be there. It's all also, of course, your pleasure. But they have limited spots. So if they're not interested, issue leave, that's how you see it. And no one's going to leave because you say if you're not interested, leave, they're not going till But what you could say? Well, I always ask Is I said okay. As we're going to start, I want you to turn off your phone. Close Facebook, you to pour whatever you were looking at and choose a quiet place to watch this because in simple and give them a good reason. You know, tell them that you need them to be focused on this weapon or if they want to get the most results and empty. Want to X y z X y z being the outcome off, whatever you teaching your weapon. So that's how you get a bit of attention from your audience. Uh, this is what I know do at every single work, and it should become second nature to you after a couple of these weapons. 5. Pacing & Pausing Will Lift You Up: Okay. Lastly, in this getting you pumped up and getting you a bit in the idea of what you should be saying what you should be doing during your Web panels. We're going to talk about pacing and leading important points sink in. So when you are doing your presentation, it's important that you used a nice You're the power off pausing, which is what I mean when I say living important points sink in. The reason for that is, if you do, if you just get back blabbering, talking, talking, talking and even after important points, important revelations which your audience or you know, there to hear. You know that's what they are there to learn if you don't pay. If you don't pull after that, then it doesn't really signal that point as important. And you don't want this to be like podcasts where you can listen, you know, while driving, you can listen on point in today, you want to capture again people's attention. This is the main key work here, so when you pause and let important things sink in, that's what I usually do. I usually do that to deport what people think what is my weapon on you don't know anything . It's really come back in the chick if they had drifted off somewhere else on the Internet. So that's what I do, and it's very important. I think that you do that to its signals. What's important if you want people to do something? If you want them to open a tab, for example, it's OK. Go to this website, open it and available. You don't You're not giving them time. If you say okay, go to this website, create an account. It just takes two seconds. You can sign up with Facebook. You're just kind of waiting, and it gives them an incentive to do that so you can guide the weapons guide. No attendees by being very careful that when you let important points sink and and this is also important when it comes to pacing. So if you're going to a board something important, exciting, something that your entire webinar has bill bending up to, it's probably a good idea to start speaking more rapidly and to, um, you know, sound more energetic. So that's again. That's something that's you should know by nature. You've probably already tried to influence someone or get someone to do something and those of the same rules. Except you need to remember to apply them. Join your webinars. 6. Video Assets for Webinars: right in this video, we're going to cover where to get images and videos will go to stall by images. And when I say images, actually, men, I mean, I call it's so this website and I'm about to show you have no idea it existed just a year ago. I found it and now I literally use it almost every day. Now that's because I produce a lot of videos, so I need a lot of stuff right out to stuff to put in my face. But it's awesome. All right, so I want to click right here. That's where it is. It's called Eider. I can find her and I guess I was looking for an eBay. I come at some point, but it's just had two main website. So they have almost a 1,000,000 a 1,000,000 Aikens and they have a starter pack or, you know, in a limited pack, whatever. But the good news is you can get most icons and most of the best Aikens for free. So that means that this basically you know, those two payment I've never paid a dime, for I confined her and I have some amazing icons that I use for every single video. So, for example, you need eight p pile a logo to put in your video. It's going to be about now. Of course, the first thing they're going to put in your face or the peed icons. But let's tickle. It doesn't appear that icons where you could see the watermark, and if you scroll down, you'll get the free icons. Now tell me which icons or better Honestly, look, you get way more option into free section, and I comes just as good. I can't. I've never had a new instance where I thought, Wow, this once so good, right to buy if you had to price you can also just built it by free I phones. So you need also to filter Vitalize, since if you're going to use that, you need to put in a commercial. Use is really important. But most icons on this website actually already come with commercial use because you know, people putting it out there and know that you're probably going to use the people logo for a you know, a video that's meant to sell to some. Okay, and all of these be people. Icons can be used for free and unlimited fashion. So you get, you know, stylized babe about the no. If you want to show people that it can buy prepaid about, this is probably not good, because it's just, you know, you show me dis logo. I can't tell you it's paper. I need to think about it twice before I answer. This one's really good. I also happen to like this one like this. I like the more actually, and then you can get some are really nice logo's. You can get some of smaller locals you could get some locals that I don't even know goes, and yeah, if you want tense, you can save a Zvi, G, P and G. Some of them even have PSD for all I know where you can actually modify them on Oh Fuller shot. But it's not. It's not common, but if you want one of them, just go ahead and click P and G. And then it's going to download and ask you to check the license. But if she felt her it by commercial use, then you won't have a problem. Do do actually do that because you never know you never know, right? Yeah. So you can You get to get as many logos as you want from this website. And honestly, in my opinion, they're really, really good, Really crisp. OK, so that's what the locals are for. The videos That's going to be a platform that slightly more expensive. It's called video blocks. Yeah, video blocks. And there you confined short or even long motions about honestly, Just about anything? No, they're going to show you, like featured of flowers Acero Probably not looking for flowers. Let's Where is the search Born again? Let's go with marketplace. Uh oh, yeah, It was right here on the wrong. Okay, let's look, for example, you want a video off Corporates place? OK, so you could toughen office. Are you typing culprit? And they have. They have a new, insane, absurd amount of videos. They really do. It's absolutely absurd. And you can get that most of the time, So yeah, office obvious it and cut it. Let's go Corporate. Yeah, and I'm just getting a bit lost here. I think if you click on this one, you're going to be able to see the video. Now, Why would you use that video. Well, you know, thinking about it. You can probably include that in a sales presentation. You can include that in a four point if you have to do it. It's a really cool to just have all of these. By the way, this is not the final quality of the video. When you downloaded to actually get the premium quality, it's usually four K or 10. 80 p, which is awesome Super Crest. Obviously, there's not much action going on in that bottom, but in that video, that's what it is. And you get thes thes videos to use. And there's a you know, a huge said after then. If you click on the all right now running a promotion, I don't know until one and ends, but it's I think it's $100 for a year or it's the equivalent monthly. So $10 monthly and you get to download unlimited amounts of videos, which is really, really also, all right, so that being said guys, those for the assets are we didn't lose too much time here. No, we're going to jump into creating videos with poor points and difference Softwares that are going to allow you to create very awesome animation. I'm animated videos. Thanks for watching