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Webinar Marketing Unwrapped: The Key Steps To Creating A Successful Webinar

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

Webinar Marketing Unwrapped: The Key Steps To Creating A Successful Webinar

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

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5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Introduction

    • 2. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 1

    • 3. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 2

    • 4. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 3

    • 5. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 4 Summary

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About This Class

Webinar Marketing Unwrapped: The Key Steps To Creating A Successful Webinar


What Are We Going To Cover In This Training?  

I am sure you have heard of webinars but you may not have really considered them for your marketing programme or investigated how to organise one.  

If you know how to plan, produce and promote a webinar or you have already presented a webinar then this training is not for you.  

On the other hand if webinars are new to you then I hope you are going to find this detailed training very helpful.  I will not be holding back!

I want to take you through the key steps you need to understand about webinars and these are:

  1. What Is A Webinar?
  2. Why Should Webinars Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?
  3. What Is The Purpose Of A Webinar?
  4. Webinars: Live Or Recorded?
  5. What Are You Teaching?
  6. What Are You Selling?
  7. Webinar Bonuses
  8. How Do You Create An Effective Webinar?
  9. How Can You Create An Effective Selling Framework For A Webinar?
  10. How Do You Set Up A Webinar?
  11. What Does A Webinar Funnel Look Like?
  12. Summary And Wrap Up

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar or "web seminar" is an online seminar which enables you to attract an audience of cold to lukewarm traffic and turn up the heat.  The principal idea is that you offer some serious teaching on the topic of the webinar and then, at the end, make an offer to your audience to take that topic to the next level with your paid product or service.

Course Project

At the end of this course, you will have an opportunity to design your own Webinar Marketing Funnel and I have provided a detailed outline and guide in the attached PDF to help you

Enjoy the Course and Good Luck with your Course Project

Best regards


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John Colley

Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com


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1. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Introduction: Hello and welcome to Webinar marketing Unwrapped. My name is John Colley, and I'm really delighted to be spending a little bit of time with you today, just sharing with you some of my ideas and my excitement about the power off Webinars. When I'm putting together a digital business group, group it, I start by thinking about my customer. Who are they? What are their needs and problems? I then try and design a product that will meet those needs and problems solve them, address them, which will then make it much more likely that the customer want to buy them. I then have to construct a business model that is going to effectively enable me to put those two together to sell my product or service to the customer. Now the big question you have to ask yourself is, how are you going to engage and connect with your customer? Because unless you do that, you're not gonna move them along the find me, know me like me. Trust me, pay me, evangelize me scale. And that is why webinars are so powerful and so effective because they enable you to do this. They are very effective when it comes to creating a connection and engagement with an audience. They are scalable. You can take a webinar recording and repeat it as many times as you like. They are high return because they enable you to sell high price products on the webinar and even if for only a few people by the returns are very impressive. And of course, they are fantastic vehicles for joint ventures. You provide the webinar the product on somebody else brings the audience and you share the benefits so you can see it has an awful lot going for it. And that is why I'm really excited about it now. I've created this training specifically for you because I want you to understand the effectiveness on the power off Webinars. Let's try a little experiment. Just between the two of us. This is what you do. Ask yourself, Do you know, like and trust me? And how do you feel about me right now? What is your your judgment off me at this point in time? On a scale of 1 to 10 now, we probably haven't met before. You may never have never heard of me before. That's totally fine. Be brutally honest. But don't tell me I might not like the answer the stage. But just think about it for yourself on day. Just make a note. Know like and trust. Score 1 to 10 at this point in time. Now watch the training go through the trading with me. It's about 30 minutes. Andi. I have really hope you're going to get a lot from it. But at the end, I want you to ask yourself the question again. What do you feel about me and what has changed? Score me on the know like and trust 1 to 10 scale again and see if I have moved the move the needle for you just in that 30 minutes and I believe I will have done. And I really hope I will have done, although it's entirely down to you, obviously. So 30 minutes of training, during which there's no selling, but hopefully you'll begin to see me as something often authority on the subject. At least of Webinars, you may increase your confidence in me. You may even begin to trust me a little bit now. Imagine if I had taken you through the complete weapon. Our final process. I'm about to explain to you. Just imagine what impact that would have on you and how that would move the needle with you and what you would think and feel about me after all that. That is the power off Webinars. And that is why they work. And that is why I'm really excited about them. And that's why I want to share them with you. Thank you for listening to me. Now I really look forward to working for it with you, and I will see you inside the training. 2. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 1: Webinar marketing unwrapped the key steps to creating a successful webinar. Let me start by discussing what we're going to cover in this training. I'm sure you've heard of Webinars, but you may not have really considered them for your marketing program or investigated how to organize one. If you do know how to plan, produce and promote a webinar or if you have already presented a webinar, then this training is not for you. On the other hand, if Webinars are new to you, then I hope you're going to find this detailed training. Very helpful. I will not be holding back. I want to take you through the key steps you need to understand about Webinars. And these are what is a webinar? Why should webinars be part of your marketing strategy? What is the purpose of a Webinar webinars? Live or recorded? What are you teaching? What are you selling? Webinar bonuses. How do you create an effective weapon? Are how can you create an effective selling framework for a webinar? How do you set up a webinar? And finally, what does a webinar funnel look like? At the end of this training, I will also provide you with a summary on wrap up of all the key points covered. So what are we waiting for? Let's get started. What is a webinar? A webinar or Web seminar is an online seminar which enables you to attract an audience off cold to lukewarm traffic on, then turn up the heat. The principal idea is that you offer some serious teaching on the subject of the weapon are on. Then at the end, make an offer to your audience to take that topic to the next level with your paid product or service. So why should Webinars be part of your marketing strategy? Here are some statistics to be thinking about which opt in Monster has compiled. According to the Content Marketing Institute, 58% of marketers use Webinars to promote their products and services, and 32% of them believe that webinars are going to be critical to their success. According to make social media cell, 40% of Webinars retain their viewer's attention right to the end. Between 20% and 40% of those who attend a webinar become a qualified lead according to ready talk, and finally between two and 5% of weapon are attendees will buy something from you, says the branded soul Oprah. Now the's statistics speak for themselves. Do the maths by multiplying the number of attendees, say 500 by 2%. That equals 10 people. And if you multiply that by the price point of your product, say $997 this 2 to 5% could result in a range of sales just from one webinar off between 10,000 and $25,000. That's a very compelling financial reason to get started with your first webinar today, But let's move beyond the money. One of the best ways to organize a webinar is with a joint venture partner. You provide the weapon on the product, he oblique. She provides the audience. You share the profits. This means you get the opportunity to extend your message and your brand to Ah, hopefully sizable new audience. This is why getting the teaching right? Really providing value and demonstrating your authority is so important. Don't look at Webinars as a one night stand. This is the opportunity to start a business relationship with a whole new audience who are coming to you recommended by someone they already trust. This is warm traffic, backed up by a personal recommendation from a trusted authority. It really does not get much better than that. What is the purpose of a webinar? Consider first your audience. What do they need? How can you help them to the maximum extent in the limited time available? Too often, webinars gloss over the teaching to get to the selling part, which is great for the presenter. But frankly, for the rest of the audience, it sucks. What can you give away to reward your audience for their attention, Whether or not they buy from you, Make sure your giveaway, which also helps to keep your audience watching your webinar to the end, adds riel value as what is being relevant to the topic you are teaching. It should also help to reinforce your position as an authority and cement the trust you want to build between you and your audience. I always try to include a paid course of some kind that is going to be useful regardless, or whether the attendee signs up for my main offering or not. Webinars live or recorded. I think that live webinars are always better than recorded ones. Here's why the object of the webinar is to establish a connection with your audience, and that is always going to be a stronger one when you are present. This is particularly the case when you do a question and answer session after the former part of the webinar has been concluded. This gives you a chance to speak with and respond to your audience. Ideally, you should stay on for as long as it takes to respond to all the questions your audience may have for you. In practice, This could be an hour or longer, but the investment in the time should be generously repaid, as this is also the time when many in the audience come off the fence and decided to make the investment in your product or service. You can, of course, also call these sales out as they happen. A recorded webinar is an adequate substitute. If you really cannot deliver a live event. The biggest issue here is often time zones. In my experience, I live in the UK, and it's a stretch for me to deliver a live webinar early evening, Pacific time. Plus, of course, my energy levels will be low in the early hours of the morning. My time It is common but not universal practice toe offer a webinar replay for those who registered but did not manage to attend. This means that they get the benefit of all the Q and A from the live session, but they're not able to present their own questions as well. So what are you teaching? Let's start with the end in mind. The starting point should be your existing content. Your expertise and existing video courses will have some focus, and you should start by asking yourself what you want to sell to your audience at the end of the webinar. Creating a weapon are is hard work, but a lot easier than creating a high value bespoke course or product. Now come background to the start and ask yourself what problems related to the product do your prospects struggle with. If in doubt, email your list and ask them what is your biggest challenge? Bearing in mind that you will have around 45 minutes to teach, you need to devise an easy to explain and simple structure for your content. Three steps four Secrets five common mistakes. Remember, this is going to be more about the what than the How. But you want to leave your audience feeling they have really learned something valuable but still leave them wanting more. 3. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 2: What are you selling? This is relatively speaking the easy bit. You should have a product or service ready to go. If you don't stop right now, go back and finish your product and then come back and focus on your weapon out. Afterwards, you need to consider the quality and complexity of your part out. Webinar prices really go from around $500 upwards. Frankly, below this, you would do better to create compelling sales funnel and then lead your converted customers to a webinar for a higher price product afterwards. But this also means that you need to have a good quality, high value product for your prospects to benefit from the key characteristics of your products. Offering should be problem solving. It helps to solve a specific problem for your target audience video. It should, in my view, include video content. If it's a digital course, additional materials make sure your lessons are enhanced by supporting materials, including slide decks, pdf sward, dogs, images, even an E book. If you have one downloadable content, while you should make sure that it's not easy for your course to be copied, your additional materials should be easy to find and download potentially one or one or group coaching may be included as a special value enhancing. Adam. Be careful about non scalable extras to your course because you are potentially tying up your time, which limits your scalability webinar bonuses you need to enhance your cells proposition with bonuses. ANDI have an attendance bonus to motivate your attendees to stay until the end when presenting your product or service in order to provide a good reason for your attendees to make a purchase during the offer period of the weapon are you need to include a package of bonuses. These must relate to the main product and be at least equal in value to the main offering. Be careful about attributing fanciful valuations to these bonuses to make the numbers look good. What is a Facebook group membership really worth? I like to say it's priceless. Rather than attribute a specific and hard to justify number. The attendance bonus is an extra, which should be very tempting, free and highly value adding, but only made available to those who stick with you to the end. But before the Q and A. How do you do this simple. Tell him about it right at the beginning. Allude to it during the webinar once or twice on, then give them the link right before you wrap up and go into the question session. How do you create an effective weapon? Are Let's take a look now at how you create an effective webinar. Like any presentation it needs toe have a structure which is focused on the objective of the presentation. You may think the objective is to sell, but remember, it's far better to make your primary objective really effective teaching with sales pitch to follow, I strongly recommend that you script your webinars and practice until you can deliver the script without sounding as if you're reading it. The script needs a structure on. This is the outline that I always work, too. Welcome. Welcome your audience to the webinar. Tell them who you are and what the webinar title is come from. Let your audience know that they're in the right place and explain who the weapon are. Is four and Justus importantly, who it is not for retain. Give them a reason to stay to the end. We have already discussed the importance of the extra bonus and attendees, which you deliver at the end of the webinar agenda. Explain the agenda for the teaching and be honest and up front about the fact that at the end you will be giving them the opportunity to extend their expertise on the topic that will enable them to take it to the next level. Yes, awful cliche, but you know what I mean. Authority. Explain a little about yourself, setting out why you could be regarded as an authority and share a little of your backstory and struggle with them. This will help them to respect your teaching while also creating empathy between you content. Get into the meat of the webinar and spend 45 minutes to an hour teaching. You should aim at one slide per minute, which therefore means around 45 to 60 sides off carefully structured, high value teaching content. Remember, it is fine in the webinar to focus on the what rather than the how which can be delivered in your paid product transition. The transition to the pitch needs to be subtle. You need to explain exactly what you're paid. Offering contains in considerable detail on its benefits. Your audience needs to understand that they can continue to struggle on my own or benefit from your hard won knowledge and expertise by working with you pricing by including the webinar bonuses, you need to create a pricing package, which makes buying a no brainer off a decision. My premium online course package sells for $1997 but I offer it in the webinar at $997 plus a package of bonuses worth around another 3000. And that's without pricing the exclusive Facebook group membership into the deal. Case studies and examples. You can have these up your sleeve to deliver if the Q and A is a bit slow or to keep the conversation moving forward during the pitch phase. Show examples with testimonials if you have them off the effectiveness of your product. Q. And A. Staying around for the questions afterwards is non negotiable. If you don't show your audience that you respect their time investment on their questions, they are much less likely to take their purchase forward. This is also the time when you can get a lot of waverers off the fence and get them to commit to a purchase. How can you create an effective selling webinar framework? Let's take a look at the slightly bigger picture now. So far, we have focused very much on the webinar itself. But what is an effective selling framework? When your audience turns up for your live webinar or even attends your pre recorded webinar , you need them to be in a responsive mood. Open to your teaching on warmed up to the possibility of investing in your products and services. This means that your webinar itself is only part of your sales framework. The key steps are registration. You need to reach out to your audience, tell them about the webinar and persuade them to register for it. Here's a top tip. Never mentioned anything about webinar replays at any time during this process Reminder. You need to make sure that they turn up. This means letting them know several times on the day of the webinar that the live event is coming up delivery clearly the center of the strategy. When you actually deliver what you promised on pitch your product replay. For whatever reason, at least half of your registrants will not show up, but you have their email addresses, and you can now tell them about their limited time opportunity toe Watch the recording of the webinar on demand carte closing. You must only offer your product and its bonus package for a limited time on make very clear when the cart closes and in a short series of emails, remind your lawn buying registrants and attendees that the card is closing. 4. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 3: How do you set up a webinar? In my view, the best way to deliver a weapon are is by using one of the established webinar platforms, such as Goto, webinar, Easy webinar or H Q webinar, to name just three. I'm not making any recommendations here, but these platforms will enable you to manage your registration process your email sequences, the hosting delivery on recording of your webinar, as well as dealing with the chat and questions which your audience will want to type. Enduring or delivery. These platforms are not free, but most offer an introductory offer some kind, which means that you can try them for your first webinar to see what works best for you. Another platform you might consider zoom. I strongly recommend that you work with a partner who manages all the technical aspects and keeps an eye on the questions and interactions from your audience while you concentrate on delivering the webinar itself. What does it webinar funnel look like? Let me start by briefly explaining what a funnel is. This is the process that you set up to challenge your audience through the main steps of which I explained in the previous section. There are two key components. The pages and webinar funnel elements on the email sequences. I have created a diagram of a simplified webinar funnel on I'm going to talk, used to each element step by step so that you can see how it all works. Firstly, you can see here the outline off a simple webinar funnel. Let's put some shape on this by identifying the key elements and sequences, which you can see in the slide. The key pages and family elements have bean lettered a toe I and you can see them here in this slide. A webinar registration page B is the webinar Thank you and confirmation page. See, is the webinar delivery page de is the Webinar workbook. E and F are the indoctrination is videos one and two G is the Webinar replay page. H is, in this case, the course check out page and I is the course. Think if it page I eat where students can actually access the product that they purchased. The key email sequences are numbered 1 to 4 and shown in this slide. Number one the Registration Promotion email sequence Number two. The confirmation and indoctrination sequence three is the reminder email sequence and four is the replay and cart. Close sequence. Key steps in a webinar funnel. Let's take a look first at the pages and webinar funnel elements, introducing one or two additional elements. We have not yet discussed the WEBINAR registration page. This is the page where you direct people to go and sign up for your webinar. They have toe opt in, and this puts them on an email list so that you can send them the necessary emails that we're going to discuss shortly. Webinar Thank you oblique Confirmation page. This page lets them know that their registration has been successful. It's important to confirm this to them immediately. Webinar delivery page This is the page where you will deliver your webinar. If you're using a weapon, our platform to do this, then the page will be within that platform, and you will need to ensure that you provide the correct link. Often these links are personalized so that you can track who has turned up and who is not. Knowing this information will allow you to tailor your emails in your post webinar email sequences if you wish to do so. Webinar workbook. This is an extra which I like to provide and encourages engagement. During the webinar, your attendees can take notes and follow the key teaching lessons, and it's simple to follow format. If you can get them to download the Webinar workbook, you will increase their commitment and the likelihood that they will turn up for the Webinar itself. Indoctrination Video one. This is the first of two videos that I like to provide. It contains bonus teaching lessons. There's no selling, and it demonstrates the value of what is to come on the webinar. You are also building your authority and training your audience to follow your instructions and guidance indoctrination. Video to this is the second off the two indoctrination videos, the purpose of which I have already explained the weapon RV Play page. This is where you make the webinar replay available. The availability should be for a limited time, and I normally make this playable on demand, which means that when the registrant clicks on the link, they can watch the replay at any time that suits them. Unlike the Webinar, it is not just available at a set time and date course check out page. This is where your attendees go to purchase your product or service. In this case, it's my expert equation program, a premium online course which teaches you how to create on mine courses. Course. Thank if IQ page. In this case, this is the final goal for the Webinar. It's the course page itself. Ultimately, this is the end of the funnel on where you want your webinar attendees to finish up. Let's take a look now at the webinar email sequences. In this simplified funnel, there are four sequences to consider. Registration promotion email sequence. This is a sequence off in this example three emails where you are telling the people on your email list about your webinar on what they can expect from it. This provides links to the weapon, our registration page, where they can go to sign up for your webinar confirmation and indoctrination sequence. Once they are signed up, you want to keep the communications flowing. The purpose of this is toe warm them up further to your forthcoming event, using the Webinar workbook and indoctrination videos. In this case, reminder email sequence. This sequence of emails is sent out on the day of the webinar to remind them that the time off the webinar is fast approaching and not to forget to turn up. Although this seems obvious, we all lead very busy lives, and it's vitally important that you include this sequence to maximize the number of your attendees to your webinar replay and cart close sequence after the webinar. You should provide replays, in my opinion, although some marketers prefer not to. The argument against is that once your audience know that you will provide a replay, they won't bother to turn up on, we'll just wait for the replay email to revive in their in box. You can also email the non registrants and those who registered but did not turn up to give them a chance to watch the replay, thereby increasing the potential number of customers for your product. The cart close sequence is essential toe on an element of urgency and scarcity to your offer. Psychologically, people want what they can't have, and if you tell them that you're going to take the offer away at a specific time and date, they have to decide what they're going to do. Buy or not to buy. Sitting on the fence no longer becomes an option 5. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 4 Summary: summary that concludes this WEBINAR training program. We've covered quite a lot of ground, and I hope you found it helpful. Note that I have deliberately tried to include lots of detail around the structure, this training to make it as valuable as possible for you. This could almost be a webinar in itself. Let's take a quick look at what we've covered. What is a weapon are and why should webinars be part of your marketing strategy? I introduced the concept of a webinar on made the case for their effectiveness as part of your marketing strategy. I genuinely believe that they are one of the most effective marketing weapons in your armory, and you should be learning how to do them. What is the purpose of a webinar and live or recorded? We discussed the purpose of a webinar on whether you should deliver it live or pre recorded . The main purpose of weapon are should be to provide some really high quality and valuable teaching to your audience. Really believe me when I say the money must be a secondary consideration, you cannot always provide a live event for your audience, but it is much better if you can. What are you teaching on? What are you selling? We discussed your weapon, our topic, how it should address problems and challenges on that. It was important that it directly related to the subject matter covered by the product or service that you pitched your audience. At the end of the Webinar webinar bonuses, we discussed the importance of bonuses to make your offer more attractive, and because they are only available during the webinar offer period, it adds urgency and scarcity to your pitch to important psychological sales triggers. We also discussed the importance of adding an attendance incentive to keep everyone watching the webinar right until the end. How do you create an effective webinar? Next? We looked at the structure of a webinar on the elements you need to include in your carefully structure presentation to make your teaching and your selling effective. Clearly, there's a lot more detail and complexity behind what we have been able to cover here, but it is important that you understand the best webinars are built around a framework which is being carefully thought out to maximize the impact of the webinar on the audience . How can you create an effective selling framework for a webinar. Having considered the webinar in some detail, we next took a step back to look at the broader framework around promoting and following up your webinar presentation. How do you set a webinar up? We briefly touched on. Some of the technical issues involved in delivering a weapon are I don't want to overwhelm you with the technology, which can be initially a little daunting. Don't worry. You will soon get the hang of it. What does a webinar funnel look like? Next? We took a look at the form and structure of a webinar funnel. There are two main parts toe webinar funnel, which I have called the pages and elements and the email sequences. We walked through both of these in some detail to help you understand how these all fit together, including a detailed diagram which showed the connections and linkages in the funnel next steps. Has this convinced you to include Webinars in your marketing strategy? I hope at the very least, it has enabled you to take a more informed view about Webinars on whether they will work for you. I must be honest with you. They take a lot of work to set up properly and there is a whole level of complexity below this which I have not been able to cover in the time we have had for this training. The rewards from Webinars can be very substantial, and I would strongly encourage you to consider them in your future marketing plans and look forward to seeing you again in another one of my WEBINAR training programs in the near future.