Webinar Marketing Unwrapped: The Key Steps To Creating A Successful Webinar

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

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5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Introduction

    • 2. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 1

    • 3. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 2

    • 4. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 3

    • 5. Webinar Marketing Unwrapped Part 4 Summary


About This Class

Webinar Marketing Unwrapped: The Key Steps To Creating A Successful Webinar


What Are We Going To Cover In This Training?  

I am sure you have heard of webinars but you may not have really considered them for your marketing programme or investigated how to organise one.  

If you know how to plan, produce and promote a webinar or you have already presented a webinar then this training is not for you.  

On the other hand if webinars are new to you then I hope you are going to find this detailed training very helpful.  I will not be holding back!

I want to take you through the key steps you need to understand about webinars and these are:

  1. What Is A Webinar?
  2. Why Should Webinars Be Part Of Your Marketing Strategy?
  3. What Is The Purpose Of A Webinar?
  4. Webinars: Live Or Recorded?
  5. What Are You Teaching?
  6. What Are You Selling?
  7. Webinar Bonuses
  8. How Do You Create An Effective Webinar?
  9. How Can You Create An Effective Selling Framework For A Webinar?
  10. How Do You Set Up A Webinar?
  11. What Does A Webinar Funnel Look Like?
  12. Summary And Wrap Up

What Is A Webinar?

A webinar or "web seminar" is an online seminar which enables you to attract an audience of cold to lukewarm traffic and turn up the heat.  The principal idea is that you offer some serious teaching on the topic of the webinar and then, at the end, make an offer to your audience to take that topic to the next level with your paid product or service.

Course Project

At the end of this course, you will have an opportunity to design your own Webinar Marketing Funnel and I have provided a detailed outline and guide in the attached PDF to help you

Enjoy the Course and Good Luck with your Course Project

Best regards