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Webinar Marketing Sales Funnel Blueprint

teacher avatar John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

43 Lessons (2h 7m)
    • 1. Would You Like the Recipe for a Webinar Sales Funnel?

    • 2. Why Webinar Sales Funnels Can Transform Your Business

    • 3. Webinar Sales Funnel Breakthrough

    • 4. What is a Funnel?

    • 5. Componet Pages in a Funnel

    • 6. 15 Essential Components of an Internet Marketing Funnel

    • 7. Getting Started Webinar Essentials

    • 8. The Essential Components of a High Converting Webinar

    • 9. Product Selection Setting Up Links and Affiliate Accounts

    • 10. Setting Up Your Email Platform Lecture

    • 11. The Essential Pages You Will Need To Create Lecture

    • 12. How To Create Your Webinar Registration Page

    • 13. Funnel Diagram Part 1 and 2

    • 14. How to Create Your Webinar Registration Confirmation Page

    • 15. Funnel Diagram Part 3

    • 16. How to Set Up Your Webinar

    • 17. Webinar Delivery How to Record or Deliver Your Webinar

    • 18. Funnel Diagram Parts 4 and 5

    • 19. Webinar Marketing Timetable

    • 20. Webinar Marketing and Registration

    • 21. Types of Prospects

    • 22. JV Partner Email Sequence

    • 23. Funnel Diagram Part 6

    • 24. Email Marketing Sequence Your List

    • 25. Funnel Diagram Part 7

    • 26. Registration and Indoctrination Email Sequence

    • 27. Advanced Training for Online Courses Masterclass Indoctrination Video

    • 28. Indoctrination Video 2 The Truth About Online Courses

    • 29. Active Campaign Webinar Automation

    • 30. UTM Tracking and Pretty Links

    • 31. Funnel Diagram Part 8

    • 32. Emails 1 to 4 Registration and Indoctrination

    • 33. Registrant Reminder Emails

    • 34. Funnel Diagram Part 9

    • 35. JV Partner Reminder Emails

    • 36. Funnel Diagram Part 10

    • 37. Product Purchase during the Webinar

    • 38. Webinar Replay

    • 39. Replay and Cart Closing Emails

    • 40. Funnel Diagram Part 11

    • 41. JV Partner Replay Emails

    • 42. Funnel Diagram Part 12

    • 43. Webinar Marketing Funnel Course Summary and Wrap Up

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About This Class


Are you selling online with Webinars?  Surely the answer is Yes!!! They are one of the most effective ways to sell on line.

But what if you build it and nobody comes?  What if your webinar attendance is low?

As sales are a % of attendance - the more people who turn up the more sales you will make.

So what are you doing wrong?  What are you doing wrong even if you have a great webinar?

The answer is all in the SALES FUNNEL - its not the webinar - its how you sell it and how you follow it up!

That is what this course will help you to discover...

  • Why Webinars can transform your business

  • The essential components of a Marketing Funnel

  • How to create the Essential Components of your Webinar

  • Product Selection and How to set up Affiliate Links

  • How to set up your email Platform

  • The Essential¬†Pages you need to create in your Webinar Funnel

  • How to create your high converting Webinar Registration Page

  • How to set up your Webinar Delivery Platform

  • How to record or deliver your Webinar

  • My exact Seven¬†Day Webinar Marketing Timetable

  • How to market your Webinar to new Registrants

  • The different types of Prospects in your Webinar¬†Funnel

  • Joint Venture/Influencer Partner Email¬†Registration¬†Sequence

  • Your Email¬†Registration¬†Sequence to your List

  • Your Follow Up Indoctrination Email¬†Sequence

  • Example Webinar WorkBook and Indoctrination¬†Videos

  • How to create your Webinar Email Automation¬†Sequence

  • The benefits of UTMs and Tracking Links

  • Step by Step 14 Email¬†Sequence - in detail, with¬†screenshots - from¬†Registration to Closing

  • How and whether to offer a Webinar Replay

  • Post Webinar Emails and Cart Closing Sequences designed to maximise sales

In addition to this, as the course progresses, I share with you a 12 Step Webinar Funnel Diagram, showing you exactly how the elements being taught fit into the overall picture - so you can see your Webinar Funnel grow in front of your very eyes.

If English is not your first language, I have provided written text "captions" of all the main videos in this lecture.

This is focused and very detailed.  Its a precise documentation of my own Webinar Funnel sales process.

What more can I say - Enroll Today - Check out the Preview Videos to get a closer look at the amazing detail in this course!

See you inside the Course!

Best regards


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John Colley

Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com


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1. Would You Like the Recipe for a Webinar Sales Funnel?: Let me ask you a simple question. Would you like the recipe for a webinar sales funnel? Webinars are unquestionably among the most lucrative ways to sell online. Whether that's courses, projects, consulting, whatever it is webinars work, which is why all the leading marketers do them now. Creating a webinar is one challenge, but getting people to turn up and by is quite another. So what is the secret? How in how to get people to turn up to my webinar? Well, the answer is a webinar sales funnel. That is how all these expert marketers do it. This is the secret source behind their webinar that they don't actually ever explain to you or show you it's all the preparation or the psychology or the pre selling on then all the follow up that makes their sales and their webinar effective. So would you like the recipe? Yes, I thought so. Now all good recipes have a list of ingredients, and that's it, believing our is only part off the list of ingredients. So what is in my webinar funnel list of ingredients or this 42 videos, 40 screenshots forward documents, 40 pdf's and one course workbook on what is more, these are all taken from a riel live webinar sales funnel that I use regularly. So this isn't something hypothetical. This is actually showing you what I put into practice and what works for me. So what's the method? How do you turn this recipe into a fantastic product? While the answer is you create and record the list of ingredients which I've done for you. You upload them to a course platform in the correct order, obviously, and you hit, Publish. And hey, Presto. The result is a perfectly concurred, concocted blend of instruction and information to create this amazing webinar sales fund. Now it looks very complicated, but I break it down. I take you through it step by step. I show you what every single element webinar page, every single email, every single automation, every single promotional indoctrination video, the coursework, but everything. I show you the whole thing from soup to nuts so that you have everything you need. Now if your webinars are poorly attended on low converting, it might not be the webinar. It might be everything else around your webinar because the webinar is only one page on this diagram. So don't miss out on sales. Enroll in this course today. Discover how to create this amazing webinar sales funnel on. Maybe, just maybe, that will be the answer to your webinars going from being poorly converting to being very highly converting. So let me ask you again, Would you like the recipe for a webinar sales funnel? If the answer is yes, then enrolled today? 2. Why Webinar Sales Funnels Can Transform Your Business: I want to explain something really important to you, Which is why Webinar sales funnels can transform your business. Hi, my name is John Colley. I am a successful online course instructor and I sell my own courses online, including using webinars. Now. For a long time I struggled with weapon our marketing. It's actually quite complicated and it can be very daunting. But I have work to do all out and I now love giving Webinars. And that's what I want to share with you in this course. Now every major marketer is doing webinars and you have to ask yourself the question Why on the answer is because they work because they make money, they make a lot of money on. Therefore, it's something you have to give serious consideration to. But this course is not about how to create a weapon. On this course is about how you sell with a webinar. No, I'm saying not what but how you sell. So I'm giving you the actual nitty gritty off how to do this webinar marketing business. And that is the critical component in this course. Webinar funnels are the rial secret source to success with Webinars without a sales funnel . Who's going to turn up to a webinar? The crickets? Now, this course does not hold back. I share all the key elements off the webinar funnel with you the pages you need to create your product selection the selection of the webinar delivery platform, the email service provider platform you're going to need to use step by step. I will show you the pages you need to create with screenshot examples taken from one of my campaigns of every single page. I'll show you every single email sequence from registration to cart clothes on. I'm showing you screenshots of the e mails so you can see exactly how I laid them out exactly how I style them on exactly what the content is so that you can be inspired to create your own not to copy mine, but to create your own. Now, if you're promoting your webinar with an influencer or a joint venture partner, I've got you covered. I give you every email sequence they need to send so that you can share that with them and help them to cover off all the major points in this course. We go from registration to indoctrination Two reminders to delivery replays. Onda cart closing every step of the way. I'm going to show you dramatically step by step how the components off the webinar funnel fit together from the very first page all the way through 12 steps later to the final complete webinar sales funnel. So you know exactly what you have to do, how you have to do it and how everything connects together. It can be complicated, but believe you, me, when you follow the course step by step, you will get it. This is based on my own campaigns. And I'm really sharing everything with you on holding nothing back because I want you to be successful. And if I can do it, so can you. My only question for you is are you ready to take action? Are you ready to commit yourself to creating a weapon ourselves? Funnel? That will help you deliver success and profit from your webinars? I really hope you are. I'll see you in the course 3. Webinar Sales Funnel Breakthrough: let me introduce you to my Webinar sales funnel. Breakthrough on the breakthrough is the breakthrough you are going to make when you've taken this course. If you're new to sales funnels, particularly the WEBINAR sales finals, which can be very complicated, I'm going to show you now exactly what we're going to create in this course step by step. This is the funnel on the right, Andi, I'm going to explain to you exactly how it all fits together and what we're gonna build together. As we go through the course, we're going to start with a registration page. Obviously, your people need to have somewhere to go to register for the email on that will then lead to a confirmation page which is, say, straight forward Now. It may be that you're using a webinar platform and that will also have a registration and confirmation page, which is great. You can either use one or other or you can use both in combination. You will then need a webinar delivery page. This is somewhere where you're actually going to deliver your web. Your weapon are live or if you're delivering a recorded webinar where you will send people to watch the recorded webinar itself. Your webinar platform, when somebody registers, will send out an email reminder sequence, which is shown here. Your joint venture partner, if you have one, will need to do some marketing to their list on their people on encourage people to go and register. Therefore, they will need a marketing and registration email sequence. And, of course, for your list, so will you. On that will be for your list. You will build this into an automation, which I'll also explain to you in the course step by step. Now your registration e mails will be then followed for everybody who registers for the email by an indoctrination sequence, which will include a workbook, which I provide for you, and also a couple of indoctrination videos, which is shown here. Then you'll send out some reminder emails on the day to encourage people not to forget to turn up for the webinar. Your joint venture partner should also send out some reminder emails off their own to the whole off their list. Now, after you've delivered the webinar, you can't stop there. You'll need to follow up with a replay sequence, which I show you here and then a cart closing sequence to make sure that everybody doesn't forget to g o and buy your product. Of course, your joint venture partners should be doing the same thing. To maximize your sales opportunities on this will hopefully lead to people going to your sales page and buying your product that you bean promoting in your webinar. Now, everything you see here is built up step by, step on explained from start to finish. In this course, that is what I mean by a webinar sales funnel on. I'm going to take you through everything you need to know everything. All the detail, all the pages, all the emails or the automation. Everything is covered in this course. I bet you're gonna absolutely love it. Let's get started, My webinar subtle sales funnel breakthrough. But the breakthrough bit is the breakthrough you are going to make 4. What is a Funnel?: Let's ask a really straightforward question. What is a fumble now? You don't have to be a rocket scientist toe work out that the shape of a funnel is like that on. Basically, if you put a whole load of stuff in the top because it narrows, we're going to get a little bit out the bottom on. Hopefully, because you can point the final way you want it. You'll get that. Theo results at the bottom of the funnel delivered to a specific location. So the whole idea is that you feed in a lot of traffic at the top on because you lose trafficking. A Zubair steps progress down at the bottom. You'll have the distillation of that traffic down to your people who actually then decide to buy from you. So it's a very simple concept, but actually, when you start to get into it, it gets quite complex, and I don't want to go into its components so much as thief thinking behind it in this lecture. Now, when you create a funnel online effectively, what you are creating is a Siri's off connected pages, a Siri's off steps that take your audience along a particular journey to a result that you want on a lot of the art to create in the final is not just writing the pages but actually also creating the structure of the funnel Onda also having the connections in the right place so that the funnel actually flows through. It's not enough just to create the page. You actually have to link the pages up. So you have a Siris of connected pages, and what you're doing is you're taking them through this four step process. Now anybody who's familiar with copyrighting will understand and recognize this model straightaway. Aida awareness, interest, desire and action. Now you can take people through this process on a page, or you can take it through on a Siri's off different pages so that you actually then create a result. So the underlying thinking is Aida. But the construct really depends on the page on the connected series of pages on the funnel itself. Now, Ryan Deiss said that basically a funnel moves perspective browsers to buyers, and I think it's a really good way of summarizing it, and that's the way you should be thinking about it. But you've got to change these people from being just browsers into buyers, and that implies a much more deepening. That's not giving wishes it a deepening or an increase in the relationship in the depth of the relationship with you. And that is the critical point. So this is all about building relationships but sharing experiences so that you come together and they feel that they can know, like and trust you. So let's look at Robert Chill Dini's Six Principles from his wonderful book Influence on These Six Principles, and these principles can be used as techniques in your pages in your funnel to create that relationship on the six principles are reciprocity, commitment, inconsistency, liking authority, social proof and scarcity. Let's take a look at each one of these, so the principle of reciprocity is very straightforward. If you give your audience lots off value on a lead manc. It is a good example. If you share with them in your auto responder sequence, things which they regard as very valuable. They will, in a sort of funny sort of way, feel that they owe you, and therefore, when you make an offer to them, they will have Bean warmed up because they'll have a warm, fuzzy feeling about you inside, and they will find it very straightforward to think. Well, there, This gives a really good guy. This is going to give me my next step on. I'm happy to pay him a little bit for it because he's already shown me he can deliver fantastic value reciprocity. The principle of commitment and consistency is quite a subtle one. Essentially, if you can get your audience to make even a very small commitment to you, then is much more likely down the road that they will buy from you. So the classic example is the when somebody offers you something for free and says, You've just got to pay the shipping That sounds like a really good deal. Why are they doing that doing it that way? Well, they're doing it that way because by getting you to pay the shipping, which seems like a really minor little bit, they've actually got you across that line to paying them something effectively. So even if they send you a free book, hard back proper book, you've paid a little bit, for that is not a complete freebie. So a bit further down the line when they make an offer to you, you will remember that book and you will have already paid them something. You're much more likely to pay them again and to buy something from them because you have already made a commitment and your behavior will be consistent with that commitment. Principles of liking is very simple. If somebody likes you, they're more likely to buy from you. This is why stories air so good. Because stories draw people together and get them. Teoh create bonds and under and to understand each other they they're a great form of building empathy. But when we talk about the the paradigm of find me know me like me, trust me, pay me. You have to get people down through that funnel and get them to like you. And you can do that with your daughter. Respond to Syria's. You can do that by sharing experiences with um, the principal authority is that basically, if you are looking for somebody to learn from, you want to feel that their an expert in authority in their field and if they manage to communicate that authority to you, then you'll have respect for them and If you have respect for them, you're more likely to buy from them now. Endorsements and testimonials is one thing, but it may be that they've got lots of letters after their names that they've got a degree that there's got a what else would they have? They might have a best selling book. Any of these thes thes things, which which increase their authority in your eyes as a perspective buyer is likely to help you. To make that by decision is likely to help, then convert you from a browser to a buyer. Principles of social proof. Well, if you've got lots of people on social media saying great things about you, then you will get a lot mawr connection and a lot more commitment from your audience. If you've got a best selling book, the fact that it's best selling suggest that lots of people wanted to buy it on that again . Seems like a really good thing. This is why people collect ratings reviews and quote them back. It's a crossover between the authority thing, but it's also the the fact that you've got third party giving third parties different individual people's telling them that you're a good guy. And that's what helps the sales process and, finally, the principle of scarcity. Well, this is a well known technique in copyrighting, basically limited time or quantity. There different other types of scarcity as well. But essentially because people want what they can't have, scarcity entices buyers to take action in entices them. It's the fear of missing out. It makes them want to jump in. So when you're building your funnels, you need to build your funnels not just by connecting the different pages, but also about thinking about the underlying psychology. Because a funnel is much more than a Siris of pages, it's a whole experience. It's a whole psychological mind trap. It brings people through a psychological conversion to take them from psych, the psychology of just being a browser who doesn't know, like or trust you to somebody who is prepared to commit money to you and to buy from you. So funnels are more complex than just being a Siri's off pages online. Underlying them is a whole buying psychology, and that's what we need to master at the same time as we understand how to use the technology and how to put these integrated packages of pages together 5. Componet Pages in a Funnel: Let's take a look now at some of the basic component pages off a sales funnel. Now, as I've already alluded and you will come to understand, you can basically construct your sales Faneuil's any way you like in a whole series of different configurations. But essentially, you have a Siri's off core building blocks, Andi Thes comprised of standard pages. And once you understand what some of these pages are, you will be able to better understand how you can connect them up to great effect, because there is no limit to the combinations you can come up with pretty well. It's as varied as your imagination will allow it to be, and it could be a simple as complex as you like. But the whole point is that you can connect these pages up in order to take your audience through the grounds er toe by a journey. So let's take a look at the different page formats. But first of all, I want you to understand that there essentially all sorts of different ways you can actually lay the page out from simple text to simple video onto complex hybrid pages which have got text and video and images, nor sorts of other things like that. So bear in mind that page formats themselves as well as the different pages can. Very so. Here's a simple standard. Opt in page on. Do you concede that you put in your email address and you click? Get the book and you get your Sinan completed and you basically have completed the opt in. And that's great. So this is a very simple opt in page, and it's collecting email addresses. Now you can have a two stage or to step opt in page, and that basically has a button that says, Get your book now. But when you click on it, then you get the opt in box popping up on that is being has been shown, or they're not sure I can explain exactly why to actually create greater conversions than just putting your name in. I think it probably has something to do with the fact that you started a process. You clicked on something which has got a very low commitment issue, and then, because you've clicked on it, you sort of one of follow through and complete that process. So you've made the initial commitment and now you will step through. And that initial commitment was a very low step, a very easy step to take. Now you can actually have a three step option where basically you click on to get the book on instead of taking it adopted. You then get a little video, and that deepens the relationship, and you get a bit more interesting. Then when you click on the next button, which will be well below the video, which says, Get the book, then the email. But Pop pops up on because you've gone through and you watch the video and you felt a bit closer, you're more likely again to sign. So that's another variation on the opt in page. Now you can have landing pages of bleak squeeze pages on these air pages, where they tend to be a little bit more complex. That previously was really a box that pops up, but this is a whole page. But there's only one thing you can do on that page, and that is to complete the call to action. Now the court traction on a very long page may be repeated several times, but essentially you come to that page, and it's there to get basically you to do the one thing, which is the primary cause of action. Now you can have a squeeze page, which is very complex, which basically is there to collect your email address and nothing else. But so when you click on the get here, click here to get your free template. Then a a Knop Tim box would pop up and you'd have to sign into the opt in box, and then you will be directed to your free template. However, this might be a sales page, so it's a landing page, and it's the first Let's say, step in a sales process, which is altogether more complicated. So it's the starting point off a sales process. So it's called a landing page because it's where you land when you being brought in from all sorts of different sources of trafficking your land and then used. It's the start of the funnel, but remember, it only has one call to action. There's only one thing you can do on this page, and all the other distractions are taken away. You can take this to a step. Let further off further complexity and sophistication, which is basically a full blown sales page. Now here you'll see much more complex images, words, video. But they will also follow the copyrighting formula where they're going to be covering off all the different parts. And I'm not going to go into it now to get you to basically convert. So it's it's a sales pitch and it's in. However you lay it out, it could just be text. It could be text images. It could be takes, images and video. But basically it can. And this one shut here is actually relatively short form. Sometimes they can be, you know, pages and pages long, which scroll down and down and down with lots of lots of different components. But they're all trying to do one thing, which is the court of action, which is the anti cartridges to giving you to buy something on this page. You can see you've got an attention grabbing headline. You got a video, you got your first call to action. You've got some key benefits statements. You got some social proof and testimonials, and they had another court of action. You can see the offer has been to that. You know. And so you have a structure to this, and it's the classic sales structure. Now, once you start going into the sales process, you can have up sell pages and basically thes maybe a sales process where it may be a part of an opt in process. It really does matter. This is the whole point. These are component pages and an up sell pages where basically, you've taken one action on now they want to you to by something which is more expensive in a high commitment than the initial component. And they do this to what would have called one time offers ot owes on. The whole point is that if you don't take this offer now, when you leave the page, you won't be able to get the offer back, which is a form of scarcity, and sometimes or even countdown's on it, and you can see this offer will expire. After you leave this page, just click the add to cart button. So this is an up sell page, which is which is a good way off trying to get more money out of your customer when they already shown some commitment to you Now if they don't go for that, do you take them straight to there and check out? No, you don't. You give them a chance to buy something cheaper, which is a down sell page. So if the high priced odio doesn't convert, or even if it does, you can say, Wait a minute. Here's a limited. Often you give them another offer. And it said, often a lower price offer, which is why it's called a down South, and equally this expires when you leave the page the next page was talked about is the confirmation page, and this is really letting you know that you've done everything you need to do. Um, but you and this is really relating. Teoh email signings and collections, which is basically saying you that you need to confirm your email because what you want to avoid as a seller is people putting in Mickey Mouse at Disney dot com just to get whatever it ISS. You want that to know that it's a real email, so what you do is you send them an email to their email. It's on. They need to click on the link to confirm the email. Israel so This is actually quite an important page, and this is one of a me port Fields pages There you can have a thank you page and the thank you page basically thanks you for completing the process. And here's a very basic one of a straightforward. It basically confirms the process is completely, but don't confuse a confirmation page with a thank you page. Equally, you can make a thank you page a bit more sophisticated because here's a teacher. What example? You can have a just one more thing type page where basically, you're either selling them something, redirecting them to another page, giving them other court action. In this case, they're promoting a webinar. So a thank you page doesn't have to be a full stop. The thank you page can happy another court action. And now you can see how these pages, although they are essentially building blocks, they can become quite sophisticated as you use them in different ways and you put more content into them. So those are some off the key component pages in a funnel on. I'm hopefully communicating to you now that the idea that you've got these building blocks but the way you put them together can vary that detail and sophistication convey very so that when you start to think about how you're putting your funnels together, you also need to think very carefully about how you're going to compose the individual pages, as well as the overall funnel, psychology and process. 6. 15 Essential Components of an Internet Marketing Funnel: Hi, it's John Colley here today. I want to explain to you the 15 essential components often Internet business, marketing funnel. Now the first thing I'm gonna do, which may surprise you, is I'm actually going to do it bottom up, not top down. And there's a very good reason for this on that is that you must have a very clear objective for your funnel as your final goes down like that. The point that she wants to come to the end of your final needs to be the point at which you actually sell a particular product. So your whole funnel needs to be geared towards that. And the only way to do that and to make sure that it's gonna work like that is to design it upside down. So the first thing going to talk to talk about is the digital product or what product service that you happen to be selling in my case, it online courses. So you have to have a very clear and specific goal on Be very clear in your mind what you're going to sell, how much you're going to sell it on where you're going to sell it so you've got your your digital product or your product or service ready to go and it might be on you. To me, it might be on teachable or unthinking pick. It might be on, etc. Whatever it is, where of it is, it might be on Amazon. Wherever it is, you need to have it ready to go. Having done that, you then need to have some sort of hosting platform for your digital product. But I've talked about Amazon. Obviously talked about, you know, me think epic, etcetera. So your your product has to be accessible to somebody at some place on the Internet. If you're going tohave this digital download available or if you're gonna give them the ability to go and access that one step up from that, you need an action. Siri's. Now, let me explain what this is. We're talking e mails here. We're talking auto responders on this is the Siri's where once you've got your prospect into the off your channel and into your Siris of emails, you take them through a Siris of emails, which is designed to get them to take action at the end of it, and they actually want them to take is to buy your product. So this action Siri's, tends to be. In my case, it's 7 to 10 emails long. It has a particular structure, which I can't go into now. It's just too much to go into all at once. And I'm trying to keep this this video down to about 10 minutes, but it takes them through a particular process and culminates in trying to get them to buy your product. Now that's not the only Siri's off emails you need in your auto responder, because if they don't buy or if they've come into your list and they being there for a while, you need a nurture Siris on. This is what I call a list of emails, which go out maybe one a week, which just keep you presence of mind. And it can be. Maybe it's an update on something you've been doing, in which case you could send out a broadcast. Maybe it's reminding them over director them to pass content that you produced, which may be of interest to them, but just something just to keep on letting them know that you're around on in presence of mind because At some point in this nurture Siri's, you want to hook them with an opportunity to get into an action. Siri's So you have this steady line of nurture Siri's. And every night again there's a hook which allows them to go down the line often action Siri's. Now there's one more serious of emails you need to think about, and that's the welcome series. This is what you need. It's two or three, maybe four emails, which, if people come to a list for the first time and then you tag them, we'll talk about that in a minute. Then you give them the little introduction to yourself so they get to know you a little bit better. You encourage them to go enjoy your Facebook group or go and join you like your Facebook page or folio on Twitter, or follow you and linked in or whatever happens to be. So you establishing some sort of relationship with them and they know little bit more about you. And once you have them in the welcome Siri's, then you won't attack them is having bean in there, so you only show them the welcome Siri's once, how inevitably to do this toe Havel These email. Siri's You need an email list. Don't forget we're doing this upside down. So we're crawling up from the bottom of the funnel. So you've got your email serious, and above that sits your email list on this is one of the key things you need to spend a lot of time building. And I've been very laggard in building my email list and, um, putting a lot more effort into setting up automated systems, which enable Meted to gain email subscribers and basically give them a huge amount of value , keep them very happily and hopefully over time, seldom things. And the very fact you're watching this video means you are potentially one of my prospects . So I do hope you'll go and do this at some point. So you need an email list on in order to have an email list. Of course, you need an email service provider. Now let's talk about who these might be. Putting aside the really expensive ones, like infusion software. You really need to be very advanced, and I'm not. I use a Weber Mail chimp on. Recently, I've switched into active campaign, which I absolutely love, and I'm gradually moving everything towards actually active campaign. And the reason for that is that I found it very easy to set up these automated systems within it. A weather has brought in campaigns recently. I have to meet. I haven't gone into those. And mail chimp doesn't have, um, so if it does have them, it doesn't have them on the free account. So what? Whichever Whichever you choose, you do need to have some sort off email service provider, and I would strongly encourage you to go and have a look at active campaign because of its automation is capability. It's a really super product at a very reasonable price. No affiliate links here. Now, in order to get them to your email list on your email service provider, you need an opt in form, and this is the form. Once you've set up your list in the email provider, you have to go across and create a form that ties into that list. And once you set up that form, then with anything likely pages or whatever you can integrate, or you can simply take the code for that form and embedded on your site. but you create the form in your email service provider and then you integrate it or paste it into wherever which have a landing page or wherever the people going to come to. Which, of course, brings us to the landing page on the landing page or squeeze. Page is where people come and you persuade them that you've got something of interest to them that you are going to offer them in exchange for their email address. And this could be a PdF. It could be something really simple. What I'm doing with this video just to make the point is I'm gonna put this video into whist AEA, and I'm gonna have a gate on it. So halfway through, I'm going to ask you for your email address and offer you a pdf download in return for you watching the rest of this email. And I actually made this video specifically for that purpose. But it also illustrates wire and how onda technique for actually building your email is so . I hope you appreciate that. I'm giving us a double layer of discovery them so you have a landing page, which you can build, and I usually pages by the way, now a lead magnet is the temptation that you're offering them in return for their email address again. A Pdf une book. A guide, a checklist, Something relatively simple. I go as far sometimes offering them my audio book, which is a one and 3/4 hour audiobook, which is a pretty good lead magnet to get for nothing in return for just a email address. But you do need to have something to exchange for that email address. You can't just anymore se o subscribe now and get my emails. It's not good enough. You've actually got to give them something off value to them at that point in time in return and to get that email address now in order to have this form somewhere where people are going to find attractive. Of course, you can go to social media and send out direct links to these landing pages, but it's often better to have the form on a content page on your blawg, where the former's at the bottom. And it's part of a call to action to sign up in return for the pdf. So, for example, if I have an article on my blog's all about how to create Internet marketing finals at the bottom. I might have a form that says, Get the PdF showing you how to do this in return for your email address. And, of course, I might have this video embedded on that page as well to make it even more engaging. So you need tohave content in your in your ecosystem, and it could be video. It can be articles. It can be images, whatever it is that basically attracts people. So they engage with your content, and then they pick up the court action of pipe and then sign the form. So in order to do this and get people, you need to have traffic sources and channels. What do I mean by those where the channels are the places where your audience are going to find you? So the most obvious and most important of these is your own website on that could be your home page. It can be your about page. It can be any number of pages you set up, and of course, your blawg and then your blood contains all your content. But equally in social media, it can be things like Facebook Twitter linked in Google, plus in instagram, YouTube, all these different places where you you can create content on where people come and find your content. And, of course, Google is just a search engine, which drives people to those. But you do need to make sure, as far as possible, that you get your search engine optimization both on page and off page right in autumn, it to make sure that traffic finds you and goes to your the into your channel in order to find your content in order to get traffic to your content, you actually have to go out there. Andi create campaigns in social media that drive traffic to your content, so I use things like whose sweet on math social to schedule posts that go out on a regular basis, which have basically got links to my content. And I organized them according to their topic or the area, or which social media campaign on it can get quite complicated. But you do need to put content out there in the social media ecosystem that people confined that have links in them. That will then link back to the content which is relevant to the tweet or the Facebook post you've made on, therefore attract people. Now, of course, this can get very complicated. That's not a linear thing. You can put a post up on Facebook and it can go straight to a landing page. It doesn't have to go through your content. In a sense, the post on Facebook becomes the content element itself. So there are different ways off drawing this. But I'm just trying to give you the essential elements. The ways in which they connect up can get quite complicated. In order to get traffic to find you, you need to grow your traffic itself. So you need traffic growth strategies. So what does this mean? Well, this means you need to grow the number of people following you on whichever platform it happens to be Twitter. Facebook linked him Google, plus whatever it happens to me, if I give you an example, I actively go into my Twitter accounts and I follow new people on I unfollowed people who haven't followed me on. I make a real effort. Teoh interact in those accounts and therefore to be by being active to get more people to follow me and at the moment, about 18,000 people following me and my best Twitter accounts, and that's growing by about 1000 a month in Facebook. You need to be actively engaging and posting engaging content on your Facebook page on your profile, even creating a Facebook group where you're building a tribe of people who you are leading and providing great value and great content to. But unless you are actively trying to develop your followings and your followers on your your audience in social media, then when you post something up there, unless you've done that, there'll be nobody there to actually see it or to hear what you have to say. Finally, Number 15 Audience Avatar You need to know who your audience is on. The word avatar means profile in the sense, so you need to be very clear who it is is going to buy from you and who it is. You are going to help and add value to, and once you understand who that person is, you will then understand where to find them. In social media, you'll understand their wants and their needs. You'll be able to communicate to them how you can help them, how you can share things with them, how you can help them to develop their business or whatever it is you're trying to do. But you need to be very clear about where you are and who they are. So if you take those 15 points and you turn them upside down and at the top, you have the avatar in at the bottom. You have the digital product, then you have an essentially the essential components, often Internet business marketing funnel. I hope you found that helpful. It is very, very basic. As things go, I could spend hours talking about this, but I just wanted to set you up with a framework that I help will clear in your mind some of the issues and help you with your Internet business when it comes to designing your Internet business. Marketing funnel 7. Getting Started Webinar Essentials: the Webinar marketing funnel blueprint Getting started. To start, we need to get some fundamental building blocks in place. The date and time of your webinar. You need to set a date and time for your weapon are. Think carefully about where your audience is and how you are going to attract them. The time zone and time of day is critical. I focus on Eastern time in the US, although, as I am in the UK, I tend to go for a lunch time slot. 12 noon, which is five PM My time you'll need to schedule your weapon are at least two weeks into the future so that you have time to get everything set up and tested, as well as a period before the weapon are for your marketing phase. Live or recorded, you can pre record your webinar on, deliver it as a video, or you can make your webinar a live event. In this training I'm working on the assumption that you are going to deliver your weapon are live, although I do touch on some of the issues relating to Evergreen I e. Recorded webinars as we go through. If you choose to deliver a recorded webinar. You will need to have recorded and uploaded your webinar to a hosting platform before you get started. Webinar title. Your webinar title is critical to get the attention of your audience, you also need to have a clear subtitle also called a hook which communicates clearly the main benefit off the teaching you are going to share in your webinar. One of my webinars is entitled Leeds who pay to get on your list. Forget paid ads. Exclamation mark The hook is discover the untapped traffic source, which is better than a self liquidating offer. I also have a webinar entitled Three steps to five figures with online courses how you can earn your 1st $10,000 Even if you don't have a list, you will see both of these webinars references. We go through the training. It will not surprise you that I use the same webinar marketing framework for both webinar image. Next, you need to create an image card for your webinar as this is going to be an essential piece of marketing collateral. I do this in keynote. You can of course, also use a tool like camber to create very stylish images. Or you could go to Fiverr and commission some images from designers there. You will also need variations off this different sizes and some with play buttons and calls to action. But we can create these from the master template, as on when we need to create your image and exported as a J pick or PNG file so that you will have it ready when you need it. For analytics, I will be using for analytics to create the diagram off the marketing funnel as we go through the training. This is an excellent online app for drawing the complex schematics for funnels. The three version is perfect for what we need. There is a paid version, which I don't use presently, which has advanced tracking functionality built in. I recommend that you sign up for a free account at for analytics so that you can build your funnel ecosystem and keep a note of what attach is toe what you confined for analytics at ap dot family itics dot io. As I build out the funnel, I will be sharing screenshots of my funnel itics diagram as we go Webinar platform. Now you need to make a decision about the technology you are going to use to deliver your weapon are none of these platforms are free, Although you can occasionally get some free introductory offers. The platforms to consider include Go to Webinar, Easy Webinar, Webinar Ninja Zoom, Click Funnels or H Q. Webinar. I use HQ Webinar because I managed to purchase a great app sumo deal on the platform and they launched. But you need to make your own mind up. The steps and stages that I am going to be taking you through will be very similar for all of these, as the key steps of the webinar process are independent off which platform you choose to use. Most Webinar platforms provide excellent tutorial videos, FAA cues and support, so you should not be worried about getting to grips with the technology involved. I am deliberately not including tutorials for these platforms for two reasons. Firstly, I don't use them on, therefore, would have just a steep learning curve is you to try to teach them Andi. They already have tutorials. Secondly, these platforms are evolving all the time, and my tutorials would soon be out of date 8. The Essential Components of a High Converting Webinar : before moving on with Webinar Faneuil Blueprint We need to briefly revisit your weapon are to make sure that you have constructed it using a framework which includes the essential elements of a successful high converting webinar. It is not just a simple presentation. There are six key steps to a well constructed women are and some key slides which you must include. I'm going to summarize these briefly to provide you with the checklist for your own presentation. Step one, the pre webinar welcome. Your weapon are starts before the webinar itself. You must get onto the platform and make sure that you are there. Toe Welcome your audience as they sign on. You need to reaffirm that they are in the right place, that they can hear you and you should encourage them to share details of the webinar with their social channels. It can't hurt to grow your audience even at this stage. So check welcome your attendees confirm audio and video quality and levels request social shares with their community. Step two. Introduction start on time. Introduce your webinar and it's topic set up the problem who you are and what you are going to talk about. This is also the time when you should encourage your audience to close down any other distractions, closed the door and put out the Do not disturb sign. Then you should explain the outline of what is to come and your agenda for the core. Make sure that you also include a reason for them to stay right until the end on unannounced. Bonus. So you must include a title slide, a compelling title and hook what to expect an agenda and an unannounced bonus. So check you have a strong introduction framing your webinar. You explain who you are. You tell them what the webinar is all about. You give them a reason to stay until the end and make sure they have their do not disturb. Sign out. And, of course, you clearly explain the webinar agenda. Step three. Your struggle. Before you dive into the teaching content, you must establish and confirm yourself as an expert in the eyes of your audience. You do this by telling your personal story about how you have struggled with the issue and overcome the challenges to become successful. Provide proof and testimonials, if you can, that underwrite the veracity of your expertise. It is also important to reach your audience on an emotional level as well. You must include proof of your expertise. So check in this section that you've covered credibility, social proof and testimonials. You've explained your struggle, including the principal pain points. And you've explained also your solution how you triumphed over adversity. Step four core teaching content Your audience have come to learn from you, so make sure that you provide some top quality content for them to take away. This must be relevant to the product or service that you will be pitching later, both to your content with market data Case studies if you have them more proof and provide them with clear and actionable advice. Remember, though the key attributes here is to teach them the what and not the how. So you must include immediate an actionable learning content, so check that you have clear and distinct lessons. This incorporates market data case studies that you focus on the what and you make it immediately actionable. Step five the pitch and close. This is the really tricky part of the webinar. Get it right and you will make sales. Get it wrong, and everyone will leave quickly. You need to transition from the teaching to the pitch with a Segway. Have I delivered on my promise to you? You need to point out that you can only get them so far in a time limited webinar, and that there is still a major problem out there that they need to solve. It is important to remind them that they still have a problem. You can then explain that you do have a solution for them. It's the product you're about to pitch them. Explain what is in the product in detail and its key benefits. Provide testimonials. Guarantees Onda clear breakdown on the product's price. The bonuses you are including and they're great value. Give them a clear reason toe act now scarcity and even include a fast action bonus, maybe for the 1st 10 people to sign up. Remember to include multiple calls to action. If you don't ask for the sale and tell them exactly what to do to purchase, you won't make any sales, so you must include a Segway. Have I delivered on my promise a close a guarantee scarcity, a reason to act now calls to action and a reminder off your guarantee a risk reversal. Check that you introduce a new problem that you also introduce your product, which is the solution. Provide details off the contents off the product and its benefits include testimonials, a clear guarantee, a price stack and break down off the price calls to action, which send them to the check out page scarcity and fast action bonuses. Step six. Taking your Leave When your webinar is finished, you must stay and be prepared to answer questions. Make sure that you have an end slide with the court action on it, which can stay up on the screen. The more you talk to your audience and deal with their questions and issues, the more sales you will make as they decide to get off the fence and purchase from you. When all questions have dealt with, leave them with some final thoughts about how amazing they are and how successful they will be and then take your leave so you must include a question and answer session. You must have a clear final end slide with a court action on it, so check you've got your questions and answers programmed in and you're ready to go 9. Product Selection Setting Up Links and Affiliate Accounts: product selection, setting up links and affiliate accounts. The next key decision is the selection of the product you want to sell on the back end of your webinar. Choose this in conjunction with the title and topic of your webinar. The strategy is to teach the topic on your webinar on. Then at the end, let them know that you can only take them so far on a time limited class. But they can learn so much mawr by joining you on buying your product. So the product must be a logical extension on up cell, if you like off your weapon. Our topic the product I'm selling at the end of my webinar is a high end course about creating online courses. This is hosted on the online courses platform. Think if IQ before I get started, I need to set up the links and affiliate links for my product hosted in think ethic. Each webinar campaign needs at least one unique affiliate code for the link to the check out page so that if you have a joint venture partner for your webinar hint, you bring the webinar they bring the traffic, they're leads can be identified which will enable you to pay your affiliate at the end of the process. If you have more than one affiliate, then each one will need to be given their own unique link. If you are also working with a referral partner, who is someone who helps you to find joint venture partners? The affiliate codes will have to be unique for each referral stroke joint venture partner combination, and you will need to keep a careful record of the revenue split. You have agreed with each of them. This needs to be done before you start to promote your weapon. Are with think if IQ the financial settlement is done manually in paper, how you can make up email log ins and passwords for each one. They don't have to be really emails. I think whatever systems you're using remember that you should only make any pouts to your partners after the expiry of the guarantee period. Whatever you offer in your webinar, I offer a 30 day money back guarantee, so this period has to have elapsed before I make any payments. The code also has to include the coupon code to deliver the promised discount in the webinar, and this code has to be used in the webinar Buy buttons and links and also in the webinar replay if you have one. A point of note is when you add both a coupon andan affiliate link. The first is preceded by a question mark on the second is preceded by an an sign or ampersand. It's important to get this right. Also, make sure that your link goes to a check out page and not a landing page. The landing page adds an extra step to the buying process, which will always result in less sales. And you don't want to distract your hot prospects with all the content on the landing page if they have already decided to make a purchase. 10. Setting Up Your Email Platform Lecture: setting up your email platform, you will need to set up a series of automated emails using your email platform, so you need to decide which one you are going to use again. I'm not advocating any particular platform. I use a Weber Mail chimp on active campaign. You might also use Infusion soft for this campaign. I'm going to use my active campaign account on using the A P I from active campaign. You need to connect your webinar platform to your email account, which will enable you to work with the two in combination. As we shall see in your email account. You now need to set up a specific list for this webinar campaign Onda form so that you have an opt in form already set up if you choose to use it as you will see, you can also set up the optimize directly from the Webinar platform, which has the advantage of creating individually unique links for each registrant, which will give you much better tracking information during and after the webinar. When you are setting up your opt in form inside your email provider, pay attention to the confirmation page option. Once you have set up your opt in confirmation page, which we will do shortly. You will need to come back and make sure that your opt in form is set up to redirect your registrant to the confirmation page once they have opted in. 11. The Essential Pages You Will Need To Create Lecture: the essential pages you will need to create. We will shortly be starting out to create the framework for our webinar campaign. This will need you to set up some pages either in your blawg in a special niche WordPress site. Or you can do what I do and use Lee pages to make it as easy as possible. You can find out more about Lee Pages at www dot lead pages dot net. This is not an affiliate link. You are going to need to set up the following pages A webinar registration page where leads go to sign up for your webinar a webinar registration confirmation oblique. Thank you Page which confirms to them that their registration has been successful. A webinar delivery page. This will be within your webinar platform when you go live. But if you are delivering a recorded webinar, you will need a separate page set up. To do this on a webinar replay page, you will have to decide whether you are goingto offer every play or not. Whether you choose to or not. You certainly don't talk about it before your webinar. If you do offer a replay, you will need a page for this too 12. How To Create Your Webinar Registration Page: how to create your webinar registration page. I have created my registration page in lead pages. I have taken screenshots of the page so that I can discuss its main elements with you. Title and hook at the top, make the title and hook off the Web. Now very prominent. I have also explained that this is free online training. Talk about training. Don't talk about Webinars. The next section contains a brief video, which will help to engage the prospect who is considering signing up by demonstrating that I can offer some excellent free training here. I'm getting the viewer excited about what they might find in the upcoming training, and this should make them more likely to sign up a clear call to action. Reserve my seat. This can lead to a pop up window, which is connected directly to the email list you set up in your email account a little earlier, or you can have an external you Earl, which goes to the Webinar platform registration page. Or you can embed the HTML code from the Webinar platform, opt in so that the prospect does not have to leave the page. The fewer clicks and steps the better. I have included an image of the pop up so that you can see what that looks like. Date and time and time zones make clear the date and time of your webinar. I also show the range off U. S. Time zones to avoid any ambiguity In my emails, I will also show registrants how they can get oh to a time zone checker to double check the time of the webinar in their local time zone. I use a calendar image which you can insert from Lee pages. Or you can make a simple image in keynote, create a J peg orbit and insert It is a picture course image below this on the page. I've included the course image that we created at the beginning toe. Add visual appeal to the page and to reinforce the message benefit Bullet points. Next, some bullet points to reinforce the message of the benefits of the webinar. Remember that Benefit cell do not describe the features of the webinar or give away too much before they actually turn up. Second, opt in. There is a second opt in opportunity below the benefits with a clear explanation off what to expect once they have opted in. As I'm using code from h. Q. Webinar, this defaults to providing a link to the confirmation page. I am working on making this automatic, but have not ironed out that particular crease just yet. Urgency Countdown clock. The countdown clock adds a sense of urgency and always helps to increase opt ins. This is also part of the lead pages functionality, which is another reason I usually pages. It just makes things easier when there is so much to do. Short bio. Finally, I provide a short bio profile off myself so that people who do not know me can have a chance in just a few lines to get a clearer idea of who I am. Copyright and privacy policy. Make sure that you have your copyright notice and a link to your privacy policy at the bottom of the page. I don't want to be sidetracked by this, but you need to make sure that you are compliant with U. S and European regulations. At the very least, if you meet these two standards, it's likely that you will be compliant elsewhere. But please do not take my word for it and do your own homework on this. I am not giving you legal advice Tracking. If you have a Facebook pixel or you use Google analytics, make sure that you put the code in the page header so that you can track and measure the traffic that comes to the page. Lead pages makes this very easy and have a section to put it in. The page tracking section is accessed from the fourth icon down on the left hand side menu . Finally, make sure that you have saved all your changes on Have a note of the link to the page as you are going to need it. 13. Funnel Diagram Part 1 and 2: as well as showing you how to build your weapon. Our final. I want to show you step by step how the funnel actually comes together on this is the first lecture in that Siri's, which is going to run in parallel with the rest of the course. So in this part, I'm going to show you step by step, how the funnel is put together and comes together. Now the tool I'm using for this is called Family Itics. There's a free version which you can use, and it's located here. It's a funnel itics dot io are put a link in the resources if I can. On the first thing we have done in Step one is to create the Webinar registration page in lead pages, and you can see it here on. Although this looks very plain, you're going to see the funnel build up step by step. And then secondly, what we're going to do now is we're gonna add the webinar registration confirmation page to this as the next step off, creating our webinar marketing funnel. So that's the first steps in the funnel diagram on. You'll see the funnel diagram build up as we go through the course 14. How to Create Your Webinar Registration Confirmation Page: how to create your weapon. Our registration confirmation page. When your registrants sign up, you need to confirm to them that their registration has been successful. There are two ways to do this by redirecting them to a registration confirmation page. Andi, by sending them a confirmation email, we will discuss the email later. The registration confirmation page I have created is also in lead pages. The Webinar confirmation page is shown in this lecture so that you can see what I have included on the page confirmation right at the top of the page. I make it very clear that they are confirmed for the webinar, the image and the title of the webinar reproduced to keep a consistency of message from the registration page. Webinar details and teaching video the weapon are Details are repeated for clarification, time and date, but I also provide another opportunity for them. Tow. Watch my video. The more content they consume from me before the webinar, the more likely they are to buy. This is not only because they will become more engaged with me, but because of reciprocity. I am giving them great content for free on this will build a feeling inside them that somehow they owe me something back. For all the knowledge I am sharing with them. Bonus Workbook. The bonus workbook is an extra that I used to develop engagement with the webinar registrant ahead of the webinar. This helps viewers during the webinar to follow the teaching lessons and make notes. This engagement also helps them to understand what is being explained on makes the webinar a much more interactive experience. There will be further opportunities for them to download the e book in the email auto responders sequence, which I will walk you through in due course, I will provide a link to enable you to download the webinar bonus e book for yourselves with this lecture. This shows the webinar bonus e book and shows the viewer how they can click on the link and download the book. You don't need an opt in for this pages. They are already on your list, having opted in to the webinar 15. Funnel Diagram Part 3 : Let's take another look at our funnel diagram and get an update on how that's developing. So far, we created our WEBINAR registration confirmation page, which we can now add to the funnel diagram to continue the development of our funnel. And you can see that we have registration pages from both Lee pages and from our Webinar platform in this case HQ webinar on. When people register on those pages, they are now taken to the WEBINAR registration confirmation page, which we've just created in the previous lecture. So you can see how this funnel is going to start to develop and start to build up step by step. So that's the part three of the funnel diagram. We've added the registration confirmation page to our funnel, and now we will carry on to develop the funnel 16. How to Set Up Your Webinar : how to set up your webinar. The next step in the process is to set up your webinar on your webinar hosting platform. While I won't give you a guided tour of HQ weapon, I will take you to the steps that you need to cover when setting up your webinar and use the HQ Webinar platform as my template for this. If you are using a different platform, then you will need to follow these steps on your own platform, which may differ in detail from what I'm about to show you creating a new webinar When starting off, you need to decide whether you are going to be holding a live or evergreen that is recorded webinar. In this case, I was select live webinar title time and date. Now you need to import your webinar details. Title time zone Webinar picture, which is optional. Women are tanks and select the time and date from the calendar in HQ Webinar. The webinar image needs to be square. When you complete this, you are taken to the main webinar set up menu where you have seven menu selections toe work through Webinar details co hosts email, funnel registrations, tracking registrants on registration page Builder. If you go to the weapon, our home page, you will find a pre configured WEBINAR registration page, which, while not as sophisticated as our lead pages version this provides all the key information on is integrated into the webinar platform. This is a page option you can use if you choose not to create your own webinar details. On this page. You can edit the webinar name and you have the registration page links shown again. Keep a note of this link as you may need it further down the line. You can amend or upload a webinar picture, but it needs to be a square image. As I mentioned above, if you want to add to or include some webinar tags, there was a field for that. I want tohave chat on so that attendees can reach out with questions during and after the webinar. The Q and A session is one of the most fruitful parts off a webinar, and you need chat to be on. To make this possible. You can total chat on or off and set where the chat for your attendees is public or private . I keep this to public so that all attendees can see each other's questions. If you want to redirect the attendees to a page after the weather now, you can specify it here. I have set it up to redirect to my lead pages registration Confirmation Page co hosts. I would advise that you work with a co host so that they can manage the tech and questions . Once you are able to focus on delivering the webinar to register them, you simply need to send them an email invite. When they log in, they will have co host rights E mail funnel. This is where you can set up notification emails, which are automatically sent your registrants to remind them to attend the webinar. This can also be set up in your email auto responders sequence in your email account. The sequence sends an instant confirmation, which you definitely want to get sent to your registrants. In addition to the registration confirmation page, we have already discussed it will then send attendance reminders 24 hours before one hour before and 50 minutes before the webinar is due to start. The platform also sends unique links with HQ weapon. Are I found that the wording off the pre populated emails waas arcane and I prefer to alter the emails to tailor it to my webinar and style. If you do this, make sure that you alter what is there and do not copy and paste in new text as you lose the Java script formatting for the registrants name and they unique link in the HQ Webinar emails there a short code entries which you can use to customize the email. These are almost certainly available on other platforms to if you use short codes, make sure that you get these absolutely right with brackets and underscores or your email customization will not work. This is what the confirmation email looks like when it arrives in your registrants in box within our delivery page. If you are delivering a live webinar, then you and your registrants will automatically be taken to your webinar platform webinar delivery page. At this point in time, it is not live. If you are offering a recorded webinar, you will need to upload your recording and then create a page to make it available. An example of one of my recorded Webinar pages is here in HQ Webinar, you need to make sure that your computer and browser are correctly configured for the webinar. This means that you need to allow access to your video camera and microphone onto the screen sharing app, which is available in the chrome App store. This also means that when you're running your webinar, you need to log into HQ webinar from chrome and not from another browser. When you go live, you will need to ensure that you start the webinar recording button on that you switch to your presentation when you're ready to start the webinar. Make sure that you have a print out of your webinar script in front of you in hard copy, as well as having it loaded onto a second computer or laptop if you have one so that you can work the presentation from there and turn the pages over on the main presentation. This is where an assistant could come in very useful registrations. On this page, you have a number of options to consider, including manually adding registrants, app integration Thank you Page, which is optional. Get in embed code at a video link and social ing's. Let's consider these wanted time manually adding registrants. If you want to add a registrant to the webinar yourself, you can do it here at integration. This is where you can connect your registrants your email account. This needs to be pre connected, using the email account a p I on. Then all you have to do is select the email account on the list that you have connected earlier. Thank you Page. This is where you can set up a link to your own registration confirmation oblique. Thank you Page. In my case, I have connected it to the lead pages page we created earlier. Get embed code. If you want to use your own registration page, use this snippet of HTML to create an opt in form on the landing page. This is easy to do in both WordPress and Lee pages. It's not quite as pretty as using the lead pages pop up boxes, but you are capturing the details in the webinar platform itself, so I think that it is a worthwhile compromise. Add videoing. If you want to add a video to your webinar page, upload the video to YouTube and then simply put the YouTube Buehrle width and height into the fields available. When you're webinar pages open, the video will appear on the page. Social Wings. If you want to add your social links, you can these air set up for Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. 17. Webinar Delivery How to Record or Deliver Your Webinar: webinar delivery. How to record will deliver your webinar when you are ready to deliver your weapon are click on the join room so that you enter the presentation room. Firstly, click the start Webinar button, which enables the camera and mic. Then click the start recording button which will start the recording of your webinar. When you end the webinar the recording will stop on will be saved in the HQ Webinar system . Once the recording has been processed, you can replay it, downloaded your computer or deleted tracking. If you have any tracking code or pixels that you want to add, you can do it in this section. You can add tracking code to the registration page. Header the thank you page header on the webinar room header Registrants, This is where you can see how maney registrants you have your weapon are and who they are. You can see their names and email addresses payment status if they have paid for the webinar and their unique links. Registration page builder. If you want to customize your registration page, this is where you can do it as we are using leave pages. I have not gone into this option 18. Funnel Diagram Parts 4 and 5: Let's continue our development off our funnel diagram on. Now we're going to look at parts for and five. We've set up our webinar now in HQ Webinar, and we also have an email sequence being generated by the platform as and when somebody registered. So here you can see that the registration now leads to a confirmation page on. Then it leads to a series of confirmation emails, which is great. We have also set up our presentation room where we're actually going to deliver the weapon are. And as you can see, this fits nicely into the diagram. Andi, it works with the e mails on the confirmation page. So that completes parts four and five off the funnel diagram. And we're going to continue now to build out our marketing campaign and our webinar funnel 19. Webinar Marketing Timetable: Webinar marketing timetable. We need to decide the timetable for the weapon. Our campaign, broadly speaking webinars, should be marketed, delivered and closed within a relatively short period of time. I like to work with seven day cycle, but you could make it a shorter's three days or go out to two weeks for our purposes. Here. I'm gonna work with my seven day campaign cycle. This splits down as follows. Days. 123 It might be Monday Tuesday Wednesday. WEBINAR Marketing and Registration Day four Thursday. WEBINAR Reminders and Webinar Delivery, Day five and six. Friday and Saturday. Webinar replay optional Andi reminders to buy Day seven Sunday cart close As we are running our live Webinar on a Wednesday, we start our marketing cycle on the Sunday and close the cart on a Saturday. Once you have this framework in your mind, it becomes a much clearer campaign cycle toe. Organize and manage 20. Webinar Marketing and Registration: webinar marketing and registration. In the 1st 3 days of your campaign, you need to tell your prospects about your webinar, and you do this by sending them emails, inviting them to register for your webinar. If you're working with the joint venture partner, they will be emailing their list. I would recommend that you focus on one source of leads for each campaign so that you know who they belong to. This means that if you want to run a webinar for your list, do it separately to that of your joint venture partner. If you decide to do them together, then make sure that you have separate webinar registration pages so that you can put the leads on different lists and know who the leads belong to. This will be important when it comes to allocating affiliate income. If you keep the campaign focused on a single set of leads, then you can capture the affiliate details through the sign up you Earl and Code when you send your lead to the check out page to buy your product, this was explained when we were getting set up at the beginning. Take a look at the course links section 21. Types of Prospects: types of prospects. It's worth taking a couple of minutes out of our flow to discuss the different categorization of prospects as we go through the campaign. This is important because it can affect the messaging and we will be referring to these categories going forward prospects. The people to whom we are going to market the webinar registrants, the people who sign up for the webinar attendees. Those registrants who actually attend the live event, which is likely to be between 30% and 50% of registrants. Non registrants. Those on the original list who don't opt in for the webinar non attendees. Those who register but failed to turn up buyers. Those who, at whatever stage, make a purchase off the product or service being sold in the webinar prospects and non registrants are only accessible on the original email list. Once people register for the webinar, they are in the system and on your email list. This means that you can market to registrants, attendees, non attendees and if you want to do up, sells the buyers group as well 22. JV Partner Email Sequence: JV partner Emails sequence When briefing your joint venture partner, it is helpful to share on outline off the marketing campaign you expect them to deliver. This could be summarized as timetable. The seven day Expert Equation webinar program will run from date and close at midnight PST on time and date. E mail sequences to be sent to entire list Registration Day one registration email one day two Registration email to Day three Registration. Email. Three. Reminder to entire list Day four Reminder Emails 12 and three optional replay examples provided below Day five Replay email one reminded to by email one day six Replay email to reminder to by email to Can't closing. Example. Provided below day seven. Car closing emails 12 and three There are three registration emails. Your journey venture partner is going to send these go out to their entire list. Don't forget that once people register, you can take over the indoctrination and manage the reminder sequences. The partners job is to keep trying to entice non registering members to sign up from their list. I have provided some example emails to help you with your campaign. These are purely illustrative 23. Funnel Diagram Part 6: Now we can take a look at the funnel diagram, Part six. So let's update the funnel diagram again on See how it is evolving because it's now beginning to take shape. And at this point, I'm gonna add the joint venture partner email sequence to the diagram. But I'm only adding the first of the three sequences. So here you can see the JV partner registration. E mails have Bean added, and they faded, feeding naturally enough to the registration page. Now I'm gonna add the other ones. The reminder and the car close emails later on, because that will keep the logical sequence off. The funnel development going and to bring them in here will throw that sequence out off step so you can see you've got the joint venture partner registration emails now coming on being added to the webinar funnel diagram so you can see it building up. So that's the latest development of our final diagram. I hope you're beginning to understand how it comes together by combining the that diagram along with the lectures, explaining exactly what's going in where 24. Email Marketing Sequence Your List: email marketing sequence Your list If you are marketing to your list, all you have to do is to set up these emails in your email account, either as one off broadcast emails or as an auto responder sequence. You will also be sending out three emails, but you do not want to send the second and third emails to people who sign up for the webinar. You conduce this by using tags in your auto responder sequence, which are added. If the person clicks on the registration link or, to make it more accurate appears in the webinar list. The automation looks like this. The emails could be found in the file attached to this lecture. The email images are registration. Email. One registration email to on registration. Email. Three 25. Funnel Diagram Part 7: welcome to part seven off our funnel diagram. Now we can develop the diagram even further on we're gonna add the active campaign automation, which contains the emails that you're going to send out to your list on that looks like this so you can see they are here on the left. So you are now sending emails out to your list which are encouraging people encouraging people on your list to register for the webinar on. You're therefore sending them to the webinar registration page in the pages and you can see that they've been added to the diagram here. So, as you can see, step by step. Although it's quite complicated and there's a lot of detail, I hope you're beginning your able to follow how this whole funnel is built up on That is why, because of all this detail, it's gonna be a particularly effective funnel. So that's the part seven off the funnel diagram. We're adding your e mails that you're sending out as part of an auto responder to your own list to get people to sign up to your email so help you find that helpful. Andi, I'll see very shortly 26. Registration and Indoctrination Email Sequence: registration and indoctrination email sequence. Let's take a look now at what happens when a prospect registers for your webinar. As we have seen, they could either register through your email form, which pops up in a box on your lead pages form. Or if you have embedded your HTML link from H Q. Webinar. Then they would sign up in that form and then because you have connected HQ webinar too active campaign through the app integration, which we explained earlier. These registrants still make it across your email list where you can start to premarket your webinar in the days immediately before the webinar. You have an opportunity to engage and indoctrinate your registrants, which will make them more receptive to your message when you get them on the webinar. It will also help to increase the numbers to actually turn up and attend your webinar. I have four emails set up in this automation sequence, which I call my webinar funnel. The first email is an immediate confirmation email. If you have set up HQ weapon, are to send an immediate confirmation email out. You can still send this, but did lay it by a few hours the second email, which I call an indoctrination Email, continues the marketing message, but his main purpose is to deliver another link to the E book, and it's link and to encourage them to download and print out the e book ready for the Webinar. Getting engagement like this is going to make them more likely to attend the Webinar on more engaged with you when you deliver your presentation in the next two emails, I deliver links to additional free training in the form off two videos, the's demonstrate riel value and give the registrant a taste of what is to come. I have kept them both short so that they can be quickly consumed. Note at this point that there is no selling being done whatsoever. It is all about giving value on positioning yourself as an expert that they respect the tube. Videos are provided with this course and follow this lecture. I have also encouraged them to share the details of the webinar with their friends and community. A little viral marketing never hurt anyone. Thes e mails can also remind the registrants of the link and time and date of the webinar 27. Advanced Training for Online Courses Masterclass Indoctrination Video: Hello, everybody. John Colley here. And first of all, thank you very much for registering for the upcoming masterclass. And I'm really looking forward to spending the time on the forthcoming webinar with you. I just wanted to take a little bit of time to tell you what we will be going over to prepare you for what we will be covering in the master class. Firstly, this training is radically different to anything you've seen before because it's designed to be a condensed masterclass in its own right. My goal is for you to have a very clear framework for building your online courses business from planning all the way through to being able to sell your courses on multiple platforms across the Internet. I just wanted to walk you through what? We're going to go over a pre fame, if you like on the masterclass. The first thing I want to go over is the biggest single obstacle that every new online course instructor has to overcome. Given that there are now over 2 20,000 instructors and over 60,000 courses on you. To me alone, this should not be a big deal, but I'm still astonished at how often this comes up is a problem. To date, I've created over 40 online courses, but my first course took me over six months, and I don't want you to have to struggle like that. As I may already have mentioned, I built my online courses business to five figures and expected to go to six figures next year. But I do not have a large organization. In fact, it's just me, my I Mac, a Web cam and a microphone. Sure, I have some business experience, but I will be sharing with you how to find the best course is to suit your specific experience and expertise. Now, this is not going to be some corporate jargon filled training full of theory, but riel hands on step by step training Based on my personal experience, the rial secret here is finding out how to match your skills to the real world riel time demand for courses on, then how to create courses which are better than the best selling courses out there. Now, this is not easy or quick. It is a marathon, not a sprint. And if you are simply looking for the next get rich quick idea. This is not it. You have to realize that you need frameworks and strategies to make sure that you do not waste time and effort creating courses No one wants to buy or making your courses much longer than they need to be. Lots of other instructors will show you how to create and publish, of course, but not give you the whole picture. They won't make sure that your course planning is thorough on Dwell allow you to start producing your course too quickly. They're not always straightforward about the returns and how you have tow work to sell your courses. Often they try to persuade you to stick with one platform or marketplace and don't give you a complete strategy for promotion and sales. The real difference is that I want to share with you not how to create an online course, but how to create an online business based on online courses. I am sure that you will find my approach much easier to understand. It's completely joined up and sustainable in the long term. We have all heard the saying Give a man a fish, feed him for a day, teach a man to fish feed him for life. That is the approach I want to share with you. The way I'm going to show you in this training is empowering. It is all about giving you the tools and frameworks to set you on the road to creating your digital business, as well as removing the biggest obstacle which I know is preventing you from getting started. I'm going to share my online courses framework, Mike, packages strategy, the importance of pricing pyramids, the step by step pathway you will create to turn your prospects into committed and evangelical students. Finally, I will share with you the entire strategy you need to maximize the profitability of your course portfolio. So if you are struggling to get started with your online courses business, you are going to love this training. Now, the reality is that all the course platforms and marketplaces don't care about you. And I know that you're not interested in this training because you're fascinated with me. You are watching this because you want the results this training can help you to achieve. So we're going to be covering a lot on. I wanted you to understand the frameworks we're going to be going over to make sure that this is a match for what you are looking for. Because I know your time is really, really valuable. So if this sounds good to you, then make sure that you attend the webinar. You are already registered for it. Make sure that you turn up early to secure your seat. I will be sending you several reminders to make sure you don't miss out on this master class. Be ready to take some detailed notes and I'm looking forward to sharing this training with you. It's going to be really helpful. Thank you for your time. And I look forward to seeing you in the webinar very soon. 28. Indoctrination Video 2 The Truth About Online Courses : Hi, everybody. It's John Colley here. Thank you so much for registering for my online courses. Masterclass on. Hopefully this video is reaching you before we do this online courses training. Ever since, people have been registering for the masterclass which is being very heavily subscribed. By the way, I have been hearing from many of you saying congratulations on building a five figure online courses business just from your home office. How did you do it? There is this belief that online courses are hard to sell and it's much easier to just let you'd me do all the selling for you which is only true up to a point. And I am going to be showing you in the webinar what that point is and where you should draw the line. The truth is that if you position your courses correctly, they will almost sell themselves. Now let me explain. There are essentially three levels of desire, ability and I want to explain these to you at the top off the pyramid. The most desirable is the done for you solution where you basically take all the pressure off the student and you do it all for them were. Obviously, that's not practical. It's certainly not scalable. And if you are going to do that, you need you be charging very, very large amounts of money at the bottom. There's the do it yourself approach, which is basically saying, Here's the book. You get on with it on Do you pay me some money? And that's all there is to it, which is obviously the least attractive solution. But in the middle in that really nice sweet spot is the Do it with me, where you're actually sharing the experience and helping the students step by step. Now, if you create your online course in the right way, you can create engagement and interaction on that will position your course in the Do it with me space, of course, if you want to, you can also include Facebook groups and group coaching and calls, but these should be brought into your premium product so that your pricing the access to you at a much higher level. Of course, you can use courses to share your advice on when students see you in the videos, they will relate to you, and they feel that you're really there with them. and you're helping them step by step. So when you create online courses, you are touching on the more desirable area the do it with me space. This is so much easier than just sending them in e book and saying, Hey, there you are. Do yourself. It's so much more attractive to your students if you tell them that you will be working with them in the course, which is exactly what I do. So what do people value more than anything from you? It's access to you and your time. Now. The beautiful thing about online courses is that they enabled you to scale your business, but you can also use access to you toe add premium pricing to your products and services. Of course, you always try to be available, as I do with my students in my courses. So I respond to questions, and I am available to help students if they really need it. Indeed, you often learn something from student if they ask a question about something they don't understand. So when I started out, I was totally focused on you to me single platform with multiple courses. But I soon realized that this was only part of the solution part off my business. In essence, you cannot build your digital business on just one property, particularly when you don't own that real estate or control. The pricing or control access to the students on this realization, more than anything, has opened the door to the growth of my business on my vision for a multi six figure online trading academy, which is something you can emulate to on. That's what I will be showing you in the master class. Ultimately, people students want to be shown how to do it, but then be given the freedom to do it for themselves without surrendering control toe others. And if you want to be in this position, then you are going to love what I have to share with you in my online master class on. I congratulate you for signing up and committing to invest this time in your future. So do make sure that the time and date off the masterclass is in your calendar. I've sent it to you already in an email anyway, That's it for this short training video, which I've really enjoyed making for you. Thank you for sharing this time with me on. I really look forward to seeing you on the Webinar where we can work through all the exciting training I got lined up for you at that time. Please make sure you turn up five or 10 minutes before the start to make certain that you get your seat. Don't worry, I will send you some reminders ahead of time. So that's it for now. And I'll see you again very soon. 29. Active Campaign Webinar Automation: active campaign Webinar Automation. Let me share some insights into my active campaign. Webinar automation. The image makes it look very complicated, but really it's not. You will see that there are effectively six columns on each of these corresponds today, 1 to 6 off the campaign. I work on the assumption that registrants can enter the formal at any time of the week on the timing of each column and the email sequences. They are the same email adjust depending on how late the registrant joins. If they join on Day six, they don't get all the indoctrination and reminder emails. Just the replay and cart. Close emails took. Tip a note about active campaign automation. If you have an automation, which sends out the same email, but at different times, depending on a decision tree, you can amend the email. Once on, the changes will be reflected throughout the automation. As long as you make sure that you use the same email by copying the email block, for example, this means that even if your automation is complex, you only need to amend each unique email once 30. UTM Tracking and Pretty Links: you TM tracking and pretty lings. This is an optional extra. If you want to be able to follow and track your campaign effectiveness, you can create trackable links so that you can see how many times a specific link has been clipped on. Active campaign does give you some basic information, but by using you TM links or pretty links, you can create unique lings. When you apply these to a map of your funnel, you can see how effective your marketing is by comparing the numbers of people who saw the link open the email, for instance, toe those who actually clicked on it. If you see a part of your funnel where the engagement is low, you know to step in and make changes to improve the click through rates and conversions. 31. Funnel Diagram Part 8: it's time now to update our funnel diagram again, we have added several emails, notably the confirmation and indoctrination emails now to the process, and I want to show you these in the funnel diagram itself. So here you can see the diagram and it's growing. It's expanding because you can see that I've added the confirmation email on then the indoctrination email, which delivers the workbook on. Then the two indoctrination indoctrination e mails, which deliver the two videos. And you can see the workbook and the videos in the funnel, and you can also see that they lead eventually onto the webinar presentation room itself. So each of those has got links to take you to the webinar to make sure you've got your unique webinar link, which is very important. But you can see that, although on the face of it, the funnel is now beginning to look a little bit complex because we've built it up step by step. I'm confident that you will understand each part of it and how it all fits together. So that's part eight. Off the final diagram, we've added the confirmation and indoctrination e mails to our diagram 32. Emails 1 to 4 Registration and Indoctrination : e mails Want to fall registration. Andi Indoctrination email one immediate confirmation off the registration email This email confirms the date and time of the webinar and stresses the importance of getting the webinar into the registrants calendar. It also makes them aware that there are some more valuable emails coming their way before the webinar that they are definitely going to want to open up. In this way, you are building the excitement and increasing the engagement you can provide. Links to the weapon are directly in these emails. However, if you want to keep your tracking of registrants accurate, then only provide links directly from the webinar platform and cross refer to them in these emails as already mentioned. The emails from the Webinar platform are unique to that registrant on. Therefore, you will be able to track who attended and who did not. Top tip. Whenever you create these emails, always try to include an image of some kind to increase the visual impact off the email. If you have a link you want clicked. Also create a button mining, usually orange, as people are used to clicking on Amazon's orange batons, which has a call to action written on it. E mail, too. Indoctrination email. One oblique workbook. The purpose of this email is to continue to build excitement and awareness about the webinar and at the same time give the registrant another opportunity to download the Webinar Workbook e Mail. Three Indoctrination email to Video one. This is the first of two emails which lead the registrant to a lead pages page, which contains an indoctrination video. This video contains only valuable training. Information on helps the registrant to better understand the quality off the information they are going to get if they turn up for the webinar. The video is only around six minutes long, so it's easy to consume. But I am already positioning myself as an authority in the eyes of the viewer, which would be very helpful when it comes to the selling part of the Webinar. And although the benefit is difficult to quantify, I can expect it to help me achieve higher sales at that point. E mail. Four Indoctrination email. Three. Video to this is the second indoctrination video, which again is around six minutes in length. Another benefit of these videos is that I am training my audience to follow my instructions . I am asking them to click on links and to view content. If you can establish a pattern of compliance in a small area, it will reduce the psychological barriers in the minds of your audience when you ask them to do something more significant, like buying your product. 33. Registrant Reminder Emails: registrants Reminder emails. We have already discussed the Webinar platform of Reminder emails when we set up HQ Webinar These have the advantage off providing customized, unique links for the attendees, which helps with the tracking they already shown on the marketing funnel diagram. You may or may not wish use them webinar platform emails. If you do not, you will need to create your own reminder sequence on That is what I would like to discuss next. Email five reminder email one This is the first email I send out on the day off the webinar . You need to get thes synchronized with your weapon, our timing so that they are spread out through the day. If your weapon are is at noon, you will have to send some much earlier if it's going out at 1900 you have more time during the day to send these to your registrants. Bear in mind, too, that you may have a reminder sequence going out from your webinar platform HQ weapon are sent out an email 24 hours before one hour before and 50 minutes before as thes have links customized to the webinar registered. I'm keen for these to go out, make sure that your registrants are not put off by a blizzard of reminders on the day of the Webinar. In some cases, less is more. Email. Six Reminder. Email to this email contains a link to the webinar if you are including them, as well as another link to the Coursework book, which gives the registrant a chance to download and print this out before the weapon are starts. If the print out is sitting on their desk, don't you think that it's more likely that they're going to remember to attend the weapon? Are email? Seven Reminded email. Three. If you are sending out reminders from U webinar platform, this email reminder, maybe one too many. And if you are thinking of cutting some out, this is the one to start with. If you are not, then perhaps sending this out of the 60 minute point would be a good time to schedule it for email. Eight. Reminder email. 4 90 minutes to go. Email This is the final active campaign auto responder email, which goes out somewhere between 90 and 10 minutes before the start of the webinar. This does not have a link in the email because I'm focusing on my HP webinar lings. If you choose to putting a link in this email to the webinar would be an optional benefit. 34. Funnel Diagram Part 9: this spring's is now two part nine off our step by step funnel diagram buildup, and we can now add these four reminder emails to the funnel diagram so that we can see the funnel continuing to evolve. And they logically follow on in the sequence and in the automation sequence on active campaign from the indoctrination sequence we saw in the previous step, and here you can see them at the bottom off the diagram, adding and then leading and taking people to the presentation page for the weapon are. So that's step nine part nine of our funnel diagram on. Now you can see this funnel really beginning to build on, although again, as I said before, it looks complex because I'm taking you through it step by step. It really is not as bad as it looks. I am sure you will agree, So that is part nine off funnel diagram, and we continue to develop this fantastic webinar marketing funnel 35. JV Partner Reminder Emails: JV partner Reminder Emails. If you are working with JB partner, they may wish to send out their own reminder email sequence. This could be to their entire list, encouraging subscribers who had not yet registered for the webinar to register and then attend. They would have to send their subscribers to the registration page. Note to that. At this point, they would not be able to distinguish within their list between existing registrants on non registrants. By registering, they would get their own unique registration link on DE, depending on timing, would still receive some of the reminder emails from the Webinar platform on the active campaign email sequence. 36. Funnel Diagram Part 10: This brings us to part 10 off our webinar funnel diagram. And in this part, we are now adding the reminder emails from the joint venture partner. Now, if you don't have a joint venture partner, don't worry, you can skip this, but if you do have one, you may well want them to send out the these reminders to their entire list. And if so, this is where we add them to the funnel. Now, bear in mind that at this point, the joint venture partner cannot see from their list who has registered and who has not. So the purpose of these reminders is actually to remind their list to go and register for the webinar. If the person is already registered, well, hey ho! Then they'll get the read the registration reminders from me anyway, so no harm is done. But what you're really trying to achieve here is to get people who have not already registered to go and register, which is why these emails point the people on the list towards the webinar registration page on not towards the presentation page. So we've now added these two are finally you can see them there at the top of the final indicated with the arrow on, our final diagram begins to evolve even further. So that is part 10 off the funnel diagram for this webinar final blueprint. And I hope you're seeing why these segments off the funnel are where they are doing what they are. 37. Product Purchase during the Webinar: products purchased during the webinar. Let's now briefly discuss what happens when a registrant makes a purchase of your product with think. If IQ the course hosting platform New subscribers have to create a think if IQ account before they can purchase. This is one extra step that cannot be avoided. The sales link takes them to the online course program I am selling in this example onto the check out page, not to the course landing page, a crucial distinction. They create their account and then get taken to the payment page, where they input their financial details, pay power or a credit card. Assuming the financial transaction goes through, they are taken to a thank you page, possibly an opportunity for an up sell. And from there to the course page, you need to make sure that your purchase process is as simple as possible. Andi. If necessary, you should prepare a couple of slides at the end of your webinar to explain exactly what they have to do to complete a purchase. Not only should this be in the form of clear instructions, but by doing this you reduce the risk of loss sales when someone comes across a step which confuses them and they fail to complete the transaction 43. Webinar Marketing Funnel Course Summary and Wrap Up: Now we come to the summary and wrap up for this course. And firstly, let me congratulate you warmly on completing the course, and I really hope you've got a lot out of it. I actually think this has been one of the best courses I've ever produced, just for the sheer detail and sequencing of putting everything together to try to make something that is ostensibly really quite complex, hopefully easy to understand and with providing you with all the detail you need to create this funnel for yourself. If you do have any questions about the course, then definitely reach out for me and I will do my best to help you. So let's take a look at what we have covered in the course on. It has been quite a complicated process, but step by step together we've worked through on I hope you really feel that you can now create a similar seven day Webinar marketing funnel based on the outline and all the details I provided you with in this course I've shown you ALS the key email sequences. Now I have assumed, for the purpose of completeness that you've got a joint venture partner or an influencer. If you don't, obviously, you just have to drop those out off the funnel. It's easier to take things out than to try and tow work out how to put things in later. I've also shown UAL the key funnel elements, videos, pages, workbooks allow the detail and exactly where they fit in together, and hopefully that will help you to put your own detail together. I've shown you all my auto responders sequences from the registration all the way through to the very detailed, entire active campaign or to respond to sequence, which enables you to send out water responders tailored for each day. Different day that a somebody might actually register for your weapon are so huge amounts of very careful detail. I've given you screenshots of every single email I send out in this campaign so that you can design your own emails as well. But I've also shown you the the screenshot so that you get a night idea of the style, not just the content. The course is explained every component of the family, which is why I've given you the funnel diagram buildup parts 1 to 12 on that's shown you how you arrive at what on the face of it looks quite complex. But actually, if you follow the parts 1 to 12 sequentially and you can go back and pick those lectures out, then you'll understand exactly how this funnel gets put together. I really hope this helps you to create amazing on high converting Webinars for your own products and services. And I wish you the very best off success with everything you do in the future. Thank you very much for taking the course, and I really look forward to seeing you very soon again in another one of my courses. I've been John Colley on. It's been a pleasure to work with you in this, and I look forward to seeing you again very soon.