Webinar Marketing: How to Make a Profit by Teaching What you Love Online

George Poulos, Passionate Knowledge Seeker & Giver

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6 Videos (16m)
    • Why webinars are easy high tickets

    • How to register for Gotowebinar

    • How to design your presentation

    • How to design your back end offer

    • How to get targeted audience to your webinar

    • How to automate your webinar sessions


About This Class

Picture a live seminar or a power point presentation but this time it's shown online. Your students can watch everything from the comfort of their own home. You can teach them, make a pitch and interact with your audience.

Why You Should Use Webinar To Sell High Ticket Items:

  • Transparency – Most people prefer to talk and interact in person than to read your email messages or blog posts. Even if it’s just a voice recording, you have instant credibility because you know what you’re talking about. That builds trust with your subscribers.
  • High Conversions – More people will buy from you, when they can hear and see you. As long you provide massive value and great content they will be more responsive to your offer, even if it’s a few hundred dollars.
  • Leverage – Even if you don’t have a list of subscribers, you can always create a JV partnership and ask another marketer to promote your webinar to his or her list.

There's no other platform out there where you get to build instant credibility and generate sales with high ticket items. They get to see and hear your voice and that totally changes the rules of the game. Your're not hiding behind your emails and website. You're audience will know who you are and you build a connection with them

And you can do all of the above even in the next couple of hours!





George Poulos

Passionate Knowledge Seeker & Giver

I am an online entrepreneur and creator of several websites and blogs. I stay up to date with the latest trends and changes in the world of Internet Marketing.

I like to test different techniques and that's how I fine tune the methods I'm teaching. 

I hope you enjoy my classes!