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Webinar Marketing - How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

Webinar Marketing - How to Create an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

John Colley, Digital Entrepreneurship jbdcolley.com

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13 Lessons (56m)
    • 1. Key Points of a Webinar Invitation Email

    • 2. Webinar Email Marketing Timetable

    • 3. Webinar Email Marketing Audience Segmentation

    • 4. Webinar Email Marketing Types of Emails

    • 5. Webinar Email Marketing Announcement Email

    • 6. Webinar Email Marketing - Reminder Emails

    • 7. Webinar Email Marketing - Thank You For Registering Emails

    • 8. Webinar Email Marketing: Pre Webinar Engagement Emails

    • 9. Webinar Email Marketing: 24 hour and 6 Hour Reminder Emails

    • 10. Webinar Landing Page

    • 11. Webinar Sign Up Box

    • 12. Webinar Thank You Page

    • 13. Webinar Landing Page - Post Webinar

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About This Class

Welcome to this Course on Creating an Effective Webinar Email Marketing Campaign


(and there is some bonus content on Landing and Confirmation Pages too!)

If you are struggling with your Email Marketing for your Webinar, then this course will help you to promote your webinar and maximise the number of people who register for your Webinar.

We are going to discuss:

  • Key Points of a Webinar Invitation Email
  • Webinar Email Marketing Timetable
  • Webinar Email Marketing Audience Segmentation
  • Webinar Email Marketing Types of Emails

In the Part 2 of the Course we are going to go through the Email Templates you need:

  • Webinar Email Marketing Announcement Email
  • Webinar Email Marketing 2 Reminder
  • Webinar Email Marketing 3 Thank You For Registering
  • Webinar Email Marketing: 4 Pre Webinar Engagement Email
  • Webinar Email Marketing: 5 24 hour and 6 Hour Reminder Emails

In the Third (Bonus Section of the Course) we will review Registration and Landing Pages

  • Webinar Landing Page
  • Webinar Sign Up Box
  • Webinar Thank You Page
  • Webinar Landing Page - Post Webinar

Every lecture also contains a PDF of the slide deck and there are templates for the emails themselves to provide you with inspiration for your email campaign.

Enroll today - I look forward to working with you inside the Course

Best regards


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1. Key Points of a Webinar Invitation Email: sending out your invitation email for your weapon are is absolute critical to getting responses and getting people to sign up. So I want to cover the key points you must include. Or you should include in that invitation email to make sure it has the best possible effect . So these Airil the key things you need to build on when you're designing it. It's almost a checklist, and I'll make sure this is available as a pdf afterwards. But go through these points and make sure you've covered them all in your invitation. Email. Let's start with the title, and essentially, shorter is better, they say. Keep it down to about 35 characters. If you've got a prominent speaker in your Bernard and include their name, that's always a good hook. But you could also sort of front load the subject line. So rather than saying, planning, changing and running in cloud computing, you could say cloud computing services, planning, changing running so you get the main keyword upfront and it gets people's attention. You could frame the subject as a question, so you could say something like, You know, are you suffering from stress in your social media marketing or something like that on. If you add a sense of urgency by making sure you referenced the time of the three the Webinar, then you're going to get more opens. So if you've got into your sequence in the webinars tomorrow, then put in brackets. You know tomorrow when people will realize and may make sure they open up and take a look. So that's actually important. If you can personalize your email as much you can. The easiest way to do that is by using the name field in your email service provider software. So make sure that when you're capturing emails, you get people's names. If you don't have the first name will end up saying Dear John Colley, and that looks a bit cumbersome. So if you can capture first names, then you can use them in these personalized fields Critically, you should explain who the webinar is for. This should be right up front in your first paragraph, followed immediately by a series of bullets explaining the benefits off attending the webinar and how it's going to solve a specific problem. So this is the absolute hook to get people drawn in and interested in your webinar, and this really must be right up front on very clear and explicit. If you're going to include an image and this could be really good, you need to design your image the right way, and it needs to have a certain number off components. First of all, the picture on the name off your speaker and perhaps if they've got some titles or they've got a particular accreditation or some sort of well known connection that you make that care a swell. The primary benefit off the webinar should be made very clear alongside maybe some sort of background photograph, which it then provides a background for the whole photograph that you're providing the whole image or providing a clear title off the webinar is important on. Then you follow that with the date, the time in the time zone and possibly even the expected duration off the webinar on day clear button, encouraging them to R. S V P or register. Now, if you can't make that button interactive, you can actually make the whole of the image interactive by embedding it with a link. So if you want to make sure people click on it, encouraging to click on. If they click on the button, they may actually be kicking on the whole image. It doesn't matter. It'll still go through to the registration page. Make sure you put a little bit about the person who is speaking in the email. So short Bio. Maybe only a paragraph or two on an image off the speaker so they really know who they're going to get. All this wonderful information and knowledge from critically make sure you prominently feature the time, the date and the time zone and possibly given Eastern time. Zone in on the Pacific Time Zone or US times and in European times in. But make sure these absolutely clear, critically clear in your email. You might even want to put a little image off the time and date in the emails. Make sure people pick up on it really important that they know when it's coming and what time it will be. Ensure that you have your link or your baton to the registration page with a very clear court action. R S v P Here register for the email here something like that, and you want your calls to action with it. Least two more links, one further down in the page of one as a PS, so people are plenty of opportunities to click on the link as they reading through your text. Do you give your participants the opportunity to ask questions before the webinar? This could be really useful to you because you can get information from them and then feed these questions in as Ugo and perhaps even name, drop them as Ugo. So that could be really valuable. The way to do that is, very simply, just a little paragraph of the end saying, If you'd like to ask us questions ahead of time, please feel free to email us at or you could give them a twister address if you want to. I would prefer to do email because I don't pick up that much on Twitter, so give them an opportunity to engage ahead of time. So if you do that, you're going to capture all the key components of your critical webinar invitation. Email. This is the 1st 1 that goes out, and in the reminder emails and the follow up emails before the the Webinar is actually held . Ah, lot of this key information needs to feature again. But once you've designed the 1st 1 you could amend it to fit the follow up emails very easily. And you will know that you already captured all the key information. 2. Webinar Email Marketing Timetable: I want to take a look now at the marketing timetable for your email marketing program. When you're marketing your webinar, the first thing to say is that nothing is set in stone. The timetable I'm about to explain to you is an indicative timetable that you can adapt on adopt as much as you like. What I've tried to set out set out is a fairly comprehensive timetable of emails so that you can understand exactly how the process works on. Then you can adapt it to suit yourself. Now, if you're doing a webinar every week, then you're obviously going tohave toe. Have a timetable that takes you from pre toe webinar to post webinar inside a week. If you're doing one a month, then you can give yourself a little bit more time. And if you're doing a one off, then actually you could probably give yourself more time even on that. So depending on what your frequency off your weapon our program is, you will have to adapt and adopt this timetable. Essentially, there are three phases. The first phase is the Prewett Webinar stage, which is right up to, but not including the day of the webinar. The second phase is actually the day of the Webinar itself. On then. The third phase is immediately following the webinar, which can include the same death's webinar on the period thereafter. Let's focus first on the pre webinar phase. Now, even before you get to the email marketing phase, you can start dropping hints that you've got something special coming up that you've got an incredible webinar that you're going to be doing. Maybe talk about the person you're hosting it with, but you can spread this around your social media as a sort of teaser to get people interested to get the feeding. There's something coming. I wouldn't go as far as to get them pre registering at this point, but you definitely want to give them an idea that there's something coming up, so you warm them up for it. So the the first phase is really about announcing the webinar and getting people to register. So all I'm suggesting on D minus four, which is four days for the webinar, you put out your announcement off the webinar and then you send out reminders. Possibly every day doesn't have to be reminding people that you're in your email list and the people you're emailing to register for the webinar. However, if you do send out four reminder emails, make sure that you mix them up. So don't send the same email out exactly the same. Change the title a bit. Change the content a bit, make it very making more personal, make it a bit of fun, but with the same objective, which is to remind them to register for the webinar. Now one somebody registers for the webinar. You don't want to send them a reminder to register email again, and this is something which is really important, which will go into more depth. But I want to introduce the idea. And this is where you start to seg ment your audience depending on how they respond. So for people who register the next email they need to get is a confirmation or email basically saying, great, you've got your seat, you're registered on them, giving them the detailed links toe how they actually hook into the webinar on the day. You might even tell them. Don't way too much will send you a reminder on the day which you're going to on You can also follow that up to registrants, where the sort of engagement emails talking about how excited is that they're coming. And if they've got any questions that they want to put to you early than they have an opportunity to do so You give them an email address to send those questions too. So now we arrive at the day of the Webinar. And don't forget, we've now segmented our audience between registrants and non registrants. So for people who have still haven't registered, you can still send out a couple of emails, maybe one in the morning, maybe one, maybe an hour before may be won 50 minutes before reminding them to register. Don't miss out on the wonderful weapon are that's coming up for registrants. You need to send them a reminder first thing in the morning to say, Don't forget the weapon. Asked tonight, Then maybe send them a six hour reminder. Maybe definitely send them a webinar starting in 15 minutes. Starting now, Don't forget to come in and take your place, because so often people have busy days on. They just forget that the webinars going on and then they miss it. So you need to send that reminder out to them. Let's take a look, then, at what happens immediately after the webinar. And again we've segmented our audience. But now the segment it segmentation is changing because you basically got the people who registered. You've got those who attended on those who didn't attend Andi off those who attended. You want those who bought and those who didn't buy, and you need to treat all three groups separately. And don't forget you've still got that group of people who didn't even register but keep them in the background because they're not the people you're going to focus on now. So for the people who attended where they bought or not, send them out on email within 24 hours, saying Thanks for coming. You may include, at this point the link to the replay if they if they wanna have the replay. But you want to split the version, you wanna have a version for buyers, where you basically thank them for coming and buying, and you you have a version for non buyers where you thank them for coming and say, Well, if you didn't buy, here's a chance to see the replay again on Do you give them an on another opportunity to go in on watch the webinar for the people who register but didn't attend? You need to have a Sorry we missed you email, which basically says to them Sorry we missed you on. Do you know, just in case you are still interested, here's the Here's the replay and you can come watch the replay. So you if you don't, um, offer the replay, you can always say, Don't worry. When I next to a webinar, I'll email you about it. But if you're going to sell through and you've got this warm group of people, then you really should try and send them a replay and get them to buy anyway. Then you can follow up emails basically confirming when the replay link goes live on. You may or may not tie that into the email you sent, and you can also send an email reminding these people this is registrants who attended and did not by and attendee and non attendees that the replace coming down on. Then you can have a deadline for purchase and the last 24 hours to purchase email on those congee O out subsequently, Andi, they could go out to non buyers and obviously non attendees as well. So you see how it sort of starts to take shape. Then at the end for everybody, you need to get back into your non selling nurture sequence. So I would recommend you have some form of follow up engagement email, maybe with a survey in or something. And that would be a couple of days after the whole thing has gone quiet and it's closed off . So you get back into the pattern of sending them stuff which is engaging and entertaining and non selling. So it sounds complicated. Don't wear. I'm gonna make it much easier for you. But I wanted you to get an idea off how the timetable involves on introduce you to the concept off segmentation, which we're going to take a closer look at in another video very shortly. 3. Webinar Email Marketing Audience Segmentation: I want to talk to you now about email marketing audiences for your webinar on how you segment there's audiences is really important that you understand how segmentation works, because this dictates your entire email strategy. One of the great secrets off during a good webinar is managing this segmentation process, probably because it enables you to send targeted messages to the parts of the audience who need to receive that message. And you don't want to be sending reminder to register e mails, for instance, to people who have already registered, so segmentation is absolutely critical. First of all, it is important to try to find an audience who are first and foremost interested in the topic your webinar is going to be about. Don't automatically just broadcast everything to your whole list unless you know your list is interested in that audience. You can, for instance, send an email out or choose to market to students in a particular course. You may wish toe take a particular segment off your already segmented email list and just focus on them. You could create a lookalike audience with Facebook ads or go to a Facebook group particularly focused on your topic. You could also go to a linked in group focused on your topic, or you could pick a Twitter. Hashtag So you see how you can use social media to focus down on. Try to address your marketing efforts on build an audience list that is going to be interested in your topic. So you've now got this list of potential attendees who you think are going to be interested in the topic. So pre webinar this list splits into those people who registered for the webinar on those who don't register for the webinar. And you need to keep those two groups separate in your mind as you send out your marketing campaign. Then, after the webinar, the list splits but splits in a different way off. The people who registered you've got those people who attended on the attendees split between people who bought the product or service you're offering in the in the webinar and people who did not buy. Then you've also got the people who registered but who did not attend effectively that the people who is still warm, But for whatever reason it didn't turn up on then you want that final group from your original audience off non registrants who you don't have to do an awful lot to, because you want to focus on the people inside your warmer group of potential customers. But you may bear them in mind for future, Webinar goes. So it's really important, that is, You go through the email marketing process. You target thes audiences with different messages. Through the course of the marketing campaign on, I'm going to show you exactly how that all works in the next video. So this is audience segmentation in your Webinar email marketing campaign. If you can get those groups clear in your mind, then the whole marketing campaign will make a great deal more sense. 4. Webinar Email Marketing Types of Emails: Now we're gonna bring this email marketing Siris of lectures together, and I want to show you how the timetable on the audience segmentation works with the types of emails you're gonna be sending out. So I've explained to you how the timetable works. I have explained to you the different segments in the audience that you're gonna have during the marketing process. So the key question is, now, what do you send to whom and when Now I have already touched on this when I was talking you through the timetable, but now I want to set it out. So let's look at the emails prior to the webinar on this is up to and including the day of the webinar. But right up to the start of the webinar on you can see on the screen this is a spreadsheet which are make downloadable. You can actually adapt this for your own use to put your own timetable in by just changing the dating green at the top. And essentially, the first thing you are doing is you're sending out an announcement email toe all prospects , and then you follow that up with thank you for registering email which can be automated process or thank you for registering automated confirmation email to everybody who registers you, then need to follow up with the people. You have not registered with reminders to register, and you may wish to include, for your registrants some form of engagement, email pre webinar. Then you go into the phase off reminders that the webinars coming up in the very near future on for the registrants. You're reminding them not to forget about the women are. And for the non registered, you're reminding them to still either have a chance to register. Don't miss out. It's 24 hours. It's in six hours. It's starting in 15 minutes. So you see how you're changing the message sightly and you're sending out messages to registrants. First of all, they've registered you thank them, you engage with them and then you remind them it's coming on for non registrants. You're trying all the way through to get them to register, to join the webinar. Now, after the webinar, your audience splits in a different way. You've got the attendees who bought on the attendees who did not buy. You've got the registrants who did not attend and then you got the non registrants. Now you can send your non registrants some information if you want, but let's focus on the 1st 3 groups. First of all, the people who bought let's just go through what they receive. First of all, they're getting email from you saying Thanks for coming on. Thanks for buying. That's great. Then you'll send them an engagement email. Basically, maybe you're talking about something s giving them a bonus, something interesting. And then, ah, follow up engagement email at the end of the process, basically getting them back into a nurture sequence. They're the easiest part of your audience for your attendees who did not buy these the people you really want to work on because these the people you want to convert into buyers and who are already warm. So the first thing you do is you send them. Thanks for coming. And you say I'm gonna make a replay available for you or you make the replay available on. Then you can send them a une email basically saying yes, the the replays live or the replace coming down. But you give it basically give them a chance. Toe watch the webinar again on your encouraging them to buy. And then you can also because they will at least be aware that you're selling something. You can send them a deadline for purchase last 24 hours to purchase. And those e mails may also include the replay to the webinar. So they get every opportunity to engage, to watch the webinar to buy, so really giving them the hard sell. And then they get the nurturing follow up for the registrants who did not attend. You want to give them the replay on really encourage them to watch the replay, and then maybe you can turn them into buyer so you know they're interested. But for whatever reason, they didn't turn up. So you want to make an effort to get them through the or funnel by saying, Sorry, we missed you. Here's a replay. Definitely. Come and watch it, then you could tell them the links coming down. Then you can encourage them to purchase and explain that the you know, when the debt what the deadline is, and then there's the last 24 hours to purchase, so you're giving them an opportunity to watch the webinar if they missed it and then to buy from you. So this is all about treating your audience in different ways, depending on whether they bought where they attended and bought, attended in, did not by registered and did not attend and then non registered. So you can see how you need to have a range of emails, which meet the needs of the particular audience, and you have to send them out at particular times. So it's It's a three factor marketing campaign. It's getting the timing right is getting the segmentation right, and it's getting that the marketing messages right to the right segments at the right time . So they spread sheet that I've just shown you on the screen will be available for download . You can pick it up from the course resources section. Andi. Use that as an aide memoire. I'll also make this lecture available as a PdF in the course notes as well, so you can pick that up as well. So that is how you bring it together. So you bring together your segmentation. You bring together your timetable and you bring together your marketing messages, and that is how you use email marketing to market your weapon. Are 5. Webinar Email Marketing Announcement Email: Let's take a look at the first email you need to send out to market your webinar, and that is the announcement email. The main point about this is that it does not need to be complicated or convoluted. It just needs to be clear, concise and with the key information in it. What you're looking to do is to attract interest, evoke desire and get a call to action aid A. I D. A. And so you need to have a very simple, laid out email, which is going to achieve all those things without making people read through masses and masses off long paragraphs, which is just going to turn them off. So let's look at the key aspects you need. The first thing you need is a good webinar. So something like New Lebanon, then webinar type, but something really catchy that's going toe interest your audience, making clear what the key learning benefit is, what the key topic is then high first name used, if you can. The personalization features of your email service Brian a platform so that it comes out as a personal emails of dear John. Dear Brian Deer, Rebecca, Whatever it is then your first paragraph has to be an introduction to your webinar on, then a link on a clickable link. So you're putting the link First link right up front on this introduction really has to say what the webinar topic is on what is going to be about. And that's all you say, because in the next paragraph you then have a paragraph which describes the key learning benefit, and that has to be about two or three lines. So you get the topic across, then the key learning benefit across. Then in the next section, you're gonna have several bullets off key benefits. And really, what you want to do with these is to describe the pain related to the topic and describe in the same sentence how you're webinar is going to solve and alleviate that pain. So you're really reminding people they have a problem and then you're showing them how you're going to solve it For them, the next part of the letter is all important. It's all about the details off when and what the webinar is. So the date of the webinar critical the time and make sure you put the time zone in because people watch Webinars from all over the world. The duration. You're expecting it to take normally 16 it to 90 minutes, including the Q and A, and you should leave at least 20 minutes for the Q and A. And then if you've got other speakers than yourself, you need to include them with their name, their picture a little bit about them in terms of their expertise and maybe even a brief bio if it's just you. Then again, your name, your picture, you New York key tagline expertise and a very brief bio. Don't forget, this may be passed on to somebody who doesn't know you, and then a big clear register. Now button a very clear, punchy call to action below that you can put in. This is sort of optional. If you think a colleague could be interesting intending, please forward this me email along so you're encouraging people to share the email on the webinar? Top it with somebody else. Why not let them do your marketing for you? Very straightforward. Then sign off and then have a last PS courter action. Now that doesn't need to be very long. You know you're giving them all the information they need. Your enticing them. You're intriguing them giving them something they hadn't thought about it. But yes, we quite like to learn this. One of the best piece of advice I can give you is to look out for announcement emails in your own inbox from people. You know, lots of people are doing webinars. Now save these to a swipe file. You can Then go through them and pick out all the best bits and you build yourself your library of your own templates. Now, I have made this simple template available for you in the downloads section so you can pick it up and use it straight away on. All you have to do is fill in the details relevant to your webinar. So that's the first email marketing email you send out. It's your announcement, your invitation to your webinar. And that's the 1st 1 you have to send out. You send out toe all your potential invitees, everybody on the list of people you want to invite to the weapon off 6. Webinar Email Marketing - Reminder Emails: the next email in our sequence is a reminder. Email reminder to register on. This needs to go out to everybody who hasn't yet registered. So you will need several versions off this because, as I explain in my timetable, you may need to send this out more than ones. Andi. It looks really bad. If you just send the same email out. It's actually lazy. It looks a bit spammy. Much better toe have sort of slightly adjusted versions. The key information is going to be the same, but site different title site of an introduction paragraph, that sort of thing. Make it look like a second different email and maybe even put some time referencing Last chance for tomorrow. If it's good the day before the webinar, that sort of thing to make it look different and feel different. Make sure you segment your list so you don't send this out to everybody. You only want to be sending this reminder email out to the people who have not yet registered a case that make sure that's really, really important. I talked about segmentation in earlier lectures, so let's take a look at the content off this particular email I've reiterated in the template it needs to be in several versions. You can put something in the subject line along the lines of Don't forget Last Chance, whatever it is, and then the webinar title or whatever catchy title you want to use. But do you use the word webinar? So I understand their being reminded about a weapon up. Personalize it if possible. And then again, you need an introduction to introduce the topic on. Then you need a court action. Join tomorrow if it's tomorrow or joined Tuesday's of its Tuesday's webinar on then Webinar title and link so early Call to action Early link. Early opportunity for them to click on it and go into the registration process. Then you need to explain to them what they're going to get from the webinar. The benefits off the webinar. What's in it for me? Really, really important? Only II FM. You need to do this in a quick introduction and then put some bulletin on the benefits. Don't forget the formula for the benefits are a pain on a problem. So you're describing a particular problem problem that the the webinar is going to address on dure the fact that you've got a solution for it, you don't necessarily tell them what the solution is now, but you make sure they understand that they're going to get a solution to these problems. People need to be reminded off their pain before they're going to realize that they can gain from tending and learning from your weapon are then, of course, you need the webinar details. Date time. Don't forget the time zone as well, Really important. The duration 60 or 90 minutes always include time for Q and A and then something about the speakers who the speakers are their name, their tagline. Maybe their bios. This is very similar information to the announcement email, and you can public opium paste this part of it, not the benefits bit, but the webinar details. But straight out off the announcements email you've already sent, then a knopper to nitty for them to share it to somebody else. And the other thing is, if they can't make the webinar, then remind them that if they still register, if you're going to do a replay, and on the whole, I think it's better to do replace or not to do replace, then you can say Look, register. And even if you can't stand, we'll send you a link to the webinar afterwards. But only do that if you're going to the replay. The opportunity for them to share it with a colleague is always helpful. And then a final P s call to action at the bottom and again, another link that they can click on. So you're giving them plenty of opportunities. Always have 1/4 action, but several opportunities for people to take that action. The template for this particular email is downloadable from the election of the resources section. I'll also make this PdF available as well. So you've got it. Don't forget. My hot tip is that whenever you get e mails from people in your inbox about webinars, if they remind a Web e mails, whatever it is, collect them in a little file in your email folders so that you've got things to refer back to because you can use other people's ideas, change them to suit your context and you're basically saving yourself a lot of time and trouble. But I'm doing this template Siris for you so that it's as easy as can be. So they are. This is number two. This is the reminder to register email and I hope you've got now all the information you need to write your own email very, very quickly. 7. Webinar Email Marketing - Thank You For Registering Emails: Now I want to take a look at the thank you for registering email. This is email number three, and this is sent to everybody who registers for your webinar. Now, the first thing to say is that you can set this up as a thank you page in your water, respond to sequence so that anybody who uh, registers on fills in a the box when they get the thank you page, you can trigger une email from that so that they didn't get a thank you email. So that's one way of doing this automatically. And you do want to set this up with your water respond room with your email service, provide a platform to be as easy as possible. So the thank you email goes out to everybody who registers for the webinar, and I'm going to show you two versions of this. A long form version and a short form version, and the difference have become very clear very quickly. Let's look at the long form version first. Basically, you start off by a clear title in the thing Thank you for registering pulled webinar. So that's that's straightforward. Reiterate the D description of the webinar and some of the benefits always helpful to keep that fresh in their mind. Do you give them an opportunity if they want to put in questions early to send you an email with these, Any questions? These air really useful to you when you're doing a webinar? Because you can cross refer to them and you can use them. Maybe the kick off your Q and A. If that gets a bit slow when you get to the Q and A section, then you want to go in this letter and explain how to join the webinar. Reminding them again, of course, of the date, the time and the time zone on, if you can set it up so you can give them a link so they can automatically put it into their diary now, then the thing you have to do is to give them the link to the webinar. So you make sure that they know how to get back to the webinar on the day when they actually want to start to attend the webinar, so that's really, really important. But it is important these links do tend to get customized by the Webinar platform so make it clear to them that they shouldn't be sharing this link around. Then another technical point is to make sure that they check their systems. They work fast enough. Internet, You know, they've got the right software installed. You know, maybe they'll need to download a plug in whatever it is ahead of time so that they can. They can join the webinar seamlessly. This is not something you can control. Then you can give them options as to how they access the webinar, whether it's soon your their computer or through the telephone. Now, the point to say about this is these instructions will be given to you by the platform you're using for the webinar. So whether you choose to give them to your attendees in the email or whether you allow them to go through this process when they're attending the webinar, as we will in the short form, is entirely up to you. But you can give them on again. You need to go and check and map what your weapon our platform is telling you to do in terms of connectivity. But you can give them options to connect. Technically, now, if you want to give them of a simple confirmation. You can just send them this email, which is say thank you for registering on the day of the Webinar. We're going to send you this link, or you can get a click on this link here and go to the webinar so you show them how to get to the weather. Now we tell them you're going to give them a round mind. Give them an opportunity to ask questions, but they won't have to go through all the technical stuff until the day off the webinar. And you don't confuse them in this email with all the technical stuff on the day, the webinar they click to go through. And then they do whatever they have to do their end to make sure that they get access to the webinar. So that's a very simple confirmation message you concerned out, which has got the key points in it. But you don't have to then bombard them with lots of technical detail. The email template will be available to download from the Resources section, and I'll also make a PdF available off this slide deck as well. So you've got that you can download as well. So that's it for this one. The thank you email. Thank you for registering at the confirmation email. Really important to send out because you're giving them the information they need to actually connect to the webinar on the day off the weapon. 8. Webinar Email Marketing: Pre Webinar Engagement Emails: this email is optional, but it does give you the opportunity to engage with your perspective audience ahead, off the webinar. So this is what I've called a pre webinar engagement. Email. Andi. It is only to be sent to people who have registered for your emails. Remember, your email is segmentation. You don't send this to anybody is purely for people who have already registered on The idea is to generate interest and maybe some questions on have some sort of interaction with people before they jump on the webinar so they don't feel they just getting bang bang banks sell, sell, sell from you that getting some sort of it interest in some sort of engagement. So the emails actually very simple, but you can make it as complicated as you like. Title based. They base straightforward. Thank you for your interest in and then Webinar title. Thank you for registering for the upcoming webinar Fine. And then you asking for questions where your interestingly learning more about one or two topics in particular will. You could give some bullets. They're off some of the topics you're going to cover in the webinar and ask them to perhaps you know, ask you questions about their specific topics. You can expand it little bit if you like, may put a story in there about why you're particularly dressed in this topic, or how it's affected your how it's changed your life. Whatever it is, let me know if I can out and give them an email address that they can email you from that they can then click on and then compose an email. If you rely on them to just to return to the email, it's You're gonna get less and less response than giving them in action, and you want to be training them to click on links in your emails. In any case, it's a really good strategy. You want to end up with your name. You might want to put a PS. You know any more questions, but for this particular man, I'm not sure if a PS is. They say the court action is pretty gentle. It's really email me if you've got any questions and you're really trying to get them to think about you and get some engagement going. But you're not desperately keen for them to be particularly proactive. The template off the email is in the resources along nothing else. Also make this slide deck available. So that's it. Very straightforward on our little optional email, a pre webinar engagement email to help the engagement. Get the engagement going with the people who who have registered for your weapon out. 9. Webinar Email Marketing: 24 hour and 6 Hour Reminder Emails: as the date and the time off the webinar approaches, you'll need to send out more reminder emails on I Want to Talk to You about the 24 hour on the six hour emails that you'll need to send now. These will need to be in two versions because you're gonna have to send aversion to people who have already registered, and you're gonna have to send aversion to people who have not yet registered and new your chasing up to say, Look, this is basically your last chance to register. You can send a version out 24 hours before I either day before on. Then you could amend it slightly. Maybe change a few words here and there, maybe adjust the title slightly on. Also send it out six hours or, if you like, the morning before the webinar if the webinars taking place in the afternoon or in the evening again. There's a bit of interpretation flexibility here, but you get the idea. You're basically reminding people who have registered not to forget to turn up, and you're encouraging people who have not yet registered to take the opportunity. This last opportunity to sign up to the Webinar. So let's have a look at the version for the people who have registered clear title. That's easy enough. Hello, First name Fine. Thank you for registering for today's tomorrow's email on the Webinar title on links, so you make it easy for them to link through to the webinar straight away. It begins in just 24 hours. A few hours time we afford seeing you, and then you can give them the details. Now, if you're gonna have dial in details, you can give them here. If you're going to have a direct link into the platform software that you just provide that it really depends on how you're hosting your soft your webinar itself, on what software you're using. And I'm trying to make this this part of the course of software independent. I don't want to tie you into any particular software. The principle of sending this reminder email out is what's important, so remind them of the date, the time, the time zone, the time it's going to take who the speakers are bios. That sort of thing says it is again reiterating the core information and then see you soon . This one I don't think need to PS because you've got at least two different court action links in it already, so that's probably fine now for the people who have not registered. You need to have a much simpler email. It basically says, Register here if you haven't and then you want a link to the landing page and get them to register and to sign up. By all means, you know, describe the, uh, webinar give some of the benefits, remind them of the pain and the problems you're solving all that sort of stuff. Last chance to to sign up Link See tomorrow, blah, blah. And then ps lynx who got three call to actions in a very short email. But you're really reiterating and driving home the point that this is their last chance to sign up. You can send it out 24 hours performed. You could send it out in the morning as well. So you're encouraging people who have not yet registered. It's their last chance, and they can register for your weapon up. Now, I'm gonna make sure this template is available for you to download. It'll be in the resources section. I'm also providing a pdf of the slide deck. So you've got that as well. So this is the last real reminder and chasing email bar one because you are going to send them an email at the 15 minutes to go point. But this is this of last hardcore e mails. If you haven't got them signed up on, worked out for this webinar by this point, then you're probably not going to get them. The 15 minute one is overcoming a different problem, which is overcoming the busy days syndrome, where they actually just forget about it at the last minute. So you do need to have that one, but it's a slightly different point. We're gonna deal with that in the next video. So there we go, the 24 hour on six hour reminder email that you send out to both registrants and to people who have not yet registered 10. Webinar Landing Page: I want to take a look now at landing pages, because when you have a webinar, you need to send your potential attendees to a landing page in order to sign up for your webinar on. It's not difficult to put this together, but it is important to get it right. So you are talking about attracting people to a webinar on. What we've got to talk about is a pre webinar landing page. There is a slight change to it after the webinar, but we'll deal with that later. So let's just focus on the landing page that your potential attendees will come to when you're trying to register them for your weapon are before your weapon are has happened. So what is this sort of key information that you're gonna need to put on this page? Well, clearly, you need to tell them about the date and the time on the time zone. Never forget the time zone the time zone for your webinar. Give them a good idea of the duration. Aim for 60 or 90 minutes, including the Q and a time. But it's important that they know how much time to block out in their diary for the Webinar , and I like to have a countdown timer on the page. It makes them more likely to sign up because it gives them a sense off scarcity, a sense of urgency. And if they see the countdown timer to the start of the webinar, it does actually trigger them to sign up more than if you don't have it. You should have some sort of introduction to your webinar, including the topic. The key benefits. You know, this sort of thing. What you will discover in the webinar is then points, points points. The information must contain at least picture and a name and a title off the speakers who were going to be speaking in the Weber. Now, uh, it's plural if there's more than one. Obviously, if you've got room a short paragraph with their bio to show their authority and their expertise on why they're the right person to learn from on this particular topic, you must have a clear call to action Register here. Reserve your seat, however you want to phrase it, but a nice big butter nine blue or green or orange something that gets people's attention, and then they know that they just have to click on that button to pull up the sign up form . But it's really important you have that clear course of action. If you have space and you want to make it slightly longer than have some discussion off the pains and problems that people are suffering from that your webinar topic will address. It's always helpful to remind people off the difficulties they have and how you're going to make their life easier. Classic copyrighting. But they need that reminder to understand the benefits off why they should be attending the webinar. Now you can create this landing page on your own website. No problem. It doesn't have to be over overly complicated. I use lead pages. I'm gonna put a link tiddly pages in the resources. This is not an affiliate link, but I just want you to be able to get over there and take a look. It's not for everybody, but they do have some great ready made templates which they have proven in terms of use in terms of their effectiveness and how well they can. But I'm gonna give you now a couple of landing page examples so If you are designing your own, you can see what you are taking form. Now this one is actually from lead pages. A to say, That's the platform I use. You can see at the top. You've got the webinar topic. You've got a picture of the presenter on the bio. There are also some sharing buttons there on the left, by the way, but I'm not focusing on those. You've got the weapon, our time and time zones on the dates you can see exactly when the webinars being held. You've got the countdown timer at this one. Obviously, it's a template is set to zero clear click clear call to action button. Click here to claim your spot now, so that's very clear. And it's the light green highlighted against the black, so it's very clear that it's there. Some benefits in the bullet points and then another call to action button at the bottom. As you can see, not a very complicated form and very clear components. And if you understand these components, that is much easier. Here's another real life example. This is Steve Alcorn on Brian Karen to the presentation. You can see the Webinar topic. They've got a call to action at the top. Claim my spot. Now they want the webinar time and zone with a sort of calendar image, which is really effective. You've got the countdown timer. So you can see how soon the webinar is gonna be held. Details of the presenters of the benefits of the webinar on then the court of Action Button . Yes. Claim my spot now again. Very emphatic. Very straight board. But that's all you need. They've also got some sharing buttons on the side as well, by the way. So there you are. That is the webinar landing page. You are gonna have to create one of these in order to send people who want to register to your webinar to the landing page so that they can then sign up and register. 11. Webinar Sign Up Box: When you're attendee clicks on the court action button on the landing page, they will be taken to the sign up box. So we're just gonna spend a couple of minutes taking a look at what that is and what it looks like and what information you need to collect their now creating the form, which you can do in lead pages. Or you could do through your email service provider has a number or fields in it. First name, last name, email website, phone number. Now you don't have to have a with these. Let's just talk our way through them. If you're gonna have a name, you obviously have to have the name, and you can have their name, first name and last name in the same box if you want to use personalization, and this is where you need to collect the first name separate from the last name. Still need two different boxes. Obviously, you'll need their email address. That is the single critical component off this whole thing that you really want to collect . If you want to get access, would be able to see their website then this is the chance to invite them to put their website, and you can make it required or not required. And if you want to talk to them by phone with a follow up marketing campaign after the Webinar, then this is the opportunity to collect their phone number. And if you really want to get it, make it a required field so they can't complete the sign up process without putting the number in there. Let's take a look at a very simple form. It's another Steve, our corn form. It's excellent but very straightforward. Clear call to action telling you. Enter your email address and name to get access to the live webinar. On Wednesday, Click the reserve My seat, but and we'll see on with it could not be clearer. You got an image of Steve there, his happy, smiling face, two boxes to enter. He's just collecting the name on the email address on. Then the click button reserve. My seat on that's all you really have to do is click on that. Once you fought in the form on that registers you for the webinar. So that's the webinar sign up box. Very straightforward, easy to configure, but if you haven't done it before, it just helps to know what it is and why it's there 12. Webinar Thank You Page: Once your attendee has clicked the sign up box put the information in and click reserve My seat of what of the call up is they will be taken to a thank you page. So let's take a look now at what the thank you page should look like this. Thank you pages an automatic page which should come up immediately after your implement the informations we put in. And you can set it up to configure that you can either do that through the email software through a Weber or through active campaign. Or you can do it through something likely pages where it gives you the option to have a specific landing page. A specific thank you page come up after the information has been entered. So this pops up on it basically says thank you for registering for webinar and again reiterates the details of the webinar. It says the date the time zone, the duration. If you got a weapon, our hashtag, why not include that as well? Because that will include in improve your marketing on give them the opportunity to use the hashtag where they're talking about the webinar that's coming up. I've given a couple of examples in this lecture you can create on your own page, but I have actually used normally, I use the pages, provide you with a non affiliate lengthily pages in the the lecture resources so you can go and take a look at those. But if I show you what the thank you page looks like, you'll get the idea straightaway. So here's the lead page example, the pages air encouraging you to print the page. So you've got a copy of the page they put the webinar title in You will constancy a smiling face off Clay Collins there with is his name alongside. The time and date make it very clear what the time is own is as well on encouraging you to add the information about the webinar to your calendar so that you can make sure it's in there. This is another example back to Steve Alcorn again. Hate a big thank you ticket the bottle at the top again. He's encouraging you to put it in the diary. You're making clear what the date is, what the time is and what the time zone is. In fact, he says not to PM Eastern 11 a.m. Pacific. So it gives you both times. He's got a click to tweet button in there, which is another nice touch to incur. Encourage social sharing and encourage more people to find out about the webinar. Andi have picture of its happy, smiling face at the bottom. So again, not complicated. But you should take people to a thank you page where it gives them a chance to put the information about the webinar into their calendars so that they don't forget about it. So that's the webinar. Thank you Page on again. It's just part off the system you need to put together when you are doing your webinar and to make sure you've got all the components in place so that people do sign up, get registered on. Don't forget to attend your webinar 13. Webinar Landing Page - Post Webinar : after you've given your weapon are there are a couple of minor changes you need to make your landing page so that it can still help you to get new people signing up, even if you've already given the webinar. So it's quite a useful way of capturing additional people onto your list. What you're basically saying is that although you've missed the webinar, I'm going to provide you with the information shown in the webinar by making the replay available to you providing you sign up for the webinar. So you basically are telling them that if they sign up, they can watch the replay off the webinar so they haven't signed up before. So they're in your non registered part of your list, but you're still trying to draw them in on. Of course, you can leave this up for a long as you like, so that your webinar continues to capture people. Even if you know you've got your offer, how have you structure it closed or not closed or whatever, But you could still start, capture people and bring people into the webinar. So basically you're saying to them that if they fill out the form they can watch the on demand webinar on. Then you take them to another thank you page. But the thank you page here says thank you for the interest in U webinar. You can watch the recording below and download the slides, and you provide a link the slides. And then there's a an embedded video off the webinar in the thank you page. So that makes it really easy that I'm gonna go anywhere else. The thank you page pops up. There's a webinar recording they can watch it on. It means that you've got immediate engagement, and hopefully they will then follow whatever court action comes at the end of the webinar. At the very least, even if your offer is still not open, you've warmed them up to the offer that next time you open it up. So that's the post webinar landing page. The changes you need to make to it or indeed you just have a duplicate of it. And that's where you send people so that you can still capture people's e mails and get them watching the webinar, even though they've actually missed the live event