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Web Development with AngularJS and Bootstrap

Packt Publishing, Packt is the leading UK provider of Tech

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20 Lessons (1h 49m)
    • 1. Course Overview

    • 2. Using AngularJS with Bootstrap

    • 3. Getting started; “Hello, World”

    • 4. Introducing the Input

    • 5. Validating Inputs

    • 6. Taking a Closer Look at ngModel

    • 7. Bonus: Angular-Better-Placeholders for Open Source UX

    • 8. Conditionally Disabling Buttons

    • 9. Dealing with Forms

    • 10. Submitting a Form via Ajax

    • 11. Submission Feedback

    • 12. Routing – What, Why, and How

    • 13. Routing Events

    • 14. Sharing Data between Routes

    • 15. Bonus – Animating the Route Changes

    • 16. ngRepeat – What and How

    • 17. Filters for Display

    • 18. Advanced Repeating

    • 19. An Introduction to AngularStrap

    • 20. Using AngularStrap 2


About This Class

Use dynamic AngularJS code and Bootstrap styling to create effective web applications

About This Video
Leverage the power of AngularJS and Bootstrap to develop a functioning web application
Explore the world of open source AngularJS libraries
Understand how to create your own custom components

In Detail
AngularJS is an open source JavaScript library built by Google that allows you to extend and dynamically change HTML. Bootstrap is an open source set of styling rules and components built by Twitter to make building web pages quick and easy. With AngularJS and Bootstrap joining forces, we get tools to quickly and easily create interactive and dynamic websites that look and behave similar to popular websites.
This video course will take you through a journey of building your first web application with AngularJS and Bootstrap. Each video will build on the functionality already learned in the previous video, always leaving you with a new feature of the running application.
Starting with no knowledge of AngularJS or Bootstrap, you will build up your knowledge through practical examples covered throughout the course. You will cover topics including external libraries to improve the ease of use, dynamic data bindings, dynamic styling, multi-view pages, form feedback, and AJAX form submission.
By the end of the video course, you will be able to successfully build a fully functioning web application.





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Packt is the leading UK provider of Tech

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