Web Development for Beginners - Working with Text in HTML

Jeremy From webdevHD, Learn Professional Web Development for Beginners

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9 Videos (37m)
    • Web Development for Beginners - Working with Text in HTML

    • Learn to Write Out HTML Code

    • Using Comments in Your Document

    • The Paragraph Tag Organizes Text

    • Headings Help Define Importance

    • Formatting Text with HTML

    • Breaking Up Your Webpage

    • Extra Entities and Symbols

    • Web Development Project - Use HTML to Format Some Text!


About This Class

Web Development for Beginners - Working with Text in HTML

Have you ever wanted to work in the growing industry of web development?

Have you dreamed of creating killer web sites, but don't know where to start?

Do you wonder what it's like to be an expert programmer, and choose a lucrative career in the technology field?

Web Development for Beginners is a course series designed specifically for you!

In this course, I will teach you the very basics to getting started with HTML programming. HTML is the foundation of any webpage, and getting a quick grasp on how it works will be pivotal in how well you do in the future. You will learn the fundamentals that every beginner must know before starting out on your quest to be the world's best website programmer!

You Will Learn:

  • Learn to Write Out HTML Code
  • Using Comments in Your Document
  • The Paragraph Tag Organizes Text
  • Headings Help Define Importance
  • Formatting Text with HTML
  • Breaking Up Your Webpage
  • Extra Entities and Symbols

At the end of this class, I strongly encourage you to write some of your own code in a New Project!

This will help ensure that you retain the information, and if there is any errors or you have questions, I can help! That is the best part about taking this course, you will always have access to me with anything that you need at all. I'm always here for my students!

If you already have a solid understanding of HTML and Programming than this may not be the course for you. This is a course for beginners who want to start their career in web development and website programming.

Courses in this Web Development for Beginners Series:

  1. Introduction to HTML (Free Course)
  2. Working with Text in HTML

So if you're ready, let's get started!


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Great stuff right at my level, keep posting dude!
I want more of these classes! Great explanation!
I hope this instructor continues to make further advancing html (or similar pursuits) classes. Their style is easy to follow along with.
Taylor Crockett

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Jeremy From webdevHD

Learn Professional Web Development for Beginners

webdevHD is the ultimate resource for everything in the web development industry. We provide high quality tutorials and courses to make sure that you can step up your game as a website developer.

Do you want a lucrative career in web development but don't know where to start?

Do you dream of working from anywhere in the world while coding the best websites around?

Do you strive to be the best programmer on the internet so that you can get any job you want?

webdevHD will provide you everything you need to get started!

Here is what we teach:

  • HTML - HTML is the foundation of any website or web page. By having a basic of understanding of this code language, you will be able to do a lot! From websites, to apps, to games, HTML is fundamental in a web development career.
  • CSS - Once you learn HTML, CSS will be the next best tool in your arsenal! CSS allows you to fully customize HTML code and the way a website looks and works. With CSS, you will be able to change the page format, look, style, and feel easily and efficiently.
  • Javascript - Javascript is the final piece of this trinity. With Javascript, you will be able to incorporate actual programming code to run data and information on your site. Forms, tables, charts, and more can be achieved through the use of Javascript.

If you are a complete beginner, an absolute newbie when it comes to web development, than you need our courses.

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The best part about Skillshare is that it doesn't cost anything extra to take our courses!

So when you see something new, go ahead and enroll.

webdevHD is always here for the students to answer questions, look at code, or just provide positive feedback on anything you need.

What are you waiting for? Enroll in a course and get started today!