Web Development Master Class 1: Build a Money Making Website Development Business The Simple Way | RJ Ritchie | Skillshare

Web Development Master Class 1: Build a Money Making Website Development Business The Simple Way

RJ Ritchie, E-Learning Instructor | Website Developer

Web Development Master Class 1: Build a Money Making Website Development Business The Simple Way

RJ Ritchie, E-Learning Instructor | Website Developer

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12 Lessons (18m)
    • 1. Website Developer - Introduction

    • 2. Class overview & Class Project

    • 3. Domain Name and Hosting

    • 4. WordPress Themes

    • 5. Social Media

    • 6. Video Content

    • 7. Photo Content

    • 8. Text Content

    • 9. Mobile

    • 10. SEO

    • 11. Analytics

    • 12. Please Leave a Review!

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About This Class

If you like to be creative…

And You like to help people…

And you would like to make money doing both…

Then starting your very own website development business a great fit for you.

  • Did you know that Over half (52%) of Local Small Brick & Mortar businesses do not have a website.
  • 94% of all small business websites are NOT mobile-friendly and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones.
  • 82% of small business websites don’t have social media accounts.

According to the SBA (small businesses of America), there are over 28 million small business in the USA. That means that over 14 million of these small businesses do not have a website.

This is where you come in. As a website developer you not only get to put your creativity to work but you get to help small local business get found online with an awesome website showing off the best about their business and in return helping their business thrive.

My name is RJ Ritchie. I have been a Website Developer since 2009 helping small business with their online and mobile presence building website, creating their social media marketing, video marketing, as well as strategically building their SEO (search Engine Optimization) so they could have the best chance to be found on Google, Bing, & Yahoo. 

NOTE: I have a degree in Psychology not in computer science. When I started my website business, I did not know HTML or CSS and you will not need to know this to be successful or to start your own business. It is very rare that I need to add code but you can learn that on Skillshare if you want to expand your knowledge. 

In this class, Web Development Master Class 1, I am going to show you the simple tools you will need to build a website and I will go over how these tools will help small business get more customers.

This is one of Six Web Development Business Classes. In this series, you will also learn:

  • Web Development Master Class 2: How much to charge for Website Development services
  • Web Development Master Class 3: Finding & Qualifying Clients
  • Web Development Master Class 4: Creating a solid Website Development Contract
  • Web Development Master Class 5: Building a Website Development business for continued growth
  • Web Development Master Class 6: How to create multiple streams of income

Owning your own business is an exciting prospect. Being able to use your creativity and having the opportunity to help small business owners potentially grow their business can be very rewarding. Being paid for it is really cool as well.

What is included in the class:

Web Development Master Class 1: Topics Covered

  1. Domains & Hosting
  2. WordPress Themes
  3. Social Media integration
  4. Videos integration
  5. Photos integration
  6. Content integration
  7. Mobile Responsive
  8. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) 
  9. Analytics (Google Analytics & Plugins) 

Just click on the enroll button and we will get started.

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Meet Your Teacher

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RJ Ritchie

E-Learning Instructor | Website Developer


E- Instructor - Website developer - Strategic Online Marketing - Video Creator - Writer

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1. Website Developer - Introduction: if you like to be creative and you like to help people and delight to make money doing boat , that starting your very own website development business is a great fit for you. Did you know that over half of the local small brick and mortar businesses do not even have a website? 94% of all websites are not mobile friendly and will not render successfully on mobile devices or smartphones. 82% of websites don't even have social media accounts. And according to the S P A, there over 28 million small businesses in the U. S. A. That means there are over 40 million of these small businesses that don't have a website. This is where you come in as a website developer not only get to put your creativity to work, but you get to help small local businesses get found online with an awesome website showing off the best of their business and in return helping their business thrive. Hi, I'm RJ Richie. I've been helping local small businesses with their online presence since 2009. In this class, I'm going to show you the simple tools you'll need to build a website. I will also go over how these tools will help small businesses get more customers. Owning your own business is an exciting prospect. Being able to use your creativity and have any opportunity to help small business owners potentially grow their business can be very rewarding. Being paid for it is really cool as well. Just click on the A roll button below, and we'll get started right away. 2. Class overview & Class Project: thank you for enrolling. Let me give you an overview of the topics will be covering in the class. We'll be looking at domains and hosting WordPress themes, social media, video content, photo content, text content, mobile application, search engine optimization and analytics. I would like you to share your goals with us. Which small business do you want to focus on? Find a theme that would work well for that business. And go ahead and share it with us. Post your goals and go ahead and ask some questions so I and the community can better help you achieve your goals. 3. Domain Name and Hosting : So the first thing you're gonna need is to purchase a domain name. Now, what I like to do is get my domain name and my hosting in one place. Let me show you what a domain name is. So, Richie created cafe is the name of my business, and I've gone ahead and purchase Richie Creative cafe here. And you can have your business name, your personal name, maybe a location name, like Portland House pain or something like that. And you're gonna go ahead and register your domain in other words, by a domain name and then register it. And then you're gonna need to have a place to host your website. So I like to go to a place like host, Gator and Blue Host and, ah, purchase both my domain name and my hosting account at the same location. So I'm not having to transfer things over. And they have lots of different plans. Host gators really great in terms of customer service and the options that they have on the back end of things. They're great technical support. So how they recommend them. But a lot of my business has done on a site called Blue Host Blue hosts again. This place we can purchase your domain name and host your websites highly recommended. You're gonna need both of these things first to get your website going for your businesses or for yourself. Okay, I'll see in the next video. 4. WordPress Themes: So the great thing about this particular website they were going to using its a WordPress site and we're gonna use a site called Theme Forest to get our websites. So let's take you on over here and you're just going to click on the one Let's go with this one below Here, Websites and here's theme force. Now they have over 20,000 website templates and they range from $2 on up and we can scroll down here. And if you click just kind of hover over the box or the icon of the website, you they will show you a little example of what it looks like, which is kind of nice. They have the new ones here and then have some free ones, some that are featured and school down. And they've got commerce sites, email templates, tumbler templates and a whole lot of other information. And great resource is here. So what we want to do is we're gonna go ahead and get what's called a responsive WordPress theme. So I'm gonna look that up that where we're looking by category rather than sifting through all of this because it's just so much it just would take up too much time. So that's typing responsive WordPress. You do the search on this and then I like to sort so you can sort however you like. You do from the price, the ratings, the popularity of those kinds of things. And I'm going to do the best sellers. But you can see down here the other one saying, Let's do that right now Nevada is number one bestseller that someone I use a lot for my companies and you can scroll down and see. You know, you see you how I'm just hovering over the icon of the actual creator. And, ah, gives you an opportunity. Kind of get a glimpse of what that looks like. So let's go to Nevada, click on this, and then we'll see a little bit about what they have available. And so they scroll down here. They have 261 sales. They've got all these great comments. They explain exactly what the technical aspects of the site offer, and if we go up here, we go ahead and actually see a live preview. So I'm gonna click live preview now. Avada. Which new is Purchase? Nevada. But they have a lot of different types of layouts that you can use for Avada. So let me scroll down and show you the different types and what I mean by that for, like, different businesses. Let's say you have a law firm or you have a real estate or you have a Web hosting site or you have a cafe or restaurant fashion any of these kinds of things. But I think we'll do is we'll click the coffee one and just show you example of this so that we pull this out of the way. So here's a pre made templates WordPress theme that is responsive, which means it works both on the smartphones and PCs and tablets everything else and scroll down. And what you would do with this is just paste and copy your own information. But the layout is already there for you, so there's no HTML. There's no CS assists any of that type of stuff, so don't have to code anything. It's all here for you and makes it really nice. So of artist. Great. There's a WordPress theme. I highly recommend this. Okay, that's it for themes, and I will see you in the next video 5. Social Media: So the next thing you're gonna need to put on a website is social media, social media is extremely important. We're talking Facebook, Google, plus Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, these kinds of things. Now in pearl painter side. I went and put it down here on the bottom so you can see the Facebook Twitter and YouTube accounts. Also, I added a instant, but it button seeking email them if you want to write here. But this is really important to put on a site. Now. You can go ahead and up, sell a client. These services and you could be managing those by using a tool called Hoot Suite and whose sweet allows you to manage all of your social media from one dashboard. And it makes it really easy and a lot faster. Zen Post once and then distributed all to all of these different social media sites, and it's really a nice tool to use. So this is a great Upsell. Two great way to say, Hey, we're going to create all of this for you and we'll have this opportunity have your social media all on one dashboard and this I really like this, so go ahead and take a look at Hoot suite. You get a free account or you can also get a business account, which then you would forward onto your client. Alright, but really important to have social media, right? That's it for this video. Let's see in the next one. 6. Video Content: so another resource. It's a extremely valuable is using video content on a website, and what this does for your client is a gifts their customers the opportunity to learn more about them. Or perhaps they can learn how to do something like how to paint or how to glaze cabinet doors, those types of things. And it gives the client, your website client the opportunity to have kind of show off and give a little more credibility of who they are. As a as a potential business toe higher so highly recommend you talk to your client about adding video to their website now. Also, you can charge for this, and so the time and the effort and energy to put all this together can be built and it's an up sell, and it adds mawr opportunity for you. And but at the same time, it allows your customer to really communicate clearly to their customers on their end. So I highly recommend video content. All right, I'll see in the next video 7. Photo Content: The next thing I want talk to you about is photo content. No photos. Make a website look beautiful and you want to get the sharpest, cleanest photos you can get. And also they need to be really large because of how clear we want to be able to make him. These banners air really, really wide, so we want to make sure that you get really high quality photos. Now, this is a great up Sella's. Well, if you have a good camera, maybe your iPhone or something really good Samsung with a good phone or a DSLR something like that, you could be taking your own photos for your clients and then again charging them for that time and energy to put that together. It it allows the opportunity for them to show off their work, but portfolios together and really highlight their website. And so I've seen so many websites with just terrible photos, so really, really want to do good quality photos. Now these right here we would have had put in a portfolio and as you saw it, we can just go ahead and click on the picture and they'll open up. But you conduce all sorts of different photos, photos of maybe like for him. It's all the the different homes he's done and little slider up here on the top, showing the different photos. Kind of get people, you know, interested right away. When you come in, you do photos of their clients. Here's another painter. We descend photos for called balls for painting, and there's a video they have, by the way. But let's go to the portfolio. So on a portfolio, the end of things, you can see some of the voters that we took that were in their factory. We went to did photos of them actually spray painting the cabinets and got to spend a little time with their staff and take some staff photos. You can see their clients here, and then we also did some products that they actually painted, and ah, showed those off. I'll show you here now were swelling down through some of the homes that they have, but here's some of the cabinet photos that we did. So we'd lined all these up and took a photo of each of different cabinet. Some of the beautiful work they don't love these to hear these. This one here, And it just came out really, really good. So you could see how photos air. Just add a lot of value to a website. And again, if you can put this together and put a little package pricing together about, um hey, this is how much we're gonna charge to take photos. It's an up sell for you, but on the end of the of your Web site client, it really helps sell who they are and gives a lot more information for their customers to get acquainted with who they are as a business. So highly recommend that. Okay, that's it for photos. And I'll see you in the next video. 8. Text Content : The next thing we want to talk about is content. Contact is extremely important and great thing to have on your website. Now what you want to do is meet with your website client and go over all of the fine details that you need to add regarding their content, their text contact on the actual website and needs to be thought through and very strategic anyone have in certain places we did here is how to choose the best Portland House painter for your project. We added this content and then we click on this button here toe. Learn more about this right here to learn more Click here and what we did is we have a little bit more about then as a business and we did a video as well. Is that these PDF questions so that the clients could, you know, ask maybe some questions toe other painters and it's kind of a resource tool. But we put all of this content together here, too, and people can download this directly, but it really helps sell there. Your website clients business, and it's really important. So let me show you what maybe about his page go here. Here's some more text contact that we put together. Now that's video content, right? We did a video interview for Brian, and then we added all of this text content or copy. OK, they also call it copy. That's another word for the text content on a website, and we added that all over the place. So it was very strategic and what we're doing and why we're doing it here. Some reviews that we put together. It's kind of shares more about you know what clients think about Brian and all of his work that he's done and hate is great guy and all the good stuff. So this is great content in when I don't see let's go down to contact us. Now something is really important. Added phone number. Make sure your phone number is as many places as you can. That's tasteful. You want to get too overwhelmed with it, but just, you know, good placement again. That's a strategic thinking about where to put stuff on what you can do to is head on over to other websites that are doing really well and take a look at some of their placement and learned some valuable information about what's the best place to put content. What another place we did is we did a blawg, so you can have ah, you know, daily, weekly, monthly blawg that you can create for your clients and charge them. Or Aziz. Well, as you know, have this on ah, on a monthly basis. And it's a great resource for you, but a great resource for them as well. Financial resource for you. And get her a great resource for them to share more about their business. All right, that's it about content. I'll see you on the next video. 9. Mobile: so probably one of the most important things that you do with your website business is to make sure that you have a responsive WordPress theme. What that means is that this team is gonna be able to fit all of the smart phones, and I pads out there. With so many people owning iPhones and ipads today, you have to have a responsive theme. And this is something you can really stress with your website client. So make sure that whatever you do, you find a WordPress theme that is responsive. And if it's really nice, you can see here. This is same exact site I had shown you earlier, but it automatically fits. It's just strengths down. If it's all of the smartphones and tablets, everything all right? I'll see in the next video. 10. SEO: Okay, let's talk about search engine optimization. Now s CEO is really important. And I'm gonna typed in here Portland house painter. And what that does is allows me to find different house painters in the Portland area. Now, here is my client right here, pearl painters and what we did on the back end as we created ah s CEO so that people, when they typed in certain things, would be able to find him. And so a great tool for that a plug in for the WordPress names is called All in one S e o pack. And this is what it looks like right here. And what you can do is you can get this great tool for the back end of your website and you install this and then it allows you to media, police and things and put some text and content in here so that when people are searching for certain things regarding that the theme of your client, they will be able to find that on Google. And so it's really important to have this tool, great content and people who put the two together will give you great search engine optimization. All right, I'll see you in the next video. 11. Analytics: All right, let's talk about analytics and the links are extremely important to have on your website. What they do is they tell you every single thing that's going on with your website. I mean, which person has contacted you via mobile phone or via chrome, or at night, or what country they came from or anything like that? So one of the places you can do is go to Google Analytics and I have a plug in that you can put on your website on your WordPress website that can just be uploaded on the back and it's free and they're actually, there's quite a few of them. So you condone, check the ratings and all that kind of stuff, but this is a great tool. What it does is it You just plug it in and then Google Analytics to give you a little code here, and you're just gonna plug the code in and then save the changes and then you'll have information from your website that goes to Google Analytics and they'll put a report together for you. It tells you every single thing that you need to know about your website. So here's the Google analytics website. You want to go ahead and create an account and sign up you can do for free and then on the back end once that's all set up and everything is going through and they've got great little tools to help you do this. But you can go ahead. And but all of this together a little report for your clients, and it can be Pdf to through the email to them on a monthly basis or weekly basis lets them know exactly what's going on. Like you know, our people come into my sight more night time. Are they coming during the day? Are they watching reading more about this blogger, that blogger or there they lurking at my videos? So it's amazing Tool, highly recommended, and you should definitely have it for your websites. Okay, I'll see in the next video 12. Please Leave a Review! : thank you for enrolling in the class. Your feedback is really important. If you could do me a favor and please click the Leave review button and then when that window opens, go ahead and leave a review. Here's an example of what that might be. Just click on this. Yes, and you can write some text here and submit review. Thank you so much and I will see you in my next class.