Web Development Guide 2019 - Learn what you need to know as a beginner or a rusty coder | Philipp Mochine | Skillshare

Web Development Guide 2019 - Learn what you need to know as a beginner or a rusty coder

Philipp Mochine, Web Development - Vue / Laravel

Web Development Guide 2019 - Learn what you need to know as a beginner or a rusty coder

Philipp Mochine, Web Development - Vue / Laravel

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8 Lessons (40m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Which tools you need

    • 3. What means what

    • 4. HTML & CSS - What to know

    • 5. JavaScript - What to know

    • 6. Git & Tooling - Your daily workflow

    • 7. Server side languages - What to know

    • 8. Class Projects - Upload a file to GitHub

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About This Class


HTML 5, PHP, Composer, Node JS, NPM, GitHub, etc... So many new terms to learn. Is it confusing for you? Do you know what you should learn straightaway to start your career in Web Development? Learn what these terms mean and what to choose for your goals.

Welcome to my very first class on Skillshare. In this 40-minute class, you are going to learn the tools you need to develop your first webpage. This class is aimed for beginners and rusty coders, that didn't code for a long time and need a little refresh. It's a practical guide for you to lead you the way in the year 2019.

Key lessons include:

  • Understanding what you need to use
  • Which Editor I recommend to use
  • Which programming language to use
  • Which frameworks are the easiest to learn etc.

If you are totally new to programming, don't fear the programming reaper. It is really easier than you think! Learning how to code can be quite overwhelming at first because there is just so much to learn. However, with this class, you are getting an overview of what you need to learn first and what you need to learn afterwards.

So grab your computer and make it comfortable. Let's roll the clip!


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Philipp Mochine

Web Development - Vue / Laravel


Welcome to my About Page See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hey, guys, My name is Philip Machine and we are going to talk about the development and how you can start. You carry a very fast and and Okay, let's start with the introduction. So this class is going to be a practical guide important for all of you. It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a rustic odor. Then the last time I coat it was 10 years ago. And as you can imagine, so many things have changed. And it is crazy all these terms npm, Guetta, composer, those frameworks that didn't exist before and it was so confusing for me. I started to coat and I didn't know what I need to use or how to ride a specific coach. Now, I give you my recommendations for 2019 on. I think they're pretty useful. You will see there are several solutions for problem, and I'm going to show you the best one. Andi Yeah, let's start with the class. But before we get to the next video, I just want to tell you about the class project, and this is going to be a challenge for you at the end of all those videos you need to choose. You need to pick a language you would like to learn. Let's say it's view. It's a framework and generous grip, and you're going to create a fire containing a hello world text or something like coating is fun and you're going to upload this file to get up on. After that, you are publishing the link here in skill share, and it's going to be wait for legendary. And if you have any questions at all, it is super easy. You can go with you. Most hover above the video and you will see something. In a small note, it's called View All notes, and with that, he can post a note to this video. And if something is unclear, can always ask me. I'm going to try to answer it so, but it's no Griffey computer. Make yourself comfortable and let's learn something you 2. Which tools you need: Okay, let's start with the basics. The last 2.5 years were super tough to learn all the coding again on I did a lot of mistakes and it confused me quite a lot. And I hope this guy is going to help you not to be confused at all. And, yeah, let's start with the class to first Kill Share class. Yeah. Okay. Without further ado, let's talk about software into us software and tools. Other fundamental pillars off programming. I think you can agree with me. It is quite hot to develop a website without a browser. Oh, without a re assaults code editor off course, you can use a text editor, but they're sometimes where Project just gets too big and I would recommend to use ah saw Scott editor like visual studio code by Microsoft. There is quite amazing to use, but you could use also supplement text. Actually, when I started to code two years ago, I used Atom. It was very beautiful on I really like to use it. But when the project went to big, the editor became very slow. Andi I switched up to sublime texts and was amazing sublime text opens instantly, and you can use it like a normal text editor, just with all the syntax highlighting, etcetera, etcetera, on which the studio coat has also the auto completion for coding. That is really neat. And if you want to use the debunker, I think it's a must. As for the Web Broza, I would recommend you to use Chrome or Firefox. I'm a Firefox lover. However, the chrome deaf tools, the development to us are much more faster and much smoother. Privately, I'm always using Firefox, and I like it. How they protect your privacy by chrome is just faster and has more innovations in it. Nevertheless, I would recommend you to use a least two different browsers because every brother rendering in page differently. That means that the webpage looks a bit different and can look completely different. Does where If you have some weird box and now to the last three bullet points, those are optional. It depends in which department or in what kind of career you want to do. If you are more into design, I would recommend you to you sketch as ah MacBook user and adult 60 for Microsoft use. Um just as a side note. Am I the only one who looks at 60 and things about the emoji? As a teenager we used to see all the time. But now, with all these real emojis, we don't use it actually anymore. Sketch and XY are very important, especially when you have customers. We demand to see the progress off your website. You can create wire frames. Those are outlines. That represents the future website that you're going to build and you can create mock ups. So there are several things you can do with it. I definitely recommend you to try them out. And, of course, 40 shop is a very cool school to have, especially in every area where you're working in or even if you're taking pictures were recommended for using database management. I'm still an old school guy. I'm using my s Square, as I used it in 10 years ago. But they are really cool application for it. Secret pros. One of my favorite one. It is only for MacBook uses, and only for my ask you Alba is really nice. As the Microsoft use, I would recommend you to use my ask a work bench or PHP, my admin. And now on to the last bullet point. Sorry, guys, it's determined. I know it. It's dreadful and scary and was confusing as hell when I needed to use it. I didn't understand why I needed it, and it looks ugly and it feels very old, but he will see you are going to use it every single day. However, don't fear it. It is quite easy to use at the beginning. I wouldn't recommend you to install anything what I'm recommending here. But when you're getting advanced, come back and look up. What I told you to use, I would recommend as a Mac user seashell and for Microsoft git bash. That should be completely enough. So that's it. We are done with software into its in the next video. We are going to talk all the terms that confused me a lot like what is a front end developer? What? It's a bag and developer. What is M. P. M. And get her? See you in the next video by 3. What means what: So before we go on with this class, we need to know all of these terms on, you know, always terms there floating around my head yet thes terms on, and I will show you a list where I'm going to step, passed up, explain everything on that suit. Okay, I present you the most important terms and acronyms that I think are very useful as a beginner or as a rustic coder. And let's begin with the terms. Actually, it's quite funny. Those five terms you see also job titles you can earn. However, these job titles are very specialized except for number five. It's a hybrid off number three and four, and I'm going to explain each off those terms and let's start with you ex designer. So the UX design a stands for the user experience designer. His or her goal is to create a wonderful experience on the website so that the user comes back again and therefore he designs the logic and the structure off the website. Normally, the UX designer creates ah, wire frame mock up off the page so that you, I designer, can use the work off the UX designer to create the art, so both of them are working closely to each other. You, I designer, stands for the user interface designer. So with the work of the UX designer, the your eye designer decides which kind of color is going to use. And he's grating color palette, so it looks very homogenized on every page. There's now the front and developer is also working closely with the U X designer and the you are designer. First, we need to understand why they're working together and what means front and developer affront. And developer is someone who develops the front end of a website. So what is the front end and what is a bank end? I show you this little funny cartoon. A real like it because the user, when he requests a website, he only sees the front end off a website. It is beautiful as a mermaid and it should be beautiful. Of course, when the you are designer does a great job, so this means front end is the thing to use. A cease can click on, it can touch on it etcetera. However the bag and is that what is scary and ugly as you can see on the cartoon just to understand it more clearly. The back end is usually a server running a software with your code on it, so that when the requests comes from the user from the front end that the BEGIN can now handle the request and great processes internally to say, for example, storages like images or some data to the database. And you could say the back end side is the most important thing in your business because it contains your business logic. It won't be in the front and page because the user could steal your coat via the front end . So Number five is the full stick developer, and it's usually a hybrid off both worlds, like the front and world and the back end world. They are called the rock stars in the programming world. I'm just kidding. They're very useful. However, they're not that specialized as a really front and developer or back and developer, so these jobs are usually found in big companies. When you look at small companies like startups, you will see that the U I designer is usually the UX designer as well. Okay, now let's talk about acronyms. I would say those nine my top favorite acronyms. You will hear about them all the time in your carrier and that start with C. M s. It sends for content management systems and I don't know if you know WORDPRESS or any other CMS. The customer is able to ride articles to update articles to delete. Arctic is etcetera without knowing how to code. So no wonder big websites you CMS, the second acronym that I think is very, very important in your career is called CEO. It stands for search engine optimization that is quite important to know about it because it increases the traffic off your website. You have to understand the search results off any search engine such as Google being yahoo . They all have to filter the inquiry so that the user gets the best result. So, 10 years ago it was quite easy to get very well rained. It just needed to have some back Ling's. Those are links from external websites that refer to your website. However, today it is not that easy. It is quite complicated to get rang dwell. Of course, back links are still valid and very useful to have, However, If the website is still not good and the user are leaving it very fast, Google will notice it and rank your lower. The next acronym is called Cdn, and it stands for content delivery network. Just imagine you have a user coming from Australia to your server, but your server stands in Frankfurt. In Germany. You can imagine that it takes such a long time to don't note all fights from your website. So it makes much sense when your server is just reputed all of the world. Because those proxy servers are standing worldwide, the user from austerity, they can donut the by its very fast. So the next acronym is called M. V C, and this is quite important. If you are using back and languages. It is a pattern how you can coat and it makes your coding very efficient. I still remember when I heard this term, and it was quite confused how, ah, what it is. So the NBC stands for model view on controller, and it is a quiet, easy pattern to understand. Just imagine that you have three Xer fires and the first fires called the model theseventies fires called somehow the view, and the third fire is called controller. So imagine a user now was it's your website. And the very first thing what happened? This the controller gets the request that a user wants some data and the controller thinking, Okay, should I check it up in the database? And for that we are using the model class. The model class is communicating directly with the database, and it's returning the result to the controller if needed. So after that, we collected the results from the model file. The control can then decide a process which view is going to be viewed. The response is, for example, the welcome page off any website and with the process off the controller, we can decide, for example, is the user looked in or is it just a guest? So the website is going to look a bit differently now. Crowd stands for great read, update and delete, and it's used in operations and data repositories such as, for example, if you are using a database like SQL etcetera. So in the back and server, for example, in the model fire, we have procedures and functions that creating new database points or they can update and you data pace, rose, etcetera, etcetera. So, on the other hand, rest is very similar to crowd. It's arrests tents for representational state transfer. This is very typical used in AP eyes. The important part in risk is that you understand it. A stateless. That means that the server, it does not know in what kind of state the user is and vice a versa. Before we go on, I need to explain what a P I stands for, and it's the application programming interface. And just to make it simple when you want something from the server, you are creating an I. P. I request and the risk usually, and your l they go students server and the server is doing something behind the scenes, and it's responding to it. So for the i P I, responds, Jason Ellis used, it is a fire system. There is a readable for JavaScript. Therefore it stands for JavaScript object notation, and with that, you can save the data, use it processes it said room. So now let's speak about the last two acronyms. Es or the C. M. A script is a subset of javascript. Just to understand it more clearly. Jeffers grouped is basically e c m. A script. However, the inventions in JavaScript how you write code is getting better and better. So was sm a scrip. It has tried to set a specification how you write JavaScript so that the browser can understand the new way how your code and you will see in the class off JavaScript. I will talk about it quite a lot. So the last acronym stands for what you see is what you get and is quite often used in CMS . So content management systems like what rest. So just imagine you're creating a new article you are not writing in a text editor. It is more like a text editor that shows how it's going to look at the website. And the amazing thing is that the user doesn't need to know how to code. Okay, I think we're done with terms and acronyms. Now let's do the fun stuff and let's talk about HTML and CSS. 4. HTML & CSS - What to know: when I used to. Code HTM four waas around and there waas kind of different. You have flesh and always warnings. You have to update it all the day. Yeah, it was so annoying. I'm so glad that it is over. And now we can enjoy the web experience perfectly without fresh. Okay, now, let's talk about HTML five and CSS s. I would say that is very important to learn. It doesn't matter if you don't want to be effective, other per because h m l is the building block off every website you visit. So it is quite important to understand how it works. And I'm pretty sure you are going to learn. Hmm. A five in one single day. It's very simple. You just need to understand to Syntex how it works, and that's it. But before we go on, I want to speak about hmm. Four and five. What's the difference? Currently, every brothers using html five. But when I used to coat Hmm four was still around on this waas he pain in the ass where you needed to use flash all the time at the first glance. Hmm. Five. Isn't that much of a difference. But if you are looking at under the heart, you will see many differences. So first, the HTML frame looks very similar. Actually, it is the same. You have ahead structure. You still have a body structure. However, the duct tap simplified and is shorter. You will see internally. Hmm. Five provides better error handling, especially when your documents are malformed or your tax are not close correctly. The good thing is, hmm. Five brings new functions and text like canvas, video and audio, because now, with H. M I five, you can see all the videos. That is the reason why flesh declined rapidly. It is a huge change in the way how we experience the Web. For example, YouTube dismissed flesh in 2015 because now we can use it via the hmm five, then the tag canvas. It's used, for example, in mobile games in the old way. You used flesh, however, now you don't need to use it. If you compare flesh canvas, it is performance wise, very similar. However, canvas is much, much more optimized for the browser. That means it doesn't need that much off battery life on as you know it is very important since the rise off the smartphones. It's okay, that's it. And now we can talk about html five. What you need to learn on that. Start with the tank. So when you see the sign bigger or smaller, that is called tech and nearly every tech has an ending and you will see it with the slash sign. And don't worry, they're really only a handful of text that you're going to use. The most important one is the attack. You really need to understand what it is. And if you look at my website, you will see that I'm using def at least 70%. Besides dead, I would recommend you to understand what are sections. Footer, the naff tack, etcetera and want it I want to give you is when you are wizarding website. Try to look at it and try to imagine to draw rectangles over each element and usually thes elements would be a diff books. This gives you the feuding how you should structure your website. Here's an example from the Scotia website. You see all the rectangles and nearly every directing A is a def books. So OK, let's talk about CSS CSS goes much, much more deeper and it's not that easy as HTML. However, I would say you can still learn it in several days, especially this in Texas. Quite easy to understand. But if you would compared how we used to use yes s as much, much, much easier. Because in the early days we structured a website in tables and there was really annoying, Especially when you want to have a responsive design. That means for each device, no matter how big decides is off the screen, the website will still look great. And I still remember how proud I waas when I created my website. Only with this there was amazing. And now, two years ago, when I learned you can use flex books, I really, really had to smile because house yes s life got much, much easier. It is so amazing how easy it is now to create irresponsible design. So it's a tip. I would recommend you to go to this website CSS tricks. You can hover with your mouths over the video and you can click on the note directly on try to understand the website because it tries to explain you how to use flex books, and you can use this website. It's a reference page, and always when you forget something, you can look it up. And then the scent Howard works. So in most cases, I would say in 1980% of the time CSS Vex books, it was quite enough. However, if you have complicated designs, I could recommend you to use CSS. Great, however, be really really sure if you want to use it, because it makes your code much, much longer. But you have more freedom how you can design your style for each screen size. Besides that, what you should learn and C s s are, for example, the variables. Actually, don't use it that much because there's an extension for CSS and it's called sauce. As a beginner, I would recommend you to learn it. It it's easy. It is very similar to CSS. However, you can write shorter coat and you can use viable inside of sass. And now let's talk about boots trip. I would recommend to use it as a beginner. It is the most popular framework for HTML and CSS. The framework Super Nice is just a collection of code. So you don't need to invent the wheel again. And it makes your life much, much easier because you already have the code and you can use it straight away. And you feel think you're not the beginner on you would say I am advanced. Yeah. And then I could recommend you to use Tailwind. You will like it, but it is very complicated to learn at first. However, if you get used to it, it is so much fun to work and your website is going to look amazing with it. 5. JavaScript - What to know: working back to Jeff Erskine. And I would say from all the changes so far, javascript has changed dramatically. It's like a different language. Their difference dies. How you write code, you have no. Oh, these frameworks we had on Lee Jae query at this time. And it was, Yeah, I didn't like it, but you have to use it. But now your view, you can choose, react or angler, I'm going to show you later on what this actually means. Andi. Yeah, Let's start this class. Okay, let's talk about javascript and what you need to know. Javascript is the language off the browser. So if you want to do something with web development, it is quite important to learn JavaScript. The cool thing is that JavaScript is not only for the browser, but you can use it a Sebek and language as well. So you learn only one language. But you can do two things at the same time. So as a beginner would first learned the synthetics, I would learn how what kind off data taps there are especially what is the difference between an object and an airy? After that, I would look at functions. What are functions. And how do you write functions? Then try to understand what the loop is tried to Innocent. What in if classes. Now, when you finish with that, you can have a look at your six. That sense for E c. M. A script. This is the way how you stand the size JavaScript. So because JavaScript is updating the way how you killed old time, their new futures and new ways How you code, for example with es six. We've got promises that is quite useful. You have to understand that Jeffers for IHS running single threaded, that means that two bits off script cannot run at the same time. Now, with promise you have the possibility to write us in crooners code, that means when something is done, they can go back to this point and can then process the coat as you wanted to have. There is another way how you can write it. This with S Inc and wait keywords. It is quite nice and makes your coat shorter another way. How to write functions is with the arrow sign, and this also makes you function look cleaner. At the end, I would highly recommend you to look at. What de structuring is This makes the variables also very short and your coat leaner. So because all of these changes how you can ride and that they are coming new features, not every brother can understand them. So most of the time you need a compiler or you need to poli full so poorly feel it's a code that implements the future that is not supported on the browser. Then there are compilers like Babel that are translating your coat to vanilla javascript so it can be used in every browser. So now let's talk about the best feature in JavaScript. I would say those the modules and module s a quiet, intelligent way, how you can split an application or your coat and separate files. So just think about it does not make sense to write a code in one big fire. You will lose trick of where specific coach is, So it makes much sense to decouple it into many, many files. And actually, as a beginner, I wouldn't recommend to use weapons directly. I wouldn't start parallel mix. It is so cold wrapper around weapon so that U S a beginner. Don't really need to set anything, and usually for 80% off use case. It's enough, and you don't have to change any settings. The next tip is quite useful because when you speak with the back and language, usually a server, you want to get some results back on. And to create those requests, there are several ways how you can use it. For that. I would recommend you to install the package. Access on is quite nice to use it. I think it's even the most popular way are you can fetch the data from the back and server . You definitely need to understand what a promise is for that. And you need to understand what kind off http methods there are like Get pulse, delete, update, edit and remember the response off a bag and server is usually written, and Jason and Jason is a former to how you can store and transport matter. And if you look how Jason has written, it looks like Djebbour objects, however, with double quotes. No, the last point ISS a bit difficult to install first, it is called S Lind and is quite useful because it analyzes your coat and when it finds some weird box, it will show it to you. And the good thing is, there are some style guidelines that I can really recommend. It makes your code cleaner and much, much easier to reach. And as a star guard, there are two big ones, one from Google, the other from Airbnb. And I would say, Take the Airbnb one that it's used the most. So once you refresh your memories off HTML, CSS and JavaScript now, I would say the hardest part begins, because now you have to decide to learn the JavaScript framework. It is quite amazing what you can do with it. It saves you a lot of time. You can decouple your code with components and modular very easy, so it makes your co very maintainable. And the best part is that your user interface is going to be reactive. That means if you have a value that is changing right now, it is going to be displayed instantly. There are two frameworks that I can recommend you to learn, view and react. Both are super good. You, for example, is to be easy to learn and react is the industry standard, and it's the most used framework. But view is currently grown exponentially, and as a beginner, I would really, really recommend you to use that because it's easy to learn. Andi. More and more jobs are currently searching for view, so you have both options as well. So that's it was JavaScript. And in the next last, we're going to talk about, get and touring. 6. Git & Tooling - Your daily workflow: Now, before we go on and learning new languages like the back and languages, we need to learn something that no one really likes. But I think it's super amazing. It's called Git. Actually, this is one of the most important stuff in your carrier. It's how to save you, how you can save the files. So get is a must for every developer. However, before we are talking about get, I want to talk about the terminal. I know, I know, I know it sounds very scary, and it was scary for me as well. When I used to coat, I didn't need it to use the terminal, However, Now I'm using the chairman constantly, for example, for creating new fires. Don't loading packages, creating new folders, committing get files, etcetera, it said room. It is actually that funny that my terminals always open. And when my operation system was trying to update itself, it current because terminal is blocking it well, because this class is more for beginners and Rusty Koda's, I want to make it really easy for you. Make book users. I have a tip how you can use the terminal quite easy without learning all the commands. The only real recommend that you need this. The CD command. That's it. So I'm going to show your cool trick where you can open a folder within the terminal without using the terminal itself. So just have a glance how it works. You go to this folder, for example, where you wanted to have it in the terminal, right click on the folder. Now under services, you will see something like New Terminal at Folder. And if you want to have this feature, it's quite easy to get. Just go to system preferences than select keyboard into shortcut, click on services and scroll down until you find new terminal at folder. So, as I said, get is absolutely necessary for all that developers. I'm pretty sure everyone of you has heard of Get up right So you can imagine Get up is something like Dropbox. You can actually save a lot of fires on there, but originally it's more for source code on the crew thing about get harvest. Not even that you can save the data, you can roll it back. You can go to the previous commit Ukraine, create branches, so you have many ways how you can work with your files, and it is pretty nice. And I remember when effort of get up it was a bit confusing because I didn't know what it ISS, and now I'm using it all the time. So as beginning, I would highly recommend you not to use get with the terminal, because at first lands it is confusing and hard to grasp. But if you're using an application, it is much easier because you know how to use it. You see the buttons, etcetera, etcetera. As a beginner, I would recommend you to dont get help dressed up. As in the grants user, I would recommend you to use saw stream because it is first of all better. You have more options. It looks a bit cooler, and you can use alternative platforms such as spit bucket, etcetera. Okay, now let's talk about packages in my video. What means what? I talked about NPM already, However, I wanted to explain it again. It is so cool because it changed completely how I code. Let's say you have a problem and the good thing is there is someone who already code that the problem for you so it is a solution and you don't need to invented real again. That saves you a lot of time. And it's so cool to see how other people are coding does my most important tip. I would always recommend you to look how other people, according because you are going to learn quite a lot. So to donut of Package, you need to understand which kind of package manager you need to use for your specific language. Because each language has its own package manager and JavaScript, we have NPM or yon. Both are fine. They're very similar. But NPM is a bit easier, so I would use that. And in my daily work flow, I'm using all the time weapon in my class and JavaScript. I talked about it. I would use it with a terrible mix because it's a ripper that makes life very easy because 80% of the use case are already set, so you can use it straight away. If you don't like weapon at all, you can use parcel. It is also very nice. Two years. Maybe you're wondering why we're using weapons or pasa. Let's imagine you're writing a lot of generous grip coat. It does not make sense to leave it in one place. In one big fire, you need to organize it by spitting it into many files that is called modules. So for that, you need a bundle. Um, that bundles every fire into one big file. Yeah, and that's actually it. Now, in the next class, I'm super excited to speak about service side languages. 7. Server side languages - What to know: Hey, guys, I'm super excited that you're still here. High factor that I'm excited. Yeah, I am pretty sure you want to become a fully steak developer or a software engineer. And for that you need to learn back and languages on. Yeah, let's do it. So server side languages. Now, to become a fully stick developer or a software engineer, you have to learn a service side language. There are several languages you can choose from, but for coding websites, I would recommend you to pick one off these three. You have to choice between peach be no Js or python because of my coding background. I don't have much experience in Notre S and Python only in PHP. When I called it the last time, Python was still young and not used for websites. And no jazz didn't even exist. But nonetheless, I want to tell you about the other languages. Well, but let's start with PHP. PHP was specifically built for websites running on a server and it is there for the oldest language. No, jet was quite confusing for me to understand because when I heard of it, I was like a front and language is becoming a back and language as well. It was for my brain way too much, actually. Still can't believe it, how they managed it. And it must be amazing to use no TSS back and language because you don't have to switch the language between front and back end. So it is easier to write code again without a Rose. Python is a really interesting land, which you can run everything on it. And it's used heavenly for AI or data analyzes. You'd like to work in this area. Big Web sites like Dropbox or even Google are using Python. There's even a saying anger. If it's possible, right? Everything in Python Now it's hard to recommend the perfect language for you. If you don't want to learn another language besides JavaScript, I would recommend you to learn No Js and for me, as an old school PHP script kiddie, I would highly recommend Peach Beam. I know a lot of people are saying PHP is very old school on slow, however, within new updates with PHP seven plus, PHP got its reputation back as a fully functional back and language, especially if you're using frameworks. It is crazy, good So if you are coming from the PHP background, I definitely recommend you to learn PHP again so nonetheless, it doesn't matter what you're going to pick. You still need to learn the basic stuff. First of all, the syntax in the structure and the patterns. Then I would look up what kind of package management there is used for your language and Ph . B. It's called Composer, and at last I would look up. How do you write http, request to your back and server with dealing which you have chosen and especially look up or routing is done. So now I'm going to present you my recommendations for the frameworks. I know I didn't have any experience with the other two languages, however, that there are very popular frameworks that I like and the other one our donors, for example. I've looked up and a really, really like it. I will explain it why, But first, let's talk about peach people. There are two big frameworks that I use very often. The one that I like the most is called Larra. Well, it is quite amazing because you have so many to Tory's about it. There's so many videos about it, so it is easy as a beginner to learn, but warning it is very overwhelming. And there's much to learn, and especially the documentation is not clear. At the beginning, however, when you're working with it, it's going to be clearer and clearer and clearer. There's another big framework. It's called Symphony, and actually, Larry well is based on symphony, but symphonies more used in very big projects and big companies. So at first I would stick with Lara. Well, then, to know jazz, there's only one big popular framework. It's called Express GS is very lightweight and very fast. However there many few just not included in. You have to donut them separately, but overall expresses the most used one, so it's very useful to learn this. Well, Adonis Jesse's another framework that I really like. I didn't use it, but I've heard a lot of good things about it, especially if you're coming from the Larra well background, because it's very similar in Python, there are two big frameworks. There's Jenga and flask, and jingle is quite different to flask and general, you even having Edmund panel and flask is basically like a micro framework It reminds me a bit off express and it gives you just what you need. There's no bells and whistles, but at same time it gives you a lot of freedom, and you can really do what you want to do. So that's it was service language is quite curious. Which kind of language are you going to choose and what kind of framework? If you have some own recommendations off frameworks that you used, please write in the comments. I'm quite curious because I really want to learn a bit more off other frameworks. So the next week I'm going to talk about the class project. See you there. 8. Class Projects - Upload a file to GitHub: Congratulations. You did it. You manage the whole class. It's my It was my first last and it was your first cast. Both wept Oberman and I hope this practical guide showed you how to learn what you need to learn in the future so that you can become a vet developer Andi, what you choose, you know, you can be a front of upper. You can be a back and developer or fully step developer, but at the end of the day, you need to work for that. You need to learn every single day, new stuff, and I know it's complicated or it sounds confusing, but it's actually not. You just need, for example, this guide that I assure you today and was that knowledge. You can be everything you want to be like an astronaut. No, I'm kidding, just a Web developer. But I think you will like it. It's going to be amazing And, yeah, so I guess No, I the end of this class, I'm going to challenge you. I hope you're going to manage it. It's a small, small challenge meant Let's see if you can do it, you need to write the code a simple code place. Let's say you take the language HTML even though it's not a language per se, but does marriage or you Can you write it in view or in the beckoned language? What you like? Let's say PCI and you create this fire and uploaded it and get hop on. You are going to publish it here. You like a link to your public fight, Andi. Yeah, I'm quite sure that you should do it by your own, but it's going to challenge you because you need to look up what tools you need so that the language is working on Yeah, posted down below. I'm very excited to see it. What if you did it? And if you have some problems, can always ask me I could help you. No problems at all. I'm happy to help. So, guys, this is the end of this class. I hope you had fun and you learn something and I'm Yeah, I am pretty sure we're going to see each other again. I'm doing full up videos on I'm going to speak about all the languages, said I showed much more deeper on. I hope you are going to learn something