Web Design with HTML5 + CSS3 Special Effects :: Create Stunning Rotating Cogwheels

Jeb Riordan, Project Manager | Web Developer | jebriordan.com

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8 Videos (12m)
    • Introduction:: Create Spinning Cogwheels

    • Set Up Infrastructure

    • Create the HTML in index.html

    • Write the CSS Part 1

    • Write the CSS Part 2

    • Write the CSS Part 3

    • FinalThoughts

    • ClassProject


About This Class

Combine HTML5 and CSS3 in Your Web Designs to Make Awesome Special Effects.

With the introduction of HTML5 and CSS3 there is a whole bunch of special effects that we can include in our web designs without a single PHP,  jquery, or java script

And that’s a good thing right?

In this series of short classes we’ll explore a whole range of special effects to brighten up our web development as well as showing our site visitors what we want them to do.

In this class we’ll create:

A set of rotating cogwheels. Not really useful, they look pretty realistic and will add interest for your site visitors.

And you get to use your coding skills, right...


Watch out for more web design with HTML5 and CSS3 short classes. Coming soon: Fancy buttons, sliding images and carousels...

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The guide is comprehensive and explains how the code is done, as well as why it works. This class would suit beginner and less confident intermediate students of HTML and CSS. Being able to understand the basic structure of code (even if you can't write any) is definitely recommended prior to this class.





Jeb Riordan

Project Manager | Web Developer | jebriordan.com

My name is Jeb Riordan and I've been a project manager for, well, too long.

Primarily in the telecommunications sector I have managed multi-million dollar projects in more than ten different countries, including, the UK, Australia, Thailand, Indonesia, Pakistan, Cambodia and the Caribbean.

I am a past member of the UK based Association for Project Management (APM) and the USA based Project Management Institute (PMI).

Although no longer a member of any professional institu...

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