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Web Design Using Sketch, Flexbox, and JQuery

teacher avatar John Moore, Creative Technologist

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Watch this class and thousands more

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Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

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About This Class

Web Design Using Sketch, Flexbox, and JQuery takes a boot camp/peer coding approach, combining creative, design, and technical "over the shoulder" training that not only tells you how to build—but shows you. A bare-bones web application is our starting point. I'll show you how to style applications using Sketch 3, Flexbox, jQuery, and my ACDC methodology. After completing this course, you'll have the skills to tackle front-end work—both UX design & UI development. Videos & source code included.


Meet Your Teacher

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John Moore

Creative Technologist


John has 13 years experience in instructional systems design and web development. He has designed and developed over 100 web-based learning products using multimedia and web technologies. John is also an artist. His public art is located in Indianapolis, Indiana. Learn more about John here: https://goo.gl/Fybqeb

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1. 1 WDSFJ Intro: Hello. My name is John G. More and as an artist and technologies, I know how to use both art and technology to build in the digital space. Do you want to start a new career and front end design or user interface development? Do you want to level up and add user interface development to your resume? Do you want to learn to code? Then this is the course for you. Web design Using Sketch, Flex box and Jake Weary covers user experience, design and user interface development. Using this crash course you can upscale. You're creative and smart, but your skills aren't adequate for the current job market. With this course, you can quickly learn interface design and development skills. In this course, I cover how to design a Web application prototype using sketch three and then build it using HTML five, CSS three and JavaScript. The Java script out cover will be in the form of Jake Weary. J Query is easy to implement and perform it for building Web application prototypes. I'll show you how to use Flex box to make the prototype Responsive. Displaying on desktops, tablets and smartphones, these videos are in sections that correlate with the A, C D. C. Method assessing, conceptualizing, designing and coding. The first video covers assessing the existing Web application. The second video covers conceptualizing new layouts. The third video goes into details of using sketch to design a Web application prototype. The fourth video is a crash course on using HTML five CSS three Flex Box in Java Script in the form of J. Query to build a Web application prototype. Let's get started.