Weaving for Home Decor - Recycling Fabric, Building Looms | Liz Speer | Skillshare

Weaving for Home Decor - Recycling Fabric, Building Looms

Liz Speer, Surface Pattern Designer & Crafter

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10 Videos (34m)
    • Intro

    • 1 Fabric Selection

    • 2 Building The Loom

    • 3 Fabric Strips & Warping The Loom

    • 4 Start Weaving!

    • 5 weaving around ends and adding strips

    • 6 Clear Slo-Mo View of Weaving

    • 7 Last Row Critical Step

    • 8 Removing Your Weaving From the Loom

    • Final Thought


About This Class

Learn from designer Liz Speer, how to weave an amazing decorative mat to sit under a lamp, or as wall art. Your creations will be made by up-cycling used clothing & other textiles. In 34 mins of instruction you'll learn to build a loom, create the fabric yarn, and weave the project. No need to shop for new home decor when you can make it yourself. Checkout some of her creations at BeachLifeStyleStore & LifeEclectic.Net

Checkout Liz's industry background Here.

Who this Class is For

Beginners & Mid Level Crafters





-Light weight fabric than can be cut up. Old sheets, unwanted clothing, scrap fabrics from sewing project (the salvage of fabric rolls works perfectly.) Pick a range of colors that work well together. Printed or solid fabrics both work well.


- ¾” x 1 ½” Wood Boards [4ft 4” Long cut into (4) 13” Long pieces]


- (28) Wood Screws 1 ¼”Long


- (2) Metal Dowels at least 13” Long


- (4) Screw eyes

 -Ruler / Measuring Tape


- Pencil


-Power Drill with 7/64 drill bit & Phillips head (star) driver attachment


-Fabric Scissors (or sharp paper scissors)





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Liz Speer

Surface Pattern Designer & Crafter

Hi, I'm Liz.

I live in Rockaway Beach, New York (Yes, it is the infamous place from the Ramones song) and have worked in the iconic Garment District in Midtown Manhattan for over 7 years. My designs have been sold regularly in numerous major department stores. I have expertise in all things fashion / fabric. From graphic T-shirts, to textiles, to vectorized fashion sketches, I can teach you it all.

I also have my own line Called Life Eclectic Apparel. I create all aspects of the...

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