Weaving Without a Loom: DIY Woven Wall Hanging Made Using Cardboard | Hillary Bird | Skillshare

Weaving Without a Loom: DIY Woven Wall Hanging Made Using Cardboard

Hillary Bird, Wabi Sabi Textile Company

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10 Videos (15m)
    • Introduction

    • DIY Cardboard Loom

    • Warping Your Loom

    • Rya Knots (Fringe)

    • Plain Weave

    • Weaving Shapes

    • Slit Seams

    • Hatching

    • Taking Your Weaving Off the Loom

    • Conclusion

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About This Class

In this entirely introductory class, you will learn all the basic techniques necessary to create your very own woven wall hanging with textile artist Hillary Bird of Wabi Sabi Textile Company.

We will first go over how to make a cardboard loom; this is great for anyone who wants to try weaving but isn't ready to buy a loom just yet. You will learn how to warp your loom, create fringe, weave shapes and different kinds of seams. With these techniques, weavers will be able to create a totally unique wall hanging to display in their home or gift to a loved one!






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Hillary Bird

Wabi Sabi Textile Company

Hillary Bird, avid weaver and fashion historian

Since early 2010, Hillary has been professionally working with vintage clothes and is completely immersed in all things vintage in most aspects of her life. Her first job in the field was as a historical costumer/seamstress and now she works at a textile recycling company, rescuing valuable vintage gems from being shredded for their fiber.

Throughout her life, Hillary's creative endeavors have always revolved around textiles. She ...

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