Weaving Paper: Space Invader

Kip Perdue, Paper Cutting Artist

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6 Videos (32m)
    • Paper Weaving: Space Invader

    • The Materials

    • Cutting the Strips

    • Cutting the Backing

    • Weaving the Strips

    • Securing the work


About This Class

Follow along with this brief class as Kip Perdue, a London paper cutting artist, shows you how to create a quick and fun woven space invader. Using the templates provided and 2 sheets of colored paper you can easily make this with your family, or just for yourself! If you've ever thought you were missing a bit of hand crafted retro that harkens back to Atari, Grease, and the Bee Gee's "Staying Alive", this Space Invader is exactly what you need. 







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Kip Perdue

Paper Cutting Artist

I am a paper cutting artist based in South London. I moved to London after living in Chicago, Auckland, Oxford and York. I began to teach myself paper cutting in 2012 after recognizing that my previous creative endeavor, creating replica chain mail armor, was not terribly portable, so I switched to paper. 

Much of my work focuses on what I would call personal cartography. I like exploring new places, ideas, and techniques. Much of my work is about maps, as they've always fascinated me. I sell my work through Etsy, Folksy, and my own studio Kartegraphik. You can also find me on instagram.

Paper cutting is an easy, affordable, and quite impressive technique to know. It's easy to do with kids, by yourself, or while listening to a tv show. I aim to pass on what I've found so that others can do it too!