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Weaving Baskets With Natural Fibers

Artesany, Online courses by artisans

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19 Lessons (1h 45m)
    • 1. Promotional Video

    • 2. Tools needed to make any project with natural fibers

    • 3. Draw the geometric template

    • 4. Getting familiarized with the "esterilla" weaving technique

    • 5. How to make the base of basket

    • 6. Tie the base of the basket to the plastic mold you are using

    • 7. Begin the first and second levels of the sides of the basket

    • 8. Grow the sides of the basket as high as you want

    • 9. Begin a colorfull and decorative ribbon and choose its colors

    • 10. Make the ribbon as long as you want

    • 11. Now add the ribbon to the basket for as a decorative finishing

    • 12. Continue weaving the sides after adding the ribbon

    • 13. Weave your way up to the top of basket with detail on the color

    • 14. Repeat same steps until you finish the sides to your desired height.

    • 15. Cut leftover tips

    • 16. Begin weaving the lining of the basket

    • 17. Final step of the basket...you made it!

    • 18. Summary of all the steps taken to make the basket

    • 19. About the teacher

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About This Class

Would it not be wonderful if you could make your own handmade products for yourself or to sell them? Then this course is for you!

In this course you will learn how to weave baskets with natural fibers. The techniques you will learn is what many artisans use to create everything from souvenirs to incredible pieces of art.

With this course you will master the techniques of weaving in short time and you will be able to create projects for your own use, to give to your family and friends or even to sell.

The craftsman who dictates this course is José Manuel Ocas, recognized in Peru for his career in the artisan sector. José has participated with his techniques and craft products in fairs and craft competitions, both national and international.

You don't need any previous knowledge or ability to take our classes, just lots of enthusiasm and creativity.

For our team it is important that you know that for your purchase you will be donating 50% of the cost to vulnerable communities of artisans in Latin America.

If you want to know more about us, follow us on our Facebook page: Artesany.