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Weapon Modeling & Texturing For Game - Complete Pipeline

teacher avatar Nexttut, A Specialist in CG Tutorials

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

45 Lessons (7h 16m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Modeling the Axe Center

    • 3. Modeling the Axe

    • 4. Modeling the Axe back Part

    • 5. Modeling the Axe Handle

    • 6. Finishing the Axe Metal Part

    • 7. Modeling the Wrapped Cotton

    • 8. Finishing the Axe Base Mesh

    • 9. Exporting the Base Mesh and Wrap up

    • 10. Importing the Axe into Zbrush

    • 11. Using PureRef for Reference Image

    • 12. Sculpting the Metal Part

    • 13. Sculpting the Metal Part 02

    • 14. Adding Scratches Part01

    • 15. Adding Scratches Part02

    • 16. Adding Surface Details

    • 17. Sculpting the Wood Handle

    • 18. Sculpting the Wrapped Cloth

    • 19. Finishing The Axe Sculpting

    • 20. Decimating, Exporting and Wrap Up

    • 21. Setting the Scene for Retopo

    • 22. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 01

    • 23. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 02

    • 24. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 03

    • 25. Retopo the Axe Handle

    • 26. Retopo Small Parts

    • 27. Final Adjustment to the Low Poly

    • 28. Clean Up Assigning Smoothing Group and Wrap Up

    • 29. Exploring UV Editor and Toolkit

    • 30. Unwrapping Practice with Simple Objects

    • 31. Unwrapping the Axe Handle

    • 32. Unwrapping the Axe Metal Body

    • 33. Unwrapping the Small Parts

    • 34. Creating the Layout and Wrap up

    • 35. Substance Painter Overview

    • 36. Understanding Maps

    • 37. Baking Test Maps

    • 38. Prepairing the Maya Scene for Baking Maps

    • 39. Baking Maps

    • 40. Texturing the Metal

    • 41. Texturing the Wood

    • 42. Texturing the Fabric

    • 43. Adding Dirt Layer

    • 44. Exporting the Maps

    • 45. Rendering using Iray and Wrap Up

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About This Class

Download Reference Image here


Welcome and Instructor Intro    

Hi, Welcome to Weapon Modeling & Texturing For Game – Complete Pipeline course. In this course you will be learning creating a game weapon from scratch step by step.

Do you want to learn the full pipeline of creating a weapon for game ?

If so then this is the perfect course for you.

 My name is Nalin, I am a 3d Modelling and Texturing Artist com Educator.

I have been teaching since 2008 at various Institution such as ZICA, Reliance Education and Arena Animation. I have also worked as a Character Modelling and Texturing Artist at Lakshya Digital and Dhruva Interactive.


Learning Weapon modelling and texturing is a necessary step towards becoming a prop or character artist for Game and Films.

By the end of this course you will be able to create weapons for game and films.

Why to learn from me ?

  1. As you may know I am an experienced artist having 10+ years of studio and teaching experience and on top of that, I am a passionate teacher.

  2. You will get premium support from me for your doubt clearing while taking the course and even after completion of the course, you can reach out me and ask questions. You are my student for the lifetime.

List of Major Components    

Let’s see how the course is designed. There would be 8 modules.

The first module will introduce you with the course.

The 2nd module Maya Basics For Absolute Beginners, will cover some Maya Basics and this is for absolute Maya beginners.

Then in the 3rd module, Modelling the Axe Base Mesh in Maya,  you will be learning Maya modelling to model the Axe base mesh.

In the 4th module Detailing the Axe in Zbrush, we are going to start with Zbrush basic and then I will be sculpting the Axe. You are going to learn how to sculpt metals adding scratches, and then you will be learning how to add the wood textures on the handle and finally the fabric wrinkles.

The 5th module Retopo the Axe in Maya, You will be learning how to retopolize the high poly model inside maya using the quad draw tool.

6th module is UV Unwrapping in Maya, In this Module I will teach you how to unwrap UVs using powerful Maya uv editor and its tools.

In the 7th module Texturing in Substance Painter, I will start with substance painter basics and then we are going to texture the Axe.

I will start with Baking various maps such as normal map, ambient occlusion map, color Id map and some other useful maps for texturing.

I will show you how to texture the metals, then the wood handle and fabric and how you can add some dirt.

finally I will show you how to render the final image for your portfolio using Iray renderer in substance painter.

And the Final module I am going to conclude and wrap up the course.

Ideal Students

I have designed this course for beginners level 3d modelling students, who wants to learn the full pipeline of creating a game weapon but struggling to finding a proper course

There are no prior knowledge required for the course.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image


A Specialist in CG Tutorials


Welcome to Nexttut Education, We only create courses with highly talented professionals who has at least 5+ years off experience working in the film and game industry.

The single goal of Nexttut Education is to help students to become a production ready artist and get jobs wherever they want. We are committed to create high quality professional courses for 3d students. If you are a student learning from any local institution or a 3d artist who has just started working in the industry or an artist who has some years of experience, you have come to the right place.

We love you and your feedback. Please give us feedback on how we can make better courses for you and how we can help you in any ways.

See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, welcome to weep on modeling and texturing for game complete pipeline course. In this course, you will be learning creating a game we can from scratch step-by-step. Do you want to learn the full pipeline of creating open for game? If so, then this is the perfect course for you. My name is Alan, I'm a 3D modeling and texturing artist com educator. I haven't Ising since 2008 at various institutes and such as Zika, religions education and 89 animism. I've also worked as a character modeling and texturing artist. Luxury digital undo why interactive learning we've been modeling and texturing is a necessary step towards becoming a props artist for game on films. By the end of this course, you will be able to clearly pumps for games and films. So let's see how the course is designed and what's their insight for you. There'll be eight modules. In the first module, I'll introduce you with the course. The second module, Maya basics for absolute beginners, will cover some Maya basics. And this is for absolute Maya beginner students who has never tells my before. Then in the third module, modelling the x business in Maya, you will be running my modeling to model the x base minus inside Maya. Here you are going to learn a few Maya modeling tools and techniques to model the business. In the fourth module detailing the x and Debra's, we are going to start with G Plus basic, and then I'll be sculpting the x. You are going to learn how to sculpt metals, adding scratches. And then you will be learning how to art the textures and the handle. And finally the fabric sprinkles. The fifth module. Read topo the x in Maya, you will be learning how to read localize the high poly model inside Maya using the Aquadro tool. And I'm going to show you my personal wish to do the low poly by using some other tools as well, like the confirm tool. Sixth module is UV unwrapping in Maya. In this module, I'll teach you how to unwrap uv is using powerful Maya UV editor and it's toolset. And the seventh module, texturing and Substance Painter. I'll start with substance painter basic, and then we are going to texture the x. So I'll start with baking various maps, such as normal map, ambient occlusion map, caller ID map, and some other useful maps for texturing. I will show you how to texts are the metals and then the old handle and the fabric, and how we can add some dots on top of everything. But finally, I'll show you how to render the final image for your portfolio using either rendered in substance painter. And in the final module, I'm going to conclude and wrap up the course. I have designed this course for beginners level 3D modeling Students Who wants to launder full pipeline of creating a game, we've gone, but struggles with finding a proper course. There are no prior knowledge required for the course. See you in the first lecture. 2. Modeling the Axe Center: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to start with this center part here. So we're going to use my 2018 to do this. So let's switch to Maya Analyst, do this. Okay. Here you can see I'm using my tour housing 18 bosom. If you are using any lure reversal or higher person, you should follow along easily because I'm going to use the common tool Stockmeyer you can get those tools with every wasn't. So let's first bring that reference. He missed to the front view. So just hit the space bar to view all these four views here. The first thing I'm going to do is creating a project folder on then importing that reference emits. So let's goto file menu and click on this project window. So here, I'm going to click on this new absolute Andi. Then let's put a name here. So let's say X project. OK, that's fine on going to choose the locus and years of let's click on this yellow, full the Reichel and choose the appropriate folder here, I'm going to choose on course. Folo on it will be inside the sweeper project finds. Okay, so this is my part, and this would be the present folder on. These are the soft folders. These folders are goingto be placed inside this man for luck on this folder will be in this part. So let's click on this except on Let's say that let's open my computer here and go to that part on here. You can see inside their project files. You have this X project, Andi, Inside that folder. You You know, we have all these off Fullers, so I don't need many of those folders, but I need some of them. So I'm going to keep something and then dealing a few things. The first thing I'm going to do is bringing that reference. Emits so to that, No project. So let's bring that to this source, Miss folder here and paste that here. So here is the reference a myth that could close this on. Now I'm going to bring that to this front view. So I'm going toe this view. Men of this front view this human on and go to investment importing mints, and you can see it's looking to that exact folder so that that was the reason I pulled that for no file inside this fall because my news, this part for the reference. So let's bring that open that So here's my dear friend Jim is on. Now. I'm going to move this reference miss backward in D excess so that I can work at this Originally at the centre. Let's move this in the Z axis toward the minus access. Okay, so, no, the difference is said there. Now we're going to model it. So I'm going to model this this centrepiece. I'm going to move this reference emits to align to this center line. You can see the center line. It looks illegible. Border bolder than the side lines. So I'm aligning it so that this no other friends this part should be at center. Yeah, okay, for this party can see we can use this cylinder because this part has some side. You can see 123 sides onda research to that site. So we have six sided cylinder so we can start with the cylinder. So let's take a cylinder. Uh, I'm using the sort card off move fruited and scale here you can use from here A J. So if I put this in it And if I go to inputs here, you can see I have twenties of design axis, which I need to say to six because I want six side there. So let's put six and Presenter, we're gonna agency. I have six sided cylinder like this and now I'm going to turn on the extra toe. See the behind referent Imuses Elissa. Let's go to setting I'm Don and extreme it's Yeah, Okay, so let's decrease the radius. Selected silicon name on Hold the middle mouse here at any blank India. So hold middle most on drag to increase a decrease. You can also scale it, but I like to use these things to artist it. So again, if it's kind of off, if you feel control less than you can hold control on Middle Mouse, it's very precise. So let's adjust it on and it's just a height. Egil again, I'm holding the control plus minimus. You can only use the middle moss, but with the middle mouse, the value inclement is higher. If you hold the controlling, you do this. The value attends. This is very precise. Okay, so then I'm going to the vortex more. You can see that part is letter to us bottom and wider. Towards the top on. Now we have a very parallel or very straight cylinder. So let's go and select all the stop vortices. I'm going to scale, tool, scale those and make it wider towards the top. And it's magic that a friend segments something like this just roughly match. You do have to match exactly with the referendum is like here. It should be basic. It should be a basic math. So you can see this is a best there and then you can see that they kind off happening effect. Is Babel kind off effect till here? So I'm going to do that. But before I'm going Tobe able this lines. So let's deal it all this is this here. So select this vortex on convert the selection two ways by holding control and hitting, I have 10 button on bility. So maybe the inside Republican here, let's do the same thing. Could vortex select this vortex Press control and f turn, then deleted from the keyboard? No can see Have to inside it here on now I'm going to select all the ages and then we're going tobe able it, child. I'm doing this because relentless three you can see now it's becoming a round, very smooth object because we have single lines on. It's become very smooth when I don't understand preview. So if I haven all diseases like this, Goto treatments and level let's are one segment because you can see now it's a single segment it's put to here. No can see at two segments at every known bevel Lydia on the fix, fraction is the week of the devil. Now it's too much. So I I'm literally tied. Reveal that tight is so. Let's decrease the fraction by just putting the most cancer on top and then holding the left most and drag again includes a decays their value. Now you can see every tide level on if I press tree now by going to the object more than pressed three on the keyboard, you can see now it's becoming this smoothed, and at the same time it has that could not effect because we have the density Just said there. So now I'm going to select this face and let's let's do that happening thing. So I'm going to select this face go to edit mints and extra. So here I'm going to this global more on selected skillet so you can click on in a scale button to get this center skin on. Then let's move on a line it again. Quicken the scale wouldn't get that center skin something like this on. I don't know if I should do that at the bottom. I can't see the bottom. Probably. Let's do that here again. So now I can click on here to extrude as well and see the extra Burton here on again. Again. Extra from this it Miss Mina, we're going to go Global and Scale dome and then move it like this. So I'm calling this done island. Stopping this video here in the next video. We're going to do this slope front. This expert 3. Modeling the Axe: Hi. Welcome back in this letter are going to do this men expert here on. We're going to start with the Q via so you can see the flatness here on. Then it's stepping to us. This syrup, it's from the book promote side and again see this kind of damage here. Andan thinking toe not to do this at this based model. So we're going to do this in Nigeria. So we're going to do it playing here on. We're not going to do this. Crowds this. No details were going to do that inside Jesus as well. So let's do this basements here. So I'm going to start to the Cube on. I'm going to do this first. Then we're going to extraordinary. So let's put this in this queue here. Andi, you can see the thickness of the Cube. I think this is a little bit too much. So let me let me scale it so kind of I'm looking from top to get this a week. Okay, so then we can scale it or adjust it. So let me rotate the queue on. Let me just let this face and extrude it. So I'm going to select it. Our next you we can brought it to align that angle of the is here. And then you can press geeky to repeat the extreme accent. So basically disease that repeat tool. Whatever tool you have used to recently previously, it's going to repeat that again. So I'm going to are just this here quickly, real quick. I'm using the front view now on trying to get this Arkia real quick. Let's front get that so I may need one More is here at the center, so now I can add on is Luke by using the insider's look tool. So let's go toe May stool smeller on insiders Looked will bring that tool, and I run is look here. You can see when they are. That is Luke. Um, it's It's just adding that day's loop. Now you need to manually just Corvettes area. Let me undo it by prison control. D. Let will go to that mess Insider's look to landed with so you on up some there so you can see there's an obstacle inside with is flu and that's turned off by default here. So it's done that on. And now if I Arden is live With that up, some turned on its going toe at just the floor you can see now it's automatically registered flow toe. Get a very smooth carve. Sometimes it's very useful celebrity Close that, uh, I think this is pretty good. Tried to tryingto evenly spaced this vortices. And then let me excuse this part here. So let me extra or I think I think we just need to extrude this tree face. We don't need this one because it's getting narrow it here, so let's extra it so again you can use it. Missed an extra from here from the self. Or you can hold the city key on right. Most button to get this marking mill on will find extrude affairs off some from here as well. And I think this is the very first just way. So then let's move Allowed to ST So then let's move these things. Let's move this toe problem mass testing. Okay, I think this is good. If you want to straighten this, it can select all these vortices goto the scale tool on when I go to scale to look and see the scale tool is very on orderly aligned there within our angle, so it's because of some settings. So let's double click on the scale tool, get the tool settings. If you definitely got any of this tool, it's going toe open the tool setting so you can set some absence. So now you concede axis audience and it said toe object. I want this war Lexus. So let's let that. And when you said toe while it's going toe, unless a line to this world access angle so now are to straighten all this bodies is you can use this X axis and skillet. Andi scale to this center. Reconsider all those waters. Is that straighten? Okay, so this is this flat area. Then we're going to extrude to get this the chapel effect here. So I'm going to select all these faces by holding Sedki and left Click. So let's select all this first. Still here. I don't want this area. So this select all this versus till here on, then I'm going to extreme. I'm going to extremely dizzy access. So when I pull the Z axis, it's going to pull all these faces in their local direction in their normal direction. If I goto this while access on, Then move with any of this axis is going toe. Look who's all the faces in the single lyrics and whose I don't want in this case. So let's use the local access here. Then pull this and G excess. This is very important with G. Is the normal direction off every face suggest to move that And then, obviously we need to exist mannerly because it's never going to give you the perfect result . You need to adjust it like this roughly, Masset. Maybe I need to bruised us little our from each other Then then we're going to the face more again and you can see it has remembered that previous election. So just go to the first small aside, the skeletal and then scale from this access from this G exits toe make it narrow and syrup . I can more these vortices and make it a single is here, but I think we need to have this two ways here when we're going to smooth it by pressing the three key. It's going toe be very self like this, but now against you in a press tree, it's losing the the safe here, you can see we don't have a god. Not here. Now. We don't have a good night here like it's losing the definition of the safe. For that we're going toe are some mortgages and to this model a little bit. So again decide is not Atlanta. Let's select all this. What this is. Go to skeletal and skillet. So there's a very good way to in line. No, roughly placed where this is. Okay, so then I'm going to our one is Lou Fia basically are. Few is loops. Splits are one is live here on. Sometimes you can see it's not working as you with. Sometimes you need to manually adjust to get the proper save you want. I think this is good and then I want one. Is life you're writing? I can straighten this. Maybe let's straight Libre straighten this. I think this is fine. And then I made. I made it. One is lives here, so let's do that one here and you can see it's quickly. I just that let's put toe one here. Maybe some are here under squiggly are just that should be a probably smoked. It doesn't have to be as the filer model because it's the best, Miss. We just need a very basic safe. And then we're going to finalize that inside Judas. I think this is good salutes. Just these things a bit. Let me out, Justice. It's treadle. Spread all these bodies is evenly another agency, even oppressed tree. It's it's a little better holding the same. But still, we're going to put three ways this here toe serpent, these things you can see this. Is this a very sorry? And if I hide it by pressing control edge to hire, you can see this is a very sop from this areas will define and this is his self. So we're going to our few suffering is lips to create owner make this is this servant smooth. So let's go to vegetables. Insider's look too on here. I'm going to add one. Is Loof here like this on Deacon? See, I don't want that instead with these props and Thornton now, So it's go on, Tom that off for NASA lists are one is live here. So now that days live is going this way, that means this is this whole age is going to be a little bit Supper when a smooth and they're never going to adhere as you So in their artwork is live here. You can see it's going this way, which I don't want. So let me are One is live here, Egil. So again I'm adding two ways. Looks to the main corner toe hold that is to hold that cannon. And this is look is coming here, which is usable, which is okay, Andi, I need to think about this area. So on this gunnery smooth. So I don't want to add anything I want one is love here on, basically truths happened. This is as well we can put one which is going all the way, which is a good thing that's good on We want toast, serpent disease as well. So let's put one is to feel like this one is the fear against going this way, which is good to certainly toe hold this gun. That's a good thing. So I think Let's press three. No object more and see. You can see this is okay. We're getting these savages. If I put it blend material, you can see that. Let's go toe. Let's hold the right. Most go to favorite material. Andi choose. Blinn can see we have a little bit signed material. Okay, so you can see this is self. That's good. That's what we want here. And but you can see this unknown wanted. No, sir. Page is just this one. I think we don't want that. That's smooth there. So that because off this is here against this, too. Is this going very close to each other so I can do one thing? I need to moors this to here, So let's see like this, too. On go to edit, miss and marched to center. So I'm more dust to what, x 21 into one. So there's do that same thing to say. Crazy to repeat on Logan. See, I can go on deal It just double click on any of this is to select it. So let's select it. Onda. Let's go toe treatments and deal. It is if you're dealing from keyboard did it will look like Okay, but it's not OK because when you go to what text more, you can see it had just deleted that is on beacon of against the vortex and still there on the vortex are not connected with this here. So that's relieve wrong thing. So don't do this. I always delete the exists from here by using this village is and vortex. So it's going to deal it days on the vortex so long by doing this, we have a triangle here, and that's fine because ah, we're doing a business year and that's fine. That's not a problem for now. Press three. Now this, like this idea, smoke and this Here we have a curve, and here it's Gardner on. Everything is looking OK, except here there's a kind off on every nous. It should be flat. I forget to do that somehow so we can select all these idiots and scale it to make it flat . So let's select all these faces against, like, this faces and hold, sit and press The PD Erkki are the greater than symbol whole city and impressed that to increase the faces. Some let me see like this physicist Mannelly some while I didn't notice that thing. Okay, so let's let all this faces which Sabina flat angle should be in their floor angle on Go to scale to land scale in D X is it sort of make that flat on. You might need to delete these loops and put that again, but I think this is fine. Now you can see and it did it so you can delete it by holding the control and deal it casual. So it's going to do the vortex. So this is the sort cut off this deal it is and what Mexicans control deal it. So let's do that same thing to say to select faces. You can also hold Tab Key and just ho hold on dragged the left mouth. It's like painting. It's painting the faces, which is actual selecting the face. It's little this physicists, let's make It's enough Latin. This is good and now list. Bring the in today's look to learn. Put that back put. That is lips back. I can see it's good in the next lecture. We're going to do this back being part 4. Modeling the Axe back Part: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to do this back part here. Andi, This part is deliberate complex, and we're going to use a new tool toe. Get this to do this. So let's use the create polygon tool here. So I'm going to use this. May stools create polygon tour. So let's take that with this tool we can put points are vortices biased clicking by hear clicking. You can see you can pour that No, this point. So I'm going to draw this thing. So I'm going to draw this area here. So let's put two points here and let's put one here and let's say to this you can see it now It looks being Let's press enter toe, create it now you can see we have an entire polygon. So we need to collect this vortex toe this vortex. So we're going to get to face here. Basically, we can do that by using the multi cut tool. So let's go Toe May stools. Andi was the multi cut and connect here, so this is one way, and you can either hit enter or you can click on the selector to give the A's here. Can see, this is one way you can also use this technique. It's inside this messman, so let's triangulate it in object more so it's being the object. More than Goto may strangle it. When you translate, it's going to connect everywhere, kisses on. Then you can go toe mace and quite triangulated. So triangle it, then quit. Wrangle it. So this is a very good way to quickly connect all this water says and say, Okay, then I'm going toe extrude This is so let's select this two ways on Xtreme on Gets extra here I can see this is a single Vertex. I'm going to select this tour texts. I'm good with it. Miss and Master Center pulled that vortex here and you can see No, it's a triangle on. Let's put that here. I made it. One is Luffy A. I think I should have a how many's look there. So let's inside that trying to Metz yet and let's put that somebody here we'll get something like this and again see that safe that pretty forming and see this soft Carnegie's is a peak on this is this is carve in, and this is again a peak so I'm going to do that. So basically, select. Select all this four vortices on this tree vortices on. Let's pull those out to get that peak. Andi again, this is the Carvin. Something like this, Andi. Then let's extremely So let's select. So this technique is called a is extras in modeling on with this technique, you just extra days exists, and then you get that angle of safe. So let's most distinct and also whole sit and write most. You're going to get this marking manner on. You'll find the moors vortices, most vortices to center, so marking men is a very quick, quick way to model. So you, sir, practice all those marking, Miller said. Cuts. So now I'm going to select. This is look extra. Reconsider managing the market manner Very quick on again. Let's select extrude on, I think here I'm going to mars. These things okay on here. I need to fill this idea. There be a triangle here, that fine toe feel this I'm going to use a new tool, which is a pen polygon tool will find that inside my stools happen to polygons. Click on one. Yes, it's it's going to give you this being color? No, Aikens here on Click on the Second is here and just going to okay the face here. So go to selector. Now there's a face like this and again this line is a car venting It's a pig So I'm going to select this vortices Although this season pull those things also opposed those things inside Just roughly You might feel it, but you know, it might create a little bit confusing this way. But if you practice, it's very easy. This technique is very easy. So let's select all this tree were noises and then extreme to the same thing on this is at the center. So I'm going to do that. It's our justice things first. Now I'm going to select all these vortices, make sure all the workers is are selected and then I'm going to snap that to the center here so you can hold X key and then move it in that particular direction to snap that toe that access to that line, you can see all those. I think I should move this more than a little bit. Our from the center. I like this and then we're going toe, snap it to that ex center frequency. So there's a gap. Then I'm snapping this to the center on. I think this is fine. So then I'm going to extra. This is top on again. Moore's those to work. This is there so you can see I'm not even looking at Dobson. I know that Upson is there some you can usually quickly grab that top on. We'll find that. No, that ups in there. So let's extruded again and more sit here something like this. And then I'm going to select all his. Is this till here? Then we're going to extrude it. You're going to artistic toe, Get the safe. But no, it's extruded. Let's quickly just that sip on here. I might need to moors this. You can see I'm in it. One is Lou FIA, So let's actually aren't that is love. You can see this if I move this mortal out of the way, you can see the in the concept. There's a kind of no jagged step. It's because I think this is a three D model render, and that's why it's a globally model render. That's where you can see this jagged nous, but I believe this should be very round and smooth in the design. So this is Ah, this is okay. But this this would be very Let me select. This is here till here it should be Scale and snuck should be lined up like this and then snapped the center here. So let's go press x and snap it. So consider this hole. Is Loof still here on? I think this is loops would snap to the center on. I may need to move these vortices to get that small starkness. Okay, so this good and then let's see if I I think this is good. So let's go to side view and extrude this extra This is on again. I'm going to teach us more this two word assists, but it makes Moscow Centre much unlit. So you want one is love here. Then you cannot use this Incidents look toe toe just aren't that as long as you do that here, it's going to work here. But it's not going to work here because incidents looked all works. Only in the quad idea can see it can only are these loops in the quad loops area Scarface idea because here it's a triangle so you can t use are any incident is loop, but you can. Alan is live here by using the multi chortled. So let's go to my stools and bring the multi card Upson. Yeah, and again just drag from the outside like this. It's going toe ard. It's basically projecting. The loop is it doesn't have that limited Cento follow a particular look pace look. So it's projecting that is look so this is a very good technique to our loops in the triangle. Lydia Basically again I'm going toe. I'm going to select all these things here on straighten it in this in this vertical axis Andi then snapped, strapped to the center here. Very important to do this here. See on then. We can see some gaps here so we can do one thing You can select all this. Is this betweens here like this? You can select that and then can extrude once more and then just extra inside and make that straight. Something like this that would be good on day. Let's meet it. So now we have model 1/2 on for the other half. We can just remediated by going to Miss Miller and I can find up some called meter here Good Robson box who decided it from here also by the setting. It's going to say the body fall up since here, And if you just hit up, play eso before I meet her, I need to deliver the history. It's It has a lot of history here, and sometimes meter doesn't work with history. So let's select it and go to edit delete by life on history. So when you choose this, it's going to delete. All those histories are no backstories of this model and then again, no heat in the middle geometry. Still, it's not working. Couple is a let's since few things considered, said two X axis. In this case, we need to set it to G access because this direction this detection is GX is. And now it said two X axis that's trying to flip to this side somewhere for us, said to Z, Let's click on that play now you can see it's could, and sometimes you can see it marched unnecessarily. It thinks here can see so I can't Let's applied and let's go to this area here you can see this more stress, whole value. I couldn't close this. This trestle value should be very less so. Let's say 0.1 is the lowest value. So we know said this. It's not going to Mars outside the center line. It's only going to Mars this center line. So when you increase, this value can see point. If I put 0.0.1 students working, if I put 0.1 Still, it's working good for put one. It can more unnecessary things you can see it's morning. These two waters is so it's basically its strength toe. Look out for the vortices to march. So in this case, Bryant Georgia one is a very good option. So now again, see, we have some empty space or empty hole Here. Let me let me isolated by pressing control one. When the press control one just a selector object is going to visible now conceives in the isolate more. So now I'm going to feel this idea by going to can use that same tool up in polygon toe click here. This is then this is carefully against in Lourdes. Breezing from this is to this is can see them good selected again. Andi again. Bring that. Told by prison Waikiki to bring it tool you can press. Why on D's to repeat some accent? So let's click here and here again. You can see now we have covered. Basically, we have two triangles there. I think that's fine. And then we need to know somehow connect this all. I don't think we need to connect that. It's not necessary because it's intersected there. On here, you can see we have a vortex when I pressed three, there's a corner on. We don't have any is loops. There's that means we have some more text there. I don't know how it step, but if you go to a vortex more, you can see that vortexes there. So let's select that and deal it. Press tree. You can see that mortal on. We just need to put some Supporting is loops now, so the first thing I'm going to do is reveling. This center is so that it doesn't look that round, because now, if I pressed three, you can see it's losing. Their volume on it is getting a very smooth easier. So let's select all this. Is this here? Can this if I goto where from or by pressing for you can see it better. Okay, I think this is good. Even we can No, you can put it. Same center is there as well. I think I think we need to pull. That is loops. Yeah, I think we need to put that as looks. So let's do that. First there's Goto multi car tool and let's divide this and clean up this thing Ceviche. I don't know if I need. This is live coming here. Let's bring that is look till here and let's deliver. This is so we don't want that on again. Let's being the multi court connected here and deal it it. So we have a center Looks now. I think this is good. No, if I addressed three. Okay, that's fine. So let's go to is more double click to select that loop. That whole loop you can see selecting and then I'm going toe bevel this. So let's bayville it and then decrease the Faxon whole control and left most drug under name to precisely at the static and see it's getting network. Don't make it fully you know fully yourself like this to just have a very narrow face there . Now, if I goto three more, you consider this self okay, That's good on then, to hold diseases this services were going toe are few is loops. So basically I'm going to our fuels lives. So if I move this out of the wake and this is his very SAR appear this is itself this one on doll this is of itself So let me undo and let's put some A's lips there So I'm going to put one is looked on This is love is going this way on because it's a triangle. It's stopping here, which is not a good thing, but we have to do that. Connect that manually. So again poor that decide on Goto the multi got tool and now I can Sorry. Let's go bring that tool click here and then you can just drag on the is to know create a vortex sliding vortex uh, now going to decide to connect here. So click here and it shows that read right click to actual clear days so you can see that Islam is going all the way to the site or get that scoot and then let me are. One is live here. This is his self. So I'm going to. Our one is live here. Maybe Everett multi core to ligand. Also are these loops by holding just the control. No key on the keyboard you can switch to insiders looked well here with the multicolored. It's a different tool, So multi God is very all round the kind of tool. So now again, the same thing happened. Solution pulled that to say it's the same thing happen. It stops here. So again, let's collect that. Okay, right click. That's cool. So we have to suffering is left for this is which is a good thing. On we have one is loops here. So we need to see that. Then let me out. One is live here. So let's hold control And you can see this is Luke is going here Who is is a bad thing because it's going to create a self cannot here, which we don't want you. We just want the Sarpei is still here. So we're going toe do certain things for that. Let me let me first start. Few is loops for this as well. So then we're going to see that No, against this is look is also going there again. The bad thing on Dhere, you can see we have a very all days Loof. So I'm going to delete this it and then go to multi cut and continue. This is lives here. This should cause of my here against a triangle. So I'm going to that side there. So it should continue connected here. So now you can see I need to, uh I need to mars this What? This vortex with this one. Let's go toe. Bring the weld target. Well, tool Andi, just hold the left. Most on this vortex when it turns red hold the left wants and dragged to this vortex is going to move on more that were attached to the other one. No, against it, that is. Luke is going all the way continuously on. This is It's connecting here, Not here. So you just connecting here before? So again, this is Loof is coming till here because it's a triangle. It's stopping years. Let's connect that till here again. You don't have to put No, you don't have to drag on all the ages in between. You can just go to this on then this and then right click. So let's sneak. I think we are in the rock also. Let's go to multicultural multi card. Then click here. You can see it's automatically creating this in between vortices. So let me press three endless Check the result against me. I have a good, smooth loop. CIA. Obviously there's a difference in this area and this area because we have three lumps here or who lives here that finally can define that inside Jerious we have this thing on. This is not looking good here. You can see the self gonna on let me. Obviously you get at it. Is this thing since I Childress But here can do one thing we can just more this tree like this on we can do the same thing to say most destry and then DoubleClick DoubleClick do these to his lips. So control deal it to deliver the vase and vortex. So here we have two little triangles, but that's fine. That's not a problem. Something like this. Okay. And then you can see this is Luke is also harden. So let's select and put one is live here again. It's stopping here bad, bad, bad for that is the fear. So let's connect this thing to this again. Creating triangles Okay, I think this is good. So now you concede that is is getting that sadness. I think everything is looking cool. Just accept this one. So let's put one is if you Oh, it's an insider polygon. That's why we cannot give this inside it. So I'm going to Malta, Kat, and make it triangle here. Okay, that's fine. That side is good. So then let's are one is live here. Go to multi coat. That's fine. And then you can more this to vortex most of center, most to center can press Z to repair that. So, yeah, I think this is good and we just need to keep this color. So we're going toe put one in his lips. This should go all the way through here. Understood that same thing to say. Okay, that's fine. Press three a little better, but still we need toe. Putin has looked to this side as well. Toe hold this corner. So this is Louise going all the way through here. Who's just going to give us a very bad could. Not here. I think I don't want that so I can do one thing again. Just Moore's here, These two vortex because I want that is look till here. But let's Moore's here. Let's do that scenting here March. And then let's delete that is lof. One is Look from there. No, we have that corner. So with this, I'm starving this video here in the next video. We're going toe do the handle here the would handle. So Okay, this is done. I'm going to save this file. Servers go to file and steps in. I'm saving for the first time side. I'm going toe well given name here, so let's press X okay on X This impressive. So I'm serving the video here in the next video are going to do the handle 5. Modeling the Axe Handle: in this lecture. I'm going to do the handle said the would handle here. So I'm going to start in the cylinder. Andi, we're going to do this body, the old body, and then we're going toe do this metal here and here. So let's take a ceiling that here go to the import exist the radius to master their friends here on Probably I don't want this No subdivision access numbers here, so I'm going to decrease it toe, decrease it toe some 12 maybe. Ah, then let's again. We can increase the height and then sorry, It can increase the height. Then we can art few it just on mats Mass that with the reference here. So let were just sit Okay. And I'm going to art few subjects and heights here they fueled then everyone hard, few mentally. Someone moved this and mats I wrote it it to give that angle unless scare Lito mess master no weight of that way scarily groove it. Get over here And then let's mess this area something like this. Then I'm going to are few is loops. So let's go toe May stools, insider's look tools. This time I'm going to turn on that that in 30 days floor upson so that when there are delays love, it's going to automatically adjust that their car was about here. It's giving me all results here, so I'm not going to argue that you couldn't see. So at the end it's creating some weird wrestles. I'm going toe Don off that inside with these slobs and under Let's art for you is this. So whenever you create the best miss for Juba's, just makes sure you have good nose, good amount off polygons, and that should be evenly distributed. Oh, if I take this object as a business, you can see there are so many. It is going on this way, then this direction for that you can see. Because of that you can see these visits are so long that means we have many. It is going this direction, but we have very few edges going distraction. So it's not a very even distribution of polygons. I saw art few raises here allow. It's OK. So it's very important because whenever you smooth the model inside zebras on, you don't have same distribution issue, then it's going to art more. It just in that direction than destruction. So the ideal ways to have no square polygons. So if you go on our mortgages, let me on more than just here. Let me don't on that inserted this for If you do this and no can see we're getting close to square faces. It's not square, but it's close. It's on like this for a second season long rectangles. So just make sure when we do our best, miss, you do this. If it's possible, let me skill down this. Okay, so this is good and I'm going to create the top part on the bottom part here. So I started this bottom pack so I can use this ah cylinder to create it. So let's extraordinary said yes. Oh, I can just delete all this faces here, So let's select over texture and pressed if pressed control. If you live in tow, convert that selection to face and dill it it and then I'm going to select. This is look. Border is low by double. Clicking on any of this is this, and now I'm going toe extreme this AIDS. So let's click on this extra button on the self on then I'm going toe skill, tool and scale it. And then let's move it, trying to match it with this idea. And then let's extra again. On this time I'm going to skill down which something like this on Dennis stood again and just tryingto magic that our friends here simple stop. Then I'm going toe details it with from the world the next stewed and move on skill trying to get that kind of around end partier you can see here and then this extrude again on its skill. Then I'm going to Mars. This, this is, is here to the center. So let's go to edit mess on use the most to center. Epsom. No guarantee there's a single Vertex. So let's go and move that outside so that it nice and smooth there. Okay, so this is the in part here, and I'm going toe select all this first Celeste Select. Use the last source electoral because it's in the or angle selected. She looked all the faces and let's detest those verses for that. Go to edit mess on used this extract off. Some salon can see in these a two pieces. Now you know I'm going to are few is loves to hold this tight. Corners against this corners were tight, so I'm going to use the inside loops again. This is there's a tool called upset is look. Tool, which is like inside has looked over it. Offset is look tool. You can add to his lips at the same time so that I'm going toe art on the is I want to are done. The is was You want toe cover it to his lips. You can see So it's not like the insiders. Little with insider's look told you, drag on diseases to get. This is lips. I think this is good and when oppressed. Three in the object more. Let's press three. You can see that tight lips. Let's press three for this. I think this is good, so I might need to Ah, my group toe. Feel this bottom parts of select the Is loof here to feel you can goto, you can extrude it. You can a student scale like this, and then you can feel this had ever going toe mess and feel hold. I can do this and there's the insider face here to make this insider face, either in either multiple triangles or quartz. It can use the Miss Triangulate Upson, Andi, then Goto, Mace and quadrille. It can see deter all the blow all that regulated ups and hear guns in love. Their only triangles are quartz. I am. This is fine on. I just need to are few ways lives here to hold this area. You're Then I smooth it. It's going to smooth otherwise. So Chris Control want to get out of dice a lot more. Okay, so there's the handle and there's the bottom part here. Let's press three to take it. Three. I think this is fine. Okay, then let's do the top. But here you can see a square kind of safe here. So for that, I'm going to use the Cube starting point of Let's move that, and you can press if toe quickly frame to the selector objects on, then it's scale and try to get their basic safe here. A square sip. We just kind off narrowing towards the top. So let's select and make it narrow it towards the top like this, something like this, and then select the fest here. I'm going to select this an extra year extra dislike this and then let's scale down it to get this kind of angles to give this angle self something like this on. I mean it to select. This is loop on Movinto, give this techniques Yah. And now I'm going toe rotate this and mass This with the reference It's known only person No perfect. Here. It should be somewhere here. Okay, something like this and then we're going toe are few is loops to hold the colors when you smoke because now, if I pressed three, you can see it's a very good smooth object. So let's our fears lips goto. Either you can are these loops or you can be will diseases. So I think, and then we can be able This is a solar select Always this off that object in Let's go and privilege. Let's increase the segments to to so that we have Lord two segments to the levels Another helpless tree conceive a smooth object. So okay, here I'm struggling this lecture in the next lecture we're going toe do the small parts. You can see this small, but they're going to fitness with the small parts 6. Finishing the Axe Metal Part: Hi. Welcome back to the course here and in this lecture, we're going to do this small parts and we're going to finish this metal things. So under start with this piece here can see kind of a cylinder going on here. So again, again started the cylinder and then you can extra and gave the savory, basic simple step. So I'm going to take a cylinder here, has the profile. I'm going to sell you a new technique toe extreme along a car. So I'm going toe decrease the radius. Things are skilled on it because I don't want that height. So scale it on. Rooted it to mask the angle there on. Don't want this this month off. No sub vigil access numbers. I'm going to decrease it toe to wealth. So on. And then I'm going toe extra. This faces this side still in the face. You can see that inside. Actually, that's at the center. So that's in say, let's pull that out here and I'm going to extra roll. This decide faces this cap possess on get that said on for that, and I can I can't do that manually. But I have a new way to do that by creating a call and then extruding the faces along that car. So let's first create the car by going to the create menu and bring the Civic off tool that's inside the cough tools. You'll find a couple off no scarf tools, and I'm going to use the civic off tool. So here I'm going to create a car. Onda, Will you clear the curve is if you left. Click will get a point here like this, and this is called the C V, which is which stands for control vortex CV control vortex on. Then, if I are another, we'll see another CV, and we'll see that No se grand that on. If I put the 3rd 1 you can see it's continuing from that on. If I put 1/4 1 you can see the car off so they're three segments creates one a spon of the car fear. You can see this White line is the actual car, and these are the spawn, so I'm going to going toe click here for the corner. If I do this, I'll get a round so you can see here it's been around so either have to put a couple of points very close to each other to get their corner. You can do this on, then let's put some point here. I think it's going all the way till here on press enter to actually create a car vacancy. So this is the way to create the curve against the Carville selector. But it's inside there. Make sure it's aligned to that cylinder center Summer here I have had, rightly can go to control vortex more. Now you can see you can assess this points and again select and roof just a cough. I didn't mind. Carvey's okay, I just need to adjust this boy and a little bit. Get looks okay on day. Let's go to object. Nor so here I have a cylinder on Lake are now. I need to select all these physicists, then select the court on extra or so little. So you there. So let's first select all this physicists again. You can select by pressing the tab key and just hold the left, wants and dragging. And look, Bender's physicists like this, so I have selected all the faces and then hold the sipped key and then click on this to select the car off. So this election order is very important. Useful for select off Halligan faces. Would you want to extra and then select the car? Once you have selected in this order, then goto elements and just click on the extra normal extreme. So because you have selected a scarf with the volume face, it's ultimately going to use that no technique which is extremely low in the car. And I can see a very are kind of result who is looking like a kind of bog, but it's it's actually fine. It's because we don't have any segments in between the extra musician Tito come here and increase the divisions because it has just one division. So it cannot just this area for Ligon here, look, are so you just need toe. Increase it. As soon as you start to increase it, it's automatically going to match with the car. Just increase it to a level where you get that proper Sepp. You can see I'm not getting the proper safe here, so I can do wanting to select this to his loops. Andi, delete those things on. I just need toe rotate and properly angle this millions something like this. You might scare little bit together. Volume back. So this is one way. And if you place three now you can see it's working. Look bad. I just need to put toe his lips to suffering Is loves toe. Hold this color So again we can use that officer days loop tool. So let's bring the upset is look, Tool and dragon. This is You can see it's creating to his lips there if every streak unsee But it's good, but I think I need to our justice. That's just this volume a little bit. I think this is OK on this would intersect with this part. So I'm going to move this. You can move this Oregon extra that, but so it's stood intersect with this piece. Oh, it's a move. This is a bitch Inside. Let me again. It's a good habit to know create good even spacing parlance again, this dis obsolete help You two are just that sip. Sometimes. If it's the border, it gives you very orders. Also, Beware of that. And I think this is looking OK, so let's move on. Create these things. This is a very best accepts just a cube on few fue is lips are you convey villages, So let's take a cube on a scale. You can also do this things inside Egypt does. You don't have to do all the small details here. You can do that. It's just you with So let's scale and let's make it a little bit narrow here, let's kill it and get that that angle here. And so in this angle there were a little bit no intersected on a little bit. Little big, maybe carved, but I'm not sure about that. So I'm not going to do that right now. So let's increase fuels. Lives here will be in this street action. I believe it is. Three are fine. I'm now going to know arts amaze love solids. Are those lives here here again? See, I don't want that in 30 days through, So let's go to that up some books and don't that off. So again, I'm trying toe hold this corners This basic a nurse I'm putting few years lives there basically three years lips elicits a good practice to put two ways love toe both sides toe hold one color. Okay, they pressed Regan C. It's good. So go ahead and do this. I'm going to do this envisioning. Listen these things. So let's create this kind off known boulder, some rivet kind of thing. So for that I'm going to use this. You can use this pier. Arrest Celinda doesn't matter. It's very simple. Save. So let's dig a spear on. We can deliver. Some part of the spear can keep you parts, so let every deal it for parts here, So I don't want these areas select. Just give the city a on. You can see the pilot is still here somewhere, so let's go to modify and click on the center. By what? If you want to bring the pilot to the center on, let me wrote it. It root. You can rotate 90 degree if you hold Jakey on, then wrote it while you're holding, the Jakey is going toe. Don't under discreet or snap rooted, so you can see it's rotating with the slough value, which is 15 degree against. See that from here? Note. 60. If I I wrote a deliberate, it's 75 on, then it's 90 so it's a very good way to rotate it 90 degree or 45 degree very well. Where toe get those cleared, rotates and degree. So let's skillet on. You can see we can pull those balls a few ideas, a litmus scale it. I think I sort extrude this, but a little bit backwards. So it's extra. Andi. Let's move that back where? So whatever you do, you have rotated and they're not getting that Amana better matching with the subject. So it's because the move, Tulis said toe while access. If you change this to object on, you have rotation and no value. Here, it's automatically are going toe. So you in that direction. So it's very useful. When you poor Jason, an object with rheumatism, you might need to change that to object. You can see it's very easy to move in that particular direction. Don't even rooted in that direction. I'm looking at the scale of that. I think it's too big celebrity scale down. Okay, I think this is fine. So let me in. Duplicate it for duplicated can go to edit on duplicate from here, or you can just press the sidecar disease control D No, it duplicated and it's sitting there. You just need to move it out of the way. And it's poses in that. Here at the bottom. It's some, uh here. Maybe So. I'm stopping this lecture here in the next lecture. We're going to start with this. No wrapping cloth, you can see. So we're going to see that in the next lecture? 7. Modeling the Wrapped Cotton: Welcome back to the course, and in this lecture we're going to do this wrapped fabric here on the handle on. It's a very complex, complicated things to do unless we cheated. So when I said cheat I mean, we're not going to create the create a single clause which is wrapping around. We're going to do fue cylinders and we're going to stack them on top of each other on at the end. It's going to look like a wrapped cloth, so let's see that. So I'm going to do the first cylinders. I'm going to take the Celinda on Let's Skillet and let's do one No. One dept. Thing there on. Obviously, I don't want this smart of subdivisions. I'm going to decrease it toe to elf so you can see one so little scary toe get this knows thickness. So this is one bit on. Then we're going to dill. It did. It isn't tastes. We can do that. So let me deal it. All this faces here. Let's first isolated by placing control one. Select this to vortices and press control F 11 toe convert that selection to face, then delete these things. So basically I just want this. No, this, uh, outside physics. And then we're going to extremely it exclude the whole object In what? So I go to extreme North in the G. Xs Well, it's extra. I'm going to extrude till somewhere here so like and see turns black because the normals are flipped I'll I have turned off this to side alighting on the snow lighting minutes until you've reached our lawn You cannot see any changes, but the nomads have reversed whenever you extrude inside the normal so diverse The way to fix it is you go to dismiss, display and reverse the normals from here Till now, if you can see it's not a feel cylinder animal, it has a hole. No, a whole thing. It looks like a pipe. You can use the pipers well for this. And now I'm going to take this and then we're going to create these wrapping things. So let me latent wanting. If I placed three, you can see it loses this law. The sets are going to put few itches. So let's take the multi Kartal because I want that is look inside as well. So let's take the multi cut the selected anything and then drink that again. Hold, sit Goto. It's actually dis elect, multi card whole sit on drag to create a straight line on. Then I'm going to skill this in opportunity a little bit in what, like this. And then we're going to put few. Is this year on here to hold that thickness, something like this. And then I'm going to take this and duplicate it by present, controlled a duplicate. And here I am not going to exactly know Matt, I'm not going to match with this concept. I think we're going to do a basic investing three here, so I'm going to scale it a bit. And then we can use the lattice if you go toe deform and you can find the Lattice year. And if I go to the studio reasons decrease that. I may need to put few s diffidence a new divisions. Let's take fuel in the G, maybe on me if you go toe. If you go to the right leg a lattice point. Logan, I just immortal easily can adjust it like this. So let this is very good to deform. No complex objects which has a lot of polygons on it. We had to move the vortices and get the proper sip so you can against elect object. I'll go to edit and deal but history to get rid of the lattice. You cannot just delivered the lettuce. If you delete the latticed, it's going toe. Take all those are just win with that. So let me and do and let's go and delete the history. And if it's going off, I'm going to move this doll. So let's again take the lattice food fuel divisions here. Maybe not much here, Like this point move you can again use sub selects an agile If you don't want to use lattice, you can also use sub selection. I want to deliver the history through using the nurse or cottages. All sit and deaky. So I was talking about sub selects and if you select few vortices here, let me select these things and press b You can see this skull According here you go toe toe black to the salt selection Yes, he was dead. Basically we're going to do something like this, wrapping things, then duplicate it, skill it up on and let's do the same thing you can also paint are no scale it to make it white. So we need to do something like this less duplicate. You can also wrote it. So Howard, straight line on something like this. This kind of angle is very good less to protect this world and do the bottom part here. Let's try to rotate and purchase. Um, I think it's not working, so I'm going to skill these things move in what, Skilled on the whole object. She was a steak sometime and let me get a little of the greed just under way. So I'm trying to be creative and tryingto get a kind off love wrapped. Have their own sip. You know, you can also use the beaky holder be and left most drag to lower change the radius of that sob selection. Just duplicate this wall and move. So let's try to get get this airfield, and I'm going to avert this kind of no small gaps in these areas. So I'm going to add just this thing. So maybe let's pull the stole trying to get a straight lentil a stone off the so it's a little by pressing Beaky something like this. If this land is going this way, this angle this comes this angle. Let's full this town The suit calling this angle kind of crisscrossing. You can see something like this looking good. And then this Use this line to do one most drop here, okay? And then we cannot just scale it eating. Let's when a skillet to this minus access is going to be reversed. We might need to change that. No flipping direction. I can scale it this press three and make it smooth. So that okay, something like this. Go ahead and do this. I'm going to do this part. Invitation listens because it's it's basically the same thing. I'm just going toe do the same thing years by duplicating and originating these things here . So, in the next lecture, we're going to complete this No X Best miss here inside Meyer 8. Finishing the Axe Base Mesh: Hi. In this lecture we're going to finish this X Best miss so you can see I went ahead on Did this have things here? And still, it's not the final one. Still, I'm going to tweet this inside divas. But for now, for the business, I think it's fine. So then let's finish this by no doing the small duplicates and things you can see. I have not duplicated these things into the side, so let's do that first. So I'm going to select this too. On then let's duplicate to this side. I know this. No exes, almost at the center here. So I'm going toe slick. This two things on making the group. So let's go toe edit and group. So by look, putting these two things into a group, I'm going to get get a group byword here at the center of the Greed lane here. So now I'm going to duplicate it once a group on the pilot is here. So let's go and duplicate it. So then I'm going to put minus one into this scale X So let's put minus one. So no GNC still have selected the group on that. That group is clipped to this side because the piper T is at the centre and I'm putting minus one to this scale eggs. So now I'm going to put this four into a group to duplicate those for into this side. So let's select this four things and group again. I'm getting a pilot here. Then I'm going to duplicate now. So let's duplicate on this time. I'm going to put minus one into this scale. Z not the scale X because I'm going to duplicate toe the G excess toe. This decide to the opposite e here. So I'm going to put minus one into this skills E Logan. See, it flipped to the G excess. So this is the way to duplicate on flip to the other side of the model. It works if the model is at the center of this. Great. Okay, so then I'm going to duplicate this thing toe, create this part here on. I think I'm going to do this bold things inside zebras Oregon duplicate one bullet and put this year. Then we can do this. Cracks in Ceja breast celebrant. Duplicate this on. Put that here. So let's worked. It just put Jason on line it. I mean it to scale it to get that no person. So you re using model is very beneficial for law to save some time. If you see something, you can duplicate our use. Then go ahead and do that. Okay, I'm going to prove this like this, something like this movie. And then, of course, you can duplicate one pleasant control de aan den. Let me pull Jiro to hear Let Missy It's live that I need to holds a key and then rotate it in this way. 90 degree. Then let's put this year, you can see in my mind move to elicit war Lexus. So let's change it to object so that this new move to manage better and lines to the object Lotus in that I can easily move on porches in it. On this subject, it means Jake should be somewhere here. Okay, then I'm going to do the all those cracks inside Giedrius, and this is fine. Let's put this in at the center. Okay? I think this is good. Phillips duplicate these things. Let's select and again controlled Zito Group. I'll go to eight it and groove on my group I would is at the centers year You can see. Then I'm going to duplicate it by placing control day. Then I'm going to put minus one into the scales E. So now that's it. The site. And I don't know if I should duplicate this to that say so. Let's actually duplicate this. A press controlled G by what is here. Control de and then put minus one. So I think this is it. So we have completed this X best mess with this on in the next lecture. We're going toe clean up this scene and we're going to export this best mess into zebra, so see you there. 9. Exporting the Base Mesh and Wrap up: Hi. Welcome back to the last video of this section on in this lecture. We're going to complete exporting this thing. Okay, so let's start with the model first. Here you can see we have completed the business, but I'm going to say the Polident distributions before export this two zebras so you can see with this object. If I isolate this, you can see we don't have polygons in this way. So if I don't put that here, then when I smoothed this in this dress, I'm not going to get it. Industry Wilson agile. So I'm going to pull through his lips here so that we go to insert as look tool. You can put manually one by one like this, but there's a better way to put multiple is lives in that tool. So let's go toe that tool. Upson Andi, you'll find a multiple his loops here on If you don't on this, you can put known the volunteer is look count and with a single click, it can our multiple loops like this. So let me undo. I think it is too much. Just try to get a good square faces. Now you can see this face is this faces a big rectangle sip So the steak few polygons which will give you good square physicists like this. So I think this is good and you said it, Aunt, Here's I don't know if or I can take one is live here. Okay, that's good. That's going all the way. Onda. Let me see if I need somewhere and that is good. I think this is a perfect You can just select Oregon tone underwear from monetary adoption by going to the saving. You know, on down on this, we're from one said it. You can see the reference and it can just jaws. The polygon counts of the polit distribution at the hooligan density. Basically. Okay, this is fine. So I'm going to History Village everything. So let's go and do the history. Dilbert. I've history. We don't want any history on. The thing I'm going to do is let's freeze the model Lindsay and a freeze. All these settings are the numbers are gone, it said, toe by default on. Make sure this lighting is said to or no to settle lighting. That means just make sure it's not are turned on. It's off on so that you can see if any diverse normals that there in this case, I think everything is fine so we can take this on Ben. The last thing is, I'm going to scale this to proper really well scale before I take this to zebras. So now it's a very small object. In the real world, it might be some had one or two fit to fit height, but here it's a very small object. If I told him the grade don't under great, you can see now this this lines of once intimate er. And now it's a very small object. If I goto windows setting three friends preference on here again. Since that settings, if you go to settings on here, you can see it said to sentiment that that means this greedy units A one point to another point is one centimeter. So if I send this to fit, I can better George it. You can see this is the freed length. Now this grade is suing with one fit, I can see this model is very small. It's not even happened. Feet have. If it so I'm going to scale this to maybe somewhat 1 1.5 it. So let's see like this. If you scale it like this, you can see something like this because every morning has their own pilot point a different location. I know if you select like this and Skilling, it's actually scaling from their own pilot point. So the better ways just to groove these things. So let's go toe group. And now with a group, it's a single pilot. Know if I and the skill make sure you don't the select and then select after roofing, it's still again selecting all those things. So this undo. Whenever the group is selected, you can see everything looks green, but when you select like this is an off white and green communism, make sure the group is selected like this. If you diss elect the group, it can go toe windows out. Kleiner on. I think you will find the groove here somewhere or against elect one Polygon and then hit the A P a rookie to move to the group. I think I just don't do that thing, so let's group it again. Control G to group. You can see the group here last the group is selected. Now let's scale it something like this, and I don't need the no reference anymore. He had entered my So if it's not, imagine that's fine. You can see I'm going to make this one and have fit Don somewhere here. So this is now a real world scaled X. So then let's send this to send even death. Okay? Another scale is appropriate. We don't need the reference and emotional that's dilated. Save the file by present control s Andi. Now I can to select everything on Let's export listen or busy more. So go to file export selection. Go to that absolute works on Reset it. Make sure you said so busy in the file for Monday Area five Liberia or busy on. We don't want anything here, So let's don off everything on now. We're ready to explode it in a visa for months. So that's export. And I'm going to export this into into a full local obi zealots. Creative follow. Don't have. You can put this in any folder. Let's put the name X Biss, Miss. Okay on. Let's export it. So we have export this object and then latter, we're going to import that o visa inside zebras to do the detail ing's. So we're done with this Meyer with the sex in here. So it the whole sex and you learn some of my modelling tools, such as extreme insiders looked or multiple tools. Many more things to do. The best miss in the next six. And we're going to start no start sculpting this X, so I'll see you there. 10. Importing the Axe into Zbrush: Hi, everyone. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going to import the obesity file, which we model inside Mayer. We're going to import that and and then we're going to scald that in some future listen. So the first thing I'm going to do is sitting this genius interface a little differently. So the first thing I want to change is the size of this canvas here can see under Grady int . So this is the vital full interface on Dhere. I'm using the Juve's 2018. So let's first send this Converse eyes. So go to documents on a first league on this double so it will know make the converse size doubled in size against the the week the Converse. So let's click on the double now it continues, the bigger canvas almost full screen on. Then I'm going toe oh, tens this Grady and do a flat color. So let's go toe again. Document. And if you go to this range, which said 2.5 year Europe on five, let's drag this but oh, the lipped and make ejido so we don't want any ingredient. It's my personal choice. You can keep that It's not compulsory thing. Okay, so I know you have a flat grey background and the new canvases bigger. Okay, so now it's set. Then let's go on Import Dub Movies. A file to import a visit file. We can go toe here to the right side. Toole O'Toole. Bad idea. Click on this import, Andi. Then let's go and find that. So I had kept that inside this Visa. Fuller inside of my project. So split. Don't click on it's open deck, so now you can see when I click on that import. Wharton Open. Burton. I got a no masses here, so it says this mess contents. Nonstandard polygons. Who is this? More than four sided polygons, which is not good so we can district in quadrant triangles. It will convert that more than four center polygons toe other quarter triangles. Let's click on that. Now you can see here are LBJ's there. We just need to drag on the converse. So let's let click and drag it until years are no ex model, and then we need to go to the edit more immediately in order to work on it, because if I drag again, it's going to create another one. It's not going to rotate are no. It's not going to let me work on this. Objected because we're still on the draw more so make sure you draw and then immediately go to anymore. So now if I do this, I can just hit control in which is the new Converse. Absolute clear Converse Upson. So let's drag again and immediately Goto edit more, which is t you can Presti to Swiss toe edit more. No agency can brought it by dragging your lip mouse. Ah, it's not drawing in. So once we import it, then the next thing I'm going to do is changing this material color here. So this is the bite awful diverse material which I don't like to have when I sculpt like I didn't change this material toe either this basic material or to any other materials. Let's change it to in the basic one. So is the basic material. Okay, the next thing I'm going to do is no splitting this model into different parts because if you see, if you take the subtitle here, let's click on this to expand it. Not a single object against see here It's a single subtitle, so we don't have any in separate objects. We have a single object here, so let's separate it. Let's split it. So if you goto this polly frame ups on here. So let's don on this policy from you can see, it's a single polly frame. It is single color that meant it's a single combined. Think so. Let's Ah, go and let's go to this plate, cut over the here, click on it and expand it and then click on display two parts. We have different absence to split, so in this case, I'm going to use this plate two parts simple ups, and it's going to separate everything, which is not connected by the vortices. So let's click on it, and it's asking you to confirm it. So let's click on OK and now immediately can see we have many objects are many layers here in this subtitle. So basically sub tool is it in a different object, so e again selected From here, you can see every pieces is separated now, okay? And so now it's separated on. The next thing I'm going to do is they know. Oh, reversing the normals here If you check, you might see some objects, our fleet of some transparency. You can see this object, by the way, If you want to select some sub tool on the screen, you can hold old and left. Click on that to select it on. Because I have done on this policy limits. No sewing the color as well on the Supreme. The poly, where friends as well so you can see this piece is looking were So it's It looks like we don't have the front for lead guns here, but that's not the case. Actually, it's reversed because in my are we flipped it in minus X minus value in the skill. That's why it's flute. We can correct it here. You can flip the normals here by going toe. If you go to this display properties here on, you can flip it. So let's leave that and all the spaces Conceit e our flute to select carefully and then he don't live on. You can also decrease that. Increase the broth size by just pressing the ESC e. On. If you don't move the bus, you'll get this. But if you don't move it and then again see, you can drag it from here like this. Okay, Lets selected. Holding the old and left leg on the object and then flip if let me quickly do this. Okay? So everything is said here on the next thing is I'm going to save this givers file as a project so that when I opened Juba's again, I'll have this new interface If you save this object alone. Let's say if you save it from here from the stool pal itself as Upson, it's going to just save it in G Tool for my tweets is actually just a model northern interface or any settings on the interface. So just remember that if you save it in d turn, you lose this no into questions is so here. I'm going to save it in JI project with Well, you will find here If you go toe this file here on def. You save us from here. It's going to know let do seven Jeep project, which is dot pr. So let's say that yeah, I think I'm going to save it in New Fullerton. Let's create a new fuller called G bras. Okay, so let's save it on here I'm going to give it a name. X. Hi, Polly. Okay, that's great. Save it. So when you say it may look like the model is gone, but it's actually there if you press f g. Actually, it's there. So it framed to the object here now. Okay, So I'm starving this lecture here. In the next lecture, we're going to see how to use application called pure ref, to bring the maze of the reference image on top of the screen all the time. So that's a very useful application. So see you in that lecture. 11. Using PureRef for Reference Image: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to see how to use a nap. Lichenstein called Pure Ref Toe use toe. Bring the reference limits on top off your screen so that it can see the difference events all the time. So here you can see I have already installed it. You can go to Google and sort it for pure If and it's a free application, you can go to their side and download it on. It's a very simple toe install, so let's double click to open it on debt. See it? Okay, here is the pure if a little screen here I have, I just rated. You can go to lived right side on drug ege and readjust the size sides off it on. You can see it says there is nothing here drops on mrs to get static Contour Plus is for artisanal help. Okay, and here again they bring the emails by going to our computer. Andi lets you can see it stays on, dove off everything. So that's why it's a great and a great little applicants on first viewing that a friend's Ament. So yeah, I'm going toe. Go to mine. Notre Friends, violent Let's find that dpz on drug. It left most. Drag it on top of this and drop it there. Now you can see that inside this window on if you scrawl it again. A German Jew mode. Basically, Andi, if you want to move this window, you need to hold the right. Most button on top of the screen. Hold right. Most not the right leak. When you just right click, you'll get this mineral. But if you hold the right most, then you can move it Okay, too, to a different Lucas. And on the screen on you can scale. It can decrease the size. If I think kids, you can see that a friendship made so I can do this on if I want a pan they miss. I can hold the middle most and Ban like this again all the middle mouse and band. This is not moving the in depth screen a skin off that your ref is just moving the image there so you can do this and you can bring a lot of images. It allows you to bring more dimensions than one single, so basically again have a lot of images here on you can June by scrolling. You can ban by just holding the middle mouse. You can move by holding the right most. So let me open the jitters. You can see it still stays on the screen on Let's artist it cake and June like this. So this is said, And if you want to minimize it, if you let's say you don't want to see it for for some reason you can right click, and it can go toe windows and minimum eight it from here. Or you can use the salt cod, which is control em on again to maximize control. F. So it's a great option on D if it don't stays on top, you can take this more, which suits a toe always on top UN yes, unit to save this file. If you close it, you do not get this against, so you need to save it by going to this safe on controls s Let's a control s and I'm going to save it inside my project. So let's goto this scores and you could go to this of reference here and let's save it, given a name and save it. And next time we'll start again working. You can just go to the file and you can open it. Let me close it. Let's say you close it on. You can goto that file. You can see the purifier here. You can double click to open it. Okay? No, you can walk again. So here I am, starving this lecture in the next letter were going toe start working on the metal parts of Dec's. 12. Sculpting the Metal Part: Hi. In this lecture we're going to see how to sculpt the metal parts. But we have some scratches here and we have some weird Are Mahar more marks on this exists agency on? Obviously, there should be a lot off small scratches. We cannot see it on this concept, but it should be there because of the use of this X. So we're going to see And obviously we're going to do this big big court here. Two simple things. But we're going to see some wears to do these things. So the first thing I'm going to do is select this after now it's separate. It's a whole altar and left click on it selected with all of this Polly frame for a minute . Okay, the first thing I'm going to do is smoothing these parts. And now you can see we don't have a lot of polygons. It's still the basements. Let's goto the zemo to to have here on If I click on this divide wooden, You can also use control de for this control de for divide Get so no gun See, basically have smoothed it. And now I have a lot of polygons fight on of this poll if emergency have doubled the polygons and allow the safe is smooth. So let me turn off and let's divide it again on when you divide Agencia have now to division levels so I can switch between those two divisional levels and work on different division levels. So Debus is very good For this reason, you can work on different subjects and levels. If you're using the cemetery divide ups and let's click on it now, in fact llegan it, you can see it says you are under Lloyd to Busan here. So you need to be on the highest division, you know, refined divide again. So being the highest division and then divided now against, they have three division levels. Andi, now you can see the model count. This part count is here 8532 And this is, um, the active 0.4 4009. Jiro, If you go to this subtitle and let's find that subtitle here, you can see that subtitle is highlighted here with a black border. Andi, if you hold the mouse there that move it, you're gonna hold the right most to move it. Hold the mouse there on you can see the polygons. It says 4488 Providence. Okay, that's good. That means this one toe. Now let me smooth it again. Are divided again to get a smooth object. So still, you can see if I go close to the object. You can still see the faceted polygons here. That means we need to divide once more on no guns. It's getting better on, by the way, I'm going to use dynamites in orderto do this. God, it's a big change here on the best men. So I cannot do this with this division levels more so I'm going to use dynamites. I'm going to convert this object into a dynamic subject letter. So let's smooth all these things first. Then we're going to see that. So basically, I'm going to smooth everything to get a smooth object. Then let's would all this part. You can see every every cloth. The ring is separated. So here I'm pausing the video, and I'm going to come back when I don't need this moving. Okay, here I'm done with this smoothing thing. Then let's see how to start sculpting on it on this mental part on? No, there's a gap between some parts here. You can see when it smooth. Did it moved to a little bit because this border moved a little bit because we didn't have any field polygons. It was open there on it was just a singlets. So it moved. And oh, and it's more moved a little bit. That's fine. We're going toe or dynamism toe, fill this area and there are going to add just this. No would would bar. Okay, let's start working on this metal. But the first thing you do is the bigger tennis. So whenever you do, oh, no was called Any objects? Make sure you do the bigger primary steps forced on, then the secondary and then the tarts. Theory. Who is is the surface level little. Don't just go and jump to the details. Excel. It is the interesting back, obviously, but unit toe. No, follow this politics ruler to follow this guide. First, do the prime it and that's the bigger changes on then the secondary forms and then the Tar Syrians office details, so it doesn't matter where they were sculpting character or it's hard surface like this so first thing, I'm going to look at this subject to see some big changes. If I can find Andi against see this big step changes here, which is contributing to the silhouette. So let's find that and let's see how to do that in order to change these things. Not to do that, I need to change this. No object to add animus. Objection that I can easily caught it. And so I don't need this divisions. No. So let's delete the lawyer. I am on the high subdivision levels. Click on the deal It lower on, then I'm going to this dynamics sex. And in that Demitri Goto dynamics Onigen Don Imus is a very, very good way to sculpt on tens, the safe drastically on. Still, you're going to be okay with the topology because, again unanimous, you don't have any top Lucy, so it's not going toe. It will be hard, because if you don't use dynamics and try toe, try to get changed the safe. Let's say let's chance it to move. Alexey, If I try to do this, you can see it's very hard because we have the topples here that's very hard So now I'm going to again. By the way, I just use the seeped FTO tone on the bullet from If you go to dynamics and click on it, you can see it isn't just the myths on we lost those. Is this because we had a very low ridge? Ellison. So let me undo it on Let's increase this a visual. Listen to some remember 2000 or 4000 higher number in this case, so let's click on it. Americans who We have a dense, very, very dense polygons. Count on with the animals. You have just a left on off, down on top, closer here. And if I don't off this incident, lost or lose those details, so it's fine. Who wanted said to dynamics, Let's see how to do this. God, for that, I'm going to use a brush. So if I hold the control suit modern, I intends to this select correct Upson. So now we knew. Hold this, controls it left. Click on this and choose the clip car. Robson. Now it's it to Cliff cough. When I hold the control sipped on with this, I can basically drag a line like this still I'm holding the controlled safe. Thompson on. You can see it's flatten everything to that line so you can see this dark Grady inside that side is going to affect it on Flatten to this. So I'm going to use this. So here I'm going to draw dry line from the outside like this on here. I want a corner. So tab the old twice. If you hold tabbed all twice, you'll get a corner there. Um, now let since they can see Accord that on a flat on this because it's a dynamics. And if it on on this poll, Efrem, it's not going toe or damage. Now again. See, it's stressed everything and flatten it. If you hold control and drag outside liberty, it's going to read animals it, and it's going to give you the Polident again against here. We didn't have that. It's all stressed. If I hold control, drag means a regional. The dynamics stop allergic here. You can see again. I got back those divisions. So this is the beauty off Eugene Dynamics. It let you change the same drastically. Still, it originated the politics since Toes called on these areas. If it waas a simple object, not autonomous with no division levels. I couldn't scored on this area because I didn't have this. No, have the polygons this way. All the polygons A straight So I cannot scald on the Syria. You can see it can scald in this Syria easily. But I cannot scald in this city of So that's the reason. It's instant animus so that I can control drug outside lip most right to rejuvenate the polygons so that I can scald again on these areas. So then I'm going to see some bigger changes again. So I'm going to use the move bus in order to see some changes. Litmus are just the Syria again. I forgot to do one thing. If I had just this say it might not change that side, so you can use the symmetry for that. Let's say I want to tell you this, So let's say you want toe are just both side. At the same time, you can use the symmetry of sandwiches. This if you go to this transform, you can't own on the symmetry from here, activate symmetry on. You can also turn on that through the soccer, which is X on the cable. If you don't want that reconsider activates emitters. Stone on notes it to X In this case, we don't need the X symmetry because this object isn't is not decide. Okay. In this case, we wanted the access symmetry. So let's go to transport on. Good move this Don't undersea doughnut the X So now I can see the symmetry said to the proper direction here. Okay, then let's start with is no softening. This is this can t we have? These is this But those are very, very bold and smooth looking. You can see it's very self. So I'm going to use a brush called h police. Or you can even use the trim dynamic Russ salutes. Bring the edge. Police place H. We'll find its police one on going to police. Furious. So let's like this against it so self. I'm going to going protested this birth year. You can see him making this is, uh, on this around. The verse here today is because No, I have this kind off, don't you? So if you change this basic material toe sign immaterial, we'll see that better. Let's Ah, this basic mental too you so See that a little bit I can see here. I don't need to smooth it all. Just flattened that. Using that, using that same dress. Let me smooth it by holding the safety. When you hold the city, you can see it turns blue environments. Now you're in the smooth breath. Okay, That's good. You can even use this Z Mittal. You can see a sign. Anyone? A little bit off Dental Look, This kind of flaw dental look is natural for the eggs. So that's fine Here. I think that is good. Interesting to serpent. This will under serpent all these adjusting we're going to break These exist now. It conserves very, very easy looking very smooth and perfect. We don't want that. Let's jump to this. Let's up on this. Was you ever against a here? Stop here. It's like giving a little smoother solids certain this call around sometimes if some objects on other substances dead, it's ah, zebras Finds hard time to scold on that hidden in India. So it's a good practice too. So load, object. When his solo everything else is going to be hidden and only fight no use the brush it's going to work well on this area. Can see it's on the bus here. Okay, that's good. Andi, smooth. A little bit. We're forgot to turn on the geese emitted. For this one, you need to turn on the symmetry for every sub tool. So you just need to press the X key. And now, if you said toe exactly so less chance that to G this happened. This is there's a very, very smooth is here In the next lecture we're going toe. Continue it. Sculpting the mental part. We're going to break This is this so I'll see you there. 13. Sculpting the Metal Part 02: Highness Less. I'm going to break all these no smooth lines. You can see the perfect nous of this, uh, ex. So we're going to do a basic past for that. So here, I'm going to take the move. Russ. First let's let's press the m key to fill the rest. The move, Russell. Here. I'm taking this move, Russ, and then the let's start moving few things and make it a little bit. Oh, perfect. By just moving and there just off. You don't need perfect lines here. So basically, at this days, unit toe work work from bigger self stances to smaller sips. So him tryingto make this lines a little bit in perfect. Hennigan, use symmetry for this. Bullets like this make sure the symmetries on Let's do something like that. This is our going to be in profit because it's it's been used for a long time and can see this idiot has are going to be affected because of the use. You can see we have a kind of gardener safe on here. We have very smokes it so we can do one thing. If you move this area, it never going to give the governor said so you can do one thing if you go tobe Russ, When the move tool is selected New purses selector You can go to the gulf here and you can call on this a kook ARF which will allow you toe move a point kind of self like this. Very useful little Upson. So now if I move with a little smaller broth and so I can create a cardinal rule this very useful for a corner, it kind of set something like this. You can use even this too to just extend this governors like this. I'm a little bit hunger that good. So let's don't off that a cougar. But I think this is fine. We just made it a little bit, you know, in perfect is so let's do the same thing here is you move. Maybe a little bit in perfect. Okay, that's good. Then we're going to break all this. Is this? So I'm going to take the dream dynamic bras, Presti, toe filled. Arise it and you'll find the dream dynamic. Here, Take that on here. I can work on a layer, so because I'm going to are the detail. So having that details in a layer is very useful for future adjustment. So if you go to the layers palette here and you can create a new layer on with this'll Eric and rename it, let's say is Brick. So having a different retails in different layers is very useful for future exist mint. So now I'm going to use the stream dynamic too quickly. No urgency to break this is this and sit diseases are not smooth. So I'm going to guess and do this Or let's break this. We'll do this again. Tone on this No metal. I think I'm okay with that basic material. So let's do that real quick. I'm going toe. A miracle is is this like this So it can get that highlight to consider on that interesting highlight this thing off the use off it, Which part is going to be damaged and something like this tried to get so interesting? Interesting. SEPs interesting briquettes. Still, having that is is good. It's it's kind of the harm, uh, are more effect. Make This is really sorry. Like something something like this on here. I'm going toe break these. It's just as well toe get that highlight you can see on here. We have a very are looking pattern till it's smooth. It my holding the SIPC. Then we're going to break. That dead's okay, that's good. Then let's break it. So this kind of flaw Bayville kind off Luke is good for normal. My baking agile if you have a very star pairs, which is this kind of 90 degree angle. So that's very bad for Loman math. So do not get any in no any kind of highlights in the Llama Matt there. So having a little bit even though or you have a very Sarpei is having a little bit develop break kind off look is very good for the bevel. For the normal math. A little bit, let's look from a little bit distance as well. Your details will be read from a little distance because we're like modeling game report here. So your details to be visual on the distance here, I'm going to to the same thing here. This is this and quickly breaking. This is this. It doesn't have to be everywhere. Keep some things is we just know stuff. Okay, that's good. And even you can use this on the city as because again of the use, it can be damaged. It can be. I think we don't have that saw. Percent is here. So you still have that apology, So I'm going to divide it again. We can also make this Damn it's But I think there isn't any point toe do it because we're not going to drastically tend to say here we had to do this, that I would change that unanimous. So here, having this layers of the dosing labels is, I think fine. So if you're gonna forget toe located layer for every self tool you need toe know, create the layer separately. So here I am, burning fuel and to the AIDS as well. So you can see we have a very clear line. So I'm going to do that for that. I'm going to use the damn standard Brussels press D on Let's bring the dance gender again. I can have this on a different layer. So let's take and create a new layer. Yeah, here we have a sharp line. I followed to do that. So with this damn standard, when you press, you can see you get a very card in step like this. But if I hold old and then dry, it's going to give you a like, uh, pullout effect. So I'm going to do that with old to get that pullout effect with the bigger bras. Then it's getting carnitine. Who knew? Draw this. You can see it's giving me a very were weekend off look, so I'm going to turn on the lazy mouse. So if I go to stroke Andi lazy mouse, you can see it's stone on automatically. But the Lady Radius is really low, so let's increase this. When I increased, this lady Radius is going to give me. You can see back tail. Let me in criticism. American is in the seat. So now I have a 37 lazy radius. You can see I have a radical Dale on my line is very smooth now, so it's stabilized that no, that line delayed the stroke so that you can control your hand like this. So that is good. But here we need to feel it. So let's take the dream dynamic on now against it. The safe is Liberte going inward and smoothly coming, so we're going toe feel this with old can see If I pressed old, I can feel it. Make it. I think it did Assad. Then we can use the same dynamic without all too so absorbed this angle. Basically little prick eating to do here, but, uh, it can be done here, Meghan. See, we're getting that lane, letting this area sort of refilled. So I'm doing it with all toe feel. Feel it, Dante. Area like that. Okay, I think this is good. So I'm stopping this Lecter here. I'm going to do the same thing, the same treatment with this one with this metal piece on with all these metal piece. So basically the same is no breaking technique with the trim their living press. So in the next lecture, we're going to work on this. On this cracks, you can see some scratch line, some bigger scratches, some smaller scratches. We're going to see that in the next lecture. 14. Adding Scratches Part01: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to pull those cracks of these scratches. Andi, I'm going to start with putting a leg small surface, various and you can see the surface is very smooth. The edges air braked. Now they just don't have that No perfect nous. But the surface these flat areas are very smooth and very computer nights. So let's break those and then pulled the cracks. So he I'm going toe again, create a new layer. So I'm going to create a layer and then we're going to pour that on that lead. So let's created layer that and again you can really image to Let's s office. Is this our face here on with the age police press? I'm going to get that. So if I put the brush you can see on the surface I'm getting this Poussin kind of effect on . Then let's quickly around that brush. If I tended to a different material akin to the basic GBs material, you can see those dance better. There's unevenness, Andi. Then I'm going to I did this blue card in self with the old. I'm sorry. Just pushing those and then with the old again pulling on, then with just the is police without holding an icky, you just need to flatten few areas. So I'm pulling and pushing, then with using the flattened at the normal age police to flatten few areas. So it creates that only witness like this. Let me intends it to basic. You can see that thing. We don't want a very drastic here. That's a basic physical new witness like this. So we're going to do this everywhere, basically. So it's selected. You can see just just using this police. He's giving me a very no on the Vince office there. So this is also good. You know, I'm goingto get rid of that. Carvey. Look, a smoke look can see you can do this. And then this palace. Okay, go ahead and do this kind of no unevenness. And then we're going to pull the cracks for the cracks. I'm going to use a Brasco off crack so we'll find that Russ free on Internet. And that is called love. If I goto my light box, go to this broth. You can say I have already installed it. Andi, I'll give this free bras in the present files. that you can use it. So here, against it or brushed back. If I double click on that, I can see all of the process here. I'm going to use no some of the crack of this last bosses for the cracks. Here I have some bigger notes. Lassus and somebody find self lens. So I think I'm going to this used this one DoubleClick toe. Get that. I can see that brush has a Alfa. So I'm going to do those again in separate layer but its name, it crags or scratches. So this I'm going toe. You can see em having trouble because I have turned on this no symmetry. So for now, I'm turning up this with the ex key. So then let's try. I think this is too big for my near here, so let's change that something else. So you need to experiment with different process. So if you want more, D. Flanagan gives that the intensity so basically get of a Smoot looking Kerak here so you can experiment with different ruses here. So let me use this one. Let's see, it's a little bit fine. Fine lane, I think the previous trip. Let's check this one. OK, this is good. This is let me undo. I'm going to use this one because it has a little bit more details on this is is it's not very, very clean. So I like this one again. You can look from a distance. It's a measure crack. That's our next it for this one again. When you do this kind of details, you don't have toe follow the concept 100% you can add a little experiment with different looks. But if there is this very unique God like this, you have to follow the concept obviously. Well, I'm trying to follow the concept than the latter were going toe are few more scratches. Okay, this is a problem you can see. When I added this garage, it saws a decided agile. It's kind off posing that polygons here as your so let me onto. So that's happened. We could let's live into this again agency in orderto a word, this we need to mask it. So let's go to Brust. Andi, if you go to this autumn asking here, you need to tall on this back pressed mask up. Sir, if you turn on this it's automatically going toe mosque, the backside so that it owned affected from this side. So if I go to this idyllic unseen now that didn't affect that. That's a used pull ups on there. Let's quickly do this. I tried toe, get different various and don't put same side scratches. Oliver. So let me make it bigger. And then let's make a little bit smaller the different angle. So my here, let's this one needs to is to be a little sad. Parts are going to change that. Okay, I think this is good. Ah, we're going to do that side as well again. You don't have Toby 100 person Perfect. We were going to make it different looking, so I'm going to randomly pulled some scratches here again, I think we disclose winning toe down on that other, so it's a brush to brush settings. You need toe change this with every different breasts. Let's send it to the bigger one. I think about the use, I think clean to change it on litmus. So we one more secret. Let's say you want a more define restaurant so you can press one immediately, and it's going to reuse that broad stroke again. It's like you stroke that again twice like this. Let's say you make it twice like this to the same effect, so drag it on. Then, without moving the camera. Let's press the one Kagan. So it's repeating that brush stroke. You can repeat any birth stroke by prisons is the one key, very little secretive tool there. So okay, there's there's some bigger scratches. Let's pull some crutches here, agile from this again with all Lepley against elect defense off. Nolan. The interface. OK, now I'm going toe. Put here some scratches. Now we don't have that. Most Republicans, you can say we have one like 65,000. We want some more Politicians will express control de or go to gym a tree and divided. Now, when I divide, you can see it says Miss Geometry may not be more affair, while layer is in recording more. That means we have a layer, which is on recording morning right now. So let me go to layers and don off the record ing Morrigan. See the little I can hear, says Rick. Let's Greg on that. Now. The layer recording more days off. Now we can divide this to get more divisions are more polygons toe or do smaller details so that now I have six lacks extra toe. So I'm going to create a layer and with this layer, make sure you re name every layer. But for the times like I'm not doing it here but in production unit to rename this leads that you can easily find properly. So here I am going to again and do it. So let me see if this is Tonia. So I'm going toe drag it on this area and you can see it's very intense. I'm going to press one. You can press one couple of time, so every time you press the one kid's going to repeat that brush stroke and it's going to give you no dif deep dress stroke there. So little chance this I did this on lot London. I don't like that. Let's try this one again. Pressing one is a very useful Absolutely. Okay, we have that symmetry. Okay, that is fine. That's good. So then we're going to put some small scratches for the smaller scratches. I'm going to use this for Slask our WTO. Garber's here. You can see. It has a lot off lines here. So let's double play with this one. We can. We can draw a different scratches like this again. We can have all those smaller cracks in different legs and that support those cracks, you know, so you can put cracks randomly and let me down on the back. His mosque. But rain tried to exaggerate. This lines little bit, because if you put very headline kind off scratches, it's not going to come through the normal map. So to get that in the Rama, maybe we need a very big sighs normal. So let's say you're texture will be one. Care to care for this, uh, this X, then having this kind of various tiny hairline and no, scotus is not going too well because that's not going to be visible in the normal map. It's going to be pixelated in the mama Mama. So having this kind off defined scratches and try toe our very team scratches. If your exercises low, let's say if you are doing a eight k texture, then I think this hairlines scratches is going to come out, but otherwise it's a useless thing to do here. Look at something like this. So I'm stopping dislike to here in the next lecture, we're going to continue putting the scratches on these areas. See you there. 15. Adding Scratches Part02: hi. In this lecture, let's continue working on the different objects different metal parts here. So I'm going toe. Let's start with this piece. So we're having a very big crack here, so I'm going to use the normal or crack bus to draw. So here you have the off cracks for us so you can take this breast on basically, with this again. Let me turn off the symmetry. You can draw draw cracks. So here we don't have that much Republican. So let's divide it divided to get more politicians again. It says the layer is in recording more writing. Okay? No, you don't. We have that in the That's seven divisions. Get that's fine. So let's try. So this let me draw the cracks. Something like this again. Press want to define it without moving the camera? If you Let's say, moved the camera like this and then press one, it's not going to repeat that. It's going to repeat the camera angle. Tenzing, make sure you don't change anything to suppress one like this, but certainly Syria it something like this big crack. Putin cracks here. Maybe continue to using this Alfa Express one. Okay, this is good again. We didn't pull that surfaced. Ending effectual spring that is polis plus Ah, straddle. Or do you live the surface? Okay, that is good. So here we're having some no cracks. Kind of effects alerts dough that this object. So let me use the off. Grab us for once You have bring that brush from here. You have that brush here on this list so you can choose that again. You don't have to go again and again to bring the glasses. Then I'm going toe through that thing here again. We don't have that much of folly Gance for the retail. So we're going to divide it now we have 23,000. The top one is for this a selector subtitle And the bottom one is for the whole scene Engibous Americans. It says 23,000. So let me divide it once again. And let's try to do that detail If you try to do some details and you see this polygon face a trick polygons, that means you need more polygons divided. Andi, let me do around safe first a carved in round said Then we're going to do the cracks for from that thing, then it's they're gonna compress. Well, if you had bigger. If you are smaller, let's put this something like this. I need to move this thing inside. So now let's select it and let's take the move, Russ at the move, gizmo on. Let's best African cedaw gizmos here, not at the center of that object. So let's select this a little obsolete here to bring that to the center on. Now you can see it doesn't give me that particular direction to move. It can hold all on routed the man of little gizmo to align this If you don't hold the old and just what it's going to rotate the object in orderto rotate the gizmo. You need to hold Ault and do this. And then let's move this in that direction. Okay? Rescued James that Yes, you can see we have that details now, so you need to basically do the same thing that side. And look, I think I think he had only this. So go ahead and take some more time toe. Define this detail, scratches and the stop of thing. So it is. I'm stuffing this lecture here in the next lecture we're going to say how to put some sort first noise on the object because you can see the surface except these details. The surface is very smooth, so we're going to see how to use the surface. NYSE ups on inside Egypt just 16. Adding Surface Details: Okay, so let's see how to use the surface noise. Obsolete Sergey brush to get a surface details for our eggs. Metal parts. So for that, I'm going to created layer first so that I have that determine it'll specifically it in separately. So that's created layer Alexei surface on details. So having this kind of specific detail in different layers is allowing you to change that letter. So now I'm going to surface dab here. If I don't on that. And you can see I have a noise up sunlit stone on that. Let me move to reference Image to decide. Okay, let me let me make this no small small window. Okay, Here against C. I have a new window here. A nice Mika window on. I can rotate this view here, and I can pan it like a do on this view. What? I can't even frame it and toe friend, this this view again? June from here? A jewel. I can move it from here. So this frame it. So if I ju mate, you can see have already a surface detail next for him. Sometimes it's meant go outside and you won't find that so that time you need to click on this frame. They're they're back. Okay, so it is against See, we have a very tiny you know himself, Estimize. So you can use this. So now it is the by default noise here, so you can see the nice scale here. Some Magno absence. He had the strength. We can obviously are just these things, But let me use this one. So let's Okay, press. OK, now you can see the noise on this office, but this noise is not begged into the mess yet. So it's just the surface nights on its kind. If it takes a right now, it's not actually on the mess. So in order to actually begged these details into the mess you need to hit the apply Tomei's button. So once you hit that, you might see some little tens is to the actual look you can see. Let me undo it. You can see when I didn't know applied to the mess. It was very sorry looking very nice looking. When I click on it, it applied to that. But it's not a little bit less intense and Liberte smoother side. It's because we don't have that. Most of polygons to hold that softness. So if you want that this sadness unit to divide this model again to get more divisions Okay , so But I think I'm okay with that little this little thing here, I might need to a ridge it. So let's click on the date it. I need to change the strength here. Concedes said to minus point villages 73 something you can no increase or decrease this value. Fine. Cause a decrease. You can see the intensity of that noise on. You can even scale the noise. You can see that noisy pattern. It can scare Lee toe bigger noises like this so that it can video level under mess. You can see now it's more bigger. Skilled, snowless apply. I can see now it's a little bit better, reliable like that. So you can obviously do this. Let me change this material toe. Something's signing. So here. I think we don't want this sudden it so I can do one thing. Go to the layer because I have this detail under layer. I can come here any time and change the opacity. If I don't have the lead, then I need to undo it, Andi. Then I need toe again and attend the strength and then apply because I have the layer. It allows me toe since this at any time. So let's go to the layer and let's select the letter. This is the selected one here. I can see in the opacity of the Larry Country fied. Drag this to the left. I've actually changing the positive that detail. So now that is very subtle. Andi to smoke looking because it's a very smooth item here. Let's do the same thing here again on a new layer so that we can easily change are just at any time. And then let's go toe the NYSE surface night. Don't that down it. Let's click on the frame to frame it. It's still using that same setting, so we don't need toe. Address it again, so it just know to locate. I applied to the miss. Okay, now I couldn't see. It's looking cool, having a liberate surface. Nice. So it's one passed again. You can take a another pass, so let's let me select this one, and let's create a new layer with this layer. I'm going toe put some bigger on our night to select it on. Go to edit from it. Okay, so I'm not going to use that same night. So we can in our just this skill or we can add just this graph other. So now the scale is said to this. Let me increase it. I can see the noise better. Reconsider cannot very repeating pattern night. If I change this scarf now, you can see if I put one point here, just left click drag to get a point. So I can't say the look of denies You can see now it's kind of a different looking nice on . If I pull this town, I'll get a different look again. Again different local. Well, as you can see of all this down, you can see those noises not covering the whole surface. It's kind off spreading out a big so it's a good one. So let's locate So you can again use different kind off my eyes like this. So let me apply this, Thomas. So let me do the same thing again on a different less so that I can add just that separately. Andi again, I'm not giving the name because of the time taking. But you must give the names. Let's go. Sorry. Go to the surface. Andi Sport that noise. I think I need to adjust it again. So let's first claim it. Let's do the same graph. Be a little bit less Kelly a plate. Okay, so we regard this kind of floor this kind of whom details So this weighs the manual way to create the noise. So there's another way. Toe know, Create noise by using the surface noise. So we have some pretty man noises. If you go to lightbox, noisemakers become that it opens the light box and inside that it opens this noise fuller on inside that you can seize a lot off by default created noises it can use for modern. You just need to double click it. So that noise you might get some text. Sirajul. So let me soil some nice. So let's say this one. So definitely don't tell you why That noise a what for what? That noise can be used, but you need toe guess that's alleged. Double click. A large INSEE. It's a different noise. You can use it for storm thing. Anything but I don't I'm not sure if we can use this here. We can go to edit and adjust the settings off this night against scale down It is from it again, Skill down can see again. Scaled down Or I can use declares the intensity of that details. Something like this, um, at me for bigger kind of dent. We can, I think use this of this kind off. Look can use this. I'm gonna apply this applied to the myths with this. We did regard this color as well as a day said earlier, so I'm not going to use this one, so undo it. Let's send this color toe white here. So if you use that, let's say you want to use that. So let me down on that. Um, it will bring some. Oh, this is another. You can see it has kind of a stolen clear, more kind off. Look. So let me find something which began in use. Okay, let's use that one. I don't like could read it. Jansa skill, anything. He told me to tend the scale that much. So let's decrease the intensity. It's going to give you a kind of stone look plastic visit. Look, this thing decreased the intensity here. And if you don't want the color, we can don off the cholera gin. If you go to this color blend here, make it zero. Let's say it said to Geo, We don't want in color at that dent area, so make it Jiro on Let's scale it. So again, give this kind off road entered looks. So let's say okay, now we have that lets applied the mess. Let's change the color. So we have a very subtle details because I know decrease the opacity. There are the strength there. But if you are having in a different separate layer, you can turn off the recording mode and tall up the I toe, check the contribution of the details you can see like this. So we have a signed off all over the place on evenness, which is actually adding to the it is good for our object here like this. So go ahead and try different surface noise are doing to use that too much. Just, uh, no use that for your needs, and then in the next lecture, we're going to work on the wood part here. So we're going to see how to do this or handle very, very easily 17. Sculpting the Wood Handle: I welcome back to the course, and in this lecture, we're going toe. See, this would handle on how I'm going to do this. So let's hold all the electric to select it. And the first thing I'm going to align the bottom part against it. There's a gap. So let's take the move. Tool The move, Russ Express M and the move. I'm going to just move on next year's Intersect with this little piece here from all angle on with this basic and see this is not closed. We're going to close that letter on little See the top again. I don't want any gaps between objects. That will give me headache when I'm going to do the locally and Baykal so make sure everything is intersected. Mixture, there isn't any unnecessary gaps. Okay, Something like this. Okay, then I'm going to going to divide it and get some divisions to do those details. Now I have 23,000 polygons here for this bar of the handle. I'm going to divide it a few times. Maybe 23 dames now have three lack 68. Let's do it again. The ideal polygon for this handle is close to one million something. Now I have 1.4 million. Anything. That is what I want. Years till now. Now I'm going to do those would details You can see a normal lord stands to have those cracks of those vertical lines, and we're going to do that. So let's see how to do that. So here, I'm going to create a layer for created layer to create these No cracks. Mannelly. So then I'm going to do those small cracks. We take good techniques. So I'm going to take the bus. Let's take the brush off. We'll dress back on. I'm going to take this. Who? Take this or crack Russ on here? I'm going to give some bigger cracks like this one. Like this one. Something like this place. Want to the pit it, trying to get cracks. Nothing. Fancy some bigger Grax here. It's a good practice to so late. And then do it because we can. It's called inside. There plays be put some bigger cracks like this. Maybe something like the, uh, it's one. Make sure it step it down and so blend with the surface here. Okay. Something like this on, then. I'm going to do? Let me out one or two more thing, and then we're going to do the smaller cracks or the texture of the surface detail adored. I have a good technique for that, so I'm not going to do that manually. Okay, so I think it's fine for these bigger cracks. So I'm going to put some surface details for the Let's take a new layer, Andi, I'm going to switch back to the standard breath and for the wood details would surface details. I'm going to use an Alfa here. So if you go to this Alfa and you'll find this Alfa 58 this is a by default and first steps with zebras, so you'll find it here. So choose this Alfa, which has this kind of flying to conceive sues this on. Then I'm going to change this stroke toe this pray. Basically, I'm going to spread this alfa all over this for handle and disturb us. So now we fight. I want a bigger bras, so I'm going to change the broth sides, the draw sides. Let's said this big, and if I skulled now, it's like pulling out. But I don't want that So I want the sub Christian to G sob so that I can push in. So now we fight. If I hard against c another thing. I want to mask the other side because in every stroke that you can see it affects that of the site. So let's go to Brust on and Goto masking autumn asking and turn on this back pressed mosque so that it won't affect the backside. Okay, that's good on then. I'm going to give some particle lines like this Make sure you move your brush up down like this, not in different angle. If you do this, it'll get on a different angle stroke. So just moved over us up, down on. Do you can see I'm getting those the wood into this old Dexter for the handle? Very, very quick were list on off it and do it that it's killers. Do that all over the place and let's see how it's looking. You can see very quickly regard this No would would board the details and then again, I'm going to come back toe to that or brush and define those bigger cracks, because now it's kind oflove blended with that little. So let's in. Increase the intensity and let's tryto try toe get, um, the lines from destruction. And then again, make those the bigger cracks something like this again. Press want toe. Repeat that just for Lawson lines and make those the bigger cracks. Okay, Something like this. I think that is fine. So we have completed this would handle here. And in the next lecture, we're going to start working on this clothes wrapped clothing part, so see you there. 18. Sculpting the Wrapped Cloth: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to say how to sculpt this clothings, this wrapped clothings. So I'm going to use the basic brust for this, the standard one. And then let's chains all these go back to the free hand on DNA while fire. So now I'm going to start with one. So now it has 6000 something. So let's divide a few times. So for this piece is I'm not going to divide too much because we're just going to do some basic falls. We're not going to get very small detail texter like this. So I'm not going to give more politicians to this thing. So I think this is fine. Yeah, I think Let me go back a bit. So I think this is fine. So now I'm going toe alert Lord Division levels to start it. So if you spray city, you can go to Lord within levels. If you praise D, only you can go to the upper levels. So press it. D they started the lower number on. I'm going to first give this a little bit in flattered border. So now it said, Would you solve? It's a g r on we're going to basically in flat, dizzy Reince a little bit on the treatment. I'm going to do it. This piece I'm going toe known repeat with every grabbed pieces there implanting this border. You can also use the in flight brust. So if you press I you'll find this in flood. Russ, take that 1,000,000,000 flat the border with this one. Okay, I think this is. Then hold. The saved would turn to smooth it smoothed over wobbliness. Okay, then let's go back toe standard. And you haven't going to scar few wrinkles quickly. So wrinkles sculpting is very geared. So it's very tightly wrapped flooding. So the wrinkles is other wrinkles are goingto be stressed in this way. So I'm going to do something, cause it a little bit jig Zach pattern like this on with this smaller brush. So I'm not going to do Boulder wrinkles like this board because it's a very 18 clock on thin clouds tends to have Tina wrinkles. Oh, something like this on. We can legally hold old Toe de Sol few areas to get a little contrast. And those called like this. You can see that zero. Is he there? Okay, So let's do all around. It's a very tightly wrapped clothes, just roughly scarred these wrinkles, and then we're going toe refined. Those wait a little bit, No up a level divisions something like this movie, and then go to the upper level by pressing the Dickie Andi Try toe smoothies. Worldliness. When you use the standard for us to do these things, you'll get something deliberate, lovely, kind off fake. We need to smooth that. Then we can refine that again. It finer brust a little bit smaller bras you can see. It's something girls should be very teen on then. It's a white Liberte in Florida, so the wrinkles wouldn't be same with everywhere. So that's a point toe. Remember Andi? Then forever, this kind of wobbliness. You can see some connecting wrinkles. Erin Gilles is coming and connected with another one on will get this kind off effect. And if I do this, if I connect, this angle here will find this kind off logic. Jack enough effect. You'll find this kind off jack or weekend off wrinkles when the plot is compressed from up to down. But it illustrates wrinkles. A stress cloth like this. You don't get those too much, but you can put one toe, get a various, and with the Straits Club, most of the wrinkles is going to be stretched on the stretching direction lettered safe. Okay, now you can see one piece is so basically, I'm going to do the same thing with every piece there and flooding the borders. I'm trying to imagine Ah, the wrinkles. Here, you can see this is a part. So let's divide it. Your eyes would seize on wrinkles because this is underneath and this is on top of it. So get some of compressed accomplished full here. You might in flight this city a little bit so that it looks like it's bulging out this this piece of cloth. So this we're awfully no, roughly geared those ideas. So let's say it's pinching here on all the all those wrinkles is gin etting from that area , something like this to the same thing. All the wrinkles Serpens on here is bulging out so that it looks like this. This cloth is pressing here, so there's a kind off nor no compression kind of in back to s going on this clock. Let's divide it smooth it. We have the rough skates of the of these wrinkles. Then again, go ahead and I do find it on. Let me show you another way. Toe. Keep some gravity toe this wrinkles. Let's say there's a big wrinkles here, and it has been affected by the gravity. So the fold, the peak should be down work. If you go to this standard brush settings, the brush sittings. And if you go to this depth, you'll find this gravity sitting here so you can see the gravity's going from up to down. So you can in this the gravity strength here on if you increase it. Now, if you sculpt, you suit, see some defense here, so little So so now you can see if I scald. It's not pulling directly. It was the camera. It's actual pulling summer downward still alive. The setting is high Dick visit, and now Face called it should give me. Offering Gill, which is affected by the gravity on the big of the wrinkle, is down where you can see the bottom of the wrinkle is deep, so it's a very good way to give for. Some waited on heavy wrinkles in this guests, We have very strange to wrinkle. So because of the breast, citing gravity can affect you must. But if there is a bigger wrinkle and you can give that against in our it looks drooping, it looks like dropping to us the bottom so we can give it here under like this. So it looks like a liberty ludes on. Obviously, it's going to give us a little bit. Various. In agile, we can define the bottom part well there. That's going to know. Let's look at this clothing from different angles. Make sure it looks good from all the angles there. I didn't say like this. Obviously, you need to have some bigger, bolder wrinkles and some smaller so that it looks natural. Now, almost every wrinkles looks. Him team tried to get him bigger one. So let's try. So I'm going toe. Decrease the strength here. Let's give some bigger one here on. Always look from little distance to see the different to see the overlook. Okay, now you can see we have a little bigger one than smaller one. So it's going to look natural, August something like this. So basically, I'm going to do the same treatment with everything. So you don't want me to see doing it for hours? It's gonna take a little time to complete. I'm going toe. Do the same thing with every piece is in between the lessons on in the next lecture. We're going to finish the X sculpting here, so see you there. 19. Finishing The Axe Sculpting: I welcome back to the course in this video. I'm going to finish this cult ing the high police carting here on GNC. I have sculpted these falls of these wrinkles like I did on these things. Basically same somewhere. So let's take the model for the final time. So here you can see vessel it. This one on. If I had hit F and said Friends, another agency, there's a gap. There's a hole on this object that was so low this and see that that's on hold there. So I'm going to feel this by making it the dynamic subject. So let's first smooth it so that I don't get this faceted polygons in a converted, stewed animus. So let's first divide a few times. No, to get a small object. Okay, so now I'm going to convert this object into a dynamic subject so that it feels so. Let me delete the lower parts low divisions and let's goto Dina miss, I'm click on Dynamics year now. My resume, listen, is is very low. So if I click on Delemus, give me something like this so they don't want obviously. So let's increase the spiritualism toe some had 2000. Let's click on Dangerous. Now you can see it feels that hole and it's trying toe trying to keep that safe as much as possible. Okay, so this is one way you can fill the holes by converting that object into a dynamic subject . Okay, then let's see. I need to duplicate this subject to the side so that selected on Let's stay the move Brust click on this little icon to bring the arm elevator to the center and I'm going toe the subtitle and let's click on this copy. Here are duplicates duplicate on Let me move on. Projects in this something like this. Uh, I'm too are just this idea again. See, I can see the base of this part here. I can see this base part. So let me move the whole area here. So let's take the move, Russ. With the bigger bras, I'm going to move it. Make sure the symmetry stone on. So let's press X key to turn on the symmetry and move this area. No, it's is it has some deformity layer, So let's go to layer. So here I have layers and when I have layered, I need toe dawn on one layer so that I can do this. What? I can create a new earlier on. Do this. Is he planning to move it? That it intersect with their object with us with this center part there trying to intersect Smoove this idea. Okay, I think this is fine. No, maybe a little weird. Let's move this in. What? Okay. That stone. And admit take. If I'm missing something, everything looks okay. So I need to put some cracks here if I want to. A select this one are now I have just 5700 signing to divide it first. So let's go to Jim 02 Top divided a few times to get a good amount of polygons and then do the crowd gauging the orb. Russ, it's going tobe Russ on or brush back. Double click Honest. A golf cracked Russ, Put some cracks in by placing one. You can repeat that Aksam, which will give you no deeper stroke there. Okay, then I need to smoke this bold, their soldiers divided by pressing control D on the keyboard and let's do the same thing here. So let these things basically don't give anything like this? Peasantry Politicians. Okay? Everything else looks fine, so I called this door. So here I am stopping this lecture. So the next lecture, we're going to test me at this hole X to bring this publican countdown. I can see the Politan Counties Fi 0.2 million for the entire X. So we're going to decimate this so that we can bring this down on. Then we're going to export this. Two mile on there were going to do the vegetable, So see you in the next lecture. 20. Decimating, Exporting and Wrap Up: Hi. Welcome back Toe The final lecture of this model on in this lecture we're going to decimate on export this X So the first thing is, the first question make comes to your mind is what is decimation or Desam it so basically Desam, it is an action to bring the publican countdown on while maintaining the details. So the process of decimation is uses Need to select object and goto keep plugging on You have the Desam ism master here on if you go toe the decimation Master, let me go back The process is off Western in tow pre process the object So it, um people Sisto and selected subtitle Andi Then you need to put this percenters here which which is the percenters off the current polygon count for this to let said this public This subtitle This selective subtitle has eight basically 865,000 parliaments And let's say we we want to keep 50% of this we want to bring bring it 50% So we need to give it to here until this number is going to and you're giving this percenters toe Keep the parliaments so then you need to click on the decimate current Oh, basically three click wants to pre process. Then put a percentage which you want to keep Andi. Then at Ligand Estimate according to decimate it, This is the simple process. So let's do it. So first I'm going to I'm going toe proposes it. So let's go and click on pre process current. Now it's pre processing. You can see and see that here. It might take some time. It depends on the political count of the currents up to If it has a big Mulligan counts, then it might take a little bit time, but now you can see it's repossessing. Okay, now it's clear that means be processing has been done there. Okay, then the second step is no putting the percentages, which you want to keep. Let's say I want to keep. I'll keep doing 2% off this, a eight under 65,000 so I want to keep that 20% is find. Then let's Cleveland estimate current. So before I couldn't estimate current, I need to check the layers. If you have any layers on recording Mort while you're clicking on that desperate current Burton, it might give you some bad results are unexpected result. So let's say that click investment current again. This time it worked. Now, if I told on this policy from you can see the decimation here, everything has been triangulated. You can see the triangle triangle faces on DNA. Now we can see the polygon count. Doctor Points is one of 170 73,000 polygons there. So basically roughly 20% of the previous polygon. Okay, on this time it worked perfectly. Let's take this one. So let's be processed. This one Let it be processed. Okay. Um wanted Don't. Then let's give it a person decile. In this case, let's say I want to keep 10%. Actually, the goal is toe. Bring the polygon as much as you can while you're still having the details under start intense. So try to get that. So let's say 10%. I want to keep 10% of this existing public on, so this is 10 person and let's likened estimate current. Now I can see I was just talking about this problem earlier. Let me undo it by President Control T. Okay, This problem happened because of this recording layer more so one layer was on recurring more while I clicked on that day. Estimate current. So it didn't happen with this one. So the solution is before you click on this decimate current bottle, just bake all these layers. So click on this bake layers or you can don't off the recording more and then tried that investment current it, Morgan said, walked. So make sure you don't have any layer on recording more. We nuclear going distress emit Corrine button. Okay, so now let let me check this Odjick so you need toe go or the literal close view to check. No can see. I can see the triangle asses. That meant I'm losing the details. So basically I'm losing the quality of the details. That means it's a sign that I'm decimating too much here. So let me under it control G. You can see here I have the original one. So let me go back on. Let's say I want to keep 20% not 10 person, so I'm going a little higher. So I'm keeping more polygons here so even you can look at the look at here to know the example. Living car Let's click on dismayed current. I know you can see it's OK, so this true object has been decimated. Okay, so let's dismiss this one. So in this case, I'm going to use this presets. So here you have some presets on. If you are using this process, you don't have to click on pre process and follow on the previous method. So if you are using this process, you just need toe Ah, click on this process and it's going to pre process then said the percentages and then decimated. So if I let sit this subject this subtitle has 606,000 something. Andi, I'm going to click on this 75 K fully so I'm going to this click. So here I am not pre processing it. Not putting in percent is just 75 K And I know I don't have any layer for this subtitle, so that's fine. Let's click 75 cape on its going toe, basically do the same thing pre process and then decimated in a way so that it has do that exact number here. Now you can see it has 75,000 exact number which we chose from this. So now arrogance it husband s emitter. I can say that if I taught on this Wolfram and everything is strangulated now. Okay, so this is another way toe quickly decimate it by just using this precepts. So you have some limited precepts here on If you want a specific specific account, which is not here, then you can go to this custom and said Said it here, basically whatever number you put here, that's that's now in game or which is the 1000 more. So let's and estimate this one. Now it has three luck 68 which is 368,000 for this little object, which is where too much. Let's go to JI. Plug in and use a present. So here I am going to use less than 35 K or you can even put a number here. So let's say let's say, don't take care. 20 K's have level desolate, say 25 on Click on this custom. So it's going to pre process and dis mitt. There's going to give you that exact poly count. Unlike say, let's John on this to check, Okay? Physically, decimation master is a very smart way to decimate here. You can see it's decimating. More polygons are reducing more pelicans from the flat areas where we don't have that much of details on its trying to keep a good number of polygons in these details areas. Okay, so by this two way, by using the model here and are by using this piece, it's you can decimate the whole object. So let me decimate it. Everything, Andi. Then I'm going to come back and then we're going to export this object. Okay? Here have decimated a few things and I have not decimated feel objects. You don't have to dismount everything. If you have something, let's say this object has justly learned 1000 parliaments on DSO It don't have to disseminate this object. So the men propose off decimates and is bringing the pollen count s so that we can easily work on the very top of states. So now my ex has this 2.1 million something So I think my can handle this So I have not decimated this cultural parts here. This cloth parts basically again If I if I see performance lagging, are something inside mired then I might need to decimate these things and bring this total publican counts to even lawyer. But I think we can deal. Um I can deal with this 2.1 million Polident So I'm not decimating this club clothes again . It's up to you. You can decimate everything and I think that's good. The polygon count will be less so Let's see So I have decimated And now time to export this X into Maya in a vision for months so that we can work in the treetop part. So now once the dismiss and is done now I'm going to export this So basically we can export one by one individually But in this case I'm going to export everything in a single click. So let me so u boat So if you want to export one by one for some reason you can select it and goto this export here on you can given them and export this single subtitle here. But in this case, let's export everything in a single a visa. So for that I'm going to keep plugging on again dismissing master and said that you have a knob some call export all subtitles Let's click on this. Um, let me go back to the job. Easier folded here inside my project folder. So here I am going to give it a name. Let's say X, I'm just go high. Okay? So this is my ex numbers go high and dis emitter so you can give in in them, give it a name on save it. So it's going to export everything. So it's exporting everything and it might take a few minutes so you can see the visit file Exporter are done. So now make sure you save your jeep project as well. US Project. So let me say this file. Save Iwas on. Let me save the file again. You can save one hyperbole. I forgot to do that. You can save the without decimated Hi, Polly. Final hype early and then one day Senator hyperbole so to in this case, I forgot to do that. So let's say let's keep I poli decimated. So I'm saving the genius project as well. So in case I need toe attain something so I can come back to this GBS file. So I have saved over busy and I have exported though visit and save this Zubrus was it filed. So if this would have completed this detailing chapter INGE Ibra's on in this whole model, you long how to use it drops for detailing on and in the mix. What? We're going to see how to use Meyer for the veto players, but so I'm going to see you in that. 21. Setting the Scene for Retopo: I welcome to this new sex and in this sex, and you're going to launder readable part of the X Project on in this particular lecture, I'm going toe set of the scene for the little poor. And from the next lecture, we're going to actually start doing the Redouble part. Basically, when we say veto poet mints are recreating the model on top of the High Poly as a reference object on. Basically, we try to create a in game model. It's a Dench toe help less Pa Legal's. So let's first important model into this mire scene. You can see I'm working with the new seen here pressing. So let's goto file and import, though busy the day Senator or possessor here, I'm going to browse the orbiter folder and said that I have the X high decimated or visit imported. So I imported. I didn't open because it's a visa for not file, so it might take a little time. Let it import. Okay, now I can see it has imported the X object here are no can see every if I click on select every subtitle except record here. So the first thing I'm going to do is putting this ex into a layer, Andi. Then we're going toe. See how we can combine few things for a single Rita. Poor locally object. So the first thing I need to plan that So for this ex, I'm going to do this whole handle these things, knowing the local it should be a single continue mess on because of these gaps between these things, I'm going to do this basis separate locally. So let's say it's a non wilder globally here back. But I'm going to make this whole thing a single welded are single, continuous slope, really object. So I think I might also to include this too. So I'm going to select these things. It's like these things as well. So we're not going to do it locally for this bulls. So these are going to come come through the normal math. So the low poll will be playing there. I'll I'm going to do these two things separately on this thing separately, separate locally. So then I think I should take the whole bar of the handle on with every curtains. There basically lets called control sit on drags its going toe. Are these things to the selection. So now you can see I have selected everything except these small parts here. Okay, so now I'm going to combine these things into a single object. So let's goto mess and click on this combine. So it's going to combine and make all these things into one object. Okay, Now you can see from this green single color I can say it has combined it on now. When I combined, I have I practice to delete the history. So let's go toe edit on Goto dilip by type on history. So I don't want any combine history with this subject on now Wanted selector I'm going toe click on this for last up Some here on this layer pallet Let's click on this one. No, I have a layer. And inside that layer I have this selected object so fast I selected and then click on this last ups in here. So now let's double click on the name and give it a name that's a high celibate on. Let me select everything else All a select everything control drag this one toe to select. And now I'm going to put all these things I think I need to. I need to separate these as well. So let's disliked dismal. So I'm going toe, combine these things into one single political mind. These things will be one single locally. So now again, I'm going to delete the history, Okay? And then I'm going to do this as well. So it's It can give it to Layer that since these two and safe you can click on this V I can to hide it. I was in that letter, and now I have lived with these two things. Let's combine and get the history can deal with the history by using the sort cottages all sipped on D. Okay, now, let's put it on third hype a little earlier. Okay, So absolute. This thing. So this whole thing would be a single continuous Ah, Locally, a single combined will lead single thing on Ben. These things would be one on these things will be one. Okay, so the scene is set off. Let's save this sin. So let's go to file steps in on going to save it in the scene folder. So let's go to the scene for the of the project on. Let's give the name. That's the X discovery, Topa. Okay, the violence saved. So in the next lecture, we're going to start doing the re topo. 22. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 01: So in this later we're going to start doing the detachable process by using the Quadra. It'll so we have set up this my sin in the previous lecture on Let's first set of this interface year on. Then we're going to start with the writable. So first I need to bring this modelling tool kit. So let's click on it. Toe this on here in this morning toolkit, I really find this squad drawer tool you are going to use for the top on. The first thing we're going to do is making this object and live object A live objects of that will recreate the no points It's going to snap on this subject. Select it and click on this little obsolete here can see we have some magnet absence here. So if I click on the right side, the last right up some here So it's the make labour object All you can go to Mardi Friend Click on this make life we consider tones that bottle on. Now this object is life. You can see that here as well. You can see the object name here. So now I'm going to click on this Cuadra tool we're going to basically create polygons on top of this hyperbole object on those points would be exactly on top of this mess. So if this quarter you can see they have a point like most Carson. So if I click, I'll get the point or vortex If I click again. So I'm getting vortex here you can see So now I have four vortices. Now, if I hold sipped on, then go to the center. Just take the most concert somewhere to the center. Now you can see this green highlight. Now, if I let click here, I'll get a polygon. Consider this blue color parliaments on this polygon is exactly sitting on top of this hyperbole because this hyperbole is alive. Object. Okay, Once you create this, then you can goto this point. I'm not holding anything and still urging the Quadra tool on DNA Now if I goto vortex, it's highlighted. Now I can move on. Reports on it can see. I can move on repositioned. I can move reposes under in there is other interface of the polygons. Okay, so let's start from here. So I'm going toe police on this. So basically, when I do that Reto por or the locally I'm going toe Keep these men corner Slyke like this Kindness on, We're going toe tryto decrease tryto make a local object here. Okay, now I'm going toe Extra diseases are extra in this edge. So if I hold the tab key when this is highlighter, if I hold the tab it'll now it says extra in now I can just hold the left most on Drac while I'm holding the tab button so it extend. That is so again just holding the tab. I'm left most drug will extreme or extraordinary heads basically here. I'm trying toe get this flat saved. Then we're going toe Get this angle. Except let's extend this thing like this on again. Let me on here You can see fight moving vortices close to another It's going to automatically, Mort. Okay. It's because we have this auto world off center known on We have a value here. So this is something like the threshold. So if you come to this rains, it's going to automatically Mars. Okay, here we need some more polygons in order to match. This idea can see we have a car in the high Poly. So if I want to create another is Lou FIA, I can hold the control key. If I goto UNAIDS, hold the control key. I can see this kind off. Is Luke kind off effect? If I left Click, I'll get I'll get on. It is Luke. Then let's move on Pa. Jason and Matt does no cardinal idiots. Let's move this tow this color. Obviously, we want some religions in this way. So let's hold control on lip click control and left Click. Then let's move this and try to get get this arc there and again them looking from different angle Something like this on here. You can see I have some. Is this some mortis? Is Andi I still have this kind of linear is there so I can hold sit on DNA against it says , Relax. I can hold the left mouse and relax these areas to get even smooth. Distribution of polygons. Let's move this one to this vortex. So here I'm going to quickly put another one. Let's move This who received to relax? This is I can see. So yeah, I'm going toe extreme. This is so now you can see I need to extend one by one than Mars. There's a better way to extend the whole loop here. So if I hold the tab key on, then the right most button so I'll get this marking menu on. If I go to extend here on, I can choose. Loof is our border. So in this case, I'm going to choose. Look, now it's going toe. If I all the tab key again, it's going toe. Highlight this whole loop and I can extend the whole look because it is that sittings that inside extra. Let's porches on these things. So I need tohave one here. So let me come back. There's something like this on then. I think I need to put one here so I can pull one. And there is looked like this. Let's do that. I can do this or again create and is from this vortex two here. So it's kind of off manually doing creating an AIDS so I can do that by using the multi cut tool. So let's take the mall to cut on again. I can use this multiple with Wheat Quadra, so here I'm going to click here and it turns red and then click on. This is when it turns red. Now I'm going to right click to execute American. See? Let's go back to Quadra. So I have this strangle. Andi, remember, Triangle is good. Our triangle is ok for gay models. Ah needs a hard surface model so we don't have any problem. OK, so you can have triangles. Just our inside Parliament's tried to have quartz and triangles. So here I'm going toe going to exchange these things. Let's hold the napkin. I again conceits highlighting the whole loop. So let me go back to the edge. Let's to one by one here on the fight Just drag it. You can see I need to move this vortex. Let me move this on move and snapped This it will automatically. Well, that protects. Let's let's combine these two things into one word. This is I'm a triangle. Here, let me extend this IDs and this is again and let's mine. Let's parties in these waters is okay something like this lists I might need One is here so I can again create it. Rangel here. So I think that's created triangle. Let's take the multi cut even If you are thinking to put Anais Loop, enter Israel pure and we're thinking about the problem with that process. If I put entire is love, so the main thing is it's going. If you put an entire is look just toe, get this scarf here, this arc here. So it's going to give. It's going to make the whole lope a little bit higher side and hi said when it's high excitements more polygons on. When you do the low poll in production with most of the time you have a budget off polygons . Let's say they told you toe, make the enter X locally in 1000 polygons or 2000 polygons unit to literally count this violence by using these tools here you have no Absolutely. If you go to display on heads up display, you have an upset here called Public on. You need to really count this hyperbole this locally. Now it's was the high Polycom. If I goto the selectable on select object is going to sell So you that so let me do this ex trance so again I can extend the inter loop. Let me go back, Go toe loop on. Let's against it. The loop comes still here. I think I don't want that. That's back. Sorry. Let's set it to is and do one by one. Okay, then I'm going toe. We're going to basically move on. Snap this two world I'm trying to. You can see there's a problem here because this mist disciple in Mrs actually intersecting with this one the low belly of this on this object is also following that. So that's a very annoying thing when we're when we're doing the reto points I admire. So basically, I need to delete this face and then recreate the press. Let's or you can go back to the selectable and move that out. So let's see how to delete the political If you hold control seat. Andi, you are on a Nasar vortex. It's going to actually delete it. Let's click on it. Okay, so to delete it. And that's extended again. No goingto do something like this. Okay, so let's do the same thing here. Run. Do it. I'm not just these things again. You can click to create points and let's click here to create points. So if you hold sit, you can do this other. You don't have to extend all the time, can put points and then it's it this one that that's fine. Make sure this is this are the right place on here. You can see this carve of the exes Big golf on here. We don't have that multiple it in. I think this area so I think I need to put one is Look, um, let's calling this on this, right? Like go back to Quadra was in it on Who can see the mess. So let's whole sipped Andi relaxed. These things relax so that they can evenly distribute their and you need toe mentally. Do this as well. Something like this. Try to get this ark, Andi. Then let's put one point here and hold seat and feel this idea. So now once I don't this half I can meet her middle Desai. I don't have to do do this side who is basically messing with this object. I think these small details are unique but overall safe is messing so we can meet her this locally to decide checking if my local is matching with the Hyperloop properly I need to report is on re distributed properly. I think this is a flooded. Yes. So we don't want a lot of it just here. So we can more than optimized the city elevate letter. So see that? So here I am stuffing this lecture on the next lecture. We're going toe continual re topo this text. 23. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 02: in this lecture, we're going to continue doing the re topo off the sex. So in the previous lecture, we learned the basics off Rita Po using the quarter total on. Let's go into new with this. So here I'm going to sue some other hidden absence here. So you can also create stripes. When is the stripes Politan stretch? You can hold Tab Andi, when you hold the tab key. You can see these things on now if I hold and dragged the left mouse button with the tab key No Ghencea guard the stripe, so let me under on. You can also hold the tab key on the middle mouse toe Change this public in size And then again, see, I can easily draw toe get a strap. A starting point was very good. And you can also control the size of the quarter straight from here as well. So let me this'll one and then you can see I'm following these men angle changed it. This Let's Yeah, I think that is good. Are now I'm going toe extend. This is Lou. So here again I can hold the tab key, right. Most button and come to this men went in the settings. Or you can go toe this Upson here, it's called Extensive Do is click on this little drop arrow kind off obstinate, and then you can choose from here. Let's change it to look on now. If you hold the tacky now instead of is it? So's extend on the look than they look. So let's try on report ism again. It went inside and snapped. I think this one. So this is a weird kind of thing when you do the Rita Po in Meyer sometimes and I can't. It's still going inside and snapping with this idiot thing. Okay, it's a long going toe. Delete this beholding controls it and deal it. Andi. Then let me change this toe ads hold happy and extend this. This time it should follow this model here. Okay, lets again for load this age here, I need to connect it and there's a triangle. That's fine. They need to delete this one. Let's extra this whole aids. So again, I'm going toe this. Look, all the tab key extrude this on again. This vortex went inside of this so it's very hard toe. No move this with this quarter to look inside. That vortex doesn't highlight it. So I think it's better to delete this face. And let's click here one more text seat ProLogis on these things, something like this. Okay, then let's extra this Genders. Two ads still whole control to put on airs. Look on exports in it. Something like this. And then extrude this one extra this home, this one Just make it a triangle. Here. I think I want one is look, years older sported here. So here there's a kind of triangle. So I'm going toe multicolored this so go to multi court for the vortex here, and it's connected here. Quite draw. No, I'm going to put points one point here so I can hold, sit and fill this India on this field. This area I'm not ableto get that car because this tool vortex have far from each other. So in this case, I didn't to put one vortex here. The cortex is temporarily I'm going to mars it with this one. So again, the smarts un ported back there sometimes in it toe cheek like this. Okay, now I'm going to create a triangle here, so let's put triangle here. Let's one toe. Three, I think. And to make it top this on, let's say you don't want any vortexes anymore. Let's say I don't want this one. We can hold control safety and click on this When it turns yellow. Let's click on it and do this and hold sit toe. Get that triangle and I'm not able to get that triangle there. In this case, let's put one and create that training. It's actually creating that quart. Let's move this So you have that triangle on its again to the same thing. Quad on a small Is it partisan it again? 12 Let's create this quarter, Uh, was this one. But when dew on create one is loops here, you can use this method American exchange, and you can use both. That would be good. So again, you can see by mystically creative living like this. All this undo on this kind of angle is very useful. When you change the camera angle, it's always on sea and projecting from that angle, try toe, get the angle right, or sometimes it's better to move it. That said this and then we're going to put Jason on. Connect this with that vortex. Lexicon it This one like this. That's good. There's something like this. I need to continue something like this. Here you have some obstinance. You can goto this life constraint Absence on you Continue this color If let's say you want is a different color can go and change this color I said this one If you like, you can sense colors on If you want to make it a little bit transparent so that you can see the high poly better you can go and you increase. Decrease this alfa the meself I can't see so they don't change this color back to the blue . One item Which one? That waas. I can't undo the color of this. So like I said, don't obtain the tablets. Something I said so again you can come back here and change this. You can turn off this oil frame and this no serious cooler here. So a lot of ups since you can play with. So let me collapse it. So let's do this center part quickly. So I'm going to again continue putting some points here. You can see I'm looking at these two points. I put it to there and then put one toe so I can quickly created this. Politan. It's something like this. No, there's a trying and salute me. A new put two points. Ex continued this on again. I can hold the tab. Key right? Most Burton chances to loop extend This interlude pauses from this. Well, I don't want these two things I can cool loves and make it one. Okay, that's good. And let's I feel this area. I don't have to extra in anymore, so I can just hold. Sit on. Let's see if I can connect few things. So he, uh, I think to going this one. It's going this to learn or the bull to connect this home. It's so you have put at some point like this and you don't want those points. You can goto this clear darts here. I can click on that to get rid of this point. This playing points excluding these things on I can create a triangle here. Let's put one point here, Andi, There's a triangle, so let's feel that on Dhere are many to I can do this and fill this as a triangle can feel this as a training. So let's put one there and of this snap on, will it? Unless to the same thing. Move on snob in world. Okay, something like this. Basically, I'm doing the harp and then we're going to meet her this locally because I know basically it's no symmetrical overall savings. Symmetrical except few cracks. So that's fine, unless extrude these things as well. So and I can put some points one for this one too. I need some points here. 345 Let's try to feel these things. You can also hold the tab key and just drag instead off. Click on. By doing this, you can continuously. No, you can create belligerence. Okay, here we don't have sufficient parliaments. I need to put some polygons there. So let's hold control Andhra again. See? It's going all the way on. I don't want more polygons here, So in this case I need small Takato which taken no usedto come from a vortex. And then let's toe is and then right click Go back to court draw so that I can forges on this water says, And I can do the same thing with multi card Selous, use the multi cut here on. Let's click and use the quad rotor position. Something like this on here. Let's put one more text so that I can create this one. Understood? One hears that taken this one and then most this will this we'll get so here. I'm stuffing this lecture the next lecture. We're going toe finishing this metal part by measuring this and doing these things, so see you there. 24. Retopo the Axe Metal Part 03: Hi. In this lecture, we're going to finish this metal part so you can see I have made this one hub and then we're going to duplicate this half. So this is one way to do this. Odd. I forgot toe know you this symmetry option here So you can say the symmetry and you can read up a boat side. If the model is symmetrical, he can do that. So now I'm going to the selectable on Let's good selected and let me go to the Channel box and later edited here. Let's hide the hype earlier. So there. I can only see this locally here, and we're going to meet it so before I mean, let's go toe the top. You can see this bodies is there not exactly at the centre. So we're going toe a line goes to the center. So let's let these things first. These center vortices so like this And then we're going toe snap Those waters is to the center so I think everything is selected. Now we're going toe going to the move tool lets go the move tool No. If I was a snob, you can see everything is going to snap. Let me go to the move tool settings and let's see this. Upson. If you go to this move, snap settings on, you can see this option here called Return components pacing. Make sure it's off when you snap it on. If you turn that off, every vortices going to align to the center. So I think it's a two objects, alert said Toe World on. You can see this order it'll because because of the life solids so you can turn on this not so great when you snap. So make sure your life no hype, really live up. Son is turned off on. I think everything's looking cool. So now I'm going to meet her. This let's go to Miss and Meter Adoption box. In this case, I'm going to meet it in the Z axis. So that said that, uh, it's click on the media on everything is looking good. Make sure the threshold value is very low number here. So this Tercel value supporting Georgia one so that only only the appropriate center vortex are going to Mars. You can see if it's higher than it can, Morrison necessity vortices from outside the centre I didn't mean okay now wanted most media. Then we're going to again deal the histories and let's do it the history here. And then we're going to retire. Paul again, Celeste on and hyperbole on again. Make that hype early life, then select a locally goto, the modeling toolkit and quite brutal Little can see. Um, we have both side now. It's timeto cover these things. So I'm going to use the symmetry of Sina Regular what? Both sides. So let's don't under wild, easy access. Let's see if it's working. I think Twerking Glancy I'm not its whole sipped. Uh, Then let's do on this off a minute, okay? Just on that awful whole seat. So we will do the center part, make sure those symmetries off. Okay, now it's looking called. Then let's extra the whole border. So in this case, I'm going to change this to border here. So let's 10 things to border on. Hold tab X trio again. Let's go toe. Go back to the wild G, Just everything okay? Here we have a cylinder concept. The world handle is cylinder cup, so we need at least eight cylindrical subdivisions. And now we have just four for border days here, So we need to divide this thing the whole control. And now I want This is love at the center, so you can do that easily by the tolling control on Instead, off left, click used a medically so when you left click with the control key it's going to are the is loop at the most location. But when you use the middle, click is going toe are the is Look at the center. So a little trick you can see Libyan do and Stalinist down off this emitted when I do this . Okay, now I have eight. Let's add just these things. So again this vortex went inside. So it's very hard to select and move because it long can see I go that sometimes it's very hard to find some more decisions. Select some mortis is so that time you need to deal it on. Recreate that, or you can go to the selectable and get out of the Quadra on Go to selected and move on. Snap to that. What this is or get Now I'm going toe get a cylinder here, so let's put one here, so let me Donald the symmetry again. See if I go out now it snaps and a list to create one single vortices at the centre, and I'm going to create one at the corner. So So it's kind of 45 degree point, and then the 90 degree, one glam going toe create eight eight points. Put some more vortices here, Let's say here 123 before on one at the center and then we're going to create a Parliaments can hold the seat, Wharton and drag to clear the polygons. Sometimes it gets someone wanted connection, so you need to undo on Do it again. So I got that cylinder. So, for the cylindrical Save eight subdivision in this height is very Chris elegance, it is subject and access. Now we have eight. So now I can connect it directly with disappointing connected with this one. And this vortexes went inside. This kind of It's very hard to selectors, I think. No, guard that. Okay, so let's move this. Snap it sometimes by holding the age you can move. Let me go to this one here again, connected like this. And I think you don't need this one. So let's little actual go to more ticket and for this point here. So I have a triangle here which is matching the I Pelino. And then let's go back to Quadra. It's very hard. Sometimes you put some points you don't want, so you can just look on this clear darts to get rid of that floating points on in this because I'm going to do it. This Okay, so that's still that Andi stood against. Certainly doesn't live this sites or in this little bit tricky. Let me don't off this. Oh, do this like this. Connect it. I don't want that so you can move it, get that political like this and then move it back and then connect it here. Now I can easily connect it. Feely's physicists I think we have messed up here. Dr. Vertex is inside there. So in this case again, you can deliver this and recreate it or let me move. This is like this Maybe Children Vortexes inside there can see. Let me handle this case. You can go. No! Get out of this squad Rutile to select all on. Let's go to the vortex More basically Select that vortex. This one and go to the move tool and not that. Pull that out. And then again, you can go back to the quad rotor. So again, do this. Let me connect it. So I don't know if we have a Berlin face here. So again, I'm goingto get out of this. Cuadra, go to the object more and we can isolate by clicking on this little Aiken. No can see. We don't have that publican there inside, so we can feel this area. I just trouble clicking. Select this border it goto Mess and Filho. So this is the no benefit off for Reto Por doing the utopian Meyer. You can basically use the Maya tools Tweet the data portal. So that's good. Okay, so I'm going to get out of this. Isolate Mort, and let's go back to the Quadra. Okay, so here we can extend This is look, So if you extend, this is Luke. It's going to extent inside because that high police going inside and that's intersecting with this hyperbole. So we're not going to get the right result. So let's undo in this case, we're going to actually put some points here. Onda, let me let me clear these dots and make sure I have the symmetry turned on. So let me put some point according to this exists that again and then connect this letter. Okay, so now I'm going to hold sipped on its connect these things, and when you try to connect it, try toe low angle to view report, probably last year. You can see and not getting go getting this proper No steps. So in this case, I'm going toe clear these dots on. I can do another thing. I can go to the selectable and go to the is more. Basically, I'm not using the quarter right now. Double click to select. This is Look, you can see this audience is Look okay. Now I can extreme or this I can just move up a little bit. No, basically, now let's start off this nor make light button so that I can easily stone disks upgrade as well again is extra this whole days. Look, let's go to edit mess extra. Um it scale it from the center, sickening. Now this vortex this point and northern the object. But we can against snap those back to the object. So let's select it and go toe Quadra. Let's first make this subject life. Go to Quadra Allow. I'm going to move those back to the place and against the this point is snapping. And, uh, I'm going toe Connect this over here. Maybe my minute toe. Get this height. I need to connect it somewhere here. So let me well connected here. Oh, this Anything. I can connect it here. Okay, that's little good. We just need one at the center. So let's put that one again. Holding control and middle click to get it at the center. Okay, so now I'm going toe snap it both fake connected on one wanted connect. Then we can You can go to the multi card and draw this we're laying here. It's going to give you that. Let's go toe quadra inputs And this point the color on. Then we're going toe feel few areas here, So let's fill these things So I want a court here, So let's feel this first And then we can again use the multi court toe connect here to here , right? Click and see that's field and then we're going to do I think everything else is everything else is fine. So now we're going toe going to new here. So again, we're going to connect with a savage Alexis cylinder here. Agency the body. So we're going to create that. Let's take the Quadra and create that phone me here first. I'm going toe. Let me clear the start. Makes sure we don't on the symmetry. And I do this. Okay, so that I know this is the center. Now, let's put one point here again. Pulled one point at this side center and then one point of the color, then decide center. Okay, when it don't see a law, Okay, then we're going to feel this will accept. Let's see if you can connect it. I think it's working. Really well. Let's we have a triangular. That's fine. So this we have completed this lecture here in the next lecture. We're goingto do this handle 25. Retopo the Axe Handle: in this video. We're going to re top of the handle here on going to take a new approach to do that. Obviously, you can use this technique to Rita Portman early on. In this case, I'm going to use the conform obstinance admire to Contra Mrs in this handle, because this handle is basically a cylinder. So let's start with the cylinder. So again you can go ahead and extrude a extreme these days and going this technique good for the handle if you want to. And this because I'm going to use the new up some new techniques. So let's take a cylinder fast. Andi basically to get normal cylinder. So let's start this off this make live upson for this hyperbole. Let's turn that off so I don't have any life objects that I can easily move If you have life object. When you move different objects, it's going to slap to the subject, and that's a little bit irritating here. That's right on that off that I can easily scale and parties on the ceiling basically purchase on this cylinder eso that it covers this snow on body here, so I'm going to scale it like this. Andi. I make sure it covers this hyperbole like this on. I'm going to this general box going to the import ear toe. Decrease the subdivision Access toe. Eight. Who said that? Eight. On Dhere. I'm going to put some heights of dissidents. Or let's put maybe 78 tight subdivisions on. Now I'm going toe going to basically extra this bottom part here. So select all the politicians here at the bottom on. Let's hold the control key and dis elect these professors and I can say I have left with the bottom faces. Now I'm going toe extra doors to feel this area till this area. So let's goto particular view front view on. I'm going to Rothley again, trying to cover this best again. I can put some distance years, so if I go to this extra imports now, I can go to the divisions here and I can increase this. So let's say six something, Okay? No, I'm getting some areas years. That's fine so we can use the incidence look tool. Instead, let's go toe May stools insiders looked old Upson books, and we have the multiple is loops, Upson began said. It's a six and left click on it to get that. And they said This tool. Okay, so now we have this Elinda. And now I'm going to confirm the safe toe This hyperbole before that I need to delete this golf faces on the bottom, physicists the stuff on. But on first, let's select those carefully. Just dis elect. These things were holding the control. Andhra So basically did lead this for legals. We don't want that. And now I have left with this Silin, which is kind of a pipe on that Thai police going inside that So let's say, like the high Polian down on this, make life objects or now the hype Elise Live object on. Now let's select this pa legal here, which I want to conform to this high Polly. So make sure the high Polly's life before you can from this, so select it in order to confirm Goto mess. Miller on used this gun from Upson. So once you click on that, it should confirm all the vortices to the high Poly. I can say it quickly come from that on basically moved all those waters is in their normal direction on DSA, snapped those vortices onto this mess. So now if I goto inquired, totally can see our basic low handle is ready on. Obviously, I can go ahead and arts, um exists and modified. Refined this low Polis. Basically, I'm going to do that. I'm no other thing. You can notice that top part local is not highlighted because now these are two different objects. So if I want to make it one single object, I need to select this to locally and combined those so that it becomes one object and let's delete the history. Okay. Now, if I goto Cuadrado, you can see the highlighted things now becomes one object. So now I'm going to connect it. So whole sipped on drag connect. Let everything here. That's no debt. Okay? Now does a connected. And now I'm going toe Define this cloth starting an end parts. So that should be kind of a step like this in the locally. Now it's kind off we have one is Look here and one is live here. We don't have any his lips at this suppressant. That's our one is love here at this peak area, you know, few vortices, a perfectly snapped and and see if you vortices are inside there. That's kind off a little bit tedious. So I'm going to selector basically getting out of this Quadra on Let's go toe What text? More photo? Well, friend and selected Move this thing's toe this big point. I'm going to art one here, so I basically got to step kind off. Ah, say, Pia, let's move on. And this object is not a symmetrical object, So I'm not trying to use the symmetry or something. My main concern is formatting this low, poorly to the high poly as most as I can so that I want a big I'm going to get a good bake . I think that's good on for this kind of flaw. If you want some slower changes in the low pally, you cannot fewer just here as well. Try thing. I need to just this one. I can delete this in that is Luke on. Let's tryto create again. Once they didn't help me against now to this wooden parts and because we have two parts. Yeah, that's the main problem. So let's go toe those electoral and let's go to the where prevalent snap these things Munley. So when you snap, make sure you check those from different camera angles to ensure if it's snapping to the right area. All right, Lucas. Um, as you can see, it's no snapping to this. Wouldn't part she don't want I want that to this Syria. Okay, so then I'm going toe are another lips. Let's go to the Quadra and I want to our one here Then this things basically that there's a little gap between type really? And I'm going to extend. This is loop. So whole tab key on exchange. No organists for doing that. Wouldn't part type early inside there. I don't want Oh, in this case, you don't have any Upson, just go to the selector and extradite days. Make sure you've done this off. Double click go to edit mess extra or no more polygon, more linking x your skill. But on once you have this parliament, then we can go back to the Quadra tool, so to snapping. So again, snap makes you move all the vortices to snap organ. Now I gonna extend these things. So let's extend this borders on Xtreme these things again On years again, I'm getting a bit. No problem. So that's undue. Try direction a little bit. If I get a good I think this is This is manageable. Maybe because I'm getting these things at right place. Except this one. I don't know. Where is that vortex somebody get? Maybe. Yeah. Okay. I think this is good. Mulligan, extend these things again. I'm just feel this area salutes and everything on debts connect everything again. Will these things by moving to ascend points that say everything into a center of our techs . Actually, this vortex is also most can't see something like this on again. You can go ahead and define these these clouds steps, if you want. Took in clear that into this locally. But in this case, I think this is fine. So I'm struggling this Lecter here. We're going to continue working on those small parts locally. Things let me show you. So we have you Didn't those things you can see these things were going toe do those things in the next lecture 26. Retopo Small Parts: hi. In this little, we're going to do the small parts. So let's go to the general books later. Editor. Don off this hype early. So this first goto this electoral. Andi, I'm going to turn off this Make life object on that stall of this Heiple Here we have just a locally on now I can create Lear to have this. Let's give Give it the name here. That's a law. Save it on. I'm going to turn on this high Polly to Layer is have this objects here. So we're going to make this thing's life on. We're going to start Reto putting these things. So I'm going to again the modeling toolkit quadrille Honest that let's turn on this wiles A so that we can used the symmetry. Okay, that's good. And let's put some points here. I'll exclude some point on this Connors. Basically, we're going to feel these things. Let's see if this yeah, it's working. Good follow is rooted, and let's go to the front side off the face you want to create. Make sure all those four vortices are visible when you click and attic and say it's very hard to do that so very, very hard to do that. I think now you can see because all these four vortices are visible to the camera. Now it's easily creating their parliaments on Dhere. It's very hard because you're never going to see all this, all the Fordice's. So in this kind of situation, we can use that Khan from taking by taking a Cuban confirm that to this except all we can try this new extend matter. Uh, again. See, I mean extending that whole aids on, then try to more these things. Make sure you carefully, most this vortices on you don't have to work. This is close treats and that there and make you pull these vortices at the exact color it's we can hard one of two ways loose if you want to. Let's are one at the center. You are one on decide like this. Okay, so then let's go and do this for this. I'm going to take that way So the confirming wrestle ISI if that's working, but you need to meet it that letter or duplicate that that side thing. So I'm going to take a cube on because again its life object, it's going to snap to that object like this, and I'm going to turn this off on. Then let's try to get that happened. Try to get that Heiple inside this locally cube Andre to get that angle. Mast oval, Step on an angle. Let's look at this. I think this is good. And then I'm going to try this gun from, So let me see. Let the hype believe make this life and then select the low. Polian, confirm it. Emergency quickly. It worked. Unit two are this river notices to the right locus on here can see. Make sure this point at the center of this Babel kind off details on. I may need to put one at the center like this one. Decide just to make sure there's no locally and matching with the high poly. Okay, so now I think we have this. You need to duplicate this toe that side. So let's like this locally on. Let me eat all of this made live object. So select that locally and make sure the pie vote is at this center. So because we're going to duplicate this to decide So the pilots will be at this place. Press the Dickie to get this pilot more on hold the X key, or you can turn on this as well on. If you're telling on this, then you don't have to hold the XK. So now, basically were snapping to this great and then press d again to get the fight over there. Okay, Now this locally by what is here Now we can duplicate it. Goto edit Duplicate. Another object is Derek Unsee. Now we're going to this channel box on put minus value to this G current evil you just put minus here. Still urgency to play Getting some I hear it's not properly doing it because we have found artisan. So the better ways before you put the miners go and freeze it. So freeze the transformation and put minus year minus one against you two working here. So we have the local lead went on off the hyperbole. We can just see the low police. So we have the locally here. So I'm going toe. Are this to this slope? Really? Here, right click our selector. So I have a single locally layer like this on next. Let's do this. I pull it three, which is this hip. Okay for this again, we can use that conform. Take me Oregon External as well. So let's with all of this axis. Sim it. I don't think the symmetry is going toe work here. So let me make this hype early life and go toe the Quadra. It'll that saved the I think this is what? Okay, I don't know how it's working because this Heiple is not exactly symmetrical or getting next. Let's create it. Okay. Did that eight sided thing Oneto three full five, 67 h in this eight sided. Let me put this on this. Put some corresponding points that it can create those polygons. Okay, let's create this. Polident here can hold the sip key on Dr Toe. Create that stripe. Something like this on. Then we're going toe. Extend the whole thing, something like this keep extending and you might need to add Just feel things in between the whole sipped you can can hold seat and relaxed is the distribute. This basically the next 10 sometimes if you set it to border, gives you a very old kind off for descending of this war disease. So let me goto this porter and changed loop. And let's see thing loop is better here again. You can use the seeped to relax. You can block like this and then come back and are one is Look here can do that agile. Let's approaches and is here. So here I have a triangle. I think that's what takes its most here. Let men do give it a little bit room there so that I can extra once more and this line would be the centre at the corner. Let's put this in it. Then again, list toe the same thing stood roughly dinner. Going to come back and relax. Okay, here, I'm going to closed. These things could relax these things they may see here. I think this body's intersecting with the high polity of the low police. Or didn't see if you free. I need to close this. That's actually close this So now I can see if I extra this. It's going in a single direction because it's a loop. Let's go to the border. I tried. So this this is the difference between Border and Louisville, Kentucky Border is extruding from there, Um, normal directions. No, let's more of everything again again. Go and select this in Ted border Could today's border on you can go to edit mess and most to the center. I can see. Then relax a bit. A message part here. Let's do the same thing here. So extra EU ex Children. You can call last these things. Let's do it here. Okay, so we're done with this thing next year. It's relaxed properly. Okay, so this have completed this lecture here. Let me add this to that low pally group or the left. No, I fake fi Jake, I have all these little Opal is here. So in the next lecture, we're going toe finalize this locally Going to take this local if we need Teoh tweak something. So see you in that lecture. 27. Final Adjustment to the Low Poly: in this lecture. I'm going to look at this locally model for the final time on. We're going to see if we need some changes in the locally. So the first thing I'm going to check is the slow it You find it, do it the silhouette. Or if I need more polygons. So when I say Salo it, let him, so you If I go to this lighting men one down on this, use no lights. You can see it. Don't black on the sill. Oh, it is this border area you can see. And now I'm looking at this jacket. Cellou it. It's supposed to be smooth here on smooth here. But here you can see this jagged nous because of the low Polly on now are ex model in total has 1688 rights. You can see here it can come This number most of the time they give a budget which No, it is this not right. Let's say you have the budget off 3000 something, then obviously again fixed this silhouettes. But if your budget is somewhere like 1000 to 1500 you need to believe with this silly words you cannot do anything so but let's say we have more division about tries, projects. So I'm going to No, I'm going to try to clear this LeWitt's. So let's go to lighting and don on. This is default lighting. So I'm going to make the make this hyperbole live again selected and make it life on Let's select the locally and down on the Quadra. Okay, so I'm going to try to mask these things, conceding this idiot's going straight and said so again, I can put the whole is love till here, but we don't new didn't these areas? I can go from here or so you can see if I click it on our that. So I'm going to let me down on the similar symmetry. So what, Lex, except the symmetries working? No. So in this case, it's Giza while G Okay, it's working. So let's move on more These things here okay, a little better. And then in these areas, we cannot want toe. Let's start from here. I'm going to use this multi Kotal and let's start, but I click. So I need to move this one here. I think I need to collapse this vortex here unless ard one here. So again I'm going to use the Montegut. So no good. See the Solu It is getting better there on here against this gun. This not matching next year. It's matching. I can hard one is here. Sorts I can see. No, it's probably matching there. So I have a vortex year. So basically I required here. So let's make this is drawing girl. Well, let's do the same thing. This side as well. I'm going toe aren't wanted to Is here on here if you are one age Lubitz going this way so I don't want that. So let's take the more to God and draw it. Okay? Something like this on its hard won here Tried toe evenly spares those What? This is anything. Now it's much better. Better than before On here I'm going toe are one to visit Wrangles. I think we can Are these Loof here? So I'm going to add one here and then move these things again. Hold the seeped. Relax those here that is you kind off whose image is not exactly working years. I'm going to turn off the symmetry. Nothing in it toward one is here. You can see it's no matching the Heiple death threats are that thing. And I cannot want to is when this one Let's it to maybe one year one here. But this this is not a very drastic see lowered, so you can also skip. This, too, is if you don't have that much Polly budget on you were on a very tight was it? You can avert this kind of slight silhouettes, which is very close to straight line. You can avoid that on. Make that straight in the locally. Okay, so let's go to the select tool and the stone off the high pollen sea or locally. Let's check the improvement. So I'm going toe again. The lighting men who use no lights. Logan definitely see the improvements. It looks very smooth here. Still, there is a kind of slight car. Not here. See if we can improve on here. There's better to let me go back before light and let's see if we cannot. One is here so straight through Hard one is here. So let's take the Marta card. Get to training. I think it's a stone on the symmetry, Mr Clean, now it's a little bit smooth, So Okay, so I call this Don't let me get back to this on. Let's go to hide this. I'm going to hit delete this history. So let's select everything and go to edit and delete all by Taif Street So we don't want any history on the locally on. We don't want any transformers and we'll lose years. I'm going to modify and freeze it to get rid of those. Okay, so it's history free, and we don't have any transformations here, so it's clean. So in the next final elector of this model, you're going to see how toe clean off the mess on. What of the things we're going to check or before we call this dawn? We're going toe. Also, assign some setting groups. So see you there 28. Clean Up Assigning Smoothing Group and Wrap Up: I will come to the final lecture of this model on in this lecture we're going to see what are the final six are What? What should be your final take list? In order to say this, call this done and then we're going to see how to assign proper smoothing groups to this model. The first thing you need to check is the insider Polident. So you don't want any incited polygons Basically inside it belligerence is is a face which has more than 40. Just so now you can see this is a quart on. This is a triangle. This is quite because it has four. This on this is a triangle because it has three exits. If you have a face which has more than four is that is called inside it. And we don't want that at any cost because most of the game engine is not going to allow you toe important object which has more than four sided bulletins. So let's see how to take that incited providence. Obviously you can go and you can check like this, But this is not the efficient wrestle. It's select all this object here and go toe mess and go to clean off here on here again. See, let me reset the school's first on. You can see we have some Upson's here on. We can tall on this faces with more than four sided. So this is the incented polygons on. If you told him this on, let's choose the person to select. So we're not cleaning up. We're selecting just to check. Select Messing Polident on. Then I just need to click on apply. So it's going to look for more than four sided polygons, and it's going to select those polygons for you. If it has some looks good on this play. Andi immediately can see it's elects nothing, because we don't have any entire Polident. Let's see if it works. So let me didn't a polygon just to so you if it's working, so I'm going toe. Use the multi core tool. You'll find the multicolored here actual inside the mess tools. So let's create intended Polident. Let's let me go back to this on. You can see it's in sided polygon because it has 12345 It's basically more than food. Say it, so let's see if it selects stack a select and this Morton Andi immediately. You can see it selects that Andi. It also select this one. So I don't know why it selecting this one, but you can definitely see it's now It's working. Sometimes you need to refresh s it so against it. Definitely selecting the inside one and want to see the inside one. Go ahead and use the cleanup button began. Use the cleanup and clean this and it's going toe convert that entitled to triangles or maybe triangular quartz, awed again Go and mentally neurologists and make this foresighted quad. So this is the way to clean it. Clean Oban. Select the insider bulletins on The next thing you want to check is the history. You shouldn't have any history on any anyway. Lose here, so it should be freezed. Andi history should be deleted. So that's the second team to basically these air something whose you want toe check before you send this model. And of course, you can also check the non manifold geometry. So again, let's go to the mess. Clean up, Onda said. It on Dhere come to the long manifold geometry selected a play. Let's see if you have something that select this one. So we have some problems here. So let me press three and t. I think this is fine, but I don't know why it's doing that. So let's selected on. Everything else is looking good except this Syria. So if I go and clean up this area, I think it's going to card that out. Let me turn off to make life Upson on. I didn't Now it's fine. I dont know if I go to select and check. We don't have any known men for doing it anymore. So basically known many fold geometry is a kind of a role in politics since some dames sometimes you extra days twice are sometimes us through the is outside and inside. So then that becomes kind off known manifold cemetery. So you can clean that here the sternal and cleanup it next year. You don't have that. Okay, so make sure you check the non many fold geometry on the inside polygons on getting those things. If you have then delivered the history and Priestess transformations. So these are the basics thing you need to check on clean. Then I'm going toe. It's saying the proposed smoothing groups to the mortar. Now again, See, it has a heart. It is all over the place on we. We can't give these heart disease like this. It's going to be begged into the normal maps, so we want to smooth, smooth globally. But, uh, we want to keep some hostages. So let's see the first thing. I'm going to make the whole no police smooth. So let's select it on goto the mess display. So I'm not talking about the mess and this smooth with ours, the polygons who don't want to add any more politicians. So let me make this whole object smooth. So go to mass display. On Click on this sub turn is so long agency instead of those hard is this. Everything is smooth except this goodness. So these air looking black, it's because you have a single. It's it's a very I think it's more than 90 degree, so you can see this, uh, sitting by the way we're going to ah, make this is hard. So we're going to split the UV from the center, so we're going toe. We'll make this is hard in it, and I don't have any is at the center, so I'm going to argue one it. So let's go to mess display multi card Bring the multi core tool on. Let's have the Centerbridge. So now I have some face selectors. So it's not going to work when the faces selector Selous this left the face being that multicultural back you'll find the central here. Roger. Ah, I think it should work now. It went on off the turn off that north symmetry for the minute and no, I have this. Let's Snapfish to the center I can hold x key and move ittle bit Snap to the center So although you should have been eased which is at the center going all around, it will help you toe grab Davis. Okay, so first go and supped on everything and then I'm going toe hard in few edges where I want to court the every basically So basically I want to call David from here because it's old and it's metal. So I'm going to call this again. I don't have to cut it from here, but the first rule off courting days I mean making this hard. It is if you want toe separate it in movies. You can caught it if you want to. And if you're getting very dark sitting like this, you can make that is hard in its. So I'm going to make this is harness, although I'm not getting that black sitting here. So let's go and miss display and hard in this age, something like this. I think I need to Who do that here on baby this AIDS. So let's select if it's unmade, Dad Hryn So I can now easily because its hardness. I can make this UV separately for accepted from this. You can also God Levi, if you have a sub minutes local village. But if you have Harden is, then you must God review. From there, you cannot connect. Hardin is TV's. It's you have. Harden is here for some reason, so you need toe separate, disagree and decided from here. Reginald, get seems, if you have Hardin is on you re v state, then you're going to get seeming this idiot so makes your toe Korda TV. From this hardness, you can take these decisions at the baking demerger. If we're getting bad sitting in the normal maps, you can common harden. This is to let minutely hardened. This is Celeste DoubleClick. True selecting this way and don't want that. So I'm holding the sipped again, double clicking on it to select the loop. It doesn't select a full loop because we have some triangle. So that's the reason on cans. It's like still here. So I'm going to hard. This is this. Let's could a mistress plan Holland does. You can see immediately. We don't have that setting anymore. That black a setting. Okay, I think then we can What? It does this as well. Make this hardness. So here I call this slope really done. So I'm stopping this Lecter. And with this we're completing this morning in this full module off Utopian Meyer alone. How to use my quad turtle toe taco. How toe Use this cleanup obsolete on part of some men Concerns when you are doing the locally. So in the next morning, we're going to on grabbed a U. V's inside. Meyer 29. Exploring UV Editor and Toolkit: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe explored the e V a litter on even toolkit. So let's start so here inside Meyer before you know, do any view unwrapping you need toe know some basic navigates and and you need to know where you're going toe work. So first we're going to work in TV Editor, so it's a different window are going to say so let's see from where you can find TV editor first so you can find that here on this no mineral, you can see this agreement will make sure you have said modeling here. If it said to anything else, you will not find that many women make sure it's said to modeling first. And if it's said to modeling, then you'll find this every menu here on. If you go to that minimum on, you'll find the very tired here at the top. So let's click on it on. This is one way to open in very later on TV, told you can see here on basically now it gave us a two floating window basically on. I don't use these things if you have second monitor, if you have no two monitors. Then you can just no put this new window on the second monitor and you can work on this monitor with this treaty view. So that's a good set up. But if you are working on a single monitored like I'm working here, so I'm not going to use this floating windows like this. A very to run every tool kit. Let me close this one by one on. Let me. So use are other ways to open those. Okay, So this is one where you can open from here again. It will give you floating window. So here, I'm going to use a workspace called irradiating. If you go to this works, best click here on from this drop down list, you can find this e v editing. Click on it on Now it switches to this very thing workspace on in this black space, you can losses to 13 review here, this prospective. You on here, you can see the editor on the eve it toolkit. So now it's not a floating window. So it's easier to work on a single screen? I think so. I'm going to use this set up this no e v ery to express throughout this course, So make sure. No, you said toe this every everything here if you're working on a single screen. So now let's see how to navigate the Aviator. So let's see fast. Don't know even editing view here. You can see Andi. We're going to unwrap the U. V's here on. We have some men lose here which contents all the V tools toe on drop on fall and those sort off even wrapping a person on. We have this e v tool, but here on we have the UV tool kit. So basically, these are the three no area where they were going toe Find UV related tools on Yes, this men lodge it. So we have the women who here as well, which has some kind of tools here. So some tools are kind of repeating. You can see these tools are also here on this. Create Miller on Also here in this create a menu area here. So these are not all the like. Tools are not unique. Those are kind of repeating on visit like different ways to get those. So let's see this known Vieux port first If you want to Ju Min Jamaat again, you can use the same no command which you use this perspective. You are three d view to do so you can hold all turned right. Mouse button drag to Ju Min Jamaat Oregon Scroll as well. So this is Jumanji amount. Same as the three D view. All dried moss. Andi again for planning. You can use all clipped drug are all a member drug. So basically here, if you hold all done lipped, it rotors the view. But we cannot rotate this two d view, so because it's a two d view, So it's flat area. It's not a treaty. So we can do the planning with all to lift mouse with. All right, Jumanji. Um out. So there's that two men things were going to do. No navigate here on this. No e v editing a day. You can see there are so many lines here. Andi, some numbers here can see this. Red and green lines. Basically, you can see this. God, not here. The radial green meets. This is the origin of this two d view. Like we have the origin here. So this is the General idea on here. This X axis is called you on the Y Axis is called V. So in the two deferment, it's called U and V on. It's like X and y axis. We don't have the g here, so Morgan C here you can see this big, bold lines except it, like it creates one respects. Here you can see from Jiro toe one You, Joe, toe one v. So we're going to work in this No box in this every space. We're not going to Arkansas outside the box. So again we can put TV is there. But I'm not going toe go different toe that that's our van stopping here. So basically, just know whatever we were going to do that TV should be inside this General one, you re space. Okay, so this is also generate one, but this is minus minus one minus one U minus, one v. So this is the minus one. Visited One is the positive Gerald one. And we're going to work on this positive idea again. So this is the e v ery to view. We can zoom in Jamaat ban on. You just know this No numbers. You on V axis. Okay, then off to assess the tools related, No Eavis again, you can goto minerals and find the tools it can use some very frequently used tools from the tool bar on. You can use tools from this nor even tool kit. So this is kind of a new are absent. I think they have released this from 2070. Anything so again, if you don't use this event, will get two months so you can just click on it. It'll get to collapse so that you get some no even space on from this no separate online. You can hold left mouse and drag toe. Parents realize the sides of Davy and perspective you because we're going to do the UV. So make sure we have known a lot of every space on If it's known if that's true, the spaces small, even know that's fine. So again, you cannot just this from here on again. Whenever you want every told it again, you can click on the tool kit on its no expanded okay, so now another thing is when it compressed like let's say the UV editor is accomplished. It might hide some of the absence here in the toolbar. So if I know expanded, you can see there are so many Upson's Let's add these absence. If I call love those things, those are gone. So does that hidden. So it cannot. So every tools here with this no small idea. So it's like automatically hide few absence. So make sure when you don't see any absence here I'm using in the court, make sure you expand this, but so that it saw every absence on the other thing is sometimes no. There are groups. You can see this lines here on. If it says if I click here, you can see it collapse. Few things, Andi, Let's say I'm using some absence you don't see on. You have already expanded its Julian. You can't see that. Make sure all the lines of groups are expanded. So basically, when you see this line with a triangle, then that means something is here in there. So just click on that line on now. It expanded on you, Gordo. Substance so makes your every no line is opened. That means it doesn't have the triangles on it. It has the property spares to source them make sure those things on. I think that's it on. We're going toe. Yeah, I want to say one more thing. And that is, whenever you go to any absence, you might see Upson Box can see some of the absence Has Dobson box like this? Andi, if you want to go to the option box itself apart, this absence you can hold, seeped and left click on it will always open the option box for that tool. If it it has the option box, some of the absurd doesn't have ups and box. Let's say this absolute doesn't have enough sandbox, so you cannot open that. So just know that holding seat and left click will open Dobson walks to stand the settings and applied options. So this is a few things here. So in the next lecture, we're going to start on wrapping with very simple objects. So before I start working on the character on wrapping, I want to so, you know, don wrapping process with some very simple objects like you, Selena and Spear on that is very important and crucial. So let's see that in the next lecture 30. Unwrapping Practice with Simple Objects: I welcome to this lecture in this lecture. I'm going to so you some very simple, even wrapping technique with very simple objects like you Cylinder and spear on. We're going to use these principles and this basic fundamentals when we're going to work on complex object. So let's see how to do these things. So first I'm going to start with the cylinder. So let's go to this publican tab here on Let's create a Polident cylinder so you can see we have some beautiful TV here. So first thing I'm going to delete the SUV's on we cannot use. Despite for Levi, let's say when it's tag normal artist Indo Primitives to a different safe. You cannot be used a vital ful no e V. So most of the time you cannot use anybody full. Do you have to start our own rap? So for that I'm going toe Dillard these eBay's trust. So let's go to E V on even menu here, and you can delete Davis from here. Okay, so now our model doesn't have any TV, so let's see how Don't drop this, Celinda. How toe No, flatten this cylinder in the to despair, so that we can texture it. Okay, so let's see how to do it. So for the IV unwrapping process, there are two men. No steps involved on. The first step is no creating the DVD's by using different projects and maps. On the second step. Kids editing the U. V's on bomb making the final unfolded flat on dearie. So these are the men to step, creating Davies. No using any projects and an editing Davis using different bulls like states and unfold those type of bills. So let's let this first step getting events. So we need some kind of US year to start. Editors. So first, let go to E. V. On inside this menu, you'll find some no creates a lobster projects and map. Here, you see automatic, best plain and camera based and silly political planner spirit. Cal does stuff here, so these are different projects and maps. So in this Celinda for the cylinder, I'm going to use this automatic, so make sure the object is selected in object more on. Let's click on this automatic. Okay, now you can see two things. One, you can see something here in this TV editor and two you can see this manipulator here in this treaty. Vieux port. So this is the automatic no manipulator. Automatic projection on you can see it has six different angle projector like this is a different projects on on from this projects and it creates this area. You can see this bold white lines. That means that is the border. Are the events seem area. So now, from this projects on, it takes this area on From this, it takes only this versus on from the stop. It creates these things. So it like protecting Al. It's like taking the faces with their mostly towards that prosection are facing towards that projects on. So this projector didn't take this face because this place is more kind of faced towards this projector. So it's kind of projecting and pressing those safe here as TV's. Okay, so now you can see from this six projection angle I have six every cell. So even sale is like one. You ve connected every group. So if I right, click here on this very litter, hold right mouse. And you can see this marking manner from this market. Money can find this, even sell. You ve here. So if I go to your vessel on now, you can. You can just click and select differently. Vessel with single click on Let's take the move tool to transform. You can use move, loot at scale to transform the cell. Are any levy selectivity? So, Meghan See, I have no different six cell from six. Pro sex and angle. We just did the fast step, which is the knowing victory isn't we cleared the disease using automatic protection. Automatic mapping. The second step is even editing on. We need to 80 disease to make sure we have no less seem on its like connector one cell if it can be no possible. Sometimes it can be possible to make one cell, but we can obviously no more words are at odds states. Few cells together toe minimize the VC American See, we have no these Even, it seems it's kind of just thing like it's a skin off. No object. It's kind of a skin on. We have got their skin to look different pieces, so let's start eating it. So first I'm going to know Steve's this porting. So for this kind of cylinder, the rule is we need to have one. Seemed like this toe detest the top Onda we have to know detest the bottom part from this on with this side, the particle faces, we just need to have one single seem we don't have toe. No have this kind of 434 cents. If we called this thing on this thing, we can just caught it called the center. One is on. We can flatten it as you can do this in real life. So let's take a few pieces here, so I'm going to is more here. Let's select one is when I put the pillow mouse cursor on one is, You can see the other raises highlighted automatically. That means in three D it's actually single. It's, but in two did split. No, it has split from that idea, so it's actually swing. It's a single it on it can resealed here against each year. So now I'm going to stays it. So let's select. This is on when it's like this is this is also selected. Now I'm going to use a tool to states this to sell, So let's go toe here this court and Suman on. Let's stays together. I can see that cell no moves to this bigger cell and no students there. Now you can see that seem is gone on. We can know, continue doing the same thing that's Steve's together on. Lets States together on I'm not going to steal this adds. Because again, if I stayed it, it's going to again rap, and it's not going to know. Unfold it. We cannot sees everything. And if I know in real life, if you want to know, caught it down on flatten it. You have two cards from somewhere. Let's say it's a soft object. You can caught it and flatten it. You have to court somewhere to flatten it. You cannot just keep it. One single piece on DNO looked piece on. You cannot flatten or unfolded. So if I steeds it with the same decided, it's going to know again. It's going to rabid like this, which is not unfolded, so make sure you don't still know this other side. Okay, now we have completed the cylinder on wrapping, so this is the way to unwrap cylinder seps on. We can use this for Nevin tells principal toe on grab hands and legs off the character. Those are basically cylindrical Selves. It might say it's a little bit on going to the Sape, but overall say, Papa, leg on hand, it's cylindrical and we can use the same approach off. No. Having one single is along the height of the length of the cylinder. That's the main for lemon belting. We need to just have one Cingular's along the height on. We have to have to court like this. So just remember this for Levin tells how toe No unwrap cylinders. Okay, so then next see how toe unwrap spear. So let's bring a spear. Andi again, I'm going to deal it the U V here. So let's go toe UV and deal it again. You can do it like this body can go toe even more by right clicking on you can select all the Verizon deal it like this as well. Okay, I don't have any reasonable, So let's see how toe creative is for us. Then we're going to see how to edit. So for this pier, I'm going to use here a no mapping called Spiric away. So again I can use different wrappings for different thing I can use like again I can I could have use no silly little mapping for the cylinder agile. But again, you have to experiment along all these things All absence can be applied to all the object . So the simple rule to choose from this mapping XYZ you know, seeing the overall safe on choosing the projection here. Overall, safety is here speared on. Do we have a spirit ical mapping here? So let's click on the spear on When you click on that, you get a different no man of later here on you get this ups and here. Okay, now it's open on now. If I goto no use cell and selected, I can unfold it. So now it's are not unfolded properly. Solid good modify on unfolded here a lot against see a no spear unwrapping here you just need to remember is for the spear unit toe Have one is like this one seem line. Let's just think about it. Appears our head head off A character on your act listeningto have it like seem like this behind up head on you might have on is here actual, uh, the neck area. So just remember for spiritual safe you need at least one is Loop one seem, which is like going across the harp way behind on at least to the center here, and it's going to open like this. Okay, so if I let's undo it, let me delete it. You don't have to delete the V's in orderto do it again of different maps. Let's say you want to know. Try using automatic. You don't have to delete Davis, then try. You can just click on Automatic. It will update this Evie's it do that mapping so you cannot have different TV's with the different wrappings. You can only have the Zeevi's Andi if you use different map ings. Let's try spiritual concerns. Changes. So now it's automatic mapping. The problem is again. We have six, at least six. No cell here on you need to see you. Things are stays things. So for a cylinder that waas fine. But for a spear, I don't use automatic mapping here so again for spiritual Sepp, either. I'm going to use unless political protection all I can use no plan of mapping. Okay, so you can use planning, mapping. Let's say let's go to Dobson box on plan A mapping is a projection which, like project from a single angle it's on. Like the automatic, which has six angle. It has one single angle level, So you it said toe the Z literally set it first, so it's bite awful. It said two X axis Andi. Now, if I applied, you can see this projection, which is projecting from eggs axis, which is this angle it's projecting. From this angle on it creates a looked TV. I mean, it's created Look TV. That means it's like this is TV's totally looked collected. One. The vessel. It cannot be unfolded unless, you know, put some Seymour courts amazes so you cannot unfolded or flat on it right now. So once you apply the planet mapping unit to knock RTV edges, let's say I want to make this is the same so I can select this is on. Then I can go to court and Suman on caught from here and now. Once I called that DVD, you can see now that it's no if you go to even more than you can move, these ive is now Those are like separate it from there. So now I can unfold it. Let's go to the vessel selected. Go to modify On Unfold Logan saves beautifully clean on fall. I think this is better than spiritual mapping because you get a very clean no same line. So again, the takeaways from this no Spiric alone napping is makes you know you have one. No single is seen here, at least two on full or flat on this kind of spirit. Ical Sepp. So let's delete this. And let's see the last example here, which is a cube and again with the Cube. There's a really nice evey. So let's delete this. Let's create our own TV. So for a cube, automatic is the best option, because again, for a que we have six face on. If I use automatic here, it's going toe. Give me six polygon face on every projected no projects and create this the no front side face. So now we have this again. We can go to the re editing. Once we created on, we can still refuses on few cells. Basically, let's say we can keep this and this apart on we can know Steve's all these sites except once him. Just think about like it's a paper lets it It's a paper cube which is made from paper. You can just caught it accord this paper to like on flighted of flatted study So again we can Now every edges are seem so I can select dates this on from here. I can also select the dress and go toe know Steve's together You can see it moves and stated that See again you can press G to repeat Let's select crazy to repeat So I have like sixties This is this I just need tohave one No seem I cannot street it so I can actually there everything we have to help some revision on with this? No, For this process, I can stitch somewhere Let's say I against use this for no face with this or this But I can do with only one belligerence here. So let's teach it stated some American See, we created a even rapping here something like the bite If a levy on disk you is unfolded if you take it matters or something on Did you try to like court that from is this you can own fall that matters like this This way This is a minimum, see? No, seem you have tohave toe unfold late properly 31. Unwrapping the Axe Handle: Hi. In this lecture, we're going toe unwrap the U V's off this X I I might take for three lectures to complete this. So let's start with this handle here. I can see if I select the object locally object. We have a very messy evey here. So this is the by default, No messy visuals. So we don't want this. So I'm going to delete all these ear it again. You don't have to delete Davis in orderto create new vis. And basically you can go to eBay, select everything and delete from your keyboard. So it's going to deliver they with Make sure you don't deal the model if you're selector, you these. But I taking and go to E V and then select and elect all. You can go to this every minnow and delete Davis from here as well. So once you deal it, then now we don't have anything here. We don't have any u V's. So now we're going toe assign few these. So the first thing I'm going to do this handle here. So let's first select the handle faces Politan. So now I'm going to convert this perspective. You to prom view. So let's hold the space bar and hold the left mouse here, and you can change this to front view. So let's select the handle year. So I'm going toe. Select this carefully on I don't want anything here, So let's hold control and drive Well controlled seat and racking her toe are to the selection current selection. So now let's go back toe the restrictive view and can see we have selected the handle only . And now I'm going toe Unwrap this So basically it's a Celinda so we can use the cylindrical map for this. So we're going to get a vertical seem from where it's going toe caught and unfold it. And obviously we're going to get one top on bottom. So let's goto TV and go to cylindrical mapping down on that. So you get this cylindrical mapping manipulator here on you can see the UV, so the first thing I need to are just is the angle off this cylindrical manipulators. So now, because the low polly is going a little bit this way, the manipulator is going straight up, down, you can see it seem, is not a single is you can see the seam is very jagged, So let's go to this D like safe here. You can see a red color t so let's click on that. It's for transform to give this transform here for this man a better. And now I'm going toe this outside circle and click that to get the rotate manipulator first Lichty and then click this outside. Now I'm going to rotate it from this access. So which is the G Xs in this case? Doted. And I'm trying to rotate an artist, this man a better overall toe this handle here. I can also move it and try toe manipulate it. And at the same time, I'm looking at the TV here so we can see we're getting a little bit better, Better TV's but still far from the final. So here I am, adjusting it, trying to make this e V a single line. So I think that's that's all I want to exist year and I'm going to are just this thing called Dizzy Reasons states here. So this is one way toe unwrap the cylinder. So let me so you both with basic like don't use this way if it's a stretch cylinder. I can use this easily. But now again, see, the seam is not not a straight line, and this kind of same is very bad. So you suit our this kind of flow. Seem means Americans see this is the same, and it changes to this is so we do on that so we can do one thing we can select one is Loof . Let's say I know let's try toe guard Levi from the side are common angle, which can't be seen easily. So that's the point. So let's go and select Hold. This is look till here. So I basically select the top one and then see and double click on this one. So it's going to select the in betweens. So let's said, this one is a perfect choice what it seem. So we're going to make this seem so once you see like they say, then you can go to more defend card. The city basically sort of goto cordant you and court it from there. It makes this is a seem. Andi, you can say that from this bold white line, and I'm able to see these things because I have toe alone this absolute loses Texas border here. If it's off, it's not going to sell you anything here. So make sure it's on this bottle and its going to so you they seem okay. Once we called that, then we can come here and select all these. Is this basically all these business on? If you are selecting this in between, inside it just that's fine. You don't have to dis elect precisely that. Find that those diseases are not going to connected with anything because that's already connected there. So then I can go to court and to on we can stays together. Basically, you can see that side moved to the same because we hard already called this idea. Now, basically against you, you have a clean seem, at least, and then we did to unfold it selectivity on. We can go toe modify on unfolded. So let's unfold this and you can see the sort code is controlling you When it's going toe unfold on, give it the proper proportion, like and see on. We can also check the eaves by turning on this checker bottle. So let's start on this checker one so you can see a very You should see a very clean checker, very square black and white tickers. And if I undo and now a GNC we need didn't on full against this treaty textures. The texture itself is squarely black and white patterns, but here you can see it's being stressed because of the V's. So this is the main region for unfolding toe on. Falls unfolded here, illustrating are released, frustrating our squads single David's. So let me turn off the check out here. So this is one way toe unfold the cylinder. But I have a better way to do this on very quickly to do this. Let me so you. So I'm going to do David here again. Okay, so let's see the better way. So I'm going toe select the Polident again. So let's go to the front view by holding the space. But I'm holding the left mouse. Go to front view on against licked, and you can't see with this one rectangle selection. It's very hard to selected properly so we can use this last social tools going to lead to draw the city out. I like thing. I missed fuel things. Let's hold control, sit on are those things to the selection, and although it shake your selection before you take the next step, make sure the selection is right. Okay, then let's see how toe unfold this. So in this case, I'm not going to use cylindrical. I'm going to use Plan a mapping. So let's take the planet mapping. Go to E V. I'll go to plan out here again. You can assess all these mapping projections from here actually been going toe create, and you'll find those you consistent in the gallant planet wrappings on. You can also find those from here if you go toe this create. So basically you have multiple eight years where you can find those absence and it's up to you which area you're going to use. So let's use the planet. If I click on the planner, it's projecting from a or angle to let's see if I go to the absolute off that tool now against it, said Toe X axis. In this case, from this angle on disk, eep image with hydrogen is off, so make sure it's on, so it's going to give you this proportion, at least on. Then let me change this end Doesn't matter if you're projecting from s angle, which is from this angle. Here are from this to here. So basically, we're going to project, Let's say from X, that's fine on Let's project it and this is it. No E v here who's don't have any Sena? So you can see we don't have any vertical seem that's that means it's not on for like it can re texture properly. So we need tohave one particle semen, then flatten it. So now I'm going to the is more and then select one is look and cardiac. So basically for that we can against select one is love. So let's say double click on select one is Look here you can do that and that if that days is fine for those seem you can do that casual. You can make that the same. Or let me make this is the same. So select the says are you Can you can call it that Once you caught that, then you can go to E v. Andi. It can unfold it. No. So let's unfold it. So this is the quickest way to on four cylinders. Take the planet mapping card, a vertical line make the political levy seem, then just unfolded. I think this is quicker and you don't have Toasties and clean those jagged seams because you are making the same here. So let's straighten this e v so you can select Davey and you can use the rotator total to manually straighten it. Or I can use some tools here. Toe aligned it. So if I go to this Arent and layouts Upson here Andi, I can click on this audience cell, so I have to absence audience cells. Olden days. Let's see exactly Condori Intel's. It's going to automatically define an angle. Either is going toe may go every cell original like this because it was already low ticket in this single. If let's say it has some kind of vertical angle, so it's going toe wrote it. You can see it's now rotating that the vertical angle Oregon Silicon is So let me. So if let's saves like this and you select, this is this vertical is and you click on this story into is it's going toe. Straighten that like vertical like this you can see so you can straighten. It is like this. So in the next lecture, we're going to unwrap this metal body parts 32. Unwrapping the Axe Metal Body: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, I'm going toe unwrap the metal body parts. So here I have already on grabbed the handle in the previous lecture. So first, let's I salute this. So today let's go to the So I was let me selector. Okay, so then I'm going toe select everything sort of select every first. Andi, I have already created this. No us. So I'm going toe hold control and drag here to dislike the city. American C M leapt with all these faces except that handle Lydia. So now I'm going to take a plan on mapping. So let's go toe create and plan a mapping. So let's take that. Now you can see it's project from A I think from extraction, So I don't want that. So let me undo it. So I need to change that angle. So if you go to this creative here, you'll find that plan Arabs and here agile Andi. If you click here, let click and consider its projecting from the settings and you fire rightly going it. You can see it's projecting from a different access, so this time it's projecting from D excess. So it's a hidden of some. Here we can left click, and it's going to project the settings on. You can hold, seeped and left click toe upon the settings box as well. You can see the X axis is said so left ligaments. The settings right clicks is always G excess. Projecting Isaacson on a few middle click. It's always the top. Why access projects? So this is a human things I just wanted toe let you know. Okay, so this time I'm going to right click so that it projects from G access so that I can see this area. Okay, good to now it's connected. Recon. See? It's a single single connector piece. I need toe caught. Court TV's here, So this center line on the SAR plane would be the TV See Media salutes card that you can call it again by going to the is the reflects Select all this is you want oh, caught and just elect like this on you can come here and you can go to court and click on this card apps, um can see immediately the white line a seam line so you can do this makes you you're off. Sonny's on this texture border ups and is on so that you can see this be texture border. So this is one way to card a V by just selecting the is first and then hitting in the Scott Little. I have another way to called this Citizens Interactive Lee, My aging Davey Obvious cottons Util here continue. Have a three D Corton Suvit tool here. So let's take that Andi. So let's double click. You can double click on and I can see it's intractably cutting. It began single Klay against like as well, double click on you can see and now you can see the color different. Here. You can see multiple colors here, so it's because I have turned on this necessary TV Upson if this option is on bite, if all it's going to. So you like this in the blue and red color of our little 100 color here. So if you right click on it, it's going to sort of different colors. If depending on the V cell, you can see we have two different TV cell, so it's going to Soto different color so that you know okay, this is a differently vessel and this differently vis cell. So here I'm going toe, take this line and I'm going toe caught here and then I'm going toe. I think this is an arrestable plague on when you caught this. You can see now this color is different than this site because we have created to evey cells. Okay, now I'm going to just move on. Separate does. So let's go to David's sale more and select to go toe, go to the select tool and face more. It's self more select one of the cell move you can see you have to every cells there. Okay, Now I need to turn on the texture checker so that we can check out textures. Here. You can see these ID EA V's are perfect, but did you go to us? The side? It starts to stressed. Disease here can see, So we need to unwrap the Revis. So let me turn off the text. Every textures here inside UV Editor. If you click on this is going to turn off here agile on. If you click on this, it's going to so here. So let me turn off. So let's select the C V and let's unfold it go to modify on full in the Socrates control you and you can unfold from here originally for getting Ah notice I d v is perfect. You can also select Schimmel too, Pally Vissel and on full at the time. Okay, then good. And then you can see we can straighten this vigil. It's goto this parent and layout audience cells. So let's not that I loaded int it. Okay, I think this is good Stone of the Checker on. Then let's quickly do these things and they're going to complete this. So even toe card This as also I'm going to take the through the court and sue Vittel. I like to use this tool. It's a very interactive tool. We can see the result here. Okay, so let's move This I need to cut one is so that I can flatten this. Let's state this is and make this is seem so I select that is, and separately toe caught. So again, this is another way to cut. Okay, And let's select on Unfold it good And then I'm going to unfold this area so we need to caught it. So I'm going to again. Let's take the through the court on TV tour I'm here will toe make this corner the seams. Let's double click on this double take and make this seem so now I can easily unfold it. So let's straighten these things. Okay, that's done. And then let's do this part. So we're going to call this as well? I think I just need one Full it. We don't have to do anything. So let's Clayton on full bottle. So OK, he'll have done with this no exported part here. So let me move all these things outside this new gerente won in the space it? Yes, so that we can unwrap the small parts here in the next lecture. 33. Unwrapping the Small Parts: Hi. In this lecture we're going to complete down wrapping of the eggs with this small part. So let's start with this one. So let me I salute this on These things are very easy. We just need toe, take a plan of nothing and then we're going toe caught on on four. The thing solids goto create minnow on I'm going to right click on the planner so that it projects from G excess. Okay, so let's goto the for sale more than then. Let's move one from the one on. Now it's a it's separately wrapped evey So we need toe caught on unfold doesn't in the same so we can unfold this pace So let's take the vitriol Accordance you, Toolan I'm going to double click and make This is the same. Um that's to the same thing here. Then we're going to select the face, Although U v EDS Uh, let me go to the movies. Sell more here, Okay, Still have inside that record unsuitable. So let's bring the selectable and then let's go to the vessel more so here you can see all these more. So this is the U. V is more than face more on this is the, um, even selection on then the vessels election. Let's select on on full. Okay, great. So this is stone. And we can obviously go toe a line and straighten or in the cells moved his outside. That dude wants piss on. Then let me unfold these things in the small parts. So here I have forgotten to make all this piece is a single locally So let's combine those first You can see this give you accepts our one single object. And this is one single object on the whole exits. One single object. So basically we have three different objects. I guess Alerts selected and I saw it on. Let's again Listrik the planet mapping, create and planning mapping. Right click Go too fast motor they sell more. Move on. In this case, I'm going to take the UV three record unsuitable and make this long. This is with seem here, sirs, you really need to call to is at least here Or we can take this three years like this it's going toe unfold like this so you can do that. So let's three year just there, okay? And then let's go toe the first more and then on fall it and then goto audience cells. Okay, so basically we're donated. There's no even rapping part here on in the next lecture. We're going to see how we can get the properly out. How we can put all the Zeevi's inside this Gerald one in this space with proper proportions to each other. Now you can see they're not proportionally, you know, they're not proportionate to each other. A zoo concede this part is smaller than this part. So we're going to do the evil layouts in the next letter. 34. Creating the Layout and Wrap up: I welcome to this final lecture of this even rapping model. And in this lecture, going toe the layouts of this X, the first thing I'm going to do is giving them the proper scale. You can see they're not property scaled. Probably scale. Basically, if you turn on this checker on here, you can see the checkered is not the same size everywhere. Now you can see here we have very small chequered on, and here you can see the bigger ones. So it's because the TV is not probably skilled. So let's see how to fix this, how to fix the scaling. So basically, I'm going to no select any of this any of the vessel by just double clicking the face. So select one and let's go to transform. Here we have an obstacle. Texel density P X pixel for unit. So here I'm going to get the A pixel for unit density. So let's get it. And now you consider number changed and now I'm going toe put this proportion to everything . So it's just things like Is the proportional scale off one and I'm going to select everything and let's click on the sit so if I said this proper soon is going toe skill. Give the same Texel density to everything and it'll be scale accordingly. Now I can see the checker is perfect everywhere because it's now the proportion the scale is correct. So once you do this, then the next thing I'm going to do is backing all the series inside this digital one of this best. So let's select everything. Onda, Let's go to this. Let me for us to collapse this transformational Let's go to this Arent and Leo Dobson on here. You have this layout button you can click on that to back everything inside. You can see by just a single click can pack everything inside this Gerard one in this best . Okay? So once you back then you might need to stake Davies if you need to change it or not. Okay, I might need toe. No. Use the layer button again because here you can see we don't have any spacing from the border. So let me actually undo this repacked. Okay, let's goto this layer, Dobson, so you can hold seat and left click to open that loud so you can also go to this modify men . One go to the layered ups in here. So when you go to this layout absence, you have to absence on full three D and legacy. So you're going to use done for three d. Andi? Yeah, I need to check this packing Richarlyson. So I need to change this, too. Okay, because I'm going toe. Oh, get the texter off Duke a size. Okay, so then I'm going to Ah, I'm going to. Between this, assessors need to change through. Okay, On and bearing. This is pixel style padding. Cell pairing. So here, I'm going to put some pixels number. So let's say, 08 by eight. So let me. So what? What are these things? It's a geo tile petting and just I'm going to pull this age padding here. So celebrating. So let's click on the supply under this cell petting can see. Now we have some gaps between two cells. Basically eight pixels gap between two cells. If you don't put, then you might get that the visa is very close to each other or even you don't. Sometimes you don't get any spacing between two. We re cells, so you need to have at least four or eight pixels. Gaps between the two of you sell. So make sure you put eight cell padding on the tile. Padding is no. Does basing from this border now against you? We don't have any spacing. The the vessel is touching the border. I don't want this. So let me undo on Let's put a tile planning as well. So So that we get some spacing there on. I think everything is just fine. So it's goto a play and click on. Let's see another agency. We have some padding here to the border on. We have padding to the vases. Okay, so let me close this on now. I'm going to check it if I can. More if I deceive easily to make a better packing UV. So I think year. We need to move this. We have plenty of space to pull this bird. We need toast scale. This would part, you can see it's a bigger part in this treaty model, Andi, when we can give some spacing here. So let's select about this TV. This old TV area here you can see this part is also the good parts or and selecting board and let's select and skill. So I'm Skilling from the center here, not scaling unprofessionally like this scale from the center and tryto use maximum even space. So just think about like these are the pixel originalism on your missing those things and missing the quality so tryingto use that pixel as much as possible. Onda, while you're not touching Davey in border Christian TV one area So let me take this and put this year on here. I'm going toe put this movie here are input here Have a lot of space here. So that's put it here then let's move it someone you and then I can goto this transform on . We can rotate it 96 from here So you can see here this is rooted 90 degree can go clockwise and counterclockwise as well. Of course I can no skill these things. They can scale these things a little bit bigger. Okay, so this is my even let Mexico you take some time to create a better even layout tweets, which is backed whose don't have any unnecessary western pixels area off course. I can take a little more time to make it better. V no layers, but I think this is quite good on. We can take this. So on stopping this Lecter here on with this we have completed this modern. In this morning, we learned how to use Meyer TV wrapping tools to under up the X TV's. So in the next model, we're going to picture this ex model inside so often spent. So see you in that murder. 35. Substance Painter Overview: Hi. Welcome to this new sex on onto the first lecture of the sex. Um, in this lecture, I'm going to talk about the substance spent overview in a briefly manner. So let's say that so here, you can see meant extra on. I'm using substance spent 2018 which is the latticed person to debt. So let's double click on Open it on. You can see the no design of this subbed applicants, and okay, here you can see that look boxes that's often spent A is running on your Jeep falls. Whatever the graphics card, you have onda a lot of things here on. I'm going to click and continue anywhere. So let's click on this. Continue anywhere. If you don't get that message, that's totally fine. So here you can see my substance spent. 2018 Worsen on This is comes with a new interface, which is very new, and before, to this worsen it had it like missing to face and although I like that interface as well, but I think this interface is better than the previous one on its kind off looking for yourself. And so start spent a combine here. It's more like participate. It has a very big walking area here, so let's see the substance paint a little bit here. So first thing you can see there are very few things on the interface. So let me. So you few things here, So at the center here can see the big walk space here, working area on now it said toe three D view. We have different absence. If you click on this little icon now, it says three D Only if I click on that, I have drop down list here. So I had three d two d three D only unto the only. So now my treaty only view is active. So if I click on this treaty toady, you can see to split view the three D views to the left on This is the E V view are the two d view Okay, so I'm going to see my model here, then the texture here. So then again, to the only as well. So basically, we're going to switch between these things. But most of the time I will be in this three d only view on you can see the sort code as will F well F two F three. So let's come back to a three d view here. Andi, you can see to the left. We have the toolbar here on this. The menu bar here. So we're few minnows are there? On to the right. We have the Texas at least layers and textures that settings Don't worry. About what? That those things. Now there's that empty because we don't have anything here. We don't have any model or anything is the blank, empty scene. So we have empty things here. So now this is the properties onto the right. This is the dark tool. But here on day two, the to the bottom, there's the self on here. You can see we have a lot of folders you can selected to see the inside things in the self . Okay, Andi, these things that, like Model A, you can drag and drop off. Let's say this if I want this to the left, I can drag from here. Andi, I can put it here. Oregon put this this lot here so I can see and celebrate the norm view put here, Andi, Unless I click and I can just dragon separated like this, I can click again to, like, combine that with the existing view here so we can do this. Let's say you missed off the interface and you want to come back to the factory default layout. You can do that by going to this windows, and here you can reset the you I just click to Reset Day. Why? Okay, so you can do this. So play a little bit under interface and see, we think you like I'm going to know you's this by the full interface stuff. Andi. So I'm going to open a sample file so that I can so you few Navias and techniques, So I'm going toe file here on Dhere. You have an obstacle open sample. So let's click on that on. You have three absence here. They get to change these things. So now I have this tree absence. So let's click on this meat math file on. Does this often spent a file dot sbp file? So let's open it on this file Contents immortal and some maps. Okay, so this is the model here on I'm not going to work on this model. We're just going to see if you know, navigates and things. So now, as soon as I import open this file, you can see I have something on the layer layer palette. Here I have something that texture said List on. We have something in the properties battle here on and yet so we're going to see some navigates and techniques. So here you can see it's the Lavey is in his same as Meyer. You can hold all time left mouse drag to wrote it, and it's going to wrote it from from the Point of the Mouse Corsa. So wherever your mouse cursors it's going Toe wrote it from that point. So all to left most who wrote it all to Middle Mouse to Pell like Maya Ultimate Almost two pan on All right, most to zoom in Jamaat again. It's going to Ju Ming to the mouse Scorza. So let's say you want to zoom into the finger, put the mouse concert there and hold. All right, most track. Okay, so again, same as Meyer. So when you wrote it, you can hold the seat with all the left mouse. Now I'm rotating. I can hold saved to slap. It's like Deborah's so you can hold seat to slap to a perfect Orta Graphic. Be against even a snuff. It's not perfect. Orta Graphic It's kind of having the perspective because we have the prospective owner. The perspective, very can say, is that from here? So allow it. You can see said toe perspective against sense Toe Arte. Graphic log unsee strictly or to a graphic view like my aside view. So again, hold all too little mouse and then hold sit toe slapped the perfect 90 degree view. Okay, so this navigation also walk in the two d view. So let's change it. Toe treaty to D Let's see if it's working so you can see I can do the same thing with the two Defu agile I can hold Ault left. Most wrote it units rotating from the mosque. Orser can say like this again, returning from the mouse Casa. If you wrote it like this and you want to No, keep it against rate so you can do that by rotating in liberate and then whole sipped toe like voted 90 degree again. You can hold all to middle. Most Appel, all tried most to zoom in gym are the same person here as well on. Let's say you have June Dean and may stop view. You can press F two frame everything or to see everything. So these are some navigational here. So let chains Questions 23 d View on here can see it says material. We have different absence to see in the view. So if I place Seiki on, you can see I don't have anything now But you can see some names of cycling here. So it's changing because we have not created any texture. We cannot see anything. So let's go back toe met. Really, Andi, if I press Beaky so I can see some big maps So now this is called Wall Space Loma. If I press big again, I can switch to a different name or I can Swiss from here agile, I can goto i d. So this is a color selection for selects and propose. Then I can praise be to cycle again. This is Ah Cruzan So pressing B cycles between different begged maps. So see you in the next lecture where we're going toe, understand these maps 36. Understanding Maps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this lifetime going toe talk about different maps before you actually bake toes so fast you can see we're watching the materials here. So let's change it to different maps. So again you can goto mess maps and you can click here Oregon Press B before ball. So let's click here now it says to thickness. And I cannot see anything here. If you see any checker, that means we don't have any map. No assigned to this take nous stab. So let's just be again to cycle. Now it again Come back to the normal here again for this object. We don't have any details on the normal math. So basically, Norma, math is kind off. No, to create the illusion of height, details of the saving details. So we're going toe big the high poly details to the low pally A in the normal laugh so we can see the details on the locally Here. We cannot see any details on the normal Matt, because I think they have begged the same match to the same mess. Basically, you can beg the same managed to the same. So you are not going to get any details of difference in the normal maps in that situation . So I'm going to place be again. So here this is the world space normal again. You can use this to look. Create some saving details like let's say you want the overall Grady Int type of lecturing . The bottom is darker. Top is no lighter. You can use those while space normally have in that situation. Then press be again to cycle on down this Sesto i. D. So I d. Math. We use this map for no selects on propose. You can put different colors in the high poly model, and you can beg that toe the locally so that we can easily select that area. Because it's a flat color, we can easily select it like photos of color picker. We can select it here, and we can give any texture or any color easily. So that's the main purpose of this I. D. Math. Otherwise, you are not going to see it in the final Dexter. So this map is going to help us in the festering work, but they were not going to see anything in the file. Alexa. So let's best be again. Now we are in the ambient occlusion Math. This map is again big from the high polyta. Locally on you can see this map will give you this. No contact Sadow information Everywhere there's a contact Between two minutes there's a Sadow. This map is very, very important for texting because it will give us the proper law grounded look or the carbon back nous on. Then we can use this Ah, close and laugh at the Dart Mosque so we can use this toe No clear some dot in this carbon areas So express be again on now this is the curvature map. So in this garbage map against C, it kind of know create Creating those big height of the is areas it tends to make those white on everything else is great. So we can use this map to create is we're unti here Let's say scratches on days and those those kind of stuff We can use this math. Let's Presby again on now we are We have poses a map. I don't use this postal map two months. I'm not going to talk about it. Onda thickness map. It's empty. Now. You can see the checker. That means it's empty. We don't have any thickness math for this character again. You can use thickness math for soft surface scattering effect or for kind of no blower, those kind of stuff. So then again, to come back to the material so we can come here. Or you can press am on your keyboard to come back to the material view. Okay, so these are a few maps were going toe big, so we're going to see that in the next lecture. 37. Baking Test Maps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this later we're going toe Were going toe begged the test maps. So here I am inside Meyer. So I'm going to export this locally which has the e v know the final leaving. So we're going to export this in a BX 4 march. So I'm going toe export It ongoing also export the high poly as well. So we have some work inside. Meyer, we have to tweak the seeing a bit for the perfect big. But before that, I'm going to sweep the less perfect way to bake for so I'm goingto take everything in a base for months. So I'm going to select on Goto export this Lixian exports. Alexa a NTU's a big from this drop down on going to export it to my in a scene folder. Yeah, so that's a X understood law. So I know this is the locally ebx so exported and let me also let me go to the my classic So general books and let's no the stone on all the high Hi Polian. Select everything on then let's export this as well. So export selection again the bigs this time ex high So then let's jump toe substance mentor. And then we're going to see how toe big the maps. Here I am inside, Substance Painter. The first thing I'm going to do is creating a file. So let's go to file and new on here. I'm going to choose PBR metal roughness, and as the template on in this mess, I'm going to select the baby X low mess. So explore a BX. Let's open that on a less chin. This document rigid. Listen to Tok and I'm going toe leave everything else So it's click on. OK, so now it's going to create a file with our locally you can see on in orderto big I'm going to this picture sit settings area. It's click on that and go toe here and you can see there's a knob. Cynical bake Miss Maps, click on deck. Okay, so now I'm going to change this Here. We have some maps here. Toe Beck, you have normal wall space. Normal idea. Mental closing car venture purchased on and thickness on. Here we have the common option so you can select all it can select. None like that. And of course I'm not going toe big everything now. So let's click alone. And just like on the normal andan this common idea I'm going to change this to two k size because my texture will be OK. So then I'm going toe Bring the high poly here so you can see the high deafness and Mrs click on this little icon on Let's choose the higher Bix. So we're going to beg the high to low the normals and then we're going to We're going to check this awesome. We say this match and it says always we have another person called by mess name on this very important going toe. Come to this Upson in a minute, two nights said to always, which is the default one? We just change this. No, we just bring the high poly and change this texture output size toe OK on. Then we're just going to click on this big button here on. It's going to back the normal from the hyperbole. You know it's done. You can see it. The normals on the locally miss on. Let's inspect this maps. So if I click on this, be Burton or you can goto this area here and you can go to this normal idea. You can come to dismiss map Syria on go to normally day. You can also click on the B button to cycle between different maps. So you're against your normal map. Andi, If I come closer, you can see it on a map. Looks OK. Let him hit the M button. But if I come closer, you can see the overlapping normals. You can see some overlapping here as well. Let me make the boasts a small so you can see the overlapping here. Andi, in these idiots because this locally because we have too low police here, which are interested in it, is that now you can see the overlapping maps. Here, let me be. You can see some part of this locally has been begged into this slope. Really? And so this is one problem off overlapping things when you have different nopal is very close to each other, are intersecting, so we're going to see how to fix this. So for this, we're going toe again. Get back to Maya. And there were goingto say the scene in a way so that we can use this no match by Miss name off some. So we have some obscene fear called by Miss Name on. It's going to see is going to actually separate few things that baking time is going toe big things separately. So we're not going to get that no overlapping problem. So for that, we need to get back to my and they were going to say, That's in there So we're going to do that in the next lecture. 38. Prepairing the Maya Scene for Baking Maps: Hi, we're back in Myer. So in this lecture, we're going to see how to say the Miocene purplish so that we can bake the normal half it less better on. We're going to also see how toe give some color ideas of mitral. I dish to the high police so that we can beg the Colorado Maps. So I wonder, started adding column materials to the high police. So let's hide the locally and let's go to the hyper here. So here you can see we have three different materials, the metals and the fabric and the world. So we're going to give three different colors to the high poly, a different materials so that we can big the color ideas for the protection propose. So I'm going to first sacred a few things here because now it's a single object on very hard toe. Select the face and give the materials so I'm going toe makes and separate, so it's going to separate on. Then I'm going to again combine it. Once I poured those materials so now you can see it with everything separately. Now let's go and select all the metal parts. So let's diss elect the would like all the metal parts. I think this one is the metal as well. So I'm going toe. Give it a material. Let's hold the right mouse button on goto. A sign. New material, our favorite material. Let's go to favorite material and choose Lambert, and it's going to come off here at this attribute area, and I'm going to the lumber to give a color to it. Let's say red read for all the metal parts you can give any color doesn't matter a single color and then I'm going toe. Give the old a single material. So let's give it a different color on this time. Let's give it yellow. Okay, so we have three colors Now. You have a great color for the Patrick and yellow for the world and red for the metal parts . So now I'm going to again combine all these things into one object on after combine. I'm going to delete the history as I always do. Once I combine everything off separate. I always delivered the history. Okay, so now we have the high poly here, which has these different colors. So let's go to Channel box on Put the same mitral color to these pieces as well. So desert also metals. I'm going toe Give the red colors to hold the right mouse. This time I'm going toe this Assane existing material or the favorite one. So if you go to this existing material now you can see all those three materials already have created. So I'm going to the lumber to material which is the red one. Okay, now you can see we have given this red color toe all the metals. So now let's see how toe give them proper naming so that we can beg these things separately . Now you can see we have these things close to this body. So we're going toe bake this thing separate from this body and this cube accepts separate from this two things. So I'm going to open our planner for naming of also, let's select everything. Let's select all the high police on create a group. So that's coordinated group and I'm going to say hi, I'm going to select all the low police on again. Let's create a group and let's call it low. So we have two groups containing the low pay and high Polly. It's expand. But those on Dhere going toe give trouble naming same living for the body. So like and see this body select the body. Here is the law. So let's call it body. I'll just gun law. That's this Donald Dicey. Listen here, you can see I'm going to select the body Body High Polian. Let's give the same name. And this time, the highest traffics on here I'm using the lower case letter so high underscored, High. Understood, low. So by giving this same name except the suffix, the law understood low on disco high self transplant er is going to look at this name. So it's going to see OK, this is the body high and is the body Lord. It's so it's going toe. Beg this to this, so it's going to ignore everything else. So I'm going to again go back to this part dis locally on. Let's call it a law. Call it by. No, you can give any name. Make sure you are giving the same same name to the local high pollen as well. So let's a five Normie sinning. No letter of upper case and lower case. So let's say this is high. So this is by fighters by PLO. And let's this is Cube Lou on. This is Cube High, basically giving the same name on the proper suffix high and low. So now substance painter is going to look at this law toe. So it's going to basically beg this law toe no big this high to look, so it's going to ignore everything else. So once you give this names on, discolored to the High Poly, we're ready if to export this thing. So let's select all those globally on. Let's go and export this file export selection. I'm going to override that low police bullets, sex low export. Yes, on going to export this high poly as well. So let's exported over eight. The hype elite and my takes a little bit Time for export. You can see that here. So just awesome persons and let it done well. Now it's complex, so I'm going to save this file. So let's first hide all the high police. I think that hype religion there any more sellers are that on. Here's my low police. So let's save this file while steps in. So I'm overriding that safe. Okay, so here we have the final Opal Lee, which has this naming on. We have the high poly with this proper name with suffix andan the hyper You have the colors on me. I'm stopping this Lector in the next lecture. We're going toe Texas inside Substance Mentor. 39. Baking Maps: Okay. Here. Backings off. Transplant er on in this lecture, going toe begged the final maps. So let's goto file menu and created a new file on again. Use the PBR metal a gruffness, template and mess. Select the mess locally. IBX This time our lobelia Biggs has those naming andan this case. I'm going toe use this default absence on Let's change it to tok on. Let's sit. Okay. And clear the filing. The lobelia bx here on Let's big all these maps. So go to Texas that settings I'm kicking this big miss maps. Okay, so here I'm going to don off the thickness. So I'm not going to use our big and it take nous maps. So we're going to obey all these maps on. I'm going to discover on here and change this to okay on. We're going to bring the Heiple here. So let's click on this little icon on Bring hi, Polly. And this time to hyper Lee has the naming on the color ideas. So and then now I'm going to use this mats by mess name, so this is very important. So now, once you said this is going to use this suffix, and this affects high and low. So it's going to look at the locally low Onda High is going toe bake separately. So we're not going to get those overlapping on no normal maps anymore. So we have this settings here. Andi, I'm going to this idea. Math on Dhere makes your discolor sources said toe mate rial color, instrument, vortex color. So choose mitral color here. So it's going to see the material, the high poly material colors. And it's going to beg that Qala Rieti to the locally Andi, everything else I'm goingto leave for now. So everything else is different. Default setting. Andi, I'm not using our baking this thickness, so I'm going toe big the maps. So let's click on is going to bake all these maps for you. It might take a little bit time, So I'm pausing the video and I'm going to come back once it's done or get the waking has been finished. It took around 2030 seconds. So great fast. Okay, so here you can see the normal maps Now on. We don't have any projecting. It hurts now, So you feel click on this. Be on now, you can see we're not getting any a projection here on the body. So because now it's not baking these things separate from this body. So now we have a very clean bacon. I can click on this. Be, uh, here the be sort card to cycle between different maps. We have this world space normal map. Now on this is the color you can see the red color and this grand yellow color. Also, let's presby again. Now you have this occlusion its previous be again. Now this is the curvature on. Does the purchase in math thicknesses empty? So that's why you gave this kind of checker. So that's fine. Now let's hit the M button toe, Get back to the mitral more. So here we have all the maps, big. So he and the next lecture, we're going to start exiting the X on. We're going to do the metal part first. 40. Texturing the Metal: Hi. Welcome to this lecture in this, Rachel, we're going to take certain the metal parts here. The Mittleider in parts. Andi, if you looked Ah, concept that it's kind of old iron. So I'm going to Texas this using smart material. So let's goto the leads here on we have a M to layer. So let's delete this layer. I don't want this layer, so I'm going to the palate here. So click on this top. I come here and you have the self on. You can go to this material smart materials and you have a lot of smart materials you can use quickly. You don't have to start from scratch all the time. You can use of smart materials to start, and we can modify those to get different looks. So if you look for item here, he'll give this island old. So let's drag this on the object. You can drag it toe on the object, or you can drag to the layer as well to extract object and I can see immediately got a very good result off it. Very old item here you can see. But I don't have to do anything. It has gratis on the just. So it's basically using our maps. Big maps, toe. No, this is this. So it's using the car. Bitter maps toe. Get this kind of scratches on. This is just so now we can see that item. Old materials. It's a group here. And if you open that group by clicking on this, I can You can see the actual are textures. Here, you can go on off one. We want to check how it working. So you have you have a layer called island here, which has this text, sir. Okay, on, then you have a layoff year which has this kind off details here to the edges on this has a mosque here. So it's the mosque, and it is using the metal age were it's ah, generator. You can find that genital here agile so you can create these things from scratch. Andi, you can add just this thing's actually if you want to our justice it is. You can come to this metal age were on me again, clear on this stage to get a random look or we can 10 this real level out said 2.884 84. You can sense this real level and I can see you're getting a little bit less were on This suggests if in case basically we're getting high, you know? I guess so. I think 0.8 to 4 is fine and it can come toe this grounds amount again. And I just a grand amount as well. So it said 2.19. So against in this does it look and increase the grounds amount you can do pres it. So basically, you can see this. No, I just print here, So let's undo it by 19. So everything else is looking fine. I'm American seeds. The middle mitral is everywhere, so I don't want that. I just want that here in the same year. So we're going to use the masking. So this is my in smart materials groups Who selected on Let's goto this mask ups and yeah, and I'm going to use mosque with color selection. So we're going to use our color i d map. So let's go to this. And now immediately you can see it piers the mosque on DNA. It's a black mask. And with the color selection on, you can see because this color selects and is selected. Now you can see this. I d mask. So it's using our idea mask. We just need to pick the color. So let's click on the Pickler on a take on this red car. Now you can see the screen daunts on this materials. You can click on this on that soon as you click it. Create that mask. It creates white in this area. So sewing this actually group everything else is transparent now. So this is this. Ah, the use off color I d maps. You can use it to quickly mosque. No things. So let's call last this group. So in the next letter are going to see how to Texas. This would part here. So see you in that lecture. 41. Texturing the Wood: in this lecture, we're going to text that the would handle on the previous lecture will, on how toe textured all Ireland very easily using smart materials on in this lecture we're going toe, see how toe do the old It's smart materials. So here I'm going to again go to the self on Let's SAS for wood on here we have some mood. So let's choose this would style age one. I think old style is one is good. So here this one's let's drag this to the object. Okay? The only problem with this one is the texture direction. Now you can see distracted is going this way left to right horizontal. But I want this Texas Toby particle. So in this case, I need to no wrote it the projection. So I'm going toe first. So let's select the folder. So expand this word on. You can see let's start off all the eyes so that doing more where is the actual textures? We have the best color filia, and I know on top of that, we have a fibers on in this fibers. We have this so let's select this on. Once you select this structure this feel there? You can see this No bottom part here. Now you can see the videotapes and is said to 90. So let's set it, Joe. So let's say digital on now. You can see the texture is going up down who is a wanted A leer. So that's fine until it's see it's toland up earlier. So which is happening? It basically I don't This is also going that direction be No, I think that is fine. So the stone on this grounds pass on okay again, Would privates to is also going that direction again. Horizontal. I think I suggest this. Okay, if you go to this would pattern here. So there's it's a laissez geo here. So now you can see it's also going up down So this is my good and I'm going to again Use the muscle is select the layer on Goto this our mosque here and used this art mask with color selection on picked a color on click on this year. Local Now we have quickly, very, very quickly. Texts adored, so now I can see all those details you can see different from different angle. You can hold sit and write most drug outside to change the lighting to look at from different direction. You can see the world. It's looking cool. Intense light. Look at it. Okay, so I think the food is looking cool on the next lecture. We're going toe taste the fabric on, then letter going to are some darts into it. So see you in the next lecture. 42. Texturing the Fabric: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. In this lecture, we're going to do the fabric. Solarz, do it quickly. Okay, so here I am going to again go to the self on, Just find something for fabric. So now we have some absence here, so I'm going to use this fabric bull app. Yeah, so you can keep the mouse Corsa toe, get a bigger no time. Now let's use this one. So I'm going to drag and drop on this. You can see you have some textures of rough cloth tasters. Its collapse it on again. I'm going to use the mosque selection. That's quickly mask it. So yeah, here we go. We just need to change the color. So I think it's red in the concept again. See? So we're going to taint that color, Andi. Then we're very close to Oh, no, the end here. So let's minimized it The minute you can go to windows and minimize this pure if reference Andi, let's expand this public bull off. Smart materials on go to the best color. So you have this base color feel they're on when you select that it can see these channels here on you can go to the best color and chains a red color there so you can change. Right Ridge. I think it's too bright. So let's something like this or get to looking cool. So then I'm going to So you some tricks to get some Ambien settles. You can see we don't get any sad O's or the no contact. Cerro's here on Dhere can see we don't get any contact shadow, so let's see how to get that. So here I'm going toe collapse it, and I'm going to create a new layer again. Let's take a filler. So I'm going to create a feel it on. It feels everything and it's on top. That's why I can cannot see anything else. Okay, that's fine. So now I'm going to turn off everything else except the color till it's done off everything . So now I have just a color for this filler on. Let's say occlusion, let's say occlusion on dis Ophelia on it has a kind of grateful. So instead of this flat gray color, I'm going to click on this base color to import my occlusion. Now you can see my amend our clothes in here so that Select that now. As soon as select that. Now you can see I'm getting dark clothes in here. Um, it's a normal there. So I'm going to change this normal drop down to multiply so that the white becomes transparent, that we can only see this. Cerro's on the texture. So let's change it to multiply on as soon as I say that it can see the sitting without a clue. Journalists, stone of the layer. So you can see this is without a question on. This is with our clothes on. You can see a the saddles here. I think this is a little maybe too much. We can always decrease the opacity toe maybe 40 50. But still you can see now it's more distinct, more self looking. So you can give it like this. You can use our clothes on like this. So I'm stopping this later here in the next lecture, we're going to see how to are some darts in this concave areas. So we're going to say that in the next lecture 43. Adding Dirt Layer: Hi. Let's see how toe are some darts to the conclave areas. So here I'm going to take a new feel. They're so state a new filler on I'm going to don't off everything except the color and roughness. Solid stone off the height Mittal Normal Everything on Dhere. I'm going to the roughness and make it fully rough, close to rough. And so if you go toe Whiteside, it's fully rough. And if you go to left side, it's fully signing. So here I'm going Summer 0.9. Something on. Yeah, I'm changing the color to know dark color. So it is kind of fit that brown green kind of color. So let's first goto somewhere. Maybe greenest site on blitz, Come toe. It's there may be brown. It's gone to a color here. You can see it's kind of green. It is a big green side and Rome. Okay, and that's it. This is our dark. And now I'm going toe use originator toe. Get this dart only in this gulf Carvin or conquer videos. So here I'm going to use a generator. So I select this layer that first give it the name. So that's a dot So okay, here is a layer in the name, so I'm going to create a mosque first. So let's click here and goto this black mosque to know again. See, that layer becomes transparent because this black a mosque so here wants this black mask is selected. I'm going toe this effect on Arjun Ater. So I'm going toe art. It's the nature and click on this janitor on Dhere. I'm getting a little drop down little minnow on here. I have an option for dark, so let's use this Jeanetta on. Now. You can see assume that they select that it's no change that mosque toe dot mask on, which is using our clues. Um, now I can see it's only giving us dart. There's no concave areas, so you can see the darts at everywhere, every conclave areas There's dark so we can add this the daughter bitch. So I think this is too much. So let's go to the dot on go to the genital here. So here you can see the dart level. Under contrast, I contains the dart level, so let's change this leverage so you can see it's becoming less dirty if you make a Jiro, it's totally dot less are reclaimed. Let's increase some dot and you can see it's creating the daughter Carvin Idiots. I think this is good. You beat artist. Fine. We're also getting doors on this club areas. What is the way to our dots? You can take a filler, change the color and take a black mask and then our genital to that black mask toe Get the dart at pro corpse place. So, um, stopping this lecture. So in the next lecture, we're going to see how to export the maps from substance. Penta. Let's say you want to render in my eye you want toe take this asset into unity are unreal engine. You need to have those maps the normal maps. The diffuse may have speculum metal IQ maps. So we're going to see how to export those maps from substance Spender 44. Exporting the Maps: Hi. Welcome to this lecture. So in this letter, we're going to see how to export maps from substance Spender. So first thing, I have not saved the file. Get so let's first save the substance. Went off file. So goto file and save. Click on that. And I'm going to say that I get intact the scene folder. Let's sit eggs, eggs, substance Picture me. Okay. Said that I need saving dart SPP. If I lose this often spent a file. So let's say that. Okay, so now, once it said, Now let's see how to export this maps. So you need to goto file minal Andi export textures he and see the sod cut their control city. So go to that on Dhere. Got this export documents window on here. You have lot off off since to choose from. So you have this PVR metal roughness. That's good. And if you click on that, you can see they're assuming Upson's now It's said to be bare metal rough. Let's say you are. You want this file to take my at and then you're going to render it using our old. Then you might change this Settings discomfort toe unknown. I'm not a standard or something, so you get different maps. If you say that you can expand this and you can see if it said toe are no, you were getting the best Color Mentalist Office Normal Height initiative on If you change this to something else, let's say PPR metal rough on now against immediately libit change in that material. The maps based color roughness metallic on the few. Let's say you want to take this model into unity, so you need to change it. Say that unity off since from here. So unity standard Metallica's and especially if you choose this stunt respect like and see you're getting different maps, so make sure you know what's your by plan. So in this case, I'm going to use this unity five Standard Spectra on. I'm going to say this coincides with Just turn. Teach 48 2014. That's fine, so everything looks fine. So now we're getting explore. Lambert one. Alberta Transparency explores backless muteness. Normal Jamison. So we're going to click on the export on. Make sure you say the path correctly here. The part it's going to export so it's exporting. Let Metin this part. I'm going to export to my file here. So let's say it's created different file different for luxury on let's textures. And inside that Texas, I'm going to export. So let's export all these maps. Okay, so this is the way to export. You can go to that, fuller. And let's take our textures here. You can see all the maps here. We have the refuse map, which is called Albedo. Here on here. We have the No. My map on this is the speckle a smartness map. In the next lecture, we're going to see how to render this eggs here inside self transplant or using idea so that you can use that render for report. Fool you. Okay, so see you in that lecture. 45. Rendering using Iray and Wrap Up: I will come to the final lecture of the course on in this lecture, we're going to see how to render using either inside substance painter. So here we have the file on. You can see there's absolutely like a camera button here. If you turn on that, it's going to turn on the idea. Render. I can see I have a background there so fast thing I don't want that background. So let's send that background here. So once you select that, you can see this minute here. So this display settings, we know you can come down here. We have three. Who knows? Areas can go to this environment sittings on here. You can see this clear color you can. We'll check on that to get a great background whose I like toe have here on the next thing I want here is a little bit no bloody or debt off Phil Efecto. So here you can see one thing. We can use this view. It's a very no, it's a real time render kind of thing. So you can Jumanji amount here and rotate here. So now against you don't have in depth of field effect, so for the death of filled here. You need to come to this camera on. We need to increase this a pitcher. So let's increase it, Onda. Soon as you in kids, you can see the image court blurry. I can hold control and middle click toe poke us interactive Lihir in this view and I can see this area got focused on this area is bloody. So this is a very quick, very can call control middle mouse click to focus on. You can see God bloody! So let's focus this area. Andi, A picture makes that you can see if I increase the separate er. This area is no now blood here. So let me declares that it is a little bit so that it's a less bloody Let me Jamaat little bit again. Control mental click toe No se the focus. Okay, here it can turn on this activity post effects as well. So for anti liaising who can use these things? Andi, let me see if I can do something else. It may actually increase the blowing as a bit. So I want to close up render for this because something like this a little dramatic. Well, declares it a bit on here. You can see the status says, rendering. That means it's still rendering the means. Onda originalism here. We don't want this to Judaism on. We wanted no screens. Originalist, since I'm going to change this vigil is, um, here. So let's change overhead people. Ritual isn't select AC on. Now it says 1920 in tow. 1200. So I think I serve stated toe Damn et 1920 10 80. Who's just minded to listen? Andi. Okay, so you can sit there in the size here on here. You can see the render quality for the render quality, you know, to increase this samples as the max time. You can give more time to the runner. Now it said 10 seconds. So once it reached 12th it's goingto say don or call it down. Put a better quality render you need to increase this time a little bit on dso that you get a good quality render. Okay, we can give some big net effect here. You can see if I goto here, I can increase some effect Dawn on that so you can use the pregnant off Since the stone in this and you can see this dark sitting around this Connors. You can make it a little bit dramatic on. You can use the glare as well so you can find some sign areas to glare. So let's stone on that. You can see the glares. Also, in this case, I don't want this much of glare so you can decrease the threshold Onda limits to decrease it. Little bitch is fine. Can see how glad it is without on Wait and see getting two months glare. Okay, I don't own off, I think. Fine. So we have some absence to play with Here you can are just a color you can exist The brightness on the contrast on the saturation of the image to the supposed to rats in here Onda again, again, Don't on it and you can use the until he adds Imagine so we have some absence to play with here and once you got a very good rendered, it can come here and want it done. You can hear this save render button or you can say it directly to you hatched person portfolio. So let's say this. Render on. Let's say let's say that it inside the structures. Let's give it to name close up, sieve. I'm going to basically render pew well, angles here control. Middle click. So they did complete and I'm going to save this, so save render front. So with this would have completed the course. So thank you very much for watching this course. So in this course, you learn how to use Meyer. Took care the best mess. Then you learn how to you genius for sculpting on putting those details. And then we learn how to use my again for Rita Pelosi using the Quadra. It'll and then we'll be on Rather UV is there. And then we learn how to beg the maps and takes it inside self transplant. So I hope this course has give you a basic understanding up the pipeline on now you're comfortably the pipeline. And then now it's trying to focus unspecific departments of specific part two love. More to see you in a brand new course where you were going to launch a specific topic in detail. Thank you for watching