Way to Remember MORE, Create ideas - Be a better THINKER.

Scorpreneur M., Computing Devices Geek

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3 Videos (16m)
    • Introduction

    • Main Concept, Benefits and Software

    • Explanation of the procedure


About This Class

This class is about remembering what you learn and see.

Plus creating ideas rapidly.

Most of all likely turning into a better Thinker.

Students will be able to learn how to create more and more ideas in the shortest possible time.

Students will be encouraged to implement their newly learned skills by posting their own idea examples in the project gallery.

Any person who is able to think about startups or is trying to be successful, is the right person for this class.

You will like to participate in this class if you have scattered ideas, ready to be brought into action but only lagging behind because your brain is not aligned thought-wise (if that is a word).

We will use our new knowledge to see if we can put it to work in all sorts of scenarios in our life.

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This class was very informative & enlightening!
Candy Speight

Prof. Organizer, Productivity Spec.





Scorpreneur M.

Computing Devices Geek

Hello, I'm Scorpreneur.

Strange name. Haan? I also agree. Will have to bear with that.

I am an internet geek for more than 21 years. 17 being more active.

I have studied and learned many different subjects and topics revolving around the Net.

Have just decided to share my little bag of knowledge with people like you.

Some of that is related to design, coding, SEO, internet marketing, productivity and a few other fields.

I would be very glad to know th...

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