Watercolour for Relaxation: Simple Projects to Help you Unwind | Sharone Stevens | Skillshare

Watercolour for Relaxation: Simple Projects to Help you Unwind

Sharone Stevens, Watercolour, Illustration & Lettering

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20 Lessons (2h 32m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Your Project

    • 3. Supplies

    • 4. Tips for Relaxation

    • 5. Colours

    • 6. Exercises

    • 7. Making the Polaroid Templates

    • 8. Making the Bookmark Templates

    • 9. Project 1: Wet on Wet

    • 10. Project 2: Lines

    • 11. Project 3: Circles

    • 12. Project 4: Layered Squares

    • 13. Project 5: Leaves

    • 14. Project 6: Lines - Kiss Technique

    • 15. Project 7: Circles - Kiss Technique

    • 16. Project 8: Squares - Kiss Technique

    • 17. Project 9: Geometric Patterns

    • 18. Project 10: Heart Mosaic

    • 19. Adding Splatters

    • 20. Final Thoughts

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About This Class

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In the class, I start by sharing some of my top tips with you for using art to relax and we cover how to choose the best colours and the best exercises for relaxing projects.

I then walk you through how to create ten different projects. These projects take different lengths of time so may appeal to you differently depending on how long you have or how long you want to spend painting, so you can pick which ones appeal to you and come back to the class whenever you want to paint more.

We’ll start really simple with wet on wet wash, simple lines, circles, squares, then leaves – then we’ll move on to using the kiss technique for lines, circles and squares, where we get some lovely soft blends. We’ll then move on to painting some fun geometric patterns and finally a simple heart mosaic.

With each of these projects, I show you how you can turn them into either polaroids or bookmarks which you can add positive, calming words, quotes or affirmations to. I have tried to choose exercises that not only feel relaxing when you are in the process of painting them, but are also relaxing when you look at them afterwards – so have specifically chosen colours, styles and patterns that evoke positive or calming emotions and reactions. My vision is that you would keep these around your house on memo boards or use them in your books as bookmarks so you can see them regularly allowing them to give you lots of positive and calming thoughts and feelings.

For me, I find making these incredibly addictive and therapeutic and could sit and make them all day – so I hope you enjoy making them too.

Ok lets grab our supplies and start painting!