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Watercolour floral pattern - Learn and explore 4 unique styles of pattern making

teacher avatar Viddhi Saschit, Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

14 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Introduction to the class

    • 2. Class outline

    • 3. Materials you will require

    • 4. Practise pattern 1

    • 5. Floral pattern 1 - part 1

    • 6. Floral pattern 1 - part 2

    • 7. Floral pattern 2 - part 1

    • 8. Floral pattern 2 - part 2

    • 9. Floral pattern 3 - part 1

    • 10. Floral pattern 3 - part 2

    • 11. Floral pattern 3 - part 3

    • 12. Floral pattern 4 - part 1

    • 13. Floral pattern 4 - part 2

    • 14. Final thoughts + next class

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About This Class

Learn and explore 4 different styles of floral patterns. In the classes you will deep dive into the styles directly.

#1 Line based

#2 Lose florals

#3 Multi Elements

#4 Multi directional 

Basically with each style you shall learn to paint simple, pretty yet elegant patterns. You shall be able to create your patterns with these styles, experimenting with different colour, elements, directions and spacing. 

So exited to share my skills with you in the class. Hope to see you there. 


Viddhi Kantesaria 


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Viddhi Saschit

Limitless Art | Watercolor Artist



Hey there,so good to see you here! I am Viddhi Saschit known on Instagram as Limitless Art . I am a passionate artist,instructor and an entrepreneur based in southern part of India . I love working and exploring different art mediums but I have been hooked to watercolors more than a year now. 

Since early childhood I have loved to draw and paint and I unconsciously developed a deep interest for art. However it wasn't until the short break after graduation in architecture that I took to brushes and paints once again and realized a hidden artist within. I spent months practicing and exploring before I realized that art was truly a possibility for my life's work. I have written a blog post about my entire journey on how I ended up being a full time artis... See full profile

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1. Introduction to the class : Hi, everyone. This is me with the again If you're new to my channel that you ate it off limitless I on instagram and the I thought a couple of Florida classes in Scripture before, like bookies. Really? And recently waas a masterclass which waas big head and get a map with another for class because clearly, Charles, my favorite things to pay on in this class today every going to teach you how to being for different styles off northern bag. You can see them back with you. So these are the patterns there on the beach. You. Each of these fabulous things are unique in style and composition and oil. And I'm going to teach you wonderful wagons and my step if you have never made patterns before, I think this class is going to be really great and fun. And I'm so very interesting for you because you're going to love making patterns, tried after this clause and get into exploring more patterns and then try seeing your battles in different Markham's like notebooks, cushion covers and months and everything. This class is about one off the battle on making series that I want to do in Scotia. So this part one consists off early painting and exploring patterns in Florence and water close. The next part off this class, which probably leads in another few weeks, will be about painting patterns and makes me feel like using a lake fine line on Gore. Share all of the stop you can use and I me the second part of this class and so exactly about this class, and I hope to see you joining in my starts with me and let's being fueled by and see that my pass by. 2. Class outline: in this video, I'll explain you and detail off the full patterns that we're going to paint and how different they are from each other. So talking about the first patterns were going toe. Try painting flowers, ridges, lines and very simple brushstrokes. The second pattern is going to be like bigger blobs off lovers and then try to add in some details. The third pattern is going to be very much detail, which will have so many elements and so many small, small details to be added, which will make it look intricate. On the food pattern is just one single element that will bake and turn in tow, a repetitive pattern. So all the four patterns that you learn is challenging and different in style, and I think by doing this you'll be able to explore painting more patterns off your own style. 3. Materials you will require : to paint patterns with me in today's close, you would need very basic and simple watercolor supplies. The palate. They're amusing s terrain, but it is also mixed with other colors from various of the confections off art philosophy. And I have lots of shades off greens and some pay still shades. And please ignore my 30 pallets because them all the time painting, and it's so difficult to keep it clean. And if you are a fan off at close a few products, and if you would like to poaches, you can always use this discount code of mine own at philosophy dot com. Next you would need brushes off two sides is oneness, size, sex and toe. I'll be using the Princeton size six from heritage and size to from Neptune Cities, and both these brushes are really lovely pointed tips, and it gives beautiful brushstrokes. If you want to paint even more internal lines and details, you can additionally, havoline no brush like this, and I'll help you in painting even Moten er and ready final lines for this class. An irregular watercolor. People should be fine because we're not going to pain so many layers, so you can pick up the people, which is between 2 22 300 GSM, and I'll be painting and this prima watercolor people part because I really love how beautiful the texture. ISS. Also, you can decide the size off the people you want to paint the pattern and are even if you want. You can have a sketchbook like this where you can just explore and paint different patterns . I think having a sketchbook is really a cool idea, and you would need watercolor basics that is ajar off Clearwater on some paper doubles. And additionally, if you want, you can also have a mixing palette to mix different colors. And I think that's all nothing much you would need for this class. So let's get started on painting the patterns. 4. Practise pattern 1: Let's get started on some warm up. For the first pattern, you will need to pick up a shape off a flood that you like. I'll be picking up a simple flower shaped like this and arose, and some leaves for the pattern. However, you can just take any type of flower that you want, and I assure you how you can illustrate them with simple brush strokes. You can do this on a practice sheet, so the first step is to paint the outline off the flower. Beat any flower, Just pain. The outline off the battle like this. If you have chosen a complicated flow for the pattern, you can just paint them over a light pencil outline, and the next step is to fill the petals. With these brush strokes. It's like, Oh, just you're basically scribbling inside the petals and it's so fun to do. You can just ready with different brush strokes like 10 and take to make it look more unique and different. And then, once you're done filling the petals with simple brush strokes, you can just add a drop off color and the center for that color contrast the next flower that I'll be teaching. You will be with more off pedals, and we're going to slightly fill in the inside strokes different than the 1st 1 But first you need toe. Draw the outline off the patterns like these. One thing I like about the style off illustrating flowers is that any time you make a mistake while painting the flower or the petals, you can always correct it with adding another line, and it'll just look like a part of the design. Here comes the fun part off. Adding these brush strokes are these simple lines inside the petal. How you can make it different than the 1st 1 is that when you're painting thes lines inside , you can really with different shades off the similar color, like I've just Children off while it color. And for that to make it a little contrasting inside the petals, I'm just drawing these lines with a pink color. You can also, very, with the value off the same color like you can just a little more water tow, the color that you have painted with and ridges become more lighter. You can paint a dark and a contrasting color in the center of the flower. And if you wish to, you can also add some details like this. Next, I'll be teaching you how to paint a simple close with very simple lines. To begin with, you will have to pain the letters C in the center like this, and as you go out words, you have to just keep painting larger. See later on. By that way, you keep painting on. Filling up the battles off euros is if you wish to. You can also weighty with 2 to 3 different colors while painting these lines and the rose next for just learned how to paint a simple leave and how you can fill it in. They're a couple of fees. How you confided like the 1st 1 which has a center line and other smaller lines connecting towards those center one or the 2nd 1 where you just have all straight lines throughout the leave and for the Thirdly, if you can just draw over it thin line in the center and keep adding Morton lines on the either sides, or there's so many ways where you can fill in leaves, which is part on it can be Angulo brushstrokes or it can even be oh, checked ones or however you wish. So there is no rule and next lt to how to pain some very simple fellows that will match the style. These fellows are very simple and easy to paint in just three brushstroke at something like the letter W painting for lovebirds is very simple in the style a. Just a couple off dots like these, and then you connect them with these simple and 10 lines. Very simple, but yet it matches a style and algo ville with the pattern that will be painting next. Just as a bonus flower, I'll teach you how to paint off flower shape, which has more petals for this flubber that I'm going to teach you. You wouldn't need any additional lines in the center because the petals that we are painting is very 10 and you can ready with any size off the petal like these, you can make it longer or shorter, or however you wish to paint, and you could really with different colors ALS. You can see how were raided with different shades off Carlos like this, and if you're not comfortable painting the flower petal from for induction. You can always rotate your people like how I am right now. And to make the or shape off the flower look little decent. You can just painting. These are petals which look like as though these pedals are in the background. Now that we're finished with the warm up, let's get started on painting the first flower pattern. 5. Floral pattern 1 - part 1: Let's get started on painting the first floral pattern. You can choose any size and shape off the people that you want to paint. It can be a square tangle, so called triangular. Any shape that you want to paint in any size is completely fine, unless you're comfortable being. I'm spending on a slightly larger piece of paper than what I painted in my sketchbook for practice before, because it's easy to phylum and I can teach you all easily on a bigger ski. So the first thing always toe do in a battle is to paint the main element. The main element in this pattern. URAS thes bigger size florals. So something that you wanted to be as a main focus, or the main attraction for your entire pattern as what you pain first. And since this is the main element for your entire pattern, you definitely need to choose the media color off your entire pattern. For this pattern that I'm painting over here, the mean color for this pattern is going to be this yellow and orange color. So I'm painting this huge flower with that cargo. Okay, remember, you can always really with different colors and between the pattern because the more Carlos do you use in contrast with the main color, the more vibrant your pattern is going. Toe look, just continue painting some of flowers in the site. When you initially are trying to paint the pattern. It's always best to paint the larger flowers first, and it's also very easy to make a pattern and to fill a pattern when you being these bigger elements first and lead those gaps where you can just add some random, small elements. You can paint one or more big golf lovers after, which will begin painting some at the men's leg leaves and Phylis. - You can observe that just by painting. Three Big off law was the 50% off. The pattern is almost painted now. The rest is to just Philip Gabs and keep painting more elements. I'm just painting some leaves like this. Oh, I'll also be sharing some smaller composition tips as we paint by because so many off you have asked me to give some tips while I'm making this class. And one tip about painting leaves is that, like the leaves are always to be painted in the edge or the end and not in the center. You can add the smaller leaves in those center off the pattern. But if you added in the corner or edges off the pattern, I think it looks more composed. Maybe that's what I feed. And as you begin painting some elements, you will also get like ideas on where to paint more flour elements. And it is also very important to keep. The colors and balance, for example, are painted or yellow orange flower in the top. And now I'm painting a smaller flour, which is slightly different from the shape off the flubber, which is already painted. And but I'm painting in the same color just to keep it in balance. And now to balance the pink flavor that ribaldry painter on the top, just painting a small load rose in the same color, and now you can paint some leaves. There is no right time like when you should start painting leaves, or when should you stop painting flowers? It's as simple Is that like if you get stuck on very should you pain the next flower with? I think you can just go pick up another element and pain some leaves very where you feel like. And then you would just get some idea on where more flowers needs to be painted. And even if you don't get that idea like off the flowers next, maybe you can go ahead and pain some of fellows or smaller elements, for example, like in this space. I didn't know what I should be, adding. There's no space for me to paint the flowers. I'm just painting some small dots like this and to continue with the same color. I'm just painting some filler like this so that the yellow color is balanced on this side because there's already too much off red and pink and orange. So I think yellow will be a nice contrast on the side. So you should be very careful. And you should just be very with the sea, um, aware off your colors or the elements area painting. And by creating a pattern, I believe that a beautiful part earn just doesn't come like that bird throwing random elements. It needs a Lord off thinking and intuitively Qala picking an element picking and all that, and that's what makes a patent look very beautiful. And I think that would come with more practice. The more you pain, the more you composed floating elements, different, different style and stuff. You would know what works the best for you or what is appealing to your eyes and what would look really great on different products. Okay, so now that, like almost 60 to 70% off our pattern is painted already, you can begin painting some smaller details and pain some more small off lovers just to keep filling the gaps, also very important to keep the colors in balance. - And so here's a small step, like if you ever get stopped and painting about on your painted. The leaves you painted followed your painted plumbers, but you still don't know how to feel. Look up. The best way is to just pain some random dots like that. It's very simple and also will much off with any style off pattern that you're painting will continue painting the pattern and the next part off this lesson. 6. Floral pattern 1 - part 2 : in the second part of the video, I'll just be filling some flowers and tiny leaves and affirmed this in a different handle because I think this will make a good angle for you to observe my brush strokes and how I paint them, and also how much pressure I apply when I want to paint a particular stroke and how I pull my brush when I want to paint a 10 line everything you can observe at this angle, and I hope this is helpful for you. - As I mentioned earlier, I think the best way to finish thes corner edges is to pain some leaves like this. Yeah, - also , make sure to paint some fellows in the pattern here and there because they're really cute, and it makes the pattern look even more beautiful. And after you're done painting and once you feel satisfied, you can stop painting. Oh, you can see that the 1st 1 which is in my sketchbook, has just painter with one color. That's when I did when I was brainstorming for the class. But when I was filming for the claws, I used different colors, and I love the pattern even more now. because it's just so beautiful. I really hope that you enjoyed painting those force pattern. Let's move on to the second pattern. 7. Floral pattern 2 - part 1 : those second pattern that you're going to learn how to paint is one off my favorite ways to paint a pattern because it is something to do with ending large and loose floaters. You can see a preview off the pattern that you'll be painting throughout this lesson on the left hand side. So the first step is to pick a color palette that you on whether you want a very bright or you want a pay still palette to paint this with, you can completely decide. I'm just going with a little pace to shed ballot, and I'll just paint some big florals like this sense of chosen my color palette, a space stills. I'll be painting the flowers very lightly, and I'll use more off water while painting the petals because, oh, that's when you get that. Ah, vacation off the color value. Another way toe. Add more close to your flowers when you're painting is too weighty with some contrasting shades like this leg. Oh, I'm painting a pink color flower And who it? I'm just adding a little bit off yellow and peach, and it makes the flower look beautiful. You can try this with a different color combinations. Maybe you can even explore in order off sheet which colors will go well with each other and then put it on your pattern. You can continue painting and filling up the entire page with these big flowers. Also, make sure that you have this color balance thing while you're painting the bigger flavors. If you have painted blue on the top, make sure that you balance that blue by painting or not, a blue flower in the bottom or the edges in side off that particular flubber. Okay, - okay , I think teaching painting from a different angle would give a very good observation view for the students. And that's where filmed the last few flavors in a different angle so you can watch and off , though how I paint them. I really hope that you find this helpful after you're done painting flowers for this pattern, and the next lesson you will be learning how toe pain, some leaves and our details 8. Floral pattern 2 - part 2: Oh case. Now you've done painting the flub balls, and if you have used a lot off water while painting the pedals, you can see that like once the pattern is finished, though, flub balls on that radiation off the value and colors is going to look so much pretty on the pattern. The next step after painting the florals is to add the yeast, tiny details and the center off every flower. - After adding the details, you can begin painting the leaves like this. Make sure that you chew was agreeing. That goes well, but the colors that you've painted your floor was bread. If you choose a very bright green or a very dull green, it's not going toe. Make the pattern look ready, attractive, so it's very important to have a beautiful shade of green mix. You can makes different yellows and blues to get the perfect shade that you feel it's a right match, and while you're painting your leaves in between, you can also start painting some fillers so you know how to compose the rest off the leaves . That has to be painted as I mentioned in my previous pattern that I thought you fellows are very important part off the pattern, I feel because these are the tiny details which make the pattern look more pretty. You. After painting some fellows, you may get back toe painting some leaves, but this time, if you fish that you need a different shade of green to bring in more contest, you can always do that on at them in few parts off the pattern so that the color is balanced. If there are some gaps in between the flowers and the leaves, and if you don't know what to fill it with, you can always fill it with these tiny dogs that I'm painting and that's it. You're done with the second pattern from this class. Today, I really low how both the patterns look. The pattern on the sketchbook looks little more detail and smaller because off the idea, a small enough isn't a lot off lovers, but in this one have just painted some large off levels and leaves. But the patterns are very similar bird. It gives a different feel because off the tiny composition changes that I've made 9. Floral pattern 3 - part 1 : Now let's move on to third pattern today, which is going to be very detailed on. It's going to take a little longer time for us to pain. So this video will be little longer and have kept it real time so that if you want to follow along with me and paint, you can just completely do that. So the first thing you'll have to paint is the bigger part off the pattern, which is These yellow flowers have kept these yellow flowers as the Milliman Zoff, this pattern. So that's what first will be painting. It's not a perfect flower, just like some random blobs off pain link. This you can paint understandably variable. You feel like painting it. But just make sure that the color is just evenly spaced on the entire pattern, because is one off our media color off attraction in this pattern with the same yellow color? If you wish to paint different types off lovers, you can paint them toe okay. - Also forgot to mention about the color palette that have choosed for this particular pattern is going to be yellow, blue, green and some pink. You can completely choose any color palette that you want to be in this pattern with it can even be a monochrome or even more, Doc Okelo soldiers, shades of blue or shades off pink, which over you want to experiment with. Once you're done painting the flow balls, you can add some D deals like this in the center of the floor and also add something. Lines toe these flavors. Next, with the same blue color, you can paint some leave branches like this and maybe all, too. You can paint some blue flowers and fellows. There is no perfect way to fill apart. Don't like being the flowers forced and pain the fellows next in such kind off patterns where you have too many elements, it's like wherever you feel, like painting them rebels. If you come to a bigger flower pattern like what we painted previously, it was necessary for you to be in the flowers first and then leaves and then some pillows and then some more leaves to finish it. But this pattern doesn't go like that because it's completely a different style on, and it has so many elements, so you need to be painting all the elements side by side so that there is balance by you being throughout the end off this part off the video, I'll just be painting some leaves and flowers and I'll be waiting with different shades off green and blue. And I think you can just follow and pain along with me. And if you wish Stooges watch it how it pains. You can obviously just fast forward and run this video on to X speed and just a small tip that you need to remember as you paint as Dodgers talents the elements on the colors as you paint it, but they you will continue painting the pattern in the next part off this lesson. 10. Floral pattern 3 - part 2 : in this lesson, you will be watch me paint apart off the pattern and a very different angle so that you can observe my brush strokes again. And as we paint, I'm also going to tell you how you can fill these pieces that already ord in the pattern like this one, where it was difficult. Paint one big brands. So I just painted a branch off leaf where just three leaves in it. And sometimes they'll be spaces like that that you can paint a flower or flow, and sometimes you can just add one single leaf and again as you keep filling the pattern. And if you find the spaces are to bigger to paint some leaves, you can always go back and pain some flowers until you feel satisfied in the pattern. You can add as many as flowers you want, even in tiny sizes, because there's always years to painting more flowers and remember to balance the colors as you paint the pattern. - No , after you have done painting more than half off the pattern. Next, you can bring in your nother mean Kahlo for this pattern for this color combination that I'm painting, I've chosen this bright pink as a contrast to all these colors. And if you have chosen darko colors, maybe you can choose a lighter color toe. Paint some elements which will bring in ready, beautiful contrast in the entire pattern. And with this second important color or the major Kahlo, you can paint leaves. You can paint flowers, fellows every element that you have in the pattern you can paint with this color. So the sculler is well infused and balanced with all the colors that we have painted before - to paint more details. In this pattern, you can even switch toe a 10 line oh brush so that it's more easier to paint all these 10 D deals. Continue adding details. Wherever you feel, you have to paint them, and in the next part and the last part off this pattern, I'm going to teach you how you can finish this pattern. 11. Floral pattern 3 - part 3: I know this pattern is time consuming, but just hanging that because this is the last part off painting this pattern, and I'm going to show you ways how you can quickly fill this stressed off the pattern. So now, after your pain to the pattern just observed from a distance and just observe all the gap, So where will you find some bigger gap just being flowers with the next contrast in color? That's the bright pink that have chosen for my pattern over here. The best way to work towards Oh finishing pattern is that where were you find gaps just speed in some dots like thes. And also make sure that these tiny dots tell your painting is in contrast with the surrounding colors like supposes a lot off blue, pink and green over there and less of yellow. So I painted some yellow dots the same way you can do to the rest of the pattern. Wherever you find some gap, the top part off the pattern looks almost filled and now towards the bottom, where there's a lot of jobs and just going toe, paint some more bigger branches and some flowers while balancing the colors, painting some final details, and that's it. He were done with painting a beautiful floral pattern. I know it was very time consuming, but it's so pretty that it's worth it. All this pattern could be done very easily by just repeating few elements and for the shopper of the street. Oh, but then it would look totally different because all those elements will be like repeating and very monotone is. But when you paint a pattern like this, every single element that you paint is unique, and it's different on it adds uniqueness to your pattern. 12. Floral pattern 4 - part 1 : the fourth part on that will be learning in this class is very different from all that be painted, because this pattern just has one element which will be repeated in different directions. The elemental be painting for this pattern as very simple, is just a branch off leaves and then a loose level on the top. However, you can take any other element if you warn for painting this pattern. Let's get started on painting the pattern for strawberry tennco blind like this, and then begin painting leaves on one side off the branch and then pain the same leaves on the other side. While you painting thes leaves, make sure that they are almost in the same size, and once you don't painting, leave branch. Now you can just pick up ah, bright color or contrast and color. Here. I'm picking up very bright pink color, and I'm just painting Ah, loose flubber. Next, you would draw another Coke line in the opposite direction off what you have painted earlier. I'm going to teach you the step by step, because composing elements in the right way is very important to make you patent look beautiful. Sometimes when you have another element besides your plunge and you don't have much off space. You can paint a comparatively smaller size off the leaf, but don't just leave with empty because it's going to look old in the patterns. You can just paint a small one like I painted next . In between, these took off lines that you painted. Just paint another line like this and pick a different shade off clean because the forced to one that we painted our almost off the same sheet. So to bring in some contrast in your pattern to speak of very light or a doctor shit. I love this particular green, which is from the outflows off veteran confection, and it's so pretty on its own. And now you can pain the loose flower on the top, and as we keep painting, you will keep getting completion tips. For example, here there are two shades of green and will be painting off lover on that gap, so that means our branch needs toe come in a cove shape from the other side like this. The greener picked is different from although two shades that ever picked all your If you don't have the same clean. What you can do is you can make a lot of yellow with sap green, and you will get this beautiful light green Calo she ate. Now I'm just painting the flower over you. You can see that as we composes element there is trying log shaped cap which is formed and no element can be painted over there. So I've just filled with simple dots. You can see how are painted in my practice peace. The top part off the pattern looks very composed and sometimes you might get stuck where to start next. So in such times where you get stuck, you can just simply draw agenda, um called line like how ages did in those center of the gap. So later you will automatically get ideas on which direction you have to fill the rest off the elements on the two spaces that is formed. So basically, we painted this brunch cope like this from like nobody, because they help you get direction for the next element and where doping, For example, Now that we painted a brand toe here, there's a small gap form and you know now that you can have the pink flower over there. Ondo leave. Brunch can be in cove direction or maybe even a straight line, and this makes you work more easier now. But if you look at the top part, the gap is a little too big. And, oh, painting vertical or horizontal branches might be difficult or might not even look good. So I'm just painting a shape line, daggers or rather or question mark. And when I begin painting the leaves, I think most off the gap will be filled. - Now that you have finished painting that branch, it's obvious that the next one would be a branch, which has the flower facing downward. And as you're finished composing your pattern, you can paint thes small dogs like this and been very where you feel that it's so much off cap. I hope you're finding it ready. Interesting toe. Compose The pattern so far in the next lesson will continue the rest off the pattern 13. Floral pattern 4 - part 2: for the real continue filling the gaps from the top. So starting with the bottom left corner, the gap was little huge. So to just fill it in one element of painted a huge as shape go blind, and you can watch me paying from a different angle. And I hope this is helpful for you, just like I did it for the other patterns. Also, sometimes it's difficult to paint leaves when they Rakove lines like this, but you can just continue painting the leaves and follow just the Coburg line. And it should be easy. Don't worry, even if you leave, size has become very small or Britain A Children matter when it comes to a whole pattern. Now there's a small gap form for which I'm just going to fill it with a loose floor and just two will jobs like this. Further, you will keep continuing to paint the pattern, and I think by now, with although tips that I've shared with you composing the elements and finding which direction should the next element come has become more easier for you. Yeah, just a reminder. As you keep painting and filling, the pattern does make sure that you ready with different shades off green and not just paint with the same shades off green for Jean. Sometimes you can also pain, though flower first and then pain the leaves. The green color seems to have pleaded way too much in the flubber, so I'm just stabbing it with tissue people while it is still. And adding some pink color again on this technique works like magic only if it's still red . Now, for the next few minutes, you would only hear music while I show you how to finish this pattern. As most off the tips that I had to say has been already told, you can follow along with me if you want to finish this pattern or maybe just fast forward . And towards the end of the video, I'll just let you know how you can add the finishing touches to this pattern. And now, after you've finished almost filling every gap off this pattern, wherever you feel, there is some gap you can just being thes tiny dots. And I really think again it's a cool way to add these tiny dots in any pattern. And you can also add this darko Oh, details in the flubber Where the branch on the flubber meat. So that I think it look more interesting when you look at it. And there you have a beautiful floral pattern. I hope you found painting this pattern so interesting and relaxing because I'd really did find it when I painted for the first time. 14. Final thoughts + next class : thank you so much for watching my class. I hope you enjoy meeting these beautiful floral patterns with me today in class on. If you didn't enjoy this class, I would appreciate if you could take a minute to leave a class review because it not only helps other students take my class, but it also helps me and motivates me for the effort that I put into this class so I can work on my next class. And if you're understood to learn more classes from me can always check out so many other skill check classes of mine. You would find classes on watercolor wash on some demonstration classes There, about 15 clatters on skill share that I'm teaching for more project idea that you can explore different watercolor battles and you can just try doing different elements. And also try printing some off your patterns and notebooks and see how it looks and person . And if you know self friends like photo shop illustrated or broke feed, I think it's even more fun toe bureau products. As more cops like these, you can just being patterns and create such markups and put it out to the world on, show how your patterns look on products, and I'm sure it's very interesting to do. I hope Toe also cover this lesson in one off my future upcoming classes. But for my next large will be learning how we can paint off patterns and makes media and how we can clear and paint and explored the friends styles off pattern. I hope you join my next class to thank you.