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Watercolour Rose Step by Step

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

7 Lessons (1h)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Art Materials that work for me

    • 3. Roses colour combination

    • 4. Create & Layer The Petals

    • 5. Q & A

    • 6. Step by Step Rose

    • 7. Real time Bonus Video

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About This Class

In this 'Watercolour Rose Step by Step' class, I will be sharing with you lots of tips and techniques that you wish to know about watercolour rose painting.
This is a basic to intermediate class, though I have a more basic 'Watercolour Rose & Rosewreath' class, also at Skillshare. If you are beginners in watercolour, I hope you will watch that class too.

In this class, I will share the right materials we should use and you will be surprised to see that using just the right materials can do so much difference to your paintings.
Many of you had written to be that very often your rose ended up as a blob, you have difficulties layering your roses or how to create soft petals.
I will be addressing all these problems in my videos. I had added in one bonus video which is not edited so that you will know the exact timing as when to layer since layering is one of the biggest problem we face.

And I will be giving you free PDF file of my step by step rose and all the colours combination to create pretty roses.

Hope that you will join my class to improve on your roses.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Intro: Hi, I'm Esther, better known as esta panel I. G. I have been painting and teaching what the color floors for about five years, and in today's class, I will be sharing lots of tips and techniques on how depend what the color roses, step by step. This is a basic to intermediate class. Everyone left a pin roses, but we struggle. So much depends good. Once, due to wrong at materials, our roses often end up as a blood. Also, we fight so difficult to layer the Pettus. Yes, we do not know when and how to lay you. I'll be addressing all these problems. Antics. Tea roses, step by step, you will be given free. Pdf faster down looked and rose paintings for easy reference sex. I'll be sharing with you some of my favorite roses color combinations. I can't wait to share this with you and see your creations after learning. See you soon 2. Art Materials that work for me: Hi. Welcome to this class into these lessons. I'll be telling you about the materials that were using for painting watercolor rules. One of the most important materials that unique will be good qualities people. So I'll be introducing you three cups of papers that I used and in the next lesson, I'll be showing you. These experiments have done using different three papers. He would be good to have good papers, and you can use 50% cotton People's Co pris recommended. Ah, if you have a bit of budget, I will recommend that you use 100% cotton paper and the Brendan I always uses the channel and 300 gram, and the next paper that like to use is actress also 100% cotton and it's 300 gram let on. In my other lesson, I'm explaining a little bit more why we should in this on better papers, because there is how you can pain, and most of the time we think that if you're a beginner, you didn't want to invest on good papers. But actually it's very wrong because newspaper a tree can kota water that well, so I would not recommend that and I always recommend co press for beginner co press. Yeah, because her press paper has a smooth each. And if you are beginners, you don't know how toe handle water, how much water your brush holes, and you'll find a year getting very frustrated because the paper can the whole the water. Yeah, and then you'll find it in the end, your king and not a block. And it's a very messy okay, the next, most important materials that I'm recommending for today's class. I'm using a lot off off my Princeton Kolinsky sable again, and I'm using either a caustic so depends on the size off the roses that you're painting. Yes, some you like smaller one than you can use a number six. You can use a number six like this for my experiment. I was using a lot of Princeton Hurtic because it's a mixed saber. I use that to lift up the pin. Yeah, so I need a synthetic brushes so or rather, unit, a syntactic brush for painting the rose. So for this class, I recommend good brush and go paper. The next thing that we meet, it's also kitchen Tower. We need kitchen tower toe brought out water and a sort of excess water. Or you just can use a piece of all wrecked and, of course, the pins. In other experiment that I was doing, I have been using shikimic for them a Europeans. So this other pins that are using so But if you don't have these pains, I feel that and other brand pins are OK. But don't use the student brand meaning those that you would let your Children use. No. And as usual, we like to prepare yourself comfortable with all the material so that we don't kind of ah, walk away. Oh, another thing I miss is the two jars of water. By now you should know why I need to just water mainly this I wash my brush. And then after that, after take off and when I want clean water, I take from another job. Yeah, so this one you have to get yourself prepared and good lighting off course. Yes, this is good lighting for me because I'm a right hander On the window is a tree on my left hand side So it comes this way. So my hand one broke away the sun So you have to adjust where you are sitting and if you require it trying to get more extra light so that you can see Poppy. So check again. Good papers. Good brushes. Very good, Bren. Pains, Uh, your materials, like the water jar the papers on and make yourself comfortable. Be good city. So we all the materials, But I hope you'll come back to see why. Really good quality papers and good quality brushes. So I see you There isn't. 3. Roses colour combination: we'll come back to this class, We're going to learn color combinations. And this is some off my favorite colors combination for roses. I'm going to show you how I get this roses. So first of all for this Rose, are you some lemon, yellow Kevin and yellow dip and a mix of brow to get the debt. So let's get started. I will not be explaining so much off the technique in this class, but more off the colors for the roses. I'll get back to this. And for the second flowers Ah, use Portis ping. Participating is a light cover. Ah, hi, Pickman. Next verse and up there arose this probably not much. I didn't use a lot. Once again, we'll get back to the color again because I have to wait for it to dry or rather send me dry using the minion. Now the brush cannot be to witness. You can see I'm mixing a little bit off brown so you can get any brown one together with the Dominion so that it will not so orangey the tech roses. Brilliant brick violet. Start with a light value off brilliant Rick Violet and end more Pickman on the center. I use only one color for this rose, but with three different values. The full throes is permanent, coming and peril. In maroon, I used Caroline Maroon for the center of the rose toe at death. The fifth rose is peril in Violet, and I use only one color for this rose. Again. I used three values for this rose, which I will discuss more in my other lessons. 46 rows, I use a prayer, Arose said of the high Pickman off opera roads. This is very, very bright colors. It's either you like it or you hate it. I don't usually use this color alone. I usually makes it, but I'm painting it this week because there's some of you who really like very bright colors. So I have this first, and what I can used in for that will be pearling maroon, so it distal colors doesn't really go that well, but I will makes a little bit before prayer rules. There's so many other colors that I can work on. I get a lot off messages that you like yellow, so I'm gonna put on another yellow. So this is Captain in Yellow get some lemon yellow and I will need another value. I'm using the Minion class. Kevin and yellow get a orangey color, so don't try out different colors. So this has just some suggestion for the rules colors. 4. Create & Layer The Petals: Welcome back in today's lesson, I'm going to show you how to soft in the each off the roses. I have so many questions coming in asking me about How do you get the self ages off your roses like this? And this is exactly what we're going to learn today. Visible. This is where you have created a petal. If I have draw something like this and I find it, this is a very hush line. I draw, or rather at Pinar commercial. And I wash my brush on a tip. It on my kitchen tower have been off the excess water and I pain over here. The soft in this speech. Yeah, the water and the pain will blend together. You will still get a hotline. Okay, we need this lunch. But if you didn't want this line that much, you can Adric clean. It will be quite hard to understand, but as your pain, let me show you a couple off example for I just pin on it. All right? This is one Peto. This is probably a big, better some somewhere here. And if I find it, I want a bit more off the color. Just a bit off the line. I want to show a bit off line. I bet on some more. Karlis, let me just creeping about girl so that we can look on this pet Nothing. Okay, In this class, you definitely have to see me painting a lot the roses. And after end of this lesson, I really hope that you will have a better understanding of how the pain D rose. Hey, this is a 50% cotton paper, so it is not holding that much water. But this is where I always let my student use it for practicing, which I think it's just Ah, maybe less than half half the price. All cotton paper plus way for these to dry because here. Still very wet. So I need to paint a few, because I'm gonna show you a few of you. See this one? The hotline is still around. This one is so often a little bit. So I'm way for these to dry in this class. I'm not, uh, trying to sell you on material. It's moreover telling you what other materials that were suits you with a certain budget. And, um what kind of let us will help you to pain the rooms that you really hope to pin here. Because I love you are struggling with even good at materialise. But you still can't get the roads. It's very frustrating because I must have gone through that off using the wrong with you. There's too much water. But not to worry, because I will be painting over that. And I saw a lot of question on when toe on for this lady hearing those outer so often it's so here. I'm going to show you because I paint it too. So Okay, the center off the rose. Yeah, center off the rules. I just go around and around and here, which is what we have been talking about. How do I soft in the each right. So here and really soft and each I just washed my brush and I I get off some water and I picked it off. Yeah, to get the ship off the pet us. So you see, I have three at us coming up here, So I want to soft in the h. Even fighter. It is to that my brushes a shock. Keep Heberto book on this quite easily. this part of the pepper already dry. Really? But I'm trained. Do just that on for more. Pettus, if you are not sure went to at your Petr. Okay, let's go. This is probably 123 the one. But we just don't really have to follow. So you have. You can add in one more better here that see how I do this one to treat and we have hot each right, We moved up the pain just scary off the water and blend it here. Yes, but here, getting a little bit mix up because I was a bit close to it. So I just clean it off. He'll so just clean it all. So we have That's a very big one here. So it's actually like a very big better, But there's a tree in total. So I bet on one year. So if I bet on one here and I will say, Oh, it's such a hot each, so I just soft earn it with water. You Stendhal. Quite OK. Okay. This cut here looks a little bit. Makes up. Just clean Italy for B of water because yeah, So I want the battle here to show a bit more. I want more shipping with Bittner. So I bring out this better. And this better is very clearly done. This better also quite Khalid. Um but I want a bit more shared dough. Sometimes you can let it be to still stop. You cannot see so it may end a block. So I want I want this pattern to show. You see, So I have 123 and I do that. Uh, that's quite a big I'm not really following this, but this is just using this as a sample. So if you find that that's a big petal here, you can let me see. You can in a bit of sheep, Okay? In a big shit here and every time any and the shit you see, the all this light is so hush you can just blended to soften it. Just like here. Blended to soften His son was a little bit long, but never might be on again because this quit on it. You can see very clearly 123 So I feel that I need one more battle here. So I'm going toe on a bit of shadow. And because there's some water he blend. So I get my Petters out. So I have 1234 And you can see this pet though, so All right. Okay. That's quite a big one here. So I want to create. There's a very big one here, so I want to create another Petr. So this probably will also have to answer the question on where do I create the petal? Unless the let's really come with a law practice. And you need to study the roads let up. You will see that most of the time. I will tell you center to be tighter and basically a asked for three. Or you can have full. And after that you just open up for bigger Petters. So we see that they sick you wouldn't get lost. Those are just very basic Samos. This one center I school up then one toe, three leather and outside patter is speaker. So all the time I am teaching this real. Yeah. So we have this and I didn't mention that. Yeah, on the soft. And I will not go into this because this will be covered in my other classes. You can actually at that to this to make it look more three d. So back to this again. So if you find it this it is too hard. And we apply this method again. The soft in it too soft in it. But I feel that I need a little bit darker. Okay, here I get a little bit darker on the inner, off the petals bit darker, which is like a year or so You can't. This is when I'm working on it for the debt. Something like this on Docker Docker, Dacko for the sheets and a lot off the flowers I have done off my roses. I have done it this way. So long. Get back to how to create that soft each again. Okay, three, one do tree. Just Genesee. So we are actually working on the negative space if you give you noticed. This one is the negatives bmo creating a shared oh outside. Maybe that will create a better understanding when we pose speaking moving cotton. Okay, so I have three ready. So maybe outside here? No, I'm making it very systematic. We so him Between this to one in between these 21 emitting this and this one, and I have another one and another one. So missile and I wash and at that begin and you work a little bit faster. Maybe. So behind. Dry up. Yeah. So you see, we have that Petr coming up. Probably. I want to put a bit in a and you see the every time when you pick a rules, you're going to get different problems. That's why we have to do a bit off problem shooting in mine. Oh, Class. So we were on one. So we have this better than we were at on one more One law, one more. You have to decide of their you wanted. So between these two, it's easier in that way. But when I'm walking this way, I find the rose looks of it. But the if you don't know how to at on the Petr This is probably an easier way to work on. But once you get know how to paint the petals, it will be easier. I feel that this way is tour systematic. The patter of the rules sometimes do for open up differently. So this one is very in a very systematic way Between these two Peto one between the two. Petr, another one. But I don't think it was quite quite pretty, though. Eso I've been either one. So we get this Rose there has many Petters. So this technique them teaching new is call soft. Earning the each. Yes. So let me finish up by just adding on here. That's gonna be every time when you're layering, so don't overdo it. But honestly depend are nice Rose. You actually need lots of practice. Maybe at this point, I can show you some of my foot roses. I'm working on the actress paper, actually, but I still cannot get it because I am trying to work on how to get it right. Just showing you some simple It's I'm here. Not enough. That being this one. And this is also another one, though I could have improved on this. This getting a little bit too that here I can get more depth here, and, uh, some pieces. I just kind of, uh, give up. Well, I could have improved on this is so and, uh, Well, I'm showing this someone on this one. I was working on a very rough people, so the colors get darker and darker. So another advises to work on, look up some light. So I used even on the wrong side of the paper and I brought it correct. So I start very like and I layer over. So I hope that this class on how to soften the each of the rose we've practiced you are able to pain pretty roses with the right materials. So I see you in another off my class. 5. Q & A: welcome back to the class into this lesson. I'll be addressing on some of the problems that you have for painting the roses. Some of you have sent me your questions and I've collect them so that I can reply your questions. And so I have. That's some experiments so that I can discuss with you about insures that you face. The first question that I have is I find it difficult together, differently, years of petals and it becomes a blocked sometimes. Firstly, I'd like you to check out at material which I have spoken in my earlier lesson. The problems that you face is most probably you're using syntactic brushes and you're using on the wrong people. Cissel. So in this case, I'm using some homeless people and I'm using a power teach syntactic saber. And I get something like this. I couldn't control that even the mixed brush, because the people couldn't hold a water. So I get up this issue and when I'm using a kolinsky sable brush, the paper cannot hold a water. So and in this case I'm getting the worsen herro because I'm using a syntactic brush. So I get a very bad flop. And so the situation here is quite hopeless because even I have a book brush on the wrong paper. I couldn't get it. Correct. Okay, let me go to my second sample on my second sample. I'm using style. Like people, some people is 50% quarter. And by using my synthetic brush, I didn't get some shape and I used mine my synthetic mixed brush. So I get quite a pretty put shipped here. And when I'm using Kolinsky Sable, it hosts quite a lot water. And I do get some problem here. Yes, So it's still possible working on a 50% cotton paper Not on me for syntactic brush. The experiment showed that synthetic brush doesn't work on cellulose paper doesn't look on 50% cotton paper so far. Now I'm getting into 100% cotton paper. So and by using up the synthetic brush, I still cook control and get some shape. OK, Yes. So it is still possible to work on 100%. But I do face some difficulties because the brush doesn't hold that much water and I have to keep washing it to make it wet. But several comes and for beginners. You'll be struggling with that. So next I use my oh syntactic mix. We just might have to teach one, and I get quite a good Okay, This one is quite good, but a small cross down not as good. So this one is because I'm able to paint it quite well using my Kolinsky sable brush a neighbor to pin quite a nine rows over here. So this 100% cotton works for me. And finally I move onto just 100% cotton paper. And look at this because this is a very high, great watercolor paper. And I'm using a synthetic brush. Remember this brush that I used as a whole good amount of water? And it does show this very dry. I managed to pin a rose. I will give this a chick. And then I used a syntactic mixed stable. And again I give this a because it works very well for me and Princeton Kolinsky Sable. And definitely it works for me because this is the formula that always worked for me. Okay, I give it a hut hot hutch. This one. I also give three huts. Okay, the different between this Princeton heritage and Kristen Kolinsky. OK, why would you understand? Ah, a lot more money to buy a Kolinsky Sable. Okay, because it last longer. This Kolinsky sable brush will keep this shop point for really a long time. So you can see from my hand Here is very sharp point. Yes. So if you can afford, I think Oh, yeah, I would suggest that you use just 100% because Colin steep brush. But our second option here is febrile knew there'd been no 100% cotton is still affordable . You can actually still use synthetic brushed. My advice is, if you are even your new and you start to use some of those people and you're using syntactic brush, you will feel discouraged because you think that you can paint. It's okay. This is done by the same person, which is me. And uh Yep, I was using the right brush and the right people and this one is due me. But I'm using the wrong people and the wrong brush. So I hope I answered the first question on Why is it that sometimes your Ross and up in abrupt like this and the other part of the question that you mentioned. How do you give differently? Use off the petals. I always like how students have a reference for two off roses and study them. You started the Petros. So what I do is that when I paint a rose pinned on the ship off the rose first try toe work on the ship off the rose. I have a reference here for the layering. Okay, it might not be 100% as this, but at least I have a reference. So I know where to lay, my pet. This one will come with practices. And when we practice more, you will get to understand how the Petters go. But he will be good for you to study. Held up at their school. Firstly, when the pertussis in the center off the rules, it has to be very tight. Okay, it go around and round. That's why I have common stock common in stroke. I keep painting common, stroll around and in commerce. Toe is very small. And then it moved out. It get bigger and the outer Petters are bigger. Yeah. I have talked about how you that the soft ages off the pattern. So this one you can be forward in I have another question here is that it is hard to pin the shadows which, uh, I know what you're tryingto ask is how to get or this Okay, they're sometimes when I do want to get pat Shadows OK, like this they're miss it. Show that shadow and E So it is something like that. The shadow is very heart. You can see quick, but their terms when I like it to be softer soft in So this one again I have mentioned in my earlier classes, So I would like to address this again. Is that toe pain? A three D rose. We need to have at least three colors. Okay, there are at least three colors here. I use a like like color, and I use and neither color here, that girl life value, medium value. And to get her that I need to get on a darker value at least. Okay, So a medium value, a very light one. A darker value to strengthen that. That so this is the part where I'm bring up the step off the roast. So again, I have a questions on How do you place the petals? Okay, which I think I have. Address it earlier on. Like praising the Petters. You need to refer to the reference will tell. So this rose. Although I didn't follow a Zachary I tried to see Okay, how the petters go and I under shading line eso that's high at different pet those So this one again you can refer back to my step by step or the part where I talk about how to make soft ages. So most of the questions are about how not to make into a block them to place the Petters how to give them. And this is a Zachary. Why we are going to learn about the detail painting off the rose. And I hope I have answered your questions, though with all these experiments that have done, let me conclude, is if you want to get good results. Don't use cellulose paper because they're totally, quite hopeless. Even you have good brushes. You don't get good results. So this is a no no. But you can use a good paper. We've a syntactic brush. So that's hope in these. If you have sensitive rush, just get good people or even a fairly good people. All right, Their legal paper. So, this one, I actually give a small heart, maybe 1.5 hot. The 50% cotton paper is for you to practice the ship. Okay, Because this is cheaper and yeah, I wouldn't say really very cheap. Affordable at least. But even with a synthetic brushes still no. No. But at least with your you're mixed brush, you can get fairly good results. Actress and Feb, you know, is is pretty the same. So except for the price, I think, Yeah, my conclusion is that if you have synthetic brush mixed brush, you still can work. A pretty good grows on kind of present cotton paper. So I hope this helps with further questions that you have. But if you still have questions, do right into me in the project Tep. Yes. So that I can answer your questions. So I hope that you don't enjoy painting the source and other better understanding this town . If what we have learned, I really hope that you can paint a wreath and you spend a bit more money on a better paper . So I see you again 6. Step by Step Rose: So today's lesson. I think it's the one that you're looking for. This is my step by step for the color, Rose. This is the one that I did yesterday. Because the colonists to that I would like to redo another one with this, like the color. So I'm going to start by teaching you how to pain this roasts and I'm using I like the color now call Rose Madder from she McCord. Um, 1/4. I will start with a high Pickman, but because this color is on a slightly light, sir, Yes. So I was that on this corner again? So they go as that if my commerce stroke, those of you who has been telling me that you still come pin commerce, stroke. Don't worry about so much about this stroke. Because ultimately we can really see the stroke. Very well is just like that. So this is the starting point where I start beef commerce trip. Step two. I start with the commerce trope again, and I didn't my brush into the water and I pull the pin out. Or rather, I soft in the each. And at this point, I want you to take No, Because I have a paint. It rose here. Or you can get a reference. A reference to get the Petters after rules. So basically arose out of Paterson about 12345 So usually you see that I have ST V. So 12 your call muster again. A big one. This part here the center. He was getting a bit lighter just at on a little bit to just went off the ping again Because I want here to be light because yesterday I was painting a darker roasts and it's very hard for you to see. Let's have five factors. Okay? Even for the five metres, I I will let you to reform. Yeah, So is this really? And you suit up. So 1234 five or six is fine. The problem don't really look very round. Yeah, some rooms is to see it isn't very around. I can't show you this way. Okay. So, Step City, I will have to repeat step one and two again so you can watch one more time on how I paint these. So this that cease troop 10 and I get some water. I didn't really wash my brush. I just get some water. And I so called soft under each richer I have covered early on. So you get the ship of your rose because I had for love messages coming in that you have difficulty getting the ship off the roast. That one you really have to refer. So it's actually good to really have a photograph because, honestly speaking, it's very hard to pin from a real rules because the treaty gross, it's a bit hard to refer to. Rare is when you have a photograph, a picture like this, you can see where the ship is. There is another level, actually. I rather that you have ah, reference photograph like this. So this is that three. Okay, Now I'm getting while waiting for it to be a little bit dry. I'm getting the Pickman from here so you can see how long I have to pay for these. To try basically is under the spotlight. There's a love like, so it probably dry a little bit faster. So you see, I get the Pickman at this point it is still with. So probably I'm going to let you see how long you have to read. It is drying up here. Okay, this is what I have painted yesterday. You so and, uh, some off the steps that I have done. This is actually what we're going to do for the step three. So I'm still waiting for these to dry, and perhaps I will book on now. Your brush shouldn't be very event. It should be just with the high pigment. So when I touch this down, I know that it will be a little bleed a little. So your pain has to be directly from here. No mixing off water because it is still here. And I'm looking actually a little bit bet on a semi. Well, it's not really dry, so you can sing wet on semi dry. Yeah, You see that? It's that the bleakness means it is not dry. So I can actually look this way. I have painted this part, but because I would like to blend here, which I will go into my set four here. So here this part here later, I will come back toe on because it is still wet. Can you see that I written about maybe our many or less than a minute. It is still wet. So but not to worry. This part here, you can lay your again. Don't worry and give up at this point because we still can. But so, Naevia, Step four. But we think for my step three usually pin and other rules. So there you go. Shape of the roasts. You get a broader patter. Just lower your brush to get that stroke. OK? Do hope. High up, like this week. You can get your keeps talking. No, but your whole lower, like about 30 degrees. You'll see that you can street the stroke better this time again. My rules is a bit different. The ship off my rules. Rather. So I'm going to get thesis center again. Just a little bit. Okay? I think you can actually gently touch it. Okay. The center is quite dry, so I'm going to get on from my just press up, Ping. I don't at any water. It's a direct Pickman. So don't trust that that color unless you want at that rule. So I'm going to pain this here again. So it's a little bit that way we can see that the pain is spreading a little Then I looked . The swing repping is ripping my branches up. Right? Can you see? Yeah. So that I can pain Ah, shot common stroke. So I will have 1234 and counting all this trucks because yeah, I love you. I find it very difficult How? Where to lay your stock. So this is my step for I have let these men soft in the each. So at this point, I'm going to do a little bit something different. Okay, I'm going to get this. So I soft under each and then we will be working on this other part after Rose. So between these two, I have another Peto between this too. I will have another Petr. And between this too I will have another Petr between this too. So I buyer, I share five. So I have five this week. But this time I'm working differently. Instead of moving it here, I blend heat outwards. So my Petr is no lighter in color. But this he's on my lighter. Petr normal the taco inside. So this week. So if you need to do the counting patter, I think it will be a lot easier not so confusing for you. OK, so I'm going to take my synthetic crash mixed. You see, you can lift up the pig even here. I want to lift up my pain to give some highlights. Okay, So some of you also asked me why that you have some hash line. Actually, some off this lines are good because then you can see that That off the rules without some of these lines, everything you Congress in fact, some of it, I mean at some more that two. So now I'm a tree lifting some okay to lift up the pin, you actually need the brush to be a little bit bet, because that actually adding water inside here to lift up the pain. But not too much again. The things somewhat. Maybe I will stop at this step for toe on this one because so much, you know, on step four it will be a bit difficult to refer. So I go toe step five. So I start with this again one to treat. Sometimes when I painted small, I will have full And then I washed and I took, which is I'm at this point here, so I have it light. So So after which I on thank you. So now Issa on deciding on where to lay your patters again. But this time we are working on a negative space. Hey, so between these two and I overlapped a bit Okay, Soak like this. And I'm going to something the each year to create a Peto and the game soft in this speech to create another Petr. If you want to remove less of the line, you can just touch on the line. You remove some of this one, just touch on it. And after days I'm going to work on someone. Alka Peto. So between these two, I will have these. Between these two, I will have one more. Okay, so this will help you to understand where to place You're Petters. Although it doesn't look very Oh, naturalization. But it will help you a little on where to place the petals should blend this stuff when this up to get the extra petal. At this point, it can get a big confusing for you. Every day There's a lot off line, sometimes money to send me. Bet this really is very nice. You get this kind off look. Okay, so it the euros will look softer. Let's see, Like how you want it to be. So I have another extra patter here, Some over Let one and I can create one here every time When this between two pet owes you create one. So you have quite a soft each custom. We want to create a lot off girls. Look. Yep. So early on this part here I mentioned that we can lift up the pain, but in this case, I have quite a love white. So I probably we're just lift up a bit me, like here Just a bit. Can you see that? Even in the in the rules that this we have some part that is brighter because off the, like doom? Yes. So, similarly, I will one here to be light, wet brush, then just bring up. Okay, so on I was creating some different ship here, right? So I have these different ships, so I have this better That looks very interesting. Instead of just a regular stop. Look, I have a little bit off ship using a synthetic was just clean up some of the lines that and you can even soft in the each, like come. Okay, let's say you don't like this. You can just clean up the big soften it. Yeah, soft and each cake. This is a little bit dry. Ready. So I'm going to show you if you want to glaze a little bit off yellow when we say a little bit, we really mean it a bit. So I'm going to glaze just a little bit. Just a little bit, Only so everything can overdo it. Also your rose. We looked there at official. So a little bit. And remember to read for it to dry. I think my eyes OK, semi dry. I still can't look. So at this point, I will have to just get on a car. So far, I have only one value. The light one, the duck over the medium value like this. And I'm going toe on a duck value. So what is my doctor? That I have this rose madder Rose, Amanda. And I'm good at on a darker color, perhaps parroting maroon. You just have to check your color. Caroline. My ruinous here. That could Okay, don't at two because my roses light. So because for the center part here. You need it to be very that just reso us how you applied this. But honestly, if you don't know how toe on here. Like where? Toe on for the shading. It's okay not to at this, but basically just a center is enough. This is where I'm heading. See? Okay, because the full off the rose honesty is very complicated. Even you look at it sometimes you get lost. So I on some back to it. And I think I I get quite a cesspools this time to show you. I hope you enjoy this lesson. And, uh, yeah, with the step by step, I will give you Ah, pdf, we make of this and you can be for it. And you can always watch again and again to see how I create these rules. Because the in between steps is can be quite complicated. So you'll come back for my other classes. Thank you for joining me in. Discuss 7. Real time Bonus Video: way, way, way, - way , way, way, way, way, - way , the O way , way, - way , way, way, way.