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Watercolour Rose & Rosewreath

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (2h 15m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Getting Ready Art Supplies Ready

    • 3. Colour Swatches & Mixes

    • 4. Roses Floral Composition

    • 5. Basic Leaf Stroke

    • 6. Layering of Leaves & Samples

    • 7. Warming up with Comma strokes

    • 8. Rose Buds As Filler Florals

    • 9. Basic 3 Steps Roses complete

    • 10. Layering Your Roses

    • 11. Rosewreath Demo 1

    • 12. Rosewreath Demo 2

    • 13. Bonus Video

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About This Class

Watercolour Rose & RoseWreath

This is a basic to intermediate class which I will guide you from colour swatches, basic leaf and comma strokes to create roses and rosewreaths.

Some techniques that you will learn in this class:

1) Wet on Wet 
2) Wet on Dry
3) Basic Leaf Stroke
4) Comma Stroke
5) Blending Colours
6) Mixing Colours 
7) How to hold your brush
8) How to load your brush 
9) Fine Details
10) Floral Composition
11) Layering of foliages
12) Layering your roses

Hope you enjoy this class and post your projects.

I will be happy If you can take the time to review my class. Have fun painting with me.
Hope you enjoy this class and post your projects.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Introduction: Hi, I'm Esther Peck. Water off a guy to Flora. What color? I have been painting what color floors for the last four years and running several workshops locally and overseas. I have thought water Carlo roses and Rose reef workshops. So many lovely people. And I'm so happy to teach and share these class review today. This is a basic to intermediate class e walk you through from basic leave stroke, rose leaves, one tree, basic steps, roses, floral compositions and layering off lease. Also, I will teach you basic commerce drugs to farm Rose Butts s feel of Flores. And I teach you to lay area bruises to create pretty treaty roses. I had done to 20 to 30 minutes thems to teach you these pretty rose reefs. At the end of the lessons, you will be able to paint your own roast reefs or seven Reese like my hope to see you soon in my class. Do post your projects so that I can see your progress 2. Getting Ready Art Supplies Ready: Well, come back. So glad that you guys have exercise to pay these roses. I'm using back the colors that are used in my cherry blossom and Philip Flores and leave classes. So I have chosen this similar pains and have my pilot ready. And I'm using my round brushes again. Number eight and number six. Number eight is when my bigger roses and leaves and I'm a sex about the smaller ones. I have my kitchen tower and two glasses of water as usual, one for washing my pain brushes and one for getting clean water. And for my roses, I like to use at just paper and I'm choosing 300 gram and 100% cotton paper. So with all this material is ready, I see you very soon. 3. Colour Swatches & Mixes : we'll come back. But today's class I'm going to teach you Rose and Rose Wreath. We're trying out different colors. Roses. This is one of them. So to get a variety of different colors rooms, this I have some colors pet peril in modeling. Participating must violet couldn't rate common in rows. A prayer arose lemon yellow. And with this pinks, I'm gonna make some different colors for the roses and for the greens. I'm going to stick to just Caroline Green Set green and a new color worried embody to get this color roses, I'll show you. I have Portis pain did a high Pickman and get the greedy int Atwater for a lighter value. And this is come in and rose some off the colors. They're used in cherry blossom class. This is opera rose, a very bright color and you can use mass violet for a doctor, Cartman, For the greens, it should be set green something at greedy into it by adding water. And I will have Caroline Green again probably used very little for this reason. So to get this roses, as I say, you have this so you can see this is spot us pain. This is permanent, Rose over here. And I have a touch off a pro somewhere here and for the doctor color. I have mass violence. And for the greens, I have a mix of this two colors for this and probably I have a mix of records. So off my pins to get some of these dirty Carlos here. Yeah, so I'll show you another set off colors are using to get this room's this for this I use Parry Maroon. Harry Merrill is a color that used there often. And I used Mass Violet too. Okay. And I have yellow too. So I'm using a very limited Carlos God for my flora. And I use that bring again which I don't have to show you the swatches thes other colors and okay, I actually have set green makes me the mobile. So let me show you this. Set Green, the Caroline Maroon. Let's have them mix over here. I haven't mixed already the colors. So this is the colors. Maybe I have a bit stronger. So this is the color I get, which is somewhere here, this color. After I painted this piece, I think about two years ago a lot off My students asked me for this color mixes. So now I'm trying them out to show you. So these are the colors are use Parry model Mass. Violet and I have their second green and Parimal Toronto mix to get the greens. And I used yellow too. So with this watches, we're going to try a lot of different floors. Okay, let me just show you. You will see this. It's actually a mix off. Um, And then Rose and the oranges. Barbree permanent rose plus yellow the greens Here I used a mix of different greens. Okay, for this color, let me show you how I get this. I used this color, but often it's actually come in and Rose Feminine roads plus year law. Do you want a slightly more orangey You just at more yellow. So this is the color. So with the limited palate, you are going to try out different color roses. I will show you later on. Is this very close? But if you wanted to be a bit raider, you just at on more Rick off course to get their color. So I show you over here. This issue zing, Carmen and Rosa Color. That's I would suggest that you should have it and lemon yellow, too, because students often ask me what other colors they should have. So now I'm advising you. If you want to paint roses, these are the color that you can use. So yellow, yellow plus permanent rose give you this color a very pretty color. You just need to colors and again for the green set. Green is one of my favorite green, and you'll see that they're often in. My are the classes, and so and I used this there often, and sometimes I just have the set green. Just have more water to give it a lighter green or, if you want a yellow green color just at your loads of it. My basically, I would suggest that unique one set green and one parallel angry, and you can get quite a lot Good nexus and I think in the filler watercolor class I did. I taught you how to mix some other greens, too. There's one other color that I would like to introduce this meridian ready. It's a very pretty bluish green that I would like to use in my grief to break down it up. It's quite similar toe core. It has this bluish green color, so we have all these colors prepared and color swatches. I also would like you to try out the front mixers on your own so you can get a variety of different color flowers, different color roses, as I have shown you earlier, Have them prepared and I'll see you real soon. 4. Roses Floral Composition: welcome back part of this class. I'm going to talk a little bit about floral composition. I hope you have joined my cherry blossom class, which I have more elaborate lessons on this floor of composition class. But I just would like to refresh your memory. I took about five or six elements. I talk about unity, balance, contrasts, movement, focal point and total through. So for today, I'm just gonna talk about focal point looking at this piece this April piece, if you look at this printing, which I have done maybe two years ago Look at this. My focal point is here, which is the two sets rules applying to the tutor's room. And I do have some different Laura's with different angles which have a contrast there. And I do have a movement and I do balance it. And so that's a unity in this composition. For this piece again, this is a a four piece and with the tutor route, I have my focal point here. And the contrast year is my roses and my leafs. I do have different colors and different ingredients, different coins and different angles again. And I have them done in a bouquet this way. So that's a unity. And of course, that's a bit off movement here by having some filler site roses, some feel of floors here, the next one. This one I My focal point, is just basically here and again. I have variety off colors in it. Different anger rose to for this on back to coca point to touch room and different feel us . That's a unity off this tree flowers here and again it applies to this one. So if you want to prepare something like this, please refer to my cherry blossom classes. How to get this, as parents see done so that you can check on your flora reefs. This is a April piece again. I have a two tits room, a polite focal point, and you'll see that most of my flora reefs I had the clouds. I have filler flowers. I have bigger leaves and have smaller lease. Later on in my class, I will be teaching you on how to layer your leaves too. And in this smaller a five cheese, you will see that I have ah main focal point here and I have a balance off a site rose here . This one is just a very basic flora reef in a sense that I have them balance at both corners. This is also another basic glory. And this suspect two of a 2/3 rule. Again, I have my focal point here and having a movement. A contrast again. My colors and I have, uh I mean, Rose's secret roses Philip floors. So bearing this six elements in mind, I hope you will come up with some different flora reefs. I see you soon. 5. Basic Leaf Stroke: we'll come back for today's class. I'm going to teach you basic leaf strips to create the rose wreaths. I'll be showing you how to paint these primary Leafs, second release shadow leaves and Phillies. Before that, I'll be touching on basic leaves, which I covered in mind. Book A guide to Flora. What color? I'm going to use my number six and number eight brush. And with the pains that are prepared earlier I'm using secondary So holding my brush tie off more up right I press and bring them that you hold your brush about 75 degrees from some face. Begin from the tip off the brush Prove the strokes to us you and slowly increased pressure and decreasing as approved to the end. Begin from the tip Increased pressure and as it pulled it with you decrease the pressure and back do the tea. So there is a slow motion. This is a fuss one fast one. So this is a leaf strong. And if I'm going to pin to let this one break not holding this week If I'm painting too bleak, it will be this way One up in another one down using my member. It brush off course. If I use a smaller brush, I will have a smaller leaf. You. So I have a smaller leafy sea. One to you can create small leaves that this and we have two different sizes. You can create a bigger one and a smaller one. Many also show you how you can pin a rose leaf. So you start with the Mindy. I'm using a small brush now and turning my paper. I go this way. One beef because of tooth which grossly hess these two each look. You show you this one that I did previously. So this is this anger this one I killed more to us this anger. Now I want to with this anger. In fact, this live itself looks like a 10 leaf. Can you see? Let me join another one Now it looks at a tender. You can keep it this way for 10 live Look Knipe in another leave to show you with the same mean vein and one to tree Full Fife This is the center and I turn because I want to create another site now one You try to make it smaller and smaller now this thief. Usually one side, it's more difficult. So we have a roast beef. Expect this one more time to show you again means mean and one to tree. Full sigh. Okay. This one have a lot marked off each. I'm showing you another one off this. So I tend my people. I tried to have this one bigger, so there is easier toe work on a side. Moves move down. So I'm going to have quite a lot, at least this way. 1234 decided. 123456 So maybe I would have to pay in a few months. Okay, So I have a grossly here, so don't practice this basics, neutrals. 6. Layering of Leaves & Samples: we'll come back for today's class. I'm going to teach you how to play year your leaves So basically I will always pain Prime relieves and I lay it secondary Leafs And sometimes I would have shared a leaves and failure leaves. So let me show you how I do this. I will start to a set green again and Mr Leaf Stalk that I taught you I will do it this week. I will pin it this way and start with this. And a pretty big 12 stops one she So I have my set green. And if I think that my set bring is a little bit like I can't get in a bit more off my peril in when you just do what I can get in the peril Angry. So I wash my brush and my second, the release I will usedto very good, buddy. Which I have it here. I'm still using number it brush and I just layer it this week one to you can have a few off course not limited to three. You can have let me see, May make it a bit ductal. Okay, so the next would be shadow leaves. So for shadow leaves, I like it to be lighter. It means a lighter color in the background. So as shadow not the that kind of shadow. So yet I will add it here. So it is not very visible. This shadow navsea, but is so it's a very pretty way to in cook in your floor ease it really at lots and lots of interests to your reef, which I will show you later on my samples. OK, lastly, I would at any failure leaves. Right now, my painting is not very drying. You can either use the tip off a numbers it brush old. You can use your number six brush, so maybe a better control and you can use your Caroline Green, the one with the doctor. So this size deal, which so I was just kind of what get here. It's kind of that. So I'm exited the baby for Seth Green to make the color a bit later. Yeah, it's a little bit duck here, so if you have a dark color, you can always pick up the pin. This is a little bit dry, so I would like to see you on this or so. It's a small, small lead, and I'm just talking. If it's dry, it's not dry. I will not. Oh, this is a little bit of it. I didn't notice that they respect, but it's fine. Yes, a little bit. But, uh so right later, clean it up and okay, here, sometimes it can be lady it like this. Sometimes it can be just up site for this. I can easily clean it off because I'm using a good paper. As I mentioned, a lot of times. Paper do metals. Yeah. And some of you dio message me to see that Yes. After getting a after getting some good people, you're hinting improved too. All right, so with these you look so interesting here. Like it. So I on some men vi into my leaves too. So with this, I'll be showing you a lot more simple straight on in this piece of grocery, you will see that I have press release Second, they release you and I have shadow leaves. This on my shadow means shadows. And instead, off a filler leaves I use a feel of flora A tick off my brush I painted my Philip lowers for this piece again. I have my primary leafs. My second, the release rather this on my shed. Only my feeling leaves are not here. But I have feel of Flores like villa roses. And for this piece, I didn't. I have mine from release secondaries. Shadow leaves. I do have a filler leaves here. So you see that leering actually give a lot of interest to your readers. Okay, for this piece, I have a tough h leave year and I have my second the release. I don't have a shared Alito, but I do at in my feel of floors for this piss, I have mine prime ladies, some secondary release around here. I have my shadow leaves and I have my feel of floors. I have my primary leaves. I didn't really have a second the relief, but I have a lot more crime release with a big leaves And I do have shadow lives here. And I went on a lot of feel off law this year, so I hope you get them practice. I will come back with more practices of roses. Call my strokes. See you soon 7. Warming up with Comma strokes: come back. So for today's lesson, I'm gonna teach you common stocks. Comments took this one of the basic strokes that I teach him most of my classes. And if you have joined my other classes, you will have learned this. But for those who have not joined my other classes, I'm gonna teach you this commerce. And with the commerce looks, you're going to learn how to paint this. Three steps rose. So let's get started. I'm using my number it brush again because I like to paint it bigger And this some wrong. I'm going to use my come in and roasts the palate that have all my pains perfect so far, the Communist rule. I need to show you how I hold my brush. See, the anger is pretty low as compact. This is called 90 degrees. This is cost 75 and this is about 30 degrees to the surf Ace. So that's how I'm going to pain my comma stroke. You press the brush how to create around hate Press pulled a stroke to your right. One more time, Chris, pull to the right, Release the pressure and let the beast us. Hearst returned to the point one more time. The stocks that is turning this way is a lot more easier. I can get the wrong hit very easy, but to get the other site, it's a lot more difficult. Let me try to show you look a lot more and ground hate couldn't before around hit I connect . But I'm not really concerned about this because the pain the rose You just need to practice these for about 10 minutes. Yeah, believe me. Students in my workshop, who paid the roses? That's the mouth time that they do. 10 minutes, depending strokes. But of course, if you have more time, the practice is even better. Come on, C s. I practice more. This and this get better, right? I rule it. Okay, I this time well, your branch will hold a little bit high. You This is for the in off the rules record this common stock. So comma is actually display beyond know that, right? So But then we have the mirror image. Com also. So with your brunch, hold it a bit higher this way. This week. This way. Also this were so I need you to practice these because later on our roses will have a lot of repping like this. We need a little repping so I'm not showing you so much. Write the name this way And then of course, the one beast. The stick comma strokes. Finally, this way. This way. Can you say something? I'm sure you can see something now, but I'll be showing you later how I formed the road. So this are very essential. And I really need you to practice for at least 15 minutes. Okay, I'll see you very soon. 8. Rose Buds As Filler Florals: good to see you back so soon. I trust that you have practice of comic books. So with that practices, I'm going to show you how to pain Rose Lutz this up from mine book flash and boots again. I'm using a number eight brush and we're applying the commerce talks to create these rows. Mozz, I'm still using common in rows, so one to this is a little bit a little bit color. So Okay, how I lift up my color, I can lift up. I wash my brush, I lift up the colors again. If I think that I didn't like it to be sold that for the H off the Rose. But I like to have some Carl s year. And here, So just like this, and still with my brush with the pain in my greens without washing. But I need some water. I think my green is a little bit 30. So I just makes it. And you see, I add it in this actually the leaf stroke. Can you recognize them? The smaller one. So I mentioned earlier about using the tip of the brush to create small leaves. But this one so this is the dirty colors. Meaning I have pink, Another green mix. And I got this color. I'm going to show you a few terms how I create the rules, but so that you can use that for fields for euros Reef. And so now we are learning or the basic first before we go to our men, Rose. So hang on there. All right, a few more to go on again. I wish I have a rules, but to show you But I don't have it here. I'm adding on some leering polluting lento. Practice a bit more this time. Now my green is going to create just that green alone And in here my leaves. So I have a few taps off rules nuts And for very simple one is basically this one. I have one. Can You started it from here? I have ah, on my stroke and I have another commerce to go down for this one. So is very much like a hut ship. Actually, you wanted to be a bit more around it. It looks this way one to this is self can be a peonies butts. So that's how I teach you. Can achievement usual that full, puny buses. So but maybe not so much Pickman here. Just read it a bit. Spread it a bit and eight by one. And now they lay you to show the pet those I can actually get on here or here to show that the petals are coming down. And not a one if I want. So I want you to practice a little bit on how you like to you, Salo Rose to look like Mr Leave on his. Okay, I will show you some off the filler roses that I have done. Probably from my new book, which is sexually here. Some of the rules that's here. My book. A guide to floor with the color where? Show some rules. Butts here, over here. Yeah, and they really make her very pretty, Philip floors And a lot more from where I have shown you my other flora everywhere my rose . But psa So I would like you to practice on these. That may be cut again. Just one. Alas, on this site cut, show you one plus one trapeze, one plus one. And then we have our greens. Just that brown. This week you can do just from quite a lot off rules. But so if you want, just keep your brush screen. If you want to have a Queen green, I usually don't really use direct color, so I'm actually very comfortable with having Ah di Qala. Yeah. So you see, we have a bit off a different rules bats here, so do practice, and I see again very soon. 9. Basic 3 Steps Roses complete : we'll come back. This is a class that you're waiting for to learn your 123 steps roses. And this is the 123 steps. And I promise you it's not going to be difficult with those trucks that you have practice early on. Bettina, call my stripes the ticker. Common strokes. We're going to learn how to pain this roses. I'm using permanent Rose just for this one. Maybe later on. Now move on to another color. So I'm holding my brush a bit higher because I'm going to form the Tina. Stop, Rose and I start with this. Usually I told my student toe form, irregular dot So you can actually do this way just like that. And then still high your brush Do holding high? You have it repping stroke school near. Mm. Teen teen king wrapping. Still be a repping. Okay, The Airdrie repping each other, so all right. And then this is a step one. Yep. So the next step piece I looked my brush before Lots of pain. High pigments do and I form three col Marston ones You can turn your paper to for those of you who have difficulty painting one side off the comma strokes. It will be so much easier now. So I didn't mention that if you can paint this very well is good If you campaign, you can't return your paper now and I wash my brush. This is just a basic one says show you pulled up some pain, I pulled up some pain and I put some people and again Now I hold my brush a bit lower I press up, I press up the out the petters off the road So I always tell my students Okay, this may be a little bit hard for them because sometimes they don't know when to stop pulling up, is it so that you need to roughly know how big your rules is going to look like? I want my Pickman here to be a bit darker, so I get on some more. And actually, the colors were flu because it's now a drink kind of connected. This time I'm going to have a slightly different color. Maybe I add on a bit off participating a little bit lighter just on and that the rules be set. This one. I'm just continue to teach you how to pin the rose. We're not into the floor. A review. We're still teaching rooms is okay. So with the irregular dot and with my brush holding quite high up, I am actually painting in some 10. See strokes around the rose. Okay. It would make more sense to you even show you how this Rosa's look like. All right? Yeah. Maybe this one is a bit clearer. So I have the doctor. I have the line and a pain in the three See stocks. And you notice that I had leaf GIPs. My creasy strokes did not touch one another. There are gaps here, which I intentionally leave it for space. Some negative space. You. So for this, Yep. Now it's my three seats. Took this as Do not get the tree. See? Stop this at the time. No, see stores. So now is the good see stroke key. You should turn. I'm just, like, a bit lazy. Determine it. So you just turn. Okay, so we have these and I'm gonna wash it. And I pull up who are best many ways of contender rules, but I'm just making it a lot easier to show you. Now pull out And everyone your Pecos outer patters. Look, writer, I wash my brush. Some of you like your rose to be very vibrant. I let my rose to have, like, the patterns outside. So after washing, I press out, I leave some. Okay? I leave some quite spaces here. I would suggest that you turn your paper easier to work on. Yeah. So, blower your brush lower. Some of you may take Pastor. Some of us may take a little longer to get this just done, but, uh, again, I want you to watch your out. The patterns don't get it too big. Yeah. You can actually use the same color with a mix off the permanent rose to a tree layer a little bit if you want player a little bit. I wanted here to have a bit more lines, just like you. A little bit more if you want, because it just do what? I'm just giving it a bit more interest with this one So far. This left turn you had that thing. You're going to see a lot off my roses. You're definitely see me painting a lot off roses many, many times and I hope that the drilling you will get to know how the pain will was six. And I would really, really love to see more off the Rose Reef in your posts. Let's go on again. Start being the center. And then yet my brush again high. And I had the sea stroke something something. You cannot return your paper. All right. One C one c and that a c. Yeah. So I have been cow or red, but because we know that her roses have all the actors are rep er, yeah. They are not separate that they Are you wrapping very closely. Yes. So if you want to have more than a year, you can do so too. Going to get some more pain for the sea stroke. So one intentionally have a white get you to, and you can turn to get this another see strong, Okay. And I wash my brush. This is a step that quite you send show. So and now I pull out this pin who are the pain? Pull the pin and they are actually still wet. So you actually have to work a little bit pass and your paper has to be a Zorba. Okay, If it's not, then it will leave a long months and hold your brush low now and press it up. Press up the rose pet belts out the Paterson. Your paid for you too. So I do have a bit off. I think. Opera Rose. Yeah, make it a little bit brighter. Okay, so we have three roses now, right? So I will Okay, I will have smaller roses now, because I'm going toe at least a finished. So we have it here small in repping. I just add on a bit more. Pickman just ripped the important thing about this repping see stories that they nick to be really wrapping and not be separated. All right, so I were hair. Three big c stop one. Turn the paper so that you understand to and last one, three. Let me repeat again. No overlapping. Okay, they treat doesn't quite get here. So now I wash my brush again. Uh, half a little bit more. Okay. I wash my brush so that my branches actually be less, uh Pickman. So I pulled. Oh, this pig, pull this pain. Okay, this one, it's a little bit drying already. Pull up pull up and my brush whole low to create this out. The pet does. You can turn your paper. I just didn't want you to feel giddy, so you can tell your paper. All right, so while I have already four roses, I think I should pin one more. But before that, I think I want to get some more colors. This roses are intentionally quite the same size Because I want to show you how depend the roses. One more. One more here quoting my brush up right again. You see? So I just read a bit. See? Stroke. You can have them take And some Tina Pete. All right, so they should be quite around a stroke. So I have a sheet here and pick. Pick a bit off more Pickman again. This time round is another. Okay? Some student asked me. Cannot have four instead off three commerce toe off course you can, But just more work. Let me create a 41 to show you. OK, I have for now. So I wash my brush again. I didn't really wash it. Very tired. Really. I just have a rings and I pull out the pain. Okay, remember that your paper really metals, If you have not a very good paper like curve. If it's not 100% cotton, then you may have a problem getting some marks. OK, so I have pulled it out and very quickly because I cannot delay or else I will get some months. All right. So hula I intentionally have one battle here. Another Pachter and this one you can turn, I hope by the last safe rose, you are getting the idea. But of course, if you can get understand again or you Conradi of get it fully you cannot you watch again. And if you have already practice your leaves, you can treat on on lease. But stay tuned for my next class which I will be painting a complete roast reef to show you one that is similar to this. So don't come back very soon for my next class. See you soon 10. Layering Your Roses: we'll come back in my last lesson. I have taught you Step 12 tree to create Rose like this for today's lesson I'm going to teach you how you can lay here your roses this week. This week this week Okay. I have some roses that I have pain earlier. So I will be showing you how I layer them. Perry and Maroon. I have this repent. I will lay on this week. The center here, Doctor, Just go over. And you Can you say this better? The sea stroke here. This did a C stroke. I would bet on in the that. You know, one just, you know, one just you know, que and I wash it for this. I just come. Has the color come up? You can bet on some more para limber room. So you actually lay yet this rose. Okay. And for this one, I will have more Pickman off my permanent rose. I get here and just kind off go over with, uh, the sea stroke, but I'm leaving some off the some off my earlier patterns. Color still there? Yes. So I went over one more round clearing it, and I just pulled up again. It's on a little bit. P. This is the one that I did some time ago. And it's probably this color, so I were used Participating. Makes me the bit off a permanent rose for the layering. So over here, a slightly darker. I didn't want it to be soda. And, uh okay, so I, uh, at some doctor color here, some off my layering I didn't want the colors to be overpowering his just slightly slightly . That Kony. Yeah. This one is a little bit tuck here. Yeah, and then I have it with a clean brush. I just full again the pin. So I have my roast leg it this way. So for the other one, I will run again for this similar Potter's ping plus feminine roast. Not too overpowering. Let me show you. Yes, something like this Just at over, If you like it this way without layering, I think it looks pretty nice to just like that. Not too much. Just a bit tough center. Just stuck on the little bit. I use a bit of muss pilot over here. Yeah, again, This layering nick practice because you need an eye to see when you spoke, you didn't money to, like, over work on it. And they look so at official. So I would like you to practice thesis. So And I think this one I haven't done. So I'm going to just kind of on I'm gonna show you a quick example on these because this layering, yes, it you require you to kind of this Larry require you to really know when to stop it. Yeah, And for this I think I'm quite happy now with 50 slavering. This one looks a little bit too much, but I'm gonna wash off here because giant very fuss just dry up. Okay, I'm gonna show you a few more. Some off the losers. Last done last time. This one, This one I require because is orangey color and doing our color. So just i d mentioned that permanent rose plus yellow, which I have a mixed here. So I think the color is still a little bit read dish, so yeah, I mix a little bit here. I needed to be stronger than this color. So this one I have I have actually heard layer a little bit earlier on. So you can design center again so you can see later on you can rewind again, of course, to see before and after how it looks like we flaring Looks better or be that layering looks better. So I wash off. Okay. This piece was done really? Quite some time ago. Maybe more than a year already. But you still can actually pin over. Yeah, because I didn't do any spray or vanish or anything. Toe my painting usually keep them. Oh, my father. Yeah. So here can lay you this way. You have to screen. Yeah. All right. So we have this this one again. I go back to layer it because the color car, but lost. And now this too center. I make it darker, and then we at water again. So this layering this class is small for those who are already very familiar with how to pin your rose. And, um then you're able to know when toe on this layering you will definitely be, uh looks better Her. But sure, you're Rosa looks better with this literary. Yeah. So now I go back here, - but today's class I really enjoy it. As I said, it's my first love. I used the pain. A lot of roses. Yeah, when I first got that, I used the pain of a lot of rooms s. But after that, I kind of penrose is only in my workshop because I paying a lot of other other floors like puny means. And I explore a lot of other, uh, brushes too. So, uh, yeah, I didn't get to pin this. So today's class is actually, uh, yeah, something there and jarba for me Going back to roses and, uh, adding on to my open tin. Yeah, so I think it do. Look, they do look a lot better with layering. Let me see if I have any more flowers toe on. I actually paint a lot off flowers without with the first layer kind off some I will not. Can you show you some others that have done? I let them with the light put put. I leer on with a doctor. Pappu. Like this. Too much, very many layers. Some of them this way here. So I hope that you will practice this layering too. You need to know your roses for your basic roses Before you learned how to do layering So basic roses again is like what I've taught you like this. Even without the layering it, they do look pretty good. So do practices roses, and I'll be showing you afford em off this. Harrison, do come and join me. 11. Rosewreath Demo 1: we'll come back for today's lesson. I'm going to do a full demo off how to paint this Rose and I have my color swatches perfect here early on. And some of my colors are ready here for this floor reef were using peril in maroon must violet lemon, yellow set green A mix offset green prospering in my room to get this week. And I probably will be using a lighter submarine to So I start with very moon, which I have prepared here. So with my brush locked with this pin, let's get a bit more A lot of you want to know how I look, my pin So this is how I got my pin and my paper is actress. I'm very starting this rose first the one that is facing me front. Oh, so one here we talk about Flora composition. Right. So, uh, basically, my focal point is here. So is somewhere here my roses somewhere here. So same thing again. See, I scroll round teen stroke think stroke. I would like my color to have a bit more orangey looks. So I on a little bit more yellow to me. So this is my smaller Commerce Street. Right? And I'm going to get a bit more common and rose to make the flower bit brighter over here. It on some more. Yeah. And OK, calma, stroke. Smoke my paper with the big key. I would like you to. Oh, soul kind of 10 year paper if you're not comfortable. Beef doing your see stroke members are today's lesson. I'm going to show you a food. Them. Oh, no. I can't guarantee that the Colombia's equities because sometimes we do mix a little bit more these and a little bit more off that. So with this, I pull out the pain. I hope you have practice enough to know what I'm talking about. Now pull out the pin and I wash my brush because I wanna, like, totally like this to pull up. So I take a little bit yellow because I think I won. Okay. Like the color This one dryer Pull que my brush. Hold it a bit lower. Okay. The paper actually. Azat my pin so it get dry up fast. Okay, this roast looks pretty big. Go. Okay. As I mentioned the outer Petters, you must practise enough to know when to stop pulling up. Yeah. So I have this rose from terror. Rose kind of finish. Yes, I have the colors done. So I will be painting the next one. This one. My petters, is a little bit site, so But anyway, it should go this way site, because I'm showing more off the patterns this way, right? So I'm not showing it more frontal. Look, So my You see, I'm not having a few more school here, but a few more here, a few musty strokes here to show a more site roast. Look, I'm still using the same color, actually. And this time, round key, Mr Moreau, I have one to truth. And then I washed my brush again One more time and I pull out the pin. Poor the pain to get this. And I want a little bit orangey low, actually. So with this, the flood, the rose is still a big close. I wanted to open a little bit more like this, so I need to open. I make to your spread up more pet us. So I have it this week and I just have one peple here. An extra pet bill here. Yeah, All right, so after that, I want to get on more that appear. Yeah. You need more depth. Okay, So I have this, uh, one frontal rose. One site rules, and I've turned my paper this tomorrow. I think I won my rose toe. Have a bit more permanent road. So here this Tamra, I'm trying to pin this open and dropped three. PayPal's maybe two or three. So center again. Center again. Because it's a site. Flora is a site rules. I'm not going to get a lot more here, so it's more you see that my, my see stocks is a lot more this way, and I need toe at a bigger one. And, uh, okay, I wash my brush, Letta a little bit reasons and so that I will have a lighter color. He had pulled out the pain again. Pull the pin, and I create this bigger Peto, which is this Okay. And then I would drop one Petr here. I like my roses to ah, actually be very close together key And that I dropped one more here. One more Petr and then I have another one, kid. Okay. No, I need a doctor. Color Ah, higher pigment off my Caroline maroon mix with must Violet. I want a doctor. Pickman. Now to get here and here again. And early on in my bearing class I talked about earlier in my so here we're layer to show you. Okay, this roast is a little bit that the color this this demo them showing you it's based on a darker color. Later on, I will show you another demo based on a more pinkish color. I have the darker color on the inner side off the patter in this, and I need to point up to you on the inner and outer one is light. So so in a again. So I need toe on someone. Doctor color here. So this is my layering one, because this piece is layering. Okay, so I have three men roses here. Ready? And now I'm going to get on a doctor color. Now I'm going to get on my big leaves. Remember, we talked about leering off leaves, so I'm very used. Mix off set green plus peril in green. So I like to head leaves coming out here Great this week. So here, my Prem release the prime reduce here. Okay, so and OK, I in just set green. Maybe this time? No, just set green. I get on for my I don't really have a second. The relief here I will be adding in shadow leaves. So shadow leaves Maybe. Just maybe, because the sap green is that it took closer in Meridian today. Here to mix it. My secretary. So, yeah, this two colors kind of a bit off a share, do like behind. It's actually a mix off a secondary cut a leaf and shadow leaves here. Okay. I like to mix a little bit here. Okay. My colors makes a little bit, so I get another color for my shadow. So this is Theis Shadow Leavis, actually mixed way for my Caroline maroon. So I get this count color. So my Rosa's actually she I'm going to let it flow this way a little bit. Yes. I said it can actually be exactly this way. Yes. So it's just a sample to show you, and I would like leaves to go this way. I have a bit more off the paradigm maroon to come up. I want my colors to a little bit cleaner. now So lighter and okay over here. When a pin smaller roast. I'm using a lighter Pickman, actually off my parent Maroon. I like that Pickman Nestle Energy. I makes a bit off a permanent rose. Yeah. So just a bit of a site roast. Look. And I opened up a little bit again and I joined this up the leaves. So I have ah have dropped Rose this way and I'm going to Okay, I'm going to show another one. Maybe over here I can Is that the phone? Hold this. And as I said, Yeah. So I'm going off paying and another one over here. So again, with that, uh, center, my brushes still upright remind you a bit Yeah, And my sister is not pick My sister is small and it's rapping Rapping This one is a bit smaller Came my roasts my roses a bit smaller and I washed to pull up x the bigger pet this year it's a bit like intentionally because this are filler rose us filler bruises and okay , I'm going to have my green here. I haven't intentionally bring in Okay. Yeah. So my leaves just create this way Create here So I have to fill er roses drop here and let me see that. Want to have another one? Maybe I should have one more here. Yeah, I should have one more here. So I turned my big toe paintings and not easier to turn your people. Then I can t o yeah. Trying to turn it so much. So I have a little bit off the permanent rose for the brighter looks over here. I wanted I wanted it here this time round. Maybe a bit smaller. Yeah, because of the spacing. Because of the space, I haven't really done the small roles, but so maybe later on a little bit more so with the center scroll. Thin line, tenancy stroke you didn't see strong. And a big one And a good one. Yeah, and I will have the green set green. So this is a very small one. I would like to get in. Maybe some. Yes, someone here. A little bit more. I think I like to have more this color coming over here because there's a lot off green I would like you to learn there. So s u pin as you see that there's a lot of green here. We should balance it with some of these other colors. So green mixed with a bit off. Caroline Maroon Teoh Have some interesting post. Yeah, it's a little bit. I I have a pure one of pure key member overlap Pinker lease again. We can actually have this. The filler, the feel of flowers of filler leaves again if we went so yeah, additional one coming up This other shadow leaves? Yeah. Which I would like it this color to balance because there's a lot of green here, so balance it. And yeah, before a mix of green too. It makes a green, too. Sometimes my brush get too dirty and to wash it. Okay. I just noticed that this color here doesn't look so nice, So I just want to get on mine. Decca pearling caroling green and mix again. Yeah, the color didn't looks as nice as I wanted to be. I want to have a bit darker here. So? So I can still layer is constantly because the paper is due holding quite well. You just get on. Yes. So to balance and I just on again our feeling leaves Sometimes you need the filler leaves. You really stand up like this Over here, I have feel of flowers. So I have some filler leaves. I think it in here. And I'm very used. My style. It I'm using mass Violet for my filler Flora makes again must Violet and Caroline maroon for this. I hope you're enjoying this session as much as I do. How I may get them. And I create this reef. Yes. So I really you them And on somehow kindness do this. So you see that over here is a little bit too light, right? Yes. So I can on Yeah, I can get on some leering. Maybe not so deck. So just, um, some layering teeth. So over here, my rose, the color had cover. Diffuse. I couldn't really see that that appear. So I on I just on Maybe a line like this. A line like this and even this ally like this in the majors kind off right in it a little bit. Yes. So we have this Rose reef done something is missing anything which I like in these pieces. I have some yellow on green, so maybe I'm going at some here. Some yellow color that I am missing in my painting, which I thought it looks a lot better. So I use a bit of you and green. So remember, we mentioned yellow and green. Give me. Yeah. OK, Yeah. So I have a kind of yellow green grows at is a bit off para Nimer. Okay. Yeah, I think it makes it a bit more interesting this week. So you have, Ah, rules here. Smaller rooms here. Okay. And I have finished my devil. I hope you enjoy the session and practice on the front arose and create this site rules to make it interesting. And, of course, the smaller roses, which is actually the same technique. And we have a big leaves because the primary leafs and are some shadow leaves. The penguin is a socially leaves, and I have feel a leaves and feel of floors toe on. So there are steps. Leering steps. I hope you enjoy the session. See you, Harrison. 12. Rosewreath Demo 2: we'll come back for today's lesson. I'm going to do a food enamel off a floor, a reef, something like this. And I'm using this palette. Participating Permanent Rose Opera Rose Mass Violet, Seconding parent Green and Meridian body. This piece that I was using actress hot pressed paper. So it's pretty small, But now I'm painting on a cold press babe. So I'm using a number six brush. I'm using feminine Rose with number six brush because I'm going to paint a slightly smaller rose that leave this men rose again. I have a center this way, and I had smaller com a stroke in loading again with the high Pickman off the men and rose . I scroll my three common stroke here and I pulled out the Peyton. After washing my brush, I pull out the piece and I hold my brush a bit lower to press up. I would like it to be a bit light. So my pain, Yeah, I wonder Pittman over here to be a bit later, so I get on a bit more water. Yeah, I press to get this this roast. So with that, I'm going to get on a bit more pin here. I'm using a bit tough. Oh, obra Rose actually knows. Okay, I went for it to dry before I lay yet my pin over. So this time round, I will use part this pain and I mix a little bit off my common and rose to get over the big enough next color. He will be somewhere here. I live in a bit of space for the beef. Sometimes I do want it to be bright. So now I am on a tree. Com a stroke again and I wash my brush. I pull out the pin who my brush in is a bit lower to press up the outer petal. So I get a small roles here and again. I like to have a bit off brighter. Carla, a prayer arose over here for this one. I can't get on again. It's a little bit dry, you know, clean up. And for the center, for the sent off the rose I can add on a bit off Caroline maroon past mass violence. I have a mix over here, over here I had on for the center and here to get a bit toe, make it a little bit darker for the center vessel. Now I will pain a site roasts, which is slight here. So site rose means I pain the center again. And I have shut com a stroke like this I in a bit off permanent rose for brighter look and I press up to calm a stroll and I pull out, pull out the pin and on a little bit more permanent rose here just to give it a brighter color. Look, actually, I like my site rooms to be you in this suite. I can, uh, not fully open. I would just open up a little bit off pat bills here using my beef stroke, actually. And OK, over here were at more Pickman. It is a bit too much. You just use your brush to pick up the pain again. Yeah, Okay. This one is kind of dry already, And if I want toe on some the layering, I can do it Now. This is the layering technique that I thought in the previous class, and over here it has kind off dry. So I m on permanent rose plus a bit off Perry maroon because the center off the rose I would like to have a bit more Pickman, so I just add on clearing the colors. So let me at on someone roses here Notice that I'm just painting the roses now that's how I usually pay my flora reef, our pain, the roses and on the leafs later on. So what? I'm painting. I actually have a rough idea. Like where I won my rose us Toby. So I kind of plan to have my roses here. Not a one here. So this is my reference. So if you are painting, you can actually refer to this to build your roses this way. Yes. So that's Ah, main focal point again is over here. So my main focal point is somewhere here. So I have another rules, but this time I try to make it lighter. See, I usedto shocked. Call my strong right, the smaller one Just rip brown. And now I decided toe have a bigger one now. I'm not I'm not going to make it so that this time Yeah, So I will have my roast here. But if I want my leaf to have a bit of a blend I need toe in my greener so it in my set green. So every time you are painting you need to prepare your palate with the pain already. So any time you can add on See, I'm adding in this now. So I call this roast Reese a shabby roll. Sweet. So I kind of in my leaves here since I'm having a bit off green. Now, if you like your color to bleat like this, you have to pin it when it is wet. Let me in some other mixed Carlos year. So this is a bit off porters Ping participating plus my sent green. If you wanted to have a clean look, you can just wash it off. Just hath participating because for testing and still give you a very a sweet kind of color issue in a bit off green. Here is your leave. Stroke goes, And here I like to health bigger leaves for my roasts. I'm not applying the rules, Ross Leaf technique over here because this is quite a small one. Unless you're painting a big rose, then perhaps you like to try debt off each leaf stroke there? Yes. So I am already creating a small in the corner here. And I'm quite happy with it so far. A bit off Karen Green. Sometimes it gets a bit duck, so I didn't really want it to be so that I just need a clean it off. Just clean it off a bit. That's why the paper is very important. If you have a cotton paper like this, you can actually clean it off. P. Right. So now I will pain one over here. One more. Maybe turned this week. So this will be another site roasts this time round. I have a mix off participating here Permanent grow. So I get discover and I will have it Pain here. Case of centering. See Stroke Morsi stroke. This time I wash to pull out the pin for later Kanda and I like my petal to be here coming up. And one more here. So you see, mine flora are always very close to one another. So you don't have to do to the pain in a lot of feelers. You are actually having your mean flower too, Kanye Food Bill up your floor A reef. So you always need toe in a higher value off pin here for the depth to show that that sometimes I do have toe in some minor strokes that these my no comma strokes toe to just give a better few to this flower because or else it will be very rounded. Yeah, it's kind of hard to explain in this week, but after you look at this without that commerce stroke, you will look doesn't look that nice, but no, not in the smaller one. Yeah, it does look so better so it in the leaves. I like to get in. Yes, some comes to give more interest. So I'm building the floor if this we know some in and some out so we can see better now and remember the rules. But they have taught you in my earlier class. Now, you can add on some of these over here, and I'm using participating again. Just have a more diluted one. I like it to be light enough so you can achieve press one and two over here can make it brown do if you won. And if you think that the color is a little bit on the dull side, you can still get in a bit more right to cover up Behrooz and coming in rows. Okay, I will like to have a few more, but before that, I need my greens. Yeah, I need to get tingly leaves. And, uh, now I get on. I did not wash my brushes. Sweat got discolor, but not to worry. I just can't get on. You just need to wash your brush again and really looked cleaning. So I have one here, and I have one here very close. And then I in then use again. So it looks very natural. The falling off the reef This way it looks like I need to add in some more leave here because it kind off Mt. Yeah, as I pain. I just look at see how Yeah, but even for my reference, I don't really cause a creepy my Lisa. All right, so I just, um Just look at it and see where I should add on more leaves. You can actually pain a very similar grief again. It can be similar by Cumbie. Exactly. Yes. So I'm just adding on some more Karlis and this site I am this I can happen somehow. This I can Yeah. So if at this point you think that you're happy with your Flora Reef? I think you can actually stop. Maybe a maybe to spread out all of the big mom. Yeah, So if you are happy with just like that itself is quite a nice wreath because some of you will probably take along the time to pain. Yeah. So, uh, you can t just spread spread up a bigger reef, But for me, I will probably do a full one. So for this, I like to use back. I like to use back. Common in rows is do one of the brightest and my favorite pink, I guess. Yes. So see stroll again. You can always get in some more colors and let me drop a bit off petal. Sometimes the roles have a drop petal here. Yeah, and I'm gonna in some leaves. That's why you have to pin them together If you want this effect. If not most off the term. When I'm teaching, I just want to focus on the flower Furse. But now I'm doing a full Demel. I need to show you as home I get this effect. I really like how this look now I will have a big off mix Karlis for these for this leaf. Remember what I've taught before. Prime relieves some second release. This other shadow leaves shadow leaves means there little bit under lighter color. And I probably don't really neat a filler leaves here. I really like how this turned up with the doctor Tune the layering and it gave it a very soft touch off the rose P. Now I'm going to add in some more rose spots like this, which Yes, again in the earlier plus, I have taught you and you really need to practice a lot on this. And they make really very pretty filler Flores, especially for your for your rules. Can we painted a bit lighter now and a little bit off. Brighter, colorless, Some drop pet the and we have the greens again. Okay, let's get some off this green. This is mine. Leave. Stroke, I think over here. I need to have something. Some pink toe. Break them on a Tony after green here, so they kind of overlap so we can build a lot. And OK, one more Rose butts is getting very fun. I really hope after landing these you're pain more this Rose wreath and, uh, and do take me and make me a pro teacher. So I realized that I haven't really used a Meridian, buddy. It's not exactly necessary, I guess, for this reef. So you probably don't need to invest that color. Okay, so I already kind of coming to the end off this time. Okay. I feel that here a bit empty, so I just can't at on balance it a little bit. All right. So over the side, I need to have I need to have some more Keep my paper is a little bit hard to turn for you to see. Now, I hardly use peril in green assault because parenting green is on a very doctor sites, so I need to dilute a little bit. So this is paramount. So, actually, I I just used this case I just use permanent grows a prayer arose participating set green and parenting Green is just a limited palette, which you can be in something so pretty and actually use, verily the color. Because I use very light thing. I should mix a bit off pink. I get on some pain thing. I should have one more one more rose butts again. I like toe in participating and from and then rose for that. So I just kind of pin it here. You some raw Maybe. I just make it a big one. Two skipped it. See? Stroke and I in Come in, Rousse here. Just open up a bit. I have a very round kind of a ruse, Bats. And, uh yeah, so I just in the green again. But so basically, is just rows. And these for these paintings. You see? Let me just again How I would like to end it things some light. He will get smaller and smaller. So I have finished this piece. I need a tummy here this week. I hope you and don't watching this. And also, this will be a project for you again. If this is too much, you just need to focus on that. Some, but learning how to paint the Rose butts. You will definitely want to try this because they're so lovely. So I hope to see you soon in my next crust 13. Bonus Video: way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, - way , way, way, way, way, way, - way , way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way.