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Watercolour & Reiki Flow

Tanya J. De Wet, Art with Purpose

Watercolour & Reiki Flow

Tanya J. De Wet, Art with Purpose

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9 Lessons (1h 22m)
    • 1. Welcome to Watercolour & Reiki Flow

    • 2. Lesson 1 - Tap in to Reiki

    • 3. Lesson 2 - Centering Connection Meditation

    • 4. Lesson 3 - Basic Supplies & Alternatives

    • 5. Lesson 4 - Start Slow, Draw Spiral

    • 6. Lesson 5 - Getting Practical

    • 7. Lesson 6 - Express Yourself

    • 8. Lesson 7 - Real Time Demo

    • 9. How to Share your projects

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About This Class



Watercolour & Reiki Flow – Connecting Creativity

Tapping into your share of the natural Reiki energy & Creative Flow is easier than you think. Reiki energy is available to everyone all of the time. The Creative Connection of a gentle energy flow enhances your creativity, it facilitates healing and enables you to create freely. You can watch the Welcome to Watercolour & Reiki Flow video with my Studio Muse, Husky the Cat, on one of my early morning painting sessions. I have very fonds memories with my pets over the years and all of them Loooove Art & the Creative Reiki Energy around my painting sessions. We play & create together regularly. It was fun recording this with her, but she doesn't appear in the Class Lessons again, but you can hear her bell when she came rushing into the house when a sudden shower of rain came down during the recording sessions for Lesson 6.  

Reiki is often portrayed as a very serious and exclusive practice, reserved for Reiki Masters & their Initiates. As a practicing Master and Artist, I've come with offerings of a few creative techniques to gather & harness the creative flow for a Watercolour adventure. The Watercolour & Reiki Flow Class is based off my years of experienced energy connection & active participation of the free resource.

Come with me to connect to a soft, calming and playful energy with your art supplies. We are mainly going to work with Watercolour, but you can join in with any other art supply you like. Creating an easy class with no pressure or rules to help you gain confidence in harnessing the natural flow & getting you ready for the day’s work is the main objective. 

 Drawing in or funneling in the creative connection during a guided meditation will be as easy as closing your eyes & allowing your imagination to take you to the infinite source. If you do not feel like doing or participating in the guided Creative Connection session, you can skip over the whole lesson as it is completely separate from the other Lessons. 

Every Lesson in this class is designed around a Creative Connection with yourself & finding new ways to be creative through the wonderful world of Watercolour. 

In Lesson 3, we are covering basic Watercolour supplies & tools with alternative demonstrations of a few other art supplies if you happen to like the class but don't have Watercolour paint yet.

We are going to Start Slow in Lesson 4 to get your creative juices flowing with painting several spirals. The spiral paintings are so much fun & contribute to many ideas for more creative exploration that you will have a whole set of spirals to use in your Class Project.

The reason why we are gathering so much Creative Connection through all of the Watercolour practice pieces & Reiki flow is so that you are well equipped to Getting Practical in Lesson 5.


During Lesson 6 you'll discover the beautiful benefits of doing your Creative Works in a Sketchbook as I take you on a short journey through several pages of Watercolour creativity. You’ll see how easy it is to just allow the paint to play on the page as you use the Creative Flow techniques to freely create. You can absolutely follow along when you feel comfortable to do so. Never be afraid to make mistakes, the Sketchbook is there for you to use so that you can improve every step of your own creativity.

 The Real Time Bonus Painting in Lesson 7 shows the painting process and more information is given in pop up texts throughout.

As this whole class is not a "tutorial" on how to use Watercolour, but rather an adventure in Capturing, Harnessing & freely Using your newly obtained Creative Connection through Watercolour & Reiki Flow. From start to finish, I only want you to have creative fun, learn how to obtain more creativity & become more relaxed as a Creative Being. There are no hard rules in this class & certainly no pressure to perform. Pure enjoyment & Creative Fun is my greatest wish for you.


By the time you've reached Lesson 8, you'll be able to:

- work with a limited palette

- you'll have a heap of spiral paintings

- a new creative connection to the infinite source 

- know your creative strengths a little better

- explored Watercolour in a new way

- have enough information to start a new Sketchbook with a daily Sketchbook keeping practice

- and become familiar with the softer, more gentle creative nature of Reiki


As added extras, there will be a few downloadable resources for you. Included are:

- a mp3 soundtrack of the lovely birds from my garden, for your listening pleasure

- a printable version of the 5 Reiki Principals with the Cho-Ku-Rei Symbol from the guided meditation in Lesson 2

- an Art Print of my Real Time Painting demo in Lesson 7 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Tanya J. De Wet

Art with Purpose


Hey there you,

I was wondering when you'll be stopping by to see what I've been up to. Yes, you guessed it! It's Art related & that's why you're here too.

I'm Tanya J. de Wet the Artist and Andsodesigns is my Business where I create a beautiful Creative Career life worth living in.

On my website I have  lovely arty things for you to look at, plus a few Blog Posts about keeping Sketchbooks, Art, links to my YouTube channel & my designs. Everthing in my life is about becoming my own best version. When I'm not working on my career, I love to dive deep into Art Workshops, Retreats and one on one classes with students that have a true passion for becoming aspiring Artists. I guide them to discover their own unique voice in the world by helping... See full profile

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1. Welcome to Watercolour & Reiki Flow: So now that our formal introduction has done, and just like my name is Tanya, I'm an artist and a creative Educator, and I'm also a raking Master. I just love making art and creating a beautiful life. You know, that life where we came in to be part of creation. In this class, I will be sharing more of base strategies to getting no creative juices flowing. I'll be using watercolor and raking. We are going to catch up with and create a flow that is available to all of us. As you can see, my studio mirrors and co-creator is playing with my paint. Together. We will full your intake cup and become inspired to create a creative and whole new way of life. This easy method is centering connection, and it will be guided to get you into the flow. This flow will bring more creative T2, like never before. I'll guide you to connection. Show you some easy warm-up techniques. Demonstrate a hunk, expand on ways you can express yourself, or even go through the importance of having a sketchbook and do a real-time bonus video from drawing to final painting without extended explanations or unnecessary parts. Are also leaves some download items for you in the class resources. Once you've connected, you will want to connect again and again. Feel free to come back to this class. So sign up and let's get to it. 2. Lesson 1 - Tap in to Reiki: Okay, I've often wondered why some people have more creativity than others. And I don't think it's a problem worth anything. They are not capable, but simply because they are not tapped in. So today, I'm going to share a little secret with you. I use a raking and water color to create a creative flow that will bring more creativity to my mind that I can use. So I hope you are going to join me in your quest to discover your own creativity. Out energy fields are so sensitive. They can easily drain and leave us empty. And feeling stressed and worried. If you've been feeling irritated, cranky, stressed, or just downright knock yourself lately, it's time to get your energy flow going again. Filling up those empty, creative areas in your life is what this class is going to be about. I don't want us to get too serious. I want you to have a whole bunch of fun. Well, we are going to create, draw together, play with our watercolors and other art supplies. And connect with that natural energy field that's there for all of us to take. So join me and we can get you back on track. See you in the next lesson. 3. Lesson 2 - Centering Connection Meditation: At erased and finding yourself or 84 raking, centering connection. So we are chained Klee and easily listening to the sounds in the background. Here. Here. To enter their achy centering connection. Sit back, relax. Relax your shoulders. Now. Take a few moments to connect. Connect with your heart. And listen to the sermon pulse of the music. So direct, give full attention to your heart center. Imagine golden glow. Glow. Now. Cast your inner side out around you. Use your imagination. Create a golden allowing funnel. Extend the funnel around you. And finally, there's a brightly illuminated age. From to h. More golden globe is trickling down. S2. It's a funnel, this chlorine golden light into your car. There's a Golden Globe. Applause slowly and loving into you. Drew more love. And cold and glow. For yourself. See how the energy flows towards you. Seal, Azure harmed. Said Golden's loan flows effortlessly. Flows easily. It flows for you. It towards life. It gives you joy. But golden glow flushes out any darkness. It follows all those gaps. Was exactly what you need. If you detect any leftovers. And saying CO2, not one. Simply praise him out. A deep sigh. Take a deep breath in and sigh out all the attachments. Take another deep breath in and sigh out all the negative self-talk. Theory of Mind. Inhales a golden color. Folio mind was a Golden Globe. Mine was to create to folks. As you please in noun. You are assured that you have only taken your share. The balance of life. Case, Give and Take. The bird knows s. And now here normally two. If there are any open spaces for lifting your body, needs the golden. So it know this your share. As you breathe in and breathe out here and understand the balance here that you already here. Just enough life force and energy for today. Fan sites. You can now circulate that golden and life-force was to get you to your field. And as you notice, this new life force or monitor IT flows a day. Was yield, phone and eager mind and ratings. You know, that you can go and live your life today. It means you have the courage to jump in and do that next thing. It means you can put your well-being into action and become who you want to be. We are now ready to share the right key premises. Soft tape TO cell. You can repeat them after me. Just for today. I will not worry. Just for today. I will not become angry. Just for today. I will continue to do my work was integrity. Just for today. I will be kind to all living things. And just for today, I will have gratitude for all my blessings. As we wind down this connection, I know for sure that you are sold with a golden glow and have creative flow. Once you own rating and the music runs out, you pin snow. Okay, you know, this new days she's waiting for you. Thank you for your willingness to follow your heart with a golden glow of creativity today. Remember, you can come back and rejuvenate with Iraqi centering connection. You have a new outlook on life today and you have the courage to do the things that you've always wanted to do. You are now prepaid for the dice things and you are ready to attempt new stuff. The right Qi Chu Qu ray symbol is your reminder off the same during connection. Connect again when you are ready. I'll see you in the next lesson. 4. Lesson 3 - Basic Supplies & Alternatives: You may notice I'm set up with a very basic palette, brush and some paper. So maybe it's time to discuss our art supplies. In my hand is a number for phosphorous. You can use any brushy like this. Brush is my favorite and I work with it quite often. It can hold enough water, make bold strokes and come to a fine point when I needed to. The other brushes are a flat and a script brush. Then I also have a water brush. Very often I take my water brush with me when I go and paint. It has become invaluable to my collection. And it is very portable. If you have a water brush, a single half pan in your favorite color, and the sketchbook. You could go on holiday and enjoy the pleasure of having your basic art supplies with you in your pocket. Water brushes have revolutionized urban and playing Air painting for everybody. The water brush I'm holding in my hand has a leap. But for what? I'm using it here and using it loosely, I can still use it and I don't ever throw away art supplies. If you have a broken Art Supply down, just get rid of it, is trying to use it for something interesting, it might surprise you. I also use a regular small plate for mixing my colors. The first color is connected, Madame Rose, burnt sienna, and ultra marine. You can really choose any three colors that you like. Remembering that with these small little exercises, we are creating a space too late in creativity and there is no pressure in any aspect of what we are doing here today. We are playing and having fun just for us. Next, I'll show you what else is on my workspace. There are more tools. A flower for reference. I always have a burning candle somewhere. Two glasses of water. One for clean brushes and the other one to wash off. Oh, paint. And then also a bloody tell. Let me show you what the color palette looks like. On a taste piece of paper and switching out some quinacridone grove. This is a cool rate, almost like magenta, the burnt sienna. And everyone knows ultramarine. Mixing the quinacridone rows with ultramarine can give you the perfect purple. The burnt sienna, and ultra marine gives you a deep Payne's gray. This color can be used to darken up any other areas or to add shadows. That quinacridone rows and burnt sienna gives you a deep desert rose color, which is similar to the shades of pink that is trending now. And when we mix more burnt sienna was ultra Marine. We get a grayish green on it, taste a piece of paper. You can sort out some of your colleagues by adding more water to get the colors thinner. You will end up with PESTEL tones. Playing with your software towns will help you feel relaxed. But the aim here is for you to do what feels right. The y I'm going to use it is just a suggestion. On the left is the softer tones with extra layers. Then we have the saturated palette, as it looks like in natural light. That's the lost tall thin sample is the catalyst that have pinpointed made mixes that suit me and that have softer variations. I swatch them outset At, I can refer back to them when I need to. It's always nice to have something to refer back to. And that is why I like switching out. When you do not have watercolors, you can use ink and paper. When I'm going over these alternative art supplies, you can just have a look. I don't want you to limit your creative flow by thinking you need a specific type of medium. The next is dry medium, a colored chalk. You can also use this. You can use water soluble chalks. They start out as crayons and they turn into water colors. The art community quite smitten about this product. You can take a few of your art supplies and try them all afterwards. Drawing with the pen switch is also valuable. Often add some encouraging words. The foreign in ways that are large to share with you is simply using water on a reflective surface. The act of drawing out spirals, unreflective surface may seem completely out of the ordinary. Yes, it is. And for good reason, when we stop and step out from our regular practice and do something out of the ordinary. We break our old habits that have held us back. New things don't just happen on their own. So i happen when we have random ideas that spill over into a whole new concept. And before you know it, you have a new collection of beautiful things to call you on. These small little warmer creations can be inspirational and are your reminders of the creativity you already have. Drawing them towards you and then spelling them out onto your day is exactly why we start with a balanced and calm manner. You will find that the flow of the golden glow comes to you when you are at ease with yourself and with life. Putting the colors onto a piece of just because you can, is a natural response to our inner child and creative nature. That creative nature is always ready to come out and play. So be playful today. I know it is difficult when we have deadlines and targets and emails and other serious things to do. When I have to say to that is you have to play to find that balance. 5. Lesson 4 - Start Slow, Draw Spiral: Listen, fall starts slow. Now that we know what our palate looks like, I would like you to use the colors you've chosen. On a white surface. You can mix up some paint. This is to send it down into petals that we can use to create our spirals. The white background of the plate will help you to see the transparency of your paint. And it's an indication of the strength of the pigment. Mixed some really send pastel shades for the Spiral exercises. When you compare the original swatches to the mixes on the plate, you can see how lovely and transparent the paint is. Starting out slow warm-ups with softer tones will set the stage for your relaxation. This will also help you to start your day creatively. I found that bright colors tend to excite the census and little bit too much. While softer colors set the tone for a more gentle and easy approach. Incorporating a complex aspect like raking might seem overwhelming. That is why I always recommend that you start out slowly and become aware of the subtle energies. These energies are available to all of us. You know, when you suddenly feel those goosebumps on your arm. Now, when you feel that you've been exposed to an energy and your senses picked it up. But we're not going into deep like that. What we are doing is connecting with our inner self and getting our creative flow going. If you've mixed up your colors, start getting ready. Have your piece of paper there. Swatches of color palettes. For the first little painting practice, we are going to draw some spirals. The spirals are a very real force we can use to draw in. We are drawing in creativity. You are the center of the spiral and everything new 1D can be drawn in from the outside. So when you start in the middle and draw out your circles outward, you'll notice that you are reaching out into the universe. And when you go from the outer age back to the same time, you are drawing what you've collected there, back to yourself. As you are playing with the drawing, pushing and pulling of the subtle energies. You can imagine the final of light we've spoken about in the meditation. That love and life force is part of you and it wants to play with you. So you can draw that in. And like the final exercise, have the energy into you through just a visual playfulness of the spirals. Participating in the creative flow will leave us Fuller. And when we'll fold, it's easier for us to share with others. And that is when we use our energies to give back to the world. Imagine giving back and receiving like the balance flow nature intended. Everything that goes up must come down. Everything that goes in Moscow out. Ultimately, you determine the way you want to play today by making these small spirals are little cut off pieces of watercolor paper. You are playing with the energy field and you are drawing energy and creativity to watch you. You can do the spirals with the alternative tools like I explained in lesson three. Try all of your supplies and savor every moment. Really feel what that art supply is showing you. It feels way different working with a dry medium than it does with a weight medium. Although I found with watercolor, we easily connect with the watery element because our bodies contain so much water. Play with your water colors and drew many, many spirals. I'll see you in the next lesson. Have fun. Substance abusers, social circle. So here also, you can also use the term response. 6. Lesson 5 - Getting Practical: Getting practical, as we are most sainted and prepaid for our day, we can take our practice session through to a large sheet of paper. Getting ourselves into creative mode does take a little bit of effort, but it is well worth it. Here in lesson five, I want you to late the creativity sink in what we have learned so far. When we want to capture those brush strokes and use our paint on this large surface. We are still discovering how to incorporate all of the new things into our daily creative process. With any of the brushes on your table and some leftover paint on the palette. We're going to create freely now. We're exploring the shapes and movement that sprout naturally from our brushes. Collect some color on your brush and make marks on your page. These battles are just suggestions for a flower. Let's not give Al flowers or our shapes any names right now. Just make some shapes and see what your brush can bring forth for you. You can switch brushes at any time and also alternate your colors. We are keeping at soft and easy. Our lives often demand much more from us and we must step back from all of it. At times. The time you are using here to recover and rejuvenate is essential to your well-being. Taking care of your needs is very important. If you want to make progress, it is especially important. Discovering what our brushes can do and experimenting with different brush strokes is a wonderful way to warm up. Every morning. You could get into the creative flow very easily this way. Many abstract artist have come up with the most beautiful work and expanded their collections when I painted intuitively. Using information through our intuition is what makes your creativity unique. The way you use and interpret the messages you receive is the very thing that sets you apart from everybody else. Right? Mm-hm. Bringing the elements together and combining the natural flow with what you already know is the perfect way to create a sense of balance in your life. When you've gained access to this beautiful resource, you are well on your way to balance. Once you reach your balance and gained clarity in your daily practice, you will realize that everything is connected. Everything we see in others also exists in us. We are all connected. Part of a whole. Being imbalance is our natural state. When we take into consideration all the things we've done. And the meditation that painting processes, the way the paper and the water plays with each other. All of these things combined is your creative flow. I can deeply appreciate a wonderful practice like this. And it is only my wish that you adopt the sign for yourself. You don't even have to do all of these things every single day. But you must do it before you start to feel run down or before that slump He Chu. The real challenge here is to be in tune with your creativity and come to realize when you are running on empty. Don't wait too long. You need to regenerate way before you lose creativity. You can always connect with the meditation at anytime without doing all the extra things. You can come here often and late in that goal and glow to allow the flow of your natural rhythm to capture your creativity. Remember, creativity does not have any rules to abide by. It doesn't matter what brush you use, which one you choose, and what colors you are interested on that specific day. But instead, creativity asks only to be allowed to flow through you and to be captured for a moment in time. It's being captured with your hands. I've got a little quote for you. Creativity has now Master vogue. It serves you well to become one. 7. Lesson 6 - Express Yourself: Express yourself in less than six. I want you to start thinking of how you can use this practice. Because how you continue to create is always up to you. I never want you to feel guilty about having too many paintings or too many uncompleted projects. So how do you continue to create without the pressure and critique? How do you really get better at what you do? For me? The answer is simple. It's through a sketchbook. Expressing yourself freedom in a sketchbook is by far the most rewarding feeling of being an artist. We could take our sketch books anyway. Some of my favorite places and outside in the garden, in parking lots, lighting in the car park for my kids. And also, just to take a stroll down the lane, sit down somewhere and draw whatever I see. Anywhere, even in front of the television. You can use any of your favorite mediums in a sketchbook. As long as you put a layer of JSON, you can even paint. Your chosen sketchbook can become a daily habit of positive memories. There is such a wide variety of sketchbooks out there. For free expression, a watercolor sketch book is perfect. Your preference of Sketchbook will mostly depend on what medium you use and what size of book, you know. While you are discovering what types of sketchbooks you along, please feel free to try out several varieties. This way, you can discover what shape and size and paper quality you like to work with. The beauty of expressing yourself in a sketchbook goes far beyond the collection of works. It's a way to measure your progress as an artist and to freely express their creativity. The same goes for writing and drawing too. When you have a book completed and another, and another with several overhears, you can clearly see your own progress from each of the images over each of the pieces. You can choose several to redo. Again, have something to measure your progress with. You must never compare yourself and you growth to anybody else's work. Only compare your work with your own previous work. Everyone improves and everybody improves what they think they need it and improve. That is exactly what your sketch book is for you to practice. The sinks you come up with. Expression of ideas, a warm up before project, and even tinker around just to get some ideas coming out. Taking your creative connection and pouring it out into a tangible body of work will bring you a sense of accomplishment. An added bonus of having a sketch book is that you get to choose who sees it and what they get to see. You only have to share the treasures you want them to know about. Okay? Your sketch book is your visual memory key path. So I urge you to go and express yourself freely in my sketchbook. Develop your creative flow systematically. When you find yourself searching for something to paint, stop for a moment. Go to this centring connection lesson and recharge your own creative flow. Then come back to you or your piece of work. Sit down quietly and allow that creativity to flow so you, your art can only improve and become more unique by turning inwards to find it. 8. Lesson 7 - Real Time Demo: Right? Okay. Okay. Mm-hm. Some of these issues. So the fact that she uses yes. So let's discuss those. Thank you. Okay. Yes. Sorry. Since the switch. Whoops. So since it's consistent. Say something. So then choose the symptoms. Tissue. Square feet or meters. Oops. You so so sure. This percentage, right? Oops. Yes. So this section. 9. How to Share your projects: You can start learning on skill share today, the platform offers a no commitment and cancel at anytime policy. Either way, you are assured to be part of a community. Fold with classes that spark your creativity. Skill share has some of the base teachers who lead the way with a project that power your goals. With skill share you learn by doing. You'll always be part of a supportive community and you learn for your own future. Here you can join a community of over 8 million creators around the world. And as a bonus, you could start a free trial with skill shade today and watch the watercolor and rightly flow clause right away. Once you've logged into your skill share account, it is easy to find a class. Simply search it was keywords in the search bar. It is always nice to share your project. Once you've completed a clause, you will find below the videos that there are projects and resources next to the project description. This is a green button called create project. When you start from the left, you can find more information there. There's an About section, reviews, discussions. You'll find a full description of the project. You can post a few images of your spirals. You can also include a large piece of your work. You could take a snapshot of your sketchbook if you decided to invest in one. The sketchbook is an easy way for you to monitor your progress. That is why I urge you to really think about getting a sketch book for yourself. You can also share a picture of yourself and your paid. This is just for fun. The class project extends into your daily practices and is a huge investment in yourself. The investment is through the time you need to meditate, The time you learn, and to connect with your creativity. For this section of the class project, there is a tangible measure for your own creative connection through the way that you feel. The creativity you push out will reflect in the work you'll be creating over a period of time. Therein is the importance of your sketch book, as it is the direct proof of your progress. Comparing an older version of a piece with a remake of the same piece is a clear reflection of your growth. Please download your resources and enjoy them personally. Do not give them as gifts. Also, do not share them. Do not sell them, and use the resources in a way that will prevent copyright infringement. So what can we do on that green create project button? On the very top of the page is your cover image. This is where you can add your main project. Click the Upload Image, then search for the image on your computer. Double-click and it will open a new window. Here you can adjust the scale and move the image around. Remember to click the submit button when you are satisfied, your screen will come back. And this is where you can add a project title and also add more images. You can add more images when you click on the image icon. And a new place will open for you to add. Three additional images should do the trick. Some of the skill tags you can add, watercolor and raking. My final thoughts on today's class is that we sometimes do so much for others. We do so much for our jobs, for our careers, for our families and loved ones. Isn't it nice to just take a few moments every now and then to just be with yourself and full your own cup. And now that your carpus fold, you can take anything on you and the world R1 have to offer can be poured out into your unique gifts. You can take your beautiful creations and use them to enhance your everyday. Please download the documents in the resources section and remember that they are for your personal use. Only. Want you to leave this class with a renewed sense of wholeness. Then share it with your friends, family, and coworkers. Who knows? Maybe someone else out there is feeling empty today and you can help to fold them. Thank you so much. My heart is filled with absolute 2D. Gratitude for your friendship and gratitude for taking this class. I'll see you with my next class. Bye.