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Watercolour Peonies Step by Step

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

9 Lessons (50m)
    • 1. Intro

    • 2. Art Materials

    • 3. Peonies Palette

    • 4. Creating those Strokes

    • 5. Step by Step Peony Buds

    • 6. Step by Step Budding peony

    • 7. Step by Step Blooming Peonies (Intermediate)

    • 8. Final Details for more definition (Intermediate)

    • 9. How to Compose a Peony Wreath

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About This Class

In this 'Watercolour Peonies Step by Step' class, I will be teaching you peonies buds, budding peonies and blooming peonies.
This is a basic to intermediate class, you will learn:

1) Wet on Wet Technique
2) Wet on Dry Technique
3) How to paint Leaf Stroke
4) How to paint Comma Stroke
5) How to paint Peony Buds
6) How to paint Budding Peonies
7) How to paint Blooming Peonies (Intermediate)
8) Details (Intermediate)
9) How to build up petals layers (Intermediate)
10) How to compose a Peony Wreath
As usual, I will give you free PDF files for references.

For those who have not painted peonies before, I hope you can watch my other Skillshare online class 'Loose Peonies with round brush'. 

Hope you will join all the lessons.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Intro: uh, hi. I'm Esther or Esther Pet from my G. I've been painting pureness for the last few years, and today I'll be teaching you What a callup, Younis, Step by step. This is a basic to intermediate class our chefs on basic lessons on how to paint puny Smuts leading pureness. And at the intermediate level, I will teach you how the pain rooming pure and I will share with you tips on pureness color combination and how to create soft petals. In this class, I will get you from basic common strokes to building up off layering petals in the finer detail lesson. I show you how to defy the ship off the puny you will be given free. Pdf folks for easy reference is I can't wait to share these pureness with you and see your creations after learning hope that you join my pureness class 2. Art Materials: in today's class. Are we teaching you how to pain rooming Puritans and bad impurities like this and this other materials that even meet Oh, I would rather see that work for me. You can also refer to my last class on what the color rose Step by step. I talk about papers and brushes that worked for me. So today's class I will not talk so much about this. Once again, I'll be using people's like sound like 50% quarter paper, which I discuss in the rooms with a color class. This will be more force watchers and colors pellets, and I'll be using Tribunal. This are my for being those people, which I cut into about if I and for the pains for this class a more particular about the pits because for Pune ease, I think the colors need toe work very well in the sense that it has been vibrant. It has been very pretty, and these other colors are just that I has done earlier on some off the colors that selected for this puny Sylvie lemon yellow yellow OK, Captain Yellow did Dominion upper arose, Purchase Ping Queen accrued and write like women and coming parent in my room. Brilliant Rick Violet. So this quite a love colors. But not to worry. Are we talking about some colors that on my favorite in my other plus later on and OK for the brushes as I'm using 100% cotton people, I will be using my favorite Kolinsky saber again. But if you don't have a kolinsky sable brush like this, you can still use syntactic mix, which I also discussed in my earlier class. Rose. What a color step by step. I use Princeton heritage mixed and also what for me So But I'll be working with Princeton Kolinsky, Sable number six or number eight, depending on the size of pureness that you wonder what we've and I need to head her number to brush. I'm using a Princeton Heritage round number two for the details, and I actually need a wash. You can choose any brand off wash colors, but I mean me, I'm using yellow. You can choose metallic colors if you wish to. So, of course, we need our kitchen papers to brought up the colors, which is very important. So again we need the two glasses of water, which I will just briefly talk about one for washing your brushes and want to get in cream water. I hope you will take some time to work on your own color sorters like this for easy reference so that you will know how to mix a pin. And we're jumping to the next class very soon. So I see you soon. 3. Peonies Palette: I'm glad you're back so soon. If all your materials Raby Yes. And in this class I'll be discussing with you about purees palette. See how beautiful this pure Liza amend the colors. I don't work out a couple of colors so that you can try them out some very, very pretty colors off the periods visible, the pain, the use east she make for them a queer for this first puny. I'm using Queen Creadon and lemon yellow. You see the color? They're useful. This is printed. Um, great. Like class lemon yellow, which is a very like value. And so I have fit pink for the soldiers that your booking on, you have to start with a value to a light value and you'll see, like how much water you have to create this life value. I will show you later on for the next one is Cochise Ping and opera. Oh, I use very little opera rules for this again for switchers. Work on this so that you know that this is the very light value off purchase pain and next we have permanent coming. I use only one color. And I didn't discussed in my other class about then you are painting a flora unique tree value so you can actually see that there's a light there are viewed as a medium value and that's it. That so? It's okay to use just one color. But Tree Valley. And for this one, I have a mix of colors I use coming and coming. Uproar arose and Carolyn moral, but that so instead, off three values like this. I used three colors. I have a mix off, women coming and opera rose that very bright colors. I do have a mixed medium value here, which is some of these colors. And my last Tucker tone is parallel maroon, which I use here. So I used three colors in these pureness three colors in this puny one color three values. Okay, I hope you got to learn these because this is something that have thought before in my road class and for this one. Okay, I need toe makes the color toe get that very pretty colors. Usually for like, puritans when it appear on instagram post, it doesn't look so attractive because it's very light and it doesn't catch the attention, but in person, this like pureness are so pretty and I really love them a lot. He I need to mix this color. It is participating and I need to add lemon yellow so yellow, lemon yellow. And whenever you're working on color searchers, I like you to wreck cut down like me because honestly, it is very helpful. It is really very helpful dressed. We are such for careful people after painting before get. And we need to really try to recall what is this color there were using? So please recut them. What? This pain lemon yellow again. You need a very light value. This is called high use value and this is called lighters value. So the lemon yellow A very light value, Very light value off this and you can get a very pretty thing like this. And okay, let me just show you a couple of other colors that I've come up with even for this color that you have seen here is actually a mix of some of these colors. So if you have lemon yellow quinoa, Creedon, great light and if your value is mixed, you makes a little bit off each different colors and you use parenting maroon you can actually get a puny like this. So I'm like, that's what Has everyone got a walk to show you? Just a mix of different colors. Visible. Get really my colors. Okay. I have two pellets. This is my queen A Creadon, which I wouldn't use a lot. And the year low, you need to mix it. The lemon yellow makes it a bit I'm using. Let me see. I'm using that three colors. Okay, Last work on this, and it looks a little bit orangey Asia, but I'm going to add in peril in maroon. It's very interesting to see how these colors work just at you and when the color dry. Okay, it is quite back here when it dry in. Lighten off. So this is another tips that I'm gonna give you is that our car loves actually dry up and get lighter. Okay, You looks very vibrant. Like this letter on USC. They actually peel off a little bit. So let me record again, because it's really hard to remember so much. Did you have done color swatches like these? You probably can check that these ponies are these puny. It's it's actually painted the brilliant Rick. Violet. So you probably can't see that there's a bit of yellow here. So this pureness is a mixer, real Enric, violet and yellow. So I'm going to show you over here, and I'm using the year low mix K. I didn't wash the brush, so it looks a little bit 30. Okay, so we have two values and one the reluctance of yellow. While looking at this, I think I have covered most of the colors. So I'm going to just quickly show you how I get this very real. In bright orangey color. The colors I'm using will be terminal. So I'm showing you how useful your color structures were to help you to see what colors. So Dominion, Probably lemon yellow and cadmium yellow. So 1234 bitchy color. But sometimes I just used the colors on my palette, and I mixed them. So I'm working on one more color now. But every time when you're working on Flora, you need to know how toe on toning. Okay, What it is we're on this how your value, Which I will talk about this in my other classes on shook and values off pins again How much toe on which you love? You mentioned that you struggle with that. Okay, I have lemon yellow and mix of this can. Then yellow dip here, so I'm gonna get on. So is this part in the center that I want it lighter on? I go back to the minion again, be very daring toe in the color, because if you use very lucky will just become fleck. Okay, So I have this very bright top here that I want to see different colors. I'll be sharing with you how to work on this step by step. So it's easier to understand. Right now, I'm just working on the colors. So not to worry about the stroke. I'll be explaining in for the to. So I hope that you enjoy this session off colors combination and do your own color swatches so that you can pin bright, beautiful human use like this. So I see you in my next class 4. Creating those Strokes: we'll come back in this class, I'll be taking you some of the stuff works the pain. Pune it's And I thought that in my book A guide to floral watercolor I teach leave strips, strokes and commerce talks about in this class are be focusing on a bit of leave. Stop, but more commerce drops in this book. A guide to flow What the color, I thought pureness. I have some off the pew knees here and puny Smuts, which is what I'll be teaching more today on budding periods. And this even, like to see more off my Puritans. I have it in another off my book. Oh, lashing brooms In this book, it's more of a collection off my painting. Yeah, yes. So I have two books I got to floor What the color and lashing rooms. They're available at Amazon. There are also available and my own nice store as the back dot com, and I'm giving a 20% discount for this difficult season with a five floor print. So do check on my on my shop at my website as a pet dot com. Okay, so today we'll be touching on strokes, U. S C that we need to learn. Two stocks which I mentioned earlier to pain relief. Stroup, I hold my brash above 75 degrees from sir face. Okay, 75 abuse and became from the tip off the brush and I pull away from me and decrease pressure. And most of the end. So I get a lift stroke this summer will look a bit faster. Prince, This is really a leaf strip. But in the sense when I'm painting a puny I don't everything so shop. So I'm showing you now The two lifts stroke that I didn't want it to be so around one is here one one and go up key this way. And one go up this rate to all. I joined them up. So I have a rounded that one blessed that too. You join up so I'm going to show it in. Think now so you can see the pet. Those thing I get a bright color key one two very round It's leaf, but making it very round one. This one you need to practice. I call this and least and I'm just moving a little bit fast because I do have students who have already know this. But it's always good to watch again because a lot of you asked me about common stroke. This is the common stopped I'm going to teach. So I'm going to look a little bit slower. My brush is fully loaded with people this time round instead off 75 degrees. I'm holding a lot lower turkey the grease A very low and whole. And I push it this reader and I got a comma. This is a very big comma. Let's do it again. Okay, Don't worry that you don't get to round because honestly, the street was not going to show that much one more time Fully loaded this pill. A lot of you have this problem because you just have a bit off pain. Let me re most a pain to show you. If I have a bit off pain only on my brush and I press it down, I would get something smaller not as grow, but you've you have more ping fully loaded and with the number eight round brush I will get something like this press though, and I get something press and I get something really very rough. So This is my common stock, which are used quite a lot for the pureness and even for the commerce stroke, you have to look from right to left or left to right. Okay, this way is easier. But for right hander, like me and most of you are believe painting it this week from left to right. It's a lot more difficult. So you will have to turn your paper a little bit instead off this way, you turn a little bit this way and again, you lord it well, Please, I will have that problem, So Okay, I'm picking this practice. Yep. So to practice on this live show, I think it would help you if you paint a Florrie for the leaves and yeah, two off the leaf stroke told me into a bigger one like this. And the common stock rights with lots up in fully loaded and press and release to the point and important thing is how you hold your brush, your whole your brush to hire. I'm afraid you can. I want to get something that small, but if you hold it lower, you will get a bigger comma like this. So just not I show you this too. So I want you to practice this. This this and of course this. Yes. So this strokes so that you'll be back to join me in the next class. And I'll be teaching you Younis. What side? This How cute they are. Yeah, so I see you very soon. 5. Step by Step Peony Buds: Welcome back. I hope you've done your practices off this. Leave strips and commerce stops on in today's class. I'm going to teach you step by step, Younis, but and they can create very cute. And it's a pianist, Butts like this and even some off them here because with the bad things and the pureness that we'll be learning in today's class, you can create very beautiful pureness paintings. So if you learn how to pimp your knees, but you can add them in your puny sweet and create very beautiful painting like this. So let us jump into the plus. Okay, I'm using maybe a notary 100 grams 100% quarter on paper and Princeton Kolinsky Sable number eight. Because I want to show you my peonies butts opinion this week and step by step, I'll be using a slightly darker color so that you can see better. So because we have already discussed about some of the colors that you can use this on, will be permanent coming. Okay. I looked it very well. So we talk about that one. Step two. I had a very big commerce job. Okay, 30 decrease one one. So I just break them into smaller steps because this one is okay. This is cotton paper is up by one two. I have two stops. So let me bring them again into really very, very small steps. All right. Sometimes I had this quite gap here is okay. Just like here. You can't you just close it up if you want. So I have three because I want to show you all the step. So let's watch 12 See, We have some get, and this one is a little bit important. You pick up a higher Pickman from your pellets instead of the water. Everyone that is off the lights of value. And I have talked about that water color paint a tree when it drying up. Get lighter, get lighter in color. So I won. He won to on top and another one over here. Okay, so step four, I have three strolls, Everyone, I have just one stroke here at this one on my step two Step three at this trip. But step for in because off my high pigment I want to do at them at one shot. Just remember all the steps very clearly. You will see that I'm going to get on the halyard tail everywhere here and at somewhere here. But somewhere here, my step financier. Yep. I'm going to work together, but they leave to show you. So this time around I'm looking a little bit lighter. All this higher Pickman here is to show the layering off the pepper. I watched my brush and I tip it excess water away because I'm going to pick up new pain now , which is my green? The these off the Puritans, actually, because I when I was talking the pain kind of Gioia so But if you are working almost immediately, you would get something like this. The two colors were blend and it looks very, very pretty this week. But because I was talking so the color dry up a little and you can really get that Look, I hope you can practice on this Younis, But this week, you see, they are actually or the same, except for this one on a few more high pigment. So don't try out these periods, but I'll be back for my next class on fight impurities. See you soon. 6. Step by Step Budding peony: into this class. I'm going to teach you batting puting and I'm going to teach you step by step budding punitive justice where the letters are actually coming out. This growing is opening up and maybe something like this. So I'm going to tissue building up from the previous lessons which you have learned about Thanksgiving is. But let's move on to that. I like to have a lighter value, actually, and I'm using a number eight brush. So Step one, go this way. I'm working a little bit faster this time. Step one will hair, actually trees talk one, though, tree. So this is Step one. And now I in with a lightly, highly value Exactly how you get from my direct pain here, but in one more better here. One. This is what you have learned earlier in the peonies butts too. And since you have a revealing the pureness but I'm going to work on it together. One, two. So this is my step two. I just I rode them to show you This is what I have been very similar to what we have learned earlier, and at the same time I in here. So this is basically what you have learned in the peonies. But so now I'll be moving on. Just step three here. This is where I will work on the job. Peto Hey, Under used to show some falls off the petals and okay, this is where I'm adding on for months. Step three, I'm adding on one more calm. A stroke. This one. Okay, you're not be soaker and I'm adding in one more go down. He and one more. This is the leaf stroke this way. You're not a commerce. So we have quite a few strokes here, but I decide Toe them in together. Okay. Here, you need to get on to show that that also, let's look at this again. T very like color. How you Pickman, even though I wanted to be struck me hard here. But I can't make it to that because I want to have my units of it lighter. So this is keeping the top. This is just at the top off the pure means and just Hey, these pick minutes of it a bit high, so I just wash it in then. Okay. The drop pet. Those here will be a lot lighter one year. I think I will have another one here. You can decide. Oh, how many and before it. What? You just do it. We get on the debt for here. Yes. And OK, at this point number share with you When you see me painlessly, I work on them One struck by one show And you see, the I didn't street over All right? He feels street over. This is what you get early on. I actually won step four here, but I street over and get a bit messing. That's what I'm working on. Another one here to show you. Yep. And for the leaves, it's a little bit. Which here. So I'm I didn't want it to look toe to blend. No, for the pain to go in, So I just took a little bit like here. Okay, so there you go. I can actually blend here at the big bomb. I'm going to wait for it to dry, and I will do a glaze off light. Very, very light yellow over here. So I will just wait for this to dry, and I work on this. I miscarry. I've taught you about impurity in this lesson and I hope that you can practice a feel off these budding pure knees abuts and about impure me. This one I will teach you in the next lesson in the spending. Actually, I have a lot of budding pureness like these and all these other teach you later on. This is also about in purely by use another color, so I'll see you in the world. 7. Step by Step Blooming Peonies (Intermediate): I'm going to teach you how depend this pureness is I'm using only a 50% cotton paper but are using my number six kolinsky brush. Peonies is usually very bright and very vibrant. So I'm using brilliant opera rose. And I'm using a little bit off yellow too. And I'll be using apparently Merlin two for the day. Step one. I need to get a very light value opera rose verse every three. Not after she I have 1233 Pet is a cup like this and I have here another lower and a high human too. And I work on the DePue. I'm using up payroll. So is a very bright color. At some point, I'm heading in, coming in coming because he can't control it. So that and they're not in parallel with the shop tip of my brush. I pick a high value off opera rose and permanent coming mix for my patters. Now I pour the Pettus after the two Petters off the second layer ad right? I work on a totally I advise that you refer to your reference photo off a puny toe. Observe the layer rings of the petters can you see them doing a lot of back patters now, I think I will keep this two steps tree so that you will not get too complicated at Step four on building more Petters on the layer off these puny. Sometimes I do get a little blue from my palate to give more interesting shading to my flora. I said open ups. Your petr gets smaller. Okay, so between this to layer, this one has to be shot toe rider Not okay. Let me just would want this. I'm using a little bit off, papo. So if you object the Petters off a puny your noticed that sometimes the petals have extra like these lines. Yeah, but in this case, I don't really get too much, but I would like to just add a little bit here and there to create that interest. You know, I think I'm like, creating quite a lot back Patio City. So I will have to stop here. So there's two patters off, like value for 40. These were dry soon, so I can put on it and I'm creating a little bit off. Should do so I have to off the site post Done and they're dry Ready. So I'm going to lay ah shading to create a full petal like this week. For this, you have to work something like a negative space. So I create shadow and I a lot of this to be the full that pet this on some more share. Do I have actually thought about 10 potatoes in my first class? Coal cherry blossom with round brush and my cherry blossom has a temp actor. Oniy taught one term petr that in that class it does me the painting off a cherry blossom look a lot more interesting. Similarly, if you have turn Petr like this for your pureness, it will look a lot more interesting. So I need to cast a lot more shadow. Here it is like this Pachter here is ton in What's so same for here? I need to pain another a similar one. What? It just do it. I will just blend it up So we create a negative space for this for Potosi. And once again, I need to have more shading. So I in coming in coming here, I need to keep adding on most shading a lot of shading, even here. I need to Some of you have wrote in how to create that because that is one of your problem that you're facing. I have also mentioned in my previous class in order to create that unit at least three values in your flowers. So I'm not sure you can see the value here. I have a very light value. I have a slightly doctor one. Actually, I have a lot of loose in my painting. Ready, So don't like it more. Three b. You were in it. A lot of different sheets, different values, off pain to create a more three D effect. Right now I'm going to create one more here. Maybe one more off the this better so like value. Okay. Very little pain, but more water, because this is a lot of value. So I paint the whole picture, brother. So if this is the better paying the whole Petr. And while we think what used to dry campaign and other small Peto Okay, this more better. I need it to be slightly darker. So I'm adding on Ah, higher value off pill because I wanted to show all right here. Okay. More pain to show the shading So I will create these turning Peto Try to make it as interesting as possible. Could you just not, like, just a a strict cut their some little ages here. So I have created one to say for this Step five. So far, I have created that majors month now Mm. Be this to Petr and this one. See, De. So I'm going to book another petal. Let somewhere here. I'm following these simple. So I'm having a get here. I will work one Petr here. So if you are painting a PETA that has a full rudder, you can a trip in the whole thing we like. We feel like shit. I think I was hoping one more so for step by, I'm actually adding on quite a lot off pet those she just wait for you to dry a little, Okay. While waiting for it to dry, I just, um, some more depth to this one. You will see that in orderto show. A more interesting pure knees. You really knittle a year. Quite a lot, Pecos. I think these two patterns have dry, so I'm going to get on negative spaces and then this one or so. We need a bit more from here. I'm holding my brush a little bit lower when I'm typing this. Just it on here. The Okay, So I have another one called D. I have adequate or better. So I will move on to step six now. So I'm doing continue with that six week more, Petters. Hopefully will be ending this soon, right? So I'm going to pin thes Peto somewhere in between. So there will be lots of shading in sight. I'm adding in Caroline maroon, a prayer arose. So this is the big better here. I'm adding in ST will and because it's high value off pin I just at some water. And with Barbara Rose on my washing king for this whole Petr helping this for better. I wanted to show a little bit more Ferrero's cleaner like Petr Force. But because it is behind this better I need to create a ship here so that it can be seen. All right, this one looks that you has dry so I can create this four here, so I'm drawing out some day. I'm doing this up this ship here and after that I just need my brush to be a bit Let a bit not too wet. So I just create sheep. I actually have a very big one here, so I will create one here. So let me just print in once again because off this shape here I need a duck called Qala. And I'm using a primrose plus carinae maroon. There's two ways of painting. I paint the full and after I finished painting the full. Okay, this part off the full is like but here has to have a bit of shape, which I would bet on here. And I will blend this and something more to take. No, over here. This part Here. Go in you at most shape, he will create Morty too. So I make sure that my brushes drive. So you see, I create a multitude for these. Petr, This one I haven't done. So you can actually work it or a painting. Botanical kind off floor is a little bit more. I do too. But actually, for this class, I'm not working so much off botanical. It's more like teaching you how to lay your your Patil industry. So I have covered this. This this and I should have some more better here, so I can't actually follow this because it looks like a little bit empty. So I'm going to paint one more here, but I need to have two more so you can't exactly fall over here. And over here, I think I will just have one more. So I have a message to while waiting for those two dry, I think I need to have some here. I'm adding in a bit off blue. So in painting a puny like this, you just have to see where you need to get on. I hope you are following me with this a little bit more intermediate class. Yeah, because everyone knew in can't get a little bit lost year, but it is do actually manageable because it is a little bit of a different technique from I created a little bit more shit because we really need more sheep to enable this puny to stand up. Okay, I've been emphasizing toe create more interesting ship off the petals like this. Even when there's a turn, you need to create more. But you have to get yourself how much it's called more and how much is called list, so we're almost finished with this. Better let me just get on my last puddle that I'm adding a bit more shooting. We need to use blush, and I'm using lemon, yellow and green and yellow. A number to brush would do, and you just sometimes you need to go over twice, washes or pit, and it can stay instead off going through. They were used. What the color yellow. It will go true because it's transparent color. I think I need a little bit stronger color actually here. I'm still using what the color. Actually, this is my opera rules. I want to hear just they're not better. Basically, it is easier to remember. Step 13 pet those one high, wonderful work, or rather too high one. Dover and I create treaty depth. I have three values, and after that my three front of petals, I create that Petros. I can have three back potatoes and then you just wait for each off them to drive. So just have smaller one. After your second a year distantly years, shipping should be showing less rather and not smaller. It is showing the less of it And then I move on the step five where I create some folded petals. Okay, so I have this tool peppers that look this way that fold it. Then I work with my drop pet. Those now, basically my job, pet, Those will have to food it. And one more front. Oh, this one can have a little bit for if you want. And in between the two. Okay, that's how floppers off useful in between two, I have one. Even between two. I have another one with the same as how I taught you the roses And in between I have another one in between life and the other one. So we have this pureness done. So I see you in my next lesson. 8. Final Details for more definition (Intermediate): we'll come back. Let's get back to these pyramids again. Alright, Overall, I feel that this pureness is a little bit two over. So I would like to at three more patterns here I will be adding a bit off working. So is here some back? Pet those here a little bit too popular. So I just clean up lighter bitch. So even if after you have finished your Puritans you can check whether you like this ship or not, I feel that this run here is a little bit big, so I'm going to just make it smaller, my adding shadow. I would like to clean up a little bit for the highlight area. So I use my syntactic brush to clean up here, for example. I want my from patterns here to look more interesting. So I have to ship it a little bit cleaner presentable. Here I can get on to create shadow, so I make it more interesting even here This other petal I want to create interesting like this one more than two at the same time. Even finder is just giving you a lot off pink color. So I'm adding on a bit off pins. Great, too. Just a little bit. But do even any off the patterns here you want to create for you can too. But this one is very big and I want to create a full. And since it is dry reading, I can create a full here. So I bring up. I pinned a full and I bring out the shading so that that's a full all this minor detail. You just have to work on it. But though I called this minor details but they actually bring in a lot of interest to your Puritans and definitely to create something interesting with the accused you it takes time to pain. So they're shading here too. Let me take a look. I even have a term patter. He I think I should have another one here. So let's create one here. Too better that scolded. So I have finished disputing and I hope you can clientele practice and get a puny like this . And hopefully for the next class I'll be showing you how you can compose a a puny painting , right? These So I see you in my next lesson. 9. How to Compose a Peony Wreath: we'll come back again. Hope you have already practice the pureness and this is the last class which I will be teaching you how to compose a pureness. Re fret this. And so you have learned how to paint peonies butts like this in my earlier plus and leading puny is like this. And this is how we are going to learn how to pain a pureness reflectors. Early on in my class, I have taught you step by step fuels, and usually we will have a five or a four people. For those who are learning about advice, just use a five people and you can pay just to puny system because three pureness is really a lot to pin. So just one puny this way. I would advise that you pin one puny here and another puny d at a weight key, and you can paint some of these Puny is butts. Let this, and it makes the painting a lot more interesting. So I have pain. 123 44 off the puny but and this one is a budding pure knees, one that hiss help of drop petals and a few more than new ones so I will make a pdf off this. So I hope you can practice this piece in this way. They leave this a tree, the leaves stroke. You can just follow as a Prius. How I lay. I had the big patas first, and then I have the smaller Petrus. Okay, so this is what a lot of you have been asking me to teach you, but I will be teaching in this class. But I would rather teach you the steps that you can pay if you have a really long out of pain. This but site this. It shouldn't be a big problem up in this center part off the booming few knees. So you pain a cental and you create the petals like this. So instead of this, open up, you have a but here and you create this peppers. But you have it Open up a bit more. This will be a better sample. Yeah, so I actually had a lot more, you see opening up. So this one is the center off the back and then you open up more. Petters. I have only 123 layer. And here only when we see 1 to 2 later. So on this piece I will have 12345 families. So you and more ladies over here, it's not their obvious. But let me come. 123 about three layer. So if this is the bar of the Rose, I have won only so you can add on three Morley year, but each layer to show less to show less off this pepper. Just as this. I hope you can try this out. Also, I am match repainting this half way. I hope to complete it the next few days. And if you're painting a big one, you probably take you a long time. So my suggestion issue pain a big one this way. And you paint another off my pureness in this way over here. One big one small and another one here you can so you will have three, and then you can pin and other pure news butts. So I have actually completed my teaching off this pureness class. And I really hope that you enjoy this class because I've really tried my best to give you what I have learned. Initially I wanted to teach you a very Templar pureness. But because off the fit back from most of you, you hope to lend is so over the last 1.5, they tried toe, see how best I can teach. And I realize that, Yes, I can teach them in this way by layering it, and it's actually quite easy to understand. But you need to pass a basic off. Know how the pain pureness before you actually could understand about layering here. I hope that you can pain something to show me and take some time to write a review for my pew knees. Yep, So that I can improve on what I'm teaching. And if you like to, you can also leave a message to tell me what you would like to learn, and I'll see if I can teach them in my other classes. So I see you soon