Watercolour Galaxy Mandala: Basics of watercolouring and mandala drawing | Prasun Balasubramaniam | Skillshare

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Watercolour Galaxy Mandala: Basics of watercolouring and mandala drawing

teacher avatar Prasun Balasubramaniam, Prasun Fine Arts | Mandala & Doodle Art

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

8 Lessons (33m)
    • 1. Welcome to my class!

    • 2. Art Supplies

    • 3. Colour Study

    • 4. Warming up: Basic Patterning

    • 5. Mandala Grid Making

    • 6. Class Project: Galaxy painting

    • 7. Class Project: Mandala Patterning

    • 8. Conclusion

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About This Class

Hey there. Welcome to my first skillshare class. In this class you will be learning step by step process of basic watercolouring and mandala drawing.

The steps include: 

1. Grid Making

2. Practicing basic and tough patterns

3. Mandala drawing on grid

4. Watercolour galaxy painting

By the end of the class you will have one beautifull Galaxy Mandala of your own. It's a stress relieving and meditative class for anyone who enjoys mandala drawing.


Also you can check out my class on basics of mandala art.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Prasun Balasubramaniam

Prasun Fine Arts | Mandala & Doodle Art


Hey there! I am Prasun Balasubramaniam, also known as Prasun Fine Arts on Instagram. I am a full time passionate artist, educator and entrepreneur based in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu in the southern part of India. I love doodling and drawing mandalas on different mediums using different supplies. 

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil and learnt about mandala in the past 5 years when I was going through depression in 2016. Mandala drawing gave me peace and was my escape to the daily hustle of life. I pursued my Engineering and was working as a research scholar until 2018 when I gave up my masters and my job to be a full time artist.

My passion for teaching developed when I started taking workshops in 2016. I am constantly learning new things as I conduct worksho... See full profile

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1. Welcome to my class!: Hi guys. I'm present and you might know me online as present finance in this class, I'm going to be introducing you to the art off galaxy Mandala Troy. You don't have to know the basic skills of drawing for this class and I'll be helping you out. From the start to the end, you will be understanding the basics off Mandala Great making patterning on water coloring . You will also be working on your final project. You will be creating a galaxy mandala as your cast. You can check out my skills sharp each to know more about me and also follow me on Instagram to check out my daily. I'm so excited to share Miss Keisha Castle. 2. Art Supplies: in this state, we're going to look into different answer place needed for a galaxy mental Abington. I'm going to be using restore articular people off 300. She is, um, it has a beautiful rough texture, which is perfect for Mandela Drawing on watercolor painting. I'll also be using rich eat for basic patterning practice. The space is divided into small squares so that the patterns can be easily drawn using secret. If you do not have the Grichin, you can also make use off regular a four sheet paper, a pencil and in Arezzo, a protector, a compass alongside a scheme abusing my breast refined liner in a set off sex for my mandala joy. They come in six different tip sizes and are very user friendly. Also, these pens are water and smudge proof for my galaxy painting. I'll be using two brushes. My first brush is Blackwell, with brush off sized well from silver. It has a ready smooth and pointed toe perfect for galaxy painting. My another brush is a synthetic one from partitions. I am using your A size eight brush. I have placed my required watercolors in my breast. Rupali the colors. I'm making use off our from Campbell in and similar. These have a different supplies needed for this class. I can't wait to start drawing my galaxy m and levity. 3. Colour Study: In this video, we will analyze the colors that we have chosen for galaxy painting. I'm making use off my synthetic round brush from partitions off size eight. These are perfect for watercolors. I've chosen a set off watercolors that I would like to use for my galaxy painting. The 1st 1 is an L A blue Chinese white from Cameron Rules matter leak from Sandalow and Ivory Black from camera to start preparing for swatches, the first with the watercolor and then take a small amount of concentrated paint on the water cooler. Now use a plane brush, richest water to spread out the concentrated watercolors. Watch Oh, repeat this process for all the watercolor you're using. - This process makes you understand the different shades of the same color when used in different concentrations. Now let's move. Want to using these pretty colors to paint a galaxy 4. Warming up: Basic Patterning: in this step, we're going to practice some basic patterns to get used to pen Troy. To begin with, we are going to first try out some simple outline patterns to practise basic curves in lines. Using our fine lane opens practice with different sizes who has to get used to the pen work ? We will not work on some tough patterns, which is almost a combination off the first and the third pattern here we're trying out Lotus pattern followed away. I draw the pattern to get the method. I mostly used nature as my guide for most of my mandala pattern. So next let's try out one of my favorite pattern. This looks like a big cock head. We will observe on how to flee the outline pattern with intricate designs. You're really trying Gold Leaf Wayne, designed to create a battle. Next is a bubble design where we draw the first purple in the center and other two edges into it. A similar kind of design is given to this pattern as well. The lotus and the pickle pattern are given some basic secondary out landing, as the outline pattern itself is quite delicate. All right, let's also try auto More bonus easy patterns. These look quite beautiful. Honor Mandala Giving a delicate look as we're done with that practice, we're ready for our final project. 5. Mandala Grid Making: in this video, we will up so on how to create a model, a great for our technically and symmetrically perfect mandala. Our first step is to measure the length of the people and marked the center point. The step is carried out to find the midpoint of the complete page, using the center point. Make a street were to complain. Now measure the vertical line and Marcus CenterPoint. We have no measured the midpoint off the whole surface we would be working on. Next step will be using a protector to mark angular divisions. After every 15 degrees, 400 lines. 15 tarty 45 60 75 90. Now, using the scale, I'm going to join the midpoint with all the 15 degree points and extended to the border. - We now have our great lines. Next will be using a compass to draw concentric circles with the midpoint as a centre point off the circles. The first circle will be bigger, so we can include the galaxy painting there. The next concentric circle will be at a small distance from each other, with no specific measurements. Our next concentric circles belongs to be at a small distance from the last concentric circle mimic. Once I'm ready with the great I'm going to erase the center line so as to make that area ready for our galaxy Painting 100 is now ready to practice the galaxy mandala. 6. Class Project: Galaxy painting: in this step, we're going to look into how to work on our galaxy painting using watercolors. I'm going to be using my Blackwell bed rush off size 12 from silver. It has the tendency toe been hold A lot of water on is perfect for water coloring. I'm going to use the chosen colors to give a blending effect under in a circle off my mandala grid. I'm using my first color to give a light watercolor wash using try on red technique, then the next color using the same method. Once the complete spaces covered, I am blending the two colors using just plain water in my brush. Don't worry if the blood ning is in perfect because we have another earlier to work. Make sure your galaxy is within the first took so that your patterning speed stays. Now I'm giving a blackout lining so as to bring the galaxy. Look, we're using the Blackwater color. As we all know, the major component of the galaxy is dark and black color. - Now I'm going to blend the black with the inside colors, using my secondly, where I'll darken the other shades. Once done, I will wait for my watercolor painting to drive. Once the water colors try, they tend to lighten up to some extent. So we'd beat the process of watercolor painting like we did before, starting with the blackout cling and then blending up the colors. Now, once a galaxy watercolor painting has dried up, draw the outer concentric circle in your grid, using your black fine liner all jump in. - Once done, I'm choleric up the space between the Galaxies, painting on the outline black so as to get the perfect circular watercolor galaxy. Pending our last and final step, your is to paint the stuffs your reveal tick white water gallo in a Semitic consistency with water in a synthetic wrong brush that I'm going to gently hit my brush on any brush open so as to scatter the white paint all over the galaxy. Painting Even. You can also use a white wash for much better incense 7. Class Project: Mandala Patterning: run to the Alexa painting has completely dried. We can start working on Mandela Joy. I'm going to be using my zero point to nip, size pressed refined liner to get my new patterns. You can see many boxes in this grid off different sizes. These boxes will be used to draw each pattern so as to opt in all off same sizes. We're starting with the most simplest battle for this particular pattern. We will be drawing to patterns in each books with the singles Mutko, while drawing on DLA Pattern may sure that the lines are smooth and there are no to petition Annette and repetitive lines will not give you a desire need mental. - I am firstly working with the outer in patent so as to establish a layer, then later will work with inside my new patterns. To get a delegate asked. Work is a galaxy Mandalore. The meter area is covered by a galaxy On only two years off. Mandala patterning will be done Once our outlining pattern is done, I'm going to areas the grid as I no longer need the great for the intricate designing to begin intricate designing. We start with Ben shading technique. We make a ticker outline on the base off a shading in this case at the top. Make street fast battler lines so as to get the shading effect. They can be many or less number off lines, depending on the intensity of shading required. Your I'm going for ticks shading while shading. It is necessary that the lines are drawn very lately. Right in the next step, we are working on a leaf pattern. Firstly, we create a secondary outline on Didn't work on the Leaf Wayne like battle inside. - Right ? All right. In this battle, we're working with some girl lines and landlords. - All right. Lastly, some finishing up doc patterns to highlight the intricate work. 8. Conclusion: once had done with your patterning. Your mandala is ready. You can use any color here like and it's not necessary that you go along with the colors I have used. I hope you enjoy the class and we're able to create a beautiful Mandalay osa. And if it did, I would really appreciate If you could write a class review and nor your feedbacks. You could also share your class projects with me on instagram and also on skills. I would love to see what you create. I will see you in my next class. Until then, keep experimenting and keep breeding. Do not forget. Enjoy the process and do not worry about the residents.