Watercolour Fun - Create a Cactus Illustration | Denise Hughes | Skillshare

Watercolour Fun - Create a Cactus Illustration

Denise Hughes, Illustrator, Designer, Tutor

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6 Lessons (25m)
    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Resources and Inspiration

    • 3. Using your resources to draw and doodle

    • 4. Paint it!

    • 5. Now for the line work...

    • 6. Final thoughts

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About This Class

Cacti are very on trend at the moment. They seem to be everywhere - on surface design in the shops and in room interior photos. Having a party? -  Hang the cactus bunting. Having a dinner party?-   set out the cactus plates and cactus glasses. New baby? - buy him a cactus baby grow. Cacti are out there and  everyone seems to be embracing this prickly trend.

Join me in this class to create you very own cute little cactus painting. It'll be fun so "look sharp" and get started!





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Denise Hughes

Illustrator, Designer, Tutor

Denise Hughes is a freelance illustrator, surface designer and obsessive doodler who lives and works in Hampshire, UK. Denise works from her studio at The Sorting Office in Hampshire which she shares with 16 other makers and designers.

Denise has worked as a freelance illustrator for 10 years and currently licenses her designs internationally. She is represented by The Bright Group International. Denise combines digital work, watercolor and drawing to create her beautiful, contempora...

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