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Watercolour Florals with Triangle Brush

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (1h 40m)
    • 1. 01 Introduction to Triangle Brush

    • 2. 02 Florals painted with Triangle Brush

    • 3. 03 Getting ready with Art Supplies

    • 4. 04 Colours You Need

    • 5. 05 Leaf Stroke Single & Double Loading

    • 6. 06 Warming up with 5 Petals Florals

    • 7. 07 More Practices, Metallics on Black Paper

    • 8. 08 Leaves, Hollies, Berries & Fillers

    • 9. 09 Poinsettia Wreath Part 1

    • 10. 10 Poinsettia Wreath Part 2

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About This Class

This 'Paint with Triangle Brush' class is basic to intermediate. I will show you how to hold your brush; single and double loading of triangle brush to create the basic strokes.

Besides teaching basic leaf strokes, I also packed in fun lesson to paint 5 petals florals that resemble cherry blossoms.

Finally, I teach you how to paint a more complicated floral like poinsettia.

By the end of the 10 lessons, you will be able to paint a few florals with triangle brush.

Hope you will send in your projects as I have attached 2 PDF for your reference and if you have time, please spend a few minutes to review my class.

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. 01 Introduction to Triangle Brush: Hi. I'm Esther, better known as Esther Peck at Instagram. Many of you have been asking me to make an online class for trying. Go brush. I've taught how to paint florist in my book A guide to Flora. What color painting with triangle brush is put off the four sections from my book. I taught a few floors like cherry blossoms. Concept here. Hi, Dinges Pureness and conditions over there for this class. I was that with basic. And I will get you how to hold triangle brush with single and double loading. We were paying five Petr Flores that resembles cherry blossoms and I will cover filler leaves and Berries. And I also give you some tips on how to create interesting brush marks with triangle brush . Lastly, our pain a full poinsettia. Breathe. I hope you'll come back for this basic to intermediate class. See you soon 2. 02 Florals painted with Triangle Brush: Hi. Welcome to this class. What? The color points at years. We're trying a brush. This piece was done especially for a sticker that I have done. I think it's about two years ago for Grand Ula and I came up with the kind of two designs points at years leaves and I have fought upsets. Tikus. They really add a lot off difference. Toe a plain water. Yeah. So another one which I picked it so I didn't really paint a lot off points at this. But I have I didn't run some book shops on this. And the students are very happy with this class. And because I was running that during Christmas period, I caught them. These basic five floors or so and for this class, we are also going to learn these with metallic pins. It's kind of prepare you for Christmas. And I'm starting this class early in August so that you're able toe practice and then you can make some cuts for your friends. Yeah, they are really very pretty because off the metallic bomb and I even make smarter the cuts for my students, but a workshop India really true. Some of them a dream painter. Like three or four cuts in the plus. Yeah. So this also painted trying go brush. And this It's so pretty. I painted this on the scrapbooking paper they already designed on the paper, and I painted before metallic pins. So it really looks very outstanding in it. Yeah. So I picture this triangle brush Flores. I teach the students how to hold a brush, and I have for quite a number of pages that get to lease floors, but trying Go brush. I'll show you all this origin of places later. Yes, that t Cecil Conventions. Peonies more done. And yeah, this is one of my favorite. Please. I think I have it in the front for you. Off course. I mentioned it before. You campaign some more complicated flowers, you have to start with the simple one first. So I start that exploring one color, two colors and some of these flowers. And I came up with Cherry Blossom, which I also taught two years ago in Melbourne. And I've given away some of my consist of the students and carnations. If you can paint the conditions, you probably have no problem painting pureness. Some off the leaves that I try out two colors and this five metres floors I use a little bit after Wrigley Leafs struck. They are a little bit different from the strokes that britisher in my this class. So I wouldn't be covering this because I try not the competent things easy. So we start something simple for us. But this other initial pieces. So two years ago, you also explore different flowers like this. And I call this a cabbage flowers because I have no name for this flower. You can make smaller the cut like this. Yeah. So this is that is that I tracked out and, uh, Haijun GIs some high Jangers icky hydrangeas. Since there are in my book and that's the T's in one of the workshop, I picked up quite a few of these to give away to the students to, So I just have one piece left off This. That's a mix off, Younis. Hi. Gingers pipette the floors and the leaves and conditions. So I just mix all the flowers together. So these are the steps for painting purees. But I will not be teaching pureness in this class. I'm just showing you. What other possible flowers that you can pay Be trying brush. These are my any ship he owns. They are not very refined. Yeah, but that's how we keep painting. And we improve on our continue even behind. So we have to keep painting, keep improving. And Yeah, so puny, sir. So I pity in this week s peonies are more off China's pureness. Because at Morton? Yes. So I have a mix off. A very strong green leaves Cutler's again. My cabbage flowers. Look at this. I'd even throw this away because I kind of like the colors, comprehension, even the cutesy really kind of a totally up. And this I painted it more for Chinese New Year some time ago. And these are painted for Chinese New Year. Some, I think, maybe about two years ago and against some off the practices. And this was chosen for my queen. Some of the successful pieces. Yeah, I really like this a lot here and very colorful too. And of course, with more practices, we keep improving. Yes. So don't be this courage. If you find that your first few pieces are like mine or this, that's not could make it. Yeah, so it will. In proof. Yeah. Even they still look a bit messy, but I think overall it does looks quite pretty for pure knees yet. So finally this on have more debt? Yeah, they're still Cutler's loaded. I hope that you'll come back for my points that years. We've trying to brush, so I see you soon, okay? 3. 03 Getting ready with Art Supplies: I'm so glad to be able to start this class. What? The color points 30 years with ranga brush. So depend this floors, we try anger brush. Definitely unique trying a brush. And, uh, it would be good that you have two sides is one small and one m. I'm using this brain cause silver ruby setting. To paint this flower, you must have the triangle brush, so let's go through the materials that we need. I'm going to have a warm obsession, painting metallic flowers or leaves using at philosophy, metallic pester essence or a philosophy metal essence pain. So later on, we'll do a little bit off color swatches to show you some of the colors that I probably will be choosing. And for the flowers I'm using. Botanical at what color? Cuban, at least for the colors. And they are already all insight. My pet lit. So I went through some colors again. I will be showing you in my next class color swatches class, and if my palette here is fully used, I sometimes use a plate for mixing colors. So there you go. We have thes and off course. We need some Soviets and off course papers. So the papers I'm using for this class, basically I were used for the warming up associate. For that matter, it will be just black people. I got this black paper just from any stationery shop. They should be about this self. But for this, I think, is about maybe 300 grand is on this crap stick. This other one is so just quickly. So it's so quick Being is just any normal people. Probably about 200 grand. So I use baby, you know, cotton My Now, if you used to take my class, you and know that I always use this Yeah, 100% cotton paper. And to get a better effect, like I would choose actress patches paper also 100% cotton It really make a lot different. So this are Pinter. If actress paper, the one before black free is that just deeper into the fractures people. So my final piece I will pain at your speak, but so and, uh okay. Next important thing. Off course. Today I'm using Visa set off three containers for washing my brushes. Actually, two is enough, but it come in a set off three so we can have one for washing and one to get clean water. Yeah, maybe 24 for washing. Yeah. So with all this much us, get ready. I hope you're excited to come back for this class, so see you soon. 4. 04 Colours You Need : Hi. Welcome back for this class. We're going to see what colors we're going to use for these flora, poinsettias, flowers, that's all. Anybody need rate. So I'm using a mixer, a mix over it pyro rate and come in. So these do colors, we will record it down. I'm just using the strips. So the worry that you haven't learned this trip, I'll be teaching this trip in the next lesson. So coming it's a bit off ray dish. A little bit of moral knee. So I'm using this do color mix to get this place thes. Well, give me a slightly rick color and I like to write it down before we can't forget this. Plus this. Give me my point. Set, you flora color that you know one. And this is just call. Let me just right here. This is called Comey. All right. So I have one color and you will see that in the points up. Tears flower. You have a, you know, one that is which I use the lighter color. And then we have a doctor. One. The doctor one. I would choose this other color concern, Lee, which is Dr Vincent Crimson That is kind of Pepperidge. So I will mix it to be coming also, I want this one plus this one I will make sense. We have to get the color that you want so slightly darker. I'm using this color mitts so I will write down King, This is coming. This one equals these coming outer pet. They're supposed to be a doctor and this is thes thes. Let me check. This is coming and this is consent because the colors are quite similar. So you don't write it down after world, we may get mixed up. What colors And then we may raise quite a bill. Come trying to China. Is it this Carlos? It this color. So I prefer to write it down. First key sites that I will probably Nieto or could color occurs from here? So that is for my full of flowers. Sometimes I probably use a little bit of a goal. Karlovic, I will to get up. Yes. So this is my okay? Okay For the Berries, I can use a little bit off Pepperidge sh between bright violet and, uh, queen aside in Violet, his two colors. So I'm quite happy with this? Yes, I mentioned we need to write down again so that we can remember. This is the one that is a great color. I think I will probably choose the doctor. One queen decided Q U I in shot form. By what? So I would choose this one right? And now very quickly. Go to the Leafs. Okay. You're seated for the Leafs. I will. Probably You said green. All right, so this I used another tree green. So for my lease, I think it looks quite close. But sometimes I would like to have a bit off slightly darker color. So I will write mixed with my Rick a little bit, You see? So just at you. So I strew, but I get a darker color. So let me just at this into this is the color that I'm mixing on. So if I re I get this color, quit your duck color, plus mixture off rates. Okay. And this is my set. Green. Give me a dark green. Okay, so we have our color chuck kind over here, and, uh, yeah, I'm also going to teach you some of visa a metallic one. So it's kind of like Os I mention it's more for warming up is going to be a fun session again. And I'm quite excited, actually very excited. So I have my papers here. I haven't been playing the lease for a while, so is definitely called very excited. So I prefer to use my m size now my m size because it's bigger and you can see clearer. But I'm afraid I can Right here. So it's just so the colors that are using Yes, I say I haven't been using this color for a while, but it's definitely something that I would like to book on this on the black paper. So, uh, you just checks If you have this set is, uh, star called Wanna. But I think if you choose, go is pretty good. Yes, I s quite a bit of water, So it looks quite finishing using quite a lot. And so for the goal, But the go I had more or less kind of finish, but I can use this one. This should be really in go This one which we can use it for our various here. A smaller one. Philip Berries. Yeah, So I just come on and you can see the how shiny it is. I can I can campaign here to to see the different. Yes, actually. Quick. Oh, yeah. Metallic. Yeah. So over here on the black paper, it looks a lot better. So this one, I will change to a smaller brush later on that I am paintings and you can see the silver colors. They're they're pretty. So if you have metallic colors, you can play with this lot necessary. Must be this brand. I think so. I think this is this a screen. I need to activate it again because it just kind of dry up. I think this is not Hey there, green. Because this is a small brush. Smaller brush. Okay, I will show you how to use the brush. There is so not just testing out the colors. Yeah, So I hope you will get ready. All these paints. It's not necessary. Must be the colors that I have chosen. But I think for points that yes, you have to use rape. I mean, for leaves. You have to use green color. Uh, you can choose other brain. Yeah, but something like a lighter color for For the inner Petters and a darker color for the outer Petters and leads Weed probably were used two types of one lighter and one doctor. So get really with your triangle brush again. Two sizes will be good. All right, So for those who have this brush, I hope you'll come back to play with this. But if you don't have this brush, I think it's really quite work it toe. Invest in one and because there's lots of Florence the pain B so I hope to see you soon. 5. 05 Leaf Stroke Single & Double Loading: we'll come back for today's class. I'm going to teach you the leaf stroke. I teach this in mind book a guide to floral watercolor. And I showed a student how to hold a brush. The floor is that I covered here, and I'm just going to show you quite quickly. Uh, and I will go Knicks Teoh, leave stroke, But yeah, So I'm going to show you the leached Where soon Getting ready with one color first, I will use a green. Okay, First you need to know how to hold your brush. So this is the triangle brush, OK, the silver will be setting. Okay, The brushes, like when you look at this, you turn it this way and then the brushes like this week let me pinned in every class or every workshop and I'm teaching. I will show them how. I hope so. This is the brush. So is that shop. You need to get used to hold this three. And, uh okay, So it is holding the triangle brush with a sharp point of each pointing to with you, and it's about 45 degrees from the south face. First of all, we looked with one color. I'm loading the whole thing with one color and I'm going to pain the one color. Really? First, a polite pressure go down and back to the tick. I'm loading again. A price pressure prince A very broad stroked a worse U N Release the pressure and let the brush head Go back to the tcisa each and you will get something very brought like this. Okay, let's do it one more term. If I want to do a Drew, it's like this Probably conduced about four stocks on me because I can't when you whole that a mouth water and lead it book on a few more time to show you this is my one color loading leafs Little work on another color, Chris, and go. Okay, Chris, and go. It's like a leaf. So I call this a leaf stroke. This but here is not sit very necessary to have that shot. Take that. I was just going back to the end. Here you can form a pattern que so this is one color can look at it again and then the sooner you turn this is the current and go. If you have this two colors. You can try, but let me see. Ah, Probably a use of yellow for our concept. Years we don't need yellow. I mean, we don't really need yellow, so I'm just using yellow Now I'm loading it fully. This is very important practice. And with this Dhaka color come in. I looked at the tip, so I have to Carless now t miss a little bit dry because my brush. So one more time, Let me see your law again. The colors but mostly then very contrasting. So that's easier for you to see. And I need to activate my this color because it's a little bit dry. So I need toe activity it again with another brush. So I have two colors again. Sometimes I would like toa blend here just one time because if you blend too many times, your colors disappear. Hey, So, Walton Yeah, that's why I mean, if I blend too many times, the color cup disappear so I could blend over there again, he would be lighter in color. This is really a very interesting technique to learn. So I would like you to actually practice quite a lot on this. Yeah, because then you will be able to pin the flowers quick easily. Then I, uh, show a few times. It's not that easy. When I first got toe, as I have shown you, the simple right off. How I found this is really not that easy. I have to try a few times. Oh, actually, not really. A few comes. I correct a lot of times, but because it's quite fun. So I really enjoy yourself. I think what I can do is so I I think I would like to have a blue over here, because just a try out different colors for so I have toe fully loaded with your loafers. Okay? And I was in the blue. I can actually just blend in like that. See how pretty it goes. Helper t goes. So we have two colors loading. But the whole thing is that if your color get lighter, you cannot look again. You have the wash it brush. So for this technique, you have to wash your brush quite a lot. Come. I'm afraid so. Like, school literally. See the color mumbling. Okay. This one Go this way. Uh, okay, I'm reloading this way. One site and one site, but the but the best is to wash it. Wash your breasts, I said. In what? So I have more blue and less yellow. It's dragging. Mix this and here. So this is the 1st 1 The 1st 1 is really have the marbling effect. The picked the pins are still there. This is very interesting. Usually I like toe have light blue light blue. And actually I like to have a proper to go with it. Sometimes my flower has that color. So let me get this colors out for us. So it's easier to show you how I actually look the pain because I think loading for this time it is very important. So I washed my brush properly full look off this light and for the tip, I just get okay somewhere here I get the pope t ready to see that A little bit to litter, but in Yes. So this one, I get the two colors Quite nice. The year Que loading again. I think for these lesson you probably have to Troy practicing quite a lot of term and at this station to still don't have a brush. I really hope you can get one. Yeah, So here goes Very cute one. Based on I think I have to much support. I need to relook fully with the light brew. In my book, I finish fully loaded and just a bit off the papo. Let me squeeze in here so they can kind of mixed in there easier. So you be one very contrasting colors. You can show their easily. This tool is not that contrasting, you see? All right, but I kind of like this combination, which is I use it in this flower. All right, so I hope you will practice, and you probably have to look at this a few times, so I hope to you again. 6. 06 Warming up with 5 Petals Florals: for today's lesson. I'm going to teach you painting five petals flowers with the trying a brush. And I'm going to use the size s because it's quite a poetic flower here. And we can actually try with the one color one first. I'm using a very light thing. Okay, How do I get this pain? Basically, you can just use great and mixed with lots of water, actually, use a bit off my opera, so it's a little bit lighter, so you can just use a lighter value off your you can get a very light pink. I'm loading with one color Kilis do appear Revision. I hope you have done your practices in my earlier class, which I thought you which I put you up in the leaf stroke. Okay, One color and the two colors loading one. So right now I'm just using pink. Let's do it. Be a remission first before we go back. I mean, before I start to teach you the fight at the floor so they hold it this way. Remember? Every time when you hold your brush, you tried to check even you're getting so let's do a bit of practices before we move on again. All right. So I will not keep going over and over again. So find better floor. Basically, you can do it two ways to get the two colors on, because some people may find that the loading off the color is a bit difficult like this one. So we start be for 12345 vice bulls holding your brush Destry again. Check it, Chris. You see that I start from these because the brush has very shocked it. So my brother that you touch and then go this way. So I have one last cutter to go. So this is my pink flower like this is a little bit quite close to cherry blossom, and I'm going to get a bit of Dockery. And I just thought thes not many of you will know that this triangle brush is actually a clipping ting brush so it doesn't hold that much water. You see that after want to stop, your branch has no cannot hold their much water. So now I'm trying one color, right? So for the two colors less but the two colors loading that you have to keep washing because the color that mixed up. Then it will be a bit entirely so. I have a full off this. I'm not going to draw the sport this time. One t The color is not very intense here because it's a bit off the diluted with water. And then I tried to get a direct Carlo from here. But sometimes you get to sick. You see, it's a little bit to think if I were toe blended here, the color will disappear. Sylvie C square law work. So sometimes I prefer to work in this way smaller. So a bit smaller Never my to can on I get a big game. Okay, This time I got too much. Yeah, I know this when I'm painting a future is too much que glass mitt. All right, so I got this five. Petr, I call this cherry blossom. If this is dry Radi, you can actually get on the dots. Dear Dr Kuttner, I will also show you a little bit off this site. Cherry Bustem. So maybe we were just book on the smaller the cut for the cherry blossom. The mixing is quite a bit of town record, so I usually just pull out of that. And then I hope 12 treat on the color mystery. Maybe zero. Yeah. So you can actually try again. Sometimes. If the loading is good, you get a very nice one. I opened up a bit irregularly. One to you can get on the color again because the tip is very sharp. So I just, you see, with brush very shot. He's got two. So never mind. Just at one year. Yeah, So we get a very simple one. I can't come to new from here, so maybe Oh, I have another one here. You saw a blue and Papo. If I have a small piece of paper like this, I would like to a pin something very are so more like this. Yeah, let's get really my colors first. You actually you can use the Rick and just at a lot of water. Yes, I mentioned. Or if you have opera from this Hoban Carlos, you can use it. If you have a full set, you probably have this too. So I was not somewhere here, you know, just I'm holding my brush sometimes at even lower than 45 degrees. I'm just turning the people. Sometimes you have less less thing. But I kind of like that's a different Grady in, you know, like color, the color itself in the flower itself. It's really at some interests and not like these, because it's all the same. Something like this make it so interesting. You have to, friend. Greedy India. So this one so But then because my brushes the really kind off mix. So I have to wash and reload and get back the Okay, So I have one here. I didn't want to show a full one, so I'm going to kind of have some cut that way. Very, very sick. This but you. So I just get the peanut. Okay, here is a little bit a pin, a bit off cut off. So here also, I'm using the tip of my brush to have 1/2. And I think you need to be doctor. So I at more colorless because it is a bit I could can add on more colors. Okay, So I have to hear on because I told you that I want to do something like that. So perhaps I haven't at unleash you need is a tree this scene. So let this may wonder, like the color here. So you on on? Yeah. All right. Here looks a bit empty. Worry I will at some leaves here, so I need to dilute thes and get back. I hope by now you know how to look that double loading means I love the lighter color person. I looked the doctor color at the tip off the brush. Sometimes it is too much. I just kind of let go off some Dr Cutler here. See, what I mean is quite that right. You can throw it in your brush so it on. And okay, I'm going to do a small cut invention. Maybe I just have something over here, and I just wonder the color. Come in. I'm not into symmetrical. Okay, so sometimes I want it. But sometimes I want it small. And, uh, yeah, you don't have to make your flowers as the Cree. Every Petr sometimes are the There's a bit of four here. There he will be itchy. Looks more interesting. So sometimes I have it intentionally cover this week. But because you are new in painting, so you'll find that this is a little bit more difficult, but off course I'm showing you more samples. If you can actually just have them separate that when you already know how to do you can You can follow this design. And I want a tactical after this on the leaves. All right, I will wash. And not now. I was on the loose where my leaves color I have kind off prepared earlier on is set green for the should be can actually use, like the color yellow green color So I mix his gravy Quite a contrast in color Leave. All right over here. Hey, I like the shop tip off this brush which we can help you The pool 10 lines. I am trying to make it into a small little cut s dimension. Yeah, I will cut it later to show you So I just used a shut off the brush the form Smaller, loose, smaller, smaller. You just used the people. And here I can paying They wanted doctor can get on. I know it's not as easy as it look when you are practicing. No, but most of my student in the class with other taught them though in a tree our lesson. We usually campaign this and maybe two pieces of this. So it's very possible you just need some time to practice this song. Just imagine this is a small piece of cut so you can actually cut and make three piece s If you want, we can continue some small leaves. One using my a small brush, the tip of the brush. You can make it timina. That's why I always you mentioned that. Explore your brush. You see, sometimes even they split a little bit. You get this kind off small by Neely's and we actually like something like that. Let me see. I should have some leaves here. I like it to get the leaves. Have cut, move out from the paper. So it looks more natural. Yeah, this one. Also, I will let it off my people and e, I think here I will have some more. Uh, I know this is not job awesome leaves. Yeah, but it is just kind off can become a cherry blossom. If you kind of changing into the pink color, you can actually make it into cherry blossom, and then you on. So they're so several flowers that you can explore our painting with this. Let me just finish up and show you. You can use the tip off the brush, paying these kick off the brush again. So these are very poetic flowers. So why am I teaching this? If today's classes call points at us, let me show you why you have to protest these. Because the insight off the Pont Citius is actually this. But we have the pain, Tector. And then we have to lay here. It's so I want you to have some fun session painting some flour first to get Yusoff. How depend this first before we could lay you on. Or else if we start with this poinsettias, it's gonna be quite tough because you can get this correct. And then you have the layer this, then, yeah, you'll be quite tough. So for today's lesson is until here next lesson, I would come back, fight back those again. But we painted with metallic pins, so I hope you enjoy the session 7. 07 More Practices, Metallics on Black Paper: we'll come back for today's lesson. I'm going to teach you how the pain fight at this. Blowers using metallic pins on that paper is basically the same as the previous lesson. So I hope you have already then my first lessons off using we've stopped the pin D's and to form a fight. But this floater and now using metallic paints the pain something like this. So I have the to set off metallic pains from at philosophy Oneness, metallic pester s essence. And another is at philosophy metallic essence. So I would just use a mixture off the highest. Mostly our used go silver and green. So it's it is up to you. Some of you may like purple and all these, but I think this feel colors were quite real. First thing you have to activate it by adding water. I feel that, uh, if I at least a bit off silver is quite nice, just not okay, So I have it fully loaded. Wreath the metal pin and we will do something like this just on this more cut. So the mini flower is here. One Tony and then I will have some other site flour And then I will form the lease. So one, two, because I look quite think just now. So my pin is very sick. Clear this one. Just remove the pain a bit. All right, So if I have s so much pain loaded inside, I may want a little bit off green. Okay? Wash my brush. Firsts. Some kind of anything. Not this green, but this green. Okay, so I'm having some leaves smaller. You see that? I did impress that big small game spreading on both sites because this paper is smaller, so I just kind of a spread. I hope you remember how to hold a brush check. Okay. How you hold a brush, correct this anger, having it out looking, come back again in a game. So with this, this practices but at the same time also is kind of fun containing it. So I want you to practice Ismael before we look on the points at deuce. Okay, so I haven't used a go color yet. All right, so I'm mixing it with silver. Smaller, small. So when you have a good mix of colors, it looks very nice. But then I'm gonna use go soon because Justin Color still not That's outstanding. So I washed my brush and mixtures the goal. Now here. The influence It was activated than just a while ago and they just straight up so fast. All right. Um, okay, I'm going to paint a little bits big and small again for the go. Just something small over the assembly or pit so they can kind of cover over the pain. Clear. All right, This site. I haven't done anything. Yeah, are being night painting a lot on that over here. Okay, so, um, don't show you what I mean. Maybe I just have a quick them on this piece, so we call this as bash. Okay? If I'm holding, my brush with the silver will be set in this way. You see that? My brushes tree like this. This is a sharp point, right? This is the shot point. Still went. I might like these. I got this car, so I'm going to pin something. I just press one. If I pressed lightly, I will have just lying on UC. All right, So I'm going to Spain, Something like this over here, because everything is just think warm. Looks nice. right. Just get my brush game. All right. So I get this. Nothing, All right. It's a bit of a filler flower, a filler leaves or Lund's like a Christmas billow needs. Yeah, but again, I want you to know that this is not really like Christmas Christmas. See, Is just having that kind off? Yeah. So you sent this one? Really? The marking make it so interesting. If I press, it's the girl. Just get these Got here. Right. So over here, I think I would let something a little bit different like this. I have a little bit off a green dot Over So me just on? Yeah, you can share just at on, ladies. So get ready. A lot of black paper because it's very addictive. You will feel that you want to pay more. Eso has that big piece of paper and cut into small pieces, which I have done. Yeah, I will probably like in a few more pieces later on on my own. Yeah, I have a lot of small pieces cut, and you can try up different colors so that this one is going at some cento at some silver . Okay, so I have a over here. Maybe I Maybe something just a very light one. Very light one and maybe a smaller one. So you say how further down you press, Then you will get how brought your pet is Yes. So I have it going up and perhaps this site clear. I didn't want to dirty my white people below, so I lifted up. Yeah, I can add something here, too. Maybe something just quite small because I didn't want it to be too heavy looking. Yeah. So something they really liked at some green used to here, too. Just make sure that it's not overbook a piece, that this is a quite a small piece. And sometimes if I'm making a cut, I can write some. What's you, boy? Ton can write you, so Oh, I can write something here a little bit over work, actually. Yeah. Then I probably wants to have a bit of gold. I think he is in tow. Go Nice. So I should go. So I just on a little bit off the go here, then I'm actually finishing. So I'm in general in my class after I put the student these I remember this one class A thing. New Christmas. And I thought then the point. Such two years. So they painted this on depended upon situs so they actually painter like treated for pieces in a tree to tree and 1/2 hour session, so it's really possible. 8. 08 Leaves, Hollies, Berries & Fillers: we'll come back. But this lesson I'm going to teach you how the pain concerti ist me holies, filler leaves Barry's and Philip Barry's. So we have all the colors radio earlier on from our chart. Basically, they're the greens we're using. Set green. You can use you size. And for that. So this is it. She for the least. We have already done it before in earlier first class live show. So this one, I hope you will not tell me that you have a problem Night. And the dark green you can get in all game. We can do the double loading. Double loading is using the set Green He missed that. Bring is quite watery. Any on a bit. And my dad greenest actually here. But it's Kanye, very dry. So I just on. Okay, so I pain this week. Can you see to kindness? If I didn't want my leave to be set, I wanted a bit longer. I will have to pull longer like this long, right? So this inspector, this is a bit longer. And if the color didn't turn out, I just at on my Rick Insight and I mix it. This is also, and neither will you. You can mix it, begin the lead itself. All right. So we we'll cover this the leaf. And right now I'm going to show you how you pain the holies. Let me see. I use a big brush, so it's easier. Probably you can see better. Okay, this one is a little bit not so straightforward because I'm making use of the Jesus each off the brush to form this shop each. So that's still step one one one B. Step one is funding. So let's repeat. I didn't get it very shop here, So that stooge shut one to So I have actually got to shut point here. Right? So this is my step to it's actually this year. Okay? The at this site, the Addis eyes, actually. GIs one just showing the Edison step one off the other side. Pop, maybe I just read to you the top, the Brockton off the leaf. So this is going down and then another one going down. So let me join them up, one to which is thes. And then now, with the bottom off, one and two, let's do one more time. One to three four. Sometimes you can just cross up later on. Just make it sharper. Yeah, it's not really a one to treat stroke, but in a way it helps you to get a leaves that you don't have to joy that one to. But even this is possible for here holies if you want. So one to treat. I have to walk a few times because, uh, sometimes student couldn't get it shut and one to sri. All right, so you got your holy You got your leave, you go whole leads and right, this is what I have shown online. G how to paint this? An early owner. So I teach you how you can use months. But I'm using a big one now. And your brush is holding this week, right? Okay, sometimes if there's no no pain, you will see that you you're gonna get this on the brush. So let's see. Okay, now that they're a pain, so when the pink car disappear, you will get this kind of money. Here there is nothing. So when the pain are disappearing, you will get this kind of which is actually very fun looking. It just looked like a lot of secrets, even for big or small. Just farming. And then, yeah, it really looks like a lot of seaweed looking So you can pay something like this or you can come in, uh, these Zula g o these draw in the stop first, and, uh, you can pull it. Yeah. Look, pin not pin. You were You were not that this You don't look pain. You get this. Okay, My Penis running up. So I I need to add more Ping. This one is definitely very fun. It's not that depicted. Yeah, So the feeler this is your fellow clones like this? Yeah. All my student love this the most you can. You can paint it brown so it looks a bit off a dry. Maybe it pain some more. Here, explore a bit different ways off. How you can make use of this for any feel of plans is okay, Keith, Last day I'm going to teach you the Berries. The Berries? Well, did you have a round brush? I suggest you use a round brush and don't use this triangle brush. I'm greater. Use a round brush to look for the Berries. Right. So let me take a number. Just fill it with water or a, uh, him. You just get the very sheep. Yeah, usually for Berries. I will paying at least to the tree. Rarely a pin. Just one better. You know, step bigger and bigger. Then let me get, uh, and here and at here. It just do what? So I get a bit more, doctor. Yes. So I really got the Berries here. If you want some more doctor colors that me get some more or even a papo, We're adding some interests. Yeah, some purple. And as long as you're very Hess, these how you like and a doctor tune. He looks very pretty now. Okay, So three Berries and I were this police. Let me. Okay, Is dry. Really not just in the center, So it looks more like kids. Her this. So we're done with all these feelers and leaves and OK, being. This filler can be easily done before a round brush. So don't look so happy for we were wrong brush, because I think most of you should have a round brush. If you use a triangle brush can. But a lot off what toe? Get these secular, So OK. And I also mentioned that you can on go color to make it more interesting. All right, so maybe I just teach you how the pin is using a smaller brush using co makes with my sienna. Just a little bit of space here. So maybe I start from the kicks. Just start from the base. Just they did. And, uh, okay. Without washing my brush, I used a bit of brown. I mix, I get a bill, uh, brown that brown you can wash your brush. Said she quit that. Yeah. So that is for the I kept a highlight. And then here I just on the shared O k. So you have your I could basically told this sweet. So it's just like these that these who's cross and this is the shock point. Yeah, It's like a meanie pine tree related. So you should look this way for more time to show you all you can just do every wine. But okay, if you have something like that and you're not sure so you do You paint this way? This one is So can I did remember the brush month brush, But we you can just mutton And then he basically is just like the n uh, on the back of color. Here again, I keep a bit off the highlight. So it's not very is just a bit off silhouette look just like that. And this is not cut off My my classy today a money teaching like this. So this is just additional. So I want you to practice and practice on your five metres and on your police and the leaves and we'll get back again. And I hope it's soon that you come back to join me for the final class points eight years with Frank. 9. 09 Poinsettia Wreath Part 1: we'll come back again. I hope you have gone through all the classes that have taught in order to prepare yourself for the spine. Nicholas. Poinsettias with triangle brush. All right, so we already I am ready. So the pain that points at Julius, we need a lighter, the petal insight. So I have the color mix ready, which we discuss in our earlier session. You just at more water for a lighter value off this. So I show here again? Yeah. Lighter. You so that we can see the difference here. All right, so I'm going to start on here. Let me check my brush. I think I should use this one so more or less I keep it in the center shop from the bits because the point set to you, the better is a tree. Long keep. We actually need to, uh, make sure that is totally dry before because what I did earlier on it was still a little bit wet. And I was too in just to get started. So the color pile run into one another. So this time you just have to wait. Just like this one. I return for it to dry We can't really speak that using ahead right here. But I think this is almost dry, So Okay, I need a much darker color to bring up the back better. So I mix it. The sun is quite like you in between these two. Better I my brush strokes just cover here. Can you see that? Just cover. It's three. Let me check this one dry. I think it is a dry. So again, just cover Shumpert. All right, Here it's a little bit tricky because it is quite close, but I'm going to just use the shop tipped off the brush. You see it on and just again form that stroke off the Peto. So I have a better here. So I have to add on to Ma to Ma this very every cuteness. Very sore mine. Another layer lady. So now I'm a tree painting. 123456 Letter on this better will be even, doctor. Right, So I have three done. So I should have 1234 I have to morning the other one, Ivan Extra better coming up. Okay, so here I want here to be Doctor. So I just moved in some more Cutler's. So no. Do you know why I have you to practice so much earlier? On to pain the ping cherry blossom and also the pain. The five peppers floors on the black paper using metallic colors. All right, I got this done. I'm pretty happy with it. Actually, the rial poinsettias is discount. Color is very rich. For two years I've seen buying that plan because really, we knew. Very cheerful. The colors for Christmas. Rather it really cheer me up quite a lot. All right. Um, no, we can actually in let me it on a doctor. Car of thing. The color that I chose was a queen Violet toe one to make it even darker. This is still so here I in. You need to add a bit of water too. So you see that you actually need to be very, very a painting this or else If one looks nice, I'm going to be a little bit because I find that my color get very dark. Here. Here it's dry ready letter after at some more here. So I'm adding in That's available awkward space here. So I'm using a game making news off the tcisa, each off the brush, toe toe. Look on here. And yeah, sometimes it's not a very Direk. Leave. Shit. You have to work on the little bit of corner. Okay, so I got this shape here, and Okay, this should be dry. Really? So I could get a now for a tackle color and even some Papua. So here again, you have awkward corner, even a quick corner. Get some What? So of it. So you get this shop very shocked and we asked, We are continuing to build on, you know, the Petters let it grow. And do you know that the colors that we changed from green to Rick, I think I'm quite cool here. I saw some off the petters, actually green. So there's some this Archie Green. Yeah. So maybe later I will have some green Rick day. Okay, I'm good at on here. So you see the out plateaus? I will have it, Uh, a lot darker, but don't overwork again. In a sense that don't, uh, meet your petters girl Google until you don't know where. Just stop it. So more or less. I had a few more here, but has stopped ready. So now so far is quick that on my points at you, I'm gonna add on a bit off the rick cover because I mentioned that we won some different shape. All right, so here got some a little bit to agree on green later here. Okay, This one is a huge one. So I will wash off because I'm gonna get some green, Remember? I want some green like this. So on the Yeah, I just literally it on the green color drop in the green greens. You will see that the leaper actually like this. So now I'm gonna add on some, uh, green leaves, some green peas. Yes, sir. Suit here, perhaps. Yeah. And I'm adding in the ring. Okay. Yeah. So looks like I need to get on some records, so toe really make it interesting key. Just they look a little bit. Yeah. So over here, I just need to balance a bit to I'm get getting the pure so some different shit off Brick for this? Yes. I'm quite happy so far. Yeah. Okay, so I'm adding here now, some doctor color, so I think s so far so good. I'm good at some green vessel. I think the Carlos looks OK. So not good at some except green for my leaves. 10. 10 Poinsettia Wreath Part 2: Yes, I say, sometimes it doesn't fit so nicely there some corner. So you leave a lot, But keys that I have been training you. Right, Uh, you should be able to do it. So if I'm following thes, I should get on at least another Greenlees, which I think here should be the case. Maybe I have a smaller one, but this way. Okay. Pretty good and happy, but see, so far. And, uh, okay, I'm gonna work one here. One leaf here, shut and again, you in your Rick color. Oh, this is interesting. We have to wait for it Totally dry in orderto pain in this lines. Yeah. And so we are very quickly finishing. It's now and check, I think, appearing the very first in order to decide on where to Pender Kohli's. So I will get a bit of the proper right color. A bit of football. So it's easier to do. Leave a round brush? Yeah, I skipped bigger and bigger Come. I should get a lighter color. So mean to cut some pain first. Yeah, so they go a lighter color, some mix being just now that buries is a little bit big So now I have to look at smaller on a lighter tone. Oh, so so that I can I can add in some records. So because it's more interesting, right? Yeah. So again here, one more like to cover and some. So it's not so much about balancing, but I think it actually looks better this week. So I have one here and the tree over the okay. And with paying three Marbury's start me for lighter value one and then you can in your rate or your copper. Yeah, so I would just wash it now My very smaller cannot in a bit of pope. I mean, sometimes it's really nice to have it not just outside by heating somewhere, but he's a little bit shouldn't. It's nice. Both Look at how this color is so pretty. Yeah, you're not just that term before the pin dry and after the pain drink, it looks very different. If you can tender again with this brush to draw the line, you can actually use your You can use your number to brush to pin it. Oh, you're blind. All right. For the green one, I will use the green Cutler so don't a pinch. Strict. Have a little bit off Koth. It looks better. So for the Greenland. I will use a bit upper mix. Green Mexico. A little bit off. Yeah, you And remember, you really need to Rick boy to dry. Yes. Okay. So I only in the main vein I didn't pin it this way. Because So when I get in, can you see the men V? It took scannable. I find it is too much, though. In reality, they have all these veins here. But I think it looks better with Dutch. Like this one. That'll be up. Okay. I find it toe some parts that I like it to be lighter in a car. Let me see if I can lift up some happy, I think like Chin, I just use water to lift up something. But this one here. So I want to feel some water too little. It's possible, right? Yeah. I think this way it looks better. E think here they want I quite like and here they're like this, but and this part? Quite interesting. Yes. So then this above we can just live it justly. So now I'm going to work on the Leafs holdings. Maybe down here we have three que. I hope you still remember how I do this. Sometimes I just used at each off the brash to work on. I use a bit off doctor color, and I like to give some interest through the shit. So some Justin Carlos a little bit. I had a little bit of a turquoise to this one, so I had to hear as I mentioned, I probably one to enter Crimeans. I a bit off blue as I save you. Your set off pain is have bodies. Color is a lot easier to just get on. Yeah, I used to key. Then, uh, here, just shop shop at 100. Colorless. The doctor could green. I sold me the green colors do on my brush. I just kind of on this. Remember the brush? Nothing I mentioned I can't get on the bit more here, so I think I can, but I try not to overwork and, uh, all right, so this site, I will have some. So why have still just But this color trying Yeah, I will pin Cem down, so I have a bit of a curse a reef. Look mine. Que My lease will be there. So again, I say this I have to turn because it's easier to paint this read than a painting like that . So my whole lease would be here. Let me just planet it a bit key. So one here, one here to make sure that anger is correct. Because upside down, sometimes a bit hard to see you can have two more. So one maybe not a bit to Yes, this time is a bit smaller. And I can you like this color? Okay. Kidding. So looking very a thing, I should one more. Um, because we cannot follow as Zachary. Sometimes the anger is a bit different. Three here. Okay, one here. One here. All right. I think I got it then this. But here you can have a bit more. All right, so I have more or less done. Please finish. Okay. Except let me get my gold color back again. I think it will make it a lot more interesting, Mr. Go instead of my oqo and I'm going to use my round brush. I'm quite sure that most of you has well brush and again is you are watching this videos and you don't have a triangle brush. I really hope you were investing one. And, uh, it's not very difficult to get one or so. I have some of these brushes available, and my website so do looked up. It s so much interest of these peace. This that go. Okay. And I can't really like it. And a center is Actually the Massie is supposed to be green. I have seen it is a kind of green. So let me just use I hope the color can turn up because I didn't get ready. Quash. So I'm just using this green here. The center. All right, We are almost done and let me in the veins, and we are done with this piece. I haven't pain this for, like, almost maybe 1 to 2 years. And I would say that I'm quite happy with this. The remake off these paintings? Yeah, it looks a little bit duck, but the real color is actually discover. All right. I hope you enjoy the session and keep practicing. I hope you can produce some cuts and you show me your paintings. See you in my accession.