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Watercolour Christmas Stocking with Pizzle Paints!

teacher avatar Pizzle Paints, Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

10 Lessons (12m)
    • 1. Welcome!

    • 2. Pizzle's Materials

    • 3. Top 5 Watercolour Techniques

    • 4. Illustrated/Loose Leaves

    • 5. Illustrated/Loose Florals

    • 6. Colour Palette!

    • 7. Illustrate Your Stocking

    • 8. Paint Your Stocking

    • 9. Pizzle Details

    • 10. Thanks For Watching!

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About This Class

The ultimate class to welcome the Christmas season!

Today you will be creating a Watercolour Christmas Stocking perfect for gifts, hangers or card designs. You will learn the following:

  • My go-to materials - Brushes, Paper & Paints
  • My 5 most used Watercolour Techniques. Template can be downloaded by the following link: http://www.pizzlepaints.com/pizzle-templates.html
  • How to illustrate and paint loose leaves *bonus sticks 
  • How to illustrate and paint loose florals
  • How to pick your colour palettes and practice using them 
  • How to illustrate your stocking. Templates can be downloaded by the following link: http://www.pizzlepaints.com/pizzle-templates.html
  • How to construct your florals and leaves within your stocking shape 
  • How to paint your stocking 
  • How to add wonderful details to your stocking

It's time to fuel your Christmas spirit! 

I hope you enjoyed this class just as much as I enjoyed creating it for you. Please leave me a review and post a photo of your amazing stocking!

Meet Your Teacher

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Pizzle Paints

Ain't no party like a Pizzle Party!


Hi Pizzle People!

Welcome to my Skillshare classes. 

My name is Simela Petridis and I am a self-taught watercolour artist from Adelaide, Australia. My fascination with art started at the young age of 3 but I quickly hung up my brushes until the age of 22. Pizzle Paints became my outlet from my tertiary studies, becoming a high school teacher proved to be the most challenging adventure yet. Fast forward two years, I am now qualified and work as both an artist and a school teacher and always strive to live a full, creative life. Pizzle Paints gained traction and with traction came opportunity. In 2017 I signed my first contract with Prima Marketing Inc. as a member of their Watercolour Design Team and recently signed a second contact with Viviva C... See full profile

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1. Welcome!: Hi, guys. Welcome to my first of my name, Sabella. And today we are painting Christmas stockings with an array of loose floors. Please join me for a paint brush. In this video, you will learn my five most use techniques, as well as my loose and illustrated leaves and flower rose. I would then talking to really aesthetic off, placing your leaves and flowers in the shape of a stocking to finish our stocking. We will add some extra details to make a It's gonna be fantastic, and I call right to see your stockings. 2. Pizzle's Materials: These are my go to materials I will be using. Throughout the video. I'll be using my silver black velvet brushes, sizes to toe eight as well as my Montmartre Detailers sizes one. Make sure you have a lead pencil and a rubber on optional Joe pens and black markers for date. Ali. Full paper. I'll be using prima marketing Pad 300 GSM. Alternatively, you can use out spectrum 300 GSM rough for pallets. I'll be using prima marketing inks, essence and the classics palates for today's video. You don't have to use these materials, but these are my go to try them. 3. Top 5 Watercolour Techniques: I will now demonstrate and talk you through my five. Most use watercolor techniques. Some of the names are made up, went toe wet, commonly known as we're on. Where is where you were? Touch activated Paint tour. Wet surface. Watch the colors dance together. The solid edge effect is when you add activated paint to the complete surface with an even tone, almost like coloring in. This technique is great for layering leaves. Balta Bleed is my most used technique. It is where you paint a pigmented line around the shape, and then you bleed it out just with water from the middle. Using the same technique again is bold to bleed. Once you have finished bleeding at the pigmented line, grab a piece of tissue paper on, dab it out to create the marbling effect. Using the same technique as wet to wet, apply water to the entire surface. Start off with one activated color and dropping in the water. Then parrot with a second activated color and let them dance together. This is great for when creating real like leaves to finish practice. Using your brush, use the tip, flatten it out and see how it works. with just water. If you like the template that I use today, a similar one can be downloaded from my website. W w dot pizzo paints don't come. 4. Illustrated/Loose Leaves: I will now talk you through my illustrated and loose leaves as well as my stick technique. For my standard leaves, start off with a guarding Stan and then, due to Darman, shapes at me at a peak. To create a real life leaf, go up in three steps and meet at a peak of a diamond. Repeat this on the other side to illustrate around leaf, Think of a teardrop shape that bends to one side for a loose standard. Leave. Start off with a guiding stem and pressure brush flat down to create a diamond shape. Repeat this on the other side. To create the real life again, Go up in three steps and pick a diamond. Repeat this on the other side. Fill in the middle with as much color as you like with the round leaf again. Sato Fido guiding stem and create the teardrop drooping effect. Just with paint. Fill in the middle to create some fill leaves simply pressed on your brush with color, using the shape of the brush to create the leaves. Lastly, you were at a stem in the middle to connect all the leaves together. The's air really effective when filling space now for my stick techniques, create a stick like shape with just a track of water, then grab some activated color and drop it sparingly in the water. In different places, you can docking up the stakes as I start to dry. These are extremely effective in big and small sizes. I use them all the time. 5. Illustrated/Loose Florals: I'm now going to show you how I illustrate and paint loose floor owes pistol style. Starting off with my poppy, create a peak lack shape like a good topic and then on multiple pick shapes around the surface. For my cosmos flower. Start off with a little circle in the middle and then create peak lack petals around. You can add as many or as little as you like. For my chill up shape. Start off with two sloping diamonds. Head with two little mountains in the middle. For my first loose, Floro takes, um, activated paint and flatten your brush completely on the paper to create pedal like shapes . These are my most commonly used. Loose florals, using the boat stably technique. Create a flower like shape and bleed out the color from the middle with just water. A date house. Once dry for the true lip, press down thoroughly following the illustration off the tulip. Add some little stems to finish similar to your phyllo leaves. Flatten your brush and create an angled like effect. These air, really effective when you add stems, also add little droplets to create little Bunches of fleur. Owes these extremely effective when filling spice 6. Colour Palette!: Selecting your color palette is a very intimate process. When I select my color palette, I choose colors that I really like, maybe not necessarily colors that work together. I honestly think the colors and the aesthetic peace have toe workers. One, when your aesthetic is working than your color combo will be complemented. For this pace. I have gone with very dusty turned colors, paired with rich colors like Doc Brown on rich brown. I like the contrast of colors, also the hint of mustard in there I find switching my colors extremely helpful for saying, If I'll black the color cumber if you're still not convinced, try some loose florals and loose leaves on the side of your swatches to see if you like the colors then. 7. Illustrate Your Stocking: to begin sketching your stocking, you need your paper, a pencil on a rubber or, if you're not Australian a razor. Sometimes sketching a stocking shape is very difficult. You might choose to print out and cut out the shape of the stalking to trace. You could most definitely do this here's made trying to get it right. Multiple times I add some minor details, like the parts that I want to create bold, the top of the stalking, the peak of the stocking on the heel of the stalking. Those parts. I do not put loose florals in after I'm happy with the shape. I then illustrate a few leaves around the place to stop bringing reshape toe life. These leaves are going to be my backdrop for my loose floor owes. 8. Paint Your Stocking: although this might be the most tedious part, I'd like to encourage you to try your best and really have fun. With this process, you might feel more comfortable illustrating or your florals. However, for this piece, I've chosen my statement. If I was to be a loose Marone, flowers continue to add different colored flowers around your statement floors to fill space. This takes time, so be really patient with yourself and really enjoy the process. Don't forget to pain your illustrated leaves. I've chosen to leave them towards the end. I'm using boat to bleed to paint. These lease started feeling the remaining space with Fila leaves and Philip Floor owes. You'll see it starting to take shape. The fuller it gets. Don't be afraid to layer and really enjoy this. 9. Pizzle Details: The final step is adding a few minor details to bring it to life. Using the boat oblate technique. Paint the top, the tip and the heel of the stocking. You might choose to outline the stalking in black paint. I've done this for today's peace. Using the stick technique, I touch a track of water to the top and put brand paint so that the stocking has something to hang on. I then add some leaf date house to finish, creating little veins to make them look a little bit more real. Don't forget to add your stocking string and attach it to the stick. You create all different types of stockings in an array of different colors. Look back and enjoy your masterpiece. 10. Thanks For Watching!: Thank you so much for joining me on my first ever skill share video. I hope you guys have enjoyed the class and learn something you today I would love to see your Christmas stocking, So please keep in touch. Leave me a review. Follow share. Do what you gonna do. I can't wait to hear from me. Thanks so much grassy later. But I think that the good of