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Watercolour A-Z Floral Letters

teacher avatar Esther Peck

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Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

13 Lessons (2h 27m)
    • 1. Intro to A Z Letters

    • 2. HI

    • 3. Getting Ready with art supplies

    • 4. Colour Swatches

    • 5. Warming up with Leaf Stroke

    • 6. Warming up with comma stroke

    • 7. Warming up with 'S' stroke

    • 8. 07C Painting ABCDE Letters

    • 9. 08B Painting FGHIJK Letters

    • 10. Painting LMNOP Letters

    • 11. Painting QRST Letters

    • 12. Painting UVWXYZ Letters

    • 13. Bonus Video

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About This Class

This is a basic watercolour floral class which I will bring you from colour swatches, basic leaf, comma and S strokes to form A-Z letters.

In this class, I teach you how to paint 5 petals open florals and basic roses to form letters.

Techniques that you will learn in this class include:
1. Wet on wet
2. Wet on dry
3. Training an eye for the focal point in each letter
4. Colour Blending
5. Colour Choices
6. Basic Floral Composition

At the end of the lesson, you will be able to paint letters of your choice or even the whole set of letters and they make excellent gifts for all seasons. 

Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Esther Peck


Hello, I'm Esther. 

I have always enjoyed art from a very young age. My first form of proper arts education started at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts (Singapore), where I took a course in Western Art. I have since held various roles in the art industry such as an Assistant Art Director, to a freelance graphic designer later on in my career.

In 2015, I took an interest to watercolour and brush calligraphy, picking up the skill on my own. My background as a graphic designer has helped me create artwork, designs and publishing. I have published 2 books - ‘Lush & Blooms’ and ‘A Guide to Floral Watercolour’ and my second book was sold out within 4 months! I had reprinted my book, ‘A Guide to Fl... See full profile

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1. Intro to A Z Letters: Hi, I'm Esther and better known as as the pack of I G. Also daughter of a guide to Flora with the color, I'm so glad to be back after a shop brick and playing with this colors and teaching floor letters. This time this watercolor A to Z four letters is a basic class ideal for begin us. As I teached a basic leave s and common stocks. The form leaves open Flores and roses which we ultimately pin them into lettuce. I will also give you free designs off this A to Z writers to try out your own paintings. These letters were make great gifts for all seasons. And I really hope you will join me. See you soon. 2. HI: I'm so happy to be back here then and today I'm going to teach you what a color A to Z Flora lettuce. In this class, I will be teaching you how to form letters like this. Basically, I'll be teaching you to mean floors, open flowers like this roses, which I also teach in my other classes. Basic leaves, compound leaves and some revision off the leaves that have thought rascals do in my either workshop, which I'll use it for mine. Let those wreaths I will still be using a little bit off Dahlia's and some of these flowers in my floor letters. I hope you'll join me and come back for the next class. See you sit. 3. Getting Ready with art supplies: you come back. So for today's class, what the color? A to Z floral actus. We meet a couple of things to get perfect. I'm using Cobian Atis were the color and I have a full set off pins here, and I'm using many Ricks yellows, greens, blues and purples. The two men brushes that are using Okay, Number six and number it. I'll be using a pencil to sketch up. Of course that you razor and I just use a mako to write down some notes for my swatches. And I need reference from my previous Let us it will be a lot better. So after I have paint on my Alexis, you will have my references. And of course I need papers. I'll be using there being no 100% Cotton Co press 300 grams paper again, and I have been cut into a five pieces already. So before the immaterial is ready as the euro 4. Colour Swatches: I welcome back. What does this color Swatch class. I would like to introduce very bright colors because I want to make happy letters for you for this session. I'm using cobian Karlis this on my whole being set. These are the sort list that I have really done. The first color that used will be raped. It's a most basic color for Flora The use of high Pickman and I just used water. Bring it down and more water so you can see how you look like when I want it to be very light. Most Gabrielle using this high Pickman and the next color I'm gonna use is almost like opera pink a primrose. But in this set is called Opera is just Culebra. Yes, so high Pickman again And I bring down. So this is SMI, Oprah. I'm going to dilute it to gain. You can always try this experiment and okay, I would love to have a minion. You It's a very pretty Carless. And I have really painted one. The orangey Look, it's going to be lots of Rick 10. Yeah. Loose. Yeah, In this A to Z letters workshop. So we have yellow sometimes I do let the colors blend together to I just thought that one is kept Name Yellow Dip and this is lemon yellow. I will record the name off the colors later on, so we have high pigment and then we at water put the flu and I have image. There's oland yellow, which is quite a brighter year low. But if you don't have so many range of colors, you can have just some basic Rick and yellow. You don't really have to follow this exactly, But I'm just showing you how we can create uh, more different types of flowers. I used some blue and some papo for different for electors. This one is Sarah Lambrou Kobach Brew. I'll be using the bright orange Ah, Bruce, let me see. I You will use a woman and violent and we have cobalt violet light here, which I definitely would be using it because it's a very pretty color. This color is a little bit light, so I don't think I would like an animal. It's quite light and OK, the next color is bright Violet. I'm choosing some off the brake to color. So this one right violet here the three greens that I have here permanent green is like a yellow green. So this is the color that I were useful. My Penn drugs at this, I probably what makes a little bit. And I heard set green. Yeah. By now you probably know that set Bring. It's one of my favorite color Also. Okay, Curses, pretty break. And, uh, because I'm using from cobian colors, I only have three greens here. So one of these greenies hooker's green. And if I want to mix colors, I can always have. Let's say, for example, I want a special kind of green just here to show you. Let's say I want my focused green. This is Hooker's green. I want to mix a color that is a little bit different. I use hookers, green mixture, yellow aka I blend them together and I'll get this color. Okay, So even with limited greens, a member to form colors that I like, So let me show you one more time because green Blas Okay, he did this green. It looks a little bit like all of three to me. Yeah. So Severin probably here I tried toe at on more Pickman because the pigment car loss over there. So anyway, for this, what a color A. To Z floor letters. You don't have to use exactly the same range of colors that ahead as long distance as long as they are bright and beautiful. The colors that will be using a I wrote rate opera them in a hue. Captain and yellow did Kevin in yellow lemon in midazolam, yellow, several Lambrou, cobalt rate Bowman and Violet Cobalt by Let's Bright violet common and green set green polka is green. Well, it seems that there's a variety of colors this time, but what we actually me is just a range of rate yellow, blue, purple and greens. And then we can mix the colors. So if you don't have this range of colors, we'll worry. We can still pain pretty flora lettuce. So I seen you so 5. Warming up with Leaf Stroke: we'll come back. So for today's lesson, I'm going to teach you very basic strips. This is the warm up your hands we was that we'd leave stroke. I'm using a number eight round brush and with my brush fully loaded this sectarian, I'm going to show you a simple the first hole. Your brush about 75 degrees from some face these air 75 degrees. So I start with 75 degrees. Begin from the tip of the brush, Pull away from you, increased pressure. Then slowly decrease the pressure. I'll show you one more time. Good press and readings fully loaded again. Keep press and slowly release. So this is a simple leaf. This is one bullet I would like to show you A to blitz simply So it goes this way one on top and one below. So we have a 21 You'll be doing a lot of leaves for these workshops because all mine letters will have lots of leaves of Philip the shape but using a small. But I will be using a much smaller brush. I may even have to use a number four. Yes, so this one is some, but it is quite big. So four tendrils like these. I'll just show you a very basic compound. These we were just playing this way and look my brush again. I took my paper a little for one two, and I slowly and I just paying the leaf smaller and smaller. So there you go. I'm just going to show a few damn off how I can pin this. So if you have a pen, Joe's disagree. You just pay night at, and then you just land you leave this way, something like this. They need not to be from the same point. Sometimes this point sometimes this point. So this is what you need to practice for this class in order to prepare yourself for Leo on and perhaps something like these to get your stops some curve that you like to practice something like this because we have we do have cooked, but you can actually stop. It's actually a very fun class and im already enjoying it. Yep, something so you need to use a smaller brush. So this is our leave shop one, but it one Brit leaf stroke and to blatantly stroke. And this is called compound leaf pen. Drew. So you need to practice this when we come back for another strokes. See you soon. 6. Warming up with comma stroke: we'll come back. So for today's lesson, I'm going to teach you. Come my strokes. Once again, it is too. Help you to warm up your hands. Support comma strokes. We have to hold a little bit lower. In my earlier class, I mentioned about 90 degrees, 75 30 degrees. So for commerce trolls, we have the whole airbrush lower at 30 degrees. A full look brush a Pinder just mix. And I voted fully, using my number eight brush and holding my brush at 30 degrees. I prince the brush down and ton right one more time, about 30 degrees. Press the brush down and about 30 degrees. Not to worry about this ship sometimes because I hold too long. I got this year, but better is common or not, it's not very important. Mainly, I'm getting a stroke like this because we're going to pain rose again. But this time around, I'm painting very particular roses. So with this site is easier. This other side is a little bit more than that. So often, Chris, So get I always mentioned that it's not very important to get a perfect ship for this site . Yeah, let me just show you very quickly. Yeah. Here. The funding. You see that? This is supposed to be my rose, but I will show you later in my next class is supposed to be the ripping off my rose. So the ship is going to kind of Ah, yeah, you see? Okay, I just, uh, show you roughly. With this, we will form a roast. So their ship off the common stocks here, It's not really the important, but it's just too happier to loosen. You're great so that you can actually practice on this common start this site and commerce troll this site. Let's do one more time before I let you go into practicing their stocks again. And I know that some of you have chicken, my other classes, because in all my classes, I start the stop work. So if you have done my earlier process, you probably has done this before. And you can go straight to my other Less is one to all right. So the practice, this common strokes and I'll see you 7. Warming up with 'S' stroke: welcome back. But today's lesson I'm going to teach you another stupid. This is not commonly used in most of my bookshop, all my class. But it's probably quite useful for the tendrils which are be drawing in my what a color elect us, which are using in my A to Z lettuce. So for this s took them teaching you today is the same s the leave stop. I'll be holding at 75 degrees. I started with a tin stroke and I said, Turn into my right. I add pressure and also I twists and turn to my left to and slowly I released pressure. So this is a very s took, but we can actually do one with less a stroke this way. I'm showing you a lot off the ship here. So did in line, press ton and release. So this one beef let me just used a pencil to show you start from here, ton and then you release at the tip Stop a tip. So re, perhaps can paint some 10 Jews to show you one the stroke resemble this is a stroke climbing resemble. This is a 10 drew one, the stroke coolly stroke this way. So if I have a to and strokes together, he will be this week One to a slight lead the girl one most of the time, we probably would just used one stroke. So for some of this, that this one is probably leave stroke, but by anyone Just at this that because I have a smartphone they're wanting about now it brushes I can actually control. Don't make make my small I just turned in a bit. You can put taste with this for how you could done it. The school this way very small in sometimes we just use a least struck that you have learned earlier on even for the stop you you have the practice just to pay them in different angles. So, as I say for these letters, I'm going to pin a lot of penn drools. So a lot of practice police and a lot of my students is that leaves other therapeutic tipping. So I really hope that you enjoy these classes because you really have lots of leaves, the pain. So don't practice on this, and I see you real soon 8. 07C Painting ABCDE Letters: welcome back. So for today's lesson, we are going to learn to pain. What? The color eight z Let us and I'm going to start with letter. Yes, I have my right mix. And we're going to paint a with open floor like this, which I hope you have already practice your open flower here most of the time I will follow my simple. So I was stuck. This, uh, open for this way, people reference. I roughly know how big I should pay my flowers. Or else I may have it too big. My origin a is a lot smaller. Yeah, this one is my prince. The prince. Not so good, though. Yeah, so I have my center. We've permanent by a Ducker color here Ritalin. And then we continue this one more. Here you can Kyle varies the height one high one low. And then again, we need to still wet on my women and violence. You can various your colors with orange too. Yes, so I can't mix them. See, this is my rate. This is my opera Rose. And this is my kept name Year low. So sometimes I do makes it down here to get another color. So I had least high this one. Go. So this one, I can have a little bit lower, too. And change a little bit of color. You can have the flower heat and to and get my center pull gin. See? So basically, I have my three. I mean, flowers there, but, um no, anything. I'm getting a lighter value of Rick, and then I will form a bit off Broken pet Does. That means some site petal here at the back. This piece was printed, like, four years ago. It's quite a long time ago, and okay, I have my some yellow. So I want this part here to be the centerpiece for my for my letter A and I think Okay, I will have a bit off their leads a little bit wreaked somewhere here. As I said, the sample. So here. Or beautiful? Yeah, in four years ago, when Appendix I don't have a seven pope. I just basically just pain. Yeah, because I'm teaching now. I just use this as a simple to teach you. And after I finished this, you can use myself photo pain, Letter A. For those of you who have named Stop the letter. A area. Amanda. Amelia, Um, for ladies a Any guys, I think it was nd But guys, if you're pain Flora Reef, I don't think they were Can't like it. So I have some of the rates here already a thing. I should have some putnam yellow on. So, Cem, small flower class. So if you back to paint it for yourself, you can just go to the particular, like, the cross, which I will break them into Ah, yeah, a few process. And it is painting for your friend. You can just zoom into the battle letters to And you probably also would like to see how I pin the other letters. You can watch all the crosses, so I would just break them into Ah, a few classes. So today's class, uh, well, head a tow eat. So we have a right now, almost done. So you see, we focus on the flowers or the colors, looks a lot more brighter and a lot more cheerful. So you see, just now, Earlier on, I caught you about the leaf stroke, and right now my leave is very, very small. I think for this I'm quite happy. Ready Letter is done. And that's more letter B. Letter B. This is my Oh, Peace. And okay, let's a Maybe a painting. Roses. As I mentioned, I do have a very kind of Oh, flowers. Just probably two main types. Okay, I start center here. A big girls, if you can't remember how I paint Israel's baseball back to my class again to check how ice gets that so that there will be a lot easier to pin that. So I have the mean center. And then I screwed. I get three c stroke, and because it's quite a small one, I kind of just so at on water for the rules to come up. You see, I have this rose done over here. I see the usability Orrin G. So I just kind of follow too. I follow because I quite like the color combination. Yes. So, as I said, this currents will give you a lot of practice on your flowers. Red is open floor Or is it? Roses? Is definitely a lot of practice. Okay, this, uh, two at the site can be a bit smaller and less details, I guess. And right now, I will have my Leafs. So my leaves is set green. Have you said green on? Just kind of have it here. A big one. I think I use a bit of aka in this piece, so I kind of just on a little local. I think it's a very pretty covers. So we just add on our leaves and that it's kind of scroll down later on in. My rose is sticking. I think there's some small rules this year, so you have to kind of Yeah, when you pin, you have to really sit back and joy for this class. I mentioned that I want to pain at least or fully a few alphabets because there are 26 letters. So see the green. Oh, yes. Oh, for B. But do we have their knees? That miss? Let me think a bell. Um, what else will be babe? OK, uh, what else? Bernie's? Because our friend whose name is Bernice. Benita, right. And, uh, let me see. What else can you help me? Is the thing What the looms if b Okay, I need to pin some flowers. You, but a smaller one. Well, just so thing off any friends with names. That's that will be like, Turn it again. Okay. Some flowers here. I have to remember not to make it too big. Anyway, it is not your favorite color. Yeah, if being and rates now feel apart. Color. You can always use proper and brew for your Laura Reef picture. I will also be showing in mine other lettuce. Oh, no, This looks quite big. No, I didn't want it to be big across my center here is supposed big. I start to school and be good. Be good. So okay, this one will not be so big. I used to be a year low, too. Yeah, less so a little bit. So and then here on some read, read. Oh, yeah, for the center. And let me just get some leaks and we'll finish with, Like to be just can't mix the green again. Okay, so we have letter b Done. So let's get ready. We've see soon. See, we have three men roses again. He so it's somewhere here. Center Screw Letta and more. This site? Yeah, I was that. My rose seems to be getting big. Another one, maybe a treadle. Make it smaller and a little bit hide behind this big rose. I have been painting a lot of big rooms is this way now. I couldn't make it small, but I think it's still key. Let me finish. Just do something with some leaves. Yeah, I see that I have some orangy one here is very pretty. This I, like deal with it. I thought that in my fill of floral prints, sometimes I would like my green should be a bit duck. Go. I think sometimes you can have it. Kind of dropped down less more fits a bit, mark A bit of orangey flowers here. Maybe like a rules. But I did Rose. That's rose buses. Basically just camper to shops. 12 like a leave stupidity. I think this looks quick. Good. So we're finish ABC. Let's continue to work on. That's a deep This My seven pumped. The colors are strong. So same thing again. I'm using rate and ah, Perot's. The focus right here is over here. I was at the open floor A. We have opened Flora Bebe Half Roses and CBS Roses. Cecil. So now we will book on open floor. I would like to one. Sometimes you're doing it to show I Zakri every part of it. Some off the potatoes. I like to keep it, like just he didn't like this. - And over here, more so less. There's lots off open floor for this one. I think I will have to a bigger one over here, somewhere in the center and some, like, toe one again. A mix off color, some preparation, some some pain and some put perish. Okay. And I will use a bit off the green again set green to work on this. Okay, now here. I haven't got my niece. I'm just fearing that this more flower, huh? Yeah, because I think for elected d we don't really have a focal flower. It's just all over. We had some small open floor around. Yeah, thank you. At a bit more. So we have our elected d Almost done. Let's move on to my favorite letter. Can you guess? Why? Is it my favorite letter? They have to frame it up. Yes. My name is Esther. So it's that letter E case already here. Okay, I'm going to have a couple, maybe a bit bluish. So a little bit apparition Boo ish over here, I just makes a little as I say. You can actually mix your own colors too. So I have this move and my focal point Is she my? No, just at water for you to flew up. And maybe now for something lighter. I have my Syros a little bit, so I didn't can't open it up, so just have a small it the rules here. So over here, that's a bit of small roses too. Maybe some put pro some purple here and OK, I just work on the purple color first so that I don't have the wash my brush. As I say, If you have difficulty painting the roses, you have to go back again to, uh, check on my earlier classes. Or you can join me at the plus on my plus that is called Roses and Rose Rift, which I have a whole class just on debt. And I do some Demmer on how I pain site roses too. So this one is a very light one. They re like color, some very light. One smaller roses here. I think I need to get a bit off Rick now. I was at water for my lighter pink? Yes. So I want a very, very like they really, like paying for here. So, you see, my previous roses are, like more, uh, lasted two. And right now I have a bit more Due to now, I have Pinter lot morals. This and, uh Yep. With my technique, you should be able to pin more detail rows or so what? I have thought. So they go the pain somehow Rose this when we have some green too. I makes a little bit for my green to looks a bit darker. I kind of like this color combination. So I'm making, like, a little bit darker just for that color corn. I added a bit off the proper toe. My set green for these. So you can have at in mislead. So they kind of puts fool around. Yes. All right. So this one will be the end being cut off the roads on. We have here, then some. Her parish Lower again, Rose. This well, if you want, you can a train mixer, roses and open floor together here just at in rules again. My small little rose and in some more rules may be here. Some more roses. Bhutto's this Trudeau's butts, some pink color ping mix in this kind of Really, if you don't really need a very detailed kind of rose, truly. But the the men want you, I have. It's certainly more addictive. Yeah. Okay, so we have finished E to, and I'll see you in the next few alphabets and I'll see you in the next few letters. 9. 08B Painting FGHIJK Letters : we'll come back. So for the next few lectures, I will be teaching you G Hitch I and J. So, in every lessons, I tried to teach five Flores and not to worry about the ship off the letters. I will be giving you a pdf on that to follow. So let's see our letter. So for here, I want to have a main focus off my big flowers. And here, So some men poker. I will have Rick and orangey. I use a bit off a prayer arose. Okay, so I mixed them in this way. So I'm still using a number six brush. Okay, unless six brush and I start my open flower here. This is quite a big one, and it's pretty watery. I need to get a little bit more Pickman for this center, right? Yeah, my sport. My center. I used a little bit off a model color that I have so back to this I have a lot of pain around, so some more here, they're not to show everything. So I will re just kind of have these pet those you and maybe a lighter color. The light Barrow's right. They re lacked one. So, you see, I will always pain my flower first because, you know, to keep washing my brush. Yeah. So if your brushes loaded with enough pain, you can outrageous continue toe work on Sometimes I have too much water. You can continue to work on your flowers. So now it's my leafs. My Levi's back toe set. Really? I hope you're enjoying with me so far. I can think off one name. Faith is very nice. Name se se Fatima. I mean, I come thing off many innings off letter F, and you can also try to think that who you can painful. It's a very, uh, pretty. Let some of the role electors. I do have a favorite. Okay. I like letter f quite a lot. So because off how the way could so every rich I didn't really turn myself average around one letter. Stick me about maybe five minutes. All right, so I will men, flowers is here. And let's work on my berry. So I will have a bit off. But in blue color is pretty true. The cool, maybe papa. So it on the Berries I can be just feel a flora can we just some people of Flora, Bill Bluish. Some feel if Laura in still Berries because they look more like Philip floor than very to me now. So I just on if you find that it's a little bit too blue show what you can in great. Let this all this, Rick, I would at you now. Yeah, just toe. Give it more interests to your grief, right? Yeah, I think it looks pretty nice now. Okay. I think I need some leaves here. Some more lease that we have here over here is like blueberries, but here is rueful her? Yes. So we have finished f and let me move on to Let's G Okay. Let the G is actually one off my favorite. I don't know why. Because off the curb, it's very pretty and very gracious. So grays, definitely east. One of my good friend missile. The name is Grace. Actually, I have a lot of friends are called Grace. The thing of it. Yeah, right. So, men flower is here and actually the tennis here, so maybe I start here. We have a pretty big one to live stroke and let me use of darker blue from this P just can't criminal. And here I'm really enjoying this class. Well, for every custom painting I really enjoy because basically, you really have to enjoy what you're doing in order to produce good work. I mean, a lot of my students, they would tell me that when they joined my class, basically is as a de stress. And for me, painting is just something that I don't know. I I just love it. Yeah, but sometimes I really had no time to sit down to pin because there's lots of paperwork to do to be able to teach today. Now, is that enjoyment? My color is got their bit put. Poor Regency, the parish. And so now I'm going to add in a bit off yellow. A bit off yellow, I think. Okay, just on, uh, this is only a bit some more year low. I just can't at on at here, because looks nice is a bit of yellow here, so yeah, so, in between, I think I share some euro too, in a bit of rate. Right. It'll reach. I need to pick up the pain over there because it looks a bit too sick Yeah. So sick of it. Just a little bit off turquoise over here. That means green pass my blue. I got a bit of turquoise that we get that again. The lease, some big leaves. So be site Grace. We have Jared. Ian. Uh, what I did What other names with G. I'm sure there's a lot the school didn't think up any. Now again, this great. This G is a little bit like so I think in some boo flowers here. Yeah, just don't get on a bit more that because it's a little bit light, though. Someone blue flower here, so a little bit more Make it a bit fuller. So is that a ton of them? I should have one or two more here. Yeah. So perhaps the keep back to here again. It on some. Okay, So Ji is finish. That's most Let the heat and the letter H. My main focal point is over here, but across bias. I'll be painting some five patters Flores here, and I will look for the 1,000,000 orange. I like it to be of it. Vibrant the Carless. So starting from here, remember your five. But this floaters so one. I mentioned it This reference. There's good because you roughly know how big your flowers is. So you wouldn't kind of, like, make it too big? Yeah. In some ducker Carlos spoke on again. I was lucky to be like that here. So I work on my doctor color here. My verbinnen orange will be here just on a slightly darker color. And now I on my lighter, open floor. This are here. I have been kind of Ah, he didn't somewhere. So I get my center color. I will work on basically all the flowers first I tried to get them slightly like toe Senate of it. It's to duck. Okay, so this on my make it even light you can take out the pain. Hey, this is where my hitch should be. I just add on a bit more and after that I will facility for use. I will not be doing so much explanation for let a hit on words s o a B C D E f g. I did kind of explain quite a bit, So over here you just kind of watching pin these as a demo. So usually for the tendrils would have it lighter. You just get light and like toe. Yeah. Remember your Astro. This is the stroke petals. Now here we have a little bit bigger you, Cecil, because we have 26 Lecter's. So I'm trying to work a little bit faster, but basically, they're still the same. Whenever you look at the electors beside on where your focal point is, we just hear the flowers on. But then you are in the leaves for curve point with a darker color, and then you can have a lighter flowers and then you young, your men leaves and then your other least. And right now you look at it, You still lacking is the many the Philip floor somewhere on the feel of flora In this case , it looks a bit over here is, uh, blue purplish. Very so on the que the blueberries Just a bit here and there thing. Uh, yeah, following this color is quite see and actually, I quite like this color. This color combination is pretty nice. Yeah, So I have it mainly over here. So we have finished our let the hedge and reveal shall move onto the next one. So let's move one to let, uh, I that I only have a print to show you. And, uh, we're painting. Our main focus is the roasts. So, Rose again I'm using. I was stuck me for rape. Step three. So here, center here, that's usually have it school. And then I moved on to see strokes. And actually, I have about three of them, and I have the pain school out for the outer Petr. I actually can have a little bit captain in yellow that so I have a quite a bit rose here, and I will move on to another one. I'm using this. That 12 tree roasts a technique which I caught you in my earlier class and the soul I mentioned before. I have this in my other online class. If you want to learn a little bit more on roses and how I can let your them, you can go to my other online class Just on grows on me Key over here. I would like to play a little bit more if a doctor Carlo. Yeah, So I'm quite done with this rose. So you can see that mine. Four years ago, Rose Brooks this is very messy. So right now, as that's more definition and I have a lot of filler floor over here, which looks it looks a lot like her. Maybe that IHS one, maybe just some some simple flowers that I have painted before. So But this dalliance is just like that. Also in my other, on my cross, which is my feel of lower class. You can check that out. Was so if you haven't done that class. But if you have, I think you have no problem painting this. Okay? I'm gonna work on a lot more, maybe. Okay. How about Rose? Those back those monies musically, Just one stroke to stop. And I joined them up. Yes. So I have my men flowers here. But right now, I would just look on. Since my brush is with this color, I would just walk on this color first before I wash it. So you say sometime on that and you're roughly figure where you want your leaves to be yet Now here I have a lot. As I said with reference, you have you can actually just follow, but I think it would be a lot more endurable if It's a free throw one. Meaning you have your own idea. You have your own design. It will be a lot easier. But if you are, like still under learning stitch, it would be good to just have something to follow. Yeah. So Okay, this one is pretty fast too. So right now, I just on the men Leafs in this letter, I I think I don't really have a lot of big leaves around. Yeah. So because the roses actually quite bigger reading, so don't overdo it. We just have some small leaks around here. Yeah. So, again, I have finished Elector, I very simple. Yeah. Let the eyes if you think you want to layer here which I think I would like to at on a little bit ductile color to lay your it. Yeah, we can. Still on just a little. Our next letter is J, which is very similar to I. So I'm looking on the for car. Here. Here, Right here is my Figaro's. I will have one big one. So I was school again. I take up some pain, have a bit tougher The minion color with lots off water or so So that I can have it. Like the tone for my out competitors for the rose. So I have quite a big one. Yeah, my g. So I should have a smaller one here. - So after having our men Rose main focal point done, we will book on our smaller roasts. - Okay , once we have all the those butts on roses than I will work on the minis. So I think you really need to watch out that you doing create a two big flowers over the here is a little bit too big, but I think it still looks OK. No, because you have a mean focal point. Just claim screw it up. And usually I You see that usually I have about two leaves and try to keep them in such a way. That is interestingly calls and not too strict that the leaves have different anger too. I mean, I guess this is the personal preference. Some of you like it to be so neat. Er ist I like it to happen a little bit off variation and that Jay is done. Okay, I'm a bunch of key. This is my smaller. The key here. Let's start with the men for cabbages, right here. A big one, Because this is a small cake. So I will have something against school, and I'll just pull up the pain. For those of you who are still learning how to pin the rows, I suppose painting the selectors are really very good. That's a size for you. Yeah, it's a good project to book on this because there's lots of practice. So if you can, you have enough time to work on a full set off the A to Z. It will be good, because then you can give it to your friends just for your own collection. Okay, We have some more here. Okay, so there you go. And right now I will have the police, the bigger leaves over here. So far, I've been using a loss set. Bring for my leaves now at a little bit off hooker's green into it slightly darker. So the lighter one is that you set green K. I would just sum. Okay, I noticed that I have some open flora somewhere here, but they're pretty small, so I have to make sure that I don't overdo it. Very small here. And so I wanted to be like toe. Okay. Just kind of look on my rose butts over here and son open through her. Yeah, I mentioned before that we can actually have a mix. So roses and some rose butts and, uh, some open floor too. This one? We have some open floor here. Then maybe here too some. Okay. So? Well, this quick cute over here. If I have something, just come out of that. Okay, That will continue with my using. So I am almost finished with the key. All this. I think I make it slightly sicker. This mom? Yeah. Which more leaves so Caisse finish. 10. Painting LMNOP Letters: Welcome back for to this lesson. We are going to work on the next five letters L m and O. P so far lets a l you can see that the focal point is over here and here. So let's get going. Four letter l I'm looking many on open floor. So I have my two colors Radi, my blue Syria, Zimbru and my papo which I have them A little mix. I got these two colors mixing. I start with my pipette explorers. I think I would like to have it a little bit more bluish toe. And if you have joined my cherry blossom class, I thought the site flower So it's something like that. So I have the bigger So I get a ducker Papo, they should be permanent violence I met in the center here. Okay, I just work on other flowers first, before I move on to my penguin or the blue one purse, I think because I have some penguin Just Teoh, give it some interest of the whole flora letter Elected to be a little bit more pinkish Look, So I get a bit off my opera roasts like cut like the pain here and just that it drop And I bet on the loose again key over here will be the bigger the lease. I hope by now you know about how I look on policemen. So first the work on the focal point Flora. And then with the same colors doing my brush, I finish up the rest off the flowers and I wash my brush and I work on the leaves. Like now? Yeah, I start on the mean leaves me just the focal point here. And then I moved on to the compound, please, And they re fuss. The letter is finished. This kind of have a bit of finished This again. Let me check on here. I would like here to have a bit more that McCullough More definition? Yes, More definition form. I mean flower. Yes. So I have finished taste Also letter l and I'm gonna move onto em for em. We have Rick color open floor. Look at where the focal point supposed to be again. And it's the to I mean, that tip here, so I won't quite fuss under big open flora by now. You should also know if you can remember how I pain the fight that the floor Just look back on my lesson. Ducker not ruling and I put it Place it on a center here for the pain to flew out. Get a doctor One again, boy two flew up. Okay, you can work on this after you're picking the flowers. But I just wanted to show you together. You can look a few first and then work on us. Okay, So I'm going to paint some more because we have here we have a few more to go. As I mentioned earlier how you paint this for like that is the work on the big I mean flower first after you finished them. Then you work on the Leafs after you finished the flowers and then you work on your fueler for a with the same pain in your brush so that you don't have to wash. But if you're more comfortable, befit finishing the main flowers, the leaves and then and then do the filler flowers This fine too, because by painting the feel of flowers you're not unique. Toe have an idea where toe where you want to place it. Then I make my I paid my furlough. Flores here a lot lighter. I'm not like that because they are not going to get the, uh, not the focal over here. Okay, I have finished, and I'm going to go on the leaves. So it's over. He had game. - I think we can have a bit off Coco, Kevin and yellow to give a little bit more interest with these peace. I just can't on the bit more. Just like here. I think I do have some kitten and yellow. Some filler leaves, you or even Berries. Kevin and yellow Berries. Okay off? Yeah, a bit more interest of it. Just a little bit off colors. Additional Congress over here looks a little bit like so, like, toe on some more. Rick. Rick. A bit. It looks a little bit like, Yeah, So I should talk on it. Yes. So you just have to look at it over role sometimes. Okay, so I finished letter m again and will be open floor again. I probably would like to use more off Rick and being instead off the foot pole. So anyway, this are just my own color combination. You can use any colors that you like So focal point again is here and here. So a big one and I get my foot pool. Just kind of someone. Okay. I'm giving a little bit of variation of colors. In this case. Yeah, I had it a bit off part Pado, My men, one is But I give a like value off proper to this kill would hear this quite a a lot. You see this? Sometimes I don't really have five petals. Is that I show a little bit a little bit off the patters, so it gives a bit more interest of it. And not to be a five patterns that is shown very clearly. Even here I have it hidden. I continue toe on some depth to the center of this flower. Yes, right. He looks a lot better than that. A few terms on and I like Okay, this is my m. So I like to have a little bit more the feel of sora. This one is like a fuel about bit Mark you So this is the center. She and we just at on also in the green lease. So let the end is coming to ship now. The ending parked here. I like them to be lighter in color, but the men Forker will be the main ship. So I give more value to this. Yep. So I'm done again. We flatter end, and I'll move onto 00 again is a mix off when flora with my colors. So right now boy is here and a little bit over here, So minimum is still here. I will work on it. I have a proper color and stepped off blue. Just kind of Look on again. The some blew open flora at on continued to pain on you. Open floor flowers. This will be smaller. Actually, I would like it to have a some babyish in. So I would like to get a lighter blue instinct off having them the same color. So a lighter blue. I tried to get a I think this should be civilian brew. So lighter. One minutes at more water. Tow my to my pain. Like for example here, I need to make it light. Sir, I just have to add more water to So I want some variation there. So and I just want toe on some lighter blue ping. So you see, let the whole hassle off flowers moving row. It is like us over reflooded. Yeah, on a little bit more being. Do it So our colors are coming out. So I'm going to fill it in with some leaf soon. Okay, let's fill up with leaves. I have a bit off local Teoh give the over looks a bit more interesting. So I have my over almost done, but see where I want to add more So its course this three, but a literal I have finished that toe. Oh, and we'll move on to Pete P will be a boot. Roses ruin papa roses. And basically they're the similar that Nick. So I didn't want to let spend explaining over and over again. Mostly, they are the same as my first few, and my men lessons on how to pin the rose or the open floor. So I'm not explaining like more when I'm painting these and let's move through a popular ones. Just have a smaller one then and a bigger one here, and I have my rules here. - Maybe I paint one site, one sight ruled, not showing so around. But just know this angle if a bit more step to the center and, uh, yeah, right here. We're on some more. The mob. A signal in some of blue roses. Some are blue room's, this and me on the Berries. Let's move on to the Leafs. I'll get some. Certainly I'll get some set green and pain. I mean, leaves over here. And you see, you have a focal point here. This is where the p something of the pes and this is the cuffs. So whichever direction is okay if you move this way or you move this way is still fine and I'm moving it this way, so I would like it to have a a light a coyote green. So at some, you know, to my green to make it a bit off the yellow green so slightly too light. So we have a cough here. The 10 Drew's on ending would be here, So I'm finishing my Pete. I would like to add a bit off later. Green oh, bit yellowish can use Lockerbie one. But over here oh, occurred does make it a little bit dirty, so I'm keeping it more on the yellow. This could be my print. So on them adding yellow instead It k yeah. So I have finished. Let api. So I see you for the next lesson. 11. Painting QRST Letters: we'll come back. So we are going on to the next few letters. Q R S t for this lesson. We will have full and way we're going to start with roses again, having all Carlos makes again. I'm getting more off the 1,000,000 hue. And my focal point is over here. I will have my bigger rose here. So let's get started. Once again if you just zoom into this class and you're working on the rose and you need a purple got to it. You can always go to my other on my class roses and roast reef where I have a lot more details on how to pain the rose. Our earlier lesson on rose. But this close, I will just probably be touching a lot more on where we want to play in the flowers. So I won't be explaining so much under how you pain the flowers or the lease. So I have some roses, let the value of yellow and I just pull up for the petals. Yeah, like the earlier class I mentioned. I always spoke on the big flower first, and then I will move onto the feel of flora and some of you might have a query. Lecher. Where do you move your leaves down? So in this case, it is going this way, my leaf. And then this way and this week. But there's no right and wrong way, so you can just have a a slice. They do on the Kyle get entangled your your 10 Junes, Your leaves key. So I see that over here, I have some pretty rose, but I'm having some. Or engine three of them. They seat one. The difference between this and this is definitely how I pay my roses. Yeah, so four years ago, my roses are lasted too. But tests I mentioned since this is of just kind of Ah, a Florida reef. We did. We don't have to pin them in so much to too. Yeah, but I'm just giving a little more. Yeah, You need not be so details ready up to you? Yeah, it's really up to you. So this way down my leaves. Yeah. We are already a letter Q. It's very fuss. And I hope you're enjoying the lessons with me too. As much as I've enjoyed painting or these letters, Yes. So I have some green breed is the orange. You're so so here. It's just going up. So OK, the tendrils this moving down, What's I think this is a little bit off our lists. I live. I use occur mix Suif set greens to get that color to get a bit off olive color. So whenever you're free, you should kind of, ah, work on some culture and, uh, to get yourself familiar with colors that you use. So we have finished. I will let a cute, very fuss. I get a little bit more doctor color to give it more definition, and we abandon this. Q. Let's move to our for our we have open Flora. As I mentioned, all these electors used just too many types of flowers, open flora and rose. So you were not too complicated. And it's a very easy project. That and I hope everyone is, Yeah, enjoying it big open floor like this. And over here center a focal point. I kind of have it a bit more dilute so and I get my Dr Cola because I want a little bit of contrast, so I kind of get a lighter color here for my other open floor. You You won't want everything to be so duck. So you want to have a focal one and the light of one just beside it. And here, too. Okay, Maybe we work on one side. One one to three and four. You will have a site flower. Not really that obvious, but we have one, 23 And at a site one and another site one over here because they are very small. I'm not giving a lot of focus on those site flower. But if you want to learn more about, say flowers, I have another class. Cole, my puppies class. Yes, it is. In that class, I teach some sunflowers on poppies and our soul. I also speech site flowers off the cherry blossom in that class. So if you would like to learn more about site flower, that is the class that you can go go to. So we have it here, and I'm not having it. So, um, Brow ish, I will have more green this term. Nothing now with here is a little bit too untidy, so I'm not following that. But if you like that color, you can go ahead to work. on it just a bit, but I didn't want to make it too dirty. Once you're mixed with a little bit already would get a little bit. Kayode Ola s is a 10. Drew. I didn't want it toe kind of half too much leave. I just have it this week, but I'm going to fill up a little bit a little bit more rules. But it's just some tiny ones yet to kind of, um at some interest, toe my reef for more color detonation or so because, Or else it will be just just flower here and be out small butts. Then you will be we flour and tiny butts around instead of just 10 Jews on me just like this one. And we have finished our very fast again. We move onto s all of them. I have written them beforehand. This some raw We're back to Rose Azzedine and our focal point is over here. So I will have my roasts and I'm using a number six brush. This is my three common strips and I wash my brush and get some lighter value off yellow. And I have it screw up for the Peto Quite a big one. So I have an idea. Smaller one here. And that is smaller one here. No much to two for this one. Let me work on one Here. Should be painting out the big I think for this one, I should book on a site roast. So but the site rose. I have. Okay, I my center here. I want one need to be so big too. So this is my site. And then I have to common stock work this way, and I pull up just for the site. Bruce? Yes? This is my second loss. And maybe in some, most Bruce Butts here key. And over here I will book on some open flora a bit more off a kitten in yellow because I didn't want it to be so strong to cover. And here some of these flows. Okay, now here I see that I have a lot of small rose. What's coming up? Mess book on this. Okay, I realized that my these s have a big course, so maybe I will stop here later. On Whose butts and OK, I need to work on the leaves now. So this is the song Andrew cool. And here we should have a bit more cuff. So we have finished letter as to and let's move on to the last letter for this lesson. Like the tree Coletta t Issa bit off fruition pepper which I would like to work on with cleaner color because down here is a little bit dirty. The focal point over here. Three big flowers. So I was stuck before key here Tree tree Big Month. So maybe I met this one so bigger since my pop my Pupo is not so big but definitely is a very pretty colorless You can very so open floor the sizes and dont afraid to let them touch one another over Let it's fine. Okay, So I have And I think I would like to have some more blue ones. Some of blue ones here His colors looks very pretty. Let me work on more off this flower first before I move onto the leaves as I suspension. Yeah. So many times that I focused on flower first before I move on to the police. Yeah, so we don't need to keep washing our brush. I'm not sure you have done any off the other letters. Really? Because since we are really it let a t Some of you might have threat the letters. Have you? I hope you enjoy that, too, with me. And what I did before for these letters is that I actually pinned them and I scanned them. And I give it to my students. Yeah. So it's a very good give if you didn't want to let pain so many terms, you can't you just skin and give away the letters. So I have these. I think I will add a little bit pink to give some interesting. Because right now, maybe just a bit about I will finish it and then I'll take a look if I need to get something to this piece. The green, the tireless looks very refreshing. Had thing, and we have finished this. Let the tree let me just add on a bit off. Yeah, for with debt. The center. You see that If you notice just now, I've been doing this a few times, right? Yeah, but sometimes that color is kind of dispersal way. Then you can get on again when he tests us kind of Ah, dry again. You get on for the details. So we have finished. And I thought, I think I need to and I think I think it looks pretty this way. So I'll see you again for the last lesson. 12. Painting UVWXYZ Letters : we'll come back. So for the base lesson, we're going to look on U V W X y z some off the letters have really picked it, but I would go to with you So far Letter you way Have focal point somewhere here and I'm painting the open flora. We've a minion orange mixed with Rick ending by now you were noticed it I'm not very particular about dividing my flowers into a very equal size or shape. Right. You have to learn to work on this because if you want a very equal, kind or five at those flower, your flower looks very unnatural. So now I'm adding on the orangy one and that's moved to this part here where I wanted to be the one of the focal. So the fun part. Anything for your toe pain. The open floor is always to see this pin flowing into into it. Ray here? Yes, just a float in. I would get a dip it off the dock of cola. You always hear that I'm adding on again, heading on a game thes somehow my niece here looks a bit small. Yes, so that that small focal here Yeah, so some more open flowers, some open flowers, maybe just the sight flower type. You have a lot of flowers for me, P. I think I should get on more. Captain and yellow. Yellow? Yeah. Give it more interest or else that were not on Rick. Yeah, and I should be ready. Full believes now and now we work on the lease set green again. As I say, you can always try other colors, other greens, but because I'm using this set. So I have three green Sony. I'm using Hobie in and there's only three greens me onto my loose already. The reef, the shape coming up soon elected. Okay, here. And it at some police. Next will be V. That's a V. And for me, I have open floor again. But as I say is always up to you whether you want to change it to rose a lot. Okay, My focal is here. You can have a here or you can have a here. Here. I think I will have some smaller ones. So it's open flora again. So which do you prefer, Rose? Oh, by flora. So far you have watched me pain open flora and roses. What do you prefer? I think they are both prettier. So I choose justice to flower because I think they are the easiest off all the flowers to pin your roses, one off the easier flowers. So yeah, so we didn't want to, uh, like a book on the love complicated flower. But of course, for those flower that you already learned how to pin and you want to pin them on your floor , Ary Yeah, you can do that too. You have limp poppies, or if you have loan valueless. Yeah, you can pin on this too. Adding on some yellow kept them yellow One for a brighter look Where actually I was before I did all the letters or that the use of the letters I was actually thinking maybe I would do some selective Leto's on me, but I was thinking, Sit on. And then they may not be too fair for everyone because some of you would like to see the letters, your favorite letters. Oh, yeah. So I decided to just walk on everyone, And whichever one that you want to learn the pain, you can just zoom to that one. Yeah. So I'm trying to be very fat. So what On everyone but some of them I have already Painter. Yeah, like letter y and Z ever. Really. Pinter que green leaves. The colors are very clean. That's why I like, yeah, when I'm painting all these, I like to look very clean instinct off over here a little bit. It's fine. Yeah. So I didn't attempt to make so much Carless. I just get direct from the tube and a little bit from a little bit off the pin are mixed like this sometimes run into one another. But basically, I keep my Palito. So we have finished VM I'm moving onto w and r Fokker This time is over here to rose this year And three roses here so less stuck working on this. I'm trying Uh, I'm trying not to make it too big because the space here and another one here key perhaps this one I will pain a site rose again. K site roses like this center. And then I just have schoolroom and one to and I wash toe open up a little bit off this se and I'm done with the site flour. It's very easy in a sense I didn't want open. And so at some more colors here. So that's how I if I want the patterns to kind of open that I would just open up more. Okay, so this is my site rules. And perhaps here because up off so many letters I didn't book on the site Rose at all. So let me see if I can pin some more set rules. The sun will be your men rules again. Heaven with the big duck girl. Come here. This is a pro. So you've got a bright color getting a bit more problems again. Yeah, Perhaps perhaps our have one site one, but that buying yuan or else it will look a little bit too big. So say rules just coming up from here. It's more like a rules butts. So coming up from Hugh. So my set rooms one going up, one going down and okay, let me work on a little bit on the some rose butts like this over here. One. We're here. Another one, too. Okay. I work on the lease in color. Get que nous you this'll One Katie centric is the rules. Butts some greens and here she's. So let me check if I want some more because I have some gross here and let me see if I should have some rules but right fume article here, our trust make this a little bit big for looks at any other Some some more rose. But over here? Yes. So I tried to keep this partner with Shaq. Bow there and this is my W for letter X. We are working on the open floor again. And where the we will work on the mean flower. There's our focal point up in a few more Here, That's quite a lot. So all my flowers So we work on this very could clean you move onto the Leafs again. I'm using set green. I tried to keep my colors quick, clean. Sometimes you just go in some big leaves and we're in the letter x it more colorless. I can have a little bit of cadmium yellow, a little bit more interest to the peace at more interests, some feel of flowers, some filler, small one. And actually, I have done halfway. Why let a while? Because I wanted to take, uh a foretold. And so I have done that halfway. So for the roses, the for the white, the Fokker up the focal point is here where I have other roses. So right now it is quite orangey. So there should be loss off. Kept them yellow. Plus a little bit off the minimum. Hugh. Yet so All right I need to do now is you just pains dining, euros, butts, quite a lot of time heroes, butts, a bit of written one because I'm here. That's certainly a bit off. Many on the loose. And we actually finishing our class soon. We've just one more letter Z, which I have already done. So I'm going to just quickly show you how I pinned that. So, yes, I say over coming to the last part of the 10 Jobe donate to have a lot off the usual. Like here. Ending. Ready. So just smaller and smaller. So mean, Fulcher here. Basically all these are like tendrils. Here we have our letter y finish. And now the last part. No letter z, I have finished letter Z, but let me just go through with you. I haven't painted with three orangey rose this but right now I would like to kind over at somewhat that. So I'm giving a little bit of layering to this rose give more definition to dissenter a little bit. As I said, I don't really want it to be too much, So I think this is pretty good. And, uh, I had a little bit more to these rules butts to brighten it up a bit here. And as you have a really since so many off my letters, I think this is quite okay, right? You just start with the rooms this and then you paint the row spots and then on the mean leaves and the light Elise key. So we have finished all our lettuce A to Z. And I hope that you really enjoy this class bustle. I will be giving you a pdf off this letter it to Z so that you can follow the design and welcome how to draw these letters. I hope you enjoy the session as much as I have. And I see you real soon. 13. Bonus Video: way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, - way , way, way, way, way, way, - way , way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way, way.