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Watercolors and Inking Secrets of Interior Sketching

teacher avatar Lidija Miklavcic, Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design

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Watch this class and thousands more

Get unlimited access to every class
Taught by industry leaders & working professionals
Topics include illustration, design, photography, and more

Lessons in This Class

5 Lessons (35m)
    • 1. interior watercolors intro

    • 2. interior watercolor introduction

    • 3. drawing and inking

    • 4. watercolor - coloring

    • 5. bonus video inspiration

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About This Class

Simple secrets to successful interior watercolour sketch made by newbie. Yes, the sketches in this introduction video was made by a newbie, me, and in the class I want to show you that you could do it to, with good success.

Look at introduction video and you will see my first steps in to this exited and new sketching discipline. I did start because I did want to play with interior design photos that I did get daily on my email, and I did just want to feel those fun and nice spaces, that I know I will never see in reality.

I did start sharing my drawings on Instagram and I did get some nice comments and likes:

joodledesigns Really love your interior drawings

onyxkawai Lovely sketch

cleolovescolor Lidija, I really love this mock-up scene. One of my favorites!

patfoltzstudio I'd never want to leave this room. So great!

This course is for all newbies who want to enjoy in drawings and playing with ink and watercolours, and maybe even somebody who have some experience in watercolours could get some benefits. I mean you are all welcome.

So if I could do it, you could too, and it will be easy, because I will show you my process, and then we will play together...and share it in our gallery.

Just enroll the class, and the fun could begin.


Meet Your Teacher

Teacher Profile Image

Lidija Miklavcic

Design, Mixed Media Art, Surface Pattern Design


I work as self-employed pattern maker-designer a.k.a. Tutorial Girl. I design everything from shoes to clothes and bags … anything I need that I can’t find. I recycle a lot of old jeans into a new hand painted and free motion stitched surface patterns, so my designs are a little bit more personal to me. I have a big wish to become a surface pattern designer some day and the last few years I’m the happiest if my hands are covered with paint. I’ve never grown up and I still live like DIY person.

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1. interior watercolors intro: ink, ink, watercolor secrets for interior sketching. Hi, I'm leader McClarty. And this is my new class I want to share with you. I was always wondering how to draw in their and similar sketches, and I just never didn't even try. Whenever I see something, all I did was just I wish I could do that too. Well, until one day I did just start doing it on. Stop wondering in this class I will show you my secrets. Yes, there. So sick. But just one. It's super simple and fun and relaxing. And I like that now when I get a new lifestyle photo in my mailbox and I want to have an excuse to look at it a little bit longer Well, I could just droid, right? Okay. Not really. But you know what I mean. My sketches are far from perfect, but what they do love about them is that they have a feel on. When I look back at my sketchbook, I could easily imagine Toby in that place on. That's it. Simple. I will show you my big secret on Then we could play together. So we're going to my class. He then roll button and let's play and then share your creations in the gallery. Yes, if you didn't wonder. No, I'm not an expert. Not at all. I'm just a beginner, and I know I could know so much more. But just in case, if you did like my sketches I know you were like you're still even if you don't draw. I think you could. So come on and join me. See you in the class by 2. interior watercolor introduction: those and my big secret. We will need watercolor paper. I buy it in sheets and I cut in on smaller pieces, and usually I use both sides. Then we need some plate or similar for color mixing. Next are watercolors. I have different brand, and I did place them in a camp box. A jar of clean water, softer riser for inking. I use father basing so my sketches have a message. If you prefer, you could use water resistant thing, but you were get different. Effect tissue paper for cleaning smaller size water brush drawing knee pain with hander and soft pensar. Let me show you my inspiration image from the You will see a lot of mistakes, even obvious mistakes. But the final sketch have a life, and it's not bad on some places. My sketches really dark because there is more England watercolor early. You see, I didn't even try to make the cars. I did just want to get done with my sketchbook and then join it. I usually sketch on sloppy days, closed toe my computer school, so I have better you. But this time I did pick our loved garden to sketch from a book. So are you ready for my big secret High? Did manage to stop being scared off white paper and stuff, wondering how could it be done? So here this promise it's soap are simple. I don't row in perspective, not the re one and not the proper one. I just try to compare mainline singers on the picture with the main lines that I put on the paper. And then the rest is just do the link around on. That's the big secret to go around yours, actually, Mind fiercer wandering. How could I draw that? My Pence's present main lines angers on a photo that I would like to try to match on the sketch. Also on a photo you could easily defined the vanishing point and that this car photo on this picture, I did the foreign table lines, wars and glass running or so for me, the process is more important than the final sketch. You see, I was not really correct with my intentions, but hey, it was fun to sketch this picture. Now you know the big secret simple right in next widow are we show you the sketching and thinking part of my process. CEO 3. drawing and inking: drawing and thinking before you start drawing, look atyour his spiritual of water and analyzed the main lines that will become your helping guide. I usually start with defining my picture edge. It's helpful if you make it the same proportions us your fourth ways. So do these parties, I say not as I need it, and you will get better results at the end. Use your pencil and place it between your four times you on. Compare the line Angers. Then all you need to do is to draw the line and compare it. If you need to correct it, just do it you have on a race. All right. When you draw the line, look at it twice is the same. Angle us on the picture when you were Start drawing. Do the building around. Just don't worry too much relaxed and just do it. You see, I'm just doing that Tabor. So just enjoying the process. And even if right now you feel it's hard, next picture will be easier. If not, then for the next few sketches. Look, a pictures with less elements on it. Thank you. I really advice. When you were draw makers, upper slope table surface, you will get better. Look atyour growing and your sketch will be better. You could use a few books for these or some bigger wooden's or face if you were compared. The empty spaces with land angles between objects, your drunker be at least so good, this mind or even better. I didn't match this part on top world in the picture, and if I would be able to look at it while I was drawing through the lands from the camera , then I would see that Don't forget, this is a good advice. If you really have trouble with something on, just can't figure it out. What part off the picture don't work. Look at it through the lands or press it in front of the mirror. This work like our new pair of fresh eyes, and you were correct the mistake easily. Yes, I know my in Tedder. Sketches are more do less than sketches, but, hey, they are fun and I did start using them Foreign terror. More cops. But that is a topic for another class. All the greenery on a picture I did just simplified with basic doodler lines because simple is the best. I did try to play with plans, characteristics, so they are not all the same top shadow fabric. I did draw so off. It's funny. I could either stop the picture here without the stores, and the composition will be just perfect. Bit more empty space and the schedule have a fresh here. Do you agree with me? I mean, you don't need to place everything from a photo into a sketch because it will be just your interpretation. Your look, your vision. The chairs are something I'm not good in them. But, hey, the more the practice, the better you will become right. But the point is to get the feel of the place, not to get the correct respect, their sketch, because the photo is correct or if I would like to improve, I am sure here on a lot of perspective classes, and I could just get one of them but us. I say that the beginning this class will be fun sketching another perspective class. So let's throw those two chars. And now my favorite part inking. I used water basing because I want amazing Look, when I start watering the sketch, what to say about thinking part. It is so nice when the ink starts bleeding. When you touch it with a brush, I order status a sketch be outlining the edge off this catch. You did see other the intra Vidor that it's just doing the sketch on top of the pencil line . So we want watchdog for sketch because I want to give you some timeto do your project right . Then I started element that out of the front. If you think you need to place your hand on the paper, it's better to wait according to dry if that could smear it. If it's still red, the next video, I will show you the watering kind coloring part. See you. 4. watercolor - coloring: hiding quarter and color. I should show you my finished thinking part off this catch before we continue with our project. We need toe. Wait for it to dry. The ink is completely dry on now. We could remove the pencil lines, Use off the racer and don't rush with the step. Prepare your water and watercolor tours in your I'm rich. I will show my way off watercolor. So it's just how I do it. And if you don't like it, you could try your way. I like to start with watering King with smaller brush on a sketch edges. It depends what kind of motive I have on the edges. If I go all around Orefice, keep some part of the edges, usually our term paper around for easy access. But because this is video for you, I didn't. It's easier toe paint on some places. If you turn your paper now, I will start which others like this one under the wooden railings. When I'm making shadows, I look on a reference for time doing shadows. This way, we'll make your soft shatters. So if you really see later, you want those to be darker. You could go on top of dry shadow places and do it again with water colors. I forget to mention on tools. Widow spray bottle is useful for water cars. If you have it close to you, use it. If not, you will just need more water for activating them for the wall are we just use light color and I will place a lot of water in it, so it will be just a light wash. When I repaid on white spaces between college, I remixed color everything I and get a messy look. Just try not to touch holding, so the color close to the ink will have a stronger who I see on watercolors. It's best to leave some white spaces. I mean more white paper is included in the composition, the better contrast and pop of color you can. Sometimes when I don't have enough color. Next, I just makes the new pool of color, and of course it don't match. So I just place it here and there and in still right surface and mixed with more water. I like the variation off color on a big surface. Maybe I should just leave more whites, part honey if they ain't just bleeds too much, use tissue and remove the access. When I mix a new color, I like to you some of the last color on a brush or in a balance, so the new color is not just straight from a pen. Don't touch the ink too much. You see how nicely make a new hue mixed on paper. I like that With Mick sinking, you can't predict the result on. That's why the sketch get so much life in it. You see this coloring is really fun and relaxing. - Sometimes I place shadows later on dry colors, and sometimes I'm breach others first and later I add color London on this concrete bench. I did use really light black on. Then I did mix it with the just water for more texture. I should do another layer later when the first is trying. I could also play salt on with paint and get even better. Concrete effect, I mean, but their cars are playful. That's it. The best parties. You don't need to follow the rules with them like them. Now you see why you don't need to clean your mixing palette when you work with water colors . You could just read them and use them again and again and again. How crazy good is that for the grasses I did Just may make the brush the same as I did sketch with me pen when I did apply on ink. - So I will just continue with placing shadows and I loose my reference photo or my shadows will quickly be in more directions than they need to be continually dead in color on white elements of the picture. Oh, - I didn't make myself a little break for colors to dry. And then when I did come back to the sketch, I did see, I do need a place. Are more shadows Taking a little break Could be a good advice then, because when you come back with fresh eyes, you could see picture a little bit different. I did see I need to add more shadows, and I didn't want the pop of proper color in the footage. No, it's almost finished on. You could forget on my bed English. Sorry for that. And go and play yourself. Yes, if you like my work, look around my other classes. They are about painting soaring surface patera or combinations off all of that. Look at them and all some of them and I create and share more classes in the future fork. Okay, so, look, it's nice to add the new color on some other places in the composition. Even if you just put it into a shadow area, I will invite her toe, take a moment and let me review so I could improve my work in the future. And I could learn something from you. I would also invite you to share your project into a gallery so we could all that hard work . Have a nice great today, my 5. bonus video inspiration: bonus with the inspiration I do inspired by now I know you are. I know you just need it. I mean, I hope you agree that after watching cord is you did see how easy and fun it is. You hear the music? Yes, that's fine in this class is, let me tell you that by all means you don't need to draw on Terror's if that's not your thing. So pick the topic that you were friends here for Even if this is food, nature, animals, whatever you ask where to find the reference with us look atyour my box. There are a lot off images that have pictures that you like. Even I think I was come to your mind Go on the Internet and start, go blink about have this object you are interested to watch and go for it Go to Google. Plus, my favorite is interest Lately I am also fancy off the instagram Inspiration is seven So look around yourself. Just remember this is fun. Let's make it fun and relaxing experience now golf and enjoy life should be beautiful by